A Wanted Hopper - Chapter 6 - Bikini Theft Auto

By Tobyredone

16 minute read -

Ted shifted uncomfortably in his seat for the hundredth time as he drove into the small city that Victor had directed him to, and then looked around at the buildings as he tried to get his bearings. He glanced down at his chest as he felt his tits shake when the police cruiser hit a bump in the road, and then shifted in his seat again.

“Shit you’re antsy Fuck-face, what’s wrong with you?” Victor asked as he slumped back in his seat.

“Sorry, it’s just I’ve never had to deal with Michael’s cum leaking out of me before. My panties are soaked,” Ted replied with a grimace.

“Ha! I filled your cunt to the brim, didn’t I?” Michael said with a deep chuckle from the back seat.

“Yeah, and my tits jiggling over every bump in the road is new too,” Ted replied as he took a hand off the steering wheel to caress his breasts.

“You’ll get used to that Fuck-face. It feels weird for me not to have my chesticles jiggling right now,” Victor replied and then added, “You’ll also learn to clean up your slit before you pull up your panties.”

“You know how fucked up it sounds to be having this conversation with two guys?” Ted asked with a chuckle, “What’s next? We share skin cream secrets?”

“Nope, next is pulling into that alleyway over there,” Victor said as he pointed to a few buildings and a narrow road that led between them.

Ted maneuvered the police cruiser into the alleyway and drove to a secluded spot and watched as Victor and Michael got out of the car. He also opened his door, got out, and then looked at the other men to see what he was supposed to do next. Michael was busy stretching and Victor was pulling the duffel bags out of the trunk. With no clue what was going on Ted finally broke down and asked, “So… what are we doing? What should I do?”

“You should get out of that cop,” Victor replied without looking up, “But first you should strip down.”

“What? Why?”

“Trust me, Fuck-face,” was Victor’s only reply.

Ted shrugged, glanced at Michael, who nodded at him, and then he started to pull off his clothes. Once he was standing completely naked with the uniform on the car seat in front of him and the bra and panties on a separate pile next to those he looked at Michael and asked, “How do I leave a body again?”

“Just concentrate on wanting to be yourself kid,” Michael replied as he reached into the car and pulled the shotgun from its mount and looked it over with a glimmer in his eye.

Ted closed his eyes and tried to push himself out of the female police officer’s body. It took a while to start but then seemed to happen rather quickly. He felt like he was losing feeling in his body, and suddenly had the rather peculiar sensation of being ooze as he felt his old self pulling out of his current body. He could feel himself start to reform behind where he had been standing a moment ago, and then was suddenly looking through his own eyes. The naked body of the policewoman fell to the side, and Ted looked down at the body he had just spent several hours in.

“Get her clothes Fuck-face. Hurry up!” Victor called out, and knocked Ted out of his stupor.

Ted reached forward and took the uniform off the front seat and heard Michael say, “Take the gun belt too, stupid!”

“What am I supposed to do with this stuff?” Ted asked.

“Put the pants on. Here’s a shirt and some flip-flops,” Victor replied as he tossed some stuff in Ted’s direction and held his hand out, “And give me the gun and utility belt.”

“Where are my clothes?” Ted asked as he pulled on the pants.

“They’re back on the floor of the diner where we got arrested, numbnuts. Remember?” Michael said as he grabbed the rest of the officer’s discarded clothing in the front of the cop car.

“These pants aren’t going to fit right,” Ted complained as he looked at the six inches of ankle that showed out the bottom of the foot holes.

“It’s those pants or go naked Fuck-face,” Victor replied as he grabbed the woman’s wrists and pulled her up and over one shoulder.

“Fine,” Ted replied as he pulled on the shirt and slipped his feet into the flip-flops, “What are you doing with all the guns? Why are you taking them?”

“Because you never know when a gun that used to belong to a police officer will come in handy Fuck-face,” Victor replied as he dropped the woman’s body next to a fence post and then Michael used one of the sets of hand cuffs from her belt to lock her to the post.

“What are you guys doing? You’re gonna lock her to the post naked and just leave her here?” Ted asked in a shocked voice.

“Yup,” Michael replied with a grin.

“But why?”

“Because it’ll be funnier than shit when she wakes up and realizes she’s naked and locked to a post, and has to call for help. That’ll teach her to be a stupid fucking pig.” Michael replied with disdain in his voice.

“But…” Ted started and then was quickly cut off by Victor as he said, “Fuck-face, I’ve got a second pair of handcuffs here. If you feel that bad for her you can join her.”

