Brian's Story - Chapter 7 - The Next Weekend

By Tobyredone

14 minute read -

This is the seventh story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

It had been quite possibly the longest work week in my entire life. I sat at the desk in my tiny cubicle watching the clock absolutely drag past the three thirty mark. For the past week I had once again lived as my boring old self. I had resisted every urge to body hop any of the women that I saw. It was addicting. I thought of Burt’s life. No wonder he couldn’t hold down a job. I thought of Valerie and her amazing body. The orgasms I had shared with her. But more so, I thought of how she had stuck up for me with Courtney.

Courtney had called so much that I had to have her number blocked on my phone. Dave had also called me in the middle of the week asking if I wanted to head back to hooters again. I told him I was not hopping during the week, but that we would do something again soon. He seemed disappointed, but excited all at the same time.

My work was suffering. I just didn’t have the attention span needed to do a decent job. That was why I had walked into Mr. Burgstrom’s office on Thursday afternoon and told him I was putting in my two week notice. I told him that my father’s ailing condition meant I needed to be on a moment’s notice to head out, and I was also having a hard time concentrating on work. He said that he was disappointed to see me go, and that even at half speed I was better than a lot of his other employees. He even offered me more money. A substantial amount more money. When I still declined he told me I would always have a job there. I thanked him, and left his office. But not before noticing from the pictures on his desk that he had one hell of a trophy wife. I decided I would have to eventually stop by and pay her a visit, and thank him properly for being a good boss.

But now it was Friday afternoon. I had scoped out a few places during the week, and was chomping at the bit to get out there and have one hell of a weekend with Valerie like we had discussed. For the short time we had spent together I really seemed to like her. I would have to try not to blow it, and so I wanted to get her something special.

And there my something special was now.

Her name was Katie. She was the new office intern. She was probably a sophomore in college. She had long blonde hair, almost down to her cute little ass. She had a pair of bright blue eyes that screamed innocence, but the tiny little skirts and tight sweaters she wore around the office seemed to contradict that innocence. Today was no exception. She had on a long black skirt that almost touched the floor, and would have if it wasn’t for the four inch stiletto heels that she wore. The skirt was tight around her waist and butt and upper thighs, but the slit in the side started after that, and gave her room to walk and maneuver. Whenever she would sit down the length of the skirt covering her legs would fall to the side or underneath, exposing her delicious tanned and toned legs, encased in nylons. Her shirt was a tight gray wool sweater, and I was fairly certain that something like this shirt on a girl like her was what gave birth to the term “sweater-benders.” It covered her long slim arms, but the collar was cut as to be flipped over the shoulder and expose just the very top bit of her breasts. Her grey bra straps could be seen for the briefest of moments when the sweater would some how work its way down her shoulder before she adjusted it back up again.

I just couldn’t wait any longer.

She was about to walk by my cubicle on her way to delivering something for her department head when I stood up and waved to get her attention. She stopped walking, and looked in at me.

“Is there something I can help you with…” she glanced at the name plate on the cubicle, “Brian?”

“Yeah, Katie, there is. I have to get 200 copies made of this report before I leave today, and I need your help in the copy room to put the covers on them and make sure they collate correctly.” I told her.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Sorry Brian, I’m doing stuff for Mr. Rightson and it can’t wait. You’ll have to get them done on your own. Have fun staying late.”

I blinked a few times, as I didn’t know what to say right away, but then managed to get out, “Okay Katie thanks anyway. I’m going to head over there now, but do you think you could do me one little favor? We are almost out of the covers down here, so can you at least grab a box of covers from the store room and run it down to me?” I asked nicely.

She signed and said fine with a bit of tone and walked off to continue whatever she was doing before I stopped her. I grabbed the report off my desk and headed for the copy room that was in the basement of the building. When I got there I hopped up to sit on the table and started to wait for what I hoped would be my new shell for a bit. After about twenty five minutes as I was starting to wonder if she had blown me off completely when the door to the small room opened, and Katie walked through, struggling with the medium sized box full of plastic report covers. I took them from her and set them down on the table I had just hopped off from.

“You haven’t even started yet. You’re going to be here for quite some time.” She said as I just smiled at her, reached up, covered her mouth with my left hand and began to hop her.

She struggled against me, trying to pull back, and slamming into the door that had just closed. She fought hard, throwing punches wildly at my now liquefying form, shaking her head, and trying to spit the goo that was going into her mouth out so that she could get off a scream. She even tried to kick at me when punching didn’t seem to be working. This caused us both to slide down along the door until suddenly the fighting stopped all together, and I felt the cold concrete floor through the dress I was now wearing.

