Brian's Story - Chapter 6 - Letting Valerie in on it

By Tobyredone

14 minute read -

This is the sixth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

“It’s me Brian,” I said to her.

“I can see that. But it’s also Courtney.” Valerie replied looking at Courtney’s body, and then back at the image with my face on Courtney’s body.

“It’s a long story, but it’s basically how I found out she was cheating on me.” I said.

“It’s amazing is what it is. How do you do it?” she asked.

“If you give me a ride back to our apartment so I can dump off her body, I’ll tell you on the way. But I need a ride back here, this is where my car is parked.” I replied.

“Deal.” She said quickly and was off to get her keys.

I told her the whole story of meeting a body hopper in Courtney’s body, and how he showed me how to hop myself, told me what body hoppers where, and what we both did in Courtney’s body, along with Dave, and the two guys in the bar just before her place, I also added that I had all my stuff packed in my car, and pretty much just wanted to get away from her now but for some reason had chosen to stop by her because I wanted to talk to someone.

We both headed up to my old apartment and I unwrapped the towel from around my waist, and tossed it on the floor by the couch. I then sat down, and started to dismount Courtney while Valerie watched from the edge of the living room. As I poured out of Courtney’s body, and regained my sight I could see Valerie staring intently at the whole process. I stretched a bit when I was done.

“Oh wow, that was amazing Brian.” She said with her mouth open.

“Yeah. To bad I packed up all my crap. I’ll have to go see if there is anything I can wear in the dirty laundry.” I said as I started to walk out of the room.

“Hey, Brian, wait for a second.” She said. I looked over at her and she stared back chewing on her thumb nail. She was silent for a few seconds then continued, “Hey, seeing as you are heading back to my place, and you need clothes anyways, why don’t you just hop me? I’d kinda like to know what it’s like. I mean, you won’t make me do anything weird, or have sex with anyone, will you?” She looked at me a bit apprehensively.

“No. I’ll be good. I’ll dismount you right after we get back to your place.” I promised.

She looked around, sat down at the edge of a chair we had in the living room, and said, “Ok, then. I’m ready. Please be good.” And then she closed her eyes.

I walked over to her, kneeled down, and touched her ankle. The process started, and I tried to slow it down as much as possible to let her feel what it was like.

“Brian. I can feel you going in my skin down there. It’s like… you are filling me up with that clear substance. I can’t feel my legs now!” I heard her say. At that point I could feel her legs in the snug yoga pants, and the very different sex between them. I started to feel her torso. I knew she was still talking, but I could no longer make out the words. Soon enough I was looking through her eyes. I brought my hands up to look at the delicate little fingers. I blinked a few times, and then thought I heard Courtney start to move, so I figured I had best be on my way.

I headed out, and on the car ride back to Valerie’s place, I quizzed her sleeping mind as to why she would want to be mounted. It appeared that she had quite the boring little life. She was an accountant for a huge company, and even though she was attractive, she just never really got noticed. She started hanging out with Courtney because she felt Courtney’s life had adventure in it. It was also why she was working out so much. She also appeared to have a very healthy sex drive, along with a few kinks. She loved to dress up. Sexy costumes, whatever, as long as it came with a bit of roleplay. She was uncertain, and lacked a bit of self confidence. She wanted to see what she would be like with someone behind the controls that had a bit more self confidence.

Soon enough, I was back at her apartment. Instead of hopping right back out of her body, like I promised, I made one quick detour into her bedroom. I swung open the doors to her expansive closet, and dug out a ‘naughty nurses’ costume. I quickly stripped her out of the shirt and yoga pants, and in no time had a tiny white dress, little hat that read “head nurse” on it, nylons and white high heels on.

I walked her back out to the living room, and dismounted her. I didn’t think she would be out long, as I wasn’t in her that long. As I stood up, I once again stretched a bit, and went to her refrigerator to find something to drink. She only had healthy drinks, sports waters, and some milk, so I opted for some water right out of the tap. As I was filling my glass she started to come too.

“Oh… Oh… Hey, Brian, wait. What the… Oh very cute.” She said as she looked down and saw and felt the different outfit she was in, “Did you do anything else with me that I should know about?”

“Well, I gave your doorman a BJ.” I replied as she looked my way. She had a frightened look on her face, and I could see her running her tongue around in her mouth. “I was just kidding.” The frightened look was replaced by one of relief.

“I really can’t remember anything. Nothing at all past you taking over my legs.” She said as she got up off the couch and walked over to me. “It’s so freaking waking up somewhere completely different. And dressed different.” She said as she pulled the front of the nurse uniform on her chest.

“Yeah, it’s a bit different seeing someone else’s body in the mirror, or having breasts and a pussy.” I replied.

“I can imagine.” Valerie said, then continued, “Have you used them yet?”

“Yours, no,” I said with a smile, while she stuck her tongue out at me, and then I asked her, “Is your life really that boring? Sorry, I poked around in your sleeping mind on the drive over. I had to know why you wanted me to mount you, it seemed odd to me.”

