The Slumber Party

By Tobyredone

29 minute read -

I got up and headed to the fridge to grab a soda. I had been playing X-Box for almost three hours straight since getting home from school, and I figured I deserved a break. On my way back from the refrigerator, I figured I’d take a slight detour and spy on my sister a bit. I mean, what were younger brothers for, right Not to mention, the last time I did that, I overheard her telling one of her friends on the phone that she had gone all the way with Bobby Fischer, the quarterback from our high school football team. To keep me from not telling Mom and Dad, she had promised to give me a ride to school in her car every day for a month, not to mention doing my choirs for a week. Plus, she picked up her friends on the way to school, and all of them were pretty hot, too. Especially to me, a lowly freshman.

Well, I cracked the soda open, and downed about half of it quickly before setting it on the countertop and sneaking down the hallway to her doorway. I was particularly curious what she was up to because normally on a Friday she is constantly bugging me for the TV because she has some crappy show that she always watches. One of those real life drama programs on MTV where they follow around a couple of chicks with a camera and you listen to them bitch about everything. I mean, how can you have a TV show that doesn’t have even one explosion in it Or at least a gun.

Well, I quietly turned the door knob on her door, a skill that I had mastered over the years of being a pain in the ass younger brother, and then gently pushed the door open just a crack. I made sure to move very slowly, that way she wouldn’t have her attention pulled away from whatever she was doing, and focused on the door.

I put my face close to the thin crack of light coming through the door, and got the shock of my life.

Susie was standing there in just her panties, playing with her tits. I almost fell forward against the door, giving myself away. Somehow I managed to not make a sound and stay still enough that she didn’t notice me.

Her legs were shoulder width apart, and her hands were rubbing up and down her sides and over her breasts, occasionally she’d stop to tweak a nipple, or pose herself in front of her mirror, which was out of my line of sight. Just then she looked at the mirror, and said out loud, “Yeah, you are a sexy bitch, aren’t you You need a good hard fucking. This little snatch is just begging for a dick.” As she said that her left hand moved down her trim stomach, and under the waistband of her panties. She started to finger herself right there in front of me! I mean, I couldn’t actually see her fingers getting shoved in and out because her little panties covered her fingers, but they didn’t cover much, and I could see her hand working in and out under the fabric. She started to moan and her knees bent slightly as her hand began to move faster and faster.

I quietly backed up and softly padded my way to my room. I needed my camera. If just threatening her with telling Mom and Dad about Bobby was good enough for a ride to school for a month, a picture of her masturbating would get me off the bus for the rest of my high school career.

I dug through all the crap in my room until I finally pulled out my digital camera. I smiled at it as I turned it on, just thinking about the look Susie would have on her face when I told her I needed a ride to school for the rest of the year or pics of her fingering herself were going to wind up on her facebook page.

I carefully snuck down the hall and back up to her doorway. I did my best to position the lens of the camera up against the slit of the door, and did my best to center her in the screen, then prayed the “click” and “beep” of the camera were quiet enough that she wouldn’t notice. I was in luck, she was so -into herself- that she never even noticed her conniving little brother on the other side of the door snapping pictures. I managed to get five more pictures before she climaxed! I couldn’t believe her cries and moans as she came all over her hand not five feet from me.

I figured it would be best not to get caught until after I downloaded the pictures off the camera and had a back up file out on my private drive on the internet, so I retreated and snuck back down to my room as I heard her catching her breath. I hooked up the camera, and downloaded all six pictures to the desktop computer in my room, and brought them up on my monitor for viewing as I backed them up in various places. I sorted through the pictures. They weren’t very good, as they were shot through a doorway crack with a cheaper digital camera. In fact, three of the shots didn’t turn out at all. Dammit.

Two of the remaining pictures were golden, though. They were a zoom in of my sister’s hands jammed down her panties, her pinky finger sticking out of her left leg hole, and her thighs shiny and wet with her own juices. The last remaining one I had zoomed back to try and get a full picture of her. It went from about her knees to her chin, but showed her room, her standing there almost completely naked, and her fingers buried knuckle deep inside herself.

