Hoppers' Holiday - Chapter 2

By DocVS

63 minute read -

The next morning (Thursday 10:30 AM)…

Polly Adams was walking as fast as her 3-inch white strappy heels would allow her towards the main exhibit hall, as she was already ten minutes late to her meeting. She was rather impatient as she nervously placed a long red-painted fingernail and began to lightly nibble on it. As the 35-year-old assistant curator for the Pacific West Asian Museum in San Jose, her concern was justified as she was in charge of overseeing and facilitating the big Japanese samurai exhibit that was debuting later this month. It was a daunting task and the incessant demands and tasks from Mr. Parsons, aka the museum curator, did not help matters.

Not only was Polly responsible for managing the transport and placement of all of the ancient Japanese relics spanning more than 700 years, but she also had to cater and satisfy the needs of the visiting group of Japanese historians, archaeologists, and investors that were sponsoring this exhibit; that group would certainly attend the exhibit’s opening next Friday, which was a week from today. Typically both herself and Mr. Parsons would need at least two weeks to prepare the debut of a big, extensive exhibit, including the reception and food/drink afterwards. Unfortunately, she had even less time now since she was flying solo.

“Thank goodness for my nieces,” Polly thought as she quickly hurried her steps. She didn’t know what she would have done if Jessica and Elizabeth was not available to help. She still remembered asking her older sister Nancy for help, and Nancy was gracious enough to volunteer her two lovely daughters, seeing as they would be free this summer to assist. Not only that, but Polly was well aware that both girls were young and quite attractive, so she would be able to count on them to serve as hostesses during opening night’s festivities.

Although a bit flustered, Polly knew how to keep up appearances. Tall and slender, she had a lovely face marked by modestly alluring light- green eyes and thin, delicate lips, decorated today with a gentle coat of light red lipstick. With gorgeous, flowing shoulder-length dark red hair, Polly chose to wear/style this in a smart, conservative bun, which accompanied a pair of small, thin framed eyeglasses placed over the bridge over her perfectly shaped nose. This morning Polly had chosen to wear a smart, chic navy blue business jacket with a color- contrasting white blouse underneath, allowing for a modest, professional look, as well as revealing just a hint of the cleavage wonderfully achieved by her magnificently pert 38C breasts. This was further complemented by a cotton white pleated skirt - its hemline measured down to the middle of her shapely thighs, which enhanced her widened hips. An appropriately placed adjustable white leather belt completed her ensemble.

As Polly turned the corner to reach the main exhibit hall, she frowned as Orville S. Parsons stood in the middle, waiting for her. As a short, hunched, portly, 65-year-old overweight man with a nebbish sort of personality, Mr. Parsons wasn’t exactly the most pleasant person to work for. He had a curmudgeon personality, typical for someone working at the museum for the past 30 years. Mr. Parsons was wearing his usual tacky tweed suit, with a horrendous bowtie that unfortunately clashed and made his awkwardness stand out even more. Polly wondered before if Mr. Parsons had ever been married, or even had a girlfriend…thought she seriously doubted that was the case.

Standing next to Mr. Parsons was Kristin Jacobs, Polly’s secretary. Kristin had not been working at the museum long but she had fast become Polly’s closest friend and confidante. At 25, Kristin was very attractive, with hazel-colored eyes that perfectly matched her light coffee-colored hair, which had been arranged in a sexy, simple bob. Also possessing quite a lithe figure, she was dressed today in a sleeveless light-yellow blouse, with a white lace bra underneath that supported her ample 36D breasts. With long smooth legs, and a round, pleasing bottom, Kristin’s lovely tanned body also perfectly accommodated the medium-brown colored satin skirt she chose to wear for this morning’s meeting. She held a small clipboard in both of her hands as she smiled sympathetically to Polly.

“Polly! Where the devil have you been??? You’re fifteen minutes late!” yelled Mr. Parsons with an annoying grumble.

“I’m sorry Mr. Parsons,” apologized Polly. “I was unaware of the change in the meeting location. I thought we were still having it in your office.”

“No no no! My dear, you must pay attention to the little details if you expect to handle this exhibit well. You know the week before opening night I ALWAYS want to hold meetings AT the exhibit itself so we can survey and make any changes.” said Mr. Parsons, visibly annoyed at Polly’s inefficient nature.

“Yes sir…I’m sorry, it won’t happen again…”

Mr. Parsons quizzically looked at Polly with his beady little eyes, and then pushed his high-prescription circular set of bifocals upwards on his face. “Alright so…how are we coming along then?”

Polly quickly pulled out a large brown portfolio from her handbag, and opened it to reveal the layouts and design that she had roughly sketched and typed. “I have the general overview sir. We just got in all the pieces so it shouldn’t take too much time to arrange them appropriately according to my layout, well…except for the bigger pieces.” She handed the portfolio to Mr. Parsons, who accepted it and pored over every little detail. Polly gulped, “Ummm…I have not yet worked on the reception plans yet sir, as I still need to find an appropriate caterer. And when the visiting Japanese group arrives, I still have to arrange for lodging and accommodations.”

Mr. Parsons closed the portfolio and handed it back to Polly, shaking his head. “Tsk tsk…Mrs. Adams, you disappoint me. I expected better from you. When I gave you the chance to handle this exhibit, I was under the impression you would ‘knock it out of the park.’ Those were your exact words, am I not mistaken?”

“Yes sir, I know I’m a little behind. But I have dedicated staff such as Kristin to help. Oh, and my nieces are coming to visit and help out soon…”

“I don’t want any more excuses Mrs. Adams. I will check back on you later this week. If you do not shape up, I will be forced to take over the exhibit myself and salvage whatever mess you seem to have caused. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mr. Parsons sir.”

“Goodie,” said Mr. Parsons. “Now if you will excuse me, I have to work on my speech for the exhibit. I’ll be in my office if you need me.” Mr. Parsons then quickly walked over to the far end of the museum hall and was soon out of sight.

Polly breathed a sigh of relief. “Whew…well, I guess that could have gone worse.”

Kristin softly smiled. “Looks like someone didn’t get their chamomile tea this morning.”

Polly giggled at Kristin’s sarcastic response. “That man seriously needs a life, hehe. Oh well…it’s nice to know that I can always count on you to cheer me up.”

“Hey, that’s what I do boss!” Kristin said, beaming.

“What’s that? Boss? You’ve never called me that before.” remarked Polly, tilting her head curiously at Kristin and raising an eyebrow.

“Hmmm? R-Really?” Kristin winced, a little embarrassed, as she attempted to correct her small faux paus. “I haven’t? I meant more…b-boss lady. Yeah, b-boss lady, cause you know….I work for you and…”

“Kris honey, do me a favor - don’t worry so much. So what’s up?”

“There’s a gentleman here to see you; he has a personal artifact he wants to donate to the exhibit. He’s sitting in your office right now.” replied Kristin.

“Ugghh….another one? We’re already full Kris, I don’t think Mr. Parsons would like me to squeeze in…”

“The gentleman said he would not take up too much of your time. Says he REALLY wants to meet you.” replied Kristin, interrupting Polly.

“Sheesh…ok fine. I’ll head there right now. Thanks for telling me Kristin,” sighed Polly as she headed upstairs to her office on the second floor. Kristin wiped the small beads of sweat off of her forehead, looking at her watch somewhat impatiently as she followed closely behind Polly.

Polly hoped that the meeting she was about to have with the mysterious gentleman wouldn’t take too long, as she had to catch up with all of the tasks she had not completed yet for the exhibit opening. Jessica and Elizabeth’s flight would also be coming in between 11:00 and 11:30 this morning, so Polly wanted to at least make a few phone calls before she met up with her nieces.

As Polly opened the glass door to her modest-looking office, complete with an office desk full of paperwork and documents neatly organized and arranged, she soon spotted an elderly gentlemen sitting in the chair. The man was somewhat taller than Polly, and he apparently looked to be in his mid-70’s, with greying hair and considerable wrinkles, more than likely due to a combination of aging and tobacco use. He was dressed in a grey flannel suit, with a small gold pocket watch located in his left pocket. As he turned around to greet her, Polly could see that his right hand was holding a bronze cane which helped him maintain his balance.

“Hello…I’m Polly Adams, assistant curator for the museum,” Polly said politely, offering her hand in greeting. “And you are?”

“Delighted Miss Adams…”

“It’s Mrs. Adams actually,” corrected Polly.

“Oh I’m sorry, my apologies. Well my name is Harold Nelson, but please call me Harry.” the elderly gentleman smiled, speaking in a deep, rich, gravelly timbre while accepting Polly’s handshake.

“Um…alright,” replied Polly, as she walked around her desk to sit down. “So what can I do for you today? I apologize I do not have much time to chat but my secretary here mentioned you had an exclusive Japanese artifact to donate for the exhibit?” Polly gestured to Kristin who was casually seated on the edge of Polly’s desk, scribbling down notes on her clipboard.

“Ah yes, the artifact…mmhmmm…indeed,” remarked Harry, who was at the moment strangely looking over Polly like a piece of meat. “We must certainly…talk about the artifact, I wholeheartedly agree..”

“Um…Mr. Nelson? Are you alright?” asked Polly, confused and a little bit concerned.

“H-Hmm? Yes, my dear I reckon I am. My apologies, I was just overwhelmed by your beauty. You are quite a lovely young woman.” replied Harry, flashing an insincere smile.

“Um, thank you,” said Polly, uncertain about the compliment she just received. “So…the artifact?”

“Oh! My apologies, excuse me. Yes, I wanted to donate this.” Harry then pulled out a small brown bag, placing it on Polly’s desk. Carefully unwrapping it, he revealed a statue of a white fox perched on a small pedestal.

Polly adjusted her glasses as she picked up the statue and looked at it carefully, while Kristin left Polly’s side, carrying her clipboard. “A white kitsune statue…one of my most prized possessions. Carved from imperial white granite stone. Carbon dating has estimated it to be created in the 1400’s, around the time of feudal Japan,” said Harry, smiling proudly.

Lifting the statue in her hand, Polly noted the weight of the sculpture which was surprisingly light. “Do you know what kitsune are, Mrs. Adams?” asked Harry.

Polly nodded, looking at up at Harry. “Yes, they are known as Japanese fox-spirits, they also served as guardians and protectors in Japanese folklore.”

“Beautiful. Couldn’t have said it better myself,” winked Harry, nodding. “Kitsune were known indeed as animal fox-spirit guardians, but they also had a particular habit for…ahem, possessing people.”

Polly gave Harry a skeptical look as she placed the statue on the table. “Well that’s very interesting Mr. Nelson but I’m afraid the museum can’t accept your donation as this is obviously not…”

“There was always an underlying motive to these possessions,” Harry continued. “Sometimes it was as an act of revenge, perhaps a jilted lover punishing an unfaithful partner. A lot of times though, it was for pure personal gain or selfish pleasure, hehe…” Harry then stood up, calmly approaching Polly.

