Gene Hart's Body Hopping Adventure - Chapter 1

By Mocs

29 minute read -

I awoke to the sunlight in my eyes; my body was still exhausted from the night before. I took a look down to see the sheets form, in the outline of a beautiful woman, shapely women. What a great night it was indeed, but I have to explain how I ended up here. How it all began, the starting point…

My name is Gene Hart, first I have to tell you; that I worked at the local video store the first time I learned about this. It was a great job for a college student, Flexible hours and ok pay for the amount of work. I was working that night it all first happened, when I learned who I was.

I was finishing my cleaning duties for the night, making the store look good for the morning crew. I looked up as I heard the door slam behind some customers entering the store. There were two of them, a man, and a woman. Having some difficulty, the man seemed to be having a hard time keeping the women off of him. Never had I seen such sexual vigor in a woman in real life, let alone in my store. I quietly chuckled to myself, as they went off and started browsing the store. I tried to get a good look at them, but was unable to make out any features. The man appeared to be around six foot and the women about five foot, or somewhere near there. Unable to get a for sure glimpse of them, I regained my focus and started the rest of my closing duties.

Ten minutes had passed since the customers had come in, “Hey is there anyone here?” I heard the man say. I ran up front to see the customers were waiting to be helped, my other employee must have gone out to have a smoke without telling me. Letting out a sigh I got behind the register, and grabbed the movie from the counter and started checking the customers out.

It must have been a hell of a night for me, because when I looked up to tell them their total I noticed a very manly face on the women’s head, everything else seemed normal. But my eyes were affixed to her face. She noticed me looking at her in a sort of disapproval. My cocked eyebrow must have been a dead give away to what I was thinking. Suddenly she had a very interested look on her face.

Walking around the counter and grabbing the movie her boyfriend headed toward the exit. Walking out the door he said, “Lets go babe, this poor guy is probably about ready to leave for the night” he then let the door close behind him.

She looked at the door way with a slight grimace, making the fuck yourself type of look. Giving me a very stern look and saying (in an unnaturally gruff deep voice), “Does my face look like a mans?” Unsure of what to say, I stood there for what seemed a small slice of eternity and surely looked like a complete fool.

She smiled and reached out towards the count, grabbing a piece of paper and pen. Then she proceeded to write her phone number and name. Again in the gruff voice said, “Call me, there is something special about yourself that you will want to know. Call tomorrow about one.” I looked at the paper it said, “Janice. For now 2012831243.” She slowly sashayed her well formed little behind out of the store.

I didn’t notice her great form before hand, but she was a very elegant women. Well defined ass, shoulder length black hair, and legs that seemed very beautiful. She was wearing a nice pair of green pants that showed off her great butt, and how shapely her legs were. And her shirt was a floral shirt that also seemed very form fitting. At least from what I could see of her now she was hotty, but I didn’t know much about her front because her face was distracting me.

My slacker employee came in from smoking a cigarette, smelling like an ashtray. I heard a whistle come from his lips, followed by a loud, “did you see her?!?”

I looked at him in puzzlement, and asked a question which I unwittingly knew the answer to already; “did you notice anything odd about here face?

Looking me dead in the eye a large grin swept across his face, “Well she was a-fucking-mazing looking for one. But just like everything else on her body, her face was beautiful. But that is those Asian women for you.”

Reality hit me on my head like a ton of falling bricks, how could I of over looked such a noticeable trait. But hell; I didn’t over look it; all the other shit was too much for me to digest to have a logical view of the situation. The face was that of a white male, and well the body did have a tanned look to it. Now I knew something was not right, my stomach feel to the floor. I could not wrap my head around this; it was too much too fast.

My employee jabbed me sharply in my side. “Day dreaming about that little hot piece of ass, eh?” he said with a wink and a nudge. Suddenly a serious look came across his face, making it look as if he had some profound insight that may stop my spiraling journey down into madness. Maybe he had been screwing with me? I wished to god that was the case. He then said, “I really can’t blame you, I would give almost anything for a night with her”, giving me a hardy pat on the back he walked off, to finish the rest of the closing duties. He had renewed my faith in him; he was just a stupid asshole.

