Confessional - Chapter 2

By Tobyredone

21 minute read -

The priest began to peer through the grate in the small confessional booth trying to see a bit more of the girl who was spinning this strange story. When he saw a typical young blonde woman, he told her that many young women today were having premarital sex, and while that did not make it right, it was worse to lie about being forced to have sex then just admit the original sin.

“Oh, I’m not done with my story father.” She said in a voice that could have charmed cobras from small wicker baskets, “Here, let me continue.”


I arrived at Susie’s house just as the sun was going down. I walked in through the front door to her family’s rather large two story house. It was the picture perfect upper middle class suburban dream house. It was a lovely shade of light blue with white shudders and a trim green grass lawn with two well cared for flowerbeds and a single large oak tree. I knew from my mount’s memories that she had helped her mother plant some of those flowers this spring.

As I walked down the wide hallway to the kitchen and living room areas of the house I was greeted by her stepbrother Steven who was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of some sort of food. I pulled more info from Susan’s mind as I decided what I would do with him. I knew that his father and Susie’s mother had started dating two years ago, and married roughly ten months ago, and Susie had always thought he acted a bit odd around her, but she put on a smile and treated him well because she wanted her mother and new father to be happy. I had no such limitations, and unlike Susie, who I was beginning to regard more and more as a complete moron, I knew that Steven acted weird around his younger stepsister because he had eyes for her, but couldn’t do anything about it because of that fact that she was by law his sister.

“Hey you,” he said as I walked into the room.

“Hey you yourself,” I said as I walked up to him and gave him a winning smile.

“What’s that smile for?” He asked.

“What, I can’t smile at you?” I asked playfully as I touched his arm, running my small fingers up to his shoulders before starting to lightly massage his neck.

“You can smile. It’s nice, I like it. I’ve just never gotten that smile from you before. It seemed out of place.” He told me as he tried to crane his neck around and look up at me.

“I’ve just kind of seen you in a whole new light lately. I mean, if we weren’t stepbrother and stepsister, who knows what could happen, right?” I asked.

“What do you mean, Susie?” he asked, with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

“Oh, you know.” I said, and then skipped off and up the stairs to my room.

As I got into “my” room I closed the door and looked around. There were a few posters on the walls, a small shelf with some trophies and ribbons hanging from them, and a closet with the door open showing off Susie’s impressive wardrobe. There was also a dresser and nightstand next to an impressively large and tall bed. It had four posts and a thin veil over the top that screamed “daddy’s little princess” so badly I wanted gag.

I quickly stripped off my blue and green plaid skirt and small white button up dress shirt. Once down to my panties and bra, I carefully reached behind my back with my now flexible arms and undid the clasp, letting the bra fall down to the floor. I then reached down to pull my panties down around my feet. I picked them up off the floor and hid them in a drawer in my closet, as I would need them again later. I began to go through Susie’s underwear drawer looking for something that caught my fancy.

After searching for almost fifteen minutes I finally came across something. It was an excessively tiny pink boy short panty and matching pink camisole. Susie’s memories told me this was for when she wanted to have no panty lines or bra lines under her clothes. I tossed them on the bed and stood in front of the full length mirror on the back of her door that I had not seen when I came in.

I straightened up in front of the mirror and admired my new body. From my tiny feet, up my well shaped young legs, to my still mildly sore little vagina nestled between my thighs, up my wasp-like waist, to my proud and perky C cup breasts and my cute shoulders to my normal, completely out of place male face framed by fantastic blonde tresses.

I turned to the side to see how flat my stomach was, and how my ass and breasts pressed out to create that shape that all men seemed to find devastatingly attractive. I ran my hands over my breasts and teased my nipples, and was rewarded with little jolts of pleasure. I reached down and pinched hard on my new ass. Hard enough to leave a small red mark on my left cheek that I could see in the mirror. I let out an evil chuckle and strolled back over to my bed to put on my underwear.

I pulled the camisole up and over my head first, and then used my hands to free my hair from under the fabric in the back. I pulled the bottom of the small, thin shirt down over my impressive chest and into place on my slim stomach. I then grabbed the tiny panties and ran them up my legs and into place on my waist. I tugged the fabric up the crack of my ass more than Susie ever would have, but I thought it helped show off my wonderful little ass cheeks, and helped it to hug my pussy lips in a lovely little nest of soft cotton.

