By Aardvark

7 minute read -

The sounds of laughter and conversation punctuated the amplified music blaring at the bonfire gathering. A large group of University students had gathered in an open field round a large burning pile. Drinking beer and partying down, the college students took the opportunity to let off some steam. In the odd glow cast by the fire, the smiling faces of young men and women shown through.

Just now arriving, a tall attractive young man and his pretty female companion made their way through the crowd. Waving to those they recognized, the pair took in the sights of the gathering. The young man was good looking, dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and a backwards turned ball-cap. His companion, shorter than he, was a very attractive young woman dressed in a jean jacket and short skirt. Her tan muscled legs, and ample breasts added greatly to her appeal. She flashed a lovely smile to those she recognized. Her male companion glanced about as well, but would return his gaze to her periodically, seemingly preoccupied with his lovely companion. “It’s too bad Jeff’s home this weekend.” feigned disappointment at her boyfriend’s absence, it wasn’t genuine in the least.

Turning her attention to her friend, the girl’s smile turned into a disappointed frown. “Oh, I know, I miss him so much.” Returning to a smile, she added, “Thanks for taking me to this while he’s gone Mike! You’re a good friend to us!” She gave his hand a squeeze on finishing.

Gritting his teeth as he smiled, Mike did his best to reign in his emotions. All his charm, all his money, all his desires had failed to drive a wedge between his room-mate and his girlfriend. Mike wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted, and over the past couple of months he had grown to want Nicole more than anything else. No matter what he did, she only had eyes for her boyfriend Jaime. The two chatted with some of the merry-makers, even stopping to have their picture taken with the camera Nicole kept in her purse.

Giving her a winning smile himself, Mike leaned in and said, “You go ahead and look around. I’ve got to go take a piss.”

Laughing but making a disgusted face, Nicole smacked him playfully, “Gross! Don’t let me keep you from acting like an animal.” As they parted, Mike turned to watch Nicole join a group of girls she recognized. As he hair tossed back and forth, he admired the young woman’s charms. God she turned him on.

Walking away from the light of the fire, Mike strode with purpose. His thoughts turned round and round in his head as he quietly made his way to a dark stand of trees. Looking around carefully, he finally chanced to whisper. “Hey. Are you out there?” He looked around for a few moments before a responding voice startled him.

“Ready and waiting Mikey!” A sinister voice chuckled. “Our deal still stands, if you want to go through with this.”

Gulping before answering the hidden voice Mike spent only a moment considering what he was about to do. “I need to do this. I need to have her, even if it’s just for a little while.” Mike still could hardly believe what he was involved in. The incredible person just beyond his vision had convinced him of his authenticity, and Mike wanted what he had offered. “If you do what I want, you’ll get all the money I promised.”

The figure in the dark laughed a bit before continuing the conversation. “You’ll get everything your little heart desires Mike honey, just show the little lady over here and we’ll start having our fun.”

Nicole was having fun with the girls, sipping from a beer she had been passed. She spilled a little when Mike gently grabbed her upper arm. “Nicole, could you come with me for a second?” he said as he leaned in close to her ear, trying to be heard of the sounds of the party.

“Sure Mike! What’s up?” She asked her boyfriend’s rich room-mate. “Why are we heading off into the woods? Your not going to try and put the moves on me are you?” she giggled, trying to lighten the mood with some gentle joking.

Mike smiled as he led her toward the dark stand of trees. “Don’t worry gorgeous, I’ve figured out your immune to my charms. I’m resigned to the fact that you only have eyes for Jaime.” Looking back to the darkness his eyes narrowed. “No, I found something amazing out here, you’ve just got to see it.”

Heading into the darkness, Nicole’s flip-flop clad feet started to get wet from the dew gathered on the ground. “Eeeeewwww, Mike, it’s wet over here. What is it you want me to see anyway?!?!?”

Mike stopped and looked into the darkness. He stood behind Nicole, holding her upper arms gently as he bent down and whispered in her ear. “You aren’t going to believe this Nic. Walk straight ahead and keep your eyes open. It’s amazing.”

