A Friend in Need

By Bodystealer

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Edited by Treecatt

When my long time friend called me out of the blue to tell me about his wife divorcing him, I could hear the complete sadness in his voice as his world had crashed in upon him. He had truly loved the woman, meeting her 8 years before when the two were both seniors at their suburban high school.

However, as the years went on, his wife became more interested in her career than in him. As a result they soon had marital problems. Jason still loved the woman despite it all, but finally she had no more interest in him.

Sobbing uncharacteristically, Jason told me he didn’t feel as though life was worth living anymore. Saying the words, I knew he needed the help of my friendship as he was obviously reaching out to me. I had never heard him sound so depressed, and being his long time friend, I was concerned.

After a great deal of convincing, I was finally able to get him to meet me at a popular bar in the financial district downtown and soon we were discussing his problems. Listening to him as he told me what was going on and about the overwhelming feelings of inadequacy he felt, I knew there was only one solution to getting him past the depression.

My abilities and gift as a body hopper made me uniquely qualified to help him, and appreciating what he had done for me when I was once in need, I decided I would go to the next level of aiding him.

I had never told Jason or anyone else for that matter about my gift before, and up till then, I had been doing my best to resist using it. I often felt bad after I hopped a woman, usually feeling guilt and disgrace at what I had done while wearing their bodies. Of course while wearing a host’s body; I was the ultimate good time for the lucky men who crossed my path.

I never understood why, but while wearing a female host, I often had incredible urges for intimacy with a male. It didn’t help that their bodies seemed to greatly reward me for my misbehavior while wearing them, as the feeling of pleasure generated during intercourse as a woman was far better than I experienced in my normal male form.

Knowing for sure my gift would be needed to help my friend, I staked the bar out for someone suitable who could get Jason’s focus back. I could see many women that greatly interested me, but Jason did not seem to take a liking to them as I had hoped.

Watching the crowd for the next 20 minutes, I noticed many more women arriving as it was ladies night tonight. Most likely they were arriving early to escape the cover charge the bar charged after 9 pm.

Before long the bar was filled and a popular local rock band was playing various top 40 songs as well as their own new music. I waited to see if Jason would be attracted to any of the many attractive women there, but his depression left him without confidence and sadly lacking in charisma. He did seem to pay special attention to the lead singer in the band though, even commenting to me at one point that she was “very hot”, as he put it.

Looking at the woman, I saw she was completely dressed in black, wearing black “thigh high” heeled boots that ended just above her knees. Her butt was dressed in tight fitting vinyl short shorts, and her thighs were nearly completely exposed and dressed in black nylon as well. The black vinyl shorts just barely covered her most private part, and her outfit was similar to something a street walker would have worn. Of course it was all just for the band that she played in and the act, but the effect was raw appeal in the naughtiest way.

Covering her top was a black halter that left little to the imagination. Her entire midriff and waist were exposed while wearing the top, and I could see the narrow shoulders and attractive cleavage she had in uncovered splendor. Even a small belly ring was inserted into her belly button, and a small gold chain danced about as she moved and danced to the song she was singing

Looking at her face, I saw her beauty as her eyes were well made up for her evening show, showing the popular “smoky eyes” look that women often wore in the evening for seduction purposes. Her lips were painted with pink lipstick, and a high gloss dressing made them shine wetly to perfection. As she sung the words to the song, I watched as her pink lips sung the words, her pretty white teeth contrasting nicely against them as the words came from her well formed mouth.

I wasn’t sure if she was wearing a wig or not, but her long blonde hair ended just above the portion of her waist where her hips started to flare out again. The blonde locks consisted of hundreds of tiny ringlets, and it gave her an almost “Goldie Locks” effect in the process. If she had planned to exhibit the sexy “boy toy” look, she had succeeded in my eyes.

Jason seemed to be enamored with her as she sang and danced on the small stage, and I knew when I had the chance after she finished I would take her as a host to help break my friend from his severe depression.

Soon after the band finished its last set of music playing, I watched as the male band members put their equipment away and the young female singer made her way about the bar meeting the people that came so far to see her and her band. The band was well known in the area and many of the locals drove many miles to see them, being almost groupie-like despite the lack of national success the group lacked.

Watching as she finally finished with her admirers, I followed her to the back of the bar, watching as she entered the storage area. She was still carrying the microphone with her that she had used to sing with all night, and I assumed she was going to put it away for the next night’s performance.

Checking to be sure no one was watching, I followed her into the storage room. When I saw the coast was clear, I quickly cupped my hand over her mouth as I forced her into the corner of the small room we had entered.

Her high heeled boots left her defenseless against my surprise move on her, and I easily forced her small weaker body into the corner, already feeling the fear she felt as it activated my body hopper abilities.

“Don’t worry honey. I just need your body for a little while to help my friend,” I said. I felt her struggling against me as she had no idea what I meant. With her mumbling something under my hand initially, she soon stopped resisting me. Shortly after my clothes fell to the floor through my newly changed, spirit body.

