The Victim

By Tobyredone

29 minute read -

I slowly woke up to sunlight in my eyes. My head pounded. My throat was sore, like I had been screaming as hard as I could for hours. I started to move around and noticed it wasn’t just my throat that was sore. I ached everywhere. My back was sore, my shoulders and arms felt as if they had been pulled out of socket. My legs felt pretty similar to that time I had run a ten mile marathon. My pussy and asshole were also sore. Like they had been used, and used roughly, but that didn’t make any sense. I wasn’t seeing anyone. It felt like even my hair was sore.

I looked around. I was in my car in the driver’s seat. I was in front of some seedy motel that I had never been to before. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes, and looked down at myself. I was topless! There was a thin crust on my chest, and I had a few bruises on my breasts. Wait, no, those were hickeys. I looked further south to see that I had a tiny skirt on. Well, maybe “on” wasn’t the right term for it. It was rolled up around my waist. I wasn’t wearing any panties, either. What the fuck was going on?

Suddenly I saw a man on the side of the car. He was taking pictures of me! I looked over to the passenger seat and saw a tiny pink tank top, and while I knew it would barely cover my chest it was better then nothing. I quickly pulled it up and over my head and down over my breasts. The bastard was still snapping pictures as I grabbed the hem of the barely there skirt and pulled it just far enough down my thighs to cover my exposed vagina.

I continued looking around until I found my keys in the cup holder in the middle of the car. I grabbed them, stuck them in the ignition and started my small car. I reached for the gear selector so that I could pull out of the parking lot and get away from this man with the camera. As I grabbed the gear selector, I noticed it felt a bit sticky, which I barely registered as I put the car in drive and flipped my middle finger up at the man with the camera as I sped out of the parking lot and onto the road.

As I drove back to town I tried to make sense of the whole thing. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around what was going on. I couldn’t find my cell phone. I turned on the radio and went to a news channel I sometimes listened to on my way into work. I got the shock of my life when I found out it was Thursday morning! The last thing I remembered was going out to the bars with some of my friends to celebrate being single again, but that was on Saturday. I was missing almost an entire week!

I drove around for almost ten minutes before I figured out where in the hell I was. I turned my car around and headed into town, as I knew I needed to either find a phone or get to work, or I’d be a no call, no show. I broke more than one speed limit as I pushed my little car to go faster.

As I got into town I made a quick stop at a clothing store on the way into work. I knew I couldn’t go in to work with just a “too small skirt” and tank top. I ran around the store in the five inch heels that I woke up in, which was no small task. The store clerks looked at me like I was a complete tramp, I was so embarrassed.

I finally had a somewhat acceptable set of clothing. It was a pair of dress pants, a white button up shirt, and a white set of cotton panties and bra. I slipped them on in the changing room and then made my way to the front of the store to pay for them. I slapped the tags off the clothes on the counter in front of the sales girl, and set my purse up on the counter as well. For some reason all my stuff was loaded into a hideous pink vinyl handbag that only barely matched the tiny tank top I had left in the changing room. I took out my usual credit card and handed it to the girl. She ran it and waited a moment.

“This card is maxed out ma’am,” She said to me.

“That’s impossible. It has a ten thousand dollar limit, run it again.” I told her.

She did, and the same result happened. I tossed her out another card. She ran that one, and told me the same thing again. I gave her three more cards, and all ended with the same result. I was beginning to hyperventilate when she asked me if I had any cash.

I suddenly remembered that I always kept a hundred dollar bill in a secret lining I put in all my purses. I dug to the bottom and into the side of my purse lining to dig into my secret hiding spot. I felt a bill and pulled it out. Instead of smiling at my find, though, I started to cry. I pulled out a one dollar bill.

“Ma’am, I don’t need a crying customer. How about you go home, or to your bank, or where ever, and straighten this out, and you can come back with the money to pay for your things, ok?” She said to me in a very understanding tone.

“Oh, thank you! I promise I’ll be back with your money as soon as I find out what’s wrong.” I promised her and ran out the door.

I jumped back into my little car, and suddenly noticed it smelled funny. I must not have noticed it before because I woke up there. I didn’t have time to ponder, though, and in a few moments I was off and heading to my job.