Polly’s eyes widened as she slightly backed away. “Mr. Nelson! W-What are you doing???”

“Shhhh….” Harry said with a reserved yet fiendish grin. “Why Mrs. Adams, let’s just say I am seeking my own personal gain or selfish pleasure. And your lovely body is going to help me with that!”

“K-Kristin! Call security now!” cried Polly as she tried to back away from Harry, terrified.

Kristin nodded, placing her clipboard on top of Polly’s desk as she headed to the door. However, instead of opening the door, she instead slowly closed and turned the lock clockwise, effectively trapping Polly. She turned to face Polly with a strange, unsettling smirk on her deceptively pretty face.

Polly was shocked. “Kris? W-Why are you standing there? And w-why did you just lock…”

“What’s wrong, ‘boss lady’? Ev’rythin’ all right? Yo, just make it easy bitch, and let my ol’ friend hop ya,” replied Kristin in an evil, menacing, deep ghetto-sounding baritone. She then walked over next to Harry, wrapping her svelte arms around his waist, as she too inched menacingly closer to her frightened boss.

Out of the corner of her eye, Polly looked at Kristin’s reflection in the full-length antique mirror situated to the left of her desk. She squinted in terror, as she could not believe her eyes. Kristin’s delicate, adorable face had been replaced with that of a large African- American male, with a large furrowed brow, big nostrils, and thick lips along with a noticeable 5 o’clock shadow. It was a perverse sight, like something you would see in a Photoshop manipulation, only this wasn’t fantasy. It was horrifyingly real.

“W-what the hell are you people? W-what do you want from me?” Polly shrieked, completely terrified as ‘Kristin’ quickly walked behind Polly and twisted her right arm, causing a considerable amount of discomfort.

“Tsk tsk…so many questions.” said Harry with a lecherous smile as ‘Kristin’ chuckled deeply in response. He suddenly wrapped his arms around Polly, licking her face. “And I’m the person to answer them…”

Pressing his body closely against Polly’s frame, Harry soon closed his eyes. Polly could feel every bit of his wrinkled face and was completely disgusted. She was however stunned when she suddenly felt her entire body slowly passing through a weird, gelatin-like substance. She started to suffocate, unable to move as she could hear Harry’s deep, resonant voice inside her head, “Do not panic…for you are about to have your body taken over, or what we call ‘bodyhopped.’ You see, my associate and I are called bodyhoppers. We are basically like the kitsune spirits in our conversation, except well…a little different. I said I would take VERY good care of you, and I meant every word, hehe…”

“Hopped? I-I don’t understand,” Polly cried.

“You’re about to relinquish your body, memories, and personality to me. As I meld into you, I will acquire your entire essence, and will utilize your beauty and wit to my twisted delight and advantage.”

Polly tried to will herself to move her right hand but it remained stationary as Harry continued, “I’m sorry, but I have paralyzed you as you will have to remain still for the process to complete. By the way in the off-chance you’re actually curious, I have been a bodyhopper for more years than you could ever imagine. I feast off the sexual gratification and lust of all the lovely ladies I hop/possess, not to mention it is a chance at immortality. I suppose I could hop young virile males, but where’s the fun in that? It’s a well-known fact a woman’s orgasm is considerably more potent and memorable than that of a man’s. So sexually speaking, I’m a greedy sonofabitch, haha!”

“Y-You bastard! You w-won’t get away with t-this!” Polly yelled in a panicked tone.

“Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to your lovely secretary Kristin, my associate Lou had already hopped her yesterday, prior to your meeting with Mr. Parsons. He certainly is enjoying Kristin’s body and the way she dressed, isn’t that right Lou?”

“Definitely Harry, dis bitch’s body be sooo tight!” winked Kristin/Lou gruffly, groping her breasts underneath her sleeveless yellow blouse.

“You see, the both of us are about to embark on an exciting holiday in Sin City this weekend, with a few other friends. Incidentally, you and your nieces will provide the perfect guises for us to engage in such wild, uninhibited activities. We just have to avoid any digital camera/video devices and mirrors or else people see our true faces, just like you were able to see Lou’s face on your secretary’s body.”

Polly slowly noticed that it was harder to stay awake, as her eyes started to droop a little more. “If you lay a hand on Jess and Liz…”

“Oh my dear, I would never stoop to physical violence! I assure you, we will have our friends, heh, ‘chaperone’ your lovely nieces during our vacation,” chuckled Harry. But for now, it is time for you to sleep Miss Adams. I certainly cannot have your consciousness interfere with our plans for a wild and sexy weekend holiday. We’ll actually be heading back to your place, because your female hormones mixed with my male libido is a combination that is just waiting to be released, with the help of Lou here.”

“Don’t worry about the exhibit…with a body like yours, you really don’t need a job like that anymore…sweet dreams, if you can find them, hehe…

Polly tried to keep her eyes open, but her body was growing limp, and she soon lapsed into unconsciousness…

Earlier that morning (6:00 AM)…


The sound of the blaring alarm jolted Elizabeth from her deep sleep, as she blindly located the snooze button on top of her alarm clock and mashed it down. She groggily tried to lift her head, as the bright rays of sunlight entered her bedroom window through the blinders. Not to mention long strands of her soft honey-blonde hair were completely obscuring her view.

Elizabeth looked over at the alarm clock which read: 6:00 am. “Ugghh…too early,” she growled, whispering softly to herself. Eddie could sift from Elizabeth’s memories that she was generally a young girl with a disciplined regimen, rising even earlier than 6:00 am to brush her teeth, shower, and do some quick, low impact stretching exercises before breakfast. Elizabeth had not had much to drink at Quentin’s last night before Eddie bodyhopped her, but Eddie had spent a good part of the night exploring Elizabeth’s wonderfully luscious body, playing with Elizabeth’s young, tight pussy till about 2:00 am. Now Eddie would have to feel the consequences of sleep deprivation while possessing the body of a young, healthy, 19-year old woman.

Elizabeth was startled by a loud knock on the door. “Liz? Are you up yet?”

Clearing her throat, Elizabeth plopped herself back on the bed, covering her body with her blanket, as she moaned, “Unnnnnggggggh….”

The door opened and Jessica strode in, looking radiant and refreshed. She was wearing a long pink nightshirt and was barefoot; her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she had applied a gentle layer of modest makeup, including a natural shaded blush and light plum colored lip- gloss. She smiled at her younger sister. “Hey sleepyhead. I thought you told me college had, and I quote, ‘changed you for the better?’ Guess not, huh?” she grinned, taking a pillow off of Elizabeth’s bed and playfully smacking it onto Elizabeth’s bottom.

“C’mon sis…just five more minutes…” whined Elizabeth sleepily.

“Nope Lizzy, you knew the rules, time to get up! We have to leave the airport at 7:00 am so we can make our flight.”

“Ugghh, fine…I’ll…I’ll be down soon…” Elizabeth replied unwillingly, yawning.

“You got just enough time to shower and look all pretty before we leave. I’m gonna go and change into my outfit. Don’t keep me waiting now. Breakfast is on the table when you come down.” said Jessica, exiting the room with a spry bounce in her step and closing the door behind her.

“Good riddance…god who knew this hottie’s sister would be such a fuckin’ bitch,” growled Elizabeth silently. She slowly sat up from her bed, still rubbing her baby blues, then walked over to the full-length cream-colored mirror to examine her sexy body more closely.

Elizabeth grinned while looking at her reflection, eyeing her body in a perverse, twisted manner, examining every bit of her shapely form as if she was seeing it for the first time. Eddie once again saw the adorable baby blue nightie that he had chosen for Elizabeth to wear (and masturbate in) before turning in last night. He lightly teased Elizabeth’s inner thighs underneath the flimsy fabric of her nightie; they were still a bit moist. Biting her lower lip, Elizabeth cupped her large, inviting breasts, squeezing them gently. Eddie’s horny side soon took over, and he immediately stripped Elizabeth’s nightie off of her body, before examining the mirror again.

Damn, Eddie thought. What a body…sooo glad she will be my mount for this vacation. Eddie’s libidinous grin, as well as his pudgy, scruffy, mustachioed face looked quite odd and off-putting atop Elizabeth’s sexy, pleasing form. In addition, he now had an up close and personal perspective of Elizabeth’s entire body in the nude, and was able to identify several unique features. For instance, Elizabeth had a small birthmark over her left shoulder, and she had a small light brown- pigmented mole on her right thigh. Eddie also focused on Elizabeth’s supple breasts, now free of their constriction. He squeezed them again, and held them in his dainty, feminine hands. They felt big, but not too overly big. Elizabeth’s nipples were colored in a darker shade of pink but were quite prominent, and as Eddie brushed his fingers lightly against them, they perked up, causing Eddie to gasp and react with glee.

Elizabeth looked toward the bed, and then to her clock on the nightstand: 6:10 am. A sly smirk crept upon her face as she sauntered over to the door and peered out into the hallway to make sure Jessica was out of sight. Returning to her room, she immediately locked her door. Once the door was secure, Elizabeth climbed onto the bed, propping a few pillows against her headboard as she settled to have a little “session” this morning.

Her slender right hand first wandered over to caress and tease the trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair, as the gentle pad of her fingertips sent small erotic chills down her spine. Each gentle stroke caused her entire body to lightly shudder. A pleasant warm tingling soon came over Elizabeth/Eddie; this girl did have a very fine, smooth pubic mound but Eddie knew the fun would begin once he became a bit more aggressive and naughty…

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s left hand began to idly tease the tip of her left nipple, as she squeezed and massaged it slowly in a gentle circular motion. A light, breathy moan escaped Elizabeth’s lovely, moist lips; soon thereafter she added a bit more movement with her left hand and forearm, cupping and kneading her fleshy, supple globes in a methodical, erotic sequence that would follow her right hand’s actions. Eddie loved the girth of Elizabeth’s breasts; they were titillating to touch and even more so to grope.

