Journal of a Body Hopper

By Aardvark

39 minute read -

Before my world turned upside down, you could best describe me as depressingly average. Early twenties, going to community college, working a part-time job down at the local auto-dealership cleaning and washing cars, and out on my own in my very first apartment. A physical description would have been quite bland. I’m about five-foot eight, brown hair, and gray-green eyes. Not ugly, but not really good looking either. Even though I’m not fat, I carried a tad too much in the middle, with a little paunch. Like I said, nothing fancy. Depressingly normal.

One Sunday morning, I was coming home after spending the night at a friend’s place. I had drank too much, and felt pretty awful. After pulling my car into the apartment complexes’ parking lot, made a slow and steady pace toward my place. As I walked up the lot, I saw Cassie Lee’s car pull into the lot as well. Miss Lee must have had an exciting night as well, because a tall handsome guy was with her. Cassie was a very pretty, petite Asian. She had full shoulder length black hair, vibrant green eyes, and delicate features. For such a short little thing, Cassie had one hell of a body. Soft and supple, with great breasts and fantastic legs. What’s more, she dressed in a manner to best display those assets. Squinting out the morning light, I tried to get a quick look at her. Leading her new “friend” by his hand, Cassie strutted up the sidewalk. I could here the heels of her boots clicking on the pavement. She wore white leather boots, with a side zip, pointed toes, and scandalous stiletto heels. The legs emerging from those boots looked delicious, nude pantyhose clinging to their curves. Above these, the pleats of a tiny white skirt ruffled, before disappearing under a tight pink t-shirt. Even though her legs had no insulation at all, Cassie wore a puffy white jacket over that shirt, probably more for a sense of fashion than any concern for chill. As my eyes regained focus, and fell upon her face, I was overwhelmed with shock and confusion.

Though everything about the body and clothes was Cassie Lee to a tea, her face wasn’t hers! The soft skin of Cassie’s cheeks and chin gave way to a rougher texture, even light stubble! A broader mouth, larger nose, and piercing eyes had replaced Cassie’s lovely young Asian face. Where once a young woman’s visage rested, now the unmistakable face of a man gazed out. I looked over Cassie’s hot little body once more, confirming that it was her own, only to have my confusion redoubled upon looking into her new male face once more. I stood there in shock, unable to move or speak, at a loss as to what to say or do.

The couple walked by, a strange smile passing over Cassie’s new male features. She, or he, I just didn’t know which, locked eyes with me as her booted feet walked her by. The tall young man she led toward her apartment looked at my confused staring as some kind of leer. “What the hell are you staring at you little freak!” His angry bark knocked me from my stupor, as I tried to regain enough of my composure to say something.

“Leave him alone honey. He’s just a little thrown. I think the poor thing’s had a collision with the mysteries of the universe.” She said, with a disturbingly masculine voice. “Now, let’s have some fun hot stuff!!!!” she said, as she pulled the young man towards her in an embrace, even as they entered the apartment.

I stood there for a little bit, shocked beyond belief. Surely that guy could see Cassie’s new manly face. Didn’t he hear her new deep voice?!?! I wondered exactly what the hell I had just seen. What had happened to Cassie? What had done that to her. Shaking, I stumbled a bit.

I had to be hallucinating! That was it! I was still being affected by the chemicals I had sucked down last night. I was just having a bad morning, my eyes and ears had to be playing tricks on me. Rubbing my forehead, I staggered to my own apartment. Opening the door, I managed to get over to the couch before collapsing. Head throbbing, I fell into a deep sleep.

I was slammed back into wakefulness by loud knocking against the door. Falling off of the couch, I rolled over clutching my knee in pain. “Son of a….!” I yelped. Whomever was out there just kept pounding. Looking over at the clock I could see that it was early evening now. I had slept the better part of the day. “Alright, alright…, I’m coming! Keep your pants on.” I grumbled in annoyance. Staggering over to the door, I unfastened the lock and opened it. On the landing before the doorway stood Cassie Lee.

She had the same white stiletto boots on, but had apparently peeled off her pantyhose. She had wrapped her hourglass frame in a small pink bathrobe, fastening it’s belt tight around her narrow waist. As my eyes passed upward, I was once again confronted with an unfamiliar male face where Cassie’s should have been. With a confident stride, she walked right end and past me, as I stood there in confusion. Spinning on one of her narrow white heels, she turned around and brought her perfect little ass down on my couch. Leaning back, she crossed her beautiful legs with easy feminine grace. “Well kid, are you going to stand there with your mouth hanging open all day, or are you going to close the door so that we can discuss why you see this face, and hear this voice, coming out of the head of Miss Cassie Lee?”

Curiosity overcoming my fear and confusion, I closed the door and walked in. Cautiously, I sat down into an easy chair, across from my strange visitor. “S-so I’m not seeing things? This is real?” I gulped.

“Very real. Mrs. Lee’s body is under new management for the time being.” He held out one of Cassie’s dainty little hands, almost appraising it as he continued to speak. “It’s lovely to meet you. You can call me Al.” He said as he offered Cassie’s hand across the coffee table in greeting. My inclination to be polite overcoming any trepidation, I took it and gently shook it.

“Ugh, my names Jason.” I muttered, staring at the alien male face planted on Cassie. “My names Jason.” I swallowed hard. “What is this?” I asked, trying to grasp the magnitude of what I was witnessing.

Leaning back whilst smoothing the material of the bathrobe over his lovely female frame, Al smiled at me. “Well Jason, you’ve just stepped into a miraculous new world. I am what is referred to as a Body-Hopper.” Al gently caressed his cheek with one of Cassie’s delicate hands as he continued. “I possess the rather amazing ability to physically merge with another person, gaining total and complete control over them. Normally, no one can see the effects of this merger. When everyone else sees Cassie, they see her face. When I speak, they hear her voice.” With a broad grin he spoke warmly to me. “You’re different Jason. I could see it in your eyes when I first ran into you this morning. You could see past the surface, and see my true face, this face, now the face of this body.” Pausing to uncross and recross his new booted legs, he went on. “Body-hoppers have been among society for thousands of years, carefully hidden from the masses. Your ability to see through my charade marks you as one in perhaps a million.”

