Brian's Story - Chapter 19 - Two Blondes and a Ferrari

By Tobyredone

19 minute read -

This is the nineteenth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

“Can you believe they kicked us out of Disney world?” Burt asked me as he let out a low chuckle.

“Burt, I can’t believe it took them so long to kick us out of Disney world. You left the pirates of the Caribbean ride wearing only a short jean skirt, four inch heels, and three eye patches. One for each nipple and one for an eye.” I said as I shook my head.

“I know. It was an absolute travesty for that girl to be wearing four inch heels. She should have been in at least six inchers. Did you see how great her ass looked in just four inch heels? I could have owned the place in sixers.” Burt said with a smile.

“I think you missed my point,” I replied back to him, but he just kept that small smile on his face.

We walked down the street, having a conversation that I’m certain no one else would have understood if they overheard it. I moved a hand subconsciously to my face and made a motion to brush hair out of my face. When I realized I didn’t have to move Molly’s long hair anymore I shook my head and blinked my eyes.

Burt saw me, and said, “Yeah, you spend some time in someone, the habits come with you, don’t they?”

We had spent enough time in Molly and Stephanie, and decided to head out as ourselves and pick up some new mounts. Burt wanted to say good-bye to Karla as when we left the hotel, but she wanted nothing to do with him once he was outside of Stephanie’s body, and wouldn’t even return his greeting as she walked by with her nose in the air.

The street we found ourselves walking down had many open front bars and small gift shops. People were everywhere. Mostly college kids enjoying spring break, but some looked like locals, and others were snow birds of some sort or another, coming down to escape the cold weather of the north.

As we continued down the street, Burt suddenly grabbed my arm. I looked over at him to see his face pointed down the street a ways. He had the look of a hunter sensing prey. I followed his gaze to a blonde woman wearing a leopard print coat, matching hat, a tiny black mini-skirt, and at least six inch heels. She was getting out of a bright red Ferrari.

“I’ve always wanted to drive one of those,” I said to him.

“Me too,” Burt replied.

“I was talking about the car,” I said dryly.

“Oh. Well, then it’s settled. I’ll hop the girl, and you can drive me somewhere and shag me.” Burt told me as he picked up the pace.

I didn’t have time to say anything more, and quickly followed my friend. The woman went into a small shop full of crystal knick knacks and paintings. I stood by the door as Burt went into find the woman. I noticed the clerk came out of the back. Burt stopped briefly to talk to him, and then pointed towards me. The man nodded a few times, and the walked over. I saw Burt continue into the back of the store where the clerk had come from.

“That man said that you are the fire inspector, and you have some concerns about my shop?” The clerk said to me with his eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Um… Yeah, it’s come to our attention that some of the… stuff you have in here may be a fire hazard, and I was wondering if you could tell me what is flammable in here.” I said as I struggled with the cover story Burt had thrust upon us.

“This is ridiculous! We just had our annual inspection three weeks ago! Did you talk to Inspector Simmons?” The clerk asked me as he put his hands on his hips.

“Um… Inspector Simmons filed the paper work with me, but he asked that I stop by and take a look.” I said, as I picked up a small decoration next to me and began to inspect it while looking at the clerk out of the corner of my eye.

“I have the paper work from Inspector Simmons. It’s in the back. I’ll go get it.” He said.

“Wait! That won’t be necessary, sir. I don’t need it. I just ah… need to know how many paintings you have in this store, and what they are made out of, like oil paint?” I quickly said before he could move to far.

“We have thirty two paintings, none of which have any oil based paint. That stuff hasn’t been used by any of the artists I buy from in years.” He said as he started to show his annoyance, and added, “Can I see your badge? Those clothes don’t look like a uniform.”

“My badge?” I asked as I patted my pockets down.

“Oh, fancy seeing you here, Mr. Fire Inspector! I simply have to steal you for a lunch! After saving all those children and nuns from that burning school bus, I have to show you my appreciation.” Burt suddenly said as he walked out of the back of the store wearing the blonde woman’s body.

“You know this guy, Mrs. Henderson?” The clerk asked Burt, or at least who I knew to be Burt.

“Of course I do. He was in all the papers. Our business will have to wait. I need to steal this darling man!” Burt said as he walked up and put his arm in mine, and turned to walk us out of the small shop.

As we walked out Burt dug the keys to the Ferrari out of his purse and handed them to me. I struggled to unlock the passenger side door before opening it for Burt.

“Thank you!” Burt said to me, and winked as he sat down in the car close-legged in a very ladylike manner before swinging his legs inside, and then I closed the door as he got situated.

I went around to the other side, let myself in, and started the car. I looked over at Burt, and saw the store clerk staring at us from his doorway shaking his head.

“No, thank you. I didn’t think I could keep him fooled much longer.” I said and tried to put the car in gear.

