Fast Learner - Chapter 1

By Mocs

14 minute read -

Ringing its awful ring the alarm shouted the start of a new day. That means that it was 6 PM and time to go to work. I rolled out of bed crushing bits of trash and clothing that laid on the floor.

My name is Sam I’m a average guy. Brown hair, brown eye, only about five foot six inches tall. Average.

I walked to the bathroom and readied myself for work. Approaching the sink I grabbed the tooth brush and topped it with tooth paste. As I brushed my teeth I made my way over to the cabinet and removed the deodorant and proceeded to put it on, replace the cap, and put it back. As I finished brushing my teeth I caught my face in the mirror, I needed to shave. No one would really see me so I decided why bother.

Choosing some of the cloths heaped on the ground I made my way out the door. Walking down the stair from my apartment building I noticed that the sun was still up, but was fading in the distance. Not too often I had the chance to see the sun after waking up. Walking to my car I was careful to avoid a small group of teenagers that was blocking the way. Not the sort I would want to waste my time with.

Looking over the group as I passed I noticed that out of the five, three were moderately attractive girls. They all dressed like weirdo’s. With the black cloths and purple or black lipstick. Even so if I was one of the boys with those girls I would have been happy at that age, they were quite pretty even with the strangeness.

On the drive to work I remember I had forgotten to get food. There was a fast food place on the way there. I hated to eat at those places, but I was in a little bit of a hurry and didn’t want to waste any time.

After stopping for food I was on schedule to make it to work on time. As I drove into work I passed by the electronic gate. This gave a piece of mind to the employee’s that worked inside and also served to keep any sensitive information inside the building.

Leaving the car with my newly acquired food and drink I made it to the building. It was a pretty large building with most of its contents undiscovered by me.

Finally I had reached my desk and sat down. There wasn’t anyone working there right now. The only other person that would be coming would be my co-worker Lacey, but that wouldn’t be for another hour or so.

I finished my meal right after I sat down. As I worked Lacey came in. I barely lifted my head from the computer monitor at my desk. Not really paying attention I said “hi.” What I got back quickly snapped my attention to her. She replied by saying, “Hi”. But in a voice that didn’t fit her five foot eight inch frame.

I quickly stood up and walked over to her desk. It was Lacey alright. Except for one key difference, her face was that of a African American man. Which looked even more odd considering that Lacey’s hair was up in long pigtails, Lacey’s hair is about 3 feet long, and brown.

My eyes widen as I looked at her sitting there. Standing there trying to process she noticed that something was wrong. She looked up from her things that she was putting away and asked “what’s wrong?” in that same gruff male voice.

Feigning a smile as best I could I said “oh nothing. How are you?” Although the smile was feigned, the scratch in my voice wasn’t, neither was the anxiety in my eyes didn’t fade. She walked over to me with a huge smile on “her” face.

“I think I know what’s wrong with you. You need a good fucking.” She said as her hands rubbed from her breasts to her thighs. Now I was completely taken aback, Lacey and I would joke often, even be a bit flirty, but she was never that forward or raunchy.

After not hearing a response Lacey spoke, “Listen I think I know what’s wrong. I probably look like some black dude. I’m guess that’s what has you all freaked out? If so I can explain to you why.”

The only response I could must was a nod of my head.

Lacey sat down in her desk chair crossing her legs. Reminding me that this was Lacey’s body I was talking too. She wasn’t a petite girl by any means, she was a bit bigger than average. But she was a very good looking woman. Her thighs were moderately wide and her breasts were pert. Most days she would dress in a long black loose fitting dress and a sweat shirt, as she was today. If we hadn’t worked together there is no doubt in my mind that we would be together, we got along swimmingly.

Breaking my train of thought Lacey interrupted by doing a very obvious throat clear. “As I was saying I can explain this. I am what is known as a hopper. We are a possessive entity that can take over people’s bodies. Now here’s where it gets sticky. Since you can see me without the aid of a mirror or camera, that means; you too are a hopper. We just have to activate ya.”

Feeling more relaxed, and inquisitive I asked “activate?”

Lacey formed smirk on his/her face. “Yes activate. Much like when you put yeast into flower and water, it can become dough. Except you need to put it inside of me.” Lacey put emphasis on the word “it.”

My face went pale, was this guy asking me to has sex with him in Lacey’s body. It felt as if I should deny him out right but I could help but ask, “If we have sex I can become like you?”

Only nodding in reply Lacy got up from her chair. “Listen. This girl has the hots for you anyways might as well have fun. And according to her memories you want her too. She notices the small things you do when you think she’s not looking. Like looking at her bottom, or looking down her shirt when she bends over. In fact she does it to you on purpose sometimes to get a reaction.”