“Why can I see and hear you if other people can’t? Why am I special?” I asked him, trying to get a handle on the situation. Trying to build understanding.

“Why are you special Jason?” he asked. Standing up in his heeled boots, Al walked Cassie’s body around the coffee table, gracefully sauntering over until he/she was right in front of my seated form. “I’ll show you kid.” He said as he sat down on my lap, straddling me with his soft new thighs, Cassie’s thighs. The thighs I had looked at from afar on so many occasions. Wrapping his arms around my head, Al looked deep in my eyes. Even with his masculine face, I couldn’t help but react to the feel of Cassie’s sexy body draping itself on me. My manhood began to rapidly expand as I became aroused.

“Y-you used her to have sex with that guy this morning, and now you want to do it with me?” I asked, conflicted as to whether I should resist the situation. Fully intending to push Al off of me, I pushed forward with my hands, resting one on her waist and the other on Cassie’s thigh. My strength seemed to melt away upon touching the curve of that waist, and the smooth skin of that thigh. Did I want to get Al off of me?

“That was just a little fun silly. This is different.” he said, before kissing me full on the mouth. My lips slightly parted as he kissed me deeply, the alien sensation of a male set of lips touching mine overcoming me. I found myself caressing Cassie’s body with my hands, giving in to my desires for her.

As Al broke our kiss, backing ever so slightly back to look me in the eye once more, I managed to whisper, “How is this different?”

“That was just some harmless sex, this is the birth of a new Body-Hopper!” he laughed as he kissed me once more. Our bodies intertwined, we began to pull each other’s clothing off. Over the next several hours, I had sex with Al, the strange man who had possessed my neighbor Cassie Lee.

Journal of a Body-Hopper: The Change.

I totally surrendered to the experience. Hours of sex blurred my sensibilities. I had often dreamed of sex with Cassie, watching her with naked lust from afar. My imagination had conjured up all kinds of fantasies involving the sexy young Asian, and now those fantasies were reality. I was as close to her as I had ever dreamed.

But, the utter wrongness of it all was a constant. Whenever I looked into her eyes, I didn’t see the pretty young face of Cassie Lee, but that of some middle aged man named Al. I was indeed having sex with Cassie, but she wasn’t alone. She was, for lack of a better term, being worn by Al. He had “hopped” into her, merging with her body. Al had possessed Cassie Lee, effectively becoming her. I wanted to know more, to ask questions, to understand, but the intense pleasure of our lovemaking made my resistance melt away. In fact, in the back of my mind, I found myself wondering what it was like for Al, what it was like to have Cassie’s body so totally. As I grew more and more exhausted by our frenzied passions, I could hear Al whispering tenderly in my ear, “This is just the beginning boy, just the beginning…” I drifted into sleep.

Slowly, I began to awaken, becoming aware of light filtering into the bedroom window. Stretching the sleep away, I heard a crackling noise, and could smell something delicious cooking in the kitchen. Throwing on a pair of boxer shorts, I walked in to find Al (or was it Cassie?) working at the stove. Naked save for an old T-shirt of mine, Al was whistling as he worked the skillet. “Morning Kid! You gave me a hell of a workout last night. The kitty was purring!” His deep chuckle was incongruous with his petite female body. “How’d you like some omelets? Gotta replenish your energies after that kind of thing!”

“Actually, I am starving.” I said as I walked over across from him and sat on one of the counter stools. Despite myself, I couldn’t help but stare at the strange being in my kitchen. His stubbly face totally miss-matched with Cassie’s sexy body. “What’s it like in there?” I found myself asking.

Dishing out the omelets, Al chuckled. “It’s fantastic kid. This little Cassie’s a dream mount. One of the best I’ve had the good fortune to hop into. Smooth, soft, nice little rump, breasts that are a dream come true….” as he spoke he posed and felt the body he was describing, appraising it even as he was in it. “And the clothes! This little lady knows how to dress. If you got it flaunt it was coined for her!” Cupping his breasts, Al suddenly stopped, “Which reminds me…!” Rushing back to my bedroom he returned with the white stiletto boots in his dainty little hands. “I love these things, can’t be strutting around in Cassie here without some heels on!” Setting down, Al proceeded to pull on and zip up the boots. Standing up when he had finished, he shifted his wait from one foot to the other until he was satisfied with the fit. He was quite a sight standing there in nothing save his boots and my T-shirt. Looking up at me, Al recognized my obvious lust and chuckled, before re-joining me at the table for breakfast.

“Does she…, does she know what’s going on?” I asked him, not really knowing whether I wanted to know or not. It was all so surreal.

“No, she’s basically comatose. When I merge, she goes into a deep sleep, retreating deep into her subconscious. I’m her new conscious mind. If I concentrate, I can ask her dreaming mind mental questions, questions she’ll answer me truthfully. It helps when you’re trying to carry on with her normal interactions, you know, trying to get along with the friends and family.” He spooned a few mouthfuls of egg in before continuing. “The last thing Cassie remembers is a strange man surprising her in the ladies room of a nightclub. A moment of fear and surprise. When I leave, she’ll wake up with that as her last memory. She won’t have a clue as to what’s been happening while I’ve been running the show. But, she’ll be none the worse the wear.” He took another bite before continuing. “If I decide to leave her none the worse the wear of course.” With those words, a fiendish glint emerged from Al’s eyes.