Ted closed his mouth and shook his head and then followed Victor and Michael as they walked out of the alley way. Michael made a quick stop at a dumpster and tossed the woman’s remaining clothing into it, and then dropped the set of keys for the police cruiser down the storm sewer grate before he rejoined Ted and Victor.

“She shouldn’t be out for long, as you weren’t in her for that long. I wish we could stick around and see the look on her face when she wakes up and realizes she’s in an alley in a strange town buck-ass naked. Ha ha ha ha!” Michael chuckled in his deep voice.

“Why do you hate cops so much?” Ted asked.

“Well, if you were ever sent to prison for a robbery you didn’t commit, you’d be pretty pissed off too,” Michael growled.

“Well, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s not too far from believable,” Ted shot back, “I mean you guys did actually rob my bank and then got it pinned on me! Maybe it’s karma?”

“Well, what do you expect when you send an innocent man to prison? It was basically a how to course in committing crimes, and you get the added advantage of making connections in the criminal world to boot,” Michael replied.

“Quiet you two. We have to find some bodies and a place to set up camp,” Victor commanded.

“Where are you thinking chief?” Michael asked as they walked down the sidewalk.

“There,” Victor said with an evil smile as he looked over and saw a group of young women holding up signs and directing cars into a small parking lot down the block.

“A bikini carwash! It feels like we hit the damned lottery!” Michael howled triumphantly as he pumped his fists in the air.

“Let me do the talking, got it?” Victor said in a menacing voice, which both Ted and Michael nodded at.

The three men walked over to the parking lot, and Ted could feel some of the women turning and looking them, and especially him in his ill-fitting pants. Victor seemed oblivious to the looks and walked up to a rather gorgeous blonde woman in a small blue two piece bikini who was holding a sign and in a snake-oil salesman like voice asked her, “Hey sweetheart. What’s the occasion?”

“We’re raising money for our trip to cheer finals!” She replied and then let out a loud cheer, which was returned like an echo by some of her friends and one added, “Go Huckletown University Hurricanes!”

“Well, I’d love to get my car washed. How much does it cost?” Victor asked while giving the woman a dangerously large smile.

“Cars are fifteen bucks, SUVs are twenty,” She replied as she suddenly eyed up Victor distrustingly, “But you have to bring them to the parking lot here.”

“Oh, that is unfortunate. I have a motorhome. It blew a tire, and I was hoping to get it washed while I’m waiting for the tow truck. It’s right around the corner,” Victor replied as he nodded to the side of the building.

“Well, maybe you can bring it by when you get the new tire,” the young woman said as she shrugged and started to walk away.

“Um Miss?” Victor asked quickly before she could get too far, “What if I made it worth your while?”

“What do you mean?” She asked through narrowed eyes as she turned and looked at Victor.

“Well, I do love cheerleading as a sport, and I’d love to help your team out. What if I donated five hundred dollars, and you made a tiny little exception and helped me wash my motorhome even though it’s not in the parking lot?” Victor questioned with an innocent sounding voice.

“You’re just talking about washing the camper, right? No funny business?” The woman asked as she cocked her hips and again shot Victor a look.

“Absolutely,” Victor replied in his best soothing voice, “Why don’t you hold the money, come look at the motorhome for a moment, and my friends will stay here while I show it to you. That way you know that nothing strange is going on here.” Victor offered as he handed her a roll of money.

The young woman’s eyes lit up as she was handed the roll of large bills, and she eagerly began nodding at Victor, who motioned for her to follow him while he shot Michael a look and held up his hand as if to say stay put, I’ll be right back. The young woman called out to a couple of her friends that she was going to look at a motorhome and would be right back as she held up the roll of money, which caused several of the girls to let out another cheer.

The two of them disappeared around the corner of the building, and Ted stood there shifting his weight from foot to foot while Michael looked around at the beautiful college girls washing cars all around him, completely ignorant of the looks he was getting from them. A few moments later the blonde in the blue bikini walked back around the corner of the building, only now her face had been replaced by Victor’s mug, complete with his trademark scar. She walked over to a couple of her friends and said, “Hey, these guys are legit. I’m going to need two of you to come with me and help wash their motorhome. They said they’d throw in another five hundred bucks if we get it done before the tow truck driver can replace the tire, so let’s go! Ashley, Bridget, c’mon!”

With that two of the girls that had been washing a small hatch-back with five other girls stood up and grabbed pals of soapy water and started to follow Vicky in her new body. She discreetly motioned to Michael to follow along, but he was too busy watching the cheerleaders washing cars to notice, so Ted elbowed him in the sides.