I ran through the front doors and head to my desk. I knew my boss would be angry with my already. I dropped into my chair, tucked my purse under my desk and pressed the on button to my computer. I looked over at the other girl I shared a cubicle with. Her name was Sally, and over the three years I had worked here we had become friends.

“Hey Sal, sorry I’m late, has Mr. Fisher been here yet?” I asked.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve asking me for anything you little tramp! What the hell are you doing here?” She hissed at me.

“Whoa, what are you talking about Sally?” I asked.

“As if you didn’t know,” Sally replied back to me with anger still in her voice.

“I honestly don’t know what you are talking about Sally.” I told her as I spun my chair to face hers.

“You don’t remember this past week at all? Well that’s not too surprising with how drunk you were. You showed up Monday so sloshed Mr. Fisher sent you back home, so you slapped him and called him a quote ‘stupid fucking cock gobbling pig.’ Then on Tuesday you didn’t even show up, and on Wednesday you were wearing this tiny skirt and pink shirt. The skirt didn’t cover your ass cheeks, and the shirt didn’t cover the bottom of your breasts. You went into Mr. Fisher’s office to talk about your job and ended up fucking him in his office. Everyone knows because you yelled out what you did to everyone as you came back out with your skirt around your waist. Then, if that wasn’t enough while I was trying to help you out, you hit me in the face and deleted everything I was working on right off my computer.” She finally stopped with the story of what I had done at work.

I was speechless. None of that sounded like me. It couldn’t be me. I would never do any of that. I shook my head in disbelief. I was about to apologize when Mr. Fisher walked around the corner and stopped at my desk.

“Amy, would you kindly come with me to my office, we have to discuss your behavior these last few days.” He said in a stern voice.

I nodded, gulped, and got up to follow him. As we got into his office he closed his door and looked at me. I didn’t know what to do, so I sat in the chair opposite his desk.

“So what are we going to do here?” He asked me.

“I’m so sorry sir. I don’t know what happened. I can only promise it won’t happen again.” I told him as tears formed in my eyes.

“Well, as much as I like apologies, I like getting my dick sucked better. So if you want to keep your job, I better be getting one every day like you promised.” He told me.

“What! No, no way! I won’t do it.” I told him as I couldn’t believe my ears.

He blinked a few times, and then said, “Well then you’re fired. To be honest, the sex was barely worth it. You reeked of cheap booze and the blow jobs were pretty bad, but I figured if you were going to give me one every day you’d get better.”

“What, you’re firing me because I won’t give you a blow job?” I asked stunned.

“No, I’m firing you because the past week you showed up drunk one day, didn’t show up at all the next, and the following day you not only wore tramp clothes, you had sex with me and three other male employees, which is not something I can let an employee do. I wasn’t going to fire you if you would give me a blow job.” He calmly explained to me.

“I’m so sorry about my behavior sir, just one more chance.” I pleaded with him.

“No blow job, no regular job.” He told me flatly.

I slowly got up out of the chair and headed back to my desk to collect my things and leave. I told Sally what happened, and she just shook her head and told me, “Try not to be such a slut in the future.”

I walked out with a box of my personal effects about half an hour later. I started to head home, but decided to make a quick stop off at a coffee shop after seeing a bunch of change in the ash tray of my car. I quickly paid for my small cup of coffee and made my way over to the pay phone. I dropped in a quarter and dialed my sister’s phone number.

“Hello?” I heard her voice.

“Hey Amber, it’s me Amy, I just got fired from my job, can I come over and talk…” I started to say, but she cut me off with, “You fucking slut! You think you can just call me up after you sleep with my husband like it was no big deal! I never want to see or hear your voice ever again! You fucking slut!”

Then she hung up on me. As I stood there at the pay phone listening to the dial tone I just couldn’t understand what had happened to my life. It was like I was in some alternate universe, or I was stuck in an episode of the twilight zone. I must be dreaming. This is all a bad dream! I reached down and pinched myself hard in the arm. Despite the pain I didn’t wake up in my bed back at my apartment. I was still standing in front of the pay phone.

I quickly finished my coffee and jumped into my small car to head back to my apartment. As I pulled into my parking lot I noticed some clothes out on the small balcony of my apartment on the second floor of the building where I lived. I got out of the car and headed to my small home.

