Brian's Story - Chapter 25 Interlude - Girls' Night Out

By Tobyredone

20 minute read -

I was bored.

I was really bored.

I wanted to do something. I wanted to do anything. I had called most of my close girlfriends, but so far they all had a reason they couldn’t go out with me and do anything. Vanessa had the flu; Lizzy had two kids that had both come down with the chicken pox; Carmen had boyfriend problems. Not that it was unusual for Carmen to have boyfriend problems, she was always too clingy, and ended up chasing her boyfriends away when they wanted space. Alyssa, who was quickly becoming one of my best friends, was home visiting family.

Not to mention that my body hopper boyfriend was hanging out with his best “normal” friend tonight, Dave. I didn’t want to interrupt guy time, and besides, Brian had been hanging around home a lot lately to keep me and Alyssa happy.

Suddenly my phone beeped. It was Maria. She was apparently also bored tonight. Normally I probably wouldn’t have gone to hang out with just Maria. She had an attitude that I didn’t like and ever since she had married a doctor she had picked up an ego that was big enough to sink the titanic.

But I was bored. I quickly called her back, and set up a time and place to meet up with her. There was a small bar that I heard just opened up with a good selection of wine and some decent looking bartenders, instead of the shaggy plaid shirted guys or the too much hair gel with heavy cologne and big gold chain guys that us women normally have to put up with.

I quickly got myself ready for a night out. I picked out a nice blouse that I had been waiting to wear and some jeans with some strappy high heeled sandals. I quickly did my hair and I was out the door.

As I jumped in my car and started driving I heard my phone beep again. I thought it might be Maria changing our meeting place, so I grabbed my phone out of my purse. I was quite surprised when I heard the voice on the phone.

“Hey pretty lady! What’s new? Is Brian around? I can’t get an answer from his cell. Or am I talking to him right now?” Burt asked.

“Hey Burt. This is Val. Brian’s out with his friend Dave. I think I saw his phone on the charger back at my place. He must have forgotten to take it with him. Do you want Dave’s number?” I asked my boyfriend’s mentor.

“Naw. I was just giving him a call to see if he wanted to head out, hop a couple of chicks and have some fun, but it looks like he has other plans.” Burt replied in a disappointed tone.

“Tell me about it. I’ve been at home looking for someone to head out with for the past couple of hours. Most of my girlfriends are all busy tonight. Then out of the blue my old friend Maria called me, but between you and me, she’s never really been that close of a friend.” I replied.

“Girl’s night out huh?” Burt asked.

“Yeah, pretty much. We’re going to that new bar down on Red Lake Drive. I heard they have some pretty good looking bartenders… Well, maybe not to you, but to us girls they are nummy.” I replied.

“Oh really. I may have to check that place out.” Burt said slowly.

“Yeah, you should come out. I’ll introduce you to Maria. We can have a few drinks and have some fun!” I told him.

“Well, maybe I will then.” He said with a chuckle.

“Good. Maybe I’ll see you.” I said back.

“Maybe you will. Bu-bye!” Burt said and then hung up.

I smiled as I put my phone back in my purse and continued driving to the bar as I thought about Burt. He was rough around the edges, and maybe somewhat self centered, but over all I thought he was a decent guy. He definitely lived for the moment that was for sure.

Soon enough I was parking my car and heading into the small bar. I quickly looked around and saw Maria sitting at a high top table. Maria was Hispanic, and had a beautiful skin tone, long dark hair, deep brown eyes, and was very curvy. She had her hair down, and held back over one ear with a large clip that looked like a flower. She was wearing a rather short and low cut blue dress that let her large breasts draw attention to her, and still show off her shapely legs and well rounded backside. She saw me and smiled and waved as she held up her glass. I quickly made my way over to her and sat down.

“Oh my god, it’s been so long Valerie! How are you doing?” She asked in an overly loud voice as she reached over and hugged me quite roughly. I also smelled alcohol on her, so she must have had quite a few drinks already.

“I’m good Maria! It’s been too long! We never talk anymore.” I replied back to her.

“Well that has just got to stop. I’ll add you as my friend online, then it’s easier to keep in touch.” She said.

“Sure,” I replied as one of the men who worked at the bar stopped at our table to ask if I needed a drink, and I asked for some sprite and vodka, and then took a quick glimpse of his ass as he walked away from the table.