I suppose I should describe her. She stands about five foot three inches tall (I’m already taller then her) unless she’s wearing heels, then she gets about four inches added back on, and almost always wears them so that she can still be taller then me. She has straight blonde hair that comes about midway down her back. She has blue eyes, a thin nose, and full lips that are a darker pink then the rest of the flawless skin on her face. She wears a “C” cup bra (I know because I occasionally dig around in her underwear drawer for her diary and I checked her cup size one day while I was in there) and has a very thin waist. She doesn’t have much of a shape to her butt, but her legs are pretty toned. Probably from all the cheerleading she does. My friends all say she is a complete hottie, but I mean, she’s my sister. How the hell am I suppose to know if she’s hot or not Every time I think about her naked, the first thing that pops into my mind is the one time I walked into the bathroom on her. She slammed the door shut hard enough that I broke three of my fingers.

Anyway, as I was saving the three good photos, I noticed the bottom of her chin in the third picture looked like it had facial hair on it. I thought it was odd, but passed it off to the fact that my camera was shooting through a crack in a doorway. The rest of it was spot on, my sister, her panties, her fingernail polish, the background of her room. There was no way she would be able to argue it wasn’t her.

I smiled triumphantly and decided I had earned myself another hour or so of X-box before I would print out the photos and blackmail her. I stopped briefly in the kitchen to grab my can of soda, and headed back into the living room to pick my game up where I had left off.

A few minutes later my mother started calling out for both me and Susie. I got up and headed into the kitchen to see her frantically packing some crap into a bag. I sat down on a stool in the kitchen and asked, “What’s up mom”

She called out for Susie again, and then complained about what was taking so long. I didn’t want to tell her that Susie was probably putting all her clothes back on, but that didn’t stop me from getting a smug smile on my face. Suddenly Susie skipped into the room. She was wearing a short pleated skirt and a tight cotton tee shirt. From the amount of nipple poking through the thin fabric I could tell that she had decided not to put on a bra.

“Your Aunt Tina is sick. Really sick. I’m going to go over there and stay with her for the night, maybe all weekend. Your father is still out of town on business and won’t be back until Wednesday. I need you two to take care of yourselves for the weekend, ok” She said as jammed some more crap in her overnight bag.

“Sure Mom,” Susie said in an innocent voice, “But my friends were coming over for a slumber party tonight, remember I’ve been planning it all week! I don’t have to cancel do I”

“No, that’s fine honey, but remember, no boys. Bradley is going to be keeping an eye on you. He has my cell number, and if he sees anything you are grounded from your car for a week.” She said as she pointed at Susie.

I got a big shit eating grin on my face until Mom pointed at me and said, “Bradley, Your sister is in charge. If I hear that you weren’t listening from her, I’m going to ground you from your X-box.”


“Here is some money. You guys can order some pizzas tonight or something.” My mother said, and then handed a small wad of cash to Susie.

“Mom! She’s only going to order what her and her friends want! I need my own money!” I squealed.

She just shook her head, and said, “You two are just going to have to get along. I have to go, Bye, be good.”

With that she spun around and headed out into the garage. I looked at Susie, and she looked at me as we heard the garage door opener go, and the van back out of the garage.

“How’s it going, slut I can’t believe I have to listen to you all weekend.” I told her as I looked down at her nipples which were still pointing out through her shirt.

Instead of getting pissed about me calling her slut, she simply walked over, grabbed the cordless phone and headed into the living room. I was pissed. That was going to lead into me having pictures of her, and getting exactly what I wanted all weekend long.

I got up off my stool and walked into the living room after her. She was in there sitting on the couch with her legs up, and her skirt bunched around her waist, showing off her panties which still had a large juicy spot in them from her cumming in them a few minutes ago. I was about to say something when I heard her start talking to the person on the other end of the line.

“Hey Alex, its Stanley! Yeah man, been a while. Say, what are you up to tonight I’m inside the hottest piece of ass that I’ve seen in months, and she is throwing a slumber party for all of her cheerleader friends. I was thinking it’d be cute way to spend the weekend, but now I find out the cunt’s parents are going to be out of town all weekend, and I think to myself, here’s a golden opportunity for some hopper fun.” Susie said into the phone hen paused.

