Brian's Story - Chapter 4 - Being Angie the Hooters Girl

By Tobyredone

20 minute read -

This is the fourth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

We walked into hooters and stood by the door for a second. Both of us looking around like kids in a candy store. I pointed out a brunette with a huge chest, but Dave discretely shook his head no. He pointed out another girl behind the bar that I didn’t think was quite up to par, and was about to try to say no when an absolutely stunning young blonde woman came bouncing up to us.

“Hi guys! My name is Angie, can I be your hooters waitress tonight?” She said with a big beaming smile. Both Dave and I started nodding immediately.

“Great! If you just want to follow me over to a table right here, I’ll get you guys taken care of.” She replied.

As Dave and I started following, both of us had our eyes riveted on her tight little ass wiggling back and forth in those tiny shorts. She led us back to a corner booth and flopped some menus down before standing back and waving us in. We piled into the booth, and before we could open our menus she asked us in her perky voice, “So, can I start you guys off with some beers? Maybe an appetizer?”

“Beers. Might as well bring a pitcher of lite.” I said.

Dave added, “I’ll have some motz sticks, Brian you want an appetizer?” he asked.

“Mine is right in front of me, I don’t need another one.” I replied back quickly.

Angie didn’t quite get the meaning, but quickly nodded and bounced off to put in the first part of our order. I looked at Dave and smiled.

“So, you think her? When, right now?” he asked.

“No, I’d like to relax a bit, have a few, and eat some grub. Plus it’s pretty busy in here. I need to hop her in the bathroom, cause there will be less eyes there. So, we need to watch for if she heads over there.” I replied.

“I can handle watching her for a bit. She is easy on the eyes.” Dave said as he looked around and smiled.

A few minutes later Angie stopped back with a pitcher and two glasses. She poured them, and handed them out before stating that she would be right back with the mozzarella sticks. She then bounded off again. I liked how perky she was. I was going to have to try to imitate that, I thought to myself.

I began sipping my beer, and Dave asked me how I found out about Courtney cheating. I told him a bit more of the story, but left our Burt’s name just incase. We then took turns calling her various derogatory terms. It made me feel a bit better, but no where near as good as knowing that I played a major part in the aching pussy she would have when she woke up.

Angie popped back over with a tray full of mozzarella sticks, and sat down next to Dave to make small talk and take our order.

“So guys, what can I getcha?” she asked as she leaned forward into the table squeezing her tits together in between her arms. She had to at least have a 36-22-34 figure. She had a small frame for how great her breasts were. I thought she also had cute blue eyes, but I don’t think Dave had gotten above her neck yet. Her hair was parted on the side, and then tucked behind her ears. It went down to just below her shoulders.

“I’m going to need some wings. Mild for tonight.” I replied.

“Oh come on, don’t you feel adventurous?” she teased.

“We will see later, I’m sure.” I replied. She smiled at me completely oblivious to her fate.

“I’d like the mushroom swiss burger with fries.” Dave said.

“Oh! I love that here. It’s great!” She said as she jotted it down.

“Eat here often?” I asked.

“Well, not that much. Have to look out for my figure.” She replied.

Dave and I just smiled at each other. She took that as her opportunity to head out, and left us once again to our beers. We finished the first pitcher, and had Angie bring us another one, and watched the dinner crowd clear out. Our food showed up a bit later, and we slowly ate it as more of the restaurant vacated out. Angie still had not made a move to the toilets, and I was getting worried that we would miss our opportunity. It was time to improvise. I winked at Dave and got up to head to the pisser myself. After I finished my business, I headed out the door to find Angie at the drink station right next to the bathrooms. I motioned to her to come over by me. She put down the cups she was holding and half skipped over to me.

“Angie, there is no paper toweling in the men’s room, do you have any napkins?” I asked.

“Sure,” she reached to the right at the drink station to grab some, then tried to hand them to me, but I pushed the door back open and took two steps inside, then held my hands out to her. She looked at me a bit odd, but took a few more steps up to the doorway, which was pretty much out of sight for the rest of the eating area.