As I opened the door I noticed the same smell as my car. It was so familiar yet I couldn’t quite place it. Then I looked around my apartment. It looked like a bomb had gone off.

I looked around at all sorts of underwear, panties, bras, teddies, lingerie, costumes, and clothing that only prostitutes or strippers would wear. I wondered what the hell had happened in here.

Then I looked down. All over the floor there were photos. They were photos of a woman doing elicit sex acts. Wait, it wasn’t just any woman, they were me!

I dropped to my hands and knees as I began to scoop them up and pile them together. I brought up a handful and looked through them. The first one was of me naked and laying on my couch with the largest rubber dildo I had ever seen shoved into my vagina. The next photo was of me in the same spot, with the same dildo, but this time I had managed to shove it up my ass. That explained the painful sensations that I felt there.

The next photo was of me wearing some barely there mini skirt and a push up bra giving head to some guy in the kitchen of my apartment. The next picture was me with three vibrators, one shoved into my ass, one shoved into my pussy, and one shoved into my mouth. The next sets of photos were of me in various smutty outfits showing either my boobs or my pussy to the person holding the camera. I got up and headed into my apartment further. As I got close to the sliding doors that opened to the balcony I saw pictures of me stripping for a huge crowd outside in the parking lot below my apartment. I also saw pictures of me fucking some guy out there.

I suddenly noticed that all the pictures were either cut up where my face should be, or my head was not in the shot, or my back was turned.

I suddenly saw a picture of me riding the shift knob of my car naked in the parking lot, and realized that must be why it felt sticky. I then realized what my apartment and car smelled like. It was the scent of sex. It was the scent of perspiration, booze, and bodily fluids. And it was the scent of my bodily fluids, not just some random slut.

What had happened? Why would I do this? Was I going insane? Could I have some sort of mental disorder?

I saw another picture of a man’s dick pointed at me and his cum all over my chest and stomach. I suddenly had a very good guess at why my chest felt all crusty. I started to gag as I thought about it. I needed to take a shower now!

I practically ran to my small bathroom and started up the shower. As I stood in my bathroom I noticed there were photos all over in here as well. There was one of me spreading my legs and pissing in the toilet for the camera guy to snap pictures of. Another one was of me getting fucked from behind while bent over the small area where I kept my make up. I opened the shower curtain and saw all sorts of sex toys suction cupped to the smooth walls of my shower. There were also photos of me, now drenched in water, which depicted me on each and ever one of those sex toys. I quickly grabbed all of them and threw them out of the shower on the floor by the toilet. I climbed into the shower and sighed as the warm water flowed over me, making me feel human for the first time since I woke up.

I reached up to grab my bottle of shampoo and noticed it felt very light. I opened the top and started to squeeze some into my hand, but dropped the bottle when instead of the pink and creamy shampoo what came out was white and sticky. Some one had gone through all of my shower products and filled the bottles with male cum! I fell to the floor of the shower, and tears overtook me.

Normally I’m not one of those girls that cry. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I get teary eyed every now and then, but I almost never actually cry. This time I was sobbing. I felt the water rushing down and on top of me. Eventually my skin went numb. I stayed in the shower crying until the water got cold and my skin was so wrinkled I wasn’t certain if it would ever go back to normal.

I shut the water off and got out. I didn’t even look for a towel. I didn’t care anymore. My mind was just not functioning. I couldn’t deal with all of this. I just couldn’t.

I walked to into my bedroom. There were pictures all over of me and random men on the bed. They were fucking me, I was sucking them, I was tied up or gagged in some of them, they were pulling my hair and blowing there load on my chest or back in others pictures. There was even a video camera set up on a tripod and pointed towards the bed The whole set up looked expensive, and between that and all the new clothes was probably why my credit cards were maxed out.

None of this registered anymore. I crawled onto my bed and noticed my sheets were crusty. Probably from all of the sex I had been having on the bed. I didn’t care. I couldn’t care. My brain was overloaded with what I saw.

I fell asleep to a dreamless and troubled sleep.