I could feel my pulse raise and my face flush. Lacey made her way over to me. Seizing up I didn’t know what to do. She reached around my back, and felt my butt up. Rather than stepping back I stepped forward, closed my eyes, and went in for a kiss.

Although the face of a man appeared on Lacey I felt nothing but a smooth pair of lips. Our tongues intermingled as her hand shifted from my rear to my front. Deftly putting a hand in between my pants underwear and skin she manipulated my engorged member with ease.

Quickly I stepped back. Fearing that this would be over too soon, she had been too good nearly bringing me to the brink with a few strokes. She giggled, and lifted her top over her head.

Tossing the shirt at me she placed her hands behind her back to remove the bra. As it unclasped her breasts bounced out. She left the bra to fall on the floor.

Grabbing the shirt and the bra I took her hand and dragged her to a empty office that had a door to close. The area we were in was too risky as it was completely open and anyone could walk in.

While having her hand in mine, I faced her so that her back was facing me. I reached both hands to the front of her and began playing with her nipples. She rubbed my arms to let me know she was enjoying it.

Taking a hand from her breasts I went to the said with the zipper that held her dress up. I pulled it down, and as it reached the end the dress fell down. Revealing to me her form from waist down encased in black hose.

Still playing with one of her nipples I teased her, by running my finger along sew line in the crotch. She giggled, which was odd coming from a booming deep voice. My finger made the rip up and down her groin multiple times before I plunged my hand into her pantyhose.

I could feel a small amount of hair as my hand was constricted by the material. I reached further down and could feel a closed sit with extremely wet panties on the back of my fingers. Gently I snaked a finger far enough into the slit that I felt a small nub. From my previous encounters I knew this to be her clit.

Slowly I rubbed her clit and immediately I received a response. She started swaying her hips back and forth slowly, in time with the rubbing I was doing. Gradually I started going faster and faster, hearing her breathing getting louder and louder. Finally she shook violently with a orgasm.

Turning around I could see a spark of fire burning in her eyes. She quickly took me and laid me on the floor. Her strength was amazing.

My pants were removed in an instant, and thrown in a corner. The underwear I was wearing vanished in a loud ripping sound. My deck stood straight up and proudly.

Without even hesitating she lowered herself on my waiting member and began to ride me. It was amazing she gyrated her hips, and bucked back and forth. She would bring me to the precipice of cumming and then slow down and bring me back.

We fell on top of me from exhaustion and asked me how she was. I responded by a series of grunts and nods.

Not knowing how much time had passed I got up and looked at the clock. I found that we had been at it for almost 2 hours. I was a little bit worried that someone might of seen us missing. But there wasn’t really anyone here except the guard at this time of night.

“Well kid welcome to the world of hopping. Glad I could find another. You’re lucky, this kind of chick usually isn’t my cup of tea. But me and the wife were out earlier tonight and she pissed me off so I decided to blow off some steam. I saw this girl walked to her car and I decided it would be a good time killer.” Said Lacey as she put her cloths back on. It was then I realized that I had no idea who just fucked my brains out.

“What do I call you? My name is Sam” I said.

“You can call me Jim kid. Shit it’s almost nine I really need to get home before my wife cuts my balls off. Here” Jim took a piece of paper and wrote down a phone number.

“Contact me anytime, leave a message if I don’t answer. I’ve gotten get outa here, and leave this body. Most hoppers don’t get married because it’s too restrictive. But I look at it as a way to always have a woman and her friends bodies at my disposal with little work. “ Jim said.

As he replaced the final piece of Lacey’s modest attire Jim said, “Well you are one of us now kid, you should be ready to hop within twenty four hours if not sooner. Happy hunting to ya, until we meet again.”

Jim ran out the door and made it over to Lacey’s desk. What happened next was fantastic. I could see small globes of liquid form on the outside of her skin at first, then they multiplied and grew until there was enough liquid to fill a bucket. Finally there was the naked form of a man sitting next to Lacey.

After leaving Lacey, Jim looked worried. He walked over to me naked and asked if he could have my cloths.

“What am I going to do for cloths if you take mine. We do have a pretty strict dress code here.” I said to Jim with a slightly cocked eyebrow.

“Well wear Lacey. I was stupid and left my cloths on the street after I hopped her. Shit! I had my wallet and shit in my pants. Come on man I really need you try and get inside that chick and give me your cloths.” Jim pleaded.

I looked over Lacey slumped over in the chair with her normal looking face. I can’t lie I was interested in trying this power, just not sure I wanted to so soon. But Jim seemed to need my help in a bad way, and I owed him for the amazing sex, and introduction to this world.

Shrugging I said “ok let’s see what happens.”

“Ok man. All you need to do is walk over and put your hand to her skin. After you do that imagine yourself as her, and your body should do the rest.” Jim instructed.