“Great. The girls get here about eight, so that gives you an hour. I got three chicks coming over, so we should find two more.” She said then paused for a second before saying, “Yeah, I haven’t seen Barry in months, give him a call.” She paused again, then said, “Naw, I don’t think Burt will come. He’s been hanging out with that new hopper he found a few months back. He never comes out and plays with us anymore.” She once again paused and then said, “Eh, Clyde always gets too hung up looking at everyone’s feet. How about Eric He’s fun to hang out with once you get him a bit tipsy! Well, whatever. I found the bodies, you bring the hoppers, k I’m going give sweet little Susie’s friends a call and make sure they’re here on time, call me when you’re on your way and I’ll give you the address, see you in a bit.” And with that she thumbed the end call button on the cordless phone and dialed another number.

After a brief pause she practically shouted out, “Tiff! It’s Suz! I’m like so excited for tonight! I know, can you believe it I know can you believe it OH! GUESS WHAT! You will never guess. Na-ah. Na-ah. Nope. Ok ok! My mom headed out! We have the whole house to ourselves tonight! Well, yeah, and my stinky little brother, but he won’t bother us. Ok, well make sure you grab Heather and Nina early so you guys are on time, I’m ordering pizza! Yeah, I’ll make sure I get one with no black olives. K, Bye!” She said into the phone in her normally nauseating chipper voice.

She once again stabbed the end call button and turned and looked to the doorway to see me standing there. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at me and she said, “How long have you been standing there, you little shit head.”

“What the fuck is going on Susie Who the hell is Alex” I said in a confused voice.

“Oh my dear little brother, I’m going to lay out two paths that you can follow here. One path is where you can shut the hell up, stay in your bedroom, and not get turned into paste, and the other is where you talk to someone about what you heard, and I make your life into a living hell. Which is it going to be” She asked me.

Normally I laugh at my sister’s threats. She’s not really the brightest bulb in the barrel, if you know what I mean, but this time it was different. This time she spoke with a malice I had not heard before. She sounded cold and calculating. I audibly gulped and pointed up to my room, and said, “I’ll be in my room studying for the rest of the night if you need anything, ok Suz”

She smiled at me sweetly as I bolted down the hallway. I slammed the door to my room and flopped onto my bed. I had no clue what had gotten into Susie, but for some odd reason, I knew if I fucked with her tonight it would end with my ass in a sling. I grabbed my baseball and started tossing it up and catching it as I thought through what was going on with her.

Drugs. It had to be drugs. Maybe Alex was her dealer, and he made her refer to herself as Stanley that way if the cops had the phone lines tapped they wouldn’t know anyone’s real names. I mean, I suppose drugs could explain the wild mood swings! That had to be it. I looked over at my digital camera. If she was inviting a drug dealer over to the house to meet up with her friends there is no way my parents would believe me without evidence. And as much as I wanted to stick it to my sister, I didn’t want to get shot by some crazy druggie, either! I figured I’d have to play it pretty sneaky if I wanted to pull this off.

The doorbell suddenly rang, and I realized I had been messing around for almost forty five minutes. I carefully cracked my door open and peeked out into the hallway. The coast was clear, and I opened the door and snuck along the wall so that I could get a better vantage point of what was going on in the living room. I crouched down in the hallway behind some dumb little table that my Mom placed there for decoration, but it also served to hide me from anyone looking at me from the living room. What I saw I couldn’t believe.

My sister was inviting two complete strangers into the house. She knew she wasn’t supposed to have boyfriends over, and definitely not strange older men! One guy was a large black man with some tattoos, and the other was a skinny younger white guy.

“Hey guys, c’mon in. Girls will be here in a bit. Where’s the third” she asked.

“Eric’s on his way. He had some crap that he had to do or something.” The white guy said as he stared down at my sister’s tits before commenting, “Holy shit Stanley, look at you. Got yourself a little hottie there, didn’t you”

My sister did a quick spin around, showing off her body to the strange men before the black buy reached out and grabbed her ass! I thought for sure she smack him, as my sister never lets anyone do that to her, but she just stood there and giggled as he said, “Now das a nice backside. Ma bitch better have that sweet of a can, or I’m outta dis piece.”

“Oh, they’re all grade A meat, trust me boys. But, hey, as long as you’re here a little early, would you guys mind tossing some dick up my pussy I’m so fucking horny, and we’ve got some time to kill.” My sister said as she reached under her short skirt and pulled the waistband of her panties below her thighs and let them tumble down her legs to the floor.

