Brian's Story - Chapter 26 - Dinner for Two

By Tobyredone

18 minute read -

This is the twenty-sixth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

It had been some time since Burt and I had ditched our cheerleaders. Burt had wanted to stick around the college and watch Nathan for another few days, but said I was free to do whatever I wanted. I decided to bail on college life and see what other trouble I could get into. I made a quick stop at Val’s place to say hi and catch her and Alyssa up on what I had been doing with Burt, and get a good night sleep. Well, ok, it wasn’t that good. Both Valerie and Alyssa both wanted me to perform. I did my best, and by the end of the night they were both satisfied and lightly snoring. I thought maybe the next day I would head out again and maybe find my friend Dave, who I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I had called him on the phone and he had seemed pretty excited to hear from me, so I promised to meet him out at a bar. When I got there I couldn’t help but mount a sexy redhead almost instantly. When I went up to him I soon realized he didn’t realize it was me. We ended up back at my mount, Rachel’s place, and we fucked like bunnies all weekend. I liked Rachel’s body so much that I had stayed in her all week. I had gone to work as her, visited friends and family, and even seen Dave a few more times, which he really seemed to appreciate. I even wrote in Rachel’s diary about how I (as Rachel) was enjoying spending time with Dave. It looked so weird to see my thoughts in her handwriting.

But another week was at an end, and I hadn’t seen Val or Alyssa in almost that long and I wanted to head home and see what they were up to. So Friday night I had asked Dave to bring me some normal clothes and after one more good old fashion fucking I had dismounted Rachel and headed out with Dave in his truck so he could drop me off at Valerie’s on his way home.

I waved to Dave and told him I’d call soon as I headed up the stairs to Val’s apartment. He honked the horn as he drove off. I used the key that Valerie had given me a while back to let myself into the apartment and smiled as I saw the TV on in the living room, meaning someone was home.

I walked through the living room looking for Val or Alyssa until I heard someone in the kitchen. I was pretty sure I smelled someone cooking. I walked around the corner and saw Valerie standing in front of the stove, paying very close attention to the food she was preparing.

“Hey babe!” I said to her as I crossed the kitchen.

I noticed she was only wearing a cooking apron, some white high heels, a white lace thong, and a white lace push up bra. She must have been planning something in case I came home tonight, which was why I always loved coming back to her.

I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her slim midsection underneath the apron, sliding my hands down her sexy little stomach, over her panties and caressed her thighs as I leaned forward and started to give her little kisses from her shoulder up her neck to the bottom of her ear.

Suddenly in a gruff voice I heard, “Oh shit Brian. That feels so damn good.”

“Burt!?!” I exclaimed as I pulled back from Valerie’s soft neck.

Val’s head swiveled around and sure enough, her face was replaced with Burt’s broad features, “Well, technically, I suppose it’s both Val and me here. Technically.”

“Yeah, I suppose it is both of you,” I said in a somewhat dull voice, much of my enthusiasm for my homecoming dashed by the fact that I wouldn’t be talking to my girlfriend until Burt was done with her body.

“You’re just in time. Dinner’s almost done. Where have you been all week?” Burt asked me as he turned daintily on his high heeled feet and reached across the counter top for some spices to put on the food.

“I was in a redhead named Rachel. She was one hell of a ride so I stayed for a while. I met up with my friend Dave and we were… um… well, you know.” I told him, and then asked, “You?”

“Oh, I watched Nathan for a while, but to be honest I’m just not sure about the guy. Who doesn’t want to bodyhop? Different strokes for different folks I guess. I gave him my cell number in case he needed anything, and told him I’d check back in a while. Then I called Val to see what you were up to, because you weren’t answering your cell phone. She told me you left it here, but that she was heading out for some fun. I met up with her at the bar, hopped one of her friends, and got a little too drunk. So I hopped Val here, and I’ve been having a blast ever since.”

“Oh yeah, what have you been up to?” I asked, curiosity creeping into my voice.

“Oh you know, I headed to work and tried out her job for a few days. I hate her boss by the way, what a bitch! I rented some movies and watched them on the big TV. Well, mostly pornos. That TV is so clear. It almost feels like you’re there, you know? Um, what else…I called up an ex boyfriend of Val’s and had him come over and screw me. He wasn’t the best I’ve…” Burt said as he moved the food around with his spatula.

“What!?” I called out.

“I had sex with one of her ex-boyfriends.” Burt said again nonchalantly as he continued to cook.

“Why would you do that Burt?” I asked him in a hurt voice.

“Well, it’s not like you two are exclusive. You were fucking someone else all week. Why shouldn’t I get to screw someone else?” Burt asked in a confused voice.