I ate the eggs throughout. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were Al’s recipe, or if he had found it in Cassie’s mind. Somehow I doubted she was the cooking kind. “How long do you stay in them?”

Taking a swig of orange juice and swallowing he said, “Not long. I tend to get bored quick. I’ll mount some other bit of fluff before too long. Once you’ve played around for a little while, one tends to want to explore new territory. Plus, we Hoppers don’t like to get too comfortable. Complacency can lead to a slip up.” He took a few more bites and another sip before going on. “It’s easy to tip off her immediates with poor acting, or some of your own mannerisms bleeding through. Worse, you tend to run a greater risk of a reveal if you’re in for too long.”

“A reveal?” I asked.

“Like you see me now, well, mirrors, film, and digital media reveals.” Looking around the kitchen, Al spotted my toaster. Picking it up he showed me his reflection in it’s surface. “You’d see my face anyways because of your condition, but any other person would see my facial features as well. What’s more, if they took a picture of me, or filmed me, that’s show up too.” Putting the toaster back, Al returned to his seat to finish his meal. Chuckling he added, “We kind of get a kick out of the whole camera thing. Most of us love to get our picture taken. It’s kind of fun to picture the photographer getting his film back or uploading his pics, only to see his pretty subject with some odd man’s face. Most of them think it’s some kind of weird defect. Actually, we Body-Hoppers have taken a shine to digital stuff. Some of us take pictures of ourselves in our mount-bodies and post ‘em on a message board. We check it out and compare and contrast each other’s choices. Fun stuff.”

I pondered this strange culture I was having revealed to me. I went back over what he had told me in my mind. “Why is it that I can see your face, and hear your voice? Shouldn’t I be as oblivious as everyone else?”

Setting down his fork, Al took my right hand in his own. Or rather, Cassie’s hands. Their small fingers and soft skin felt nice. Lord knows I had enjoyed Al’s ability to use them last night. “You’re a Hopper kid. Only a potential Hopper can see a riding Hopper in his mount. By having sex with me, you’ve unlocked your potential. While you sit here, your body is changing. In a few day’s you have a full blown Hopper physiology.”

“W-what are you talking about?!?! I’m going to be like you?!?! But I don’t want to! I want to be normal!” I pulled my hand from his grasp as I stood up. Suddenly, a wave of nausea and dizziness overcame me, I stumbled and staggered almost falling over. Al, in little Cassie’s body rose and braced me, helping me to the couch in the living room.

“Take it easy kid. You’re changing. You have to let it run it’s course. Don’t worry kid. You’ll grow to love it. Who the hell wants to be normal?!? Now let big brother Al take care of you and everything will be fine.”

Over the next three days, I felt god-awful. Al, my lecherous friend in angel’s clothing ministered to me with surprising gentleness. He took good care of me, leaving the apartment only occasionally to change clothes and pick up items of need. We had frequent sex, Al allowing me to grind away on Cassie to my hearts content. We talk often as Al relayed to me the history and practices of Hoppers. Apparently, one of the benefits of having the physiology of a Hopper was a retardation of the aging process. There were some very ancient Hoppers out there. Al himself was more than a century old, though he didn’t look a day over forty. He took great pains to tell me of their culture and agreed upon rules. He took the time to describe to me of their rich oral history. Even as I felt myself change, and as I learned of Hoppers, I knew I was becoming more than what I was. I even felt my attraction for Cassie’s body changing. I still wanted to have sex with her, but know, I began to wonder what it was like to be her. I began to envy Al his new body.

Finally, one afternoon, as I began to feel much better, Al had me join him in Cassie’s apartment. He had her dressed nicely today. She wore a pair of black heels with stockings, a pinstripe skirt, and tight black sweater. “Well kid, here’s what’s going down. Before I get you out there hopping on your own, I’m going to show you first hand some of its aspects. Now, most Hoppers just move from mount to mount, hopping form one to the other. But, as a beginner you’ll probably be more comfortable hopping and then reconstituting yourself in your original form. So, I’m going to dismount Cassie here so that you can see what the process looks like.” Walking to the center of the room, Al had Cassie stand still as if at attention. Closing his eyes, a strange pulse of light followed by a tearing noise startled me. In the flash, I saw a strange liquid form begin to pull away from Cassie, erupting outward as it poured into an expanding form. Mere moments after it began, Cassie’s unconscious form fell to the floor. The liquid shimmered and solidified, becoming a naked middle aged man with Al’s face. Looking down at Cassie, I could make out her original pretty features. Exhaling form obvious effort, Al staggered a bit. “Been a while since I did this. Well, here I am kid.” He was middle aged in appearance and a little paunchy. Taller than Cassie, he was her polar opposite.

Pulling up a gym bag, Al began to get dressed in some clothes he had packed from my apartment. I looked down at Cassie, still sleeping. “How long will she be out?”

As he pulled a T-shirt down over himself Al answered. “An hour or two. It takes a lot out of them.” Finishing his dressing, Al said, “Now, we’ll rest for the remains of the day, and tomorrow, you and I’ll go looking for your first mount. Are you ready to take a Hop?”

Amazingly, I was. After the past few days, I found myself wanting to experience it more and more. I wanted to Hop into a woman. I wanted to be inside a girl, I wanted to be a girl, for a little while. “Yes, I believe I am Al.”

After leaving Cassie’s sleeping form on her couch in her apartment, Al and I headed back to my own place. We grabbed some dinner and talked about my new state of being. It was all too fantastic to believe, but somehow, in my altered state, I knew that everything he was telling me was true. We talked late into the night, before turning in, trying to get some rest before the big day ahead. Al was exhausted, and was happily snoring within no time. As I drifted into sleep myself, I could feel my senses alter. I felt an odd tingling sensation rippling through me most all the time anymore, I was changing.