“I saw that. Still single?” Maria questioned me.

“Actually, I’ve got a boyfriend now.” I replied.

“Oh really! Good for you. Who is he? What does he look like? What does he do for a living?” Maria asked the questions in rapid fire succession.

“His name is Brian, he’s cute, but not a muscle guy or anything. He can always make me laugh. Right now, he kind of jumps from job to job I guess.” I replied, trying to answer her questions, but leave out the details. I knew she wouldn’t stop asking until I gave her something, but I didn’t want to tell her everything about Brian.

“Jumps around from job to job? Oh, sweetie, do you want me to see if Joe can hook you up with one of his doctor friends? They are all very stable.” Maria asked.

“No really it’s ok. He can get money if he needs it, and I have a good job.” I told her as I wished my drink would get here faster.

“Well if you change your mind sweetie, you just let me know, ok? My Joe has a lot of really attractive friends who make good money, just like him.” She said.

I just nodded in response as my drink showed up. I dug through my purse and pulled out some money and thanked the man as Maria continued.

“Oh, look at this.” Maria said as she held out her arm and a large bracelet slid forward and then she continued, “They’re all diamonds. Joe got it for me just because. Isn’t he just the best? Does um… Brian, right? Does Brian bring you gifts?” Maria asked, still digging for more information as she sipped some of her drink and looked at me with raised eyebrows.

I thought back to the time when Brian brought home the blonde intern he worked with so that we could have a lesbian night of fun, but I didn’t think that would be the right sort of thing to tell Maria, so I settled for, “He brings me home a lot of gifts that not many other people could give.”

She looked at my tiny smile and said, “Well, aren’t we being mysterious tonight.”

Instead of answering her, I just took a long sip of my drink and winked at her.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have to powder my nose and see if I can get another apple-tini.” She said as she got down off her barstool and looked just a little tipsy on her heels already.

I looked at her back with raised eyebrows as she trotted to the bar, and decided I may need more alcohol then I anticipated to make it through the night with her. She was already bragging about gifts her husband got her.

I tried not to gulp my drink, but before too long my glass was almost empty. I flagged down the same cute guy that had taken my order the first time and asked him to bring me another. He smiled, perhaps a bit too much, and nodded as he blatantly looked down the front of my shirt. I thought to myself that I needed to be good tonight. I was in a relationship with a good guy finally, even if it was a bit out of the ordinary.

Then I noticed that Maria was taking her time to get back to the table, and I hadn’t seen her in a while. I was just about to get up and head for the ladies room to check on her when I suddenly saw her heading back my way.

I put a smile on my face as she climbed back up on the barstool across the table from me and set down a beer bottle. I didn’t really notice it until she picked up the bottle and started to chug some down. In a flash she had downed half the beer.

“What happened to the appletini?” I asked her after taking note of the change in plans.

“Well, an appletini seemed so snobby and bitch-ish that I just couldn’t stand it. So I got a beer.” She replied as she shrugged.

I was suddenly caught between a giggle and my mouth dropping open. A man showed up with my second drink and I thanked him, glad that the distraction gave me time to recover.

“Well, another drink for you too? Maybe a girls night out with you won’t be so bad after all.” Maria said as she drank more of her beer.

“What are you trying to say, Maria? I’m only fun when I’m drunk?” I said, mildly annoyed that my friend was treating me this way after dangling her doctor boyfriend and new jewelry in my face. Enough was enough.

Maria tipped her head back and drank the rest of her beer, then leaned forward and let out a small belch as she looked at me and said, “Ah, that’s better. And no, your not only fun when your drunk. You’re only fun when your naked.” Then Maria gave me a wink.

Suddenly the lights flicked on in my mind.

“Burt!” I hissed as I leaned across the table trying not to draw attention to the fact that I was calling the girl in front of me by a man’s name.

“The one and only.” She replied and winked at me as she reached out, grabbed the cute waiter by the arm and said, “Hey man, whenever you get a chance, could I get a couple of beers here.”

“This is so weird.” I said as I took another long drink from my glass.

“So what makes you actually want to hang out with this bitch? She’s obnoxious.” Maria asked me which was amusing because she was actually talking about herself.

