Brian's Story - Chapter 12 - Breaking Missy's Bed

By Tobyredone

24 minute read -

This is the twelfth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I had driven to the mall in Missy’s Mercedes and was walking through the large mall with purpose to find my destination and as I rounded one last corner, I saw it. Victoria’s Secret.

Every other time I had been to this store it had been to buy something for someone else. Now I had a full check book and a hot female body that needed something special for a husband pleasing night.

I walked into the store and began to circle around looking at the tiny thongs and bikini briefs with little sayings written across the ass. I grabbed a few tiny thongs that Missy’s memory told me would be about her size and then grabbed a pair of low rise bikini briefs that said “Juicy” across the back.

I then headed into the lingerie area and began poking through what they had there. I grabbed one teddy that was in leopard print and another that was white, just so that I would have two to try on. I also found the most darling little red baby doll with a matching red thong, and so that came with me as well. As I continued my look around, I found the most charming white bustier that would match the tiny white thong that I picked up from before, so I grabbed one in my size as well.

I headed for the dressing room with my arms full and started to try everything on. Most of it fit well, except for one of the teddy’s so I tossed that one aside and headed back out. I went on the hunt for a few push up bras to make the most of Missy’s small breasts. I found a few with a large amount of padding that really forced them up and together, and after another quick round in the changing room to make sure they fit, I was off to the check out area.

The bill was fairly large, but I didn’t bat an eye as the clerk told me the damages to Missy’s credit card. It was for a good cause, I told myself mentally. With two armfuls of bags I headed out of the store. I had every intent of heading back to the car and going home, but on the way I saw the shortest black mini skirt I have ever seen on a manikin and I knew that Missy would need one of those. So I took one detour into the store to pick up the short skirt and then headed back to my car.

I got to Missy’s house and after parking the car raced up stairs to her bedroom with my purchases. I unloaded the bags quickly into her underwear drawers in her large dresser and then stripped her down and headed for the large master bathroom that connected to her bedroom. I started the shower and climbed in to clean myself up before her husband got home. When I was just about finished I saw her razor and shaving cream on the side of the shower. I felt my legs and noticed I had a bit of stubble. I quickly grabbed the shaving cream and started to get rid of all of the hair below my neck. Missy had a trimmed patch of pubic hair above her pussy that I just took right off. I felt around my new hairless body in the shower, and the all the silky smooth skin was turning me on to the point that I almost started to get myself off right there in the shower, but then remembered my plan to sex up Missy’s husband, so I somehow managed to get myself under control.

I got out of the shower, quickly dried myself off and started to work on my long dark hair. I grabbed the blow dryer and once my hair was for the most part dry I started to put it up with pins, clips and hairspray. Once I felt I had it about where I wanted it I started in on my make up. I was still no expert, but using Missy’s memories I felt I did a pretty decent job. As I was finishing up I opened the cabinet along side the sink to start putting away the make up and I saw a small medicine bottle for Viagra. I smiled to myself as I took it down. I left the rest of the make up all over the counter as I walked back into the bedroom with the little bottle of pills.

I dug through Missy’s closet to find a pair of white high heeled shoes and stepped into them carefully. I then went and dug through the panty drawer for a white thong and the white bustier I had just gotten. I shimmied into the thong as I brought it tight up against my pussy, and then worked on getting the bustier on correctly and positioning myself in it.

I thought through Missy’s memory about her husband. His name was Mark. He didn’t get home until five thirty or six most days from the various construction jobs he worked on. His favorite food was pepperoni pizza. He also liked my favorite beer. I was beginning to think that outside of his wife’s body this guy and I would probably get along pretty well.

I went as quickly as my high heeled feet could carry me down to the kitchen and grabbed a phone book to order a pizza from Mark’s favorite pizza place that delivered. With that handled I tossed the bottle of pills down on the counter and headed out into the garage to grab the case of beer and bring it in the house. Missy made Mark keep his beer in the garage for some reason. I put a drain stop in the sink on one side and put most of the beer from the box in the sink. I then grabbed all the ice out of the refrigerator ice maker they had in the kitchen and dumped the ice over the beer. I would have preferred more ice, but thought it should be enough ice to get the beer cold, and I didn’t have much time so it would have to work.