I finished working for the night, and made my way home. I walked home most night, because my house was very close. I arrived home about 12:30 A.M. I stayed up for a bit and watched a movie. After the movie was over, I went to bed. I closed my eyes, but my mind kept drifting through the sea of thoughts I had. What could be special about me, what was so weird about her?

Was I losing my mind, or more appropriately had I already lost it. I got up and double checked my pockets for the piece of paper that could reconfirm my sanity, at least what little bit I still had. Panic arose as I couldn’t find it, had I lost the paper? Even worse had it ever existed? I stopped looking after about 5 minutes of scouring each pocket. I swallowed some sleeping pills in hope that they would help me forgot. I went to bed again, this time with fears of insanity. I slowly fell asleep after a bit of troubled thinking, thanks to my new best friends.

I awoke the next morning to the rudest sound; I wasn’t able to determine what the source was at first. But then I noticed it was the ring of my cell phone, and here I thought novelty ringers were funny(looking for a phone at 10AM is not a fun experience, especially after staying up till 4 AM that same morning).

I went over to the pants I had worn the night before, except the phone wasn’t in them. Frantically looking for the phone I nearly tore through my pants. Finally I found it, following the sound. It was coming from a batch of laundry; there it lay right on the top. My pant lay there keeping my phone and my securities, it all finally made sense. With my phone I found the little piece of paper, I forgot that I had put them in the hamper and taken new pants out for tomorrow!

I answered my phone; it was my friend Joseph, “Hey buddy how’s it going?” Joseph said. I stammered a bit, we then held a standard chit-chat session going back and forth. Finished I hung up the phone, it was now about 12:50. I slowly brought the piece of paper up to my face, with my very shaky hands. Sweat coming from my finger tips took the ink off the paper and now placed it on my hands. I saw what was happening and put the paper on my dresser before it became illegible.

Slowly dialing the key pad on the phone, I called the number written on the paper. It rang three times, finally someone picked up. The voice sounded as that of the women I talked to the night before. I had so many questions, but before I could ask any she told me to meet her. She told me her address and that she would see me later, and then she quickly finished and hung up the phone.

I immediately took a shower and got ready. About as fast as I have ever moved before, I quickly got my business in line and took off. I drove like a mad man; I made it to her house with ease. I got out of my car near giddy, and ran up to the door.

Knock, knock. I hit the door with the side of my closed fist. I heard stirring inside, and was greeted by the Asian/white man combo thing in some sexy attire. A black one piece lingerie deal. I examined her from the feet up. She was wearing a pair of jet black high heels, and a pair of sheer stocking to complement her amazing legs. The lingerie lingered in her crotch, coming up and making a v shape. It went over her stomach showing how thin she really was. Her breasts looked as if they floated there; she was so perky the garment probably had to do little or no work, the one piece stopped at her shoulders. Revealing her sexy shoulders and neck, then I finally got up to the face it was the same as I remembered. Mantastic would be the way to describe the face.

Quickly she took me in the house with strength I had never seen in a man let alone a woman. Starting to kiss me, I could not get a word out of my mouth. My pants were off no quicker then she had pulled me in.

Very turned on at this point she dropped to her knees, and started kissing my groin. It felt amazing, I could feel her lips going around my swollen mass and slowly using her tongue to stimulate me.

This would all seem disturbing to me if I wasn’t in the grips of passion mind you. A white faced man, with the slim body of a beautiful Asian woman. But that mattered little; she knew where to touch, and lick to get the best results. She finished what she was doing; and grabbed my hand, then hurriedly rushed me to the bed room where she jumped on the bed. Quickly stripping all her cloths and Getting on all four, she turned her ass to me as well as her head. She gave a look that beckoned me over, and I complied.

I slowly eased myself behind her; her back was glistening with sweat. Everything about her from this vantage point was amazing, near perfection. I positioned my self to take her from behind; the feel of her smooth flawless skin was enough to get me off. But I still had a job to do, so with little hesitation, I guided myself into her warm velvet pussy. It was like I was kissing heaven. The rest of my endeavor to please this woman was a blur, except I remember I had made her cum 3 or 4 times. It was the single greatest moment in my life, it would be the one to define and compare the rest of my life to. Little did I know, that it would be nothing compared to things I would actually feel in the coming days.