Elizabeth’s high-pitched moan slowly degenerated in pitch to Eddie’s rumbling, booming baritone as soon as she introduced two fingers to flick and pet her outer labia. Her moan then devolved into a deep growl as Elizabeth placed two slender fingers into her womanly orifice, spreading the labial folds apart. She peered down and smiled at the pink goodness and the easy visibility of her sensitive clit. Arching her back and spreading her shapely inner thighs a bit more, Elizabeth quickened her motions, rubbing and teasing her clit, as a clear film of her pussy juices started to moisten her two fingers. She moved faster and faster, increasing the speed of her breast kneading/groping, molesting her naked body like a wild animal that could not get enough. Her eyes suddenly widened as she reached climax - her white creamy nectar drenched her fingers as it naturally squirted in short droves, spreading and collecting on top of her bedspread. Elizabeth/Eddie let out a deep, satisfying cry of pleasure as she bucked her lips, letting the orgasm run its course, her juices continuing to squirt haphazardly onto the bed. As her heart rate began to slow down, Elizabeth’s body went limp as she slid her entire body back onto the bed. Beads of sweat had formed across her smooth forehead and cheeks, and her angelic face had turned a light shade of red. She was still breathing quite heavily, her breasts heaving as her diaphragm pushed them upwards with every exhale.

Elizabeth laid there motionless for a few minutes, satisfied with her “session.” She had a crooked, content smile on her lovely face, as she stuck out her tongue to lick the sweet juices of her pussy from her naturally lubricated fingers. She turned to look over at the clock: 6:25 am.

“Shit, I’m late!” exclaimed Elizabeth upon realizing that she had just wasted quite a lot of time. She quickly arose from her bed and hurried to the bathroom, her inner thighs still a bit shiny and sticky. She looked over at her bed sheets, which were sullied with small pools of her cum. She had no time to clean them right now - they would have to wait. Reaching over to turn on the hot water faucet in her shower, Elizabeth grabbed a nearby towel and then closed the bathroom door behind her.

Harry could barely hear a voice call out as he began to stir. Time seemed to stand still for him, as he heard a mixture of loud and soft sounds, his hearing and vision heightened to almost inhuman levels, making it all a confusing blur. He also was rather dizzy, squinting his eyes as the voice calling out began to be more discernible. At first a muffled, blocky mess, the voice soon coalesced to a deep, gruff, guttural ghetto-accented baritone audibly calling out in his ear, “Harry??? Harry??? You ol’ geezer, wake up man! Harry???”

Harry soon noticed the haziness and dizziness subside. He looked upwards, and saw the attractive, warm-appearing face of Polly’s secretary Kristin, leaning forward, though she had a disapproving scowl this time. Harry could smell Kristin’s lavender-scented perfume, the fumes a bit noxious to his nostrils. “Ugggghhh….Lou…what is that god awful smell?” Harry said, almost choking.

“My mount’s perfumey shit. Hell, I’m havin’ a hard time toleratin’ it m’self. Glad you’re up though dawg.” grinned Kristin, speaking in that same baritone which unmistakably belonged to his friend Lou Robinson. At 43 years of age, Lou certainly felt at home in Kristin’s gorgeous, tight-fitting body. Lou leaned closer, causing Kristin’s soft breasts to make close contact with Harry. “So how ya feel?”

The first thing Harry noticed was the gentle squeeze of Kristin’s pillowy lumps pressing against his chest…or rather, his new womanly breasts. His body overall felt considerably softer, and more fragile. The lighter weight of his entire body, along with the disappearance of the aches and stiffness which plagued Harry’s frail body for most of his life, both confirmed that he had once again successfully bodyhopped into someone of the fairer sex. A roguish smile crept up on Polly’s sophisticated face, as she now spoke in Harry’s deep resonant timbre. “Quite well, Miss Kristin, quite well…”

Immediately attempting to stand up, Harry/Polly was assisted by Kristin, who took Polly’s slender hand and smiled mischievously. “Welcome to Cuntville, Miss Adams, hehe…” chuckled Kristin.

Polly held her slender finger to Kristin’s luscious lips. “Oh Kris, how many times I have to tell you, it’s Mrs. Adams.” she corrected, before Harry broke off from his flawless impersonation of Polly, laughing heartily in his deep baritone. “God she was such an arrogant bitch!”

Kristin grinned, winking at her ‘boss’. “No shit man!” she growled.

“Oh and I prefer you to call it my ‘welcome to womanhood’ Kris,” chimed Harry again perfectly imitating Polly’s stern, feminine tone.

Kristin sneered and winked at Polly. “Well! Look who’s all fuckin’ high on h-himsel..I mean h-herself!”

Polly surveyed her entire body in front of the full-length mirror in Polly’s office. Harry’s unmistakably wrinkled, tired face had replaced Polly’s own facial features, although Polly’s stylized dark red hair framed his decrepit, masculine face perfectly. She reached behind to unclasp and remove the pin holding her hair up in a tight bun. Upon doing so, her dark red hair gently and softly moved downwards, the silky smooth strands catching itself at the base of Polly’s svelte shoulders. ‘Polly’ stood there for a few more minutes, looking in the mirror. Even for a woman in her mid-30’s, Harry felt very fortunate to have completely bodyhopped such an attractive-looking woman. She ran her hands all along her curves, teasing the fabric of her business jacket before slowly slipping the front buttons off. As the jacket opened, Harry could feel his new female body relax and sink a bit; the outfit must have REALLY constricted Polly in order for her to keep up appearances. Polly then unbuttoned a bit of Polly’s white blouse, its silky smooth surface stimulating Harry as he used Polly’s delicate fingers for a bit of personal teasing. Harry peered down, and smiled. Braless mounds of loveliness were enclosed, and they jiggled freely as Harry lightly bounced up and down.

“I’ve been hopping beautiful women for years, Lou. I tell you, this NEVER gets old!” chuckled Polly in her perversely baritone voice, still jiggling her breasts playfully.

‘Kristin’ soon wrapped her arms around her possessed boss. “Hehe, I’m glad you appreciate them finer things in life man, like a sexy bitch’s bod! But yo, we got a job to do. The next set of bitches is flyin’ in

  • your nieces. So let’s head over to your mount’s place, and then when they get here, I’ll be able to ‘trade-up’, hehe…” she said with a wicked grin on her smooth, gentle face. Kristin ended her sentence by lewdly licking Polly’s cheek, causing Polly to let out a deep baritone sounding moan of pleasure.

“Mmmm….right,” nodded Polly. “God, I’m glad I can drop the whole ‘kitsune’ shtick and fuckin’ grandfather act. That was pretty cheesy acting, even for me.” She held up the white fox statue, smiling. “Who would ever guess that this statue is actually just a plastic piece of junk, hehe…”

“Yo dawg, she almost did, before you hopped her! I think she was gonna say we were fuckin’ crazy or some shit.”

“Well good thing we put a stop to that, right? But let me just get my, I mean, Polly’s things and then we’ll…”

Suddenly a loud knock was heard from outside Polly’s office. “Mrs. Adams? Come right out this minute!” said a whiny, authoritative, dismissive voice.

“Ugghh, Mr. Wonderful is here to talk to me,” sighed Polly. Kristin chuckled, “Yo…why don’t you give ol’ dickhead a piece a’ Polly’s mind, hehe…”

Polly nodded, smiling. “Ya know what? Not a bad idea. I’m sure the real Polly never had the balls to do that, so I’m gonna go and do her a favor, haha!”

Polly immediately finished buttoning herself up and straightening her hair, but forwent the conservative bun. Walking over to open her office door, she sure enough saw Mr. Parson tapping his foot impatiently. “Your door was locked Mrs. Adams. Why was your door locked, hmmm? Something to hide?”

Polly cleared her throat and then said, “No sir…I was just having a conversation with Kristin…just girl talk, Mr. Parsons, that’s all.”

Mr. Parsons was unconvinced, as he folded his arms. “Time is money Mrs. Adams, and we certainly can’t waste any more time. Have you made the phone calls you were supposed to do?”

“No sir, not yet…but I will…”

“Tsk tsk tsk…it’s already 10:45 am this morning and you STILL haven’t done it?” said Mr. Parsons, visibly and unjustifiably disappointed. “You need to shape up Polly. I knew when you begged me to give you this project you weren’t up to the task. Always late, always unprepared, giving me a blasted head..”

“Oh shut the fuck up you little dickhead!” snapped Polly, narrowing her eyes. As the new Polly, Harry had definitely had enough of this unpleasant little man.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me, loud and clear. God, you’re like a little gnat, and those get soooo fucking annoying, buzzing in your ear,” yelled Polly. Kristin quietly chuckled at Polly’s insult while Mr. Parsons of course was not amused.

“Young lady, watch your language! Do you know who you are talking to?”

“Oh, I don’t know, do you?” chimed Polly, standing up to face the nebbish Mr. Parsons, as Polly’s height seemed to tower over her short- statured boss. “You know what, fuck this! I’ve been busting my ass trying to get this fucking exhibit ready, and for some fucking reason, my efforts are never good enough for you. Well fuck that, and fuck you! Do it your own fuckin-self, if you’re so fuckin’ good at it. I quit! Kristin honey, get your stuff and come with me.”

Mr. Parsons backed away, his face livid, as Polly grabbed her handbag and stormed out of the door. Kristin quickly followed but not before shaking her head, smiling, and whispering to Mr. Parson’s ear in a breathy voice, “Get a life, dickhead, hehe…” As the door slammed shut, Mr. Parsons just stood there, frozen in disbelief.

“Holy shit, dawg, that was fuckin’ awesome man!” boomed Kristin/Lou as she walked closely next to Polly. “I was wid’ your mount and that fuckin’ dickhead yesterday and he basically makes her life a livin’ hell!”

“Yes well, he certainly made me mad, yelling at me in front of my lovely secretary, hehe…” chuckled Polly/Harry as she pulled Kristin’s svelte body closer to her side, wrapping her slender arms around Kristin’s beautifully shaped bottom and slipping a naughty squeeze. Polly suddenly stoped walking, squinching her eyes and stomping her left foot in exasperation. “Doh!”

“What’s wrong dawg?”

“Those two girls are supposed to meet up with ‘Aunt Polly’ at the museum to help out. But now that I’ve quit, what do we do?”

“Got ya covered man. Just text Eddie, cause according to Larry, he should be in dat younger bitch, what was her name, Elizabeth? So text Eddie to have them meet you at Aunt Polly’s house when they arrive. Piece of cake!” winked Kristin with a fiendish grin.

“You do it,” Polly said, handing Kristin her smartphone. “I have to drive and we need to stop by and pick up some, ahem…things, before we go home.”

“Oooooooh…cooed Kristin, playfully using her sweet sounding voice, as she busily began to text ‘Elizabeth.’ “Are you gonna buy us some sexy toys and shit, Mrs. Adams?”

“Why yes Kristin, indeed I am, haha!” laughed Polly, mixing her soft giggles with Kristin’s, which eventually both turned into manly sounding guffaws echoing loudly as they exited the front door of the museum.

30,000 feet above…

Elizabeth felt a modest nudge of her shoulder, waking her up from her deep slumber and startling her. “Lizzy,” whispered Jessica. “Pssst…hey Liz!”