With that taken care of I headed to a closet where Missy kept some fragranced candles. I pulled half a dozen out of the closet and set them around the expansive living room, and began a search for something to light them with. Nether Missy or Mark smoked, so I searched for quite some time before I finally came across a lighter in a junk drawer. I walked back to the living room, but didn’t light the candles quite yet. Instead I grabbed the remote for the large screen TV that sat along the center of there living room wall and turned it on. I search the channels for quite some time until I found a sports channel. I sat down and watched for just a bit before I heard the door bell ring.

I raced back into the kitchen and grabbed some money from a jar that was on top of the refrigerator, and then headed to the front door. I opened the door to a pimply faced teenager with a beat up baseball cap on. He stammered out the amount for the pizza, but I wasn’t really listening. I quickly grabbed the pizza box from him and shoved the cash in his hands, telling him to keep the change and then closing the door in his face.

I quickly headed back to the kitchen with the pizza, set the box down, and got some plates out. I checked the beer, and they were starting to get pretty cold. I looked at the clock and knew that Mark would be getting home any time now. I grabbed the bottle of pills and took two out. I then grabbed the rolling pin that was also in the kitchen and used it to mash up the two pills. I reached into the sink full of ice to pull out a beer and cracked it open. I held it on the side of the countertop and carefully pushed the blue dust into the open top of the beer getting most of it inside. I then carefully wiped off the top with a napkin so there was no tell tale bits on the edge of the can.

Just then I heard the front door open, and what I knew from Missy’s memory to be Mark’s voice call out, “Honey, I’m home. Was that the pizza guy’s car I saw pulling out of our driveway?”

I quickly opened the pizza box, grabbed a slice and put it on a plate, and with pizza in one hand and a Viagra spiked beer in the other went to greet my temporary husband.

As I walked around the corner I saw him standing in the door way looking out at something. He turned around when he heard my heeled feet clapping into the room. As his eyes found me I held out my arms to the side, and posed my legs a bit.

“Wow, Honey, you look great. It’s not our anniversary or something is it? Because then I forgot to get you a present.” He admitted.

“Nope. Just another Thursday, and I thought maybe if I put on something special, and ordered my husband’s favorite pizza he’d screw me on the couch while watching the sports channel after dinner.” I replied, and headed into the living room.

Mark followed me into the living room, and I set the plate with the pizza on it down on the coffee table in front of the couch and patted the middle cushion. Mark took two steps into the room and then hesitated.

“Maybe I should go get cleaned up first?” he asked.

“Oh come on, the pizza will get cold. It will be fine.” I said and patted the couch again.

He sat down on the couch and I handed him the beer. He took it from me and was taking a small sip while still looking at me out of the corner of his eyes when I reached a hand down to the bottom of the can and tipped it up, forcing him to gulp it all down before it started to spill down the front of his shirt. As he finished the beer I held my hand out for the can.

“What?” he asked.

“Give me the can. I will get you another one while you start on the pizza.” I said.

He slowly gave me the can, which I grabbed and headed back to the kitchen. I knew he was watching me as I walked out, so I put a bit of extra wiggle in my hips as I moved. I grabbed another plate with pizza on it, and two beers and headed back into the living room and sat down on the couch next to him.

I pushed the two cans over to him, and he cracked open the first one while still looking out of the side of his eyes at me. I scooped up my slice of pizza and began to eat. After a few bites I looked down at the second can and asked sweetly, “Dear, could you open my can too, I don’t want to ruin my nails.”

“You hate beer.” He said suspiciously, “and Pepperoni.”

