Being the Little Wife - Chapter 1

By Tobyredone

13 minute read -

I knocked on the door in a tempo that I had always used back college when I was going to visit Rich. I hadn’t seen him in 5 years, but we were best friends through college and had many competitions and conquests over those four and a half years. We also hung out during summer break and always tried to get jobs together so that we could goof off together on our breaks too.

After college we had stayed in touch for a year or two, but then somehow lost touch. Actually it had mainly been my fault, but I was ready to make up for it now. It had been a bit difficult tracking Rich down. He had shot up the ranks of his global company, and moved quite often as he went up.

The door quite suddenly swung open. A long haired brunette girl stood there, and she must have been around my age. She had blue eyes, pink lips, and huge breasts. She took a long look up and back down the entire length of my body and asked, “Can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m looking for Rich. Rich Wenderski.” I told her with a small smile.

“We’re a bit busy at the moment. Perhaps you can come back tomorrow?” She said a bit rudely as she started to close the door.

“Honey, who is at the door?” I heard Rich’s voice ask from around the door.

“Some guy. Don’t change the subject!” I heard her call out back to him.

Suddenly the door swung back open as I heard Rich say, “You can’t just close the door in someone’s face Jacqueline,” and then he turned to see me standing outside.

“Hey ya Rich!” I said.

“Holy shit! Benny! What the hell are you doing here? Where the hell have you been for these past three years?” He exclaimed excitedly.

He gave me a huge bear hug as he slapped my back hard three times. I also gave him a playful punch to the arm as we separated and he motioned to me that I should follow him into the house.

“Jacqueline, this is my best friend from college. Benny and I used to get into trouble nightly! Benny, this is my wife Jacqueline. I tried to call you to be there for the wedding, but I couldn’t even find anyone who could give me your phone number.” he said as he introduced us.

She was obviously unimpressed, and as she stood there with one leg cocked out to the side, she crossed her arms over her chest and said, “Oh you would like to change the subject wouldn’t you! This is always what happens with you Rich. This is what I’m talking about. I want to have a serious discussion, and you find some way to change the topic, and put it off for a while.”

“Did I come at a bad time?” I asked as I looked between the two of them.

“No, not at all Benny,” Rich said.

“Yes. Yes you did,” Jacqueline said loudly as she continued to stare harshly at Rich.

“Look, I can come back…” I started to say but Rich cut in and said, “No way, and not see you again for another three years? Let’s go into the kitchen and make drinks for everyone. Jacqueline and I can finish this discussion tomorrow after work. It’s nothing that can’t wait one more day.”

I shrugged and followed Rich down a hallway and past the fuming woman in his entryway. As we rounded a corner we came into a large kitchen. Rich started to dig through cupboards and cabinets for glasses and bottles of alcohol. He began to mix up a couple of drinks, and then asked, “You still drinking straight vodka on the rocks?”

“You know it. So just between us, what’s going on back there? It seems I’ve walked into a war zone.” I asked as I leaned back against the countertop and looked at my old friend.

“Oh, Jacqueline is just upset. She is worked up about having to move again. She knew about my job when we got married, and knew that we would probably have to move, but now it seems like she is just throwing a huge fit about it. If it wasn’t for this job, though, we wouldn’t have the nice house, the fancy cars, all her jewelry, and it’s not like she can support us when she doesn’t have a job.” He said as he began mixing up a fruity drink I assumed was for his wife.

“So why do you put up with the fighting?” I asked with a shrug.

“Well, she’s a good girl, and she’s great in the sack when I give her what she wants, and I did marry her.” He replied, held up one glass for me, and was about to start heading back when I stopped him.

“What if I could help you out for a week or so? Like giving you a Jacqueline that doesn’t bitch at you, but still wants to jump your bones at the drop of a hat?” I asked as I looked into his eyes.

“Yeah right bud, whatever you say.” He responded to me as he started to walk out of the kitchen again.

I held my arms out to stop him again, and said, “I’m serious Rich. A lot has happened in the past three years. I came out here to catch up and show you something. I think now is the perfect time, but you have to keep it between us.”

“Sure bud, let’s see this amazing new something,” Rich replied with a sarcastic grin.