“I don’t know. I wanted to go out tonight and have some fun. Brian’s out and so was Alyssa. I tried calling some friends but they were all busy.” I replied.

Maria’s face went into a little pout and she then said, “And you didn’t think of me?”

I started to laugh and said, “Well next time I need a girls’ night you will be the first one I call.” I told Maria, but was actually talking to the guy inside her.

“Alright! Let’s do some shots!” Maria said, and hopped off her barstool, this time much more steady on her feet. I laughed at the thought of Burt being better on heels then Maria actually was.

Suddenly she grabbed my arm and dragged me up to the bar, and was calling for the bartender to line up some tequila for shots. The bartender smiled as he poured the shots and Maria asked him for some salt and lime slices. I grabbed the salt shaker and licked my wrist when Maria grabbed my arm and said, “No way Val, not tonight.”

With that, Maria dipped her fingers in my drink, thrust her chest out and dabbed some wetness between her large breasts. My eyes went wide as I realized what she was up too. She then looked at me, and I pulled down the front of my shirt a short way as she also moistened my cleavage. I shivered as I felt a cold drop run its way between my fleshy globes. I took the salt shaker and shook out some salt on my chest and then handed it to Marisa who did the same. Next she handed me a lime and a shot glass full of tequila, which wasn’t my favorite liquor to begin with. I scrunched my nose, which made Maria giggle at me, and then she leaned forward to lick the salt off my chest.

I wouldn’t say that I completely enjoyed Maria’s slimy tongue licking up my chest between my breasts despite the fact that I did, on occasion, swing both ways. I just couldn’t get over my hang up of the fact that it was bitchy Maria with her head pressed between my boobs even though tonight her body was under new management. Just then her face popped back out, and she downed the shot of tequila like a professional, and then leaned forward for one of my hands.

I didn’t realize at first that she wanted the lime, (I thought she would use her own, not mine) so she opened her mouth wide and began sucking on all of my fingers. I was almost certain I felt her tongue licking up and down them and I am completely certain she used more tongue then necessary. Finally her head pulled back from my hand and she let out a squeal, and then pointed to her chest as if saying, “Next!”

I hesitantly leaned forward and gingerly licked some salt from in between Maria’s impressive bosom, and she picked that moment to wiggle back and forth, slapping my face with her breasts. I mentally thought, “Thanks Burt, my second motorboat experience, and so far both have been by you.”

I pulled out of Maria’s chest and as I tipped my head back I brought the shot glass to my mouth and swallowed the ill tasting liquid. I was close to gagging (did I mention I hate tequila?) and went for the lime, only to realize that Maria had shifted the small slice of fruit to her mouth. I decided I was definitely willing to French kiss my friend to get rid of this awful taste. I quickly leaned forward and went for the lime, pulling it to my mouth with my tongue while Burt used Maria’s tongue to not only push the lime in my mouth, but also dart around after the fruit. I was about to pull back when I felt Maria’s hands wrap around me. One around my waist and the other around the back of my head, keeping our faces pinned together.

I probably should have been a bit miffed about it, but to be honest, I was just glad to get rid of the tequila taste. I heard cheers erupt from the men around us. Typical boys. I held my hands out to the side, and tried to tell Maria, “Enough,” but what actually came out of my mouth filled with fruit and her tongue was “Eeeewooooooffff.”

Maria finally let her arms go from around me and pulled back, wiping her chin off as she did. I fished the lime out of my mouth and deposited it in the empty shot glass. I was about to give Maria a look when she said, “Val, that was awesome! Thanks! I think I’m starting to see what Brian sees in you.”

I could hardly berate anyone after they gave me a compliment, so I just gave Maria a weak smile and let it slide.

“Hey, ladies, would you mind horribly if I bought the two of you some drinks?” A man suddenly asked from behind me.

“Well…” I started to say and then Maria cut me off by saying, “Ay papi, you can buy us all the drinks you want.”

I rolled my eyes as Maria grabbed my hand and pulled me once more off through the bar. We sat down at a table with a group of guys. Not a single one of them was what I would call cute, but Maria was apparently all for it. I suppose your priorities change when you don’t have to worry about the fall outs of your sexual escapades. Instead of Mr. Right you look for Mr. Right-Now.

One of the guys ordered some more drinks for all of us, and then asked who wanted to do more shots. I shook my head and said I needed to slow down or I’d be passed out soon, to which Maria giggled and asked, “Isn’t that the point?”