“Well it didn’t make any sense to get a second pizza when I just want one piece, and the beer is the only thing cold in the house. Now are you going to continue to look a gift horse in the mouth, because then we are going to have a long night.” I said with a bit of attitude creeping into my voice.

With that he reached over and cracked the second can open and slid it back in front of me. I grabbed it and took a long drink before going back to the pizza. We watch the sports channel for a bit as I finished my slice of pizza and then downed the last of my beer, and checked his can to see it was empty. I picked up both cans and my plate, headed to the kitchen, grabbed two new beers out of the sink, and a new slice of pizza for Mark. I walked back into the living room, set everything down, and grabbed the lighter to start lighting the candles while I waited for him to open my can for me.

When I was finished with the candles around the room I sat back down and sipped at my beer while watching both the TV and him. He quickly devoured the second slice of pizza and started on his beer. When he set the can back down he looked over at me. I took the opportunity to set my beer down as well, and gently push him back on the couch. He let me move him easily, and I threw one leg over his lap to straddle him on the couch so that I was facing him. I ran my feminine hands through his hair and down his shoulders before scratching at his chest a few times. I then moved them down to the fly on his pants and quickly undid the catch and the zipper. While he had a look of confusion on his face he never tried to stop me or question me.

I pulled a bit on the waist band of his jeans and underwear, and in response he lifted his lower half up off the couch a bit, easily lifting my small form as well. I pulled his clothes down enough to get his dick uncovered. It was at about half mast already. I reached down and played with it a bit in my hands and used my manicured nails to lightly run up and down the length of it. He quickly stood up to his full and impressive length.

Mark was HUGE! I was glad my pussy was sopping wet from all the build up on my end, or I would have worried about needing lube. I reached up behind his head and pulled his face down into my chest. He began to lick gently on my breasts and I started to grind my cloth covered pussy up the length of his exposed dick. He reached down to pull at my tiny thong’s waist straps, but I moved my hands down to his and stopped him. Instead I just pulled the tiny piece of fabric off to the left side of my dripping little box and positioned myself over the top of his dick.

I rubbed my pussy lips a bit back and forth on his head before slowly lowering down onto his huge shaft. Even though my borrowed pussy was use to being wrapped around this dick I was still amazed at how full it filled me up. I began to gyrate my hips around on Mark’s shaft as my pussy greedily swallowed more of him inside it. Eventually he was bottomed out against my womb and I stopped squirming on him briefly and looked at him.

“Are you ready to fuck my brains out?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. You just try and hold on.” He replied back.

I started to rock back and forth and up and down and built up a tempo, and Mark quickly picked up on it, and began to match it with his own thrusts as best he could while under me. He also pulled my bustier down just enough to free my breasts from there confinement and then leaned forward to gently suck and tease my nipples with his tongue. He wrapped his arms around me and grabbed tightly onto my small backside and started to gently massage my bottom. All the stimulation was a bit much for me and I felt an orgasm approaching with incredible speed. I let my head fall back as I called out his name and came on top of him.

As I started to come down off my orgasmic high I felt him pick me up by my ass with his dick still inside me. I wrapped my shapely legs around his waist, and he took a few steps to the side of the couch before putting my back up against the wall. He pinned me there and began to slam his dick in and out of me as I used my legs around his waist and my arms on his shoulders to thrust back against him. This time I was getting slammed hard and rough, and I was eating it up. I felt Mark’s breathing pick up, and I started to mumble a few unintelligible words as the pleasure of his dick ramming in me overtook my rational mind.

I felt him jerk a bit suddenly, and felt him release deep inside me. That was enough to send me over the edge as well, and I came loudly, screaming his name a second time, “Oh Mark! Fuck me! Yes!”

He slowly leaned back off the wall, and I unwrapped my legs from around him and carefully stepped down. As I did I felt his dick slip out of me with a sucking noise. I reached down to move the thong back over my well fucked pussy, and walked out of the living room band back to the kitchen on a bit wobbly legs.