A moment later I began to ooze into the now immobile woman who had been readied for my soul to take ownership of her body. Slowly seeping into the pretty volume of her legs, I soon felt the high heeled boots that she had sung in all night, now clinging tightly to my stolen legs. Seconds after the tightness of her black vinyl shorts were felt by me as they hugged my stolen bottom. I could even feel the clinging band of the sheer waist pantyhose she wore under them as well.

I soon melded into the space of her torso, at the same time feeling her soul being reduced to an unaffiliated rider in her own body. Pushing my spirit head through the hundreds of beautiful locks of blonde hair that covered the back of her head and back, I soon tasted her pink lipstick on my wetly dressed lips. Feeling the long blonde locks of hair as they rested on my stolen frame and back, I moved my arms and hands into her female ones. A moment later and the lean toned arms were mine. As they moved a bit when I changed position, I savored the lack of muscle I saw missing on them.

Taking the woman’s body as my own, I leaned up and away from the same wall that I had pinned her to seconds earlier. Viewing the outstretched pretty fingers that had resisted me just seconds before, I saw how the pink paint on my new nails exemplified the femininity of the long thin fingers they were attached to.

I had become the woman singer completely, and as I inhaled deeply, I could smell the perfume she had sprayed on earlier coming from my new pretty skin. It felt incredibly good to hop the woman, just as it always did and it was obvious that every cell of her body had accepted my dominance over it. I haven’t felt so alive since I hopped my last woman nearly 8 months before. Remembering the pleasure I always had while being one of them, I looked forward to the evening ahead.

“Sorry honey, this will just be for a night or two” I heard the rich quality of the voice the woman had sung with all night coming from my new borrowed lips. Saying the words, I felt the strain on my stolen vocal cords that had occurred from her singing in the club all night. I also felt a tongue piercing with a small ball attached to it in my taken mouth.

Looking down to inspect what I had stolen, I saw the silky smooth skin of the woman’s chest and the two nicely rounded breasts filling the cups of the black halter top to capacity. The stress of the struggle I had with her had engorged her nipples in her flight-or-fight response, and the two bumps showed prominently under the halter’s cups even now. I hoped they would stay that way when I spoke to Jason as they would surely pique his interest and hopefully draw him out of his depression.

The singer’s svelte 114 pound body was mine and of course I had her 5’ 4” height as well. The five inch heels the boots had made me feel much taller than I really was and it would have been a trick walking in them if I hadn’t also stolen the woman’s memories.

Flicking the small chain that was attached to the belly ring in my navel, I relished in the nuances of being a female once again. Soon my hands were rubbing the exposed smooth skin of my narrow waist and toned flat belly. With my thin fingers soon drifting a bit lower onto my new non-bulging crotch, I felt the distinct outline of my vagina hidden under the barely covering black shorts. Smiling with the woman’s pretty face as I felt the tingle it gave me, I knew Jason would not be able to resist.

Satisfied with my new body, I guessed that Jason would be all over it when I gave him the chance. Caressing the visible part of my pantyhose as it hugged the tops of my sexy thighs, I pulled the ultra-clingy rear of the vinyl shorts up my stolen butt cheeks to make it look as if they had ridden up on me a bit. The woman’s butt was fabulous, and as I felt its sexy contours with the narrow hands I had taken, my stolen libido started to crank up into overdrive.

I would use the same pretty hands to tease Jason into action if needed later. In truth any man would have served me at that point, but as I wanted to release Jason from his depression, he would be the lucky guy to get between my new stolen legs that night.

Speaking out loud, only to myself, I said “You don’t know how lucky you’re going to get, Jason, to screw some hottie like this!” I pulled the thick mane of blonde hair to my side.

With all that I remembered what I had missed by not hopping women anymore.

Setting the microphone into the box that the band kept in the club, I turned around and made my way towards where Jason sat, walking easily in the heeled boots that were clinging tightly to the nylon on my legs.

Many of the woman’s fans caught me on my way to him, and I turned down three drinks before I got to him.

Standing next to Jason as I ordered a drink, I said “Hi, what’s your name?” hearing the sultry rich voice of the singer again coming from my new pink lips.

I was sure to make my pantyhosed thigh rub against the jeans that covered his leg as I leaned over the bars surface to better get the barmaid’s attention.

Turning away from the barmaid after I ordered, I caught Jason eyeing my rear end with him surely wondering what if felt like to slide his prick into me.

I asked, “So where did your friend go?” pointing at the drink I had left on the bar before taking the singer’s hot body.

Jason looked perplexed by the question, shrugging his shoulders saying “He said he had to make a call outside and never came back.”

I smiled with the pretty woman’s face and said “Maybe he got lucky outside.”

Jason laughed and said “It’s possible I guess, but he was my ride home.”

When the two shots I had ordered were delivered. I handed one of them to Jason, toasting, “May we both soon have a fantastic night!”

Jason looked stunned by my aggressive words, not knowing how to interpret them. I held out the pretty hand I had taken and said “By the way, they call me Liza if you want to know.”

Jason looked embarrassed that he hadn’t asked my name, and with my slippery leg still pushing against him, we shook hands.

Jason then told me his name, stunned that such an attractive creature was even speaking to him.