“It’s not about you, it’s about Valerie.” I told him.

“Right, you two aren’t exclusive. I said that. Plus, I’ve had sex with her before, and you didn’t say anything.” Burt replied.

“That was different. It was another girl, and you were in that girl.” I said crossly.

“I don’t understand.” Burt replied as he held his spatula up in one hand.

“It’s completely different then her getting screwed by some guy!” I said to him, again crossly.

“Not some guy. Her ex-boyfriend. They were together for over a year. It’s not like it’s a big thing.” He again said.

“Yes, it is!” I told Burt.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because… Well… You know, she’s… and the ex-boyfriend… I mean… It’s just different.” I said.

“You mean, you get to screw around but she doesn’t?” He asked.

“No, that’s not it.” I said indignantly.

“Then I don’t get to screw around on you?” Burt asked with a grin.

“No. I definitely don’t care if you have sex with other people.” I said as I waved my hands.

“Then what’s the problem?” Burt asked.

“You inside her, having sex with other guys. That’s what I don’t like.” I told him.

“You have a lot of weird rules, you know that?” Burt said as he squinted at me.

“I’m serious Burt!” I said as I threw my hands in the air.

“I don’t see the difference. Besides, it’s not like Val or I will suddenly start liking her ex again. It was just a booty call. You’re lucky he’s the only guy I had sex with.” Burt said.

“That’s what I’m talking about. I know you. You’ll fuck just about anything. I know Valerie won’t! It’s not fair to her because she can’t decide who you let screw her body.” I told him, trying to explain my point of view.

“You think the girl you shacked up in all week wanted to get plowed by your friend?” Burt asked me in a serious tone.

“No, but she wasn’t my girlfriend, or your friend!” I said.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Burt asked.

“Everything Burt, everything!” I replied and then added, “Valerie and I are your friends. You shouldn’t be having sex with her body unless she says it’s ok. And maybe me too, seeing as she’s my girlfriend. Did you ask her if you could have sex with her body? Did she even say you could hop her?”

Burt didn’t say anything for a few moments, and then asked, “So it’s ok when you hop her and have sex with her body, but not me?”

“I at least ask her. Or I wake her up once I’m inside of her body.” I replied.

Burt turned back towards the stove and poked at the food with his spatula for a few moments and then turned back to me and said, “I don’t think I agree with what you are saying at all. But Valerie is your girlfriend, and you’re my friend, so I guess I can stop having sex with other guys while I’m in her. At least until I’m out of her and I can ask her opinion.”

“Uh, thanks, I guess.” I said dryly as my friend agreed not to cheat on me with my girlfriend’s body.

“Well, I cooked this nice dinner, and I’m not letting it go to waste. Are you hungry?” Burt asked me as he shut the burners off on the stove.

“Actually, I’m starving.” I said as my anger ebbed away and my stomach growled from the smell of Burt’s cooking.

He started to pile the food onto a plate, and then took out a fork and a knife. It really did smell good, and I wondered if it was a recipe that Burt actually knew or if he had stolen it from his mount. He sauntered over to the table and set the plate down in front of me. I reached for the fork and he slapped my hand hard.

“No! I only made one chicken breast so we are going to have to share.” He said as he undid the apron ties behind his sexy back and neck.

I looked up at him and he smiled at me as he reached down and turned the chair I was sitting on so that I was now facing him instead of the table. The whole time he had his pirated cleavage hanging in my face. Burt knew what he was doing, as he let his smooth skin come in contact with mine. I was amazed at how he knew exactly what to do to turn me on, but I suppose he not only had all of his life’s experience as a bodyhopper in women turning people on, but he also had Valerie’s mind working for him and she always seemed to know what would turn me on. He even smelled like Valerie. More then just perfume, he must have been using her scented soaps and the correct shampoos as well.

He straddled my legs and sat down on my lap while facing me. Val’s breasts were right at eye level, and I had to look up slightly to see Burt’s face framed by Valerie’s dark hair, which he had done up quite nicely. I saw him look over to his right and grab the fork. He used the knife to cut a small piece of chicken off and brought the fork with the food back between the two of us as we sat on one chair. He winked at me and then held the piece of food out in front of me, about a half an inch from my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth as I looked at his face, and he gently fed me the chicken, pulling the fork back out after I had closed my mouth around it.

The chicken was hot and moist. It had amazing flavor, and I was hungry from not having a meal in quite some time. As I savored the flavor of the food Burt had given me as I watched him cut a piece of chicken off for himself and put it in his mouth. He then plunged his fork back into a pile of noodles and twirled once, then brought a wiggly mass up to his mouth and gobbled it up, using one of Val’s fingers to wipe away a bit of juice that had been about to drip down his chin. He then sucked on the finger and moaned passionately as he slowly pulled it back out of his ruby red lips.