I moved my arms and followed him back to the living room where Jacqueline was waiting. She was sitting in the middle of a rather large couch with her legs and arms crossed and was obviously not happy that Rich had invited me in to stay for a drink or two. Rich went to sit next to her, and she moved away from him on the couch. He set her drink down on the coffee table opposite the couch and sipped a bit of his own.

I went and sat on the other side of her, sandwiching her between the two of us. I sat down closer than most new acquaintances would and she looked at me with a scowl on her pretty face. I smiled back at her and also put my drink down on the coffee table before turning towards her.

“I need to show Rich a trick that I learned about three years ago. I need your help, so if you could just relax a bit, I’d appreciate it.” I told her.

“I’m not interested in any of your tricks or anything you have to say. You need to back up before I slap your face.” She replied without even trying to hide her contempt for me.

I smiled at her, winked at Rich, and reached over to grab her. She tried to pull away from me, but it was already too late. Rich also jumped up off from his spot on the couch and tried to pull me off her, but as his hands grabbed at me; my body turned to a clear liquid and began to flow into the struggling girl below me. I easily flowed through Rich’s fingers and continued to pour into the struggling girl’s mouth, ears, nose, and skin. She was fighting and thrashing to get me off from her, but it was no use.

I began to have new sensations. Sensations that Jacqueline was having just a moment before. I felt small feminine feet with my calves arched high in some strappy little heels. I felt smooth hairless legs that were under some tight fitting black dress pants. I felt my wide hips and how they flared out when I sat, especially cross legged. I felt her sex between her legs, so foreign compared to what I had previously had there. I could feel a tapering waist that gave Jacqueline the middle of her hour glass figure. I felt her large prominent breasts straining against her tight lacey push up bra. I felt the small white button up shirt that covered her goodies and I felt the cool air on her chest as I remembered she had left the top buttons undone, giving a scandalous view of her cleavage. I felt her long hair and the weight of it on my new scalp. I blinked a few times, and looked through her pretty eyes at my friend Rich who was looking down at me in disbelief.

I uncrossed my lovely new legs and leaned back while pushing my old clothes off me and then I felt up a breast with one hand and ran the other down between my legs and over the lips of my borrowed pussy through my dress pants. I got the loveliest sensations as both sets of fingers began to stroke my new equipment.

“What the fuck just happened?” Rich asked as he stared down at me.

“I possessed your wife, Rich.” I said as I looked down at the wedding ring that was now on the finger I was using to play with my large nipple.

“How? You can’t just do that Benny!” He stated as he stood there and looked at me with wide eyes.

“I found out about three years ago that I’m what is known as a body hopper. I can merge with any person I want. I take over their body, and I can look through their mind, too. When I’m in a body, no one would know unless they look at my reflection, or if they take a picture, as my face will be there instead of Jacqueline’s here. Or if you are another hopper, then you can see my real face, too.” I said as I continued to rub my hands over my new body.

“So you took over my wife? Why?” He asked, still in disbelief, but now he sat down again next to me in his wife’s body on the couch, and stared at her face, but knew it was me underneath it.

“Well, I saw the fighting going on, and I figured you could use a wife that is loving and supportive, and more importantly would fuck your brains out non-stop for the next few days or so.” I told him as I moved one hand onto his leg.

“What!? No, definitely not. I’m not having sex with you! Why would you want to be Jacqueline anyway?” He asked me.

I quickly shuffled through my sleeping host’s mind for some information before answering his question. I leaned in nice and close and in a low seductive voice said, “I know that Jackie here hasn’t put out for you in over a week. I love to fuck. It’s what body hoppers live for. You just can’t beat the sexual bliss of a female orgasm. I can help you out, and have some fun at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“No way Benny, you have to get out of my wife. Right this instant.” Rich stood up again, and pointed at me, slightly shaking his finger.

“Are you kidding me? I just got in here. There is no way I’m bailing on this hot little body until I get some dick in it.” I said as I looked up at him and spread my legs wider.

“I am not having sex with you while you are in Jacqueline. It just won’t happen Benny.” Rich said to me.

“For all intents and purposes, I am Jackie now. Benny isn’t here anymore, so are you saying you don’t want to fuck your wife?” I asked as I pushed my breast filled chest out a bit and pouted at him.

“No! You stop calling her Jackie, and you get out of her right now Benny!” He warned.