Not long after, the other band members found me, saying they would see me the next day for practice.

After they left, I stood much closer to Jason, purposely invading his personal comfort space. Intentionally pressing the breasts on my chest into him as I stood close to him, I realized I had successfully refocused his eyes on my beautiful cleavage.

Understanding the taboo that I would soon be breaking by later making love to my friend Jason in my stolen body, I rationalized that if it weren’t him that night, it would have been one of the other males there. Refocusing, I knew I was actually helping him with my gift as I had planned earlier. In fact by doing so, I was finally using it to help another, rather than only using it for my needs as I always had done before.

Using Liza’s body, I would seduce him into making love, all done with the seduction techniques I had learned while being other women before her. In actuality though, I suspected that her body was sufficient for the task on its own.

Jason seemed nervous at first by my sudden closeness to him, but when I leaned into his lips and gently kissed him, he seemed to quickly lose his inhibitions.

A moment later and he was ravaging the lips of the woman whose body I wore. I used my stolen tongue to do what it took to give him the message. Looking into his eyes as I pulled away from his mouth, he looked deeply into my sexily made up eyes as well. I told him, “I want you inside of me tonight Jason.”

Jason smiled in almost shocked disbelief, and to spur him some more, I again leaned into his mouth, sliding my stolen tongue between his lips once again. Sitting on his lap at that point, I finally felt the excitement growing in his pants as his organ nudged against my black tight fitting shorts.

Using the beautiful eyes that the woman had made up so perfectly earlier, I said “Let’s go now Jason, I need you, OK!”

He took the bait and the two of us were soon walking hand in hand to Liza’s car.

Standing next to him as I unlocked her car’s door, I pushed against him in a kiss, gyrating the woman’s pelvis against his. I was on fire myself by now, and I hoped my unknowing friend would give me what I craved so badly.

In no time we were inside his place, and grabbing his hand, I pushed him onto the couch in his living room using the thin pretty hands I had taken from the singer. A second after I was unzipping the boots that covered my stolen legs. Stepping out of them, I felt the coldness of the air on my somewhat sweat-laden nyloned legs, as the fit of the tight boots made them wet with moisture. Tugging at the skimpy black shorts covering the black pantyhose, I pulled them down her pretty legs. Liza did not wear any panties under the nylon, and I saw the blonde hair of her trimmed bush compressed by the clinginess of the sheer nylon covering it.

Moments after and I was straddling Jason’s crotch with my nyloned legs as I pushed his back against the vertical part of the sofa’s back cushion.

My friend’s hands wasted no time going to Liza’s thighs, and as I kissed him with passion, the palms of his hands explored the nylon-covered skin that they found there. Using one of my new hands, I took his free one, pulling it from my new leg, nudging it to go under the bottom of the black halter top I was still wearing.

Jason got the hint, and soon his hand was caressing the full C-sized breast that he found under one of the halter’s cups.

With my hand free, I slid it under his pants and stroked the already hard object I found there. At that point I was no longer helping a friend, as I had become a woman in need of a man.

Standing up quickly I pulled the pantyhose down my legs, exposing the shaved skin of Liza’s legs in the process. By then Jason was also pulling off his trousers and underpants, and when he finished, I again straddled his crotch with my bare bottom.

Eagerly nudging against his well-engorged member as we kissed heavily, I soon felt the object pushing against the eager vagina on my crotch. Adjusting to make penetration possible, I felt it push into the small patch of blonde hair that guarded the opening. By the third push I had swallowed him completely within my new body, and we were soon going at it like a couple of college kids on ecstasy.

As he looked into my eyes as I rode him, I was sure he couldn’t believe that he was banging such a beautiful woman. My C-sized tits bobbed up and down as he thrusted into my pretty body, and I found the experience more rewarding than I had remembered.

Wrapping the slender arms I had taken around his neck, I continued riding him, losing myself in the pleasure I felt. With him first kissing the nicely scented skin of my neck, he undid the halter that was tied around it. A moment later he moved to the well extended nipples, suckling them with hunger.

With my pretty legs doing their best to pump his body, and Jason holding on to my narrow waist as I rode him, I soon felt him releasing into Liza’s body. The warm seed pulsating into her womb made me realize I had succeeded, and I hoped his depression had finally been broken. I continued to ride him though so that I could go as well, and in 15 seconds more I was moaning with the richly-toned voice I had stolen from Liza.

Still joined with him after I had orgasmed, I suddenly felt shame and even a bit nauseous from what I had done with my friend. My well-overcharged libido had been relieved by the release, and I again saw the world through the eyes of a heterosexual male.

Looking down in sudden shame, I saw my two perky breasts were still pushing against Jason’s chest. Them and the two shaved legs I saw straddling Jason’s pelvis were simply beautiful, and I soon felt the hunger starting all over again, leaving the shame in the distant part of my brain in the process.

Jason kissed me lightly on the lips, and as he did I felt his penis spasm a bit as it still remained deep within me. He must have been in a special place, as Liza was better looking than anyone he had ever been with, including even the bitchy woman who was divorcing him.