I grabbed two more beers from the sink and another slice of pizza for Mark, and returned to the living room. I set the beer down on the coffee table along with the pizza on his empty plate and noticed we had not finished our last drinks. So I picked my can up and quickly downed the rest of the can, and when Mark saw me chugging my old beer he quickly followed suit.

I took the empty can from him and headed for the kitchen again. I heard him call out behind me, “So what is all this about?”

“I’m just horny,” I said as I set the empty cans on the counter top and headed upstairs and back to the bedroom. I grabbed some tissues from next to the bed and yanked the thong off and began to quickly clean myself up a bit. When I was done I quickly took the bustier off and dug through my new lingerie choices for a new outfit.

I decided on the red baby doll and quickly worked my way into it, then stepped into the matching little red thong. I kicked off my white high heels and decided to not go with shoes at all this time. I quietly walked back downstairs and into the living room.

I sat down next to Mark who had stopped watching TV when he saw me in my new outfit walking into the room. I picked up my beer and took a long sip.

“Another outfit? Come on Missy. I must have done something special. Or you got a call from my doctor and it’s my last day on earth.” He said out loud as he stared at my tits while they were bulging out of my tiny outfit.

“I’m horny as hell Mark. I want to get laid again, and all night. No other occasion then that.” I replied.

“Well, as much as I could get use to this and would like to help you out, I don’t think I’ll have any more bullets for the gun for a little bit.” He said back to me.

“Oh, I took care of that. I spiked your first beer with some little blue pills. You should be ready to play again in record time, and it should be a long night.” I told him plainly.

“You little devil. I’m going to make sure that you get so much dick tonight you can’t walk for a week.” He replied back with a smile on his face.

The next thing I new he pounced on me and pushed be back against the couch and began to fondle my breasts and kiss up and down my small stomach and up and down my thighs. I play fought back just enough that he had to grab my small arms and pin them behind me before he got back to kissing my thighs and neck and everywhere in between.

I mock struggled just a bit more before we dissolved into some heavy petting and grinding on the couch. We kept it up for a while until I felt Mark getting another erection and then suddenly he scooped my small frame up and off the couch and carried me up the stairs to our bedroom.

I giggled a bit and swatted at him playfully as we walked through the bedroom door. He tossed me rather unceremoniously on the bed, and I quickly got on all fours and looked up at him like a tigress in heat. He began working his way out of his clothes. He pulled his pants and underwear down and off in one quick motion, and then pulled his shirt over his head. He worked outside for a living and obviously did quite a bit of heavy lifting, as his chest and arms were equally proportioned to his dick.

I spun around and offered my cute little thong covered pussy and exposed ass cheeks to him while still on all fours on the bed. He wasted no time in yanking my thong down to mid thigh and stuffing his gigantic dick in me once more. I cried out a bit in pain as he pushed into me, which made him stop and back out a bit.

“No, keep going.” I said quickly.

He continued his way in, but did it a bit more slowly, and pulled a bit out and back in every now and then. Finally he was buried as deep as he could go into my little box, and I grabbed a pillow from the top of the bed and dropped my head to it as he began to slam back and forth into me.

I screamed into the pillow in pleasure, which in turn drove him to work it harder in and out of me, and drove me to scream in pleasure more into the pillow. We continued to build until I came twice and then felt him blow his load inside me, but his dick stayed hard and he kept pumping until I came a third time.

As soon as he knew for sure that he made me cum that third time he pulled out of me and pushed me over onto my back. He wasted no time in yanking my tiny thong off completely and spreading my legs and once again slamming his dick roughly into my open pussy. It wasn’t painful this time, though as his dick was still full of our juices. He again roughly hammered away at my pussy for what seemed like an eternity, and I came a few more times before I felt him come again, but he was definitely close to shooting blanks now.

He pulled out of me again, and laid down next to me inviting me to climb on top and mount his pole. I straddled him, and aimed my pussy right at the top of his dick. He reached down to steady it with one of his hands, and just as he did I dropped down with as much force as I could and felt his dick jam into me once more.

