Alex and Sam

By Tobyredone

16 minute read -

It was Friday evening and I was on the prowl for something new. I had been bouncing around all week. What do I mean by that? Well, I’m a body hopper. I possess people’s bodies, have access to all there memories through there unconscious minds, and can pretty much do whatever I want while they are none the wiser until I exit their body.

On the outside I am a normal late twenty something male, with dark hair and eyes. But at a moments notice, I can liquefy my body, and ooze into a victim, and become them for any amount of time I want. The only way to tell when I am inhabiting someone is by mirror, or film. Or if you are another body hopper, but that does not happen often. By looking in a mirror, or at my picture in my “mount” you will see my facial features on someone else’s body. Typically that of an attractive woman. I have mounted a few men, but more for monetary gain, or to get my “real self” out of some sort of predicament. Other than that I stick to women for one reason.

Sexual Bliss.

For some reason, women just have better sexual feelings than men. I relish it. I love to wallow in it. Inside a woman, I will have as much sex as possible. I typically don’t stay long in there bodies, as I will begin to get attached to there life and emotions, and I don’t want any of that baggage. I just want sex. And as much as I can get. So I try to hop attractive women, and then I just let it happen.

So, like I said before, I was in my normal body after a week of hops. I had been a secretary, getting plugged by everyone in the office, I had been a college girl letting everyone on the floor know that I was ready for late night biology sessions, and I had even been a policewoman, but that was mainly to get myself out of a speeding ticket that had happened the previous week. And off course I had pulled a few men over, and promised to let them off the hook if they satisfied me. I like to think that they all went away happy to not have a ticket.

I was sitting in a local bar that had a rather peculiar reputation of cute girls, and by the end of the night they were typically drunk, and easy to hop. I saw a particularly cute red head that I had every intention on hopping, and seeing what trouble I could get into with her. She had long red hair, almost all the way down her back, two spectacular mounds on her chest, and long sexy legs poking out from a small black low cut dress. The kind of dress that women wear because they are looking for attention. She looked to be about 25. Probably a busy career woman, trying to make it in the big city.

If you spend enough time watching people, like I have, and even more time wearing people like I have, you start to get a sense about them. And I could see and feel a sadness radiating from this lovely young woman. I could not have that, so I figured I could help liven up her weekend. Perhaps she was looking for someone, but the look on her face told me boyfriend troubles. I’m guessing he wants something she isn’t willing to give out. I would have no problems ‘giving out’ for her though, I thought to myself over my beer.

I decided to wander over, and talk to my mount before hand. Something I rarely did as most gorgeous women don’t really want to talk to an average guy like me. But her look just spoke to me, and I had to know more. I walked down next to her spot on the bar, pointed to the stool next to her, and simply asked, “Is this seat taken?”

“No, go right ahead, but I may not be very good company tonight.” She replied without looking up from her drink.

“And why is a pretty girl like you so down in the dumps? Boy trouble?” I asked as I plopped down.

She lightly chuckled before replying, “Yeah, I wish. A bit more complicated than that.”

“Well, I happen to be a very simple man. Perhaps you can break it down for me, and it may even help to talk about it.”

She took another sip from her stemmed girly-drink glass and thought for a moment. I secretly wondered what kind of drink I would be sipping with her lips, and what kind of panties she was wearing.

Suddenly she replied, “Why not? They do say it sometimes helps to talk to a stranger.” Then she briefly paused, as if bracing for something before blurting out, “I’m a lesbian. I don’t like guys. I can’t seem to find any women that I want to date, until I found my roommate. We have been living together for the better part of two years, and I think she is amazing. Smart, funny, sexy, and single, but…” her voice trailed away.

“but she’s into boys, and looks right through you, or sees you as the best friend.” I finished for her.

“Yup. You hit the nail on the head.”

“Well. Like I said, I’m a simple man, but I believe that I am in the unique position to help you with your problem.” I said as I put my beer down and leaned in closer to her.

“And how exactly is that? This better not be some lame attempt at a pick up line, or saying that you’ll screw me straight, buddy.” She responded as she leaned back away from my advance.