After getting over the warm afterglow of orgasms and passion, I retrieved my clothing and made it to the kitchen. She decided not to get dressed again. She was an amazing looking woman, except for the face. She had perky well shaped B sized breasts, a perfect fit for her slender body. Her pussy was trimmed with a v shape at the top. Her legs were the best though long smooth and they seemed to go on forever. I stopped ogling her for a minute and looked up at her. Looking at me she gave a sincere smile, and began to speak.

“Well sorry about that kid, it’s been a bit since I’ve had a good fucking. That loser last night didn’t know what he was doing, thankfully our kind knows exactly what to do,” she said.

I gave her a weak smile and said, “Our kind?”

She readjusted herself in her seat, and said “Well we are what are known as body hoppers. Now before you speak let me explain. It is a genetic mutation that happens in about .00001 percent of all humans, you are a very lucky man indeed wouldn’t you think.(I didn’t care what she was saying, I was lucky to even touch her hand let alone fuck the shit out of her. So if she wants to talk about some crazy shit let her.)”

I nodded, she continued, “Now here comes the surprise, you may have guessed from the name we hop in and out of bodies. Like look at this body, do you really think it fits this face? I’m a fricken white guy for god’s sake, and my name is earl. But this Asian hotty here, well her body is amazing. All the sensations are the among some of the most amazing I’ve felt in a body. You will not believe how great it is to be in someone like this.” She then proceeded to grab both of her breasts.

At this point I had to say something, “So you expect me to believe that you’re really not a woman and that your name is really earl?” She gave me a smart ass smirk and said “yes.” Well that was enough for me.

She then stood up and grabbed a bottle of water from the counter, afterwards sitting back down and giving more elaboration to her explanation.

“Now where was I… Oh yah that’s right we are body hoppers, we can take anyone’s body we so will. When we take a body over its called mounting. Almost always you’re going to want to mount a woman, trust me their bodies are the best. Now how is this done you are asking I’m sure you think I’m crazy but it’s possible. It’s imbedded in to your nature you just have never wanted to take control of a body so you haven’t, but when you touch a person with the want to take their body over it will happen naturally. Now once you do take a body over, you will have the same effect I have on this women. You will be in complete control and she won’t know what happens, except for what you let her know. So you can choose what she remembers from you mounting, and she won’t be the wiser of the other things. You will appear as the person you mount. Except to other hoppers, they will see the body of the mount and the face you were born with. But that only applies to those who are blessed with our power. Everyone else will see your mounts face and their body. Well that pretty much sums up what we are, you are the second hopper I have ever met. If you ever meet one who doesn’t know, you should explain this to him also. We should meet up sometime and have some more fun, but I think your first few mounts should be by yourself. And when you sleep in their body, you will gain some of their memories. Oh and by the way don’t stay in a body too long, or you won’t be able to leave. You two will become inseparable, and you will pretty much become the mount. If you get too close on time, you will take features of your mount to your own body. In fact you can get so close, that you will become your mount for a very long time until your body readjusts. This reminds me, I should leave now. It is time for you believe, and I’m here to fortify it with this”

At that moment Janice hunched over and started to shake uncontrollably, as if she was having a seizure. Something strange was happening, every pore of her body oozed and leaked clear mucus like material. All of the holes in her body were also leaking the odd liquid. After it seemed it was over, her body falls to kitchen table and a naked man lay on the floor.

The man got up and stood there completely naked, his face was that of Janice not 30 seconds ago. I looked over to Janice and she had a beautiful face, her face had returned to that of a young Asian woman. Earl got up and ran to the bedroom, and in about three minutes later came out fully clothed.

He looked over to me and said “we should go; she’ll be up in a little bit; unless you want to mount her? If you do I’ll see you around. Here is my phone number, at least when I’m earl”.

Earl handed me a business card and as we parted paths, he said “enjoy mounting, whether you do it here or somewhere else. Also you can work for me I’m self employed employer. I have another hopper with me, we take a lot of paid ‘trips’ and you don’t have to do much.” He walked out the door, and with his back turned to me he waved. If this whole hopper thing was true I may have to take him up on that job.