I woke up sometime just after nightfall. I blinked a few times, and wondered why my sheets were so rough, and then I remembered as I looked over on the pillow opposite me and saw a picture of me with two pillows under my belly, my face pressed hard into the bed, and some black guy fucking me hard with a large dick.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to curl up into a little ball and die. I wanted all of this to be some sort of bad dream. But I knew I just woke up and it wasn’t.

I got up and opened my dresser drawers to find something to wear, but when I pulled open the drawers all I found were more slut clothes. Not a single thread or stitch of my regular clothing was here. All I found in the drawers were crotch less panties, bras with holes for my nipples to poke through, see through baby dolls, and leather body suits.

I think something in my mind snapped at that point. I started to laugh and giggle. I dug out a small pink silky thong that at least covered my pussy, and a white bra that was just two small triangles and barely contained my breasts and put them both on.

I dug out a small electric blue mini skirt that was the most decent skirt in the drawer and as I pulled it up I noticed it had holes through the sides, exposing my tiny pink panties. I then grabbed a pink mesh shirt and struggled my way into it before grabbing a belt, a bracelet and a chocker necklace that all matched and put them on.

I figured if I was going to be a complete slut now, I may as well look the part.

I walked out of my bedroom and into my living room. I was looking for that stupid pink purse that held my car keys so that I could head out and get away from the insanity of my apartment when I found a black tape and a note attached to it.


I’d imagine you are confused as hell right now. Well, if you pop this tape into your machine and watch it, you may very well find the answers you are looking for. I just want you to know that none of this would have happened if you hadn’t cheated on me with that guy who had more money, so I want to thank you. You not only helped me find a new talent, you also helped me have one hell of a week.

Love, Reggie

I pushed the tape into the VCR and the TV flickered to life. It was a picture of the living room of my apartment, before it was filled with photos and lust clothes. I sat down on the couch to watch it, leaning forward with interest.

Suddenly I walked in from the left side of the TV like I was coming from the bedroom. I could only see my back, and my long blonde hair hanging to about midway down my back. I was wearing tall black boots with a four inch heel that went up to my knees, as short, tight black mini-skirt, and a black tank top that only came down to about midway down my back. The “on screen” me turned around and sat down on the coffee table facing the camera. The small tank top left the bottom of my breasts exposed much like the pink one I woke up in this morning. I was also spreading my legs as I faced the camera, letting me know that I was not wearing any panties, and I had done a fresh trim job on my hair “downstairs” and had only left a small blonde patch above my vagina.

The real surprise came when I looked at my face. It wasn’t mine. It was my asshole ex boyfriend Reggie’s face. I blinked a few times, and then double checked to make sure it was my body. The legs that he spread over my coffee table had the same small birth mark on the inner thigh I had, and that pussy was definitely familiar. I was certain it was my body with his face on it.

“Hey Amy. You’re probably confused as hell right now. I can imagine I would be. So let me explain it to you. You probably remember our fight about me finding out about your little side boyfriend, and you told me it was only because he was rich. Then you left me a few days later so that you could go hook up with him. Well, my friends took me out to the bars, and while I was there I met a guy with the most amazing ability. He could take over other people’s bodies. He preferred girls, as he said the sex was amazing. Well, after he showed me how to do it, I remembered you, and figured if I was going to go on a slut rampage I knew just the body to borrow. So here I am, with your lovely body, fantastic hooters, and your little cunt.” He said as he took the time to run my hands up and down my body, pausing at both my breasts and crotch before continuing,

“I’ve made this little, well let’s call it a documentary, of what I’ve been doing with you since I saw you out at the bars with your friends Saturday night celebrating the fact that you found a new rich man to sponge off from. Let’s start with Saturday night, shall we?” He said.

The screen flickered and changed. It was me and my group of friends out at the bar. It looked like whoever was filming us was across the bar from us, and had the camera zoomed in to get close. I remembered this part of the night. The on-screen me got up and headed to the bathroom. My memory was fuzzy here, but I also remembered this. I was gone for quite a while. Suddenly I walked back into the bar area, but it wasn’t me. It was my body with Reggie’s face again. I walked up to my friends, and started calling them all sluts! I was making fun of them, and telling them they were all stupid greedy whores! But it wasn’t me; it was me with Reggie’s face, why couldn’t they see that? It was plain as day right in front of them.