I began bouncing roughly while clawing at his chest and calling out “Yeah baby, Yeah.” I loved the feeling of his dick slamming all the way into my pussy and bottoming out on what felt like my stomach.

I rode him like a bronco until suddenly I heard a “CRACK!” come from underneath us. I kept on bucking with wild abandon and he showed no signed of slowing down either and we heard another loud “CRACK.” This time the bed started to move with us but we kept up the pace until I came a few more times and finally felt him shiver beneath me as he came, but had no seed left to let go inside me. I rolled off the top of him and laid next to him catching my breath as he did the same. After a few minutes felt him start to move around behind me. I rolled over just in time to see him standing up and walking to his closet to pull out a large robe. He wrapped it around himself and turned to look at me.

I moaned a bit and moved my head around to loosen up my stiffening neck muscles and noticed my hair had mostly come undone and was laying around my head haphazardly. I saw Mark take a few steps over to me and then playfully swatted me on the ass, which made me squeal, much to his delight.

“I’m gonna go burn a cigar. I’ll be back in a while.” He said as he headed out the doorway.

I rolled onto my back and stretched a bit, and felt more juices leak out of my well used cunt. I decided to get up and follow Mark on a whim.

I sat up, scooted to the edge of the bed and then stood up, testing my legs to make sure they could support even my tiny frame after a fucking like that. I decided not to put any other clothes on, and just walked out of the bedroom wearing nothing but the top half of my red baby doll.

I found Mark on the back patio of their house, and I stepped through the large sliding screen door to join him on the small deck that was there. Missy’s memories told me that Mark had built it himself one summer when work was slow.

I walked up beside him and he looked me up and down slowly. I could feel a bit of a chill in the night air on all my exposed skin and on my still glistening thighs.

“So, are you going to tell me who you are and why you look like my wife’s double?” He asked.

“Oh come on dear. It’s all your wife right here. Ask me anything that only she would know and I can tell you.” I replied.

“What did she say to me in the hotel room on our first anniversary?” He asked.

I thought back and as Missy’s memories floated up in my mind I answered him. “That’s a trick question. We didn’t have enough money back then to get a hotel room or go on a trip. It was the night that I told you I was going back to work instead of starting a family.”

He looked at me for a bit out of the side of his eye and then dug a cigar out of his humidor. He then bit the tip off the back side, spit it off the deck, and proceeded to light it. After a few puffs on it, he looked back at me and said, “Ok, so how do you know all this stuff. Because my wife does not eat pepperoni. She most certainly doesn’t drink beer, and she not only would never have rough sex like that, but she would never have that much of it.”

I reached over and grabbed a cigar out of Marks humidor and held it up as I looked at him. He nodded, and so I bit the end off, and spit the small chunk of cigar off the back side of the deck. I put the cigar in my mouth and Mark struck a match and held it out for me. I leaned up to the flame and puffed to light the cigar, then filled my mouth up with the smoke before slowly letting the smoke out.

“Well, since you let me smoke one of your cigars, I suppose I could let you in on a little secret, but it needs to stay between us. It could cause me quite a bit of trouble if people knew about me. And I can cause you more trouble because you’d never know I’m there until it’s too late.” I told him as he also puffed on his cigar.

He nodded and said, “Of course. Just tonight’s activities are payment enough to keep my mouth shut. Do you know how long it’s been since I fucked my wife like this?”

“It’s been 5 weeks since you had sex with her last and a bit over 2 years since you got it more than once in the same day.” I replied in a matter of fact tone.

“I suppose you would know.” He said with a grin, “So what’s the deal.”

“Technically I am your wife. I am Missy Meyer. I can possess people. I went to work this morning as my girlfriend, who works for Missy here, and decided she would be fun to have a little adventure in.” I said as I half turned to face him, and cocked my legs and waved the hand that wasn’t holding the cigar up and down my body.

