Accidents Happen - Chapter 2

By Tobyredone

11 minute read -

It’s been almost a month now since my wife Laura “passed away” after the industrial accident. She is in fact not dead, but now exists as a sort of vapor for lack of a better explanation. Most of the well wishers and funeral proceedings are done now, which is for the best as it was difficult for me to keep my composure at her funeral when I knew she wasn’t really dead.

It was especially difficult for me to keep my composure when she took over one of her friend’s bodies at the funeral and dragged me into the coat room for a quick blow job. I couldn’t believe how quickly she got the dick out of my pants and into her mouth.

Before Laura was definitely what I would call adventurous, but now that she could take over bodies her libido had easily tripled. I suppose she had all of the thrill and excitement of someone walking in on us, but for her there was no consequences. She would just move on to someone else.

So it shouldn’t have surprised me at all when a few days later, while I was again banging the hot young neighbor girl, she made the comment that she wanted me to go with her to the mall.

I have never liked shopping. Like most men, I consider getting something at the mall a task to be accomplished, not a place to go and spend time. However, as my wife in a hot young woman’s body turned back to look at me with big pleading eyes while being bent over the side of a couch and fucked like a complete slut, I couldn’t exactly say no. That and she promised me I would have a good time.

So I got into my truck and headed to the mall, and planned on meeting up with Laura where she promised she would be. I was standing by the food court waiting for quite some time when a high school aged girl came trotting up to me.

“Hey baby. Should we go?” She said to me as if we had known each other for years.

“Laura? That girl is young enough to be our daughter. I can’t go walking around the mall with her. Is she even sixteen?” I asked in a quiet whisper.

“Oh it’ll be fine. Plus it’s not like you have to screw me in every body. I just want to try some stuff on. C’mon, you can watch!” She said in a chipper voice and grabbed my arm, determined in dragging me along with her.

We hit every single teeny bopper store in the mall, and Laura picked every slutty outfit she could find. She would even drag me into the changing room with her, and went to great lengths to tease me with her body, trying to seduce me into having sex with her while she was inside this young girl. Some of the outfits were barely legal, and she made certain to buy the smuttiest one and wear it to the next store as she looked for something to out do herself every time. Surprisingly we only got questioned in two stores about the fact that I was going into the dressing room with a sixteen year old girl, and in both stores Laura quickly explained to the attendant that I was her father and she wanted me to approve of whatever she picked out.

Well, after all of this looking and no touching for hours I was ready to burst out of my pants. After the last teen store I vocalized my complaints to Laura, and begged her to be done. She didn’t reply, but looked around until her gaze caught on something that interested her.

Suddenly I saw little wisps leaving the young teen’s mouth and nose, and I knew she was on her way out of that body. I had gotten use to that little tell tale sign.

The young girl’s eyes glassed over for a moment, and she swayed unsteadily on her feet, and then suddenly came back to her senses. She looked down at herself and held her hands out. She was wearing some slutty thigh high black leather stiletto heeled boots, a black micro skirt that left the bottoms of her ass cheeks hanging out, and a ridiculously tight and form fitting black tank top. I was fairly certain that Laura hadn’t put any underwear back on her after the last store, either. Bra or panties.

She asked out loud, “What the hell happened to me?”

She briefly looked over at me, but not because she recognized me or anything, more because I happened to be the closest person to her as she looked around. She tried to pull her little skirt down to cover her ass cheeks more, but all that did was pull the tiny skirt down further and expose the top of her ass crack. She started to turn beat red in embarrassment everywhere, and because of what Laura had dressed her in everyone could see exactly how embarrassed she was because almost all of her skin was on display.

She quickly scooped up the shopping bags that were around her feet which she had dropped as Laura exited her body, and made a mad dash to the nearest restroom. A few people were openly staring and pointing as she stumbled and struggled with her bags, her heels, and keeping herself covered with minimal clothing.

Suddenly a tall brunette with dark eyes and a warm smile walked up to me and slipper her arm inside mine.

“Well? Do you like this choice better?” She asked me with a wink.

Laura didn’t wait for me to answer and pulled me off in a similar direction as the young girl had ran, only as she darted into the ladies room, Laura tugged me into the men’s room. It was unoccupied except for us, and Laura turned and studied herself in one of the mirrors by the sink.

“Mmmm. This is a pretty one.” She said as she appraised her new body.

I was about to reply to her when she turned around and grabbed me and dragged me into one of the bathroom stalls. She quickly went to work on my belt and zipper as I struggled to keep my balance with all of her yanking and tugging on my belt. After a few more moments she pulled my pants and underwear down in one quick motion, and leaned forward to greet my cock with her mouth. She lovingly licked the head of my dick, and with as much teasing as I had seen through out the rest of the day, it didn’t take much to get me to respond.

As soon as I was reasonably hard she stood back up and undid her own catches on her own dress pants and dropped them down. She was wearing a lacey pair of boy shorts under her slacks and made a show of slowly and seductively sliding them down while wiggling her hips for maximum effect. She managed to step out of both her pants and her panties while keeping her heels on somehow, and as I slowly sat back on the toilet seat, she slowly sat down on me and my dick.

I was sitting on the edge of the toilet seat, and leaning back against the wall to give her room to straddle me, and she had a leg on either side of me, and gingerly brought her pussy up to the head of my cock while facing me, and using her hands on my shoulders to steady herself.