I gulped my food down after watching the him slowly trace his wet finger down between his cleavage. His hand continued further south until it came to rest on my crotch. He felt my member laying beneath the cloth, starting to come to life as he used Val’s body to tease the appropriate response out of me. He put his heeled feet on the ground and lifted his cute little behind up just high enough to yank my pants down to my knees, along with my underwear.

He lowered himself back down onto my lap, the outside of his lacey panties and hot little pussy mound pressing up against my semi rigid dick. I enjoyed the sensations as he fed me another piece of chicken and a fork full of noodles. He then gave himself a fork full of food and slowly gyrated his hips around in a circle, while I sat underneath him, feeling the lace and skin slowly rub around on my cock.

Needless to say, I was soon hard enough that my dick was straining against his pussy and trim belly. Burt looked down at my throbbing dick and let out a short, gruff giggle.

“Look whose ready to play.” Burt said to me and grabbed the knife.

He brought his hand with the knife lower and lower. My brow furrowed as the knife got closer to both my dick and Val’s pussy. He then grabbed his tiny panties and pulled them away from his body. He slid the knife under one string going around his left side and cut it, then followed suit with the right side. He then slowly pulled the panties out, his eyelids flickering up and down as the silky fabric pulled through his pussy lips and across his stolen clit.

He pulled the destroyed piece of flimsy lingerie up between our faces and I could smell Valerie’s scent on it, telling me that Burt must already be aroused in her body. He tossed it over his back and onto the floor, then lifted himself up and then back down onto my manhood. He let out a long, low sigh as he worked his pussy down my rigid shaft until he was bottomed out and his smooth thighs were back resting on my lap.

I opened my mouth to say something, and I was quickly force fed another piece of chicken to keep me quiet. Burt then gave himself another bite and purred as he pumped up and down on my dick while chewing the food in his mouth.

It was an interesting and amazing experience as Burt continued to feed me and fuck me from my girlfriend’s body. He was slow and methodical the whole time, taking great pleasure in squeezing his pussy muscles together and grasping at my penis whenever possible. Neither one of us got a word out, which Burt made sure of. Whenever I would open my mouth, more food would get jammed into it, and the only time Burt spoke was to mumble unintelligible words as he worked his way up and down on my dick.

I know that he came once in the middle of our meal. He was just putting a piece of chicken into his mouth as he pulled himself almost all the way off my dick and then lowered himself back down the entire length. His petite body shook with orgasmic bliss and I saw his eyes flutter around as he experienced one of Valerie’s most intimate feelings. I felt pussy juices flood out around my cock, and seep down my legs.

Still, he didn’t say anything and continued on feeding me and went right back to slowly fucking me while he was doing it. When we were finished with the chicken and on the last bite of noodles he wrapped them around the fork and put them up to my face, offering them to me. I leaned forward and opened my mouth, about to put them in my mouth when Burt pulled the fork back and quickly stuffed them into his own mouth as he gleefully laughed at the fact that he had tricked me.

“Hey!” I said the first word I had been able to get out in the last forty five minutes of sex and dinner.

Burt’s head just rolled back as Valerie’s dark brown dresses of hair swayed with his movements. But Burt wasn’t the only one that had some insider knowledge of the situation. I knew all of the places that Valerie’s body was ticklish and the best ways to bring her to her squirming knees. I ran my hands down her sides and tickled on either side of her belly. Burt’s head suddenly came forward as he called out, “Hey! No, ha ha ha Stop! Please, stop!”

Burt dropped the fork and wrapped his thin arms around me, hugging me, and squeezing himself to me, as he continued to squirm and beg me to stop ticking him, which felt odd as his pussy spasmed around my penis. I was also enjoying his full breasts in their lacey encasement rubbing against my chest and neck as he wiggled. Finally I stopped the tickling attack and simply grabbed him by the waist and lifted.

My dick came out of his pussy with a sloppy sucking sound, and Burt gingerly stepped back and away from my legs. I took the opportunity to stand up and stretch as my legs had been a locked in that position for quite some time, not that I was complaining.

“You want a beer?” Burt asked as he went over to the fridge and grabbed two bottles.

I nodded and he handed one to me. I easily twisted off the bottle cap as I watched Burt grab a dishtowel and used it to insulate his soft hands from the sharp edges of the cap as he too freed it from the beer bottle.

Burt then walked into the living room and turned on the TV. I followed and stood behind the couch, watching him flip through channels. He sat there completely oblivious to my staring as he spread his legs out and leaned over one pillow, letting me see the glistening skin on his inner thighs and his still sopping pussy.