Following Jims orders I walked over and pressed my hand to her bare arm. My eyes were closed and I began thinking about what it would be like to be her. Having those panty hose over my legs, and the panties over my new pussy. I couldn’t imagine how alien the breasts would feel or empty it would feel with my legs inside of a dress.

My thoughts soon became reality, my fingers became impossibly wet, and my hand felt as if I was sinking. Turning from pink to translucent my skin and body lost its form. Melting, I slowly encased Lacey’s body.

Becoming aware of new parts of my physical form, I could feel my feet inside of dainty shoes. Next my smooth nylon encased legs became part of me. I could feel my vagina lips closing as the my liquid form finished being absorbed into them. Next was the stomach and the bit of fat the resided around it. Breasts tingled as they became mine. Last was my head, I could feel her teeth with my mouth.

Jim rushed over and gave me a big hug. “Thanks man! Any girl you want I will be her for you, I owe you.” Jim then ran out of my area and towards the door with my clothing in hand.

Thankfully Jim had left my pockets contents on my work desk. I gathered them and put them in my work drawer except for my keys and wallet, I put those in Lacey’s purse.

Looking down at my chest I could see my two breasts bulging out from the sweatshirt she had worn today. My pony tails were also trailed to either side of my chest. Putting a hand on top of my breast and squeezing I was given a small jolt of pleasure. I also noticed that she had painted her nails purple.

I remembered what Jim had said about accessing her memory and tried it. I tried recalling painting her nails. I found that she had painted her nails purple because she knew I liked that color. Also she had worn purple eye shadow to catch my attention, sneaky girl.

Feeling a coolness on my legs I realized for the first time I was wearing a dress. Although the dress was long and covering my legs I still felt exposed. Crossing my legs I realized that I would have never been able to cross my legs like this as a man.

Deciding it best to not do anything too stupid I worked the rest of her shift with no incident. Making sure to send my boss and email that “Sam” had to leave for the day.

Not exploring my body was hell. I could feel my legs smoothness rubbed up against the pantyhose. I could feel her nakedness underneath all the clothing.

As the end of her shift came I quickly gathered her things and left for the day. As I walked out the door and to her car my mind focused on her walking. I could believe the exaggerated movements my hips made when I walked. I felt good as dress moved back and forth and my hosiery moved slightly against my skin.

The drive home was uneventful, except for the accident I nearly got in looking my male face on her head. As I drove up to my apartment I realized that I lived here not Lacey.

It was 5 AM already and I didn’t want to bother driving to Lacey’s house which was fifty minutes in the opposite direction. Taking Lacey’s purse I climbed the stairs.

Opening the door I saw my home in a new light. It was a small apartment and kind of trashed out. Thankfully the girl I brought over happened to not mind it.

Closing the door behind me and locking it. I made my way to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror I saw Lacey. Dressed in a black sweat shirt, and dress. Pretty short even for a woman . My hair hanging down to practically my knees. My face stared back at me, unshaven and out of place. But when I placed a hand where there should have been scruff I could feel the smoothness of Lacey’s face.

I removed my attention from my face and began taking inventory of my body. First I removed the sweatshirt and bra. My nipples turned hard at the cooler air. Next I unzipped the dress and let to fall around my feet. I savored this image.

My pussy lips began to feel different, it felt almost as if I was turned on; at least that’s how I would describe it in my male body. I could feel warmth between my legs, and a strange feeling that I had wet myself.

I removed the pantyhose and placed them on the floor. Followed by the panties. My pussy was finally exposed to inspect at my satisfaction.

With my nipples erect I continued to play with them. As I did, I started to slid my hand down my belly. I felt the slight bit of stomach she had, and continued downwards. My hand felt a small tuft of hair that she had in her pubic region. Shocking was the fact my member was missing from the location it usually had been.

Slowly I inserted a finger into the warm opening in my crotch. It was strange usually I could only touch this part of a woman, now it was mine to feel. My clit was solid. Softly I ran my finger across the entirety of my womanly slit.

In the mirror I could see Lacey playing with her body. This turned me on even more. I began to rub my clit harder and harder. I could feel a tension building up across the entirety of my being. Until finally it was released and I could feel multiple waves of pleasure.

I continued playing with Lacey’s body into the night. After I had worn myself out I began to think what I could do with my new ability.

Rather than sleeping as Lacey tonight, I decided it best to drive her back to her car. After I got back to her car, I sat in the driver’s seat and willed myself out of her body. At first it did not work, but after a couple minutes I was out of her body.

Before I had left my house I had gathered some simple clothing. I dressed myself in her car and removed my items from her purse. As I left the car I gave Lacey a small kiss on her check to thank her.