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, Al and I headed out and about. Grabbing his large gym-bag, Al followed me to my car. In no time we were on the road. “I’ve got something special in line for us first off. I’m going to let you watch me make a hop.” Following Al’s directions, I drove us on a long and winding journey through the city streets. After a circuitous trip, we arrived at Al’s chosen destination.

We had arrived at a small real-estate agency. As we walked up toward the small office Al filled me in. “I scouted this one out a couple of weeks ago. A promising potential mount runs this place, and I’ve made an appointment to meet with her. It should be a relatively easy hop, so you can come along for the show.” A devilish grin passed over Al’s face.

In the small lobby, a pretty young secretary was busy talking on the phone. Gesturing in way of apology she asked us to wait for a moment while she finished with the call. She was very pretty. She looked to be in her early twenties, with brown eyes and long brown hair. She had a very cute face, and a frame that filled out her brown sweater to great effect. I wondered if she was Al’s potential mount. “Good morning gentleman, do you have an appointment with Mrs. Ross?” she asked with a sunny smile.

“Sure do young lady. Name’s Smith.” Al said returning her good cheer. I fiddled with the strap of Al’s gym bag nervously. I was supposed to carry it and messed with it to have something to do.

Looking over the schedule, she happily responded, “Ahh yes! Mr. Smith you’re right on time!” Activated the intercom, the young woman said, “Mrs. Ross, your ten o’clock appointment is here, Mr. Smith is ready.”

The intercom buzzed in response, a sultry voice answered back, “Send him right in Melanie.”

Entering the office, brief introductions were made. Al introduced me as his nephew, tagging along on his errands. As we took our seats and she and Al made small talk about the weather, I eyed her carefully. She was quite hot, a sexy woman who appeared to be in her mid-thirties. She had shoulder length blond hair, and sparkling blue eyes. Mrs. Ross was tall, with long graceful legs that I watched as she rounded the desk on her way back to her chair. She wore fashionable black high heels on dark stockings. She wore a well tailored skirt-suit, tan colored, with a well fitting jacket and a nice a-line skirt that fell just above the knee. Her respectable breasts looked quite nice under her red satin blouse, just enough cleavage showing at the last fastened button. She moved with a fluid grace.

“Now Mr. Smith, what kind of property are you interested in? How can I help you?” She asked him with her deeper, sultry voice.

Al gave her a cheshire grin before answering. “Well Mrs. Ross, I’m interested in a very special property. A specific location as it were.” he said, rising from his chair. Hands behind his back, Al began to walk as if pacing in consideration. “Yes, a very specific property is what I’m interested in.”

As he walked around the desk, apparently looking out the window behind him, Mrs. Ross spun slowly in her chair, watching him with interest as he rounded the desk. “Really? A special property? I assume it’s one I have access to?” she asked.

Turning back from the window, standing directly in front of Mrs. Ross sitting cross-legged in her chair, Al looked down at the woman. “Oh yes, you’re intimately familiar with the property I have in mind.” Suddenly, Al’s calm demeanor ended, a strange flash seemed to pulse for a moment in his eyes. Mrs. Ross, instinctively knowing that something was happening reacted immediately; she recoiled in her chair, eyes and face frozen in a silent scream. Apparently Al’s flashing glance had stunned her in some way. She seemed to be struggling to back the chair away, pushing ineffectively with her high heels against the floor.

Al moved in toward her, crouching before the twitching woman. Smiling broadly, he looked into her horrified face. With his hands, Al grabbed the woman’s thighs, gripping them tightly. Standing to watch from a better perspective, I could see Al’s fingers begin to alter, seemingly melting into the fleshy thighs of Mrs. Ross. Only able to whimper softly in response, the woman tried to push Al away, to no effect. Before my eyes, Al’s body seemed to liquefy and surge forward, melting into the woman’s legs where he had made contact. In mere moments, Al’s form was gone, pushing it’s way into Mrs. Ross’s body. Trembling in her chair, Mrs. Ross raised her hands to her face, covering it as she made odd moaning noises.

Exhaling with great force, she leaned forward in her chair, hands still covering her face. Slowly, as I stood there watching, the woman sat back, lowering her hands. As she did so, I could now see that her features were Al’s. His manly face smiled in satisfaction as he looked down at his new seated body. “Yes, yesssssss! Very nice!” He smiled as he began to use Mrs. Ross’s long delicate hands to feel up her own seated body. Gripping a breast, and caressing a thigh, Al checked out his new body. For the first time, I had witnessed a hop.

“What do you think kid? That was something else wasn’t it?” Al laughed. I walked tentatively around the desk, marveling at what I had just witnessed. “She’s a looker isn’t she? This one feels just as great a it looks.” Al extended one of Mrs. Ross’s legs, feeling it up and down with her hands. “What a set of pins this gal has!” Al chuckled.

Putting his new heeled boot back down, Al stood up and faced me directly, wrapping his arms around my neck in an embrace while looking me in the eye. “Well my boy, are you ready to make a hop yourself?”

Swallowing hard, I answered him. “Yes. Yes I am.” I had to see what it was like. I had to know. Could I really do this?

“Good. How’d you like the look of that little secretary out there?” Al smiled. With one new hand wrapped around my back, and the other fondling my manhood through my pants, Al nibbled on my ear while whispering last minute instructions in preparation for my first hop. After we picked up Al’s discarded clothing, the clothing that had fallen to the floor as he had entered Mrs. Ross and placed it in Al’s gym bag, Al psyched me up for my new adventure.