“Of course not. You like women, and I respect that. But now, I think you’ve gone and hurt my feelings.” I said as I sat back straight on my stool and took a big gulp off my beer.

“Honestly, I’m sorry. But you have to imagine how many times a day I get hit on.” She said to her drink more than me.

“Honey, believe me, I can guess how many times a day you get hit on pretty close. In fact, let’s just say I’ve been in your shoes.” I told her.

“Really?” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Really.” I told her.

“Well, then, what’s your master plan. I’m honestly sorry, and interested in how you can help.” She said looking into my eyes.

“Well, you seem sincere,” I said as I leaned in closer, this time she did not back away, so I whispered in her ear, “As long as we are being honest, I came over here to ‘hit on you’ of sorts. You see, I’m what is known as a body hopper. I can possess people. I prefer hot women. You looked like you would fit the bill. I would have used your body for sex with as many men as I could get, then left on Monday morning, with you having no memories of what went on. But now that I hear your problem, I believe that we can come to an arrangement. I’ll hop your roommate instead, and we can both use her body for the sex we want.”

She looked at me with a grin on her face, and then started to laugh, “Oh come on. How much did you have to drink already? I’m not certain what to say to that, but you did make me smile, so thanks for that.”

“What would it take to prove it to you?” I asked.

“I have no idea. I don’t.” she replied.

I looked around the bar, and spotted a young lady who was already fairly tipsy heading to the ladies room in the back.

“She the girl heading towards the rest room? The one with the purple shirt and jeans?” I asked the girl next to me.


“I’ll be right back. Wait here, don’t go anywhere, okay? Thanks.” I said as I got off the bar stool and also headed to the back of the establishment.

The young lady who did not realize she was about to be a pawn in a game turned to head into the ladies room, and I followed her around the corner. I waited about five seconds outside the door before heading in. She was in front of the mirror preening her hair. She started to say something, but I quickly ran over and put my mouth over her mouth. I began to liquefy and flow into her mouth, and skin. I began to feel her form from the inside, and quickly my perspective changed from my old male self, to my new female self.

As soon as I was steady on my new feet, I picked up my old clothes, and stuffed them under the small vanity with the sink on top of it. I then walked out the bathroom door. I checked quickly threw the young ladies memory, and she was apparently here with a couple girlfriends, and had put on the drunk show to escape the unwanted attention of a would-be suitor. I smiled to myself, and thought perhaps I should just head out for the night with her, but quickly decided my previous companion needed help that only I could provide.

I walked up to the bar and sat down next to the red head. I looked at her, and said in my cutest new voice, “So now do you believe me?”

“Oh my god. Did that guy put you up to this? How much did he give you?” She asked me.

“What does it take sometimes… here, give me your compact mirror.” I said as I reached towards her. She got her small makeup compact out of her purse and handed it to the new me. I flipped it open, and tilted it towards her, so that she could see my face. As in my real face on the girls body. She gasped in surprise, then looked back and forth from my reflection to the face of the girl she had just recently seen teeter into the restroom.

“Okay, I’m a believer. Wow… but can I go through with this?” She said astonished.

“Well, you think about that, while I toss this fish back into the lake. Her friends are starting to look this way. Back in a sec.”

I got up and headed back to the bathroom, and just as the girl head before, I pretended to be a tad unsteady on her feet. I popped open the bathroom door, headed in, and was about to dismount her when all of the sudden the door opened again.

It was my red headed friend from the bar.

“Okay, let’s do this… but I have to see it in person once.” She said, and stared at me intensely.

I was less then enthused about having an audience, but quickly decided if I mounted her friend, she would see me soon anyway, so I began to leave my latest mount. As I leaked out of her face and skin to the ground in front of her I heard a small gasp, and then I started to reconstruct myself. I grabbed my clothes quickly, and began to dress, as I knew from experience you do not want to be a naked man next to an unconscious woman in the wrong restroom.

“That was amazing.”

“Yeah, but we should go now. Start walking.” I said quickly.

“Ok, let’s head to my place.” She said to me.