“I can’t bud. I need about forty eight hours for my powers to recharge before I can dismount her, sorry.” I lied to him. I could dump this body whenever I wanted, but I knew my friend needed a good boning as badly as I did, and I wanted to make sure he got it.

“Oh this night just gets better and better.” He said back to me as he slapped a hand over his face.

“I promise if we head to bed, it will get better.” I said as I got up and started to make my way to the bedroom, putting some extra sway in my hips to make sure Rich got an excellent view of his wife’s ass as I walked down the hallway.

I quickly looked through Jacqueline’s mind for where she would keep some sexy lingerie to wear to bed tonight, as I was obviously going to have to seduce Rich. As I thought through her various nighties and undergarments, I noticed she was pretty boring as far as bedtime apparel went. I would have to change that for Rich before I moved on, I decided. Finally, while digging through her mind, a memory of a blue and white lacey number that she had gotten for their anniversary a few months ago but decided not to wear popped up. I dug through her closet until I found the box she had left it in, and quickly went to the bathroom to change into it.

I heard Rich going around the house and shutting the lights off and locking doors. When I was certain he was in the bedroom and ready for me, I unlocked the door of the bathroom and headed into the bedroom.

As I walked into the entryway in front of the bed, I struck a pose with one leg slightly in front of the other and I put both my hands down on my outer thighs. I hoped the red nail polish that Jacqueline had put on the day before didn’t clash too badly with the negligee I had picked out, but I just didn’t have time to change it.

I cleared my throat and Rich looked over at me. I thought his eyes would pop out of his head. He was clearly turned on, and must have liked how I had dressed his wife.

“I’m not having sex with you Benny.” He said as he rolled over.

“I told you, I’m not Benny, I’m Jacqueline. You don’t want to have sex with your wife? I even picked something to show off my sexy ass. You are going to say no to all of this?” I asked and walked over to the bed, making a big show of bending over this way and that so that my lovely backside was on prominent display.

As I climbed into bed next to Rich, I felt the silky fabric moving across my ass crack and over my sensitive and full pussy lips. I also felt the lace pulling taunt over my nipples. I snuggled up next to him and while pressing my breasts around his arm and whispered into his ear, “I’m ready for you to ravish me.”

“No, Benny. I’m not going to fool around on my wife, even if it is with her body.” He said stubbornly.

“Oh come on, I went through all the trouble of finding this skimpy little thing that you could rip off me, and now you aren’t even going to give me the chance to show you what I’ve learned in the past three years? I’ve gotten pretty good with a pussy. I could ride you hard, and do things your wife would never agree too.” I said as I wrapped a smooth leg across his legs.

I was so aroused now that I could feel lubrication leaking out of my slit and into the lace. I could also smell my own scent, and figured Rich could as well. I ground my crotch into his leg, just incase he couldn’t so he would be able to feel how wet and sloppy his wife’s pussy was.

“Stop it Benny.” He said again, and pushed my toned leg off from his.

I sat up, pulled the covers back so that he could see my body on prominent display, and leaned over his head before saying in the best begging voice that I could muster up, “Please Benny? Please let me help you out. This pussy is just begging to be used. I’ll even let you use other holes if you want. I know you want this body.”

Benny in return rolled onto his back, held up a hand in my face, and said, “Absolutely not. End of discussion.”

I was a bit miffed that my friend didn’t want the gift that I was offering, but I knew that some guys weren’t all about me helping them out from past experiences. So I rolled over as well, but before going to sleep I worked my tiny fingers down under the leg hole of the lingerie and into my well trimmed little pussy. As I finger fucked myself I felt Rich roll over to look at me. I was still above the covers, and so he was getting an excellent view of his wife masturbate. Before long my other hand was roaming across my chest, pulling at my nipples and then I moved it down and began gently rubbing my clit as I ran my first hand continued to run fingers in and out of my love hole. I began to pant and giggle as I got closer to coming, and when I looked over to see Rich openly staring at me the voyeurism of the situation sent me completely over the edge. My face contorted in a grimace as the feelings of the orgasm flowed out of Jacqueline’s borrowed pussy.

I pulled my hands out and licked my tiny fingers off before looking over at Rich and saying, “Oh that was excellent. It would have been so much more fun with a partner, but it was still good none the less. See you in the morning hubby!”

And with that I closed my eyes and in short order I was asleep with my head buried deep in Jacqueline’s pillow.