Brian's Story - Chapter 25 - Short Skirts and High Kicks

By Tobyredone

12 minute read -

This is the twenty-fifth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

A rather well muscled young man by the name of Richie put two hands on my waist and thrust me up into the air. Once I was above his head I put on knee forward, and he put his palm up, giving me a small seat to land my ass on. He held me above his head with his arm locked like that for around a minute while I tried my best to smile, yell, and shake my palm palms around, all while trying to keep my balance to make it a bit easier for Richie to hold me.

Oh, and try to ignore the buzzing in my crotch.

I was certain by now Richie knew something was up, but he didn’t say anything. Just looked up and smiled at me, the smirk on his face almost screaming at me, “I know your secret you little slut.”

Maybe I should back up just a touch. You see, it started about forty-five minutes before the game.

Burt and I were in the locker room getting dressed as cheerleaders for Nathan’s game. I was still inside Brandy, and he was still inside Mandy. I had just finished pulling up my little skirt when Burt walked around the corner of the lockers and put a small plastic thing in my hand. I stared down at it, wondering what it was. It was oval shaped, with a long wire hanging out of one end. I stared at him, then back at the thing he had placed in my hand, and then back at him.

“Uh, thanks.” I said still unsure of what I was holding.

“Stuff it up your cunt.” Burt replied.

“Huh?” I asked, thinking I misheard him.

“Stuff it in your box. Leave the wire hanging out like this.” Burt said and lifted his skirt to show me that he wasn’t wearing any panties, and I could see a similar small wire hanging between his legs.

“Why? What?” I said, and was going to ask more when Burt reached up with his other hand, and pressed a button on a small remote control.

The tiny egg shaped device in my hand sprung to life vibrating softly. I looked down with surprise, and nearly dropped the little sex toy. I looked back up at Burt just in time to see him close his eyes and let out a long breath of pleasure. He pressed the button again and the little toy fell silent once more.

“No.” I replied.

“Yes.” He said to me.

“Burt, I’m going to have a hard enough time trying to be a freakin’ cheerleader without my pussy messing with me.” I told him.

“Bullshit, you’ll do fine. Just let Brandy’s natural skill out, and you’ll be fine. This will be a blast. I promise, now put it in.” Burt said.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” I said, still not sure about letting Burt have complete control over my pussy while I was standing in front of thousands of people.

“What is it with you young hoppers not listening to the veterans nowadays? Nathan doesn’t want to hop. I can barely get you to play along with me. Did you have a good time while I was in Courtney? Did you have fun on Spring Break?” He asked me.

I nodded, and he then followed up with, “Well then, trust me.” And he gave me a winning smile and a wink.

“Ugh. I’m gonna regret this.” I said as I spread my legs a few feet apart and went to insert the toy inside my pussy.

“Wait. Use some lube. Trust me.” Burt then handed me a small tube.

I coated the egg in the slippery stuff that Burt had given me, and went back to inserting the toy inside of me. I pulled my small white cotton thong down to mid thigh level, and gently worked the egg inside of me. My pussy felt full as the toy pressed against the inner walls of my snatch, but not too full as the toy was still somewhat small, and wouldn’t restrict my movements. I then reached into my locker and pulled out the thicker athletic panties that would cover my white thong, and match the rest of the cheerleading squad. They were tight around my legs and waist.

“Tuck your antenna up in front. Here, let me help you.” Burt said as he kneeled down and started to pull my wire to the front of my panties through my left leg hole.

Just then another girl walked around the corner and looked at us oddly as she asked, “Is everything alright here?”

“Oh yeah, I’m just helping Brandy with her panties. Just trying to unbunch them. You want to help?” Burt asked the girl.

“Ugh, no. I heard you guys were acting weird last night, but wow, really? You should have gotten over all this lezzy stuff by the end of freshman year.” The girl replied.

“C’mon, it’s never too late to have a little fun. Plus, it drives the boys nuts.” I said to her with a wink.

“Whatever.” She said, and walked back around the corner.

“There, how’s that?” Burt asked as he stood up and looked at me.