I looked down to see Katie’s lovely little body below me. I could see my new set of tits straining against the grey sweater I now wore. I could feel the string of a thong up my ass crack. I could see my entire left leg exposed and sticking out of the slit on the dress that I now wore. I slowly put my hands down and used them to help get myself up off the floor. I brushed my round little rump off and then reached up to fix any of the long blonde locks of hair that had fallen out of place in our little tango.

I then took just a moment to run my new dainty little hands over the round lumps on my chest before starting to quiz Katie’s sleeping mind. She was twenty one years old and attending college at the local university. She had gotten the job here because her father is friends with Mr. Burgstrom, who owns the company. They apparently play golf at the country club together. I also found out that she didn’t really have anything to do here. She just trotted around and teased the boys she thought were cute. In fact, she had blown me off because she thought I was a bit creepy, and didn’t like the way I stared at her. Hmm. I would have to remember that next time I was scouting for a body. Oh well. It had worked out. I also checked to make sure she didn’t have any important plans for tonight. She was just going to head over to her boyfriends place. Oh well, new plans Katie, I thought. I scoped up my clothes and stashed them in an unused drawer.

I spun on my new heels and headed back upstairs to finish the day off in Katie’s little body. As I walked back up to her desk I saw Mr. Burgstrom pacing there. I slowed down and looked at him. “Is there something I can help you with Sir?” I asked.

He blinked a few times before replying, “Katie, I think that is the first time you have ever called me sir. What happened to Uncle Bill?”

“Oh sorry, Uncle Bill, I just saw you pacing and I guess it threw me off a bit. Is something wrong?” I tried my best to cover, but the words Uncle Bill came out a bit rough.

“Well, I’m losing one of my best people, and there is a new project coming up. I would really like him to handle it, even if he just lays the ground work out, I can have someone else finish it. But I can’t seem to find him. His name is Brian.” He told me.

“Brian… Brian… Brian…” I said out loud as I tapped my cheek with one of my long fingernails. “Is he about five foot eight, brown hair, pretty normal looking?” I asked, trying to put a thoughtful look on what I knew my boss saw as Katie’s face.

“Yeah, that’s him.” He replied.

“Oh, Bummer! I just saw him running out to meet with a client. If you leave the folders here I’ll make sure that he gets them, and knows what to do, ok Uncle Bill?” I replied.

“Well that would be perfect Katie. Thank you so much.” He said as he handed me the folders.

I tucked them under one arm, and smiled. As he walked away I thought about calling him Uncle Bill, and Katie’s memories came floating up. Apparently she hated calling him that, but did it because she knew it kept her in his good graces, and she was hoping that it would mean an easy job here, which so far it did.

I sighed, turned and sat down at her desk and started going through the folders. It was the least I could do for Mr. Burgstrom. I grabbed a pen from the holder on Katie’s desk and started to jot down notes and work out what the client wanted. I really lost track of time, and before I knew it, I looked up and everyone was gone from the office, and I had stayed about two hours longer than my regular quitting time. No one had bothered Katie at the end of the day as no one knew quite what she did around the office. I quickly stuffed the papers back into the folder and grabbed her purse. On the way out I dropped the folder on my desk for Monday, made a quick stop to grab my old clothes, and headed to her car in the parking garage. I noticed it was a convertible. Her memories told me it was a sweet 16 present from her father.

I quickly got into the car, swung my legs in, and started it up, once again noticing the seat belt cutting between my breasts. I hurried off to Valerie’s place. On the way I stopped and bought a dozen red roses from a little flower shop a few blocks away from where she lived.

I knocked on the door loudly, and a few moments later I saw Valerie opening the door, and standing there in a silk bathrobe.

“Hello?” she said in a questioning tone.

“Hi.” I replied innocently.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“I sure hope so. I brought you these.” I held the roses up for her to see through the cracked door.

“Um, ok, what are these for?” She asked as she opened the door to let the strange blonde woman in her apartment.

“For letting me borrow your body last Sunday.” I replied as I walked past her and into her apartment.

“Brian!” She shouted, and hugged me.

“Yeah, the flowers are not the only gift for you. I looked around a bit more in your mind before I left last time. I know that you like hot blondes. Hell, it was half the reason you hung out with Courtney, even though you thought she was a bitch. So, I brought you a hot blonde.” I said as I leaned forward to kiss her gently.

She returned the kiss and I could feel her hands around my back slowly lower until she was holding onto my tight little butt cheeks.

“Oh I love her, Brian. Here, let me put the flowers in some water while you get out of those clothes, and we can start having some fun.” She replied as she backed away and I handed her the flowers.

I pulled the sweater over my head, and off my long hair, then grabbed the waist line of the dress to push it down around my ankles. I carefully stepped out of the puddle of skirt at my feet, and did a half spin to see Valerie watching me. I put my hands on my hips, cocked my legs, and asked her if she liked what she saw. I then carefully took off the nylons as she found a vase and put the flowers in water.

