Brian's Story - Chapter 19 Interlude - Party Girl

By Tobyredone

12 minute read -

“Dude, she better show.” Kyle said out loud to no one in particular as he sat on the couch.

“There is no fucking way this actually happens. I can’t believe you idiots gave that guy money as a down payment,” said Eddie with an air of superiority.

“Shut up Eddie, when Katie gets here and she’s hot and ready, you’ll be sorry you didn’t put money down and you have to wait,” Derek snapped back at him.

The five boys sat in their run down apartment across from the campus. The floor boards squeaked, it was a crap shoot if you got any hot water in the morning, and the walls were covered in either dirt or a film of smoke from years of not being cleaned. It was a complete shit hole, but it was cheap, and close to the college all five boys went too.

Kyle, Mike, and Nathan sat on the couch playing video games waiting for the visitor they were expecting. Eddie sat in the only actual house chair in the small rundown apartment, watching out the window at the passer-bys. Derek paced the room behind the couch, occasionally running his hands through his shoulder length hair, obviously nervous.

“So let me hear this plan you geniuses came up with one more time. Derek, you found a guy that promised to get you any girl you wanted for a night, and you in turn came back here, and conned Kyle, Nathan and Mike into giving you money so that you could pay him to send over Katie Gerard, the head cheerleader, and she is going to show up hot and ready, waiting for sex from all four of you guys?” Eddie said with a smile before adding, “that is quite possibly the dumbest thing you have ever done, and I’m counting the time you set professor Hopkin’s lab coat on fire while he was wearing it.”

“Shut up Eddie!” Derek said back as he pointed a finger at him, “Or I’ll come over there and kick your ass.”

“You and who’s army?” Eddie replied as he continued to look out the window.

“Hey! Idiots! How about you both shut up, or I’ll beat the two of you to a pulp together.” Nathan said as he continued playing the video game, leaning in to the side of the couch as he mashed buttons on the controller, really getting into the game.

Nathan’s words carried more weight, as he was not only on the wrestling team and the football team, but also one of the largest men on campus. He spent most of his free time in the weight room and his physique showed it. Both Derek and Eddie stopped there squabbling immediately.

“So when is she suppose to show up, Derek?” Nathan asked without taking his eyes off the TV screen.

“She was supposed to be here forty minutes ago. I don’t know what happened, but I’m telling you, this guy can make this happen. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer.” Derek said in a stressed and worried tone.

“How do you know this guy can get any girl we want? I mean, what if she isn’t going to have sex, no matter how much money someone throws at her?” Mike asked as he too never looked away from the TV screen.

“I know ‘cause this guy got a girl for my cousin’s bachelor party.” Derek said plainly.

“He got some girl to strip at a bachelor party? That’s your proof? Wow Derek, this is extra lame. Do you at least have his cell number?” Eddie said.

“Not just some girl, my sister’s best friend. She is all about the straight and narrow too. I’ve know her since we were both kids. She’d never strip in her life, but some how this guy not only got her to do that, but whatever else we wanted too. She was standing up in the wedding a week later, too, and didn’t remember a thing. At least, that’s what she claimed. And I don’t have his number ‘cause he doesn’t have a phone.” Derek said to his friends.

“So if this guy is such a miracle worker, where is he? I mean, it’s not like we can call him. He’s probably half way to the next state with the cash.” Eddie asked smugly.

“I don’t know, but he’ll show or I’ll get everyone’s money back…” Derek responded, but was cut off by a loud pounding on the apartment door.

Derek darted to the door, almost tripping over a pile of dirty clothes, and yanked it open. The other guys stopped what they were doing and all turned to stare at the door, except for Nathan, who kept playing the video game.

What they saw on the other side of the door was an amazing sight. Katie Gerard stood waiting in the hallway. Her feet were clad in 6 inch pink heels, leading up to her perfectly toned legs which then headed up to an incredibly short pleated black and white skirt that barely hid her nether regions from site, and threatened to expose them with ever step she took as the skirt swished back and forth with her hip’s movements. Above that her thin waist tapered out to her impossibly huge breasts, barely contained in a tiny pink sweater that not only was stretched to its absolute limit, but also left her toned midsection exposed for all to see. The sweater just barely covered the bottom of her globe like tits, and was only secured by one singular button, taxed to the maximum as the threads stretched against the pressure of her chest. Her lengthy blonde tresses cascaded down her head, surrounding her pretty face, with its blue eyes, pink lips, and high cheek bones.