I quickly reached up and put a hand over her mouth with my left hand, and grabbed her around the waist with my right hand to pull her the rest of the way in the restroom and swing the door shut for a touch more privacy.

I started mounting her immediately. She tried to scream, but my left hand was already goo, and it was already down her throat, so any screaming was useless. The rest of me was flowing into her just as quickly. I soon could feel her feet in her white tennis shoes. I could feel the nylons clinging tight to her toned legs. I felt her tight little panties gripping her little love-mound under those cute little orange shorts. I felt the tight white tank top around her torso, and the push up bra under the shirt encasing her magnificent tits. I felt her neck and shoulders and the tips of her hair swishing around on them. I felt her hands, and the stack of napkins she was still holding. I suddenly blinked her eyelids a few times, and then the room came into perspective from her much shorter vantage point. I turned to look in the mirror, and saw my face on our hooters waitress.

I was Angie.

I blinked a few more times and suddenly the door opened. I was about to apologize for being a girl in the boys room when I saw it was Dave. He looked at me a bit oddly, then asked, “Um… Brian?”

“Not Brian anymore. Angie. Angie Rollens. I’m 20 years old, I’m a natural blonde, I like horses, the color pink, and teasing boys with my body. I’m also a virgin, but not for much longer.” I said to Dave as I ran my new girly hands over my chest, down my waist, over my hips and then gave my hot new ass a new smack.

“Ok, ah… Angie, whatever… well, I gotta pee.” He said and walked over to one of the stalls.

“You know what, so do I. But it’s a good thing I got her now, because her shift is almost done, and she was just going to go at home. She doesn’t like going here, but I guess I don’t care.” I said to Dave with a smile.

I moved over to the urinal next to him, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my short shorts, nylons, and g-string panties and pulled them down to mid thigh. I then leaned forward and bent at the knees to put my cute little rump as far into the urinal as I could manage and let her muscles holding back the flow release. Her piss came out in a flood. I looked over my shoulder to see Dave watching me intently, and giggled a bit. As the flow subsided to a trickle, I eased my way out of the urinal and wiped my new equipment with the paper toweling that was still in one of my hands. I then tossed it in the garbage and turned towards Dave, and pointed to my new vagina.

“Man, look, she’s completely shaved!” I exclaimed, with my shorts still around my thighs.

Even though Dave couldn’t take his eyes off my new little pussy, he managed to say that we should head out before someone notices I’m missing. I asked if he could get my clothes so I would get back out there faster, and he nodded. I then pulled up my tiny little g-string panty, got it situated right, and then got to work on the nylons, and tucking the shirt in the right spot and finally pulling the shorts up.

I then headed over to the sink, leaned way over and start washing my hands. I spent most of my time eyeing my own chest and staring down my shirt in the mirror. Dave’s eyes were glued on my ass, however.

I then straightened up, moved over for him to wash his hands while I dried mine, and then headed back out to be Angie Rollens, the hooters waitress. I grabbed the cups she had been holding before “helping me” and quizzed her sleeping mind as to what she was doing with them. I needed to bring two cola’s and a mountain dew to table fourteen. It was her only other table with people at it beside table eleven, but that was just Dave and I… well, Dave now, I thought.

I dropped the cups under the right nozzles, hit the buttons, and waited for the cups to fill. When they were close, I threw them on a tray, and headed over, using balancing techniques from Angie’s own mind to flawlessly walk over without spilling a drop. As I set down the drinks one of the guys complained, “Wow. Took long enough for how many people are in here.”

“Yeah, sorry, some guy was complaining about no hand towels in the bathroom. He was making a real big deal of it.” I replied.

“You want us to go over there and pound his ass?” One of the other guys said.

“Nope, I’ve already arranged for him to get pounded by a friend of mine all night long.” I replied with a smile as I tucked a wayward strand of hair back behind my ear. I can feel a still mildly unfamiliar heat begin to build in my little box just thinking about later tonight. “Anyways, what can I get you big men to eat?”

