Turkey Tale

By Tobyredone

11 minute read -

I met Sara at the door right on time. She gave me a winning smile and a quick peck on the lips as she smiled at me and then walked in. She spun and lowered her coat, which I quickly took and used the opportunity to appraise her curves in the shiny dress she was wearing. She looked like a million bucks in it, although it was still modest enough to wear to my family’s thanksgiving dinner. Her shoulder length brunette hair was simply parted and shimmered in the lights as it framed her pretty face. Her bright blue eyes had a twinkle in them as she scrunched her button nose and asked, “What do you think? Will your parents approve?”

“Of course they will. You look great!” I commented back to her, trying to put her at ease.

This would be the first time my parents met Sara, and I wanted everything to be perfect. Most of the girls that I had brought home from college to meet my parents ended poorly, but that had been mostly my fault. I had brought home a girl I had met in a strip club my freshman year. I thought it was great that I was willing to look past Destiny’s job, tattoos, and “special piercings” to her large heart… and her lack of a gag reflex. In retrospect I should have seen that one failing. Then there was Cindy. I met her in my women’s liberation class and I should have known that bringing home a bisexual nympho maniac was a bad idea, but that all came to a head when she inquired about a three way with me and my mother as we ate dinner. My most recent failure before Sara was Heidi. I had thought she was safe being a born again Christian, but when her ex-husband showed up at our doorstep brandishing a shotgun and demanding to see her I knew that I was in serious danger of never being invited home again. To be fair, Heidi hadn’t told me she came from the deep South, and had run away to college to escape her husband, who also happened to be her cousin…

Ugh. Yeah, so when I met Sara she had gone through an intensive screening process before I invited her home. I had Google’d her, ran her name for aliases, questioned her friends, gone through her apartment for incriminating evidence, and even hired a private investigator. When all of that turned up clean, I asked my mother if I could try just once more for a nice family get together with a girlfriend. I was ecstatic when she hesitantly agreed and I promised her she would not be let down.

I motioned for Sara to follow me into the dining room and introduced her to my family, “Mom, Dad, this is Sara. Sara, this is my Mom Laura, and my Father Randy. My little brother Bobby is sitting over in the corner. I’m gonna quick put your coat away and I’ll be back in a moment.”

I knew that everything would go smoothly while I was gone. I allowed myself a victory smile as I tossed Sara’s long coat on the bed, and rubbed my hands together as if I were a mad scientist whose plans of world domination were finally coming to fruition. On my way back to the living room I detoured into the kitchen and grabbed two sodas from the fridge. I knew Sara liked diet cola, and I liked regular, but there was none. Only some stupid energy drink that my little brother seemed to chug every moment of the day. Of course Bobby wasn’t that little. He had just recently turned nineteen, but the four years of difference between us meant that he would always be my annoying little brother. I grabbed a can of the energy drink and figured I’d give it a try. I didn’t want to drink any alcohol. Everything was going perfect and I didn’t want to spoil it.

I walked back into the living room to find my parents alone in the room. I frowned and asked, “Where’s Sara?”

“She wanted to powder her nose. Bobby offered to show her where the bathroom is but never came back,” My father replied while never taking his eyes off the football game on TV.

“She seems very nice,” My mother said as she go up and headed into the kitchen.

“Oh yeah, she’s perfect. You’ll see.” I promised.

My mother just gave me a worried smile while my father grunted and said, “Can’t be worse than that one with the long blonde hair.”

I let out a nervous chuckle and decided to go looking for Sara. I walked through the house and just as I got to the bathroom the door opened and out popped Sara. Her hair was slightly disheveled and she had a startled look on her face as I came around the corner.

“Ah, there you are… Have you seen Bobby?” I asked her.

“I’m… I mean… uh… Bobby must have headed downstairs to his room,” She said with a shrug and a nervous laugh.

“Oh,” I replied and then said, “I didn’t give you the tour yet, how did you know that Bobby’s room was downstairs?”

“I… uh… he…” Sara stumbled nervously when suddenly we heard my mother call out from down the hall.

We both headed into the kitchen and saw my mother nervously pacing and so I asked, “What is it Mom?”

“I’ve forgotten the cranberries. You know how your father likes cranberries. Can you baste the turkey every ten or fifteen minutes while I run and grab some real quick? Everything else is done.” She asked.

“Sure Mom. Sara and I can do that. She’s a great cook.” I replied and wrapped my arms around her shoulders which caused her to give me a sour expression I did not expect.

“Great, thanks,” And with that my mom had her coat on and was stepping out the door.

As soon as she was out the door Sara reached over and grabbed the energy drink out of my hands and popped the top. I looked at her with astonishment as she flipped her head back and chugged the entire can.

“Sara, I didn’t know you liked…” I started to say until she cut me off with an earth-shattering belch and then shot me a grin, “Thanks lover-boy. I needed that.”

“Lover-boy?” I questioned her as she leered at the turkey with a shit eating grin.

“That’s what we are, right? Fuck-buddies?” Sara asked as she grabbed the bird from the tray and brought it over to the table.

“Sara, what’s going on…” I started to question as I watched her swipe the table cloth off to the side and set the bird on the table before hopping up on it herself.

  “What’s going on? Mom asked us to baste the turkey, so I’m going to do that,” She said with a lecherous grin.

I watched as she again took hold of the bird and held it up and began licking it, “Think she meant like this?”

  I couldn’t even comment back as fear gripped my chest and I felt another family function slipping away because of how my girlfriend was acting. Was this some sort of cosmic anomaly? Had I caused serious karmic problems in a former life? And what the hell had happened to my normally sweet and adorable Sara?

“Think she’ll miss a bite? It tastes so good!” Sara commented as she lowered the turkey down and gave me a crazed look as she chomped into the family Thanksgiving turkey.