“Unnnnnghhhh…huh?” moaned Elizabeth, rubbing her eyes. As her vision slowly cleared, she saw that she had been leaning against the tiny circular window while sound asleep in her seat. Looking out that window briefly, Elizabeth saw a vast landscape of blue skies and puffy white clouds, with the rays of the sun shining brightly on her face.

“Wake up sleepy sis, rise and shine!” Jessica said.

“H-how long have I been asleep Jess?” asked Elizabeth.

“For practically the entire flight. We’re going to land in like half an hour according to the captain.” replied Jessica, smiling. “Did you get enough sleep last night?”

Elizabeth yawned, brushing back a strand of blonde hair that had fallen in front of her face. “Y-Yeah, I did…I don’t know why I feel so tired though today.”

Jessica grinned. “I’ve never heard you snore that loud in well like, ever. You must have had too good a time with Candy yesterday evening.

Elizabeth shook her head, embarrassed. “Oh my god, did I really do that?” Elizabeth silently cursed herself - one of Eddie’s bad habits had always been being a horribly loud snorer, and that must have transferred over during his hop into Elizabeth’s body.

“Yes, you did. It’s ok Liz, I forgive you this time,” smiled Jessica. “But now fun time is over sis - Aunt Polly wanted us to come directly to the museum so we can help her out with the exhibit.”

“Awww…really?” We don’t even get a chance to enjoy Cali first?”

“Sorry Lizzy, Aunt Polly gave us explicit instructions. Told me that she would be very busy and that we should either find her assistant Kristin and to avoid her boss, Mr…Parker I think is his name.”

DING “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign. Please return all of your trays to their upright positions and make sure your seatbelts are fully fastened. At this time, please also turn off all electronic devices. Our attendants will be by to gather any trash items you may have. Currently the weather in San Jose is partly cloudy with a temperature of 74 degrees. We will be starting our descent shortly, thank you.” a pleasant female voice said over the speaker.

Elizabeth fell back in her chair, looking at her watch. Finally, she thought. She still wasn’t sure what ‘Candace’ had said to her the other night, but according to the plan, all the targets had been infiltrated and hopped, save for Jessica. Hopefully Harry and Lou knew what to do next Elizabeth braced herself, her chest prominently jutting out while she inhaled deeply, as the plane began to trace its routine circular descent.

The silver BMW quietly made its way through a semi-twisted path, a path surrounded by many prominent oak and maple trees on both sides. It had been only about a half an hour since Harry had hopped Polly and quit her job at the museum. Since then, Harry and Lou (who currently occupied the lovely form of Polly’s secretary Kristin) had both taken Polly’s BMW as they headed out of San Jose, towards a nearby northern California suburb where Polly lived. They were already surprised and impressed that Polly drove an expensive BMW, especially given the pittance Mr. Parsons had generally paid for her position as assistant curator for the museum, but they were even more stunned as they drove past the large iron gates, which soon opened to reveal the Adams’s opulent home: a large, spacious 3500 square foot villa with a unique Tuscan-deco-themed layout. The path soon forked into an immaculate stone-laid driveway, which they followed all the way up. Still in awe, Harry brought the BMW to a slow crawl, then shut off the engine as he parked the car right in front of the front door.

“Shit man, your mount’s fuckin’ loaded!” said Kristin gruffly, opening the car door and getting out of the BMW’s passenger side. As she stood and planted her heels firmly to maintain her balance, Kristin smoothed her brown satin skirt, wiggling her shapely hips as she continued to stare at the massive house. “Why da hell would she work in dat fuckin’ shithole of a job at the museum?”

“Beats the hell out of me,” shrugged Polly, grunting deeply as she struggled to find her house keys inside her handbag. After a few minutes she was able to locate them, before exiting the BMW. Also straightening her business jacket, Polly inserted the keys into the gold lock. “Well Lou my man, let’s see if ‘Mrs. Polly Adams’ here truly lives large, hehe…” grinned Polly as she turned the doorknob and pushed the tall, ornate mahogany door forward, while slowly stepping into the house.

As soon as Polly walked through the front door, she heard a loud constant beeping sound from within the house. Pinpointing its source, Polly turned on the lights and located a white security alarm system. By accessing Polly’s memories, it took little effort for Harry to punch in the correct four-digit passcode, which silenced the alarm for good.

“Hehe, always handy to have access to your mount’s mem’ries to do shit like that, right dawg?” Kristin said with a chuckle as she walked into the house shortly after Polly turned off the alarm. Her jaw suddenly dropped, as she found herself inside the luxurious interior of the Adams’s home. Both herself and Polly were standing inside the ornately decorated foyer of the luxury home. Off to the side, Polly could see a red-themed parlor complete with an intricately designed red satin couch and complementary coffee table set. Within the parlor a tall grandfather clock made of mahogany wood was inlaid into the far wall, with a potbellied case as well as a large pendulum that rhythmically swung back and forth. The clock’s face displayed the time: 11:15 am.

Kristin sauntered slowly through the foyer, passing through to the large living room area. This area looked considerably more elegant and modern, with the center focus being the large L-shaped beige leather couch accompanying a modern black and beige coffee table, with a floral arrangement of orchids in a Tuscan style vase placed in the center. Polly soon followed, walking a bit further, as the living room area continued seamlessly into a similarly themed dining table with matching chairs. Polly ran her fingers along the carefully varnished surface of the dining table. “Damn…you ain’t kiddin’ Lou, Mrs. Adams IS livin’ large, hehe…but how?”

“Harry…yo, check dis shit out!” said Kristin, chuckling deeply while holding up a medium-sized photo frame. The photo was Polly’s wedding photo, and it looked pretty recent. Polly looked ravishingly beautiful as the lovely redheaded bride, wearing a silk white wedding gown with a long graceful matching satin train. In the photo she was directly facing the figure of a tall, handsome, dark-haired man wearing a black tux and red cummerbund.

“Hehe, where did you get that photo of me and my…ahem, hubby?” smiled Polly.

Kristin answered by silently pointing to an empty space on one of the neatly arranged shelves that decorated the far living room walls; both shelves were located on opposite sides from the 60” LED TV that was also perfectly mounted into the wall. “Bitch musta been a fuckin’ gold digger, so dat would explain ev’rythin.”

Harry/Polly nodded, closing her eyes. For a few seconds, Harry could see images of Polly’s wonderful wedding day to her husband (who was named Thomas), their honeymoon cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, and the silver BMW 7 Series that Thomas was able to give to his wife for her recent 35th birthday, due to his high-level position as Executive Vice- President of Operations at BMW of North America. “Yeah, you’re right…husband is the one who has the dough.”

“Still doesn’t explain why dis bitch wastes her fuckin’ time workin’ at dat museum.” said Kristin.

“Who cares?” Polly said, smirking. “Now that we know Polly is loaded, it should be easy for us to access her private accounts so that we’ll have plenty of cash while at Vegas.”

“Fuck yeah!” growled Kristin enthusiastically as she head to the ultra- modern designed, spacious kitchen set next to the dining area. Opening the fridge, Kristin searched for some food and drink, inadvertently jutting her shapely bottom out and in full view. The sight of her curvaceous posterior caused Polly to bite her lower lip gently, as she tried not to dart her naughty green eyes from getting a closer look.

Polly took her handbag, placing it on the dining room table. She then pulled out a mysterious large brown paper bag that was rather hefty in her delicate hands. She called out, “You finished snoopin’ around buddy?”

Kristin replied as she closed the fridge.”Yeah, dis bitch ain’t got shit to eat except for bottled waters and healthy chicken salad packages.” she grimaced. “When we get to Vegas you best be lookin’ for the best all-you-can-eat buffets cause I sure ain’t gonna eat like a fuckin’ bird Harry!”

Polly winked. “Don’t worry Lou - I’m sure we’ll be having a great time over there.” Speaking of ‘great times’, let’s make one of our own now. We still got some time to kill, so…” Polly deliberately shook the brown paper bag in front of Kristin playfully. “Wanna head upstairs?”

Kristin’s eyes widened as her lovely lips turned into a devilish, mischievous grin. “Lead the way Mrs. Adams, hehe…” Lou replied in Kristin’s mellifluous tone as Kristin followed Polly, holding the six- packs with both of her dainty hands, up the large staircase to the second floor, heading for the master bedroom…

Elizabeth was standing outside the car rental office, surfing the Internet on her smartphone, semi-guarding her personal luggage and handbag as well as Jessica’s luggage. She was waiting on Jessica, who was inside finalizing the arrangements for the rental care. The two girls had finally landed at Los Angeles International Airport, but Elizabeth was already becoming rather bored and annoyed at her sister Jessica. Eddie knew that he had to continue to play the part of the ‘younger sister’ and while Jessica was amazingly sexy with all of the right curves, her sisterly, dismissive nature REALLY got on Eddie’s nerves. Eddie reminded himself though that a much more twisted personality similar to his own, would soon replace Jessica’s current demeanor.

Elizabeth looked down at herself, placing her smartphone back in her small beige Gucci handbag. She still could not stop appraising her sexy, curvaceous body and its athletic frame. Eddie had thankfully already spent last night selecting a casual yet attractive outfit he would wear for this morning’s trip, so even though he had woken up late (at least by Jessica’s standards), it didn’t take him very long to dress, brush Elizabeth’s long honey-blonde locks, and apply his makeup utilizing Elizabeth’s memories and thought patterns. In particular, Elizabeth was adorned today in a low-cut navy blue tank top tucked into a snug-fitting pair of short, faded, slightly frayed pair of daisy dukes; the ensemble was complemented by a relaxed, loose fitting, purple and blue checkered collared shirt which Elizabeth left unbuttoned, allowing passersby to gaze at her magnificent cleavage. Eddie chose to keep Elizabeth braless this time; in addition, Elizabeth was wearing a lacey white pair of panties which fit rather snugly against her smooth, silky skin. Her hair had been softly brushed and arranged, with only a few stray strands obscuring Elizabeth’s baby blues, which she deftly remedied by either blowing her hair off to the side or brushing it back. She had also squeezed her dainty feet into a stylish pair of 3-inch cream-colored sandals which unfortunately were a bit uncomfortable, causing Elizabeth to lift her legs every so often to adjust the straps. As always, Elizabeth’s angelic face was practically perfect, with a light layer of strawberry-flavored lip gloss adorning her lips, and a similarly shaded color eyeshadow which accentuated her gorgeous baby blue eyes.

Suddenly, Elizabeth heard her smartphone go off, accompanied by a melodious series of notes, indicating a text message. Pressing the center button, she noticed a text from Aunt Polly: “Hey you guys landed yet?”

Elizabeth quickly texted back: “Yes.”

Aunt Polly: “Good. This is Lou. Change of plans, me and Harry are at already at the aunt’s. Bitch is fucking loaded. Meet us there.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Nice dude,” she texted. “Sounds good.”