They rattle off there order and I jotted it down on a little pad that Angie had thoughtfully tucked into a pouch on belt that she wore around her waist. As I finish I smile, and turn to go put the order in, but instead of moving, I drop the pen I’m holding. Without bending my knees, just going over at the waist I go down to pick it up. I hesitate for a moment while I am bent over grabbing the pen, and I crane my neck around to see all the guys at the table staring at my ass. All three notice me looking at them. I straighten back up slowly, still looking at them, and wink at them once, then continue to on my way to turn in their order, shaking my hips a bit extra as I go.

As I stand by the computer screen to enter the order I just took using Angie’s memory as a guide another waitress walks up to me. She was the brunette girl with the huge cans that I had seen earlier. I quickly checked Angie’s mind for her name. It was Colleen. She had the most seniority here, and liked to use her chest to help her tips. Both she and Angie would sometimes work together at tables to also try and get more money out of men.

“Wow. Sweetie, that was a little blatant. Even for me.” Colleen told me.

“You think so? I don’t know what has gotten into me tonight,” I said with a chuckle, “But I just have to show the goods off. You see the guy at table eleven? He makes me so fucking randy. I think I’m going to head home with him tonight and pop my cherry.”

“Angie. That’s not something you just throw out to any random guy,” She said seriously.

“Ok, mom,” I replied, “Besides, he’s not random at all. You just don’t know it yet. But I would appreciate it if you went over there and helped me hook him.” I said.

She blinked a few times at the mom comment, and I knew from Angie’s memory that Colleen was anything but reserved, and liked to talk of her sexual exploits to some of the girls. She did not want to be known to Angie as a prude.

“Sure sweetie, if this guy really fits your fancy that much, I’ll go help you flirt with him.” She replied.

“Super. I have to get him another pitcher.” I said, and wiggled my eyebrows at her.

She just rolled her eyes, and headed off back to one of her tables. I grabbed an empty pitcher, filled it with Dave’s favorite beer, and headed over to him with it. When I got there I refilled his glass, set the pitcher down, and sat down next to him, leaning in close and pressing my breasts against his arm.

“After the table over there finishes up, my shift is done. We can head out, and do whatever you want.” I told him.

“Yeah? Sweet. Quite the show you put on over there, Angie.” He said to me.

“Oh Dave, are you jealous of the guys that don’t get to spend the rest of the night fucking this body? I mean, you are my best friend. If I did that for complete strangers just imagine what I have in mind for you.” I said seductively.

All Dave did in response was swallow very hard and smile. I reached over and grabbed his beer and quickly downed about half his glass, then refilled it before getting up and walking away. I knew from Angie’s memory that table fourteen’s order would be up soon. Just as got out of the seating area one of the cooks called out my name to let me know that the order was up. I quickly skipped over and grabbed the whole tray. Once again using Angie’s own skills I balanced the tray as I made my way back to table fourteen. I started to set the food in front of each guy, and opened up the various sauces in the containers they ordered. I then leaned way over in front of each one to check there drinks.

“You boys need another round?” I asked, while watching all of them stare down my shirt.

“Oh yeah,” The guy on the outer edge said enthusiastically.

I smiled, nodded, and skipped off to get them another round, heading back to the same soda station where I had hopped Angie. I quickly got the drinks, and returned to the table, making sure to rub my breasts against each guy as I set their drink down by them. I asked if they needed anything else, but they either had there mouth full, or they were staring to hard to pay attention to what I was saying, so I told them I’d check on them again in a bit, and headed back over by Dave.

I sat down across from him this time, and was shortly after joined by Colleen. As she sat down I smiled at her, and hugged her, then looked back at Dave. I leaned forward and asked him who he thought had a nicer chest. Colleen, knowing the game, and also not wanting to be outdone also leaned forward and pressed up next to me. Dave just stammered a bit, and said that we both had very nice chests. I looked at Colleen and giggled. I reached over to gently place my feminine hands under her huge cans and lift them up just slightly.

“Come on Dave, these are world class hooters right here. You are telling me you’d rather have mine pressed up against you tonight?” I asked. This time Colleen giggled, and swayed her chest back and forth a bit.

“Um, yeah, I think she has nice, um, hooters. But I really like yours too.” He managed to get out.