“It feels like I have a sex toy shoved up my pussy, and I’m about to be embarrassed horribly as I try to cheer in front of a whole bunch of people.” I replied to Burt with a big fake smile and a chipper tone of voice.

“Well, at least you can fake the spirit. I’m going to go get my panties, and then we should head out.” Burt said to me as he disappeared around the corner and headed back to his locker.

In short order we were headed out of the locker room tunnel and out onto the football field. I ran and screamed with the other girls, waving my pom-poms high above my head, and I also did a cart wheel as we got to our customary spot on the field. It felt amazing to be so limber and energetic. I put my pom-poms up again and shook them as I pulled my leg up into a high kick and cheered to the fans as they sat there staring back at us.

I think it was then that I realized I liked the attention I was getting. As a man I had always enjoyed watching cheerleaders at sporting events. I enjoyed the girls smiling and bouncing around, with their little skirts sometimes flipping up, and their long limber legs on display for everyone to drool over. Now I was living it. I could smell my own perfume, and smile up at all the guys and girls in the stands as they stared at me. I could feel the swish of my cute pony tail on my shoulders, and I was the one that had those long limber legs and could let my skirt flip up to give everyone a teasing view of my privates.

I was eating it up.

We started to go through our routines and I matched rhythm with all of the other girls as we did our dances. I knew all of the cheers as if by heart, even though they were stolen from my mount. I was the one being lifted into the air by my cheer partner to stand on top of a slightly wobbling tower of smiling girls.

Burt was also being surprisingly discrete with the remote control for the toy jammed up my snatch as well. The first time he activated it was when our home team scored a touchdown. I was caught completely by surprise as I put a hand up to cheer and suddenly the little egg sprung to life. My voice caught in my throat and my knees went a little weak.

The other team wasn’t much competition for us, and just a few minutes later we had scored again, this time with a field goal. As Burt once again lit up my pussy with vibrations, I began to hope more and more that we were going to score a lot that game.

On a few occasions Richie, my male cheer partner, would grab me by the waist, the sign for lifting me up, just after we scored. The first time he set my ass down on his palm after hurling me up into the air and felt me vibrating he almost dropped me. He had quickly adapted to it, and also got a small smirk on his face every time our team would get close to the endzone. I think he had figured out who had the remote, and he was enjoying my looks of rapture as they ran across my face despite my best efforts to keep them under wraps.

Finally by the end of the game, I think I had cum on his hand three times, and I felt a bit soggy around my crotch. Still, I was no where near satisfied and I wanted more. It was agony waiting for all the players to head off the field and cheer the victory of the home team on to the fans as they were clearing off the field.

Finally the other cheerleaders started to head back to the tunnel we had entered the stadium from. Burt was giving me that smug little smile he reserved for when he had done something he thought was really fun and clever, but I was beyond trying to even function. I was horny. I walked next to him simply because my sex-addled mind couldn’t handle much more then walking along with someone to guide me.

When we finally made it through the tunnel and our cheerleading squad got to the point in the concrete tunnels that the boys split off to get to their lockers and the girls split off to get to our lockers I hesitated for a moment and then grabbed Richie by the shirt and dragged him off into yet another adjoining tunnel.

I didn’t even have to tell him what I wanted. He knew. Once we were out of sight from most random passerbys I dropped to my knees and yanked his wind breaker cheer pants down to his well defined thighs. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well endowed he was, and looked up at him as I took his dick in my hand and ran my nails down the length of his shaft, playing for a moment with the head of his dick. He was instantly hard, and said to me, “It was so fucking hard to keep my dick in line out there as I knew you were getting off every time we scored.”

“Hmm, I know baby, but I need more. I need you. You want to get in me?” I purred the question out there, already knowing the answer.

He simply nodded, and I in return got back to my feet and spun around. I pulled both sets of my panties down and gingerly stepped out of them, leaving them in a small pile on the concrete floor below me. I grabbed on the dangling wire between my legs and gave it a tug to free the hidden sex toy from my most sensitive of holes. I then bent over and felt Richie flip my small skirt up on my back as he lined his dick up with my sopping wet cunt.

