The Rental - Hey, I Was Watching That!

By Tobyredone

6 minute read -

It was a late Saturday afternoon in early winter. The snow was falling pretty steadily outside, and I was glad to be holed up in my comfortable little house. With the weather outside, and being as cold as it was, it pretty much meant that I was stuck indoors.

I had been flipping through the channels since mid morning, watching whatever caught my fancy, and was pretty glued to a show when Nikki walked out of the bedroom. Well, I guess it was Nikki that walked out of the bedroom, but it was also someone else… You see she had been body hopped earlier this morning by a guy around my age. He had come over wearing nothing but sweat pants, boots, and a parka, so I assumed he must have recently left his last mount. He said his name was Jackson.

Well, I invited him in, and he immediately stripped off his coat and headed for Nikki, who was in the bathroom. I knew the drill, so I just waited outside the door, and I figured if she did get away from him I could grab her as she ran out the door.

Most of the body hoppers that stopped by were pretty seasoned at mounting girls, but every now and then she would get the jump on one of them and bolt fast enough to get out of the room they where they would try and mount her. Then I would grab her, and hold her for a few seconds while they caught up. She would usually head to me for protection, and never understood why I would then call out where she was to the body hopper in our house. She always screamed, and begged me to let her go for the last few seconds as they were flowing into her. She always gave me the same fearful look, but I suppose every time she got mounted was like her first time, because she never remembered getting mounted at all.

Well, this time she put up a bit of a struggle, but he won out over her quickly and as soon as he had mounted her gave me a wink, and then said he wanted to jump in the shower. I shrugged and headed back to kitchen and finished my breakfast. The new Nikki joined me a few minutes later, still dripping and completely naked and plopped down on a kitchen chair to eat some breakfast as well.

After we finished she walked back into our bedroom, and started digging through all of her clothes. She told me she wanted to try on some outfits, and I stuck around for a while watching her undress and redress, but eventually I got board. I asked if she wanted to fuck for a bit, but she was too absorbed in looking at herself in the mirror in various clothes and poses, so I headed out to watch some TV.

Well, like I said earlier, I was pretty much a couch potato until Nikki walked out of the bedroom. The hopper inside her had picked out one hell of an outfit from the piles and piles of clothing he had tried on. She was wearing one of my long sleeve T-shirts that had red skulls going down the sleeves and it stopped just above her hips. She was wearing a matching set of black boy short panties with the word “Danger” written across her ass and a tiny little skull and cross bones on the front. The hopper had even managed to find some black socks with some red trim so that those matched too.

She strutted out into the middle of the room, and stood in front of the TV, kicking one leg out to the side, and thrusting her chest out to really show off her impressive curves. I looked her up and down, and then went back to the TV show, as I moved my head to the left.

“So, whadda say? Wanna fuck?” She asked, slightly annoyed that I was still watching my show.

“Uh, yeah, right after this show is done. It’s only got fifteen minutes left.” I replied to her as I moved more to the left.

“What? After the show? I wanna fuck now!” She replied as she stamped her foot, making her titties jiggle just a little.

“I wanted to fuck hours ago when you were trying shit on, but I didn’t throw a fit about it.” I replied calmly.

“Fine. You mind if I watch too?” She asked as she put one finger to her lip, and gave me a perfect pout.

“Be my guest,” I said as I patted the open spot on the couch next to me.

“That’s ok, I’ll watch from here.” She said as she spun around, flipping her hair up.

She then dropped to her knees, and put her hands up onto the small table the TV was sitting on. She pushed her knees apart until her legs were out at a ninety degree angle, and then bent over so her ass was pushed back, accentuating the word “Danger” written across her well formed butt cheeks. I could see were her little love mound was straining against the fabric. It only took a few moments before she was slowly moving her hips up and down and moaning in a seductive voice.

As hard as I was trying to watch the show, my eyes kept wandering back to Nikki’s perfect little ass, presented for me in such a whorish manner. She knew it too, as she would occasionally look back at me and smile, then turn back to the TV and giggle. I was about to give in when she stood up, and asked me to really turn up the volume.

“Ah, yeah, sure.” I replied, and pressed the volume up button on my remote control.

“Keep going.” She said, as she walked over to one of our pedestal speakers that sat on the left side of the TV.

I kept raising the volume, and she climbed right onto the speaker with the grace of a cat, and straddled it with both legs, setting her cloth covered pussy right on the heavily vibrating wood. She started to wiggle her hips again, but this time was humping the top of our speaker instead of the open air. Soon her hands were on the wall, and I could hear her panting and groaning as loud as the sounds coming out of the speaker. Every time there was a loud noise, gun blast, or explosion, Nikki felt it right through her most sensitive of places.

Finally one particularly long explosion scene happened, and the next thing I knew she was calling out, “OH SHIT! OH SHIT YES! YES! AH SHIT!” and then she slumped against the wall, and started catching her breath.

She turned around on the speaker, and slowly lifter her shirt, exposing the bottoms of her jugs, and smiled at me. She spread her legs, and I could almost make out the wet spot in her black panties. The credits started to roll by on the screen and she asked me, “So, how was the show? Are you ready yet?”

I swallowed hard before saying, “I, uh… I didn’t see much.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. I know you wanted to finish seeing that show.” She said as she slid off the speaker and let her shirt fall back down, covering her breasts.

“Hey, I was watching that!” I replied as pointed to her tits, and jumped up off the couch and started moving towards her.

She let out a squeal, and ran for the bedroom as I quickly followed after her. I was rested up enough from all day on the couch. I needed some Nikki time, now.