Aunt Polly: “Do NOT tell the sister where we are for now.”

Elizabeth nodded as she replied to the text. “Sure, no problem.”

Just then, Jessica came out with the keys to the rental car. Like Elizabeth, Jessica chose to wear something casual, choosing a sleeveless red collared shirt with only few buttons undone, which not only showed off her cleavage but also revealed the black lace bra she wore underneath, encasing and supporting her impressively prominent 34DD breasts and keeping them secure. Jessica had also chosen to wear a pair of tight-fitting denim jeans complemented by a pair of ankle- high brown boots, which appropriately matched the outfit of a young, vibrant, fashion-conscious woman. For the trip, Jessica chose to wear her hair in a relaxed ponytail, which cascaded neatly down to her upper back.

Jessica took out her sunglasses and placed them on, as she dangled the keys in front of Elizabeth, “Ok Lizzy, I got the car. Sadly it’s not a BMW…”

“Oh well…no worries sis, I’m not picky.” replied Elizabeth, before quickly placing her smartphone back in her Gucci handbag.

“It’ll take us about half an hour to get to the museum to meet up with Aunt Polly,” said Jessica, “but traffic shouldn’t be too bad since it’s only 11:00 in the morning.”

“Oh that reminds me sis, I got a text from…” said Elizabeth, catching herself in mid-sentence.

“You got a text? Text from who?” asked Jessica, curious.

“O-Oh…n-nothing sis, I didn’t say anything. I lost my…um, train of thought.” Said a nervous Elizabeth, still feeling uncomfortable.

Jessica looked at Elizabeth, shaking her head before gathering her bags. “Well, let’s get a move-on to the museum. Aunt Polly told us to meet her in the front of the main exhibit hall.”

Elizabeth nodded, “Ok Jess,” as she grabbed her own belongings and followed Jessica to the rental car lot.

Kristin waited rather impatiently, holding Polly’s semi-heavy brown paper bag. “Shit dawg, what’s takin’ so damn long?”

“Patience, my horny friend, patience…” said Polly as she carefully opened the heavy, large wood panel doors, allowing the two of them access to the Adams’s master bedroom. Flipping on a nearby switch, the two bodyhopped women were all of a sudden completely floored by the extensive wood paneling that was the main theme of Polly Adams’s modern-looking boudoir. The bedroom was an amalgamation of brown and white, with two separate entryways the retreated farther into the bedroom. The centerpiece of course was the luxurious dark brown, four- poster king-sized bed with mahogany red sheets. Another large 46” LED TV was inlaid into the wood paneling on the wall opposite the bed, and there was an intricately designed ceiling fan located directly above the bed. Polly walked over to the left entryway, which opened into a separate white door. Opening this door revealed two large, spacious wardrobes. One obviously housed the majority of Polly’s attire, while the other accommodated her husband’s. In contrast, Kristin sauntered into the other entryway, leading another white door. Upon opening it, Kristin beheld a spacious, marble-themed bathroom, complete with an oval shaped jacuzzi with multiple jets, perfect for two people, as well as a large, rectangular standing shower that spanned the full width of the bathroom. Opposite the jacuzzi was a generously sized white marble bathtub, with golden faucets, and of course all the necessary bathroom accouterments, including a collection of body oils, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and a small variety of scented soaps. The sink was just as ornate, with three separate washbasins, also with golden handles.

“Holy shit man, we hit da jackpot!” shouted Kristin as she looked at her manly looking reflection in the mirror. Polly approached her from behind, her wrinkled, masculine visage also noticeable from the lit bathroom mirror. “Yes indeed, there’s no doubt that my mount has got not just the body but the goods too, hehe…” Polly remarked, winking as she took off her blue business jacket and tossed it on top of the bed, before eagerly cupping her ample 38C breasts which were currently encased and supported underneath her blouse.

“Well Lou my old friend, shall we experience the finer details of this wonderfully arranged and available bedroom?” asked Polly, a twisted smirk incongruously appearing on her face.

“Hehe…why yes Mrs. Adams. You know I am always at your service.” replied Kristin in her feminine, obedient tone, which Lou masterfully imitated.

Polly made her way back to the large king-sized bed, sitting herself gingerly on top of the bed. The soft gentle touch of the mahogany red silk sheets made her gasp, as she slid back a few inches, biting her lower lip and gesturing her dutiful yet decadent secretary to join her. Kristin/Lou smiled, wasting no time as she too aggressively approached the bed with a lascivious look that was strangely perverse on her youthful-looking face. She leaned towards Polly, quickly unfastening the buttons of her light yellow blouse, as her own magnificent cleavage slowly revealed itself for Polly’s delightful, personal pleasure. Polly, or rather Harry, acknowledged his wanton, lustful desire for Kristin’s svelte body, smiling and moaning in his deep, resonant baritone, which gradually grew louder as Kristin completely unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a lacey red lace demi-cup bra that spectacularly showed off Kristin’s ample assets. Guided by his lecherous nature, Harry made Polly’s slender fingers reach for Kristin’s generously proportioned 36D breasts, and begin lightly groping them…as Kristin continued to lean her body closer. Parting their lips, both Polly and Kristin made intimate contact, with Kristin slipping her moist tongue, her delicate fingers sensually teasing along the soft fabric of Polly’s white blouse, wandering upwards while helping to undo the rest of the blouse’s buttons. Very soon, both ladies were kissing and molesting each other with wild abandon, their bountiful breasts colliding gently against each other. Kristin cradled Polly’s waist, lowering the two of them against the satin mahogany bed sheets. Once they both made contact, Kristin began to slink her body forward, her fingers grabbing hold of Polly’s white pleated skirt. She traced her fingers along the gentle sides of Polly’s hips, before subsequently unfastening Polly’s belt buckle and removing it from her perfect hourglass figure.

“Mmmm…already gettin’ to the good stuff Miss Jacobs?” Polly chuckled deeply, biting her lower lip and rolling her eyes back.

“Mmmm…been dyin’ to fuck ma’ boss ev’r since I started workin’ for her, hehe…” said Kristin gruffly, showing a devious smile.

Polly leaned her torso forward, and began to wiggle her hips, as the friction between her garment and the bed allowed her skirt to slowly slide downwards, exposing a matching white pair of lace panties which were set very high against Polly’s waist and pleasing inner thighs. Kristin further assisted, dragging her skirt past Polly’s lovely legs, but not before removing Polly’s navy blue pumps and blindingly flinging them to the floor.

“Hehe, dat’s soooo much better,” grinned Kristin, shortly before sliding her own satin skirt downwards, revealing a matching red lace string bikini bottom.

Polly nodded, grunting in approval, looking at the articles of clothing that had been haphazardly tossed to the floor. She idly teased a soft, curly lock of her dark red hair, while her other hand traced along her taut stomach. “So…what do you want to do to your ‘boss’ now, hehe…”

Kristin grabbed the nearby brown paper bag and placed it next to her, while she climbed back up onto the bed, and straddled Polly’s shapely thighs. Polly/Harry moaned in her deep manly voice, completely sexually aroused by the sight of Lou wearing Kristin’s tight fitting body, and how well the flimsy yet alluring red lace demi-bra and matching string bikini accentuated Kristin’s wonderful curves.

“Hmmm…let’s see,” said Kristin, as her right hand gracefully went into the brown paper bag. Turning her head away, Kristin dug through the bag till she felt something rather thick and rubbery, and grasped it firmly. Withdrawing her hand from the paper bag, she smiled as she pulled out an 8-inch pink silicone rubber dildo, waving it proudly in front of Polly. “We gotsa winner, boss lady!” she chuckled.

Polly’s smile also widened considerably as she unconsciously began to slowly spread her legs, and backed her body closer against the bed. Holding the dildo and caressing the rubbery surface, Kristin brandished the sex toy playfully, flicking a small switch, as the dildo began to make a low-pitched humming sound. Meanwhile, Polly deftly reached over and around Kristin’s chest to locate the clasp of Kristin’s demi-bra. Releasing it, Kristin’s supple, pert breasts plunged and bobbed freely, titillating Polly’s own sensitive nipples as she casually glanced at their dance-like swaying. Polly gasped as she cupped her own breasts, letting her fingers trace along the small circumference of her light brown areolae, then lightly tapping and pinching her nipples.

“Mmmmm….shove that dildo inside me Miss Jacobs. Push it in REALLY good!” commanded Polly in a curt, unladylike stern tone.

Kristin dutifully complied, as she maneuvered the vibrating dildo first in-between Polly’s healthy cleavage, the tiny vibrations sending erotic signals all over Polly’s shapely form. She dragged the dildo then along the middle of Polly’s well-toned abdomen, her other hand reaching to tug on the thin straps of Polly’s white pair of panties, coercing them downwards, as Polly’s neatly trimmed reddish tuft of pubic hair became visible, followed by her pink, moist vaginal lips. She brushed the tip of the vibrating dildo across Polly’s labia, as Polly’s body shivered, and Kristin heard an audible gasp. Kristin smiled even more, and then lowered her face and entire body slightly downwards. Building a small amount of saliva, she expectorated onto the surface of the dildo, lubricating it, and then slowly inserted the rubber dildo while spreading Polly’s reddened pussy lips with her other hand.

Polly/Harry felt the large, elongated probe beating within her body as Kristin slowly wriggled the dildo back and forth, happily making a weird perverse mixture of high-pitched breathy, sex-kittenish moans contrasted by lewd deep-sounding baritone roars:


Kristin/Lou voluntarily added to the explosion of erotic sensations Polly was experiencing by moving her face just inches away from Polly’s pussy. Finding the appropriate angle, she tilted her head and began flicking her tongue to touch the tip of Polly’s clitoris, moistening and stimulating the tiny, sensitive organ. Noisy slurping and sucking sounds could be heard in conjunction with Polly’s aggressive growls of ecstasy, as Kristin continued to suck and tease at Polly’s clit, while her other hand had the important task of further manipulating the dildo deeper and harder into Polly’s pussy. Polly reacted by facilitating Kristin’s tasks further, her right hand pushing Kristin’s head down, giving her a better view of her orifice, while her left hand attempted to brace her naked body as it was being ravaged by the lecherous combination of Kristin’s titillating tongue and the full length and girth of the dildo being shoved fully into her pretty pink pussy.