A bit skeptical, Nicole answered, “Okay, but this had better be good Mike. If you dragged me away from the party for something stupid I’m going to be pissed.” Cautiously, while laughing nervously, the girl walked into the darkness ahead. “What am I looking for?”

“Probably me.” a voice answered directly ahead of her. Nicole jump at the sound, startled by the unexpected noise. Before she knew what was happening, a form hit her full force, knocking her off her feet and onto the ground. Lying on her back, she screamed in terror at the sudden assault.

After hearing the disembodied voices answer, Mike could hear the sounds of a struggle erupting from the darkness. Nicole seemed to be wrestling with her unseen attacker. Her muffled cries pierced the dark. Mike looked back toward the bonfire, hoping that her screams weren’t loud enough to attract any attention. “What are you!!! Oh god!!! What are you doing to me!!!!” Nicole’s muffled voice pleaded. “Mike!!!! Somethings got me!!!!” she begged. Mike stepped back and forth on his feet, not really knowing what to do.

After a few moments, the sound of struggling ceased. Nicole’s cries went silence as an eerie quiet came over the darkened stand of trees. For a bit, Mike just stood there, peering into the darkness, trying to see what was buried within the inky dark.

“Hmmmm, she feels so nice….” Nicole’s sultry voice spoke from the darkness. “You know Mike, a hop is so much better than sex, you just can’t imagine how wonderful it is to force yourself into a sexy young thing’s body, to feel what she feels. It’s really quite amazing.” Nicole walked confidently out of the darkness, almost strutting as she seemed to be feeling her hips and breasts through the material of her jacket. “Don’t get me wrong! Sex is great, but it doesn’t hold a candle to mounting a woman.” Nicole’s normally sweet smile now had a fiendish glint to it.

“A-are you in her now? D-did it work?” Mike asked cautiously, squinting as he tried to take note of any differences in how the young woman appeared. She looked the same, but now seemed to carry herself a little differently. She continued to run her hands over her own body as she looked up at Mike with a broad grin.

“Oh, it worked all right. She put up quite a fight this one! What a feisty little lady! I’ll hand it too you though Mike, you do have excellent taste! She’s delicious!” She threw her head back in laughter.

“Amazing…” Mike knew what to expect, but he was still floored by this. His new “partner” had actually physically merged with Nicole, possessing. “Ugh, what should I call you?” he asked, not really sure of what protocol demanded of a situation like this.

“Why, Nicole silly boy! This is still her body after all! I’ve just taken over.” Licking her lips and looking Mike over from head to toe, the newly mounted young woman walked seductively towards the awestruck boy. “Well, Mikey, per our deal, you’ve supplied the body, now I’ll supply the girlfriend.” Wrapping her arms up around the back of his neck, the smiling girl pulled Mike down and kissed him passionately. Mike was more than a little surprised when she shoved her tongue in his mouth. He felt himself getting excited almost instantly.

Breaking the kiss, “Nicole” smiled as she looked into Mike’s eyes. “Don’t worry sweety, I’m going to earn every dollar you’ve agreed to pay me. Now, let’s go back to the party, drink some beer, and explore our new working relationship.”

The new couple spent the rest of the evening drinking beer and dancing. Nicole danced and swayed to the music, throwing herself at Mike at every turn. She even had him take her picture with the camera she had pulled out earlier. “Wait till you see what I look like in photos now. It’s something else.” she laughed. The hopper snickered as he told Mike of how he had hoped he wouldn’t have to hurt her boyfriend Jaime too much when he broke the news to him about how she had fallen for Mike.

Drunk and kissing and groping as they went, the couple made their way to Mike’s dorm room. The Hopper seemed to take great pleasure in slowly slipping the clothes off of Nicole’s body, slowly exposing her sexy form. The large round breasts, the long legs, she was as fantastic as Mike had imagined. After Mike had pulled his own underpants off, the naked girl near leaped on him, wrapping her arms and legs around the tall young man. She bit his ear as he found his hand grabbing onto and holding up her round supple ass. Lifting her up, she lowered her down onto his throbbing manhood, pushing into her tight moist slit. “Now this is what I call a part-time job!!!!” Nicole’s voice laughed as the two began to make love with wild abandon.