Even though I heard Al’s husky voice when he did so, I knew that the secretary only heard the familiar voice of Mrs. Ross when he asked her over the intercom to come on in. “Melanie? could you come in here for a moment?” Coming through the door, I got a good look at the pretty brown haired girl we had encountered earlier. Her lovely upper body with it’s brown sweater-ed breasts was nicely complemented by her lower half. She wore a pleated tan tartan skirt that’s hem fell high on the thigh. Her exquisite little ass bobbed back and forth in it’s fabric. Nude hose clung to her soft rounded legs. For footwear, Melanie wore a pair of nice brown suede boots that were calf high, and had side zips. They had nice little stacked heels that had to be four inches high. The height produced a lovely sway as her hips moved back and forth during her walk, edges of the skirt ruffling around her thighs.

“You needed me Mrs. Ross?” she managed to ask. “Where did those two guys go?” she asked as she noticed our apparent absence.

“Oh, there still here. Quite close actually, and about to get closer!” Al laughed at the girl.

From my position behind the opened door, I rushed out, coming up behind Melanie. Grabbing her by her shoulders, I spun her around on he boot heels so that she faced me. She managed to a short scream before I felt an odd burst within me, I could feel a flash of energy rush through my eyes and into her. Her face contorted in fear and surprise, Melanie’s struggles lessened greatly. Still grabbing her left arm, I gripped the horrified girl’s neck with my right. I could feel an odd electric rush as my hand met her skin. The most wonderful sensation erupted as my hand began to melt into the flesh of her neck. With great speed, I felt my body liquefy and rush forward, pushing it’s way into Melanie’s body. My senses and perceptions altered.

First, I felt her feet and lower legs. As the feel of her lower limbs rushed through me, it felt almost like putting on a pair of shoes. With lightning speed, my sense of being altered, I felt like a liquid filling a cup. I could feel her feet, then calves, then thighs, then lower body. More and more I could feel what Melanie was feeling. The odd angle that heeled boots forced her feet into, the tight grip of her pantyhose, the swish of the fabric of her skirt. I could feel her panties gripping her sex, her bra restraining her ample breasts. I staggered as it all washed over me.

I lost balance for a moment and felt myself loose my bearings. Finally, my view from the outside was replaced by Melanie’s perspective. I was seeing the world form her eyes. Falling on my new curvy ass, I sat splayed out on the floor as I regained my sense of self. Looking down at the body I now possessed, I tentatively touched the hose-clad thighs now exposed my my up-riding tartan skirt. I was Melanie now. I had hopped into her. “Wow….” was all I could whisper.

Clapping slowly with his new elegant hands, Al congratulated me. “Nice kid, very nice.” Walking over, Al offered me his hand, pulling me up off the ground and onto my teetering high heel booted feet. “Now, let’s have some fun!” Al threw his new blond head back in a hearty laugh.

Melanie’s body fit like a glove. The feel of the perky young secretary’s body was divine. It felt so odd! I could feel all the sensations and feedback of another person! I felt the fabrics and materials of her clothing on her soft skin, I felt her hair brush against her neck, I felt the radically different center of gravity that came with having such wonderfully perfect breasts. With delicate new fingers, the fingers of another person, I probed the contours of my new body. The new body I had seized from pretty little Melanie.

Obviously amused at my new self-exploration, Al hopped up onto the desk in Mrs. Ross’s body, crossing his new, long, nylon clad legs. “You Hop like a natural kid. I can see you’re enjoying the ride.” He chuckled.

Bending forward, I rubbed my new hosed legs, luxuriating in the feel of the soft limbs. Reaching up slowly, I probed up and under my little skirt. Slowly, I felt my new crotch. Instead of my usual manhood, I felt a strange new void. A mound with an split, a split that felt so very good while I traced it’s outline through my hose and panties. God, it was wonderful.

“Welcome to womanhood kid.” Al offered. “Let’s get a feel for things shall we? If you can tear yourself away from Melanie’s glorious little snatch, try feel her memories. Concentrate in the back of your mind, and see if you can read her dreaming thoughts.”

Closing my eyes, I concentrated, straining a little as I felt around the unconscious mind of the girl I had hopped into. “Melanie Anderson.” Feeling her name in the back of my head. “I…, I mean She’s twenty six. I…, this is so weird. I can see her memories. I can feel what she knows. It’s like a movie in the back of my head that tells me whatever I need to know about her. This is amazing!” I scrolled through the events of Melanie’s life, feeling a rush as I read her sleeping mind.

“It’s not instantaneous though, so be careful. When your interacting with people she knows, there’ll be pauses. You’ll have to keep track of your conversation and speaking pace so you don’t tip them off to anything.” Looking out the window, Al seemed took on a thoughtful look. “Myself, I’m in Mary-Ellen Ross, thirty-nine and married. She’s got a nice little business going here and is married to a rugged contractor named Bill.” He cocked his blond-tressed hair with a new line of thought. “Hmmm, she has the cutest little teenage daughter! I’ll have to go home and take a look at her!” he laughed. “Not before I get good old Bill to shag me properly though.

Coming back from my mental journey into Melanie’s unconscious mind, I looked over at Al, his smiling male face on Mrs. Ross’s sexy body. Smiling as suggestively as I could, I sauntered slowly toward Al’s reclining form. Boot step after boot step, my swaying hips carried me toward him. “Bill, huh? That sounds nice “boss-lady”, but how about giving your star employee a go at that rocking body of yours?” Striking a pose in front of her, I bit my lip and put my hands on my hips. “That is unless you don’t want to get close to little Miss Mel’s body.”

Pulling me toward his seated position on the desk, Al wrapped Mrs. Ross’s long legs around my back, bringing our two new sets of breasts into contact with one another. I could feel the most wonderful heat begin to burn in my borrowed pussy. “Young man, you are quite the naughty little flirt, aren’t you?” Al smiled, before leaning in for an open mouthed kiss. I could feel his elegant fingers sliding down my back, coming to rest on my curvy little ass, even as my own stolen hands cupped his lovely new breasts. “When dear Mary-Ellen woke up this morning, I’m sure she didn’t know that she would be getting so close to her darling little secretary.” Al chuckled with that deep rumbling laugh of his.