  I dashed to her and ripped the warm turkey out of her hands and returned it to the table as I hissed out, “Sara, what the fuck is wrong with you!? My mom’s gonna be pissed!” I looked at the bite mark on the turkey and wondered if there was any way to fix it… I’d have to carve a chuck off the turkey. I’d just tell my mom that it fell or something, and I cut off that spot…

“What’s wrong lover-boy? You need to relax. Why don’t you come over here and fuck me on the table. I’ll even let you put it in my ass,” Sara purred seductively as she rolled over and grabbed a nearby bread stick and made some motions like the piece of bread was a dildo fucking her up the anus.

  As great as her ass looked, I couldn’t concentrate as I shook my head, “Sara, pull it together! Was it something I said, or did? Did Cindy put you up to this? Or Destiny? Whatever it is they’re paying you I’ll triple it!” I begged.

“I guess in a way this sort of is your fault. You see I’ve been the screw up in the family for so long and so often that when you started to bring home these girls it took all the pressure off me. Mom and Dad don’t even care that my grades aren’t good enough to go to college. I like it that way. So when Mom and Dad told me you were bringing home another girl, I was pretty damn excited,” She replied as she switched positions on the table and ran one of her dainty hands up her exposed leg.

Sara’s impressive breasts with their deep cleavage also caught my attention as she gave me a wicked grin and continued on, “I can see from the blank expression and your dropped jaw you still don’t know what’s going on, do you? That’s such a cute look on your face. I’ve got to admit, it’s making my new pussy all hot and moist just thinking about the looks I’m going to see go across your face as I use this bitch’s body to embarrass the shit out of you in front of Mom and Dad.”

“B… Bobby?” I asked Sara’s words sunk into my addled brain.

“I knew you weren’t as dumb as you looked,” Sara said excitedly as she sat back on perfect little ass while tugging her dress up and check out her own body underneath, “Aren’t these little orange panties the cutest thing ever? From her memories Sara was planning on some sexing after she played the part of the perfect girlfriend. Too bad that’s not going to happen anymore… At least the perfect girlfriend part. The sex could still happen if you play your cards right.”

“No no no! No this can’t be happening!” I called out in desperation.

“Oh but it is. Sara here is going to be the cherry on the top of your long line of girlfriend failures and make damned certain that Mom and Dad don’t care what I’m doing for the next year or two.” She cooed out with a sexy smile, and then spun and lifted the back of her dress exposing her perfect ass as she then added, “I’ve got to tell you, wearing a thong feels a lot sexier than I thought it would once you get use to walking around with a constant wedgie. This bitch is stacked man, how do you keep bringing home all these tens?”

  “C’mon Bobby, don’t do this to me.” I pleaded with him, “I need just one good holiday.”

“Yeah well I need you to fuck up pretty badly now that I found out I’m a body hopper. I want to be able to disappear for a weekend at a time without Mom and Dad getting all up in my business about not making curfew. Sorry Bro, but one of us needs to take a dive here and it’s not me.” Sara said with an evil grin as she eyed me up.

“But… what about Sara? What about Mom and Dad and their perfect holiday?” I tried to leverage him.

“Sara here will be just another sorority slut by the time I’m done with her, and Mom and Dad are totally going to blame you for all of this. You’ve got no cards left to play brother… But just to show you I’m a gracious winner how about I let you fuck me in this body and we can baste what’s left of the turkey with our juices?” Sara questioned me as she lowered herself down onto all fours and pointed her panty covered love mound at me as she wantonly winked at me.

I shook my head and let out my last plead, “Bobby, I’ll pay you. Whatever it takes.”

“Wrong answer!” Sara replied and pulled her thong off to one side of her luscious pussy and began fingering herself and then rubbing her shiny fingers across the turkey.

I hung my head in defeat and left the room just as Sara straddled the turkey and began rubbing it back and forth on her cunt. I was in the bathroom rubbing water on my face when I heard my mother return from the store and let out a shriek as she saw Sara (by now probably naked) molesting the family meal. I heard my father rocket out of his chair and dash into the kitchen to see what was wrong. I heard him howl out for ‘my new whore to get the hell off the table and quit fucking the turkey like an animal.’

I suddenly looked down at a hand held mirror and remembered what Bobby had told me in the e-mail when he had come out as a body hopper to me. His face would be their instead of Sara’s in a reflection. I grabbed the mirror and dashed out of the bathroom. I found Sara still happily bucking back and forth as she ground her clit against the glistening turkey. Mom stood to one side of the table with a look of horror on her face while my father looked like he was about to blow his top.

“Mom, Dad, it’s not Sara doing all this… It’s Bobby! Here, look at her reflection!” I said as I brandished the mirror like a weapon expecting Sara to recoil like a vampire from holy water.

Instead she simply stopped fucking the family meal and smiled at me with her hands on her naked hips as she commented, “Good move bro! I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Now that Bobby had been exposed I expected to see Mom and Dad turn their prospective emotions toward him, buy they both started to laugh.

“What the hell?” I asked with wide eyes as I looked around the room.

“Andy, meet Burt and Paul. They’re my bodyhopper mentors. They didn’t have anywhere to go for thanksgiving so I invited them here. I couldn’t help but play this prank on you when I found out you were bringing home another girl.” Sara replied with a mischievous grin.

“So Mom and Dad…” I mumbled.

“Won’t remember any of this. They’ll just remember a perfect thanksgiving dinner with their two perfect sons,” She finished my sentence.

“You’re a dirty fucker,” I replied back as I took in the situation.

“That may be, but we need to talk,” Sara replied as she pinched her nipples, “I think I’m gonna be riding back to college with you and hooking my friends up with a couple of my sorority sisters.”