She dropped down onto me, inserting just the head of my stiffy into her, and then slowly worked up and down as she let her natural lubrications catch up to our sexual efforts. I enjoyed watching her work her new pussy up and down on my shaft and I then realized that my hands were still free, so I brought them up and started to kneed her breasts through her silky button up blouse. She cooed in appreciation as I really started to get into it. I looked up to see a strange woman’s face contorting in throes of passion, but recognized her expressions as the same ones that I remembered on Laura’s face when I would make love to her.

She built herself up quite quickly to a screaming orgasm, and I wasn’t far behind. Her stolen pussy was tight and she was riding me at just the right pace. I lifted my ass up off the toilet seat and met one of her thrusts and felt myself clench tightly as my dick erupted with cum inside of her. I kept thrusting in little spasms and each time shot more and more of my seed into her belly.

Finally I collapsed back down to the toilet seat panting as she leaned forward and rested her head on my chest.

“Oh… Oh… Oh… I think… that was… the best… We’ve had… in a… while…” She said to me in short gasps.

“Uh… huh…” I replied back to her breathlessly.

We sat there for a short time getting our strength back, and I felt my slowly shrinking member finally return to its normal size and suddenly she got up and I could feel myself pull out of her with a wet sucking sound.

Laura turned around and grabbed her expensive slacks off the floor of the bathroom and carefully put one leg into each leg hole as she tried not to ruin them with her heels. Eventually she had worked them all the way up her shapely legs and into place on her hips. She started to work on the fasteners as I leaned forward and grabbed her lacey boy short panties off the floor and held them up on one finger in front of her.

“Forget something?” I asked in an amused tone.

“Nope. I figured I would let you keep those as a souvenir.” She replied with a coy little smile.

She then plucked them from my finger and pulled me up into a standing position. She got down on her knees and pulled my underwear and pants back up into position and fastened me back up as well. I smiled at her and said, “Wow, a full service sex session. Thank you dear.”

“No, thank you dear.” She replied and then got back up to her feet with my help.

She tucked the panties into my front jean pocket and then looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She smiled as she saw her disheveled hair, and made no attempt to fix it. As I watched her standing there I started to see a darker spot developing around her crotch.

“I think you’re leaking out.” I said to her as I pointed at her ass.

She leaned forward to look down past her breasts and said, “Yeah I can feel it, but this time I don’t really care. Let’s go for a walk and once we get away from the restroom I’ll give this woman her body back.”

“You’re almost evil now.” I said with a twinkle in my eye and a small smile.

“Wait until later dear. You haven’t seen anything yet.” She replied.

I followed her out of the bathroom and we snuck back out into the crowd of people slowly meandering through the mall. Once we were outside she walked ahead of me a few paces. I saw her bend over slightly and suddenly saw the mist escaping the woman’s face. I knew that was Laura exiting her body.

The woman stumbled for two steps and then blinked a few times as she brought a hand to her forehead. She looked around as she wondered where she was, and then looked down at herself. I can only imagine what she must have thought as she realized her thighs were wet and sticky with my cum, and it was showing through her thin and tight dress pants. She also must have noticed that her hair was completely out of place from what Laura and I had done to her. Instead of heading to the bathroom like the other girl, this woman just looked around one last time to see if anyone was paying any attention to her, and then started to walk off. I lost track of her as she headed towards the nearest exit doors.

My attention was diverted to another woman who was waving to me and motioning me over to her. I headed that way, and met up with my wife in yet another body. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into yet another store.

This one had a set of mirrors set up so that she could stand in front of them and see herself from three different angles. She looked into the mirrors and smiled at herself as she struck pose after pose.

“What do you think of this one dear?” She asked me.

I shrugged and responded like most questions she asked me about her appearance at a mall (even before the accident) and said, “I love however you look dear.”

“Oh you’re such a sweetheart.” She replied.

Suddenly a sales lady showed up and asked, “Can I help you with anything?”

A short few seconds later, I saw the mist in swirling around the sales woman’s nostrils and the other woman my wife was previously in looked around like she didn’t understand how she had gotten in front of the mirrors. She politely excused herself as she walked by me on her way out of the store and back to her normal life.

The sales woman now stepped in front of the mirror and began checking herself out from head to toe.

“I think I liked the last one better, you?” Laura asked from inside her new body.

“Um, I like this one’s long hair better. But other then that, I like the last one.” I replied, wondering if she would head back to the last woman’s body.

Laura didn’t head out, though. She waited and watched. We spent the next forty five minutes looking as women walked into the store. Laura would take over their body if either one of us fancied the girl, and then she would pose them in front of the mirror and study them in greater detail to see if she was the new favorite.

Finally, Laura settled on an twenty year old Asian girl. She loved her new exotic look so much she decided she wanted to keep the girl’s body for a while. The new Laura had dark eyes and midnight black hair that went half way down her back. She was quite slender and couldn’t have weighed more then one hundred pounds. She had small but proportional and perky breasts that Laura seemed to really enjoy. Her legs were long and toned, and had to make more then half her height, which wasn’t much. The top of her head barely came up to the middle of my chest. We quickly picked out some new clothes and lingerie for her new form and headed out of the mall and back to the car.

Laura barely made it to the car before she was pawing all over me, trying to again get me naked and in the mood. I promised her a passionate night, but reminded her that I needed to drive safely home, and I was still recovering from our last love making session in the bathroom.

She gloomily agreed that she shouldn’t distract me while I was driving, but made up for the wait in spades once we got back to our house.

But that, as they say, is a story for a different day.