I hopped up onto the bed and lay down on my stomach, cradling my head in my hands, and kicking my feet lightly as I wondered how quickly I could destroy more of this young lady’s life. I knew I was off to a slow start, so tomorrow I would need to pick up the pace. But for now, I felt it may be time to relax and rest for a bit. I was about to peel back the covers when I heard a knock at the door.

“Hello?” the voice said.

“Hello!” I called out, knowing whoever was on the other side heard the sweet melody of Susie’s usually chipper voice.

The door cracked open and Susie’s mother poked her head in. She looked at me, thinking nothing out of place, and asked, “I’m going to make a quick run to the store. Fifteen minutes, tops. Is there anything you need?”

“Nope, I’ve got everything I need right here,” I said with a cat that ate the canary grin.

“Ok sweetie. Ed won’t be back for quite a while yet, he’s working late.” She said to me.

I smiled and nodded, but thought to myself, ‘Ed is probably banging his secretary and you’re to fucking stupid to figure it out, and if he’s not shagging her I can arrange it.’

The door to Susie’s bedroom closed, and a wonderful little plan popped up in my head, but I knew I would have to act fast if it was going to work. I jumped off my bed, grabbed my skirt and pulled it on, and rummaged through one of Susie’s nightstand drawers until I found a pair of scissors and a needle with thread. I cut a jagged line in the side of my skirt with the scissors as I heard the garage door closing, signaling to me that “my” mother had left.

I practically ran downstairs and found Steven in the living room on a large leather couch watching TV. He was wearing a white tee shirt and some athletic shorts while relaxing. I skipped up to him trying to flip my skirt around as much as possible before getting to the couch. My attempts to entice him seemed to be working as he stopped paying attention to the TV and started looking at me in my short skirt and undershirt.

“Could you help me? I snagged my skirt on something, and now it has an awful rip in the side. I’m trying to sew it, but I need someone to hold the fabric for me.” I said with a hopeful look on my face while I dropped the scissors on the floor behind me and out of Steven’s view.

“Yeah, no prob.” Steven said confidently, but I could see his hands shake as he sat up.

“Thanks.” I said and turned the torn part of the skirt towards the front of my body, and then sat right down on Steven’s lap facing him.

I grabbed his hands and brought them up under my skirt to the base of the tear. I could feel he was both uncomfortable and excited, which was right where I wanted him. I moved my hips and shuffled just a small amount further up onto his lap, which forced his hands to come into contact with my love mound.

“There, that’s better.” I said playfully while staring into his eyes.

He made a loud gulping sound and I started to run the needle through the fabric back and forth, without really trying to do a decent job sewing anything. After a few times through the open cut of the fabric I jabbed the needle into one of Steven’s fingers.

“Ouch!” He cried out loudly, and jerked his hand back.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry Steven!” I cried out just as loud, and slid off his lap and onto the floor in front of the couch and down into a very submissive position below him.

I reached up to grab his hand and asked, “Is it bad? I am so sorry! I’m so stupid!”

“It’s fine. It’s just a scratch, see? Not a problem.” He replied as he showed me the small wound I had made.

I leaned forward to take the hand and slowly brought it up to my mouth and kissed it. I made a large show of puckering my lips and kissed it a second time, but this time looked up at him. He was intently watching back, and trying to get a good look down my cami. I straightened my back to help jut my chest out further, and then slowly kissed my way up his arm to his neck.

“What are you doing?” He asked as I got to his earlobe.

“Apologizing, I can be real apologetic.” I said as I pressed my chest into his.

“I, uh. It’s not that big of a deal.” He said.

“So, you don’t want this?” I asked as I sat back on his lap and looked into his eyes.

“Well, I mean. We are… What about Dad and your mom?” He asked.

“Oh come on. I see how you look at me. And it’s just a little bit of harmless fun. Nobody’s home but us, and Mom won’t be back from the store for an hour. We could have a lot of fun.” I said.

He looked at me without saying a word for about thirty seconds, then smiled and nodded.

“Great! Let’s get you out of those clothes.” I said with an evil glint in my eye.

I reached behind my back and pulled up the scissors. I grabbed the bottom of his shorts and started cutting upwards, making sure I cut through his boxers as well when I got up that high. I then continued right on up to the collar of his shirt.

“Kinky” he said as he looked down at my destruction.