Feeling around Mel’s mind, I answered, “Melanie certainly never considered this sort of thing. Thank goodness we’re able to rectify these ladies stunning miss-use of resources. Imagine, the two of them in this office all day, and they’ve never gotten frisky!” I rolled my head back in laughter, delighted at all of the wonderful new sensations I was experiencing.

A couple hours later, after several wonderfully odd orgasms, I found myself sitting naked on the equally nude laugh of Al, happily planted in Mary-Ellen Ross’s sexy body. I was just as pleased with my mount. Melanie’s supple little body was a dream. “This is all just so wonderful. The world is ours.”

“Correction my boy, their worlds are ours. Now, I’m going to go ahead and take Mary-Ellen on back to her home. I want to put her hubby through his paces. What are your plans?” Al kissed my new neck while waiting for my answer.

Sifting through Melanie’s dreaming mind, I formulated a plan of action. “Hmmm, Mel’s not seeing anyone right now. I suppose I’ll take her back to her place and poke around through her wardrobe. After that, I may go out on the town for some fun. She has some girlfriends who are always up for an evening out. I hope I’m not late for work tomorrow, my boss can be a real bitch!” I laughed.

Pinching my rump, Al mock-scolded me., “You had best be on time Miss Anderson! You’ll be here on time! I’ll expect a full report on your evening of course!” We laughed as we got up and began to put our new bodies’ clothes back on. After pulling on my sexy little boots, and carefully zipping them up, I stood up on my arched feet. I watched appreciatively as Al smoothed out the dark nylons he had pulled up Mrs. Ross’s legs, before stepping back into her high heels.

“Now remember, avoid mirrors and such, and be careful with what you say. Have fun tonight with your little sex-pot, and meet me back here tomorrow morning. We’ll catch up.” After instructing me, Al hugged me close and kissed me on the cheek. We grabbed our coats and purses, and headed out to our waiting automobiles. As Al had said, Melanie Anderson’s world was mine to do with as I pleased.

Needless to say, with all of this preening and mirror-viewing, I ended up spending the bulk of the evening touching my new body. When I discovered sweet little Melanie’s hidden sex toy, a vibrating phallus, my evening was spoken for. The orgasms of the female form were utterly fabulous, beyond description. I made sure to experience as many as I could with dear little Melanie’s equipment.

The next day, deciding to give Al a show when we met up back at Mrs. Ross’s office, I wore my favorite new outfit. The white shirt, cut-offs, and five inch spikes. Strutting my stuff up to the office, I relished the eyes of passersby drinking in my new sexy little body. My heels clicked and my jean clad ass rolled back and forth as my supple legs scissored me up and into the office.

I sat in Melanie’s chair, spinning around as I waited for Al to arrive. The door opened at around 9:30, and I couldn’t resist poking fun as he came in. “Why Mrs. Ross, you’re so late! What-ever were you up too last ni-“ I stopped short as I looked at the woman who staggered in. It was Mrs. Ross all right, but she was disheveled and unkempt. She wore baggy gray sweats and looked a mess. Most importantly, her face was her own! Al’s features were surprisingly absent. He had obviously hopped out.

“I feel terrible Me. Cancel all of my appointments today. I’m going to try and get some paperwork done.” Looking me over as she rubbed her forehead she noticed my slutty attire. “What on earth are you wearing!!” I stammered, trying to come up with a response. Before I managed one she finished with, “Never-mind, I don’t want to know. I can’t deal with anything right now. Just keep it professional from now on. I don’t want to be disturbed.” The door slammed behind her as she locked herself away in her office.

Not really knowing what to do, I used Melanie’s memories to come up with things to do. One by one, I called Mrs. Ross’s appointments and canceled them. Throughout, I wondered where Al could have been. When the mail man came in to drop off an pick up, I was mildly amused at his reaction to my clothing. Looking over my new female body, the poor man dropped his packages three times. Trying to make up for it, I gave him a show. I crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times, and made sure to bend forward, giving him an eyeful of cleavage.

After an hour or so, the phone began to ring on “my” desk. Reflexively, I answered. “Hello?”

“Hi ya sexy! How are you doing without me?” It was Al’s unmistakable voice.

“Al!!! Where the hell are you!?!? Why’d you leave Mrs. Ross?” I asked him.

“Mary-Ellen was a blast to ride around in kid, and I had a lot of fun last night, but I ran into a previous acquaintance this morning and just had to hop into her. Look, you’ll have to leave that place and meet up with me. I’ll give you the directions. Don’t forget my gym bag with our clothes.” Listening carefully, I wrote down the directions to Al’s proposed meeting place and grabbed his gym bag. I didn’t bother telling Mrs. Ross I was leaving, not really giving a shit as to whether Mel got in trouble or not. I wanted to see Al and compare notes.

Arriving at the Mall Al had directed me to, I walked in and made my way to the food court. My red high-heels clicking all the way, I swayed to and fro as I made my way through the corridors. It felt wonderful, especially when I noticed the lustful eyes on my sexy little body. In the food court, I had to look a bit before recognizing Al’s face on one of the patrons. When I did, I was shocked to say the least.

Al’s smiling face was on a young mother, a fair complected woman with short black hair. He was seated, with a blue blouse and khaki pants. His shirt was unbuttoned half way down. You see, I knew Al had hopped young mother because he was currently breastfeeding her baby!!!! “Al, what in the world are you doing?” I asked stifling laughter.