The TV me walked over to the camera and said to someone off screen, “C’mon big guy let’s head back to my place and you can fuck my brains out,” and then the screen flickered again.

It was back to me sitting on the coffee table again looking at the camera with Reggie’s face on, “You are probably wondering why they didn’t notice my face. Well, that’s because everyone else sees your face. They hear your voice. I can look through your mind and pick out all your memories. I even know all your credit card PIN numbers. You know what that means, right? After a bit of fun, shopping time!” And then Reggie started to laugh evilly, “Anyway, back to Saturday night.”

The screen flickered again and went to a shot of my bedroom. I walked into the view of the camera from the side, and was wearing only a lacey lavender push up bra. I looked at the camera and Reggie’s face said, “Damn, Amy, I have a nice set of tits, don’t you think?” and then he started to fondle them before saying, “Well, I can’t exactly turn you into a complete slut by myself, so I’ve asked a few of my friends and your other old ex-boyfriends to stop by. The first guy is my friend Dave, you remember Dave right?”

I knew Dave. He was the guy that spilled beer all over me when Reggie and I were at a BBQ last summer because he wanted to see what I would look like in a wet T-shirt contest. I had gotten pissed and stormed out of the party. Dave was a pig.

Well, Dave walked into the camera view and grabbed my body’s ass. Reggie from his position in my body cooed and walked over to the bed so that he could lie down and spread my legs. Dave wasted no time in crawling on top my body and fucking me. Or at least the me with Reggie at the controls. Reggie began to match his thrusts and call out like a whore in heat. I wondered what my neighbors thought of me now. I watched as Dave pounded into me and Reggie matched his thrusts with my petite body, my breasts jiggling as the two of them fucked each other silly. I saw my legs quiver and a look of bliss came over Reggie’s face, and from his low moan I knew that he had cum. He had cum in my body. Then I saw Dave’s ass spasm, and he thrust hard into my body. Reggie had let that asshole cum into my body as well.

I didn’t want to keep watching the tape. Really I didn’t, but it was like a car wreck. You know when you are driving and you see a bad car wreck on the side of the road, and everyone is going slowly, and you don’t want to look, but you do anyways. It’s almost like you have to look for some reason.

Well, the tape went through about a dozen more men fucking me in my bed. It had a few more of Reggie’s friends, a few ex boyfriends that I had parted on bad terms with, and even a few guys I didn’t know. And Reggie had fucked all of them with my body. He did things I had only heard stories about women doing. If they wanted to use an orifice of mine, he offered it up. If they wanted to blow their load on a certain part of me, he let them do it. He didn’t even clean me up afterwards; he just kept looking at the camera and smiling broadly.

The tape suddenly went back to him sitting on the coffee table and he said, “Well, unfortunately that’s all I could round up for you on Saturday night with the little notice that I gave the guys, but I thought it was still a pretty decent turn out. I have to say, though, that your tight little pussy has some great fucking orgasms. I came my nuts off. But I had Dave sign you up at the local strip club tonight so that I could make some money with your ass, and unfortunately I can’t bring the camera there. How do you like my outfit? I went out and got a whole bunch of them this morning. Your credit card is still smoking. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll have to tell you about it when I get back.”

The tape went black for a few seconds then flickered back to life. The camera was set up in the corner of my living room and I was dancing for about five men. I had a tiny black and white checkered bra on with an even smaller set of checkered crotchless panties on. I was swaying to overly loud porno type music. I had all sorts of bills shoved into my bra straps and panty straps. Suddenly I spun to face the men that had gathered and Reggie asked them, “Alright, you guys stuffed the most money in me tonight, who wants a good fucking? Get your dicks out, I’ll go down the line!”

And that’s what he did. I watched as I straddled strange, dirty random men and fucked them on my couch where I was watching the tape from. As soon as one guy came in me, I would get up and move to the next guy down the line. I thought I was going to gag as the tape went black.

The tape flickered back to life. It was Reggie on the coffee table again. This time I was naked, and my hair was matted and sticky with what I can only assume was more men’s cum. “I supposh I shoed goo into wark for joo. What dosh joo tink I shoed wear, bish?” He asked into the camera so drunk that he soon tipped off the table and fell to the floor. The screen went black for a second again.