“Ah. That’s the sweetest thing a guy has ever said to me. See Colleen, I told you he was a keeper. I’m letting him take me home and screw me raw tonight. Wanna make it a threesome?” I asked.

Colleen’s eye got a bit wider, but she maintained her composure a lot better than Dave did, who almost choked on his beer.

“I think I’ll let you two have a good time, ok?” She said.

Dave stuttered out, “Check please.” I smiled at him, nodded, and both Colleen and I made our way back to the register. On the way the guys at table fourteen also flagged me down, and also wanted there check. I nodded and continued to head to the register.

Colleen pinched my little rump and told me to have fun and be safe. I smiled at her as the machine spit out the bills. I brought the bill to the three guys first, and they handed me a wad of cash and told me to keep the change. As I counted the money out it worked out to be about a ten dollar tip. I thanked them, and made a big show of asking them to come back again.

Then I headed over to Dave’s table. I plopped down along side of him, and gave him the bill. I then discretely placed my hand under the table and drew my fingers up the inside of his thigh. “I have to bus the tables real quick, but after that I’ll grab her stuff from her locker, and head over to your place, ok?”

“Yeah sure, meet you there.” He said and handed me some money.

As I counted it, I found out it was only a three dollar tip. I quickly stood up, looked down at him and said, “You’re a shitty tipper bud. You better be ready to work the rest off when I get to your place.”

He smiled at me, held up a pile of ones and said, “I’ve got all these to stuff in your g-string if you’re any good.” Then he grabbed my pile of stuff from when I was Brian and headed out.

With that, I skipped over and started cleaning off both tables so that I could head out. I made pretty quick work of them. I told the manager my tables were clean, and hugged Colleen, and said bye to the few other girls that were closing tonight. I made my way back to my locker to get my “ordinary” clothes. They were packed in a gym bag, so instead of changing into them, I just left them in the bag, grabbed her keys and headed out in my hooters uniform. Angie’s memory told me this was against the rules of working at hooters, but I didn’t really care if she got in trouble for it later.

I found her car easy enough. It was a little pink Cavalier of all things. I laughed at how much of a chick car it was. Complete with about half a dozen hair bands around the gear selector. I jumped in, threw my bag on the other side, started the car up, put it in drive, and headed to Dave’s house.

He had a nice place in the suburbs that he managed to get a great deal on, and in no time, I was pulling into his driveway. I could see the porch light on, and the front door open. I jumped out, and headed up the walk way. I closed the front door behind me, turned around and smiled to see him sitting on the couch, a remote in one hand, a beer in the other, and staring at me.

“Bry, you look fucking awesome.” He said.

“Thanks,” I replied, did a quick little spin for him, and then headed into the kitchen to grab myself a beer. I tried to twist the top off with my hand, but it really hurt my softer skin. I walked back in to the living room, sat down next to Dave, and handed it to him.

“Pussy.” He said, and quickly opened the twist off bottle.

“You have no idea.” I replied, as I took the beer back, and chugged some of it. “Oh man, Dave, you have no idea how good it feels in here. These little outfits are so fucking hot. The nylons constantly rubbing on your thighs, the feel of a tight pair of panties hugging your pussy and going up your hot little ass, and the jiggle of these titties every time you move. It’s like living inside a porno. You get to watch and feel.”

“Yeah, I’m ready for some feel. If you don’t mind that is.” He said to me.

I understood what he was after, and hopped up off the couch. I set my beer down on the coffee table, and then I turned around to face him sitting on the couch, and threw my leg over him. I then leaned over and undid the laces on my shoe. I pulled my foot out of it, and then moved to do the other one, while Dave looked down my shirt. When both my shoes where off, I slipped the tiny orange shorts down past my ankles, and then carefully rolled the nylons down, and then slipped them off my feet carefully one at a time. I stood back up and removed my tank top. I tossed it on a chair across the living room.

