Alex the Bodyhopper - Chapter 1

By Tobyredone

19 minute read -

My first hop? Oh, wow. That’s a flash back. It was quite a while ago. I was still a boy, as a matter of fact. I had just recently turned 17, and was still in high school.

I was sitting in 8th period geometry, which happened to be my favorite class. Not so much because I liked geometry, but because I liked the teacher. Her name was Miss Lane. She was a goddess. She had long flowing blonde hair that reached to her mid back, a beautiful face with high cheek bones, and a small nose. Her eyes were blue, like a summer sky. She had small pink lips, and a great smile which she flashed to whoever could give her a correct answer. That had always inspired me to pay attention. Oh, and she also had an hour glass figure complete with knock out breasts, and the best rear that you can imagine. Soft, and round, and tight. Not to be outdone, she had long legs that seemed to be about half of her length.

Normally she was always sitting at the front of the room waiting for us, ready to start the lesson for the day. She usually dressed in some type of suit/dress combo of a very feminine color, or on my favorite days, a tight sweater with a pair of fitted black slacks that showed off her great assets. But still, myself and a lot of other guys in the class wished she would dress a bit more revealing for once.

Today though, when class had supposed to have started, she was no where to be found and it was about 15 minutes past the start. We were all starting to get rowdy, as any group of unsupervised high school children will when left to there own devices, when she finally rushed in.

We all stopped to stare at her as she stood in front of her desk. Not because some type of authority finally being heaped upon us, but because of the way she was dressed. My jaw just about hit my desk. Maybe the previous problem stated about her dress code would finally be answered. She stood there in a set of black 4” heels, a tight black mini-skirt that came down just far enough to be decent while she stood, and a skin tight white tank top that left her midriff bare, but even while covering her breasts, put them on show with the help of a bright pink push up bra that could be easily seen under the thin tank. She also had a small matching black jacket that barely went across her shoulders, and down about as far as her tank top. She had hoop earrings, and her normally fancy hair was simply pulled back in a pony tail. She looked like she was ready to go out clubbing, not teach a class.

But my biggest surprise after I finished digesting her strange outfit was her face. Where her normally pretty face with blue eyes and pink lips was, there was a gruff, manly face with a thin mustache, an overly large nose, and brown eyes.

“Okay kids, I don’t have much time today because… well… lets just say something has come up, and I have to help get it back down to normal size… “ She said as she added a giggle at the end, but in a gruff voice that I had not heard before. “So, I want you to all put your homework on my desk before you leave, and spend the night doing something fun, and not worrying about math homework, okay? Now get out of here, class is canceled.” She finished telling us quickly before bolting back out of the room.

Everyone slowly looked around, as if to confirm what they had just heard had not been just in their own head. Then there was a mad dash of kids tearing paper out of notebooks, and running to the front of the room to deposit last night’s homework in a messy heap on Miss Lane’s Desk, before all piling through the door. And then, it was only me along with a few of the other, less popular kids. I looked to my right at my best friend Benny, who was looking at me smiling.

“Did you see that Ben? What the hell was up with Miss Lane? She looked weird.” I said quietly not wanting to attract attention to myself.

“Dude! She was dressed like a hooker or something! She was so hot!” he replied. “So hot!” He repeated.

I nodded and licked my lips as I thought about how the next part was going to sound. “Yeah, but what was up with her face?” I asked, hoping that Ben didn’t think I was insane, as I was hoping myself.

“What about her face?” Ben asked as he looked at me as if I was retarded. “It was amazing, like usual. She is such a hottie.” Benny said back with a satisfied smile on his face.

I couldn’t believe it! Ben didn’t see it. Then I wondered if the other kids had. But I don’t thing my high school reputation would gain much from asking people if the hottest teacher in school had the face of a man.

“What?” I confusedly said back, “What about the mustache, and man features?”

Benny was ripping his assignment out of his notebook when he stopped, looked at me, and said with concern in his voice, “Alex, are you feeling okay? To much homework, dude? Her face was just like every other day, hot.”

He then finished ripping out his assignment, and head out after throwing his assignment on the top of the pile. I sat there for a minute before finally looking down at my notebook. I decided that I should go and look for Miss Lane, and make sure that it wasn’t in my head, and to also check my sanity.

