Brian's Story - Chapter 17 - Fun in the Sun

By Tobyredone

16 minute read -

This is the seventeenth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I brushed the long black hair out of my eyes for the millionth time and tried to tuck it behind my ear. I knew it looked good, but I just did not understand how Molly could deal with it constantly falling into her face all day. Her memories told me that she actually like it covering part of her face as she thought it made her look more mysterious. I had dressed in a tiny pink bikini that was more strings than fabric that day, so if my hair added a bit of “mystery” to my young pretty face, I thought that was fine as there was very little of the rest of Molly’s young body that I was hiding.

I got down to the beach and spread my towel out over the warm brown sand. I wasn’t worried about burning my fair skin even though it was close to noon. Burt and I had gotten massages that morning from two strapping young lads named Christopher and Benjamin. After they had spent the better part of an hour rubbing us down and working us up we had each taken one young man by the hand and fucked him silly in our own bedroom. Christopher had been a very gentle and passionate lover. I smiled to myself as I remembered the way he had kissed his way down my beasts, tummy and thighs before lovingly bringing me to orgasm with his tongue before even attempting to impale me with his dick.

After our lovemaking session I asked him to rub me down with some tanning lotion, which he was only too happy to do, and took extra care to not miss a single spot. After a bit more playful rubbing we had sex again as he worked the lotion into my nude body one area at a time. I came out of my bedroom exhausted and ready for some “do nothing” time on the beach, but Burt, who had already finished with Benjamin, told me he was not quite ready and he would meet up with me in a bit. So as I grabbed a towel and slid into my bikini he disappeared back into his bedroom.

As I looked at my towel lying on the beach where I had spread it out, and then realized I had forgotten a drink. I wandered down the beach enjoying the sight of beautiful young college bodies as far as the eye could see. I smiled and waved at a few boys that trotted up to me and asked me for my name and number, and I gave them my room number and told them to call me later. Soon I was at the tiki hut that the hotel had set up as a bar for the guests. I asked the bartender for something fruity with a tiny umbrella in it, and showed him my room key so that he would charge it. I didn’t exactly have room for a wallet in my bikini.

He handed me a giant drink with all sorts of fruits on a stick and one tiny pink umbrella. I thanked him and headed back to my towel while sipping on the sweet and very alcoholic beverage. I watched the waves, the seagulls, and the toned young bodies running around on the beach for quite a while as I drank my fruity concoction, but with the sun, the alcohol, and that morning’s exertion I was soon laying on my back looking up at the clouds. I closed my eyes, but only for a moment. (I thought)

The next thing I knew someone was grabbing my shoulder and gently shaking it. I blinked a few times as I tried to wake myself up from my rather cozy little nap on the beach and looked up to see Burt standing there with another girl. His long blonde hair let down as it played in the breeze around his mismatched face and he was wearing an orange bikini that showed off Stephanie’s fabulous little backside. The girl next to him was wearing a small crème colored bikini and had a cowboy hat on, and she was an absolute stunner.

“Hey Molly, what’s new?” he asked.

“Oh hi Steph, I guess I dozed off.” I said as I looked over at my drink to see the ice completely melted.

Burt giggled and started to lay a towel down next to mine before saying, “This is Karla. I met her in the elevator, and she told me that she wants to cut loose a little bit and experiment this spring break. Karla, this is my roomie Molly.”

“Hi,” I said to the girl in a chipper voice.

“Hi, I’m going to go grab some drinks, do you guys want anything?” She asked as she dropped a large beach bag of stuff down next to Burt’s towel.

“Yeah, I’d like a beer.” Burt replied, and when she looked at me I added another fruity drink to the order.

Burt tossed his room key at her and said to charge it to our room, and both of us openly stared at her small butt which was barely covered by a tiny bikini bottom as she walked away to the tiki hut bar.

“Where did you find her?” I asked as I laid back down and looked up at the sky.

“The elevator on the way down like I said. I told her I liked her bikini, and asked if she wanted to trade right then and there. She said she liked her bikini to much to give it to me, but that she was all about trying new things, so we made out and got into some pretty heavy petting on the way down.” He replied as he lay down on his stomach and reached behind his petite back to undo the clasp on his bikini top like girls sometimes do when they don’t want any tan lines.