I looked over to Janice she lay there sleeping pretty soundly. I decided this type of body might be a bit too much for me right now, so I headed out the door. I wanted to find her again for sure; I made sure to keep her address I had written before with me.

I went home to digest what I had just heard. I sat in my room for a bit and thought about who I wanted to be. Someone that would be easy to get to, someone like one of my employee’s at the video store. An evil grin swept across my face and I knew what I had to do, I had to take some of the bodies at work. Luckily I worked tonight. Getting ready for work that night, I had a huge smile because I would be working with Meg tonight. She would be perfect for my first time, her body wouldn’t be too much to handle.

The night was standard affair, except for the damned anticipation I was feeling. I kept looking over at Meg all night. I was excited if this worked I would control her body, it was almost too much to handle. She had a decent body, she was a little over weight. But she had great looking features. She was only about five foot five or so. Her face had an innocent look to it at all times, and was made extremely cute by a small button nose. Her eyes made her face all the better with her amazing green eyes. Since she was a little over weight she was blessed with a nice pair of tits, she fell somewhere between a C and a D cup. Her stomach wasn’t perfect because she had a little baby fat and a small pudge, but it was still cute. Finally my favorite feature was her ass and legs, I know those are two different things; but I couldn’t ever choose between the two. Her ass was very nice, looking very round and shapely. Her legs also were very shapely. Even in her work kakis her bottom half was great looking.

The rest of the night went by quickly, the customers were pretty easy going and it was very busy. Before I knew it, closing duties were done and it was time to lock up. I stood there my heads in the clouds, and my heart pounding in my chest.

I beckoned Meg to the back room where there were no cameras; I didn’t want people to know what was happening. If people knew what I was, I would be killed probably. A person who can assume anyone’s form, and their memories? Yah that would go over well.

When we came to the back room I reached out my sweaty, shaky hand, and grabbed Megs arm. Nothing happened at first, and Meg gave me a strange look and said “what do you want?” But no sooner did she utter those words did I feel my body turn to nothing, and I fell to the ground. I was still able to see myself, I turned into the mucus like liquid that Earl was when he left Janice’s body. I also heard Meg scream, and I could slowly feel my new form slowly crawling up her legs, she tried running in fear. But I held her down; she fell on her ass trying to get away.

Trying to escape the ooze going up her legs, she frantically tried to push my away. But it was pointless she was unable to do anything. I could feel myself seeping into every orifice she had, except her mouth I hadn’t gotten that up there yet. I slowly slithered in through her ass, her pussy, and finally her mouth. With her muffled screams of horror, the world turned black.

Everything in the world came together, as if I was a shattered glass and suddenly I was put back together. Blinking a couple times, I felt the cold hard tile against my ass, and some warm clothing laying against me lap. I looked down to see the clothing, but my view was obstructed by a pair of large beautiful bubbles covered cloth and made of flesh. I staggered up, my balance a bit off since this body’s weight was shifted to areas I never had owned before.

I picked up my clothing and put transferred my keys into my pocket. Then I went into the store and collected Meg’s things, all confidently in her purse. I then decided to finish locking up the store and drive home, in Meg’s car. Thankfully I usually walked to work as my normal self. I got inside Meg’s car and drove to her house. I had to look up her address on her drivers license, but with relative ease I found it (I passed by it a couple times, but I found it).

Getting out of the car, I noticed Megs… No MY large breasts on MY chest. Using Meg’s key I entered her house. Thankfully Meg lived alone, she had a nice house for as young as she was. She was only about 21, but she owned a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. I guess her folks died when she was younger and left it to her. I wandered around a bit and surveyed the house, finding her room finally. I went inside her room, closing the door behind me.

I walked into the room and dropped my clothing that I was wearing before becoming Meg. I then walked over to the mirror and looked at Meg in the mirror. It was amazing, like with earl my face was there but the rest was all Meg. I touched the face; it didn’t feel like my face, in fact I could make out Megs face with my hands.

Looking in the mirror, I slowly explore my foreign body with my foreign hands. Touching my breasts through my work shirt, wanting move down but lingering there. Each touch of my hands on my breasts I get an array of amazing feelings. Figuring I would save this feeling for a little later I moved away from the mirror and go into the bathroom, something was making me feel strange. I knew I had to go to the bathroom, since there was pressure on my bladder. While walking into the bathroom I noticed something strange and funny, as I walk my hips sway. I didn’t even try to make them does it, it just happened naturally. I let out a little giggle and walked over to the toilet.