Beads of perspiration were forming on Polly’s face, cascading down her cheeks…as the bright lights of the master bedroom added a bit of heat and intensity to the bodyhopped women’s decadent sexual act. It was a strange cacophony of guttural groans and feminine moans that took place in that bedroom. Fortunately. it did not take very long for Harry to fully experience the extent of Polly’s orgasm as Polly let out a low- pitched moan, squinching her eyes, her body shuddering as her pussy juices began to spurt out in generous helpings from her vagina, coating the dildo and soaking Kristin’s lips and tongue. Kristin heartily lapped up the sweet and salty goodness, caressing and teasing the outer surface of Polly’s labia. The explosiveness of the orgasm caused Polly’s sweaty body to collapse, as Kristin slowed her tongue movements. For a few glorious minutes, the two of them laid there silently on the bed, with Kristin’s head rising and falling as it felt the heavy inspiration of Polly’s ample chest…

Kristin was the first one to rise, smiling at Polly. “Damn dawg, Aunt Polly’s cunt is like so fuckin’ tight…she ain’t probably had a REAL man in months!” she exclaimed, chuckling as her slender hand fished into the brown paper bag again.

“Yeah…” sighed Polly, smiling and rolling her eyes, completely content but still breathing quite heavily. She noticed Kristin suddenly looking inside the paper bag again and asked, “Say, Lou…whatcha doing now?”

Kristin turned to Polly and with an ecstatic sneer, pulled out a medium-sized leather harness with an 8-foot shiny black strap-on attached. “Why, just gettin’ ready for Round Two Mrs. Adams, hehe…” Lou replied in Kristin’s gentle, feminine tone.

A roguish, nasty-looking smirk appeared on Polly’s face upon hearing Kristin’s response, as she licked her lips, leaning back onto the bed…

“Well, this is the place,” commented Jessica as she and Elizabeth looked up at the entrance to the avant-garde looking building that was the Pacific West Asian Museum.

“Looks nice from the outside,” Elizabeth remarked, folding her arms.

Jessica did not say a word as she quickly entered the museum and came face to face with the main exhibit hall, along with her sister. The exhibit hall was large and expansive, with the primary focus being the large, ornate pieces of decorative Japanese ceremonial armor and accompanying Japanese weapons being displayed in rectangular glass casings. A variety of Japanese artifacts were arranged in accompanying glass exhibits on all four sides of the exhibit hall. Weapons from different Japanese eras were also mounted, including katanas, broadswords, and shruiken of varying sizes, shapes, and composition.

Elizabeth sighed, “Damn, this place is so big Jess. How are we ever gonna find Aunt Polly?”

“She wanted us to meet her at her office on the second floor. So my guess is we take these stairs,” Polly remarked, pointing to a large grand wooden staircase leading upwards.

The two girls were about to head upstairs when suddenly they were accidentally interrupted by the noisy walk and voice of a short, paunchy, balding bespectacled man in an ill-fitting tweed suit, muttering to himself as he hastily made his way down the stairs: “Impertinence! Such impertinence! Nobody talks to Orville S. Parsons that way! I’ve never been…”

Jessica waved to the gentleman. “Excuse me, sir?”

The gentleman stopped in mid-walk and glowered at Jessica. “Yes? What the devil do you want?”

Both Jessica and Elizabeth were taken back at his unpleasant behavior. Jessica was the first to respond, “I-I’m sorry, I know you must have a lot going on in your mind. But we’re trying to find our aunt, Polly Adams, she’s the curator of this museum. Do you know where her office is located?”

The man pushed up his glasses and narrowed his beady little eyes. “Humph! So you two must be the ‘nieces’ that ungrateful witch was incessantly blathering on about?”

Jessica nodded, a little uncertain and offended at that remark. “Um…I guess we are, yes.”

“Well, I am beyond elated to inform you that your aunt no longer is under the employment of this institution. And that was of HER choosing, not mine! Good riddance, I say! Such a flagrant, disrespectful harlot! And her secretary Kristin is no better!” the man snapped.

“S-She doesn’t work here?” Jessica asked, a little confused. “W-Why not? What happened?”

Elizabeth remained quiet during the conversation. Hehe, this could only be Harry’s handiwork, she thought, her face contorting into a small, subtle grin.

“You’re her nieces, why don’t you ask her yourself? She’s probably back at her house. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a big exhibit to do ALL by myself, and I don’t need to waste my breath on ignorant hussies like you two.” With that said, the man continued his steps, darting to the left of Jessica, heading past the main exhibit hall to his office.

Elizabeth shrugged. “Well isn’t he Mr. Sunshine,” she sarcastically quipped.

Jessica placed her svelte hand underneath her chin in deep thought. “Weird. Why would Aunt Polly suddenly leave her job? Something doesn’t add up.”

“Well we won’t find any answers here sis,” replied Elizabeth. “I suggest we head to Aunt Polly’s house and speak to her to get the full story. Not to mention, my feet are killing me in these heels! We’ve been on the move since 7:00 am this morning, you know.”

“Awww, is my little sister getting tired?” smiled Jessica, stroking Elizabeth’s hair in an almost motherly fashion, which Elizabeth/Eddie was not very fond of. “Just teasing you sis…ok, let’s head to Aunt Polly’s.”

After taking a quick shortcut using the service roads in San Jose, Jessica and Elizabeth reached the Adams’s estate, arriving at the large iron gates. While waiting for them to open, Elizabeth peered through the glass window of their rental car, completely awestruck by the sheer size and magnificence.

“Oh…my…god…does Aunt Polly really live here?” asked Elizabeth with her mouth agape.

Jessica just stared at her sister. “What do you mean, ‘does Aunt Polly really live here?’ Of course she does; she’s lived here for the last three years. She married that handsome BMW executive and he relocated her to this place, remember? We were both bridesmaids at their wedding and the reception was held in this house!”

Elizabeth looked down, her face turning a little red. Damn it, Elizabeth/Eddie thought. That was a stupid question to ask, I shouldn’t have been so fuckin’ careless. Elizabeth feigned an embarrassing laugh. “Oooohhh…right I remember now. We wore blue satin bridesmaid gowns.”

Jessica was just pulling the rental car up to the front door of the lavish home. Bringing the vehicle to a halt, she pulled the parking gear and turned to Elizabeth. “We wore pink and white gowns sis.”

“God damn it!” Elizabeth cursed under her breath. “That’s right…I’m sorry…”

“Lizzy are you ok?” asked Jessica, her attention focused on her addlepated younger sister. “Exactly how much sleep did you get last night?”

“Um….well, I…o-oh look Jess! Isn’t that Aunt Polly’s BMW?” Elizabeth hesitatingly said, pointing to the silver BMW parked off to the side, hoping that would throw off any suspicion.

Jess sighed and turned her head back, then nodded with a pensive look on her pretty face. “Yeah, it is. That’s strange; Aunt Polly usually is very meticulous about parking her car in the garage; she wouldn’t just leave it out in the open.”

“Maybe she was in a hurry and didn’t have time?” Elizabeth answered.

“No that’s not like her…anyways, let’s get inside and we can ask her,” said Jessica, before opening the door and stepping outside. Elizabeth followed suit and the two girls soon approached the tall ornate mahogany door. Oddly enough, they found the door slightly ajar!

“Liz look!” exclaimed Jessica. “The front door is slightly open….see?” Jessica pointed with her slender finger, beginning to nervously show some concern.

“Yeah I do,” acknowledged Elizabeth. Although feigning her concerns to her sister, Elizabeth/Eddie already knew who had entered earlier and was just playing along. “That IS weird, hmmm…”

“I don’t like the looks of this. Look, when we go inside, stay close to me, ok?” instructed Jessica.

“Ok sis, no worries,” replied Elizabeth, as she inched forward and closely walked with Jessica inside the house.

As the two girls quietly entered, Jessica had a harrowing, gnawing sensation in the pit of her stomach. The lights to the foyer were on, and everything appeared to be undisturbed: there was nothing broken or mishandled. Polly’s handbag was lying on the dining room table, and it appeared to not have been touched. But something certainly seemed amiss to Jessica…

CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG….the old grandfather clock chimed, startling Jessica, making her jump a few feet. However, the chiming barely fazed Elizabeth, although she did a good job of appearing to be frightened in front of Jessica.

“I-It was just the clock, whew…” Jessica sighed, wiping a tiny bit of perspiration from her brow.

Suddenly, both girls heard some very loud creaking from upstairs, coming from the master bedroom. Accompanying this was a strange combination of voices, voices that appeared to be in a frenzied state. Jessica and Elizabeth could make out Polly’s screams and cries, but…it was mixed with very odd, very vulgar language coming from Polly herself. Jessica gasped as she heard Polly cry out sentences such as “Ohhhh…fuck yes, shove that dick hard in my pussy now!” or “Oh my god I’m so fuckin’ horny and I’m lucky to be possessing this fuckin’ bitch.” What really freaked Jessica out was the accompanying voices…distinctly masculine, grunting and groaning and basically responding to Polly’s commands/request: “Mmmm…you got it boss lady…” or “Harry your bitch’s cunt is sooo fuckin’ tight…I fuckin’ love it!”

Jessica could not believe what she was hearing up there. “W-What the hell is going on up there?” she asked Elizabeth, gasping again at the profanities being said.

Elizabeth did her best to feign ignorance. “I don’t know Jess…honestly I’m just as shocked as you are.” She had a hard time holding back a small, mischievous grin as Jessica continued to look back upwards.

“Oh my god I think Aunt Polly is…is…” said Jessica solemnly. “Lizzy, we need to call the cops, NOW.”

Elizabeth immediately shook her head. “Are you sure about that? How do you know Aunt Polly may be just…having some fun?”

“Seriously Lizzy, that’s our aunt! She doesn’t do things like this, not since we’ve known her. And she’s a married woman! She could be in serious trouble!”

“Why don’t we just go up there and find out?”

“Are you insane? We don’t know who’s there with her or what they are doing to her! They could be bigger and stronger than you and me, and I’m sorry but the 6-month long self-defense class you took in college isn’t gonna help in this situation.”

“Jess, stop being such a bitch…if we need to help Aunt Polly, we need to go up there.”

“Whoa…I’m just gonna ignore the fact you just cussed at me, sis. Honestly, what’s wrong with you today Lizzy? You’ve been really different, and not at all yourself since last night after you left the bar.”

“Stop changing the subject,” snapped Elizabeth, waving her finger impatiently in front of Jessica. “You know what? Fine, whatever. You stay down here and freak out. I’m gonna head up there to find out what’s going on now.” And with that, Elizabeth raced past Jessica and headed upstairs.

“Wait…Liz, stop! Wait for me…” yelled Jessica as she followed closely behind her.

As Jessica ascended the stairs, the gnawing pit in her stomach was growing, becoming more uncertain, more unsettling. She reached the double mahogany wood panel doors of the bedroom; Jessica could hear the heavy breathing and the disturbing array of lascivious moans echoing and audible behind those doors. Elizabeth was nowhere to be found, and Jessica assumed she already went in. She wished that she had not had that argument with her sister earlier; it would have avoided Elizabeth suddenly brashly charging her way upstairs, leaving Jessica alone and completely afraid.