“Well, you’re making up for yesterday, I see.” I replied back with a smile.

“Oh, you have no idea, bud,” he replied with a large toothy grin.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I shaded my eyes from the sun and looked over at him.

“I’ve already done it five times today. I’m going for double digits.” He replied back nonchalantly.

“What? Bullshit. When? With who?” I said as I propped myself up on my elbows to look down over Burt’s entire lovely body. Down his tapered waist, over his well rounded little rump, and down his toned legs.

“Well, let’s see here. There were the two room service guys this morning that brought up breakfast. You were still asleep when they brought the food in, so I figured I’d amuse myself until you were up. I was lucky I got two sessions out of them because one of them almost came all over himself watching me go at it with the first guy. I got you to hop out of Molly again and shag me before our massages, and again after you got back into her body, but I’m only counting you once for two bodies, because otherwise it feels like cheating. So that’s three, and then there were the masseurs. They were both especially attentive, and had quite a large amount of stamina, so they must do that often.” He was about to continue but I cut him off.

“You screwed both the masseurs? I really thought I wore Chris out…” I said in a slightly disappointed tone.

“Oh, sweetie, you did. I had to tittie fuck him for almost twenty minutes before he was hard enough to stick it in me. Oh, but once he did, wow! Benjamin knew what he was doing, but Chris was an artist. Did you let him do you doggie style? Oh his dick was all over my G-spot. I was worried someone would call the front desk to complain about the noise!” Burt replied back to me.

“Oh, I know! I rode him reverse cow girl for a while, and it was like he just knew the perfect angle and it seemed like his dick had this little curve to it or something, but it just hit all the right spots. I was like, fuck! It was a cumfest!” I said and giggled back at Burt.

“Did you let him go down on you? That man’s tongue could have floated my boat for the next ten years. I did feel a little bad for him, though, Steph here is a bit of a sprayer and I covered his face.” Burt said back to me and then reached down and behind him to adjust his bikini bottoms out of his cute little ass crack.

“I did in fact get the pleasure of having Chris’s tongue in my pussy. The man is a gift to all woman kind with that thing.” I replied to Burt and before I could continue the conversation I noticed Karla walking back with our drinks.

She handed a plastic bottle of beer and the room key to Burt, and then another large cup full of fruit and with a small umbrella to me, and then set a small cup with some kind of dark liquid and ice down by her bag for herself. She then held out another small tray with small shot glasses on it.

“Let’s start this off right ladies,” She said to us, and Burt reached up to grab a shot glass. Karla took one of the two left, and then offered the tray over to me. I hesitated for a second, then reached out and grabbed the last tiny cup off the tray.

Burt held up his glass, and toasted, “To fun in the sun, making new friends, and all the crazy sex we are going to have.”

“Alright!” Karla cried excitedly as she brought her glass up to Burts.

I brought my glass together with the other two girls’ glasses, and then we all brought the shot glasses to our lips, flipped our heads back, and swallowed the harsh liquor. It burned going down my throat like I had rarely felt before.

“Ugh. What was that stuff?” I asked as a grimace overtook my face.

“Everclear 190” Karla replied with a grin, “They normally won’t even serve it out here unless it’s in a 40 ounce hurricane, but it’s amazing what a little cleavage will get you.”

“Why don’t you show me a little of your cleavage, and I’ll tell you exactly what it will get you!” Burt told her as he rolled onto his side facing Karla and away from me while his top stayed on the towel below him.

“You are a flirty little girl, aren’t you! I don’t think we can even blame the alcohol yet, it hasn’t had time to kick in.” Karla replied with a bit of surprise on her face.

“I’ll do more then flirt if you want to head over to the bushes up there with me,” Burt told her in a low seductive voice, which I can only imagine what it sounded like in Stephanie’s voice as Karla was hearing.

Karla reached down with one hand and helped Burt to his feet and the two of them headed off for the privacy of the foliage along the edge of the beach, which would be necessary as Burt had left his bikini top with me and the towels on the beach.