After that I was led by the hand into Valerie’s bedroom by the hand, and she gently pushed me back on the bed. She undid the small tie at her waist, and let the robe fall off her nude body. I laid back as she started to tug at the waistband of my panties, taking them off and tossing them on the floor beside the bed. She then stated to kiss my inner thighs up one leg and down the other, pausing briefly to run a quick lick up my pussy lips very lightly to tease me. I was dying of torment and wanted my main course, but she quickly backed her head away as I tried to lift my hips to get her to go deeper. She pushed me back down to the bed and began kissing my tummy around the belly button. She lightly pulled on the belly button piercing I now possessed. I was being driven mad with lust. I could feel my pussy leaking juice down my thighs and butt. She kissed her way up my chest and started to suck gently on my nipples, and then also gently bite them. While she was doing that one of her hands found its way inside my pussy lips to rotate in small circles. I was seeing stars from the combination of stimulation she pulled back and giggled a bit.

“Enjoying yourself?” She asked. I moaned a response and that was all it took. The next thing I knew she was eating me out, diving in my pussy with her tongue.

I spread my legs more, as far as I could, and began to buck my hips as the pleasure coursed though my entire body. When I came, it was like a giant wave crashing on the shore. It exploded all up and down me. I panted “thank you thank you thank you thank you,” as I regained my senses.

I looked down between my legs to see Valerie’s chin shiny with my pussy juices. I leaned forward and she leaned in for another long kiss. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her down with me as I laid back in the bed. I began to explore her body with my fingers as I made out with her. She did the same to me. We played with nipples, ran our fingers along the small of each other’s backs, and lightly spanked each other’s rumps before we both found each others fingers in the other’s tight little box. I was surprised how moist Valerie already was, she must have been very turned on to see me. We played with each other for quite a while that way, until I had at least 4 orgasms and Valerie had two. I’m not certain if it was because I was a hopper, or she just had more experience with pleasuring a pussy then me.

I finally pulled back, and got on my hands and knees on top of her. I winked, kissed her briefly, and then rotated my body on the bed so that I was looking at her pussy and she was looking at mine. I treated her to light kisses up and down her thighs before lovingly licking in between. She, in response leaned forward and began to eat me out as well. I cooed in pleasure even though my mouth was full. I tasted her arousal, and licked gently around her clit, and began dipping my tongue in and out. I felt her buck her hips and pick up the pace with her tongue in my love mound in response. Very soon we had both licked each other to yet another happy orgasm. I rolled off her and sighed contently as I reached out with my hand to rub it up and down the outside of her leg. She reached down with her hand to hold mine, and we just laid there for a few minutes, both in the happy afterglow of many orgasms.

I moved first. I got up, and headed for the kitchen. I started to dig through her refrigerator for food, and through her cupboards for pots and pans. A few minutes later she came out of her bedroom once again in the silk bathrobe. She gave me a questioning look.

“I’m hungry. Aren’t you?” I replied to her unspoken question.

“Do you want a robe or an apron?” She asked.

“Nope. Where is your garlic salt?” I asked. She smiled, walked to a place I had yet to check, opened a door, and showed me all her spices. I grabbed a few and got to work.

“Do you always cook after sex?” she asked.

“Not usually, but Katie here happens to be taking classes for the culinary arts.” I replied while using Katie’s skills and memories to prepare the food.

“Cooking classes? What’s her major?” Valerie asked me.

I thought about it for a bit, pulling up the answers in Katie’s subconscious, “She appears to be majoring in Find A Rich Husband 101.” I replied with a smile.

“Well, at least she has a plan,” Valerie responded dryly.

I grabbed the cooking oil, and put the frying pan on the stove burner and began to add ingredients per Katie’s sleeping mind. I even put a bit of a show on for Valerie by letting it catch fire just briefly like they do with certain dishes in the restaurants.

“Seared to perfection, let’s eat.” I said finally.

She set the table quickly, and we ate while making small talk as I asked her how her week had been. Apparently her boss had been riding her hard to get financials done before a deadline. I mostly listened, but spent a fair amount of time looking at her and smiling, wishing she would take off the robe and eat naked like me.

After we both finished Valerie looked at me and asked, “I don’t suppose she has any fantastic desert recipes in that cute little head that you can borrow, does she?”

“Not her, but I have one,” I replied.

I stood up, walked back to the refrigerator, opened the door, and grabbed a can of whipped cream I had seen earlier while looking for other ingredients. I turned around and Valerie started giggling immediately. I started to apply a bit to my perky breasts, and then a bit around my crotch.

“I always wanted a girl to do the whip cream bikini for desert for me. I just never thought I’d be the girl.” I said as I handed the can to her.

She stood up, put a bit on her luscious tits and then covered her pussy as well. She set the can down on the table, and we both walked back to the bedroom for our deserts.