“So who are you really?” He replied.

“My name’s Brian. I think that’s enough for now.” I told him back as I took another couple puffs on the cigar.

“There is a guy beboping around in my wife’s body?” Mark asked with wide eyes.

I nodded back, and then headed into the kitchen. I grabbed a couple beers out of the sink. The ice had all long since melted, but the cans were still decently cold. I headed back out on the deck and handed them both to Mark. He set his cigar down, opened one and handed it to me, then opened the other and took a long drink before setting it down and picking the cigar back up.

“Why would you want…” he started to ask.

“Women?” I finished for him, “Well, first off they get to have sex whenever and however they want. And second, as a guy, after you blow your load you are pretty much done. With a chick, you get multiple orgasms that are stronger than a man’s, and you can keep going all night long.”

He looked took another long drink of his beer and started puffing on his cigar again. We stood there on the deck for a while as the sky went from a pale orange of a setting sun to the darkness of early evening. Occasionally one of us would move to drink, smoke, or tap the ash off the end of our cigars.

Finally Mark broke the silence, “You know, I think this is the longest Missy has ever gone without bitching at me for something in the past year.”

I looked over at him to see a bit of a smile on his face.

“Dammit Mark, you’re getting ash all over the deck, and you smell like cigar.” I said.

He started to laugh, and I followed suit a few seconds later. I watched him tilt back the beer can and swallow the last bit. He looked over at me and shook his can. I nodded and he disappeared into the house for a few minutes before coming back out with two more cans. I quickly drank the rest of mine, and took the can that he opened and offered me. He cracked his and took another long drink before asking me, “So, how long have you been doing this?”

“Actually I just found out I could a few weeks ago, pretty much the same way that you did. My last girlfriend came home acting all weird and shit, and it turns out if you can see the person’s real face over who they are in you can body hop too. That’s what they call it I guess, body hopping.” I told him as I slowly drank more of my beer.

“I’d head to the ladies locker room at the local gym if I could do that.” Mark told me with a smile.

“Yeah, I went to the strip club as my girlfriend the other night. That was a blast.” I said back.

He laughed a bit, and agreed with me.

“Hey, Mark, I do have something I don’t know if you want to hear or not, but seeing as you know about me anyways, Missy here is cheating on you.” I told him and then looked down at my beer.

“Heh. I knew that already. She’s been messing around on me for a while now. She thought she covered her tracks pretty well, and I didn’t know but I knew. She’s not always as smart as she thinks. I may just be a construction worker, but I’m not blind.” He said to me.

“So why do you stay together?” I asked him, astonished that he knew.

“Well, she likes to come home and have a husband, I think. Plus she gets to have someone on her arm at parties, and affairs are pretty much all the excitement some of the country club women get to gossip about. As far as me, well, I have it pretty good. She makes a lot of money, and I get to do what I want for work instead of what I have to, and look around,” He held his arms up and pointed at the large house behind him, and the cigars we were smoking, “I’m not exactly wanting here. Plus when we got married many years ago, we were two kids in love. Neither one of us really wants to break that up.” He told me.

“Wow. I don’t think I could do that, but I’m glad it’s working for you.” I said as I puffed one last time on my cigar, and tossed the rest in an ash tray that was sitting on the deck behind us.

“I’m not saying its ideal, but she keeps me somewhat happy, and I do the same for her. Not quite as much sex as you offer. Speaking of which, watching you stand there almost naked in my wife’s body smoking a cigar while I’m pumped full of Viagra is having an effect on me. You want to give it another round?” He asked me as he also put his cigar in the ashtray.

“Oh hell yeah! You fill Missy’s pussy up to the brim my friend, you have definitely got talent.” I said as I downed the rest of my beer and headed back into the house.

Mark followed me in and up the stairs to the bedroom. We spent the rest of the evening fucking like animals until the headboard crashed down on the bed. Mark picked it up, set it off to the side, and we went at it a bit more until we both passed out from exhaustion.