I ripped out my assignment, tossed the notebook in my back pack, tossed the assignment on the pile, and walked out of the room, and towards the teacher’s break room, figuring I would try there first, then her office, but not really knowing what I expected to find.

As I passed by the room/closet with the copiers and fax machine in it, I heard the same giggle that I had heard in class a few minutes ago. I found what I was looking for. So I stopped in my tracks, and walked to the doorway. I leaned around the corner and peeked in to an unbelievable sight.

There was Miss Lane, leaning back on a table, with her legs hooked around a man’s back, and her hands clawing at the front of his dress shirt. His pants were pulled down a bit, and there were papers all over the floor. He was making small grunts as he thrust up into her, and she was rocking slightly with him, making the most of it. As her head moved back and forth with the strange man’s face on it, her eyes eventually turned towards my face, peeking around the corner. She locked eyes with me, and I felt like I was frozen in place, watching this unreal scene happening in front of me.

Just then the man’s thrusting became more urgent, and Miss Lane’s new rough face grimaced in what I thought may be an orgasm, as she started to call out in her now manly voice, “… yes! YES! Oh screw me, yes!” Just as the man seemed to stop thrusting, and groaned quietly.

Finally, he too, noticed I was watching, and I noticed that it was assistant principle Dickly, living up to his name apparently. He immediately pulled out of Miss Lane, and yanked his pants up, and as he started to open his mouth and speak, Miss Lane said, “Charles, why don’t you head to your office, I’ll take care of Mr. Smith here, okay?” as she patted his groin, before reaching down, and adjusting her own matching bright pink panties to once more cover her pussy.

Mr. Dickly quickly shuffled past me, and down the hallway, turning red from embarrassment.

Miss Lane, however, just sat up on the table, with her legs still spread, showing off her matching panties under her mini-skirt, and looked at me. “So, Mr Smith, what’s it going to take to keep you quiet about this little adventure? Hmm? Do you want a BJ, maybe?” She said as she sauntered over to me and placed her hand on my crotch.

Kind of freaked out, but too freaked out to move away I looked down at her hand and then back up at her. “Miss Lane, what’s going on with you? Why are you dressed like that, and why is your face so different?” I asked honestly.

Her new manly face went from amusement to concern quickly. She pulled her hand away from my crotch very cautiously. “My face is different?” She asked and then gave me a look. “Do you see a mustache?” She asked quickly.

I nodded.

“Oh crap. You gotta be… Fucking hell, I do not have time for this. Shit… I was going to head to cheer practice in a few minutes. I’d hate to miss out on her body for another day… hmm… maybe we can make this quick.” She said as a sly smile suddenly came over her face.

She reached out with her delicate hands, and pulled me closer, as she began to unfasten my pants. I was kinda hard from watching the whole scene a minute or two ago, but still not ready to just drop my pants while all this was so strange.

“Wait, what’s going on, stop!” I said.

“I’ll explain everything, but I need you to go with the flow, or I’ll be late. So calm down, and get Mr. Happy out.” She said as she reached down to once again pull the bright pink panties to one side of her pussy. Watching that sight finished the job of making me excited, as she again took charge, and pulled me into her, as I easily slid all the way inside her, as lubricated as she already was.

As she started to slowly gyrate her hips, and I began to softly moan, she started whispering in my ear, “I am not Miss Lane, as you can see. My name is actually Stanley. I’m inside Miss Lane’s body. I’ve been inside her since I saw her in a small bookshop yesterday evening. I am, and soon you will be, what is called a body hopper. I can possess someone, and use their body as I see fit. The reason you can see my face on her body, unlike everyone else, is because you are also a hopper. Once we finish having sex, you will also be able to hop into people’s bodies.”

At that I started to pull out, but she grabbed my butt, and pulled me back in. “Whoa there. Calm down, I realize this is a big step, but trust me, you’ll love it. Now then, where was I, Oooooh. Yeah, that’s the speed… ah hem… You’ll be able to take over any body you want just by concentrating on being them. When you get in them, you are in total control, and you have access to all their memories if you want them, and they look completely normal to everyone else. The only exception is that other hoppers will see your face on the person you are in, or as we hoppers like to call them, your mount. Also, any picture taken of you, after it’s developed will also show your real face on the mount and any mirrors will also give you away. Other than that, everyone sees Miss Lane’s face on me, and hears her voice coming from me right now.”