I made a few more cuts to make sure that his clothes were turned into absolute scraps and they easily fell off him. I grabbed the pile of rags and tossed them behind the couch along with the needle and thread.

Then I sat back down on his lap and began to give him a lap dance. I rubbed the crack of my ass and my pussy against his dick, and it rapidly stood to its full length and girth. I pulled the small panties to the side once more and began to gently work his dick inside me. He seemed to have far more experience than Anthony had shown and was in no rush, and let me grind away to my hearts content at my own speed.

I rocked forward and back, and then sat all the way down on his prick. It felt good to be this full, and I looked at him and said, “So what do you think of my pussy so far?”

“I’ve never seen this side of you before, Susie.” He replied as he reached forward to grab my small waist.

I giggled and went back to bouncing on his dick, fucking myself silly, while he occasionally groaned. I could feel the waves again start to crash all around my body as I got ready for an orgasm to hit me. It came all at once and I buckled over and almost head butted Steven. My eyes were locked closed and I clenched my teeth as I felt once again like a bus full of pleasure ran me over. This bitch didn’t know what she was missing.

I sat back up and Steven smiled at me, “One for you, my turn next maybe?”

I smiled and started to bob again on his prick, but this time, after another forty five seconds I heard the garage door start to open. Steven was either half deaf, or paying to much attention to me, and never stopped with his moaning as I rode him. What an idiot. I fucked him for another ten or fifteen seconds until I was sure that Susie’s mother was in the kitchen with a hand full of groceries. Then I stood up quickly, grabbed the scissors and walked to the far side of the room. I could see Steven’s look of confusion, but it wasn’t until I yelled out, “Ew! Steven what the hell are you doing? Are you some kind of perv!” that his eyes bulged out of his head in disbelief.

My mother came running quickly from the next room over, and stopped to see me by the door way and my step brother, naked on the couch trying to cover himself up with throw pillows.

“What is going on in here?” my mother asked.

“I came down from my room to look for some thread and a needle for my skirt and find Steven in here naked and masturbating while watching TV!” I shrieked at my mother.

“That’s a lie!” Steven yelled out.

“Ok, everyone calm down, and tell me what happened. Steven?” She asked and looked at him while putting her hands on her hips.

Steven looked at me, then back at my mother, and knew he was fucked. He couldn’t admit what he was really doing, especially to my mother, but he knew he couldn’t explain his lack of clothes and hard dick either.

“I ah, um. You see, it kinda happened like,” He was stammering.

“It happened like you’re a freak!” I yelled out and stomped my foot.

“Shut up whore!” He yelled back.

“Both of you stop it! And Steven I never want to hear that word again. Is that understood? Susan, go to your room, you are not helping this situation.” My mother said over both of us.

I turned to go, and said sweetly, “Good night mother,” and put one arm around her to hug her.

“Good night dear.” She said as she hugged me back, and as soon as our shoulders touched and her head was past my face I gave Steven an evil smile. The look of fear he had on his face was priceless. Suddenly he saw the scissors I had tucked behind my back and hidden from my mother’s view, and his face changed to that of disgust, which was almost better.

I skipped out of the room and back up stairs as I listened to him and my mother go back and forth.

I pulled off the skirt, and sat down on my bed after I got back to my room then pulled another needle and some thread from the nightstand drawer and started to actually sew the giant tear I had put in the skirt. I stopped about three inches above the bottom of the skirt however, and then got the scissors back out to trim the bottom three and a half inches off the entire skirt. I knew that would show much more leg, and was against dress code for young Susan, but I may need a bit more leg for tomorrow as I was going to have a long day.

After I was finished I lay down in my bed to get a good nights rest, after all, I needed my beauty sleep. I did remember to reach over and set my alarm clock. I felt like I had just closed my eyes when I woke up to a light knock on my door. I looked over at my alarm clock and was surprised to see that it was almost one o’clock in the morning. The light tapping sounded again at my door.

“What,” I hissed in a hushed tone.

The door cracked open and I saw Steven’s face. Once he saw me looking at him he quickly stepped into the room and closed the door quietly behind himself. He came over to the edge of my bed and sat down with a very pissed off look on his face.

“What the fuck was that all about! I got in seriously deep shit because of you!” He said to me as loudly as he could considering we were down the hall from our sleeping parents.