Jessica began to nervously nibble on her fingernails. She REALLY did not want to open the door, but she was extremely worried about her aunt, and even more so, her younger sister. Like it or not, it was her responsibility to find out. She hoped she was not making the wrong decision as she slowly turned the handle and opened the double doors, cautiously walking in…

Unfortunately, as soon as she entered the bedroom, Jessica went into a state of panic and shock like no other.

Speechless and frozen in place, Jessica’s face turned completely pale as she saw her Aunt Polly completely naked, her back propped up against the bed. Her legs were completely spread open, her knees slightly bent, as Jessica glimpsed Polly’s shiny inner thighs. Jessica winced as she saw her aunt’s face contort into a tawdry, indecent expression of lust and pleasure, licking her lips. Uncertain as to the reason, Jessica carefully walked around the bed a few feet, till she was at the right angle to see the reason for Aunt Polly’s perverse action. Jessica almost wished she hadn’t gotten a closer look, as she saw a slender, curvaceous young brunette woman, more than likely in her mid- 20’s, completely topless, and straddling her aunt. She was wearing a black leather harness around her svelte waist, and her exposed breasts were swaying and jiggling as the woman was pounding her aunt’s pretty pink pussy with an 8-foot-long, thick shiny black strap-on dildo. The woman roared in a weird, deep, manly voice that sent chills down Jessica’s spine, and continued to do so while penetrating her aunt; she was grasping Polly’s knees for support, as her hips bucked back and forth, so that the dildo could push all the way in, forcing Polly to scream loudly. It was a twisted image that Jessica would not soon ever forget…

Polly tilted her head and soon took notice of Jessica just standing there, completely stunned. Recognizing Jessica’s face from the photos Candace had sent her, she grunted deeply as she looked at the clock next to their nightstand, “Awww fuck….damn it, you have REALLY shitty timing, you know that?” Polly growled in Harry’s gruff baritone.

“A-Aunt P-Polly?” whimpered Jessica, completely petrified. “W-What’s going on? W-Why are you talking like that?”

“Oh Jesus Christ I’m not gonna go through that fuckin’ spiel again,” grumbled Polly as she continued to be pounded by Kristin/Lou. “Hey Lou!” Polly called out, pointing her finger towards Jessica. “That sexy piece of ass is your mount, so go do your “trade-up” buddy!”

Kristin slowly pulled her strap-on out of Polly’s orifice, as Polly idly teased her nipples, eyeballing Jessica’s lovely, busty figure as if it was a piece of juicy meat. Kristin’s strap-on was still vibrating, and as she sauntered slowly and menacingly, Jessica could hear the vibrations getting louder.

“AIEEEEEEEE!!! Stay away from me you…you freaks!” screamed Jessica as she tried to back away from Kristin, grunting and licking her lips, and holding out her outstretched hands. Jessica turned tail and effortlessly dodged Kristin’s attempt to grab her. She sprinted over to the double doors and was about to open them when all of a sudden she was knocked down from behind. Losing her balance, Jessica immediately fell to the floor, her body hitting with a loud THUD! Completely prone and unable to move, Jessica turned her head to look behind her and got an even bigger shock than before: it was her sister Elizabeth had deliberately knocked her down. Elizabeth was clenching her thighs and ass, pinning Jessica to the floor firmly, while twisting Jessica’s slender arms uncomfortably behind her back.

“Now where do you think you’re going, ‘big sis’?” Elizabeth chuckled, as Eddie decided to forgo his imitation of Elizabeth, his deep, gravelly baritone instead now reappearing from Elizabeth’s mouth in a very calm and threatening manner.

“E-Elizabeth? S-Sis?” cried Jessica, confused and even more freaked out at hearing her sister’s strange manly voice. “W-What are you doing? L-Let me go! O-Oh my god not you too!”

Elizabeth continued to hold Jessica firmly, causing quite a bit of pain shooting into Jessica’s shoulders. The impact of Jessica’s fall was so sudden and hard that Jessica suddenly become a bit woozy and disoriented. The last thing she recalled before slipping into a state of unconsciousness was her sister’s evil, menacing laugh, and the sound of her body being dragged…

Jessica woke up about an hour later…she had developed a horrible headache, which she surmised had occurred when she fell. Other than that, she didn’t suspect that she had broken any bones. She looked around, and noticed that she was still in the master bedroom of the house, her body placed flat on the king-sized bed. Her wrists were tied together, with her arms above her head, to the bedframe with a strong piece of thick rope. She made a frantic attempt to tug and remove the complicated knots before finally giving up. Continuing her quick survey, her eyes soon focused on three shapely silhouettes in the distance, which were moving towards her direction…they kept coming closer and closer till Jessica could finally discern their identities: her Aunt Polly, her younger sister Elizabeth, and the topless brunette woman, who was still wearing the strap-on dildo. All three women were completely naked and a bit sweaty, and the three of them had very disturbing smirks on their faces. Jessica looked down at her own body, and found that her clothes had been violently stripped off, and she too was completely naked and vulnerable.

“Wake up sleepyhead!” smiled Polly, speaking in Harry’s menacing, resonant baritone. Polly’s pussy juices were idly trickling down her inner thighs, obviously from having been fucked multiple times since Harry and Lou had arrived at the house. Jessica could see a bit of sticky, white residue dangling from Polly’s labial folds, as well as cum stains across Polly’s breasts - a rather messy, disgusting sight which repulsed her. The other two ‘women’ chuckled in their own deep manly-sounding voices in response to Polly’s clever greeting.

“W-What the hell are you people?” Jessica cried out. “And what have you done to my family?”

“Why big sis,” smiled Elizabeth/Eddie. “I’m still here, see?” Elizabeth cupped and groped her naked breasts, flicking her nipples….her moans were high-pitched and breathy, but soon gradually dropped several octaves lower till it matched Eddie’s own gruff baritone. Jessica squinched her eyes, unable to handle Elizabeth’s twisted appearance. “I’m just under…different management right now, haha!” laughed Elizabeth maniacally.

“OK fuckers, cut da bullshit.” growled Kristin in a much deeper, ghetto-soundin’ baritone than Polly and Elizabeth. “When do I gets to fuck dis bitch?”

“Go right ahead Lou my man, she’s all yours.” winked Polly. Lou had a nasty grin on his lovely face as he slowly lumbered Kristin’s body towards Jessica..

“Yeah, fuck the shit outta her…she’s been a pain in my ass all day since we got here!” grumbled Elizabeth.

Polly then turned to Elizabeth, pulling her a bit closer. “Now then, while Lou is busy fucking your older sister…do you mind helping your aunt with a little…‘tasty, personal project’, Lizzy?” asked Polly, biting her lower lip.

“Hehe, of course ‘Auntie Polly,’ I’d be glad to!” giggled Elizabeth mockingly as she ran her slender finger along Polly’s naked breasts. “You know that’s why Mom sent me and Jess down…to help you out.”

Polly/Harry grinned, closing her eyes and chuckling deeply. “Mmmm…perfect, hehe…‘thank goodness for my nieces.’ Lizzy, why don’t you come over here now, to the other side of the bed, so we can get started on our…‘project,’ hehe…”

Elizabeth silently nodded, smiling as she dutifully followed Polly over to the edge of the bed, immediately lowering her shapely form downwards, while Polly braced herself and sat down on the right side of the large, spacious king-sized bed. Elizabeth immediately turned her whole body around, climbing on top of her aunt, while Polly shifted her body backwards, laying completely flat against the soft surface of the bed. Elizabeth had a cheeky grin as she first took sight of Polly’s reddened, tender labia, a thin crusty layer of her cum visible, with her pussy lips already widened appropriately due to Kristin’s earlier sexual intervention. In contrast, Polly could notice the full weight of Elizabeth’s naked body press gently against her, feeling the supple texture of Elizabeth’s breasts collapsing and squeezing against her smooth stomach. Her viewpoint was slightly different, as she looked upwards into Elizabeth’s beautifully trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair, and then at the slightly protruding opening of Elizabeth’s own vagina, the labial folds less reddened and tender but fully manipulated from Elizabeth’s masturbation session earlier that morning…

Both aunt and niece were in their correct positions, as beads of sweat began to appear on their foreheads, the bright lighting of the bedroom again intensifying their lust and decadent desire to taste and eat each other out. Elizabeth/Eddie grunted deeply, and said in a playful, devious whimper, “Mmmmm…Auntie Polly, may I have a taste? Pretty please?”

“Of course Lizzy honey, and I will too!” smiled Polly, nodding with a similar amount of mischievousness, as they gripped each other’s arms and tilted their heads in their respective directions to begin “dining out”…flicking their tongues as they moistened and spread them across their sensitive pussy folds. Polly found Elizabeth’s tight clit and slowly slipped two fingers to accompany her tongue in playing and tickling Elizabeth’s clit in a random, lustful manner. In contrast, Elizabeth chose to stick with her moist tongue, rolling it up so that it had access to Polly’s already reddened and tender clit. Regardless of the method, both aunt and niece were completely infatuated and intoxicated by the incestuous ‘meal’ they were partaking right now…

Meanwhile, Jessica was petrified beyond belief as she struggled to undo the ropes binding her wrists, tugging and pulling on them with all of her strength, to no avail. As a glamour model, Jessica had been somewhat familiar with BDSM, as it was a fantasy/fetish that was quite lucrative for models. She had done some work modelling before in BDSM wear, and even was handcuffed for one particular shoot. But that was planned and arranged; photographers and crew members were around her, and she wasn’t forcibly stripped naked by anyone. If she felt uncomfortable with any situation, she could express her concerns to the photographer or his/her assistants and they’d make adjustments. No matter how kinky the situation got, Jessica could always remind herself: this is NOT real - don’t be afraid.

Unfortunately for Jessica, she was facing a VERY real and terrifying situation right now. Her family members, i.e. her younger sister and her aunt, were acting in a manner she would NEVER have thought possible; it was almost as if they had been replaced and taken over by some evil demons or pod-creatures like she has seen in the movies. Terrible creatures that just happened to be sexually deviant - they wanted a lot of it and couldn’t get enough.

Jessica’s face was becoming as white as a sheet as Kristin was viciously and awkwardly shambling towards her. It was a perverse, unbelievable sight, and Jessica could still not believe her eyes: a beautiful, naked brunette woman, tall and slender in appearance, almost as attractive as Jessica herself, seemed to be possessed by some otherworldly force, as her smooth, slender legs were incongruously waddling slowly to get to her. There was no subtlety at all in Kristin’s movements and no feminine grace seen; the pungent, intoxicating smell of sex had hypnotized Lou, and he wanted more of it, with Jessica as his prime target…

“G-get the hell away from me! D-Don’t you dare come any closer…” shrieked Jessica, trying to bend her hips and curl her body farther and farther away.