These guys must have my sister hooked, and the only way she gets more drugs is by putting out, I thought. I quietly snuck back to my room so that I could grab my camera. I returned down the hallway crouched again in my little hiding spot. As I peered over the table I saw my sister leaning back on the couch, her legs spread in the air, and the black guy on his knees, his pants pulled down in the front, and he was screwing her. She was panting and playing with her own breasts as the man that was fucking her was grabbing onto her legs and roughly pulling her back to him. I started to take pictures, but stayed ready to dart back to my room if the strange group heard me. Fortunately between her moans and his heavy breathing, the sounds of the camera were covered. I got off about another six pictures before the guy blew his load in her. She smiled appreciatively at him, and then winked at the younger white guy and gently patted her shiny inner thighs.

As the black buy got up and started to work with his fly, the next guy walked over to her and dropped down to his knees. I knew Susie had gone all the way with the quarterback, but I had no idea she was this slutty! The next guy started teasing his dick up and down along the length of Susie’s pussy lips, and she starts wiggling her hips back against him, smiling and begging him to jam his dick in her. I was starting to think this was more then drugs!

Well it didn’t take to much longer and the next guy was pounding away at Susie, and they were really getting into it. She was once again grabbing at her breasts, and making comments like, “A dick feels so great in this little pussy!” and “I just can’t wait to feel another load shot inside this bitch.” It was so odd I almost forgot to snap some more pictures, but I managed to get a few. Soon enough they were writhing around as the white guy blew his load inside Susie, and she grasped at her own breasts as her eyes rolled back in orgasmic pleasure.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Susie started to push at the white guy while saying, “Shit they’re here. Get off of me, I’ll get the door. Where’s Eric I’ll get one to help me out with something while you two pick your girls, ok Make it quick, and we’ll have to pretend until Eric gets here.”

The two men nodded to Susie, and I thought for a minute they were going to head my way and use the hallway as their hiding spot. I ducked down, but luckily they chose the kitchen instead. I popped my head back up just in time to see Susie answering the door. She was back to her normally sweet self, as she greeted her friends in that high pitched squeal that girls sometimes do when they are excited.

She let her friends into the living room and then asked Nina to help her grab some stuff out her car for the party. Nina readily agreed and the two of them headed back out the door. Heather tried to go along and help, but Susie pretty much demanded that they stay inside. Heather and Tiffany gave each other a look, but did as they were told. As soon as the girls saw the door close, they turned to each other and made comments about how bossy Susie was getting now that she was the head cheerleader.

Suddenly the two men came around the corner from the kitchen and ran to the girls. Neither one had time to even scream as the two mean got to them and wrapped their hands around the girls’ faces. Heather struggled like it was life or death, but Tiffany seemed to just go limp as she fainted into the stranger’s arms. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want these girls to get hurt or raped, but at the same time both men were bigger then me, and I didn’t think I would be able to stop them anyway. I decided now might be a good time to call the cops.

I was about to get up and turn around when suddenly the struggling in front of me became something I’d see on a sci-fi channel, and not in real life. The two men began to melt into the girls. They turned into some sort of goo and began to flow right in through the girl’s skin, ears, and nose. Tiffany fell to the floor like a lead weight without someone to hold her up, but Heather was still struggling. She opened her mouth to scream again, but this time the man that had turned into the fluid just flowed in through her now open lips. Soon she was wobbling on her feet as the last of her attacker disappeared inside her.

Heather slowly stopped teetering on her feet and opened her eyes and blinked them a few times. She suddenly got a smile on her face as she looked down at her own body and said, “Hell fucking yeah! This little bitch is gonna be fun,” and then started to grasp at her own breasts.

The little light suddenly went on in my head as I realized why my sister was acting weird today. It only took the actual event happening in front of my eyes before I figured it out. Well, to be honest, if I had figured it out before I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw it with my own eyes.

Tiffany started to move, and let out a small moan. Heather reached down to help her up off the floor, and as the young girl got to her feet she started to smile at Heather and say, “Dese bitches is tight!” and she too began appraising her own body. She started with her breasts, which seemed to be the norm for these people, but quickly moved her way down to her tight jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped the fly, and pulled her small panties out as she peered down at her own crotch before calling out to Heather, “Check dis shit out! Bitch shaves up her snatch just like a pro!”