Stanley knew how to move her body to best effect, and I was young, and had pretty much no experience, and so about that time, I shot into her.

“Great job kid. Now, are you ready to part ways?” Stanley asked from his vantage point inside Miss Lane, while I was still recovering, getting ready to pull out.

“Whew… oh that was awesome… Oh man… but wait… Stanley, is it? Stanley, are you sure I can take over someone’s body? I mean I’m not sure if this is all really happening…” I managed to breath out in rough breaths as leaned back, pulled my pants up, and watched Stanley once again reach down and pull the bright pink panties over Miss Lane’s now abused pussy.

“Time to make a believer out of you, boy.” She said with a grin, and suddenly she laid back, and began to tremble, like she was having a seizure. All of this clear liquid started to come out of her body, her mouth, her ears, and nose. It flowed out quickly, and before I knew it another person was sitting naked on the table next to an unconscious Miss Lane.

“Nice to meet you person to person, kid. This is what I really look like,” said Stanley quite matter-of-factly.

My jaw was on the floor. I looked over at Miss Lane, now laying on the table with her own face again, legs still spread, arms sprawled out on the table, and back at this naked man sitting next to her. He was rather average looking, and if I had to guess in his mid thirties. He had the thin mustache and face that was previously on Miss Lane, and not much of a build at all. He was about the same height as me.

“Well, hop her kid, I don’t have all day. Normally I’d teach you the ropes, but I’m in a hurry, as I said before. I don’t want to miss my opportunity to get a ride in your schools head cheerleader.” Stanley said to break me out of my stunned silence.

“I’m not going to hop her. I don’t even know what to do, or if this is even real.” I said.

“Well, you have to hop her, because now I need your clothes or I’m walking around naked. Or I suppose I could get back inside your favorite teacher, and go back, and change all your grades to F’s and get you expelled for the trouble you’ve caused me… in case you forgot, the assistant principle owes dear Miss Lane a favor.”

“What! Oh man. What did I get myself into?” I asked to know one in particular.

“Her in a moment.” Stanley said as he pointed down at Miss Lane, “Now get started.”

I reached out, and touched her arm. Nothing happened.

“You have to want to be her, kid. Try again.” I heard over my shoulder.

I reached up, touched her face, and thought about what it would be like to be Miss Lane. What kind of favor I could get out of asst principle Dickly if I was her. Suddenly I felt different. I felt like I was loosing height. I looked down and saw my arms becoming a transparent goo. I felt my fingers work there way in Miss Lane’s nose. I felt my body press up against hers and the rest of me start to flow to her face, and in her mouth, and even ears. Then suddenly my perspective changed…

I could feel feet. Feet at an odd angle, and pinched in the toes. I could feel long legs, but different than mine, and very drafty. Then I felt a mini-skirt wrap around my waist, and a strange new feeling of a slightly tingly pussy, covered by smooth silky underwear, and a string up my ass. I was wearing a thong now! And then I felt a tight stomach, and two mounds of flesh restrained by a tight band that could only be that pink wonder bra I was ogling so shortly before this bizarre change of fates. Suddenly I could feel arms, and see the room again from Miss Lane’s position on the table, and feel her hair under her back, pulling on her head… now my head.

I quickly sat up, then stood up. I wobbled a bit on my new 4” heels, and turned and looked at Stanley.

“Congratulations kid, your first hop went pretty well. Just wait until you try to hop a lively one. That gets fun.” He said.

I moved my new hands to my breast, and began fondling them gently. I loved the sensation. It was so new, foreign, and felt great. A small moan escaped my lips. I heard Stanley laugh, and looked at him.

He was empting my jean pockets, and putting the stuff in my back pack. He then proceeded to slide them on, followed by my shirt quite quickly. I can only assume he had gotten pretty good at dressing in a hurry.