“I’m so sorry Steven. I just heard my mom come in the door and I know we didn’t want to get caught doing what we were doing, and I just panicked.” I said as I started to lightly sob.

“Well you didn’t have to throw me under the fucking bus!” He said.

“I know, I know, I just didn’t know what to do! It was the only thing I could think of.” I said again, as I felt a tear run down my cheek.

He saw the tear to, and was definitely buying my charade, so I decided to really see how far I could push the situation.

“Let me make it up to you?” I asked and sniffled a bit as I wrapped a loose curl around my finger and looked at him from under my warm covers.

“How?” he hissed.

I got up from my bed and went into Susan’s closet and dug around in a few boxes she had in the very back until I came to the one she had used in her school talent show a few months ago. She had been the lovely assistant to another young student, but had kept the props. Out of the box I pulled out two pairs of silver handcuffs.

I walked out of the closet and held them up for Steven to see as I gave him a weak smile and said, “I’ll hand cuff myself. I won’t be able to do anything to you, or get up and leave half way through.”

I crawled back into my bed, dropped a small set of keys on the floor at the foot of my bed, then laid back and used one set of cuffs to attach my left hand to one post and then the other set to attach my right hand to the other post of my bed. I shook my head to clear my face of hair and while giving my stepbrother a sultry look said, “Ok, whatever we do from here on out is up to you. Consider it my make up present. You can ravish me all you want, and leave me here for mother and father to find in the morning if you want.”

This time he had the evil grin on his face as he delicately pulled the covers on my bed down to my feet to scrutinize the entire present I was giving him. I crossed one leg over the other and arched my back before puckering up my lips and winking at him. I knew this body was hot, and with me at the controls no man could resist it. His will to resist crumpled before I could count to three in my head. He quickly stood up and dropped his boxers to the floor, which were the only clothes he was wearing.

He leaned back over me and grabbed the sides of my panties and started to pull them down, but I spread my legs to stop him. He looked up at me confused, as he thought he was in control of the situation.

“Use the scissors on the night stand. It can be more payback for you.” I said in a low voice.

He grinned, grabbed the scissors and made one cut along my outer right thigh. My panties, which were pulled tight across my wide hips, snapped loose and the tiny piece of fabric sat just barely covering my pussy.

He was about to cut the other side when I said, “Steven, I need you right now! Hurry up!”

That was enough. He dropped the scissors off the side of my tall bed and pulled what remained of my panties down my left leg to mid thigh and lined his dick up with my waiting pussy lips.

He ran the head of his dick up and down my lips just a bit before putting his tip into me, confirming once again he had more experience than Anthony at this. He slowly made short thrusts, each time getting deeper and deeper in my pussy. Finally he was all the way in, and he hesitated just long enough to look me in the eyes and wiggle his eyebrows. The idiot actually thought he still had control in what was happening. I could play him like a well tuned instrument with not only my hands restrained, but also my legs.

And I was.

He began to build up a rhythm as his thrusts became more determined and needy. He was starting to pant from the exertion of sex, and I was also starting to pant, and say, “Yes, oh, oh, yes, ah, yes, yes, Steven, yes, oh, oh,” and so on.

After all, if this was going to work I needed him to be engrossed in what he was doing, and a bit of noise to cover what I was doing. As he trust into me, his breaths started to come in short hard blasts, and I started to match my panting and words with him. I also started to tap my cuffed wrists against the wall. Not loudly at first, mind you. I gave it just enough to see how much he could hear and how much he was paying attention. Then I gradually got louder with the intensity and tempo of our fucking. After all, he may have considered it making love, but I had no feelings in this. For me it was just fucking. I just wanted an orgasm. I didn’t care what was filling my cunt to get it.

It hit me all at once. I had another spasm attack and my knees went hard into the side of Steven’s ribcage. I pulled against my restraints, and then pushed them into the wall. Steven didn’t hear that of course, he was to busy watching my face, and feeling me squirm underneath him and wonder if he was such a sexual dynamo that I would want this every night. What a complete tool.

But that noise was enough. My legs dropped back to the bed, and he continued to pound away at my pussy. I flipped hair in my face as best I could and started to change my pants. I went from “oh” and “ah” to “uh” and “ah.” While it was just a subtle difference to Steven the Idiot, to anyone rushing down the hallway they heard Susie calling out, “Uh ah, uh ah,” as if she was saying no to doing something didn’t want to.