Pulling my pants around my ankles and putting my panties in the same place, I sat on the toilet. I looked down and examined Meg’s vagina, it was the most amazing experience I have had to date. Looking down and not seeing your male hood is strange. Seeing the flatness of my crotch really sent shivers to my spine. I eased the up my mussels like I would going pee as a man, and relieved myself feeling the hot liquid stream from my newly acquired equipment. It felt amazing feeling it coming out of me this way, then slowly it letting up. Finally I was done. Taking some toilet paper and wiping myself, I flushed the toilet.

After wiping I leaned over to get a better look at my new crotch. My breast’s limited my movement but I still got a good vantage point. Her vagina wasn’t nearly as maintained as Janice’s but still it was nice. I was amazed how flat it was, and how the slit of my new vagina sat there. Just waiting there and staying closed, I wasn’t used to seeing vagina’s closed like this. I didn’t know that nothing from the inside could be seen usually, guess porn warped my mind a little bit. I was done taking inventory for now.

I put my panties back up around my hips it feels amazing, I decide it was time to take a bath so I leave the pants on the floor. Working a hard day will make anyone not very fresh smelling. I walked over to the underwear drawer and grabbed a pair of white silky underwear, and then I looked around for a sexy bra. After a bit of digging I found a really sexy white lacy bra. I walked into the bathroom and put the underwear on the counter.

Taking a towel from the walls of her bathroom shelves, I hung it on the shower curtain rod. I then put the plugger in the bathtub and started the water. Getting it just the right temperature, I started to undress all the while getting extremely turned on. First I removed my work shirt, and as I pulled it off, my breasts became liberated. Proudly bouncing up and down a little, after all the upward pressure being put on them from the shirt being removed.

Seeing my new breasts was absolutely exciting, they were being held together with a plain white bra. Sitting there on my chest, I have huge feminine breasts. I fell a strangeness between my legs as I stared at my new breasts, I was getting turned on by my own body. Deciding to remove my bra, I put my hands behind me and fittled with the device. After a little struggle I finally removed it. My nipple’s immediately hardened from the coldness of the air. I grab both of my breasts, and the feeling that I felt before while manipulating them in the mirror is almost nothing, my naked breasts fell amazing.

After removing the bra and fondling myself a little (he he…) I remove my panties, looking down at them on my crotch. They are drenched in my love juices, and sticking to me. Slowly I remove them from my pussy, feeling them peel off from my new sex. This feeling is the utterly amazing, the act of removing the panties was enough to almost floor me. Something as stupid as removing a garment of clothing. Finally finishing the task of undressing I stood there, in all my naked glory.

I walk over to the bathroom mirror, admiring my body. Grabbing my tits, I noticed just how perky Meg is. I slowly move my hand to my hips and put my hands on them and mock the way Meg does it sometimes. Turning my body so that I can see my rear end and it is nice, her entire body is nice. I decide to go over and start bathing.

I walked over to the bath tub dipping my toe in first, the water fells great. I position myself to get into the tube. Getting in the tub I slowly get the shivers all over my body, as I fell my most secret parts touching the warm water. I grab the soap and start to wash my self, first I start with my arms; then my legs. I try to keep away from the groin and breasts for right now; I know nothing will get done if I touch them. It appears as if Meg hasn’t shaved for a day or so, taking that responsibility upon myself I grab her razor and start shaving. Starting with the armpits, and then finishing with my legs. After I finished shaving the normal areas, I notice that her pussy is an unshaved mess of hair, it looks like she hasn’t done anything will it. Deciding I should go all the way, I start to shave her pussy. It is a great feeling, but I get through it without having passion overtake me. I put the razor away and start to have my fun. I slowly feel the smoothness of my body, and it is a very erotic sensation.