I felt him thrust into me hard, and tried my best not to scream out in ecstasy as my pussy finally got what the vibrations from the egg could not give it. Real warm flesh shoving into me and stretching out my little vag like it was meant to be.

Richie fucked me quick and hard, and I loved every second and every thrust. Before I knew it I was cumming on him again. I let out a serious of throaty moans and squeals, but did try my best to keep somewhat quiet so we wouldn’t be found out.

After I came, I leaned forward and Richie’s dick pulled out of me. I spun to face him, and dropped the egg I had been holding in my left hand down the front of my shirt so it could be nestled between my cleavage, leaving my hands free. I smiled at him and grabbed at his shoulders. He then grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up and back onto his throbbing cock. He bent at his knees and waist slightly, and I wrapped my nimble legs around his waist to try and support myself that way. He slowly spun us around as he fucked up and down inside me, then leaned me back against the wall, using friction to hold me in place as he continued to screw me standing up and pinned back. I closed my eyes, and really started to moan as I threw my head to the side, back and forth.

He was hitting all of the right spots, and the length and girth of his dick meant that from this position he couldn’t help but hit my G-spot. I saw spots and my vision swam as I came hard, and kept cumming. I couldn’t stop. Every thrust took my higher and I leaned forward and bit down into his shoulder to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs. His thrusts were ragged and determined, and suddenly I felt him jerk and release his cum inside of me. His hips shook in orgasmic pleasure as he tired to both hold us up and relish the feeling of his own orgasm, which wasn’t easy considering I had gone almost completely limp as I felt him release his streams of cum inside me.

We both tried not to move and just breathed in air as we came down from our intense session of fucking. Finally I picked my head up and looked at him as his eyes opened and looked back at me. I started to giggle and used my hands to smooth down some of my disheveled hair.

That made him start to laugh quietly until he moaned and showed signs of struggling to hold me up any longer. I quickly unwrapped my legs and dropped them down to hold my own weight as Richie stood up to his full height, no longer bent to support me or hold me back against the wall.

I felt him pull out of me as my legs dropped and he straighten up, then grabbed his underwear and pants and tugged them up into place, which turned out to be just in time, as some of the cleaning crew for the stadium came around the corner and looked at us oddly. I did my best to smile and wave and not look like a cheerleader that had just gotten fucked while pressed against a concrete wall, but I’m sure the fact that I was still glowing with a thin sheen of sweat all over, not to mention I could feel the cum leaking down my thighs didn’t help my cover.

The men in the cleaning crew all smiled, waved, and passed by without saying a word until the last guy stopped, picked up my panties, and handed them to me and said, “I think you may have dropped these Miss. Have a nice day.”

I sputtered out a thank you as I started to turn a shade of red while the skin on my face and cleavage burnt, letting me know I was embarrassed, but after that the man just nodded and walked on.

Richie and I started to jog back towards our locker rooms, but couldn’t help laughing as we thought about the fact that we had been busted, but it looked like we would still get away with our little escapade.

I turned without a word and headed back to my locker room where I saw Burt, stripped down and holding a bar of soap waiting for me to come in the door.

“You little slut! Here I am waiting for a partner for the showers, and you took a detour with your boy toy out there.” He said as he tapped his foot and looked at he panties in my hand.

I only smiled as I started to get out of my little skirt and top. I shrugged my shoulders at him and said, “I’ll make it up to you now if you want.”

“Did you have fun?” Burt asked as his eyebrows rose. His mug still looked oddly out of place on a sexy young woman’s body even after all the time I had spent with him up to this point.

“I had a great time Burt, you were right. I should listen to you more often.” I said as I peeled of my last garment and dropped my little egg on top of the pile of my cheer uniform.

“Damn skippy. Now you need to listen to me when I say get in the shower, you’ve got a lot of pussy licking to do before you make up for questioning me in the first place.” Burt said as he turned and sashayed his sexy little ass into the shower area.

I hurried to follow him, ready to at least try whatever he suggested next.