“I don’t know. I don’t go out much. I like my job, but it’s dull. This seems so different, and if I woke up in a nurse’s outfit, you must have found out that I’m into different from my mind. Which reminds me, you said my mind was sleeping? Is there any way to wake it up, so that I can see what you are doing?” Valerie asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so, but I guess we could try if you really wanted.” I answered.

She nodded her head enthusiastically, making the little nurse’s cap off. “Even if you can’t wake me up, I suppose you could stay here for the night. Either in me, or on the couch. I just have to be to work for seven tomorrow, if that’s alright.”

I nodded, and we both once again headed for the couch. She sat down, and I reached for her face. She jumped a bit as she must have thought I would enter through her ankle again, but I didn’t feel the need to go so slow again. I turned into the goo once again, and before I know it, I was back in Valerie, sitting in a naughty nurse’s uniform. I grabbed my breasts, and ran my hands over my nylon covered thighs.

Well, no time like the present to try, I figured. I knew that loud noises and exterior activites wouldn’t wake up the girls I hopped, or it would have happened before. So I instead closed my eyes and yelled into Valerie’s sleeping mind. I didn’t feel anything back. So I tried it again. And again. I focused on her waking up, and her subconscious reminded me of her start time tomorrow morning. I concentrated on her last memory, and again yelled into her mind. I put all my effort into it. I was about ready to give up when I felt a tug on one of her muscles that I didn’t try and do. I screamed in her mind with renewed vigor. I concentrated on wanting her to wake up. I felt another muscle twitch, and kept up the yelling until finally, I heard a quiet voice in the back of my head.

Brian? Is that you?

I thought inward to her, ‘Yes, it’s me. Are you up? Can you see anything?’

I’m slowly getting sensations back. I can feel. And hear a bit. Oh, now I can see again. I can’t seem to move at all.

I leaned back on the couch and tried to relax as much as possible. ‘How about now,’ I thought to her.

I felt her body move a bit, and then lean forward on the couch. She quickly made her body get up and head over to the bathroom to see in the mirror. She looked into the mirror and brought her hands up to my face.

Brian, I can see your face on my body!

At that I made her hands move down from my face and grip our breasts. I massaged them roughly through the tight nurses dress. I then lifted her left leg onto the countertop in front of the mirror, exposing her inner thighs, and her panties in the mirror. They were a tiny pair of blue cotton bikini briefs. I reached down with her right hand to start gently rubbing her pussy through the cotton panties. I ran her manicured nail up and down the length of her outer lips, and could feel her getting moist through the fabric already. I could only hear ohs and ahs and the occasional yes coming from her mind, so I reach into the waist band and down and greedily plunged two fingers into her pussy, and began reaming her with her own fingers. I felt the orgasm approaching and increased my efforts with her fingers. I felt the orgasm wash over me and heard in the back of my mind IIIEEEeeeeeeeeeooooooooh. Oooooooooooh yes. Yes yes yes.

I smiled at my reflect face, and set her leg back down, and walked out of the bathroom. As I walked through the living room I heard Valerie’s voice in the back of my head again.

Oh Brian, that was so much fun! Thank you! We don’t have to head back to the couch yet, we can play more.

‘Who said we were done yet?’ I replied back in my head.

I walked into her bedroom and quickly stripped the nurse’s uniform off Valerie’s body, but left the bra, panties, and nylon leggings on. I briefly looked around, then asked her mind where she kept her sex toys just like I would have quizzed a sleeping girl’s mind.

I have a vibrator and life-like dildo in the nightstand on the left side of my bed in the bottom drawer. I have a set of handcuffs in the right nightstand on the top drawer. All of my other sex toys I keep in a box on the top shelf in my closet. She replied in my mind a very matter of fact voice.

Wow, Brian when you ask like that I have to tell you. I can’t lie or say anything else other than answer your question. It’s like I’m being forced to. She then said to me in a more normal tone.

I didn’t really answer her, I just walked over to the left nightstand, and opened the bottom drawer. I pulled out the vibrator. It was about an inch in diameter and about 4 inches long. I turned it on, and laid on her back on the bed. I then pulled her panties down to mid-thigh, and started to rub the vibrator around on her lips, clit, and in her little love mound.

The feedback I was getting from her in the back of my mind mirrored what I was feeling from her pussy myself, so I knew exactly where to put the vibrator to get the maximum effect. I quickly orgasmed with her, but didn’t stop there. I kept the vib going and on her clit, and then in her, and rode the waves of pleasure to another orgasm. At that point she begged me to stop.

Brian, I can’t take anymore of this. Please, I just need you to stop.