Well, just as both Heather and Tiffany were both peering down the front of Tiffany’s panties, Susie walked back in with Nina. Nina looked at them and said, “What the hell are you two doing”

Tiffany let her panties snap back, and quickly started working on getting her fly closed back up as Heather just shrugged and said, “Uh - Bar - er - Tiffany wanted to show me where she is going to get a piercing. I was just telling her that she should totally do it.”

Nina looked at them both oddly until she spotted the panties lying in the middle of the floor, and said, “Whose are those”

“Oh shit. I like totally forgot to pick those up as I was doing laundry.” Susie said as she darted over and grabbed the tiny pair of underwear off the floor.

I quickly hid the camera in the a small plant that my Mom had on the table and started to stretch as I walked around the corner, trying to act like I was just walking out of my room and down the hallway for the first time tonight. I suddenly felt a need to get the hell out of the house, and thought maybe I could get out the garage door by sneaking out the kitchen.

“Oh, hey girls. Don’t mind me; I’m just grabbing a soda before I head back to my room.” I lied, but tried to make it sound convincing.

None of them really bothered to pay any attention to me, and Susie used the interruption as a chance to change the subject. They all started to talk at once about boys, clothes, and gossip.

I walked into the kitchen and pretended to dig through the refrigerator while trying to eves drop on there conversation. It was the typically boring shit that my sister usually talked about. It was like suddenly everything was back to normal. I didn’t know what to make of it.

Nina walked around the corner suddenly and said, “Hey sport, got any more soda in there I’m parched.”

“Nina!” I hissed and motioned her over to the refrigerator, before whispering, “My sister’s been taken over by some guy! And so have Tiffany and Heather! We have to get out of here before it’s too late!”

“What are you talking about Brad Are you high” She responded to me in her normal voice.

“SSSSHHH!” I hissed at her, “They’ll hear you! They have some guy lined up to take over your body! He’ll be here any minute! We need to bail out the back and run! I’ve got pictures that prove all this stuff on my camera, but I hid it. We’ll come back later!” I whispered.

Nina stood there for a minute looking at me like I fell on my head, and fell on it hard.

“You’ve seen how weird they’re acting! They were both staring down Tiffany’s pants!” I said as I was getting desperate.

“You little perv! You were spying on them!” She said in an accusatory tone.

“No! Shit!” I said as suddenly my sister came walking around the corner.

“No shit what” She asked as she looked at me and Nina.

“Your brother was spying on Heather and Tiffany.” Nina said plainly.

“Oh really Well, we’ll deal with him in a minute. Right now, I have a friend that just showed up that I want to introduce you too.” Susie said with a smile.

“Nina! Remember what I said!” I hissed at her.

She walked around the corner, while my sister stood there staring at me. I could hear Nina from around the corner, though. “Hey, who are you What the! Get off me you creep! Hey, what the hell is going on! Stop!” and then I just heard silence.

I was breathing heavy for the next thirty seconds until Nina walked back around the corner with Tiffany and Heather. They all stopped right behind my sister, and looked at me like I was a piece of meat.

Nina tilted her head to the side, and got a thoughtful look on her face for a few moments, then suddenly said, “He has pictures of you guys in the girls. He has the camera hidden.”

I gulped, and reached into the refrigerator and pulled out two sodas as I gave the girls my best used car salesman smile and said, “Anyone want a soda”

“I say we kill da punk. He knows too much.” Tiffany said with an uncharacteristic slang in her voice.

“We’re not killing anyone. Besides, he’s got the only dick in the house, and we’re not going to waste that,” Nina said with a smile.

“What do you suggest we do then, Eric” My sister asked… Eric, I guess.

Nina said back to her, “We offer him a chance to live out every freshman guys’ fantasy. Screw the entire varsity cheerleading squad in exchange for the photos, and his promise to keep his mouth shut.”

I still wasn’t certain if I was safe, but I decided if they were going to kill me anyway, I’d at least like to know what the hell was going on, so I once again spoke up and said, “Um, ladies, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’d really like to understand. Is there any chance we could pause this whole deal for a moment and maybe give me a Cliff’s notes on what the hell is going on”

“Well, what do you think” Nina asked the other girls.

Heather cupped her breasts before saying, “I am really horny, and it would be convenient to have dick right in the house.”

Tiffany made a gun with her fingers, held it sideways towards me, and then said, “I still say we tie up loose ends.”

Susie looked the other girls and said, “We could just hop him, get the pictures, and then do whatever the hell we want with him. I say we give him a night to remember, though. It’ll be more fun all around.”