I flipped my long hair out of my eyes again and sipped on my sweet drink to chase away the paint thinner taste of the shot I had just taken. I looked around to see boys playing with a football, and a few other people just laying on the warm sand like I was doing. I thought for a few moments about how perfect it was here. I then quite suddenly realized I never had to leave. If I wanted I could just stay here hopping from one vacationer to the next. I could quite literally spend the rest of my life on vacation, sitting on the beach.

Then I remembered Valerie. I remembered lying next to her body, feeling her breath on my neck and an occasional mumble as she would talk in her sleep. I remembered the scent of her raspberry shampoo in her hair, and the softness of her lips on my skin. I knew that this would just be a vacation. I was already missing her. I then smiled as I realized I also missed doing her yoga routine in her body, and pull of her soft clothing, and the feel of her nails gently running up her thighs as I used her own hands to bring her to orgasm.

I was breathing heavy. Molly’s young body was responding to my daydreams. I could feel myself becoming flushed with excitement. I looked down to see my nipples straining out against the fabric of my tiny pink bikini top, and I knew I was as wet as a warm bath between my legs.

I collected my legs underneath me, downed the last of my drink, and then stood up to head over to the bushes. As I got closer to the spot where I had seen Karla and Burt disappear to I began to try and peer through the leafy cover. Finally I saw what I was looking for.

I carefully stepped through the prickly branches into a natural hideaway at the base of several bushes. I knelt down next to the two girls that were already stripped down and going at it.

Karla noticed me first and looked up at me like a tigress in heat, but Burt only smiled and winked as he turned and began lightly biting at Karla’s exposed nipple.

“I don’t mean to intrude, but please can I join you two? It’s either this or a jump in the cold ocean, and I think I need this more.” I asked as I played with my long hair between my fingers.

“The more the merrier, I always say,” Burt replied.

“Take your clothes off, now. We’ll get to you once we’re done.” Karla said in a tone of authority.

I began working at my bikini ties as the scene in front of me revved my body up even higher. It seemed to take an eternity as Burt and Karla played with each other while I waited for my turn. Finally I just leaned over and began to kiss down Karla’s exposed back. I heard her groan lowly as my added stimulation told her of my presence. She had her hands all over Burt, and he had one of his tiny hands on her right breast, while his other was buried inside her pussy. I took the opportunity of an open breast as an invite and began playing with Karla’s other tit as I continued kissing her smooth skin. With two horny body hoppers working on her it was only a few moments before Karla was coming, but neither Burt nor I let up, and in just a few more minutes she had cum again, and dropped exhausted to the ground.

Burt then leaned over Karla’s prone body to begin sucking on my nipples, and kissing his way down my cute little belly and gently pushed on my shoulders as I tilted myself backwards. Eventually I was also lying on the ground and Burt ran tongue deftly up my inner thighs and teasingly on my pussy lips.

“You’re soaked already Molly, what has gotten into you?” Burt asked me.

Karla then got back into it as she rolled over on top of me and gently kissed her way up my neck to my other set of lips. Her tongue was soon shoved into my mouth and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed two sets of tongues inside my body. Karla suddenly squealed into my mouth as Burt ran his hand up her inner thigh and pressed his fingers back inside her little love mound while he continued his deft tongue work on my little pussy.

Karla began to knead my breasts, and suddenly I saw stars and flashes of light as I came hard in Molly’s sweet little body, but much the same as when Burt and I worked on Karla, both of the girls kept up their attack on my erogenous areas. I didn’t even have time to come down from my orgasm before I was blasting off even higher on the second one. I wanted to cry or moan, but Karla still had her mouth plastered to mine as we made out. I finally couldn’t take anymore and let all of my muscles go limp as I laid on the ground below them both.

Karla took that as an opportunity to grab Burt by his long blonde hair and pull him back off me and lay him down on the ground, where she began kissing and licking at Burt’s pussy. I took a few minutes to regain my senses, and by that time it looked like Burt had already cum all over Karla’s pretty face.