I had driven a manual car many times, but the nervousness of driving a Ferrari that wasn’t mine was getting the better of me. I didn’t stall the engine, but I did grind the gears a fair amount before we were finally moving down the street.

“We need to head south down this road and take a left on the main boulevard,” Burt said to me as he pointed with his well manicured finger.

“Why is that?” I asked him.

“Because Vivian here has a daughter that she is meeting up with to pick out swimsuits, and if I’m not mistaken, she is just your size Brian.” Burt replied.

I grinned and gave the sports car more gas as it shot off down the road. I didn’t want to be late for my date.


I stood in the back of the store as Burt met his “daughter” out by the entrance. I glanced around at all the high priced and very tiny pieces of fabric. It was one of those stores that I would never normally walk into, as all the prices were so ridiculously high that only people who drove up in a Ferrari could afford to shop there. We had three saleswomen welcoming Burt the moment he walked into the store in his stolen body, so I figured she must frequent this place. Burt told them all I was friend, and that I wouldn’t be staying long, and I quickly made an escape to the back of the store asking where the bathrooms were.

I saw the two ladies followed by their entourage of saleswomen heading towards me, and I quickly stepped into the small woman’s bathroom in the back before anyone noticed I had gone in there. I heard talking outside, and shuffled my feet nervously as I waited. Soon enough the door opened and two women stepped inside. I could see Burt’s face on his mount as he stepped through the door first. He held it open for the other woman, and as she walked past him he closed it before anymore of the followers could wander into the room.

The younger woman was babbling to her mother about shoes and digging through her purse when she walked right into me. Her head darted up as she let out a “What the…” and gave me a startled look.

“You can’t be in here, this is the ladies room, you pervert!” She said in a startled tone as she tried to push on my chest to back me up.

“That won’t be a problem in a moment.” Burt said to her as he stood in front of the door with an evil grin.

She turned to look at her mother, and that’s when I reached up to cover her mouth with one hand, and hold her waist with the other. She tried to get out a squeal, but it came out as more of a gurgle when my hand began to liquefy and run down her throat. She staggered back and forth, shaking violently trying to dislodge me from her body, but I was already flowing all over her skin, now completely ethereal and being absorbed into her. She flailed her arms and shook her legs, desperate to get my off from her as our bodies merged into one, and then suddenly it was just me.

I stumbled to keep upright in her large heels and long legs that I now had full control of. I reached out and grabbed the large counter top to steady myself and as I did I looked up into the large mirror on the wall in front of me. As I gathered my legs underneath me, I stared at myself in the mirror.

I was unbelievably fucking hot. My face was framed by long blonde strands of hair, but I knew from my host body’s memories that everyone else would see a small perfect nose with shiny blue eyes and luscious full pink lips. Below my face I had a thin graceful neck that went down to my impossibly thin frame with equally impossibly large breasts. I reached up with my girly fingers to cup my huge breasts, and decided they must be at least a D cup. As I focused on them my mounts memories told me they were a recent gift for her eighteenth birthday from her mother. I remembered her entire experience of getting the implants put in, right down to realizing that they were in fact a solid D cup. I looked down the rest of my body, and turned sideways to see my tiny midsection in the mirror, and stare further down in awe at my backside as it bulged out, creating the perfect feminine figure as I looked down her shapely legs. I was wearing a tiny robin’s egg blue tank top along with an amazingly tight pair of Capri jeans that show off all of my curves to perfection.

“Yeah, yeah, she’s a knockout. Let’s go find some bikinis Brian. I’m horny as hell, and if we don’t hurry up here, and go find some dick I’m going to rape the next guy I see.” Burt said as he snapped me out of my self-love.

I nodded and we strolled our way back out of the restroom like we owned the place. Well, with how much money our mounts had, we probably could have bought it.

“Is everything alright? We heard some sounds in there.” One of the saleswomen asked me as Burt and I found our way back out into the main sales area.

“I didn’t hear anything. Did you Ginger?” Burt said as he looked at me.

“Uh…” I stuttered, “No. No I didn’t… Uh, mom.” I said as I choked out the last word.

Burt let out a small giggle, but never broke character, as he turned back to the saleswoman and said, “I want something in pink. And it better be very revealing and sexy. I want my husband all over me tonight.”

The saleswoman dashed off to find some choices, and the other two looked at me. I blinked a few times, still not use to all this attention, and then said, “Uh, I guess I’d like something in white, maybe?” as I shrugged my shoulders.

I was distracted by my large chest jiggling when I shrugged my shoulders, and missed what the lady said to me. I was looking down my own shirt at my cleavage until I noticed the silence, and the fact that everyone was staring at me.

“What?” I asked simply.

“Did you want a one piece or two?” The woman said as she stared at me.

“It doesn’t really matter. I’m sure anything will look great. I’d like something sexy, though.” I said as I went back to looking down my own shirt.