Kristin then raised the back of her hand, then immediately slapped Jessica’s cheek, coming down hard with the spring of an automatic piston, stinging Jessica and bringing a few tears down her eyes. “Shut da fuck up, bitch!” growled Kristin in a disturbingly commanding baritone.

Jessica jumped almost a foot upon hearing the woman’s ominous sounding voice, trying to hold back her burgeoning tears, uncertain as to the rest of her terrible fate.

Kristin inched ever so closer to Jessica, looking directly at her. With a wicked glare, Kristin gripped Jessica’s chin with her hands and whispered, “Mmmm…such a pretty lil’ bitch, ain’t ya?” Kristin then proceeded to fondle Jessica’s large, supple breasts, teasing her nipples. “Damn, you gots a great set of tits, bitch…I’s sure gonna enjoy havin’ dem all to m’self, haha!” Kristin then returned to face Jessica, “There ain’t no reason to resist bitch. I’m gonna get yo’ sexy ass body, ev’n if I hafta fuck ma’ way to get it!”

Jessica’s eyes widened; she had no idea what the crazy woman was talking about, but she soon found out first-hand as Kristin lightly brushed her hand against the shiny black rubber surface of her strap-on dildo, before encircling it and stroking it up and down. “Hmmm…dis nothin’ compared to ma’ big black cock, but it’ll do, hehe…” Kristin said.

Elizabeth/Eddie turned from licking Polly’s tasty, moist pussy to briefly remark, “Shit yeah! Fuck her good Lou!”

“You fuckin’ bet I will,” Lou growled, as he grabbed Jessica’s legs roughly, and with a lecherous look in his pretty feminine eyes, he lowered Kristin’s waist so that it was level with Jessica’s perfectly shaped, light pink pussy mound. Showing hardly any restraint, Lou/Kristin leaned forward and expectorated a bit of saliva along Jessica’s labial folds, then repeated this action by spitting into her hand, before rubbing the saliva like a natural lubricant. “Ok bitch…spread dem legs!” Kristin commanded as she pulled Jessica’s lovely legs open, and then with fiendish glee, slowly forced the big shiny black strap-on into Jessica’s vaginal opening, the large girth of the dildo spreading and separating Jessica’s pink labia apart. The sheer force of the object being initially and slowly penetrating into Jessica caused a searing, sustained amount of sharp pain, making her cry out in helpless agony.

Her screams fell on deaf, lecherous ears, as Kristin began to buck her waist back and forth, which caused the thick black dildo to rub back and forth in a rhythmic motion inside Jessica’s cunt. Lou’s deep ghetto-sounding timbre was emanating from Kristin’s lips, as she leaned her head and roared: “Ohhhhhhh shit yeah….now DAT’s a fuckin’ tight pussy!” Still continuing to pound Jessica’s pretty pink pussy, Kristin/Lou took on an aggressive stance, quickening her thrusts; with each attempted thrust, she rammed the dildo as deep as she possibly could without causing serious damage to Jessica’s vaginal walls. Jessica’s hands were grabbing very firmly onto the bedframe to support and brace each horrifying attack on her body. Copious amounts of perspiration were forming on both Jessica’s and Kristin’s nubile bodies as Kristin was relentless, and this continued on for a good five or six minutes. Jessica’s resolve was dwindling rapidly, and she found her body uncontrollably shaking as the brunt of each thrust was almost too much for her to bear…

Kristin/Lou could tell that she had successfully broken the spirit of this gorgeous young creature, and that it was time for the piËce de rÈsistance. Closing her eyes while still pounding away at Jessica, Kristin’s body started to convulse violently, as a silver-coated gelatinous liquid began to seep and ooze from Kristin’s pussy. However, the liquid was oozing out rather slowly due to the partial obstruction provided by the strap-on dildo. Finding an accessible medium-sized opening, the liquid soon passed through the full length of the dildo, as the opening became narrower and narrower. At the end, due to the small circumference at the head of the dildo, the liquid forcefully spurted out into Jessica’s vagina, splashing and spreading inside her inner walls and in her cervix. The brute force demonstrated by the liquid’s potent penetration caused Jessica to REALLY scream, “OH MY GOOODDD…AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” Jessica could feel the foreign liquid coalesce within her, as it travelled upwards, beginning to merge and form inside her. She felt like she was turning inside and out, as a nerve-like, shooting pain ran through her entire body. It didn’t help that Kristin was still haphazardly pounding away into Jessica. This complete sexual onslaught had overall completely overwhelmed her, to the point that she became limp in body and in spirit. Jessica could barely keep her eyes open, as her last glimpse was the clock on the wall that chimed 1:00 pm, before she lost consciousness…

Lou tensed his eyes, not wanting to be blinded by the bright lights inside the master bedroom as he slowly awoke from his slumber, his vision still rather blurred. He could only distinctly make out a light, tannish colored blur in front of him. He also found that it was suddenly rather difficult to move, and that as he tried to take a deep breath of air, it was hindered by something heavy that was completely on top of him. Within minutes, his eyesight began to improve, and he soon recognized the problem: a limp and lifeless, 127 lb. female body had crumpled onto his own frame, one that he identified as his previous mount, Kristin Jacobs. Lou then displayed a big smirk, as out of the corner of his eye he saw dark strands of luxuriously long, curly brunette hair peek out in front of his face. His ribs were being protected from Kristin’s unconscious body by a pair of magnificent, pert breasts that squeezed and compressed against Kristin’s own mammaries, breasts that could only belong to one person. Lou lifted his head and sighed contently, knowing that he had successfully “traded-up” to the gorgeous body and persona of 23-year-old Jessica Carter.

Lou tried to shift his weight, jutting Jessica’s bountiful bosom forward, but his own 132 lb. busty frame was surprisingly not strong enough to lift Kristin’s body completely off. The black dildo strap-on was also still lodged deep into Jessica’s pussy, and even a slight movement from Jessica’s waist sent a stinging type of pain inside Lou’s new womanly equipment.

The new Jessica began to panic a little, and turned her head before she noticed two extremely naked, curvaceous hourglass figures standing on opposite sides of the bed, looking down at her, giggling. Both Polly and Elizabeth each had a smug look on their faces.

“Why Jessica, my word! Sweetie you seem to be stuck,” winked Polly, speaking in a pleasant, singsong voice, with her hands placed on her shapely hips, shaking her head.

“Mhmm…how DO you get yourself into these situations ‘sis,’ “ chimed Elizabeth, folding her arms underneath her naked breasts and giggling softly as well.

“Ha…ha…ha…you shitheads are fuckin’ hilarious!” growled Jessica, her voice now replaced by Lou’s deep, uncultured ghetto-sounding baritone. “Now how ‘bout you fuckers help a brotha’ out and get this bitch off-a me!”

Polly grabbed Kristin’s left wrist while Elizabeth took hold of her right wrist; pulling with all their mount’s combined yet generally weak might, they managed to lift Kristin’s body gradually off of Jessica/Lou; unfortunately, the depth of the strap-on dildo was so significantly buried inside Jessica’s vagina that as it was being withdrawn, it caused an intense amount of pain inside Jessica’s soft, feminine body, causing Lou to roar: “OOOWWWWWWWWW…be more careful assholes! Shit dat hurts…..” Eventually, Polly and Elizabeth had successfully extracted Kristin, lightly flinging and turning her body over to the other side of the bed, where she continued to lay supine and motionless. Her strap on-dildo was sticking straight upwards, lubricated with a mixture of saliva and Jessica’s pussy juices.

Jessica smiled, glad for her generous chest to be fully unrestricted, as she took a deep breath, watching her ridiculously large chest heave in a titillating manner as he inspired. She exhaled, letting out a deep, growling rumble, “Mmmmmmmmmmmnnnnngggggh….awwww yeah, dat’s da shit right there!” Jessica happily said in Lou’s uncouth baritone timbre. “Yo, so how long was I out?”

Polly responded, “About half an hour to forty minutes. Both you and Kristin were out cold…so me and Eddie had to entertain ourselves while we waited for you to regain consciousness,” she added, licking her lips while winking to Elizabeth inappropriately, who pursed her lips inappropriately at her naked aunt.

“Hot damn, just look at my big tits!” growled Jessica, with a ridiculously lewd grin on her pretty face. She then proceeded to take deep breaths to watch her mammaries move up and down, and wiggled her chest inappropriately, watching her chesty globes dance seductively. The erotic display was making Jessica’s already sopping wet pussy feel a little more moist again…“Ok dawg, untie me so I can get to my ‘playtime,’ hehe…”

Polly smiled. “I’m afraid I can’t do that Lou.”

Jessica raised an eyebrow, a bit perturbed. “Whadda ya mean ya can’t do that?” she grumbled.

Polly leaned forward to eye Jessica’s spectacular rack. “Well, there’s someone else that wants to play with you first.”

“No shit…like who?” asked Jessica, skeptical.

“Like me, big sis.” a voice called out behind Polly. Polly stepped aside to reveal Elizabeth, looking amazingly sexy, her face glistening under the bright lights. Her 36 C cup breasts jiggled proudly as Elizabeth placed her hands lightly on her hips, crossing her right leg over her left in a seductive, model-like pose. It would have been a perfect moment to capture, save for the fact that Elizabeth’s waist and crotch now was adorned with the same leather harness and big 8-foot- long strap-on dildo Kristin had worn earlier!

Jessica gasped upon seeing the familiar strap-on dildo that Lou had used only an hour ago. Lou had just hopped into this gorgeous woman, and he could feel Jessica’s labial folds were feeling tender and abused. “Yo…Lizzy, I-I mean…E-Eddie,” she pleaded hesitantly in Lou’s baritone, which sounded weirdly pathetic. “Y-ya d-don’t hafta do t-this dawg, really…”

Elizabeth began to stroke the dildo back and forth, while walking towards Jessica. “No big sis, I really think I DO, hehe…”

“Mhmm…yes she does Lou,” chuckled Polly. “You didn’t cum in Kristin’s body or in Jessica’s. Your little sister is just making sure she don’t leave you with a set of blue balls.”

“Ummm…Harry?” Jessica/Lou asked, confused. “I’s a woman’s now, I don’t got no balls so how can they be fuckin’ blue…”

“Oh for fucks’ sake, shut up Lou and get ready for some major sisterly lovin,’ bodyhopper style!” exclaimed Elizabeth as she continued to inch closer and closer…

Twisted smiles appeared on Elizabeth’s and Polly’s faces, causing Jessica/Lou to gulp hard. She braced herself for another erotically difficult experience, except this time Lou would be on the receiving end…