Finally after almost ten minutes of him flipping through channels he turned and looked at me and asked, “Are you going to sit down, or not?”

“Are you going to stay in her? You’re keeping her for tonight, or what?” I asked plainly as I sucked on my beer.

“I was going to stay in her, yes. I’m not done having fun yet. Are you trying to rush me out of her? I mean if you ask me, ‘Burt please get out of my girl’ I’ll get out of her. Is that what you want? I thought we were having a good time. I know I had fun.” He said with a wink.

“No, I’m not trying to rush you. And dinner was the best I’ve had in months. I was just curious what your plans were I guess.” I replied to him as he looked over at me.

“My plans are to ask my boyfriend to bring me another beer, and maybe the bag of cheese curls from the cupboard. I’m still a bit hungry after only getting to eat half of a chicken breast. Thanks.” Burt replied as he went back to switching through the channels.

I turned and shook my head a little bit as I walked into the kitchen to grab Burt a fresh beer and a bag of snacks. I didn’t quite know what to think of him referring to me as his boyfriend while he was in Valerie, but I guess he was somewhat right. Did that make him my girlfriend? I was attracted to the hot body that he was now attached to, but I was most certainly not attracted at all to his manly face on Valerie’s body. It was something I usually had to over look when the two of us were getting busy. With the way he handled most women’s bodies it was easy to do. He was a master of lust. He could pose, seduce, and fuck better then any real woman I had ever met. Probably due to the fact that he had experience from both sides, and more than likely had been having sex far more often and far longer then most real women.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and the bag of snacks and walked back out to the living room. I sat down next to him on the couch and handed the bag of cheese curls and then opened the bottle of beer for him and handed it over. He mumbled out a thank you as he finally picked a TV channel. It was some stand up comedian doing some jokes about the difference between men and women. Burt started to laugh, and the longer he listened the more he laughed until finally he was both laughing and snorting. I thought the comedian was funny, but not as funny as Burt. When I heard him laughing and snorting, and couldn’t keep myself from laughing.

As Burt’s belly laughs finally started to die back down he mumbled out, “It’s so true! All of it is so true.”

I don’t know why, but right at that moment a strange thought popped into my head, and I looked over at Burt and asked in a worried tone, “Burt, where’s Alyssa?”

“Huh?” He asked, not taking his eyes off the TV.

“Where is Alyssa? I thought she would be here.” I asked again, uncertain what would come out of his mouth. I thought I knew Burt pretty well, but it seemed he could always surprise me with something new, like having sex with another man while wearing my girlfriend’s body.

“Oh yeah, Alyssa. She flew home. Some kind of thing with her family. I don’t know. She left before I hopped Valerie, so I only know what she knows. I think she said she would be back soon, if I’m getting the right memory out of Val’s head.” Burt replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Maybe I should give her a call.” I said as I got up from the couch and went to find my phone.

Burt mumbled something again, and then grabbed the bag of cheese curls, pulled out a hand full and proceeded to shove a pile of them in his mouth.

I grabbed my phone off a small table where I had left it when I went out to meet up with Dave, and brought up my list of phone numbers. I selected Alyssa’s number and stabbed the send button. It rang for a while and then went to voicemail. “Hey this is Alyssa, I missed you. Let me know what you want, and maybe I’ll call you back. – BEEP!”

“Hey Alyssa. This is Brian. I’m back at the apartment and… uh… Valerie said you had a family thing going on. I hope you are having a good time. Keep in touch. Bye.” I said into the phone and then hung up.

I put the phone down and walked back over to the couch where Burt was lounging. I looked down to see him take one of his cheesy hands and rub his fingers off on Valerie’s white lacey bra before grabbing his beer and taking another big drink. I looked at the bright orange stripes from his greasy paw and couldn’t help but laugh. I figured Valerie would be pissed, but the situation was just too funny when I saw it in person.

Burt took another big drink of beer and then looked at me, “I’m gonna head for bed. I’ve got to work in the morning. You coming? I wouldn’t mind a little sex before shutting off the lights.”

I nodded, and decided it was probably either me getting lucky with Burt or Valerie’s vibrator. I didn’t hate her vibrator, as it had also given me many nights of pleasure, but at the same point in time I didn’t owe it anything either.

Burt got up off the couch and walked into the bedroom, leaving the beer bottles laying out, the bag of chips open, and the TV on. I grabbed the remote and shut the TV off, and at least rolled the open side of the bag under itself, and then shut the lights off as I followed him to bed.

As I passed the cheesy stained bra on the floor I wondered what he had in store for me tonight.