As I heard foot steps coming up to the door I added some more, “Oh no, no, please. Oh, stop. Stop.”

That did get Steven’s attention but it was too late. As the door opened I said, “Please stop Steven. Don’t do this! No one has to know!”

The light switch flipped on and I saw Edward, “my” stepfather and Diana, “my” mother standing there looking at the situation. I had started the waterworks shortly after my orgasm, and there were a few tears already running down my cheeks, but now I let them go full force. I started to sob.

“What the hell do you think you are doing in here Steven!” Ed shouted as my mother behind him shrieked at the top of her lungs, “STEVEN! SUSAN! WHAT!”

I yanked on the hand cuffs and they rattled against the posts on the bed as I began to cry uncontrollably, and Ed lunged forward to yank his son off and out of me. He stood the boy in the corner of my room and reached down to grab the pair of boxers at the foot of my bed and threw them at him.

“It was her idea!” he yelled, pointing at me.

I did nothing but continued to sob and twist my legs, acting like I was trying to cover my exposed body.

“It was her idea to handcuff herself to the bed and get raped?” My mother yelled back.

“He told me… He told me… He’d hurt me if I didn’t put my hands up here… Then… Then… he handcuffed me and told me I’d better keep my mouth shut… and my legs spread… legs spread… if I knew what… was good for me…” I said in between heavy sobbing, and then added, “He cut off my underwear! I was so scared, he had a scissors… I thought he was going to stab me. I was so scared.” I blurted the last part out in rapid succession.

Then I broke back down into tears before anyone could question my story, but it was more then enough. Ed grabbed Steven by the neck and hauled him out of my room and down the hallway. They were throwing obscenities back and forth, Ed cursing out Steven, and Steven cursing out me. I think I even heard a few punches back and forth as a short struggle ensued.

My mother, meanwhile started over to me, and began working with the handcuffs. As she struggled with them, I cried more, then opened one eye, and said, “He has something with him when he came in. He dropped it on the floor by my bed.”

Diana stopped with the hand cuffs and started searching the edges of my bed, then said, “Do you know where, sweetie?”

I started wailing again, and said, “All I can remember is Steven on top of me!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry honey.” She said as she came back up and hugged me, then went back to looking around the bed, and finally found the keys that I had dropped.

She quickly came to my rescue by unlocking the cuffs and gently taking my hands down. I immediately grabbed at my ruined panties and tried to cover myself as I continued weeping.

My mother went to my dresser and started to go through drawers until she found a new pair of panties for me. I pulled the cut ones off, and let her help me into the new ones. She sat on the bed next to me, and ran her hands over my hair, trying to calm me down.

“Can I sleep in your bed with you tonight?” I croaked out through my throat that was beginning to get just a touch sore from all the crying.

“Of course sweetheart,” She said back to me with love in her eyes.

We both got up and wrapped our arms around each other and made our way down the hallway to the master bedroom. My mother helped me into bed and then climbed in with me as I clung to her and occasionally let out a soft whimper. She gently stroked my hair, and after another twenty or thirty minutes Ed came back in the room.

“How are you doing, princess?” He asked me as he reached out to stroke my hair as well.

I recoiled from his hand like it was toxic, and buried my face into my mother’s side as I started to whimper harder. After a few seconds I pulled my face out and looked up at him.

“I’m sorry, so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just can’t get over it. Steven has your eyes, and it just freaked me out. I’m so sorry.” I babbled on and on.

“Oh, it’s fine sweetie.” He said and looked at Diana, who shrugged at him, but continued to stroke my hair.

“Do you think you could sleep in the spare room tonight, Ed? It’s across the hall from Steven’s room, and it would make both of us feel safer.” Diana said to him.

He nodded, grabbed his watch from off the night stand and headed out the door. I went back to just occasional whimpers, and every now and then adding an, “I’m sorry mommy,” just for good measure, to which Diana stroked my hair and told me everything would be ok.

As the lights went off in our room when Ed hit the switch as he left, I smiled an evil smile in the dark, and was proud of the fact that I had given Steven blue balls twice in one day while he had gotten me off twice. My acting tonight left me more confident for the final act tomorrow and I quickly felt my eyes flutter closed. I knew I would need my rest, and I got it.

Even after ruining some poor moron’s life, I slept like a baby.