“Feeding the little one of course. Jeez he’s on tight! It tickles and pinches at the same time.” Al chuckled as he held the suckling child. As he continued feeding the baby, Al explained that he had stopped into a gas-station this morning in Mrs. Ross while returning to her home. While refueling, he spotted this young mother doing likewise with her automobile. He had recognized her a particularly enjoyable previous mount, and couldn’t resist sampling motherhood for a bit. “Hell, I was probably there for conception.” he joked. “Hmmm, nice choice of clothing for Mel there kid.” He added, oblivious to the fact that a breast-feeding mother checking out another young woman seemed a bit odd.

“What’s next on the agenda Al?” I asked him. “What should we do next? Mel’s fun, but I’m starting to get a little bored.” I was sad to admit it, looking down at my lovely legs as I spoke.

“Well, since you brought the bag, I’ll dismount Mommy here in the restroom, leaving baby next to her. She should be up and about pretty quickly, my only having been in her for a couple of hours. Then, we can see about having you pull off your first mount-to-mount hop.” As he glanced around the mall, Al smiled at some of the very pretty passing women.

Fifteen minutes later, a dismounted Al, looking like a non-descript man in his thirties, walked with me while we held hands through the mall. “It’s nice to escort such a lovely lady.” He whispered, bending back as he checked out my backside. “Keep your eyes open for anyone who catches your eye.”

As we walked throughout the department store, I noticed a pretty girl who appeared to be in her late teens. She was very athletic, with short hair, a green t-shirt, and shorts. She seemed to be shoe shopping, and the clerk was having difficulty getting her to try on anything other than her preferred sneakers. “Don’t you have anything dressy, but flat?!?!” she asked obviously frustrated.

The clerk tried to convince her to take a chance on something more feminine. “But dear, prom dresses just don’t look right with flats, and you have such lovely legs! It would be a crime to wear anything but heels!” the woman pleaded.

“Uggggghhhhhh!” The young woman gasped. “Look, I’m not wearing any hooker shoes, and I’m not breaking my ankles!” Crossing her arms and looking forcefully at the clerk she declared, “Look, I’m going to try on that dress again, you see if you have anything flat that I can wear with it!” Angrily, she stomped off toward the dressing rooms as the harried clerk slowly got up and headed back to the stockroom.

“Can I have her?” I asked him in my best pleading-child voice.

Al laughed. “Did the angry little girl catch your fancy Jason?” he asked.

“I agree with the clerk, it would be a shame to wear flats with legs as nice as those.” I smiled fiendishly as I said it.

The young woman was just changing back into her shirt and shorts when I rushed into her changing booth. She was startled when the slutty older woman shot in with her. With Melanie’s arms, I grabbed her and pushed her into the wall. Concentrating even as she tried to push free, uttering curses as she did, I began to push into her. I could feel myself beginning to hop into her, issuing forth from Melanie. Liquid-like, I gushed forth pushing into the struggling teen. I began to loose my sense of Melanie, even as new sensations began to overwhelm me. I could feel her tight little body, her young athletic form as I filled her like water in a glass. When I finished, I found myself within her. I was now the whining young woman. Melanie, now empty of me, fell to the floor unconscious. Looking at the dressing mirror, I could see my familiar smiling male face now on the young woman. I was in.

Walking out, I met up with Al. “Aren’t I just the perfect little high-schooler Al?” I laughed as I grabbed his arm.

“What’s her name kid?” he asked while looking me over.

Closing my eyes as I felt around her dreaming mind I answered with, “Rose. Rose Allen.” I ran over the mind of Rose Allen briefly, familiarizing myself with the new young lady I had become. “And Rose has changed her mind. She simply Loves high heels now. They do wonders for her legs!”

Leaving the store, and Melanie’s soon to be awakened and confused form, we headed outside and drove off in Rose’s little car. We found a nice shoe store, and Al, dear that he was, took pictures when I found the sluttiest little Timberland boots. It was going to be fun to turn Rose into a very naughty girl.

Journal of a Body-Hopper: Please Direct your attention to the Head of the Cabin.

The past couple of months had been amazing. Al and I body-hopped to our hearts content, having all kinds of naughty fun with our mounts. Along the way, we took advantage of our access to various young ladies’ bank accounts, building up a sizable savings in my checking account. Where as older Hoppers like Al simply moved from body to body as they pleased, I, like most new Hoppers had chosen to keep my old in part. Though I had quit my job, I was maintaining my apartment, and was in moderate contact with my family. Al didn’t give me too hard a time with my decision to do so, and had even started “collecting” stray cash from his mounts to help me out.

I still found myself in my original form quite often. I would reconstitute myself frequently, spending a day or two as myself. Al on the other hand, more often than not just hopped from body to body, going wherever his whims took him. I had noticed a change in myself though. As I sat in the car while Al drove, I felt naked. We were both dismounted, with no stolen body to wear. This evening Al had told me to get ready for a very special night. We would have new bodies to hop into soon enough.

Al guided the car into the driveway of a nice little condominium. We headed to the door, Al smiling as he pressed the bell. The door opened to reveal a stunningly beautiful woman of African-American origin. She wore a pair of very white cotton shorts, a mid-riff bearing yellow t-shirt, and a pair of pink flip-flop sandals. Her long brown legs, taught stomach, and large breasts were a site to behold. Her face was the real surprise however. Her brown skin gradually blended into Caucasian male features. This lovely lady had been mounted by a fellow hopper!

“Al you son-of-a-bitch! It’s great to see you!” the hopper shouted, as he and Al embraced. Al, as lecherous as ever, took the opportunity to squeeze the man’s large round bottom, clad tightly in the white material of the shorts. “Yeah, I know, isn’t it a great ass? I’ll bet you’re jealous.” the strange hopper chuckled.

“Jason, this is Mike, a Hopper-friend from way back. He’s set up a very special gathering for us.” As Al introduced me, I took Mike’s dark hand, kissing it in a gentlemanly manner.