I took a step towards him, and suddenly felt a new sensation that was again completely foreign to me… cum. Leaking out of me. Leaking out of my pussy, and into my bright pink thong.

“Oh yuck. She’s freaking leaking. I’m going to ruin Miss Lane’s panties. And where are you going with my clothes? How much sex did you have with her body?” I asked as I looked down at her mini-skirt and wondered about the abused nether regions it covered. “Ew… I’m still freaking leaking. How much sex did you have with her body?” I added to the questions I was shooting out.

Stanley just looked at me and smiled, then said, “You’ll get use to the clean up, but the orgasms are worth it, my friend. I recommend trying out Lane’s pussy before you ditch her, she has a hair trigger, and has awesome highs. Multi-orgasms are so nice. I had enough to get her a new reputation around school, but you can add to it, don’t be afraid. Oh, and the panties are new from Victoria Secret in the mall down the way from the book shop I picked her up in, so don’t worry too much about wrecking them. Go try something on there; you have her credit cards in her purse in her car.” He said with a wink, and then added, “Before I head out, try and tell me something about her that you didn’t know and pull it from her memory. Just think about it, and it will come to you from her unconscious mind.”

I just then realized I never knew Miss Lane’s first name. Then, all of a sudden, poof, it was there in the back of her head. Her name was Alison. “My first name is Alison, and I’m twenty six years old, and I’m a natural blonde… oh this is cool. All the answers are right there.”

“Good job my new friend, but I am late for my trip to the gym, and the best cheerleader I can find, so good luck. Call me later; I’ll leave my number in here.”

He then grabbed a pen off a small tray on the table which my new body had just been screwed twice in a row on, a piece of paper off the ground, scribbled a number on the sheet, stuffed it in my back pack, and handed the pack to me.

He then headed out the door, and off towards the gym, as he called out over his shoulder, “Oh, and don’t stay too long in one girl, or you may take on her shape for a while, or get stuck in her.”

And suddenly I was left alone in a copy room, holding my pack back in my teacher’s body which was leaking cum into my new panties with no idea what to do. I started to slowly walk(to keep balance in my new heels) out of the copy room, and down the hallway, with no real destination in mind, trying to ignore the feeling of my soggy crotch, and the sensations of more cum leaking into the tiny panties.

Suddenly as I was going around a corner, I ran into principle Riggens. He looked me up, then down, then up again. He eyes briefly stopped at my chest and legs before looking back into my face.

“Alison, can I see you in my office for a bit please? Now?” He said sternly.

“Um, certainly, Principle Riggens,” I managed to reply

He gave me an odd look, and then quickly spun and headed down the hall towards his office, as I followed as best I could while in 4” heels for the first time.

He roughly swung the door open, and walked in, as I followed behind a few moments later.

“Close the door, Alison.”

I did as I was told.

“Have a seat,” he said as he motioned to the two chairs in front of his desk. I moved quickly to sit down, and almost fell in the shoes just as my butt hit the seat. I was a pretty good student, and had never been summoned to the principle’s office because I was in trouble before. I was scared. Especially in my teachers body, with no clue what he was going to say. I had ran out of time to wonder, as he leaned forward and started to speak.

“Alison, what has gotten into you today? First you show up dressed like some sort of street girl, and late at that, you flake out of your first class, and have sex with the gym teacher Mr. Tiggles.”

“I’m sorry Principle Riggens, I just…” I started to stammer out.

“I’m not done yet. And when have we called each other by our last names? It’s always been Eric before. And for pete’s sake Alison, close your legs! You’re showing off your underwear.” He said as he pointed down at my uncrossed, slightly open legs. With as short as my skirt was, I was indeed showing off all of Miss Lane’s new pink thong, complete with growing wet spot. I quickly slapped them together.

“I can see from the shininess on your thighs that the rest of the stories were true, as well. After Mr Tiggles, you had sex with Brain Masters, the varsity quarter back, and his friend Richard Baxter. You realize that you could be brought up on charges for those boys, right? Then after that, you went to a few classes, and proceeded to masturbate in front of them on your desk! Alison, that is just wrong! And then, I heard after all that you went after assistant principle Dickly! So, Alison, what should I do with you? Hm?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was suddenly caught up in everything Stanley had managed to do. I had began to stammer out apologies, as I couldn’t come up with anything else. Principle Riggens put up a hand to stop me.