It is time to stop fucking around I decided, I begin fondling my left tit using my left hand. Letting out a small gasp of pleasure I close my eye’s, making my way down to my pussy with my right hand. Slowly dragging my hand along my cute pudge stomach, down to the real prize. I finally get to my pussy, and stick my finger in it immediately. Feeling a sharp paint I quickly remove it. I know what I need to do, I need lubricate it. I start prodding around the fleshy walls of my new gender, looking for the treasure hidden there in. After a few seconds of looking I find it, the small lump of heaven known as the clit. I start rubbing it without thinking; suddenly I am taken by rushes of pleasure. My hips start to buck a little without me even noticing, my nipples became like rocks; hard and defiant. I keep rubbing faster and more furiously, I can hardly take it anymore. I almost want to stop it, but I keep going. Then it finally happens, as I cum I feel the pressure released as juices squirt from my twat.

I continued to play with my clit for awhile, until I finally let out a small scream of pleasure. Cumming again in this new body, it is the best thing I have ever felt. Soon after I had finally came again, I grew a strong yearning. I needed to put something inside of my vagina. My finger’s slowly moved with a mind of their own, finding residence inside myself. I started off with one. I slowly fingered myself, it wasn’t enough. So I had another 2 fingers join the first, one. I explored all the areas inside of me. Both hands had a job at this point, my right hand fingering furiously; and my left pleasing my nipples and clit. Masturbating for about 50 minutes I decided it was time to finish with my bath. So I cleaned the rest of my body thoroughly, even through all of the pleasure my body tempting me with. My body still wanted more, especially as I cleaned and rinsed my sensitive areas.

Finishing cleaning myself, I get up and grab the towel that I left on the shower curtain hanger. Drying myself off, I briskly go over the breasts and groin. Now getting dressed I slip the panties over my vagina sending small shocks throughout my body, same with the bra.

I decide I will go down stairs and get something to eat. I make a small TV dinner she had laying around.

Going over to the couch I sit and turn on the television. It’s just some stupid cinemax show. One of the soft-core porn ones. But I am compelled to watch it, as I see the women on the screen I can feel my pussy moisten, and my nipples harden. I put my hand underneath my panties and start to stimulate my most erotic areas. I keep the masturbation for the next hour and a half. Finally getting too exhausted to continue on I get up and go to bed. Dragging my feet along the ground I make it to bed, slipping under the covers to fall asleep.

My slumber is odd, unlike usual dreams that seem like an errant locomotive unable to be stopped or changed. I actually have control of all the dreams, in fact they could barely even be called dreams. They are more like piece of information provided by Megs mind, being absorbed into myself. As if they were always there. I finally get my fill for that night and just relax inside Megs mind.

Snapping back into reality, my vision blurs from the initial shock of using my eyes after 8 hours of having them closed. I get up tiredly and start to get some clothing ready. I pick out something really fancy, I always wondered what it was like to dress up as a women. I pick out a green satin dress, with a slit on the side. It also is strap less, wish I could see Meg wear this at work; it would make the nights go by real fast. I then go through and find a bustier, I set them both out on the bed. I continue looking through the closet to find some stockings; she must enjoy wearing these things because she’s got a ton. I find a green pair with a nice flower pattern embedded into them.

I take off my bra and panties to get dressed in my new attire. First I put the bustier on; it is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to put on. It easily takes me a half hour to put on. My breasts budge out at me even more now. It’s time to put the pantyhose on; I sit on the bed to put them on. I slowly get them over my right foot, and then even more slowly I move them along my leg. They slowly encase my entire leg, giving me a very erotic feeling. I then work on my left foot. Finally pulling my pantyhose over my naked vagina, the feeling of the hose on my pussy almost makes me cum. Finally is the dress I drop it on to the floor, and bring it up over my breasts. Grabbing the zipper from the back I pull upwards and zip myself in. The dress fits like a glove and shows off all my curves. I find a great pair of heels in the closet.

I walk over to the mirror intentionally swaying my hips more then I would naturally from walking in this body. I look at the mirror and am genuinely shocked, I look amazing. My legs and torso look heavenly. But I get up to my head, and other then seeing my face; I see another big problem. My body looks fantastic, but my hair is a mess, and I need makeup.

I go into the bathroom, and spend the next 2 hours working on my appearance; it isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. I seem to have Meg’s ability and make my hair into a very nice style. The makeup takes awhile but I get it all right, even though it doesn’t look right on my face. It still looks good though.