That left me in just a tiny white g-string and a white push up bra. I grabbed my beer from behind me, and then straddled Dave’s legs, bringing my tight little box right up to his jean covered cock. I leaned forward to press my chest to his, but he put down the remote, and used his free hand to push me back and start fondling my right breast. His hands could barely cover my tit, but he expertly kneaded it, and played with it until he started to use his fingers to make lazy circles around my nipple which started to poke out. My whole borrowed body started to heat up, and I licked my upper lips, while the other set of lips got moist themselves. I started to grind my crotch into his a bit, then tilted my head back and chugged the rest of my beer. I could feel his dick responding through his pants as I worked to swallow the beer.

I suddenly stood up, and said, “Oh no, I’m out. Better get another one.” As his hands clawed to get me back on top of him and continue.

“You nasty little tease.” He said to me, “If you are going to do that you better bring me one too.” He said as he swatted my bare ass.

“Eek!” I squealed as I felt the slap and heard the sound. I knew my ass would be red from that. I set my bottle down, and rubbed my tender backside as I walked to the kitchen to grab two beers. I quickly got them, and walked back, also eager to continue. I handed Dave both bottles, and while he opened the tops, I reached behind me to open mine. I shrugged off the bra, and took back the bottle that he handed me. I rubbed the cold container on my chest and watched as the nipples popped out to full extension. Dave set his beer down, reached up with both hands, and again fondled me, then his hands went down to my panties, pulling them to one side, he slipped a finger easily inside my moist little slit. I lost my breath immediately. He wiggled a finger a bit and I saw stars. And then he found my clit.

I just about crumpled to the floor, but Dave caught my much lighter form, and rotated me onto the couch so that I was leaning back against the arm rest, with my legs spread, and my pussy facing him. He continued to finger me, and play with my clit and the stars came back and danced around in front of my eyes. I managed to take another drink of my beer as he continued to use his fingers on my ever moistening pussy. I built and built and built until finally I got release as his finger stroked my clit just right, while another one traced down my lips. I sprayed ejaculate all over his hands and couch as I screamed “YES!” and then started to babble some other words that neither he nor I understood.

I blinked a few times, caught my breath, and then said thank you. He nodded and smiled. I took another long drink of my beer, and then suggested that he get out of his clothes. He practically jumped off the couch to rip his jeans and shirt off. I giggled when I saw he was wearing whitie-tighties underneath. I took another long drink of beer, and really began to feel buzzed. I blinked a few times and realized it must be because Angie was so tiny, and hadn’t really drank before. I then remembered back to Courtney. She must have really been a lush to not be as buzzed as Angie’s body was after just a couple beers. I downed the rest of the beer, enjoying the feeling, and then sat up.

“We should take this to the bedroom.” I suggested.

Dave nodded eagerly, also finished his beer, and we both headed upstairs to his room. I slipped my panties down to my knees in front of the couch, and then let gravity take them the rest of the way down. I stepped out of them, and continued to follow Dave into his room. When he got there, he also dropped his drawers, and climbed onto the bed and laid on his back. His dick was already pointing at the ceiling. I took it as an invitation and climbed on top of him. Even though I was wet enough to be dripping, my borrowed pussy was still really tight, so it was a bit of work to slide him in, so I took my time getting down until I felt his head pressing against my hymen. I gave myself a bit of a bounce and pushed down through it. It hurt, but also felt good. I continued sliding him down until his dick bottomed out in my womb. He reached up to start playing with my breasts, and I put my hands on the bed to support myself, and started bouncing. There was a bit of pain, but also a lot of pleasure. And the longer it went on, the less pain there was, and the more pleasure. I was on top, so I could control the tempo, and how hard we slammed together. Dave and I gave all of Angie’s equipment a thorough test drive, and just as I was about to cum, I felt his dick surge inside of me, and it sent me over the edge to another orgasm. I left his dick inside of me. I felt him getting softer and smaller, but occasionally he would spurt more cum inside me, and I would get mini aftershocks of orgasm. It was great.

Finally, I got off him, still panting, and made my way to the bathroom to clean up a bit. I sat on the toilet to empty myself out, and relieve my bladder. When I was done I used toilet paper to clean up the best I could. I headed back to the bedroom and found Dave rolled over and passed out. I shook my head, shut the lights off, and climbed in. As I laid down and pulled the sheets over myself, I felt something.

That bastard had taken his side so that I would have to sleep in the wet spot.