The image flashed back to life in my bedroom. I was naked and coaxing my sister’s husband onto the bed. “Don’t worry, no one will ever find out.” Reggie told him. It was over quickly, and he put his clothes back on and left, but the “me” on screen just sat up in bed, winked at the camera and the Reggie said, “I’m going to dub a copy of just that part and send it to your sister today. Have fun with that one, you little whore!” He was laughing again, until the screen went blank.

As the screen flickered to life again, I heard the muffled ring of my telephone. I got up from my spot on the couch and went searching for the source of the ring. After about twenty seconds of searching and just before the call went to my voicemail I found the phone under a pile of silky panties lying on my counter top in the small kitchenette.

“Hello?” I asked hesitantly.

“Hey Amy,” The sound of my best friend Tasha came through the line, “What’s going on?”

“Oh Tasha, I’ve had the worst week ever. If I did anything to you this past week, I’m really sorry.” I told her.

“Um, yeah, I guess you were acting sorta weird, wanna catch a drink and we’ll talk about it?” She asked.

“I could use someone to talk to right now. Can you come over here? I’m not certain I want to head out of my apartment right now.” I said to her.

“Actually, that’s not good for me, why don’t we meet at that new place down on Terrence Street, the Dirty Dozen. I hear they have good deals on drinks for chicks.” She said.

“Uh, sure, I guess. Oh, one thing, I have to stop somewhere on my way out.” I told her.

“Oh, come on, I don’t care what you’re wearing. Just hurry up and meet me out for some drinks!” She said.

“Yeah, ok. I’ll be there in a few.” I told her and hung up the phone.

I still planned on stopping somewhere, but I needed to hang up the phone because I realized that I hadn’t said anything about what I was wearing being a problem, or the fact that I only had slut clothes to wear. I had only said I needed to stop somewhere. My breath caught in my throat as I thought about what that meant.

I quickly went back to my bedroom and grabbed all the expensive jewelry I could find from my jewelry box and stuffed everything into a Victoria’s Secret bag that was lying at the foot of my bed. I also grabbed the camera and took it off the tripod. I stopped in my living room just long enough to grab the ugly purse I had woken up with, and I was out the door to my car. I left the video of Reggie in my body playing on my TV in the background. I didn’t have much time.


I met up with Tasha about forty five minutes later at the Dirty Dozen. I walked past the bouncer who nodded to me and opened the door into the smoky and poorly lit establishment. I looked around and what I saw confirmed my worst fear. It was a strip club, not that this place being a strip club was my worst fear, but it was what Tasha’s destination meant that I feared.

“Hey girl!” I heard from over by the stage.

It was Tasha. My normally demure best friend was dressed in an outfit almost as slutty as mine. Her short brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun on the back of her head and she was wearing a leopard print tube top shirt and a tiny jean skirt with some four inch red pumps. I smiled and waved to her as I headed over, clutching my ugly pink purse to my stomach as it did flip-flops. I was afraid. I had no idea how to do what I needed to do.

I sat down next to her, and she handed me a dollar bill before saying “Here, shove this in that bitch’s G-string!”

I looked at her and coldly asked, “Well, if she’s hot enough to have money shoved in her panties why don’t you just get into her body and take the money for yourself Reggie?”

Tasha’s smile faded instantly as she turned to look at me.

“So you figured it out huh?” She said as she leaned back in her chair and spread her legs before she ran a hand from her knee to her pussy, rubbing it through her small pink silk panties, and then adding, “I think I look pretty good in this bitch’s body. Plus, I get to wreck your best friend’s life, too. It’s not only having a good time, it’s hurting you. Two birds with one stone.”

“Please, Reggie, let her go. She’s not part of this. You already got what you wanted. You ruined me, don’t hurt her she’s innocent.” I begged Reggie as he sat inside my best friend’s body.

“I’ll ruin whoever the fuck I want. You shut your fucking dick-sucking mouth, whore! Maybe when I’m done with Tasha here, you can both get jobs as hookers. It will be all you two are good at.” She replied back to me.

I got up and started walking to the bathroom. I heard Tasha call out, “Where are you going you bitch?”

