A Quick Dip

By Katie

9 minute read -

I sat on the cheap lounge chair alongside the pool sweating my fat ass off. It was hot. Miserably hot. Of course everyone else seemed to be running around enjoying a day in the sun, so maybe I was the only one that was miserable.

A younger boy darted by my spot and made a sudden turn and jumped while curling his body together, coming down in the middle of another group of youngsters and making a horrific splash, drenching all of them as the turned their heads and closed their eyes.

I heard the life guard scream at him from high up on his chair overlooking the pool, “NO JUMPING IN TO THE POOL RIGHT NEXT TO OTHER SWIMMERS! SOMEONE COULD GET HURT!”

I flopped my head back against the chair, panting in the heat some more. This was borderline torture for me. The sun was baking me like some kind of man-shaped dough-boy. My swimming trunks were a size or two small for me, and constricted my waist uncomfortably. There were little kids running around and screaming everywhere. Moms and Dads were screaming at there screaming kids.


So why would was I here you ask? That would be simple to answer. I’d just direct your attention to the darling young lady in the two piece bikini on the other side of the pool.

I saw her and couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was utterly flawless. She had the cutest little toes, painted to match her bathing suit, that were attached to toned and shapely legs. Those legs took forever to work their way up to her rounded, heart-shaped ass cheeks that hung almost completely exposed from her bikini bottoms as they wedged there way into her shapely backside. Above that amazing bodily feature her body sucked in on itself until you came to her impossibly thin waist, and then her body sloped back outwards. I could right now see an expanse of tan and glistening back and shoulders, but I knew from my time studying her that she was laying on top of two globe-ish breasts the likes the world rarely sees. They were all at once large, firm, and perky yet still created that perfect bounce when she trotted around the pool. Her long blonde tresses were piled atop her head and secured in place by a small ribbon, also matching her bikini. She rested with her head to the side, sun glasses hiding sparking blue eyes as she listened to music on her small earbuds which were attached to the latest music player. She was also casually checking her phone, and texting people in her life. Keeping up to date on the latest social gossip while working on the perfect tan to accent her perfect body. She must have read something amusing on her phone, because now she was smiling. Her light pink and very full lips slowly peeled back to reveal pearly white teeth and a musical sound of laughter could be heard coming from her cute mouth. I also noticed that every giggle sent mini-quakes through her lovely little boobies.

I just wanted to run over to her right now and have my way with her. Oh! The torture this young woman was putting me through, and she didn’t even know I was watching her. I did not have ample self restraint to begin with, and to just sit here roasting in the hot sun while the object of my desire was so close at hand was maddening.

I tried to roll over. I readjusted myself to be slightly more comfortable while I continued my waiting game.

I despised this part. I wanted what I wanted NOW! Not later. Later was too late.

Why didn’t she make a move already? Any move. Go Anywhere! I ground my teeth as I rolled back over again and tried to calm myself.

I watched the clouds above me. I watched the birds flying around. I watched the children for a bit. But my gaze always found its way back to the spectacular young woman I was waiting for.

Until finally she sat up and slid to the edge of her lounge chair. I tried not to sit up, or even let anyone else know that I was taking notice of her. She then stood up, stretching her arms high above her head as she stretched her limbs and opened her mouth wide for a yawn.

Her hands then came back down, and went straight to her ass as she stuck a finger from either hand into the backside of her tiny bikini bottoms and pulled them out of her crack and redistributed the suit evenly over her taunt little cheeks. I tried not to let out a moan. I needed to be forgettable now. Invisible almost.

She slowly strutted her way to the pool, giving anyone looking at her a show that would not soon be forgotten. Her young supple body so much on display as her toned muscles carried her to the edge of the pool.

She sat down and dangled her legs into the water. Every fiber of my being wanted to jump off my chair and make a dash for the pool as well, but I knew I still needed to be patient. It was difficult fighting my more basic hunter instincts telling me to pounce on her now. I knew that was the wrong call, I needed to stay calm and wait as my prey moved into the perfect position for me to take her without drawing more attention then I could handle.

I watched as she slowly scissored her legs back and forth in the water. Finally I got up off from my chair. I walked over to the deeper end of the pool, and gingerly climbed down the ladder. The cool water splashing against my skin made a quick shiver run down my spine. No one noticed. No one paid any attention to the middle aged over weight man with the balding head getting into the pool. Why should they? Everyone else had friends and family that were talking to them, or doing something with them. Not to mention that I’m just some strange fat old man who hasn’t said a word to anyone all day. I’m utterly forgettable. It’s almost as if I wasn’t even there. Other then one child waiting to use the ladder I was currently descending into the water, not a single pair of eyes were pointed my way.