“Hey! What the fuck was that for dickweed?” Michael complained loudly.

“Victor… I mean Vicky motioned for us to follow,” Ted replied and pointed around the corner of the building.

“Oh, well why didn’t you say so Fuck-face, let’s go!” Michael said as she trotted off, leaving Ted to shake his head and follow behind.

When Ted finally caught up to the girls and Michael, he saw that Ashley and Bridget were standing behind a large block wall screen that was meant to hide dumpsters from the view of passing cars and surrounding buildings. They had set their buckets down and were grimacing at Vicky as she stood facing them.

“What the fuck Nicole! There’s no motor home here!” Ashley complained loudly, “Where did that other guy go? The one with the fucked up face?”

She was startled as Michael came up from behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist and said, “Don’t worry cutie, you won’t care what anyone’s face looks like in a few minutes.”

She let out a quick squeal before Michael could get his hand over her mouth, but then her calls for help were gagged, and even though she struggled against him, Ted could see his friend’s form start to flow into the poor girl. Bridget’s eyes went wide as she asked, “What the fuck is going on here?” and then started to dart back to the parking lot, only to run face first into Ted as he came around the corner. He grabbed the petite brunette by her shoulders and then brought his face to her small pink lips as she tried to pull herself away. As she pulled back Ted could feel his body liquefy and flow down her mouth. She was robbed of her chance to scream as Ted flowed down her throat and into her body.

The first thing he noticed was how nice the warm sun felt on all of his exposed skin, and the second thing he noticed was how much exposed skin he had. Almost every square inch of his new body was on display for anyone looking at it. Only a teensy tiny bikini bottom that was mostly strings and two barely adequate cherry red triangular scraps of fabric covered his pussy, ass and tits from the rest of the world. It felt liberating and made him self-conscious as the same time. He noticed that his inner thighs touched one another, although his smooth skin made it feel silky. He also noticed his hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and was wet as it hit his shoulders and his upper back. It was amazingly cool compared to the heat of the sun beating down on his tanned skin. He looked down and grasped as the perfection of his new round perky tits and let out a small moan as he twisted his nipples through the thin fabric.

“Quit your self-love Fuck-face, we’ll have plenty of time for that later. Right now we have to find a ride,” Vicky said, and her voice brought Ted out of his stupor as he looked over to see Michael’s face on the other red-headed girl’s body, and her new tits were bouncing gently in her white bikini as she pointed and laughed at him, and then began walking around and picking up the piles of clothing so that she could shove them in one of the duffel bags.

“Find a ride?” Ted questioned as he dropped his hands from his breasts and followed Vicky as she walked back to the parking lot by the other cheerleaders.

“Just let Vicky work her magic Teddy. She’s always got a plan,” Mickey replied as she winked at him and then let out a low growl and whistled a catcall out in Vicky’s direction as she said, “Vicky, you got a sexy little ass this time. Are you gonna let me fuck that thing with a ten inch dildo later?”

“Hush stupid!” Vicky replied over her shoulder as she gave Mickey an evil glance and continued to head look around the parking lot.

As Ted watched Vicky search for something he remembered back to Michael fucking him over the back of a squad car and wondered how big the man’s dick was. It had looked and felt huge to him as it was being shoved up his stolen cunt at the time. And the more he thought about it the more he felt his nipples strain against the tiny fabric triangles, and the warmer his pussy started to feel. He swallowed and wondered when they might have some time for messing around with these new bodies when Vicky suddenly walked back over to them.

“Okay, here’s the plan. Teddy, I’m gonna introduce you to a guy. It’s your job to get him to follow you around the corner and keep him there for about fifteen minutes. Do whatever you have to. I don’t care if it takes choking on his cock like you’re a newborn that hasn’t been fed for days and he’s got the only bottle on the face of the planet. Mickey, I need a distraction. You see that red corvette over there? I want you to wait ten minutes and then climb up on top of the hood and start to dance like a fucking stripper. Loose your top, and if you have to your bottoms for all I care. I just want every eye watching you. When I’m done I’ll collect you both, got it?” Vicky asked with raised eyebrows.

“Wait, you want me to suck a guy’s dick?” Ted asked with a disgusted look on his face.

“No, said I want you to keep him distracted. For shit’s god damned sake Fuck-face, I don’t care what you do! Are you really that fucking stupid?” Vicky growled at him menacingly.

“Um, fine. I got it. I got it,” Ted replied as waved at Vicky to get her to back off.