The two other sales ladies walked off to begin bringing things back as Burt put his arm around me and said, “Now this is shopping, my boy!”

The first sales lady came back with a few small and some what transparent pink suits, and Burt grabbed them and headed for a large dressing room. Shortly after that, the two other assistants came back with some suits for me. I grabbed them and headed into the same room that Burt had disappeared into. It head mirrors everywhere, so we kindly asked the sales people to wait outside as we tried things on.

Burt was standing there in his fantastic body wearing only the bottoms of a very transparent pink bikini, turning back and forth and playing with his breasts. He would sway from side to side and then stop suddenly just to see his boobs continue to flop back and forth, then giggle. I quickly pulled off my shirt, bra, jeans, and tiny panties, and began to poke through the selection that the saleswomen had brought me as well.

I quickly found out that with a rack as big as the one I now had on a tiny frame, picking out a suit was quite difficult. The one piece swimsuits would either fit my tiny frame and get stuck on my chest, or fit my breasts and hang off the rest of me. The tiny bikini tops just didn’t offer enough support for my massive jugs, and even the slightest movements sent a jiggle through them, and left them threatening to pop out of any covering.

Finally I found a one piece that was more like a bikini, but attached with just a thin piece of fabric over my small tummy. That little bit of fabric and all the strings managed to keep my breasts under control while the bottom half fit me like it was suppose to. Going up one side, and under one of my large breasts was the picture of a guitar, and there was also a large pink heart right in the center of the small piece of fabric that covered my ass, just to make certain that attention was drawn to all the right places.

I could tell Burt liked it as well. I modeled it for him, turning left and right, thrusting my large chest out, and turning away from him while bending slightly to expose my tight little ass. I was just undoing one of the strings that held the suit tight to my silky skin when Burt reached his arms around me and pulled me to him.

I pushed back at first, worried that the saleswomen right outside the door would hear us, and it would cause some problems, but as I was pushing Burt’s fingers began lightly tracing my pussy lips over the thin fabric of the swimsuit. The sensations of this new pussy shot up my back like electrical current and as I twitched I leaned back into Burt’s arms. His fingers found their way through the left leg hole of my suit, and he slid two manicured fingers into my little love mound. His other hand was busy grabbing my large breasts, and while not as good as the sensations that Molly’s chest had, they were still amazing.

My legs buckled underneath me, and Burt gently lowered me to the floor as he kept fingering me. I felt a spasm go down my back, and then bucked hard as I quickly came from the feelings that Burt was driving into my new body, soaking the crotch of the suit I was trying on with my love juices.

I then pushed Burt onto his back, yanked the small pink bikini bottoms he was wearing to one side, and began to eat out his pussy. He quickly wrapped his legs around my head, and laid his heeled feet on my back as I felt him begin to quake from the pleasure I was giving him. I dove in with my tongue as deep as I could a few times, and then worked my way up to his clit, then back down along his outer pussy lips. In no time I had him on the edge of an orgasm, and he reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling my face into his pussy as I licked him over the edge.

“OOOOOOOOH FUCK YES, EAT MY PUSSY!” He screamed out as his head got tossed back and my face got sprayed with his pussy juices.

I quickly sat back and looked at him with wide eyes, as I said quietly, “Burt, what the hell? They are standing right outside!”

“Who cares? These chicks pay a fortune in here. I’m certain that they not only don’t care, but they’ll keep there mouth shut because they want to keep our business, too.” He said back with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

“That makes sense, I guess.” I told him as I let the uncertainty creep through in my voice.

“Let me do the worrying while we’re in these ladies, Brian. Now, are you going to get that tongue back in my snatch or should we toss our clothes back on and find some dicks?” He asked me as he lay on the floor looking at me through his still spread legs and over the top of his pussy, which was still glistening with his mount’s juices, and my mount’s saliva.

“I think I could use a good fucking to be honest with you.” I replied to him as I tried to let some of my inhibitions go just have fun for a while.

He nodded at me, and we both stripped the rest of the way out of our swimsuits and started to get redressed. As we did I poked through my mount’s memories for knowledge of a boyfriend, or any significant other that I could use for some quick sex. Apparently she didn’t have a boyfriend. I quizzed her mind a little deeper, and it turned out that if a guy didn’t have a huge bank account, she wouldn’t even give him the time of day. She only had a few boyfriends in her life, and so far had treated them all like shit, so of course she was single right now, although she had plenty of men drooling over her. She knew it, and liked it. She would often tease men with her body just to get a reaction.