“There is only one way I’m over looking all of this today,” he paused shortly before continuing, “and that is if I get some of the action, too.”

I looked acrossed at Principle Riggens. He was in his late forties, I knew from Miss Lane’s memories, and she had certainly never wanted to have sex with him. He was slightly over weight, and balding, and reeked of cheap cologne. But, if it would get me out of his office, and keep Miss Lane in a job until she could answer for herself, I figured what was one more time today, right? Except this time the pussy that was being filled was mine!

“Um… ah… Prin… I mean… Eric, I guess we could come to some type of arrangement. What did you have in mind?” I asked mildly.

“Right here, you bent over my desk, like I’ve had so many fantasies of. Oh, and this doesn’t mean that if someone else turns you in, I’ll be covering for you. It just means that I won’t turn you in… at least today.” He replied with a sinister grin.

I slowly stood. I had no problems with his terms. It wasn’t my life. I felt bad for Miss Lane, but I couldn’t undo what Stanley had already done, and just wanted to escape this office. So I went around to the other side of the desk. Principle Riggens took the opportunity to reach up and fondle my breasts. It felt so good I had to let out a quiet moan. I felt Miss Lane’s pussy start to warm up slightly.

He then stood, and gently turned me by the shoulders towards his desk, and pushed forward on my back to bend me over his desk. I complied, and bent over with my back straight and my hands grabbing the edge of his desk, and my breasts pressing into the hard wood of his desk. I then felt him lift up my black mini-skirt.

Suddenly he slapped my ass very roughly. “OUCH!” I cried out.

He laughed evilly before pulling down my bright pink thong about 6 inches. I felt it peel off my still moist pussy and felt the string pull out from between my toned ass cheeks. Suddenly I felt him press his prick up against my bottom set of lips.

He began to tease my lips by running his prick up and down the length of them, until finally I found myself instinctively pushing back against him to try and get it in me. What the hell was I doing, I thought? Then his dick entered, and I lost all conscious thought for a moment.

It was ecstasy. And it was only the first inch. He pushed in and out for a bit, and I bit my lower lip, and closed my eyes. Suddenly he thrust in me all the way. My eyes shot open, and I let out a yelp of pleasure.

He began to rhythmically slam into me, and I began to gyrate Miss Lane’s tight ass around to enhance my own pleasure. This was the best feeling I had ever had. If this was what sex was like for girls, no wonder Stanley had done all that stuff in Miss Lane’s body.

Principle Riggens changed tempo, and I matched it. I was seeing spots in my eyes from the pleasure, and then, too soon, I felt a whole new sensation.

He blew his load deep into Miss Lane’s pussy. It was another new high for me, but still not enough to tip me over the edge. I felt his prick shrinking inside of me as I desperately try to grind against him a few last strokes before he pulled out, and sat back in his chair.

“You are a horny little minx today, aren’t you?” he chuckled.

I could once again feel cum leaking out of me. I stood up, and pulled the only protection I had up my sticky thighs. As I replaced the already cum soaked panties, I walked around the desk to the other side.

“Have a good weekend Alison. We’ll see each other again on Monday, I assure you.” Principle Riggens said in an amused tone, “Oh, and don’t forget to pull the back of your skirt back down.”

I yanked the skirt down barely over my ass cheeks as I exited his office, and decided it would be best to head out of school before I got caught in any more of Stanley’s mess. However every time one of Miss Lane’s perfect legs scissored open and closed, and more of a combination of men’s cum leaked out of Miss Lane’s pussy and into her bright pink thong, I realized I was living Stanley’s mess. I quickly walked to her office, and found where Stanley had left her car keys. I then bolted as fast as I could to her car in 4” heels and a mini-skirt.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I realized I was still horny, and that Principle Riggens needed to work on his staying power as badly as I did as a male. I also figured that Stanley and I had made so much trouble for Miss Lane, that one more screw probably wouldn’t add much more trouble for her. I thought about who I could go to, and suddenly an evil smile crossed my face.

I headed for Ben’s house.