I think the guys at the table were disappointed they wouldn’t be able to see me bury my face into another woman’s chest again, but Maria quickly made up for that by offering her “Tits” up for anyone that wanted a lick.

The waiter quickly brought some drinks and some shots back with him, and the guys jockeyed to be in the front of the line to lick at Maria’s breasts and make out with her for the lime. She enjoyed each shot more then the last, and as the final guy was working his tongue in and out of her mouth she was grabbing at his crotch.

“How about we move it on the dance floor?” I asked suddenly. I didn’t mind Burt using Maria’s body. It was just that I didn’t want to see all of the slimy details of it.

“Oh yeah, alright.” Maria replied once she had her tongue back in her own mouth.

Maria and I stood up and head out for the dance floor, swaying as we went. A few of the guys from the table followed us out. I began moving with the music as did Maria. I had to give Burt credit, for using someone else’s body and being half drunk he did handle Maria’s body really well. I had seen her dance before and it was never that good, but tonight was different.

We danced on the floor for a few songs while the guys either watched or tried to dance by us poorly. The next song Maria started grinding up against me. I laughed and started to wiggle back against her. I felt her hands roaming around my body as we moved in time with the music. She teased one of my jean-clad thighs with one hand as she just glanced over my left breast with her other. I could smell her perfume as she danced behind me. I realized that she smelled good. I could feel her breasts pressing against my back, and her legs would occasionally touch mine with her smooth skin.

I could feel my arousal building, and knew that I needed to get away from this situation before I gave into anything and did something I would regret.

“I’m thirsty!” I said loudly so that Maria could hear me over the music. She bobbed her head up and down and we headed back to the table the guys were at.

I sat down on the far side of the table, and Maria sat down right in between some of the guys opposite me. I took a quick drink of my sprite and vodka, noting that I wasn’t quite buzzed yet, but hoping to get there soon. Maria on the other hand, tipped her beer back and chugged the remainder of the bottle, much to the delight of the men around us.

She slammed the bottle down on the table and then got a strange look on her face for a moment before letting out a very audible, “PFFFFFFFFFFT.” She seemed very pleased with herself as she smiled and held up a hand for a high five from the guy sitting next to her. He slowly held up his hand for her high five, unsure of what to do and looking around with wide eyes.

“Did you just fart? I can’t believe that.” The guy across from her asked in amazement.

“Yeah, not bad, huh? Especially considering I’m wearing dis thong, and I had ta really squeeze ma ass cheeks together ta get some decent sound,” Maria replied, sounding quite satisfied with herself.

About half the guys at the table got looks of disgust on their faces, while the other half openly laughed. At that point Maria grabbed another beer bottle from off the table that was a little over half full and chugged that one down as well. The actual owner of that beer looked at her crossly, but she happily ignored him.

Suddenly she stood up and declared, “Welp, I have ta piss. Ya know what dey say about beer, ya only rent it.”

She stumbled at bit as she began to make her way to the bathroom. I looked around the group of men with raised eyebrows and said, “Well, I should probably go powder my nose too. Sorry about all of that, she’s been acting odd all night,” and I gave them a shrug as I stood up and followed after Maria.

I got to the ladies room just in time to see Maria push her way into an empty stall and drop to her knees in front of the toilet.

Then she puked.

I was going to try and grab her hair and hold it back, but it was too late. She had already gotten some in it. She puked again, and I closed the door to the toilet stall to keep unwanted onlookers from gawking at us.

“Are you ok?” I asked quietly.

Maria pulled her head out of the bowl and laid it on the right side of the toilet seat and looked up at me then said, “She was drinking before I got in her. I probably should have taken it a bit easier on the alcohol. It all seems to have hit me at once.”

I pulled some toilet paper off the roll and offered it to her so she could clean herself up. She looked at me strangely for a second and asked, “What’s that for?”

“Well, I figured we would get you cleaned up before we head out.” I replied.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it,” She said with a smile.

She then started to shake and looked almost like she was going to puke again. In fact for a few seconds I thought she was puking, but then I realized it was just Burt leaving her body. The mucus like substance that was Burt flowed out of Maria’s eyes, nose, ears, skin, and who knows where else. It started to collect itself on the floor in front of the toilet.