“Okay, here we go,” Vicky replied as she walked up a man and said, “Excuse me, George? I just wanted to congratulate you and let you know that with your generous donation, you’ve now qualified for our special VIP experience. With that said, I’m going to let Teddy take care of you, okay?” And with that Vicky hooked her arm around the man’s waist and started to walk him away from his car and towards Ted.

“But, I… um, I like to watch getting my car washed…” The man replied back in an embarrassed voice.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Teddy’s company too! She REALLY likes convertibles, and has a habit of dropping her top, if you know what I mean,” Vicky replied to the man as she passed him on to Ted and motioned for him to get a move on.

Ted smiled at the man and tugged on his arm to get him to walk faster around the corner of the building. The entire time they walked the man’s eyes never went above Ted’s neck and he wondered if the man even realized he had a head. Once they got around the corner the man’s eyes stayed focused on Ted’s new breasts as he asked, “Okay, so what now? I thought this was some sort of VIP experience.”

“Um, yeah, it is, so…what do you want to do?” Ted asked in what he hoped sounded like a chipper voice.

“Um, I hate to sound…you know…crude or something, but…you have a really great um…figure,” The man replied, still never seeing more then the lower eighty percent of Ted’s stolen body.

“Oh yeah?” Ted replied with a grin as he suddenly realized this man was eating out of the palm of his hand, “Well then tell me if you like this?”

And with that Ted began bouncing on his toes. His fleshy tits bobbled up and down, and he felt his hair also flail wildly as he continued. The man’s eyes went wide and Ted was almost concerned he was going to let out a holler and bring some unwanted attention to what they were doing. As Ted continued he could see the man’s pants tenting outward and he again felt that moist heat in his pussy as he saw the perfect utensil to help him scratch his new itch.

“You want to do more then watch?” Ted asked in a silky voice as reached up and twirled the end of his long brunette hair with one hand.

“Hell yes!” The man replied, “You mean I can actually touch?” The man replied as he brought his hands up and reached out for Ted’s tits.

“Hehe, how about a little more than just touching?” Ted asked as he reached out, and gently caressed the man’s erect member through his slacks.

The man started to pull back, and then looked around as if to see if this was a trap, but as Ted’s thin and graceful fingers unhooked his fly and reached inside his trousers and grasped the stiffened member with his small hands the man’s resolve soon broke.

“That’s it…why don’t you get your little friend out, and we can all play a game of bouncing back and forth together?” Ted asked in his best seductive voice.

And with that he spun around and grasped the strings at his waist and tugged them down to mid-thigh and bent over, offering his pussy to the man standing directly behind him. He turned around and shot the man a sensuous look, which was all he needed to pull his cock the rest of the way out of his pants and shuffle up to the back of Ted’s round ass. The man didn’t waste any time and basically just shoved himself up inside Ted’s waiting pussy. As the shaft first pushed its way inside his sensitive fleshy folds it was almost too much. Pleasure and pain mixed as the man’s dick wasn’t quite lubricated enough to make the initial thrust, but the feeling of being filled completely washed any regrets that Ted had away. Ted grabbed his knees and steadied himself as the man leaned over on top of him and pulled his bikini top off to the side and roughly grasped as his chest lumps. He didn’t really have much skill, and was mainly just squeezing and twisting, but the feeling of the man’s dick ramming back and forth in Ted’s sensitive pussy more than made up for it. He let out small moans of appreciation as the man grunted behind him. Both of them quickly increased the frequency of their pumping until Ted felt his body release and it felt like internal explosions from his toe nails to the end of his ponytail. As he came, he clenched his pussy lips against the man’s shaft, which gave him even more pleasure and caused him to double up on his orgasm and tip over the edge again just as the man’s thrusts became erratic and then suddenly the cock buried deep in his pussy leapt over and over again and he felt the man’s cum shooting out deep inside his belly.

“Oh, fuck that was great,” The man said as he staggered back and leaned against the wall as Ted suddenly heard Vicky call out, “FUCK-FACE LET’S GO! NOW!”

As Ted spun around he saw Vicky sitting in the seat of a white luxury sedan with the back door kicked open as she motioned for Ted to jump in the back. Michael was already in the passenger seat and was stark naked while smiling proudly. Ted grabbed his red bikini bottoms, yanked them up as far as he could and dashed to the open door. He dove into the back seat and felt the car lurch forward as Vicky gunned the throttle, and the momentum of the car slammed the door shut. Over the sound of squealing tires and Michael’s booming laughter Ted heard the guy who had just fucked him calling out, “That’s my car! Those girls are stealing my car! WAIT! NO! THAT’S MY CAR!”