Well, the next thing I know all the girls walk over to me, grab some of my dad’s beer off the bottom shelf in the fridge, and motion me back into the living room. Over the next half an hour they tell me about body hoppers. Apparently there are a certain number of men living among us that can become a clear slime like what I saw and take over other people’s bodies. They had chosen my sister and her friends because a room full of naked, nubile young women ready to have multiple orgasms seemed like a great time to them, and I decided I couldn’t really argue.

Before long they were all stripping down right in front of me. They started to party, and drank most of the beer in the fridge as they cranked up the radio and started to dance and grind on each other. When the pizza guy showed up, the hopper in my sister answered the door naked except for her push up bra. I thought the delivery guy’s eyes were going to bulge out of his head. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was about fifty and a hundred pounds over weight, I’m pretty sure they would have invited him right in and started screwing him.

Well, we all ate some pizza, and drank some more. Susie, and whoever was inside her body disappeared into the kitchen and came back with booze and shot glasses. After a few shots they started getting naked, fingering each other and eating each other out right in front of me. From all the naked and sizzling hot tail going at it, I pretty much had a permanent woody.

Well, the next thing I knew Nina grabbed me and ripped my pants off. Next came my boxers, and I was left in just my ratty old tee shirt. She started rubbing my dick in her tits while she giggled and winked at me, and I let out a loud moan that made the rest of them start laughing at. I guess my voice squeaked a little!

Well, Nina pushed me back onto the couch and climbed right on me. She gently used her manicured little hands to guide my stiffy to her soft pussy lips and started bouncing up and down on my dick like it wasn’t her first time. Her pussy was so tight I only lasted a minute or so. I was kind of embarrassed, especially after she started laughing and telling the other girls I had blown my load in her already.

She climbed off me, and headed over to the pile of women on the floor in front of me, and started going at it with them again. Well, as a young man with four hot cheerleaders in front of him on the floor while naked and going at each other, it didn’t take long for me to get my woody back.

This time Tiffany got up and came over, and said in her sweet voice but with a heavy accent, “Now dat ya blew one off, ya gonna last more den a few seconds”

“Only one way to find out, bitch.” I replied. The bitch part might have been going a bit far, but it sort of slipped as I sat there thinking I was the king of the world with four naked girls in front of me, all wanting my dick.

Well, she dropped down onto my lap, and my pole easily slid inside her wet little cunt as well. Tiffany giggled as she asked if that was as big as it got. I was about to say something when she started to bounce herself up and down, slamming hard into me, and making a slapping sound against my thighs with her ass. Well, with that sort of a pace it didn’t take long and I blew off in her. I knew she wasn’t impressed as I came in record time.

She stood up with a disgusted look on her face and said, “We gots ta find us a real man dat can at least get a bitch off once! Shit, da pizza dude prolly woulda had more nutsack den dis kid.”

I was pretty pissed at that, and so I looked at her and said, “If you weren’t such a loose slut that doesn’t know how to work a dick, you’d have gotten yours just fine.”

Well, Susie stood up and grabbed Tiffany before she could swing a small balled up fist at me.

“Let me handle this, I’ll be the judge,” Susie said into Tiffany’s ear as the two girls eyed me up.

“C’mon, let’s see your skills, stud,” My sister said to me as she walked over, and sat down on my lap.

“Gross. I can’t screw my sister. You guys are fucked in the head.” I told her.

“I was afraid you’d say that.” Susie said to me, and then rapped her arms around my neck and leaned forward to kiss me full on the mouth.

I tried to push her off, but she had amazing strength, and suddenly it was like something was flowing out of her mouth and into mine. I again tried to pull away, but the longer the kiss went, the less it felt like I could move.

I felt this weird tingling in my legs and arms. It felt like someone was pouring water down my throat, and filling me up on the inside. I tried to shake my head, but suddenly my neck stopped working too. Then there was nothing but darkness.

I woke up to light streaming in my windows. I was in my bedroom. I was naked, sticky, and sore everywhere. My dick felt like it had been rubbed with sand paper while it was on fire. I rubbed my eyes and sat up while groaning. I looked around at my room. There was women’s clothing everywhere.

I brought a hand to my forehead as I tried to make sense of what happened.