“Hmmm, how mannerly. Come on in fellas. You can tell me where you dug up this polite young Hopper, and what you’ve been up too while we wait for our other guests.” Heading in to the living room, I listened as Al and Mike caught up on their goings and comings. After a bit, Mike enlightened me as to what our evening would entail. It all sounded fantastic.

(Cindy’s evening.)

Cindy fluffed her red hair in the car mirror as Rhonda drove. Looking back at Cleo, their Latina friend and fellow stewardess, she straightened her uniform. Cindy and her fellows were heading to Monique’s house. The beautiful black woman was the lead flight attendant of their crew. They were meeting up before heading to the airport for a flight overseas. As the other two made small talk, Cindy looked out the window and admired the lovely moonlit night.

Arriving at Monique’s, Cindy and the others headed up and knocked on the door. The three were in their uniforms. A line blue skirts that fell just above the knee, nude hose, modest tan heels, white blouses, and blue jackets. Cindy smoothed hers as the other two giggled in some shared joke. “Hello ladies, are we ready for the flight tonight?” Monique beamed as she welcomed the three women in.

“Nice to see you girl.” Rhonda said as she kissed Monique on the cheek. The three women chatted as they sat down in the living room. As they walked in, Cindy noticed that Monique’s uniform was radically different. Her skirt was ridiculously short, falling high on the thigh, and way too tight. Her shirt was equally small, barely restraining the black woman’s huge breasts. Instead of nude hose, Monique wore black, back-seamed stockings, stockings that ended in a pair of outrageously high-heels. The heels had very pointed toes, were made of black patent leather, and had matching ankle straps.

“What in God’s name are you wearing Monique!?!?” Cleo squealed. “You’re not going to wear that on the flight are you!?!? They’ll think your some kind of hooker!!!!”

Monique laughed at the womens’ startled reactions. “You don’t like my improvements to the uniform? That’s too bad, you’ll each be wearing the same thing.” She laughed.

“I’m not dressing like some kind of stripper Monique.” Cindy declared,

With a devilish grin, Monique stood up and walked to the front door, standing between it and the seated women. “I’m afraid that’s no longer your decision to make. Your bodies aren’t yours to dress anymore.”

As she spoke, two strange men walked in. The three girls jumped up startled by the strange men’s appearance. Cindy backed up as the two men walked toward her and her friends. “What is this Monique? Who are these freaks?” she demanded.

To her horror, each of the men grabbed her friends. The younger one, a kid in his early twenties wrestled with Cleo, grabbing the feisty Latina by her upper arms. Even as the woman struggled and pushed, he began to change. Cindy couldn’t believe her eyes as the young man began to melt out of his clothing, and rush forward into Cleo, seemingly pushing right into her body. To her left, Rhonda punched and screamed as the older man grappled with her. She fought as hard as she could even as the man melted into her just as his companion did. The two women flailed and convulsed as they fought their attackers.

Scared out of her mind, Cindy backpedaled toward the door running right into Monique. The smiling black woman held her fast, putting her arm in a wicked wrestling lock behind her back. “Monique why are you doing this?!?!?” Cindy pleaded, tears streaming down her face.

Turning back to her friends, Cindy watched as the women slowly rose from where they had fallen on the floor. The two men had vanished into them, leaving their clothes in piles. The two lovely women seemed to be catching their breaths as they stood there. “What a body!” Cleo said.

“Mine is pretty damn fantastic too, so fit!” Rhonda announced. “Boy she really fought like a little tiger too, what an effort!” she chuckled. She and Cleo stood there, looking down at, and feeling with apparent lust, their own bodies.

“Your new uniforms are in the spare bedroom ladies. I’m going to take this little bit of fluff to my room for now.” Monique pushed Cindy down the hall and into the aforementioned bedroom.

“What is this, what is happening?!?! Monique, why are you doing this too us?!!?!” Cindy whimpered.

Her friend just laughed as she marched Cindy into the bedroom, before throwing her up onto the bed. Standing in front of her, while looking into a full length closet mirror and primping, Cindy was terrified by Monique’s reflected image. Instead of her friend’s pretty dark face, her mirror image sported the smiling face of some strange white man! “Oh my god….” was all she could manage to say as she backpedaled on the bed in fear.

After a bit, Rhonda and Cleo came into the room, wearing the same scandalous uniforms that Monique was. Small tight flight attendant garb, and black patent ankle-strapped high-heels. The two womens smiling faces cast the reflections of the men who had accosted her friends earlier. They were in Cindy’s fellow stewardesses!

Rhonda was looking through her purse, “ I.D. and passports check out Mike. These little minxes are ready for a trip!” he chuckled.

Cleo bended forward, running her hands up and down her legs in obvious appreciation. “This lady’s rock’n!” she announced.

The doorbell rang as they sat there, “I’ll get it!” Monique practically sang as she teetered out on her heels, her strides shortened by her tight skirt. Rhonda smiled fiendishly at Cindy even as Cleo continued to molest herself.

After a bit, Monique walked in with a chubby little Asian man, walking arm and arm with him while whispering in his ear. “Frank is here fellas, late as usual.” she laughed.

“Sorry guys.” The chubby little Asian answered. “I ran into some traffic.” Looking at Cindy’s retreating form, back on the bed as far as she could get, he smiled lustfully. “Is that mine?” he asked.

“Go get her tiger!” Monique shouted with glee. As Cindy screamed the chubby little man rushed up onto the bed at her. As she kicked and screamed, his hands gripped her lower legs. To Cindy’s horror, she could feel him melting into her limbs just as her friends had. Cindy felt a horrid electric warmth pass up from her legs, washing over her. She was like a vessel being filled with a liquid. The last thing she remembered was her friends smiling, laughing faces taking in the scene.

A half an hour later, four very sexy stewardesses strutted out to their car, ready to leave the country on a flight. Some Body-Hoppers were going on a holiday.