Knowing I wont is able to go out for a bit I hang out and get something to eat.

It’s about five o’clock now, and I am getting really horney I decide I should go out and try to get laid. But being with a man isn’t something I want to do so I go out to a gay club I know of. Well it doesn’t take me long at the club to find a beautiful woman who wants me.

She is about 24 or so and in very good shape. She has large C cup sized breasts. Her hair is long and red, to match her nails. She is wearing a lovely pair of pants, and a nice tight t-shirt. We start talking at the bar.

Sitting at the bar me and my new “friend” talk about all different sorts of things (most of which neither of us really care about). I let one of my shoes drop off, and I run it up her leg. She gives me a warm look, and then comes over and graces my face with her hands. I slip my shoe back on, and drag her out to the dance floor. We spend the next hour or so grinding each other. Barely able to contain myself from going down on her there, I have her come out to my car. We then drive off to my house.

We get out of the car and immediately start kissing each other deeply, our tongue’s dancing with each other. Slowly I start stroking her breasts. We make our way to the house while groping each other.

Leading her up to the bed room, she unzips my dress and I bring it down to my knees and take it off. I put my hand up her t-shirt, and fondle her. With my hand up her shirt I move my other hand to remove it. She agrees and lifts her arms to let it be taken off. I pull her closer to me her tits rubbing against mine, I put my hands around her back and grasp her bra’s clasp and undo it.

Following suit she puts her hands behind me and removes my bustier, having little trouble I might add.

I lightly touch her breasts with one hand, and have the other go down and start rubbing her pussy through her panties. She can’t seem to take it any more and stands up and removes her panties, and a then lie back down and furiously starts rubbing me through my panties. I am taken by pleasure and I bite my lip a little bit.

With a light laugh she goes down and removes my soaking panties from pussy. She looks at me and says, “you bad little girl you made a mess, now I have to clean it up.”

Quickly she spreads my legs around her head, and her tongue went to work. Licking my clit first and foremost, she barely touches it and I am cumming already. My juices squirt on her face; she is a bit surprised by this. But then decides to take advantage of it and make me cum another 6 times within 5 minutes.

I quickly get up and pick her up and put her up on the bed (the strength I have surprises even me). I then go down on here, for the next 30 minutes moving my tongue in and out of her most sensual areas. I bring her to orgasm at least 3 times. I guess my body is a lot more sensitive then hers.

We finish up the night with a nice shower were bathed each other and had some mischievous fun.

Getting back in the car we smiled at each other, we had some fun conversations on the way back to the club. I dropped her off at her car, and we parted ways. I then went back to Meg’s house and went to sleep again.

The next morning I decided to call Earl.

“Hello?” Earl tiredly asks.

“Earl it’s me Gene!” I say excitedly.

Earl responds “Who? Oh you must be that hopper from the other day. Kid you never told me your name, but it’s nice to know it.”

“Oh sorry, I got overwhelmed the last time we met and…” I said

“Well did you do it? Did you hop into a new body?” Earl interrupts

“Yes, and thank you for teaching me how do it, I just wanted to thank you” I graciously said.

Laughing, Earl says, “Don’t worry about it kid, I’m glad to help. You’re lucky you called today, I am about to mount this new women. She is amazing, but listen I’ll talk to you later, Ok?”

I responded, “Ok. Bye.”

Not feeling up to cooking a big breakfast, I sit down and grab some cereal, milk, and a bowl. Putting the bowl in the sink after completing my cereal, I get up and head to the bathroom. I use the bathroom, almost unable to not pleasure myself after taking care of business. But I control my impulses, get up and leave the bathroom. I think it’s about time to go home, Meg has to work today and I’m off. I don’t want to have to go to work today.

“OH SHIT” I said to myself. I forgot work yesterday; I guess I will need to take earl up on his offer after all. My boss will fire you if you don’t have a good reason for a no call no show. But oh well, I’m going to go home.

I exit Meg’s body with ease, dressing and; collecting my effects I exit Megs house and walk back home (which takes about an hour.) I get home around 12 noon and get something to eat, guess eating in Meg’s body didn’t help me much. After finishing my food, I put my plate away and head upstairs to think of whom I would mount next…