I followed her out of the bathroom, out of the bar, and down the street. As we walked she began to ask many questions.

“How long will that girl in the bar be out?” she asked.

“Oh, only a few minutes. I wasn’t in her long. She’s probably up already wondering if she had too much to drink.”

“Does it hurt her? I wouldn’t want to hurt my roommate, she’s my best friend.” She again asked.

“Look at you with the fifty questions… and we don’t even know each other’s names yet.” I replied.

“Oh. I’m sorry. My name is Samantha. But my friends call me Sam, or Sammy.”

“I’m Alex, nice to meet you Sammy.”

“But seriously, does it hurt the girls when you possess them?”

“We prefer to call it mounting, or hopping. And no, it doesn’t hurt them, as long as we do nothing to hurt them while we are in them. Like if we have too much to drink, the girls are the ones with the hangovers, or if we have rough sex, the girls are the sore ones the next day. But other than that, we leave in the same condition we find. Plus, if you get a good mount, it’s nice to be able to go back again.” I explained.

“There is more than one of you?” She again asked.

“There are a few that I know of. There’s one guy that is kind of partial to hopper friends. He may know of more, though. I tend to hang out alone, and just hop, and goof off a lot.” I told her.

“How many people know about you?” She asked.

“Oh, only the other hoppers. You are the first person I’ve told about my ability. I don’t know why I told you, either.” I replied honestly. “Maybe I was looking to share a secret. I hope the others don’t get pissy.”

“What do you mean?” She questioned.

“Well, do you want some guy to just jump in your body, and go do whatever?”

“I guess not.”

“Exactly. People tend to not like this whole deal. In fact, I’m surprised you are taking it so well, but I guess you have something to gain.”

“True. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Oh, I know. I can become you, or anyone you know. I can make your life a living hell if you tell anyone.” I said in a rather playful tone, trying not to scare the poor girl too much, but at the same time letting her know the consequences should she turn on me.

“Um… yeah… Just don’t hurt Tasha. And if we have fun this weekend, maybe we could start doing it regularly…?” She said back to me.

“I’m not out to get anyone hurt. Honestly. I just want to have fun. And what better place then a good looking girl’s body to have fun?” I said.

“Oh, this is me,” She said as she turned towards a tall apartment building entrance. It was a nice place, with a doorman and everything.

She waved to the doorman, and said hi as he got the door for us both, and then we headed up the elevator to a rather high floor in the building. It probably had a great view, and I was rather excited to see not only the city from up here, but also my new body for the weekend.

She led me to apartment number 1515, and I waited as she unlocked the door. I followed her in, and I was not surprised to find a cozy little apartment, just as I had pictured it with two girls living here.

We walked through the small kitchenette to the living room, which was in a lovely shade of pink, with an inviting couch and love seat opposite a rather large TV and entertainment center, and past that was a large window overlooking the city with a magical view. But on the couch was an even better view. Her roommate sat with her long legs curled up under her on the couch watching TV. She had an amazingly pretty face with two lovely blue eyes, small pink lips, framed by shorter blonde hair that went about down to her neck. She had a very athletic build, with what I would guess to be small C-cup breasts, that filled out her tiny pink tank top nicely, and a wasp-like waist that lead down to a well rounded rump, and long legs encased in a pair of yoga pants.

I sat down next to Sammy’s roommate on the couch, and she gave me an odd look, and then looked at Sammy, and said “If I knew you were bringing home company, I would have put something else on, Sam.”

“Oh it doesn’t much matter. I’m certain it will all end up in a pile on the floor anyways.” I said, and she gave me an odd look.

“Tasha, this is my new friend Alex. He’s here to help me with some stuff this weekend.” She then told her roommate.

“Like what?” Tasha asked.

“I’m going to help her deepen her relationship with you.” I said as I leaned in towards her, grabbed her waist, and started the hopping process.

“What the fuck… what’s happening to you… why do I feel so… oh…” she said in a disoriented panic.

