By Tobyredone

8 minute read -

I was just about to order a pizza when my cell phone rang. I knew the caller ID number, and quickly opened it up.

“Jack,” a woman’s voice that I had never heard before said, “Get to 1172 Wragden lane over by the old train station. It’s a blue house with white shutters and a red four door car parked in the driveway. Hurry.” And then she hung up.

I quickly grabbed my shoes and a light coat and I was out the door. I knew I didn’t want to miss a quickie. I jumped into my car and I was off like a shot. As I weaved my way through the city streets to the destination I had just gotten from a woman that I had never met the events of the past couple weeks relayed through my mind.

My friend and roommate Joey disappeared for a few days after really tying one on at the local bar. I was about to call the cops and report him missing when I got a call from him. He told me to meet him at the food court of a local mall at noon. I showed up and there he was, eating a burger like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. I sat down, asked him how he had been, and if he was in any trouble or if he was ok. He replied back that he was better then ever, and then told me a story I did not believe.

The night he had gotten drunk at that bar he wound up going home with this completely man-faced chick, which he never would have done sober. But it turned out that chick wasn’t man-faced. It was some dude “riding around” in a chick. And by fucking the guy-girl dude, Joey could now “ride around” in people too.

I wanted to bring him into the hospital for drugs or something, as he was talking all crazy. When I again asked him if he was ok Joey said “Ok, I’ll prove it.” So we got up, walked down to a small mostly empty book shop, and the next thing I knew he was melting into the chick that worked there. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Well Joey in the book store chick’s body drags me into the back room and starts getting all hot and heavy on me while telling me more about what’s going on. He called it “hopping” or some crap, and I was like, are you a frog or something?

Next thing I know he’s ripping my pants off and we’re fucking. Now the book store chick wasn’t much of a looker, but it’s been a while since I got any so I wasn’t complaining. I must have impressed Joey or something, cause now every couple of days I get a call from his cell phone, but it’s some strange chick’s voice telling me where to meet up for a quick round of sex before we both head our own ways.

He only stops home every couple of days to grab a shower and some new clothes now, but I’m not complaining. In fact, I think I’m even going to start paying his half of the rent. I mean, he’s earning it back in ass, right?

I got knocked out of my trip down memory lane as I saw the blue house with the red car coming up. I parked my car on the street a few houses down, got out and headed up to the specified house. I hesitated, looked around to see if anyone was watching me, and then marched up the small walkway to the front door of the house. My hand shook just a little as I reached forward and rang the door bell.

It was opened a few moments later by a gorgeous woman. She was wearing an almost transparent blue shirt and a tight pair of blue jeans. She was just a bit taller than me, but she was also wearing heels. As soon as the door was open, she turned and started walking away. I couldn’t help but stare at her hot little ass as it moved in her jeans. She reached the hallway, looked over her shoulder and said in an annoyed tone, “Come on dude, I don’t have all day. And close the door behind you.”

I walked in, closed the door, and made my way down the hallway. When I turned into what I figured would be the bedroom I was greeted by the sight of the lovely woman with her shirt open in the front and her pants already unzipped and ready to be pulled off.

Her tits were straining against the encasement of her light blue bra and she was holding onto the door’s frame.

“Come on man, I want to fuck! I’m so damned horny I can’t stand it.” She told me.

“Uh, yeah man. I know, but I need a sec, I mean I just got here. I’m not hard yet.” I replied.

“Oh, I think I can help you with that.” She replied.

She pulled her shirt off her shoulders and flipped her tits out of the bra cups. The mashed the lacey fabric down under there weight. Then she reached down and wiggled her hips as she began to work the jeans down her thighs. As she exposed her matching tiny boy short panties, she looked up at me with lust in her eyes and asked, “Like what you see? How are the jugs? They feel just fabulous from my side.”

I was going to respond when she turned slowly and struck another pose.

With her shirt still on her arms, and her bra still barely covering any skin she yanked down her panties until they were wadded up just barely covering the bottoms of her ass cheeks.

“Or maybe you’re more of an ass man? What do you think? It’s a tight little pooper.” She told me in a seductive voice.