I sat up, and tapped Karla’s back letting her know that I wanted to help, so she went up to Burt’s face and while making out with him she began to rub and manipulate his breasts with her hands. I dropped down and began lapping at Burt’s pussy as he spread his quivering legs into a full split. With both of us working on him it also didn’t take long before I too was sprayed in the face with Burt’s pussy juice.

Karla and I sat back as Burt struggled to sit up. As I huffed in air after all that exertion I noticed that all I could smell on the soft sea breeze was the scent of pussy. I used my dainty hand to once again pull the hair out of my face and tuck it behind my ear. Karla reached over with her arm and put it around my shoulders.

“I love box munching. It’s the perfect afternoon snack. It tastes great, it doesn’t have a lot of calories, and it leaves you feeling so satisfied and fulfilled.” Burt said from his position lying on the ground.

“I have to admit, I wasn’t picking up the lesbian vibe from you Molly, but I was wrong.” Karla said into my ear as she smiled and kissed softly on my neck.

“I’m not a lesbian,” I replied back to her, as I tilted my head to see her confused look before saying, “I’ll take it anyway I can get it.”

She giggled at me and went back to gently kissing my neck. I turned my face towards her just in time to catch one kiss on the lips, and the next thing I knew we were making out again. I put a hand up to her cheek and then moved it around to her neck as I pulled her in and we deepened our kissing.

I heard Burt moving around, but both Karla and I were to busy with each other to pay attention to him, until Karla opened her eyes, and suddenly squealed into my face, “Hey! That’s my suit you little thief!”

“Come and get it!” Burt yelled as he darted out of the small pack of bushes we had used to conceal ourselves.

Burt had quickly pulled Karla’s bottoms on, and grabbed her bikini top and darted out of the bushes, leaving us behind looking at each other. I looked down at the small orange bottoms and my bikini lying on ground in front of us.

“You can take my bikini if you want. I’ll slip into Steph’s bottoms, and keep my boobs covered with your hat until I get back to where she left the top half,” I said with a shrug.

“It’s a deal. I like you already Molly.” Karla said as she snatched my bikini top off the ground, and began working out how all the strings went.

I grabbed the waistband of the bottoms Burt had left behind and slid them up my legs until the suit was around my waist and snuggly hugging my pussy and already working its way up my ass. I snatched Karla’s hat off the ground and noticed she was still struggling with the stings of my bikini top, so I reached over and helped her straighten them out, and tied a small bow behind the middle of her back to keep the top on. She then reached down to grab the bottoms and had a much easier time sliding them on.

I stood up with the hat, and held my hands out for Karla to grab. After she stood up we carefully made our way through the prickly branches and out onto the beach. As we slowly wandered back to the towels I noticed even more boys looking at me. I wasn’t certain if it was because I was walking arm in arm with another pretty girl, or because they knew I had no top on underneath my borrowed cowboy hat.

I winked to a few of them as we walked by and heard Karla giggling to my left. We were soon standing over Burt, lying on his towel in Karla’s bikini, his eyes closed as he soaked in the sun, a thin sheen of sweat making his shapely borrowed body glisten in the sun. I reached down and picked up the top that he had left behind on the ground by our towels and put my head through the open hole, and placed the two small triangles over my breasts. I turned my back to Karla who was kind enough to grab the loose ends hanging under my arms and pull them together behind me and hook the small clasp.

I handed Karla her hat back and we both sat down on either side of Burt. I looked out over the ocean as I said, “I need another drink.”

“What do you girls want to do tonight?” I heard Burt ask.

“I think we should go clubbing. I have the cutest shoes to wear. That is as long as Stephanie doesn’t steal them.” Karla said as she gently elbowed Burt in the ribs.

“Oh, you just never know what I will run off with.” Burt said, and laughed deeply. Karla started to laugh as well, but I knew she didn’t quite understand what Burt was talking about.

“I’ll go clubbing, sounds like fun.” I chimed in.

“Perfect. Maybe we should go and get ready?” Burt asked.

“I think we have time to work on our tans a bit longer,” Karla replied.

“I agree. I’ll get the next round. Back in minute with more Everclear.” I said as I stood up and wandered down by the tiki hut bar.

As I walked away from Burt and my new friend Karla I began wondering what I was going to wear tonight.