I ignored her, and kept going, she started to scream in pleasure in the back of my mind as orgasm after orgasm hit. After about four or five more from the little device, I could no longer feel her in the back of my mind. She was either silent, or passed out. I kept going with the vibrator until I had another five orgasms using sweet Valerie’s little pussy. Finally, even I was too exhausted to continue. I dropped the vibrator on the floor beside the bed, turned Valerie’s alarm clock on, shut the lights off, and crawled into bed. I probed Valerie’s mind just a bit more before I drifted off, and learned a few things that made me fall asleep with a smile on my face.


Suddenly my arm moved to shut the alarm clock off. My body started to move. It sat up in bed, brushed the hair out of my face, and looked around.

“What a weird dream. Val, you have got to get yourself a boyfriend.” I heard a girl’s voice say, but I was still to groggy to understand what was going on. I reached behind my back to unclasp something. It slid off, but my mind was still mush.

Suddenly I was up and walking around. I headed for the bathroom, and jumped in the shower. The water finished the job of waking me up. I remembered last night. Valerie didn’t realize yet that I was still inside her. No, her subconscious mind told me she thought all of last night was a dream. I decided to stay quiet and in the back of her mind.

She shampooed her hair, followed by conditioner, and then put some type of stuff on her face. She then followed it all up by using a lufa and some sweet smelling soap. As she lathered up her entire body she noticed a bit of soreness in her thighs and groin. She brushed it off as too much yoga, though. As she shut off the water, and reached for the curtain, I was worried that the mirror would give away my hiding spot, but when she yanked it back, I saw the mirror was fogged over from the steam of the hot shower. She quickly and efficiently dried herself off and headed back to her bedroom to get some clothes. As she entered the door she saw her yoga clothes in one pile, which was normal, but she saw the nurses uniform on the floor as well.

“Wait a minute. That wasn’t a dream was it?” she said out loud.

“Nope, it wasn’t” I said through her mouth as I took control of her body. I reached down, picked up the vibrator, dropped the towel she had wrapped around herself, and started to tease her nipples with the vibrator, slowly tracing it down her body between her breasts, down her navel, and pressing it lightly up against her pussy lips.

Oh… Oh… Brian, hi! I… really enjoy this… but… oh… I don’t have time for this be… oh Brian… before work. Please can we stop? Please? I heard in the back of my mind.

I let her have control again, and she shut the vibrator off and put it away in its drawer. She then continued to go along with her normal routine. She picked out a pair of white panties and a bra that were very plain. I took control again, and grabbed a dark purple silk thong out of her drawer and stepped into it. I then found the matching bra and put it on her as well.

Brian… Brian, no! Stop! Brian, what are you doing to me?

‘Dressing you. Plain white panties and a bra, not today. You had best pick out something hot to wear over these, too, or you will go to work looking like a stripper by the time I’m done with you.’ I said back to her mentally.

Come on Brian! Please don’t do this!

‘Better find something hot but appropriate then.’ I replied to her mentally.

She began digging through drawers. She found a tight pair of black dress pants, and tossed them on the bed as a possibility. She found thin white shirt that I knew would have the bra show right through it. She was about to put it back when I tossed it on the bed. Instead of complaining she kept digging for other outfits and tossing them on the bed. Every now and then I would take control, grab a mini-skirt, or a tiny tank top and toss it over as well, and hear a small whimper come from her mind before relaxing and giving her back control as she frantically began searching again.

When it was all said and done, she was wearing a short brown business suit skirt and matching jacket with a white dress shirt under the jacket. She had on white leggings that ended just below the dress and shoes with a 4 inch heel that matched the brown suit ensemble. If she were to take off the jacket her purple bra would be fairly visible below the thin white shirt. The skirt was short enough to be hot, but long enough to be decent, and ended at just below her mid thigh.

I walked her out of the bedroom sat her down on the couch. I began to dismount her. When I finished I was standing in front of the couch looking at her as she was looking up at me from her seated position. She smiled at me and said, “I have had more fun in the last 12 hours then in the last month Brian, but I was a little worried about you being in me at work and what you would make me do.”

“Yeah, well, I was actually going to head to my job before I get fired for never showing up. But I had a lot of fun too Valerie.” I replied honestly.

“So will you be here when I get back from work tonight?” she asked me.

“Actually, I should go and look for a place of my own.” I replied.

She looked so disappointed. Like I was another person in her life that just didn’t think she was interesting enough to hang around with. I didn’t want to give her that impression, I just had some other stuff I wanted to take care of.

“Hey, I’ve got some things I want to do, but I was planning on coming back for the entire weekend.” I told her, and then added, “If that’s alright with you?”

She stood up, looked me in the eye, and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt her arms wrap around me, and felt her fingers lightly go through my hair. When she was done with the kiss she turned her head to whisper in my ear, “If you come back I will make sure you get everything you want out of me.”

With that said, she unwrapped her arms from around me, and headed off to the bathroom. I watched her hips sway back and forth, and looked at the stunning lines her body made as she moved gracefully. I watched briefly through the open bathroom door as she wiped off the mirror fog and began to put make up on.

I then decided it was probably time to find some pants and try to make it to work.