I poked around a bit more in her head as we picked up our favorite swimsuit choices from the piles that were strewn about on the floor. Ginger had just recently turned eighteen. She spent most of her time parting at exclusive clubs. She already had a drug habit. She spent as little time with her mother as possible, but enough to keep money flowing her way. Vivian, who Burt had hopped, was only seventeen when she had gotten pregnant with Ginger. Ginger’s real father didn’t keep in touch, and the man that Vivian was currently married to was loaded, so both Ginger and Vivian treated him very nicely.

We walked out of the changing room to the saleswomen looking at us a bit oddly, but Burt was right, they didn’t want to say anything directly to us for fear of chasing us out of the shop without buying anything. I knew they could smell the scent of our sex session, in the room, on us, and also on the suits we were having them wrap up, but they smiled and carefully took the suits from us. As Burt handed them Vivian’s credit card he told the sales woman that he wanted all the suits he had tried on. She smiled at him and nodded, then scurried off to run Vivian’s credit card. It was about then we both noticed another woman walk into the store. I handed the suit that I had picked out to another sales woman, and dug Ginger’s credit card out of the purse.

As I handed it to her, I asked, “Excuse me, would you ship a suit like this one to a friend of mine?”

“Of course Miss Henderson, I’ll just need an address.” The salesgirl replied.

“Super. I’m going to need another suit just like this, but with a C cup sent out, other then that my friend is close to my measurements.” I told her, and then wrote down Valerie’s address on a slip of paper and handed it to her, before adding, “Just put both of the suits and the shipping on my card, ok? Thanks.”

The salesgirl nodded and hurried off to run my card, and also wrap up my purchase. I found another slip of paper and wrote a quick note on it.


Having a blast down in Florida on spring break. I’m trying on bikinis with Burt, and I found this one. I really like it, so I figured I send one back for you.

See you soon, Brian

With that done, I noticed the first saleswoman had already brought Burt’s card back and given him his purchases in a large bag, and he was heading over towards the other woman that had just walked into the shop.

The salesgirl that had taken my card soon returned with it and one swimsuit in a bag, and I handed her the note, and asked her to put it in the box with the other swimsuit she was mailing out for me. She smiled and nodded as she took it, and headed off.

I made my way over by Burt, who was talking to the new female customer. As I got closer I noticed the woman had the beginnings of a mustache. I walked in on the middle of the conversation the two were having.

“Oh, I know I just love the selection of suits they have here, and how they cater to you.” I heard the woman say to Burt in a typical female voice.

“Yeah, there is a great selection here. Speaking of selection, where did you pick up that chick?” Burt asked the woman.

She gave him a peculiar look, and then said, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Oh c’mon buddy, we’re all hoppers here. This is Brian, he’s my friend. I’m Burt. You don’t have to pretend around us.” Burt told her.

“Brian? Burt? What do you mean? You two are men? You look just like girls!” The woman said as she squinted and began to study our faces and bodies.

I saw Burt’s eyes go wide in surprise, and he said, “You mean you don’t see anything out of the ordinary with my face?”

The woman responded very slowly, “Well, your mascara is smudged a bit, but other then that I think you have a very pretty face, and this must be your daughter? She has your nose.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought from the mustache and your kind of manly face that you might actually be a guy running around in a woman’s body.” Burt replied as he shrugged his mount’s tanned shoulders.


The woman slapped Burt hard across the face as she called out, “You dirty tramp, how dare you say that about my face.”

I quickly grabbed Burt by the shoulders as he started to fall backwards to steady him from the woman’s blow, but was to busy laughing at him to do much else. The actual woman he had accused of being a fellow body hopper took a step towards him to continue her assault when Burt spun on his heels and started to make a dash for the exit.

I quickly followed as the ugly woman yelled curse words at us and shook her fist in the air. Burt wasted no time in diving into the driver’s side of his mount’s Ferrari, and I saw him quickly dig through his purse for his keys. He started the car, and blew me a quick kiss as he called out, “See you at home, dear!” and peeled out of the parking lot just as the angry woman came out of the shop’s door screaming at him some more.

I took the opportunity to check my mount’s memories to find out which car she was driving. I then pulled her keys out of where she had placed them in her purse and headed toward my new jaguar.

I smiled as I sat down, shaking my head at Burt’s antics in the shop. I turned the key and carefully began driving to where Ginger was staying for the next few weeks. In less then twenty minutes I was pulling into the marina and driving to a VIP section. I waved to the guards, who opened the gates for me, and drove to what can only be described as the largest boat I had ever seen in my life.

It looked like a cruise ship, but I knew it was Ginger’s step father that owned it, and it was his home away from home. Well, one of them at least. I quickly grabbed my shopping bags, hopped out of my car, and started my walk towards what I would be calling home for the next few days.

As I started up the walkway to get onto the ship, I saw a strapping young man tying down something to the dock while staring at my legs (and probably my ass as well) as I walked by. Ginger’s memory told me that he was a deck hand on the boat, and he didn’t speak a word of English.

That would work just fine for what I had in mind tonight.