“I’m going to powder my nose, are you coming? Girls always go to the bathroom in groups.” I replied over my shoulder.

I only had to wait a few seconds before Tasha came barging into to the bathroom in the back of the strip club. I leaned across the small countertop and touched up my make up in the mirror. I saw Reggie’s face on Tasha’s body in the reflection and sighed.

“Reggie, if you are going to run around in women you have to learn to put on make up better, you look like a cheap whore.” I told her, hoping to get Reggie mad.

“Fuck you bitch, looked in the mirror lately? You look like a tramp. Besides, I know exactly what you and Tasha here know about make up.” She replied without hesitation.

“So you were going for the cheap whore look? If you want I’ll show you how to put it on, but I have to see her face to do it.” I said trying to further agitate him.

“I’m pretty comfy in here, actually.” Tasha replied as she turned to see her own ass in the mirror before swatting it hard with her own hand.

Shit, this wasn’t going to work. Time to change up tactics, I decided.

“Why?” I asked her.

“Why what?” She asked back.

“Why ruin me like this? I mean I know we broke up, and it wasn’t easy on you. I’m sorry that you took it so hard, but why did you go to all those lengths to hurt me so much, and destroy my life?” I asked quietly.

“You know why. I told you in the tape, and you obviously knew it, or you wouldn’t have guessed it was me in here.” She said back as she looked at herself in the mirror, appraising her own body.

“Yeah, you said it was because I cheated on you, but I didn’t. You saw me riding around in a car that day with a guy, and assumed he was a rich lover of mine, but he wasn’t. It was a car salesman. I was looking for a car for a present, Reggie. A present I was going to give to you. Then when you came home, you started yelling at me that you saw me out on the town cheating on you. No matter what I said, you just kept yelling. I decided if you were that jealous of a car salesman we needed our space. You were in my body for a week, knew my PIN numbers, but never checked that memory out?” I asked Reggie with tears in my eyes.

“I… I didn’t want to remember you having sex with some other guy. Is that the truth? Really Tasha? You were going to buy me a car?” Tasha asked as she took a step back.

“You could go inside me again to see from my own memories, seeing as you never believed me before.” I said to her as I pulled my purse to the edge of the countertop.

The next thing I knew, Tasha started to tremble. I thought she was going to start crying, but instead she bent over. A strange looking fluid started to pour out of her. It piled up on the floor until it started to take on a flesh color. Tasha’s body fell limp to the floor as the blob in front of me formed itself into my ex-boyfriend’s naked shape. It was Reggie alright.

He opened his eyes as he stood across the bathroom from me, and said, “Baby, I just want you to know that if this is true I’m going to make all this up to you somehow. I don’t know how, but I will.”

“Oh, you will Reggie, you will right now. You know what they say about a woman scorned, right?” I told him with an icy edge to my voice.

I quickly pulled out a large hand gun from my purse. I pointed it at Reggie, and saw his eyes go wide. I squeezed the trigger and felt the gun surge in my hand. I heard it go off, and it sounded like a cannon. I didn’t know if I hit Reggie, so I squeezed the trigger again. And again. And once more.

I blinked twice, and looked down. Reggie was laying there on the floor. He had three red spots oozing blood onto the dirty tile floor. His mouth was moving, but no words were coming out. I didn’t know if he could still get into Tasha or me, and I didn’t want to get closed to him while he still moved, so I pointed the gun down at his body and squeezed the trigger again. I fired the gun at his body until I ran out of bullets to shoot.

He wasn’t moving anymore. I dashed over to Tasha, and shook her awake. She was disoriented and confused, but I explained that we needed to leave now, and I would tell her about it later.

The bouncer came running in a few seconds later, and I pointed the gun at him. He looked at me, then Reggie’s body, then back at me, and went running out of the bathroom.


It’s been a few months since my body was hijacked by my asshole ex boyfriend. I showed Tasha the tape, and now she hides me from the police, who are looking for me as a suspect in the murder of my ex boyfriend. Our entrance way to the small apartment we share is covered in mirrors so that both of us can tell if the other is being used.

I’m scared, but I’m learning to deal with it. I doubt I’ll ever go back to a normal life, though.