“Are you idiots going to invite me in, or just stand there staring at me?” She asked with a playful voice.

The four boys who were all staring at her nodded in unison except for Nathan, who was still playing the video game. Derek moved out of the way, and Katie sashayed her cute little skirt clad ass into the rundown apartment.

“Nice place you got here. I hope the rent is cheap.” She said to the boys as she looked around at the bare walls and stained carpet and then to the large piles of clothes and old food containers.

“Yeah, sorry, we don’t clean much.” Derek said as he stared at Katie’s chest.

“Not a problem. I came here to fuck, not to look at the décor. I’m assuming you do have a decent bed, though, right?” She asked plainly.

“Uh, yeah, those two doors lead to the bedrooms. The one across from us is the bathroom.” Kyle told her, as he too stared blatantly at Katie’s chest.

“Ok, what’s say we get this started?” Katie asked as she clapped her hands, and then added, “Sorry I’m late, but I just didn’t have a thing to wear, so I went out and bought this outfit. I hope you guys like it. Well, at least for the five minutes I’ll be wearing it.”

The five boys all muttered that she looked great, and how hot the clothes were. Katie wiggled her eyebrows, and grabbed Derek by the collar and began walking towards the door. Suddenly Kyle and Mike started to undo their pants.

“Whoa whoa whoa, boys. I don’t know what Derek told you, but I’m doing this one at a time. This isn’t going to turn into a gang bang. I want my orgasms too, and I don’t get that from two of you going at me like a Chinese finger trap. Derek promised you guys would be able to get me off at least ten times, or I’m going to need more money. If that means that some of you need breaks, then so be it, but I’m not leaving until I get fucked like a pro.” She said as she cocked one leg and waved a finger in the air.

The rest of the guys in the room nodded silently and Katie winked at them before yanking Derek into the bedroom after her, then slamming the door shut.

The four boys in the central room looked at each other briefly and shrugged as they started to hear the sounds of ripping clothes, and then Derek’s voice followed by Katie moaning.

“This is so fucking unbelievable. Can you fucking believe this? I can’t believe it.” Kyle said out loud.

“I know!” Mike said as he held up his hand for a high five, and the two slapped hands together.

The sounds of a bed banging into a wall started, and the rhythmic slamming became louder and faster as Katie’s moans followed suit. The guys in the center room smiled and anxiously awaited their turn in the bedroom with the head cheerleader. Eddie dug through his pockets to get out a fist full of cash. While ten minutes ago he honestly didn’t think Derek’s plan would work, he had brought money just in case his friend did come through.

The banging reached a fevered pitch, and finally Katie’s voice could be heard calling out in a loud scream, “AYYYYYYAaaaahhhhh fuck yes!” and then the room fell silent once again.

Nathan continued to play the video game, but the rest of the young men were staring openly at the door as it opened a few minutes later. Derek, wearing only a pair of jeans and covered in a thin sheen of sweat staggered through the door.

“Holy shit, is she an animal in the sack.” He said through panting breaths as he collapsed on the floor outside the door to one side of the couch.

Katie walked to the doorway, her pink sweater open, exposing her breasts to the cool air, and her tiny skirt was pulled up around her waist, making it look like a thin ribbon around her midsection. She was also covered in a thin coating of sweat, making her skin shine in the dim light. Her hair was a bit mussed as she smiled at the group of guys and said, “Not bad for starters. What’s a girl got to do to get a beer in this place? ‘Cause I’ll do it. Who’s next? And make sure you bring me that beer.” She said, then turned around and headed back into the bedroom.

Mike and Kyle both got up and made a dash for the small refrigerator in the corner that held only one thing. Beer. Kyle would have gotten there first, but Mike tripped him up, and managed to get to the small fridge first, and grab a can. He held his hands up in victory as he strolled his way to the bedroom and his waiting conquest. Kyle gave him the finger angrily.

One by one the guys took their turns screwing the brains out of Katie Gerard, the blonde bombshell. Despite her normally snobbish and reserved nature, for the rest of the night she took all the dick her male acquaintances could give her and paraded around the shitty little apartment completely naked like a well paid whore. She was completely insatiable and relentless in the bedroom.

Finally, Nathan put down the video game controller and went into the bedroom for his turn. Even though he had been the first to put money down for Derek’s little scheme, he was in no hurry to screw Katie. He had even let the other guys have a second go at Katie before he got up to have his turn.