Finally I was in the deep water of the pool. I could not touch the bottom of the pool, so my legs were kicking under me as I used one hand to hold onto the side of the pool while I treaded water. I tried not to make it look as if I was still watching the beautiful young lady. I tried to make it look like I was just taking a quick dip to keep off the heat of the day. I glanced her way again. She was still sitting on the edge of the pool, slowly kicking her legs. A friend of hers had now joined her at the edge of the pool, and they were chatting. I ground my teeth together as I was once again forced to wait.

Then finally I saw her arms flex as she readied herself. She lifted her shapely ass an inch off the side of the pool as she pushed forward, and proceeded to drop into the shallow end of the pool. This was my moment.

Out of instinct I took a deep breath, and then dropped below the surface of the water. I pushed off the wall of the pool with my legs, even though I did not need to. My eyes opened as I looked across the crystal clear water of the pool. I saw children’s legs kicking as they tried to stay above the water while splashing each other. I saw the light dancing on the concrete bottom of the pool as it was refracted in the turbulent surface of the water. And of course, I saw my target. I saw the bottom half of the girl I had been lusting after. Her small feet were just coming to rest on the bottom of the pool as I looked up her shapely legs and to the small triangle of fabric that covered her pussy between her inner thighs.

Then it started. I was loosing myself in the water. I was becoming one with it. I was becoming the liquid goo that all body hoppers became as they took over a host body. Most body hoppers knew that it was almost impossible for a prospective mount to fight off a liquid blob as it entered them, but what most body hoppers didn’t know, and I had only recently found out, was that the liquid goo that we become doesn’t mix with other liquids, and in that form we actually move through liquids quite well.

Below the small waves of the large pool, oblivious to onlookers who had spent all day ignoring me, I ceased to exist as a large fat man, and quickly became a transparent blob below the water, indistinguishable from the rest of the liquid in the pool. I moved through the water with newfound ease in my liquid form.

Suddenly I was there. I flowed around the perfectly tanned legs of the young woman I had been nonchalantly staring at all day. And then I struck. I was in contacted with the entirety of the girl’s long legs, which made up half her womanly figure, and I also flowed inside the fabric of her small bikini bottom, making use of her lovely little pussy and her tight little backside. I could feel her flinch and jerk as she responded to my hostile take over of her body.

She managed to get out a short yell before I took completely control of her body. One quick, “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” which lasted for maybe a second.

And then suddenly I was closing my mouth. I could feel the rough concrete of the pool beneath my tiny feet. I could feel the coolness of the water on my shaved and shapely legs. I could feel the bikini bottom resume its attempts to slowly work its way back into my cute little butt crack. There was a small belly button piercing dangling on my midsection, and breasts jiggled on my chest as my barely-there bikini top offered almost no support for my new fleshy lumps. I could feel my long hair piled on top of my head and held in place with the ribbon that matched my new bikini.

“Are you okay?” A girl in a green and white bikini was asking me from the side of the pool.

I fluttered my eyelids as I darted through my new mount’s memories before responding with, “Yeah I’m fine Emily. I just wasn’t prepared for the cold water on my tummy. Sorry.” And then I shot her a pretty smile with my new full lips.

She looked at me strangely, but seemed to accept my answer. I looked down at the choppy water and in brief moments I could see my normal face reflected back, perched above large tits hanging in a small bikini top. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you would never think that any was wrong in my reflection, as the water was just too choppy.

“So, what do you want to do tonight?” Emily asked me as she dangled her legs in the water from the edge of the pool.

“We could rent a girl on girl porno, make some popcorn, and totally lez it out at my place.” I told my mount’s best friend with a shrug of my cute shoulders.

“Um no. Ew. Are you serious?” Emily asked me with a scrunched brow.

“Do you think I’m serious Em?” I asked her as I gave her a large grin.

“Well, whatever. I think I’m done with the pool, how about you? Let’s go back to your place, change, and maybe we can hit the clubs?” Emily asked.

“Sure, that sounds like a plan.” I told her.

I climbed the stairs leading out of the shallow end of the pool and relished the looks of men from all around me as my body glistened in the sun. I was no longer invisible. Now I was the center of attention. I made certain I was wiggling my ass, and stepped down hard on my heels to give my tits extra shake while I walked back to my lounge chair. I enjoyed giving people a show.

I sat with my legs spread to either side of the chair as Emily prattled on about her boyfriend and how she thought he should be doing something better. I reached down and grabbed the phone from my mount’s bag and flipped it open. I entered in a number that was not in the memory and then shot a text out.

It read: Eric, stole a body from a QT. She has a cute friend. 555 chestnut street. Be there 4 an hour. After that clubbing. Bring ur strap on!

It was going to be a good night now that I had the body for it.