It was then I noticed my computer screen was lit up with something on it. I went over to it and sat down. There were a few files open on it. The first one was a simple text document. It read


Hope you’re not too sore when you wake up. Actually, we know you’ll be sore, and we hope you’ll be sore for a few days. We decided we didn’t want to put up with anymore of your shit, but Eric was right, you had the only dick available, so we couldn’t just get rid of you.

We took turns hopping you, and fucking each other in the girls’ bodies all weekend. It actually worked out pretty well, because when we were inside your body, you didn’t blow your load in just a few seconds. You should probably work on your stamina if you ever plan on having a girlfriend.

After a while, we got bored and found your camera. We then got rid of all the pictures. We also got rid of all the pictures you stored on the drive you think no one knows about. We can read your thoughts when we are in you, so you can’t hide anything from us.

Well, after that, we figured we would get you back for all the blackmailing you had done to your sister. We dressed you up in some of your sister’s clothes and took some pictures. They are saved on your computer. Don’t worry, we also e-mailed them to ourselves as well so you can’t get rid of the evidence. OH! We also took some pictures of you fucking your sister. Even though we edited out the faces, you can still tell whose bodies are doing what.

We have all those photos ready to be e-mailed to all of your friends and family if you tell anyone about us. So don’t piss us off.

P.S. ñ We’re watching you.

I stared at the screen, and then closed the text document. Behind it was a picture of me wearing a tiny pink thong and a bright yellow bra, and rubbing my nipples. My face had been edited out, just like they said. I closed that and behind it was a picture of my sister bent over the edge of her bed, and me fucking her from behind. When I closed that one, there was another picture of me lying back on my bed while my sister’s body sat on my dick. There was even another picture with a close up of my dick sticking into her pussy.

I gagged a little bit.

Suddenly I heard my mother’s voice call out, “Bradley, Susie, can you come down here for a moment.”

‘Oh shit oh shit oh shit,’ was the first thing that went through my mind. I quickly grabbed some shorts, slid them on, and picked up a dirty tee shirt from the floor and pulled it over my head as I left my room towards the sound of my mother’s voice. I didn’t know what to do with all the girl’s clothes, but I’d have to figure it out later.

I headed down the hallway and found my Mom was standing in the kitchen. I figured for sure we’d be busted for the beer and the mess of a party, or worried that those bastards had already sent out the pictures to my family.

“How was your weekend, sweetie Everything go ok” My mother asked in a soft voice.

“Uh - Yeah - Uh, I played X-Box. Susie’s friends were kinda loud, but that’s girls, right” I managed a weak smile as I tired to see if she was testing me, and about to call me out. I hopped up onto a stool that was sitting by the counter she was leaning on.

Suddenly Susie walked into the kitchen. She was wearing sweatpants and a baggy tee shirt, while being wrapped in a blanket and her hair was a mess. She had bags under her eyes, and she looked as bad as I felt.

“Mmmhmmm” she mumbled.

“Oh, sweetie, what’s wrong” Mom asked her.

“Sick. Musta caught something this weekend. Can’t remember.” She said, then she turned right back around and headed for her bedroom.

“I guess it’s just us, huh Bradley” My mom asked as she looked at me.

“Yup, just us.” I replied.

“Good, then now’s a good time to show you this.” She dug through her purse and pulled out a thin piece of paper that looked like a photo.

My heart started to pound. I knew I was busted. I could feel the blood draining from my face. I wondered what my punishment would be.

I looked over at the photo and my breath caught in my throat. It was a picture of me and Mom. She had her dress pulled up around her waist and I was shoving all of my cock right up in her snatch as she spread her legs with her ass resting up on the kitchen counter. I noticed in this picture I had the face of the black guy that had melted into Tiffany, while mom had some guy’s face that I had never seen before.

I looked up at her as she smiled at me and said, “We’re watching you, you little shit head. We can make your life a living hell, just remember that. We’ll send out this photo as well, just with the faces removed if you tell anyone. Understand”

I just nodded silently.

Mom then walked around the counter and stood next to me with her legs shoulder width apart, and rubbed a hand down her crotch, then lifted her breasts as she smiled at me and said, “Your mother has quite the prime little pussy, and according to her memories, your father is well hung and doesn’t have your stamina problems. I may stay here for a while. Hope you don’t mind.”

I slid down off my stool and started walking slowly to my room as I heard her start to laugh evilly behind me.