I just nodded in agreement. I was past words as I watched the hottest woman I’d ever seen in my life strip in front of me. She slowly strutted her way over to the bed. I could tell she was enjoying working me up as much as I was enjoying being worked. As she got to the bed she turned back to me, winked, and sat down gracefully on the bed.

Once she was sitting she slowly finished undressing. Her light blue shirt was pulled down and off her arms, and she then pulled both her panties and jeans off in one fluid motion. Then as she finished kicking them off and into a pile at her feet she slid her feet back into her shoes, looked over at me and with a huge smile said, “C’mon dude, I need a dick in me, and it looks like you have some pink steel that can help me with that need.”

I just about ran over to the bed, ripping my clothes off as I went, almost tripping a few times as I struggled with my pants. She laughed at me as I stood at the end of the bed yanking my tube socks off and then dove onto the mattress with her.

I pushed her down on her back and as I climbed on top of her we went at it like animals in heat. I was hard and ready from the show she had put on, and she was wet and ready for me as well, almost like her show had turned her on as well. I easily slid into her, and she moaned like a whore as I put my entire length in her.

“Oh yeah, that’s the shit. Fuck me!” She called out loudly.

I began to pull my entire dick out of her just to slam it back in all the way up to my balls. She began to move her hips under me and I could tell she was positioning herself so that she could feel me rub in the places that would set her off the best.

“Oh, yes, fuck, harder, yes, fuck fuck yes! Oh YES!” She screamed even louder as I slammed into her tight little pussy.

As the pace picked up I began to shorten the strokes, but increase the frequency, and I felt her arms wrap around my back to grab my ass cheeks and squeeze, then as I was almost ready to blow my load, she grabbed my backside harshly and pulled me all the way into her.

The look of rapture on her face and the tight squeezing and pulsing of her pussy muscles sent me over the edge and I felt myself squirt once, twice, three times, and suddenly she was quivering underneath me again, and her pussy began to milk my dick for every last drop of seed.

“Oh, it doesn’t get any better than that for a quickie, Jack. This bitch’s body is a damned cum-fest. I knew she was hot, and I could get fucked at the drop of a hat, but the great orgasms are the icing on the cake. I may be in her for a while instead of just a wham-bam, thank you ma’am. What are you doing tomorrow?” She asked me.

“Oh I was going to meet up with some friends, but they’ll understand if I bail,” I told her as I pulled out, crawled back to the edge of the bed and began getting dressed again.

After sliding my underwear and my socks back on I felt her moving on the bed. I stood up and slid into my pants legs and then looked back over my shoulder to see her at the edge of the bed.

“Fuck that was good sex! Even the leakage feels fucking awesome in this chick.” She said as she laid there. I looked her over once more from head to toe, and smiled as I saw the shiny spot on her inner thighs from what we had just done.

Suddenly I heard the front door open and a voice call out, “Ashley?! Ashley are you home?”

“Oh shit! It’s her boyfriend! Head out the back patio door, I’ll distract him!” She said as she rolled back into a sitting position and grabbed at her pile of clothes on the floor.

“What about you? You’re not coming?” I asked as I scooped up the remainder of my clothes and opened the glass patio doors then looked back at her.

“Oh, I’ll be coming. I’ll be cuming my pussy off with her boyfriend all night long. I want to get some more. I’ll see you tomorrow, our place, at two, ok?” She called out quietly.

I nodded as I looked at her with her shirt barely on again, and her panties only halfway up her shiny thighs. I dove off the patio behind the house and over some bushes as I heard the girl’s voice behind me from the bedroom’s open patio doors, “Oh honey, you’re home! Thank goodness, I’ve been so fucking horny all day and if I don’t get your dick in me soon I think I’m going to go crazy.”

“Well, we will have to see what we can do about that. Why’s the door open? Are you feeling ok? You don’t quite seem like yourself.” I heard a man’s voice say.

“Baby, I’ve just been so hot and ready all day. I needed some cool air. I’m already half undressed, are you coming? I need your dick in me, and you look like you have some pink steel that can help me out with that need.” I heard her reply back.

I had a quiet laugh as I heard him stumbling while he got undressed and knew the exact feelings he was having.

I quietly made my way to the car. I needed to clean my place up if I was going to have some company over tomorrow.