I began to liquefy as Samantha looked on behind me. I felt my hands begin to soak through her skin on her mid-section, and the rest of my body began to also be absorbed in by her belly, and I also began to leak south under the elastic waist band of her yoga pants, and into her pussy and asshole. As I flowed into her I began to feel her. I felt her small, dainty feet. I felt her toned athletic legs. I felt her tight butt, and her warm pussy, and the panties that encircled them both. I felt her stomach, where I made contact. I felt her breasts, slightly heaving from her loss of breath at seeing me disappear into her, I felt her slim arms, and delicate hands, and finally felt her face, and her hair, and saw through her eyes as Sam stared at me.

I spoke first with, “Well, roomy, what do you want to do now?”

“That was amazing… you’re in control of her now?”

I stood up, and caressed my new breasts for a moment, then reached down and yanked down my tight black yoga pants. As I straightened back out, I looked down at my tiny silky G-string panties covering my new pussy, which I knew from Tasha’s memories was well trimmed with short blonde hair.

“Would she do that?” I asked as I popped a girly leg to one side, and put my hands on my hips, striking a pose.

“Wow.” She said, and I suddenly reached out, and grabbed her, and pulled her into a full on kiss. Her lips parted to accept my tongue, and I felt her hands grip my new firm butt cheeks. We lingered in the kiss for a moment before I let go of her.

“Let’s head to the bedroom.” I said, and tugged on Sammy’s arm as I used Tasha’s memory to know which room in the quant apartment was hers.

As we stepped through the doorway, I looked around at more pink walls, pink stuffed animals, and a small pink bed with pink blankets.

“Wow. She seems a bit obsessed,” I said as I looked around at my room for the weekend.

“Yeah, she overdoes the pink a bit,” Sammy said, sitting down on ‘my’ bed.

I turned, looked at her and smiled. I then got on my knees, and started to take her shoes off. I then followed with the nylons that ran up her legs. She quickly held her arms up so that I could help lift the small black dress over her head. I then pulled the small pink tank top off over my head, and we both drank the look of each other’s bodies in. Her in a matching set of black bikini panties and push up bra, me in a pink comfy cotton bra and small silky g string that also happened to be pink.

I made the first move by pushing Sammy down on the bed and crawling on top of her. I began to kiss and massage her fairly exposed breasts, and work my way up her neck like I always liked when I was the girl on the bottom. I heard her sighing and moaning, and knew she was enjoying it as much as I usually did. I kissed her lips, and the tip of her nose before heading back down, still kissing, over her breasts, across her taunt stomach, and down to her little love mound. I tugged at the sides of her panties, and she responded by lifting her butt off the bed about a bit so I could pull her undies off. After they were out of the way I dove in and ate her out like a buffet. My new tongue was a whirlwind of action in her sweet little box, as I licked the outside, the inside, the clit, and everywhere else that I could think of. I’m certain she orgasmed a few times before I was finally pushed off, and I rolled over onto my back.

I did not just lie there for much time, though, as Sammy quickly straddled my new smaller body, upside down, so that we were in a 69 position. Then she pulled my tiny pink g-string to one side of my well trimmed pussy, and began to spell the alphabet with her tongue on my clit. The feelings that came out of my borrowed pussy were amazing. Tasha did not know how lucky she was. I quickly came, and screamed out Sammy’s name as I did. That seemed to spur her on to get me to even new heights, and I saw spots as she continued to expertly lick around my clit. I came a second time and screamed her name once more, figuring the neighbors may get a kick out of it. I then lifted my head, and began to once again lick her pussy, as she had put it on such prominent display in front of me. She was getting me closer to a third, and I could tell by the gyration of her hips that I was bringing her closer. Suddenly I felt her flow onto my face, and that action was enough to put me over the edge, and I came hard, bucking my legs.

We collapsed together, a tangle of sweaty arms, legs, tits, and ass. To tired to do anything else, I decided to just lay there for a few minutes.

“Oh…” Sammy panted. “Oh, yes, that was…” she paused again out of breath, “everything I thought it would be… oh yes…”

She finally rolled off me, and I sat up, and adjusted my g string to cover my now sopping wet cunt. I then got up, and strolled back out to the living room to see what was out there.