The stall was not that large, so I took half a step back and felt the door of the stall behind me. There wasn’t a lot of room to begin with, and now we had three people in here.

In a few moments the goo solidified into a person. It was Burt. I had never seen him as… him. He wasn’t much taller then me, which surprised me. I don’t know why I guess, I just always thought he would be taller. He had large brown eyes, a broad nose, and his large chin had some two day old stubble on it. His hair was a dark brown and quite disheveled. I didn’t think it had even been combed in quite some time. He was also portly. I mean, he wasn’t fat, but he definitely had some girth. And he was naked. I couldn’t help but look him up and down as I was surprised to see him in his real form. And when I looked down, there it was. He wasn’t that well endowed. Well, at least from what I could see sticking out from his scruffy patch of pubic hair. Although, to be fair, it must have been pretty cold standing there on the tile barefoot with no clothes.

“Oh, Burt. Uh, I didn’t expect this. Did you want me to go and get you a body? I don’t think you can just strut out of here with no clothes.” I said as I tried to push even further back against the door. His stomach pouch was almost touching me in the close quarters of the small bathroom stall.

“No, that’s ok. I can handle getting a body all on my own, thank you,” He said with a smile.

My breath quickened as I thought to myself, Val, that almost looks like an evil smile.

Suddenly Burt’s hands reached forward and grabbed my exposed arms by my elbows. My head shot down to see them begin to alter once more and start to flow into my skin. I looked back up into his eyes. I’m not sure what he saw more on my face, fear or a pleading look hoping he wouldn’t do this.

“Burt… What are you doing? Please… No…” I said. I wanted to say more, but it was getting difficult.

I knew this feeling all to well from Brian when he mounted me. The only difference was it didn’t feel… icky… I guess, when he did it.

I watched as Burt disappeared from my sight and turned into primarily ooze and continued to flow into my skin. I started to loose sense of myself. I couldn’t feel my toes being pinched in the straps of my heeled sandals anymore. I couldn’t feel my tight jeans on my legs. I lost the sensation of my pussy and the constrictive feel of my jeans shaping my hips and butt. I don’t know why but at that point a thought flashed across my mind, Well, I hope he doesn’t have too much fun with my stolen pussy. I was upset about all this. Burt was my friend. Why was he mounting me? He had the whole bar to choice from. At the same time, I knew that it was going to happen at this point, and I had resigned myself to admitting I was going to loose my body for a short time. I tried to raise my arms, and bring my hands to my face, but they didn’t want to respond right away. They were sluggish in going up, as if they were already giving up on me, their proper owner. I felt a tingling sensation sweep across my chest.

Like being filled with warm water I thought. The tingly and filling sensation reached my neck, and that thought was my last. I blacked out, almost welcoming my unconsciousness rather then have to worry about what Burt was going to do with my body while it was under his command. Or even worse, be forced to watch it happen first hand but not be able to do anything about it, like when Brian would “wake me up” after hopping me. I didn’t mind Brian doing it, but I had a feeling I didn’t want to know what Burt was going to do with me.

Valerie’s body slowly slide down the door and into a heap on the floor beside Maria’s unconscious form. For a few moments they lay their looking to the world like two regular sleeping girls in the most awkward of places.

Then, Valerie’s pretty eyes fluttered back open. She got a smile on her face not entirely unlike the small evil smile that was just on Burt’s face. Of course, why would it be a different smile? After all, it was still his, just hiding behind the beauty of a new face.

Valerie worked her legs underneath herself and slowly stood up before turning around and opening the small door to the toilet stall. She left the stall without even giving Maria’s body a glance. It was of no more use to the body hopper now inside her, so why would he care to check on his previous mount?

Valerie made one quick stop at the mirror and turned her pretty face left and right looking in the mirror. Of course, instead of her lovely visage staring back at her, it was Burt’s face. She used both hands to cup her breasts, and then ran them up to tease her hair. After that she used her left hand to lightly run her fingers up a thigh, over her jean covered love mount, and up to her belly button before smiling and saying, “Heh. Valerie, you are such a damned little hottie. You should have known I couldn’t resist taking a spin in you. I’ll try to be good, but you know how it goes sometimes.”

And with that she spun on her heeled feet and confidently walked out of the ladies room.