Nathan grabbed two beers out of the fridge, and headed into the bedroom where Katie laid spread eagle and naked, still panting and leaking from her last fucking. Nathan closed the door, popped open one of the cans, and handed it to her. Katie sat up and downed the beer greedily, crinkling the aluminum container in her hand after she had drained it before tossing it on the floor.

“Well, you’re a strapping young lad aren’t you? I’ll bet you’re the biggest here, huh stud? Should we get right to the main event, or do you need a little teasing first?” She asked him.

“Well, you see, actually, I’m going to need some questions answered first.” Nathan replied to her as he cracked the beer he was holding and started to sip it.

“Questions? You mean you wanna talk or something?” She asked him.

“Yeah, something like that. I just need to know a few things before we do this.” He replied.

“Uh, ok, not many guys look at these titties, and want to discuss things, but whatever, it’s your dime.” She said as she leaned back on the bed and stretched her arms out to her sides.

“Ok, uh, first, what the fuck is going on? Why are you doing this?” Nathan asked.

“Getting fucked by you guys? You did pay. And sometimes a girl just needs some dick. You ready to screw or not?” Katie replied as she played with her long hair.

“Yeah, but your family has money. You don’t need the money. Just one more question. I was playing video games when you came in. I was pretty absorbed, and didn’t notice before, but now I do… What’s with your face and voice? I mean that is obviously Katie Gerard’s body, but you are not Katie Gerard.” Nathan asked as his eyes narrowed and his brows furrowed.

“No shit. You can see my real face. Well, kid, I guess we do have a lot to talk about. My name’s Burt. I’m what you call a body hopper. You see Katie’s still here, it’s just you can see my face over hers.” Burt replied with a smug smile on his face as he caressed an engorged nipple.

“Burt, huh? How come the others didn’t see your face?” Nathan asked as he sipped more of his beer.

“Because you my friend are special. You, big guy, are also a body hopper. You too will be able to start hopping once you stick it in me. You see when you have sex with me in Katie’s body, it will activate your ability. You’ll be able to hop into anyone in no time.” Burt told Nathan.

Nathan blinked a few times, and stared at Burt’s face on Katie’s body, then quickly downed the rest of his beer.

“This is far too weird. I’ve been drinking all night, and this is what I get for it. A fucking hallucination. I’m probably not going to remember this, but whatever, lets get it on. I want to be able to say I’ve banged Katie Gerard, even if she has some weird face.” Nathan said as he also crushed his can and tossed it over his shoulder.

After Nathan pulled his pants off, it took very little coaxing to extend his rod to its maximum length, and he began screwing Katie’s pussy, which was being directed by Burt who was using his knowledge to make the experience the best sex Nathan had ever had in his life.

The two of them had sex well into the morning hours until finally Nathan passed out from exertion on top of Burt. Burt gently slid his female form out from underneath the large sleeping man before looking around for his mount’s clothing. His stolen pussy ached from having so much sex with all the men, but mostly from Nathan’s large cock. He looked down at his abused little love mound, and sighed. Nathan had a hopper’s stamina and the two had fucked like rabbits for hours until Nathan had blown his top four times and Burt had rode Nathan’s massive pole to seven orgasms himself.

Burt then found what was passing for his skirt and sweater and wrapped them around his naked body before stepping into his heeled shoes, not even bothering to look for Katie’s panties. He turned and gently ran his small hand over Nathan’s sleeping form before whispering, “Don’t worry boy. I’ll keep an eye on you. Your next few weeks are probably going to be pretty crazy. I’ll make sure you do just fine.” And with that, Burt turned on his pointed heels and walked through the central room, full of the other four sleeping men, and out the door of the apartment, and headed back to Katie’s dorm room to ditch her body. He knew the ache between her legs would only be getting worse.

Nathan woke up six hours later, alone and feeling like complete shit. He looked around for Katie, or Burt, or whatever the girl was suppose to be called. He stumbled out of the bedroom, and saw his roommates sleeping where ever they had passed out around the shitty apartment. He smacked Derek on the forehead.

“You seen that girl? I mean, Katie?” Nathan asked.

“No man, you were having marathon sex, and the rest of us passed out. She wore us all out. Who knew miss priss was a fucking machine, huh?” Derek said with a smile.

“Whatever, dude. I feel like shit. You going to class? Can you take notes for me in Bio? I’m not going to make it.” Nathan said as he staggered to his bedroom, getting a grunt in return from his roommate.

Falling over on his bed was the last thing Nathan remembered before he passed out, and he thought his aches were just a simple hangover. Little did he know his body was changing, and soon his life would along with it.