Alex the Bodyhopper - Chapter 2

By Tobyredone

8 minute read -

I arrived at Ben’s house about twenty minutes later, hopped out of Miss Lane’s small car, grabbed my back pack, and headed up to the front door. As I rang the door bell, and stood there, I realized how cold it was for women wearing short skirts with cum filled panties to be outside. The cool spring wind blew right up my almost non-existent skirt, and I began to shuffle my feet until Ben’s mom finally answered the door.

“Hello Mrs. Patterson, could I speak to Ben for a few moments?” I asked politely.

“Do I know you miss?” she replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, you probably don’t know me. I’m his teacher Miss Lane.” I replied quickly.

“His teacher? Dressed like that? What do you teach?” She replied skeptically.

“I had a special session on sex ed today, and I wanted to show the students what a prostitute might dress like. You can never be too careful.” I lied quickly.

“Oh really,” She said with obvious doubt in her eyes. “And what do you need Ben for?”

“Oh, um… Someone left this satchel in my class today, and I need to return it,” I said as I quickly thought up another lie, and then held up my back pack. “It has some important homework in it, and I don’t recognize the name, but I did notice that Ben sat next to the boy. The name on the papers inside is Alex, does Ben know him?”

She looked at me for a moment, and then finally gave in, and turned and called up the stairs to Ben’s room. “Ben, do you know where your friend Alex is, one of your teachers is here looking for him.”

“No Mom, I haven’t seen him since 8th period. He was kinda out of it though. I’m working on a project for Miss Lane right now, kinda busy.” I heard get yelled down the stairs after a few moments.

“Oh, that’s my project!” I squealed to Ben’s mom. “Can I go up and see how he’s doing on it, maybe drop the satchel off so he can give it to his friend?”

“I suppose. I’m burning dinner and I have to check on the baby, so can you head up yourself, it’s the second door on the right up the stairs.” She replied just before turning and walking back towards the kitchen.

“Thank you!” I called after her before turning and walking carefully up the stairs in 4” heels.

I got to Ben’s door, opened it, walked in, and closed and locked it behind myself. He was sitting in a swivel chair playing a video game that probably had very little to do with the project that he had told his mother about a bit ago. As he heard the door open and close he turned in the chair to look at whoever had come in to intrude on his privacy. His mouth was in a grimace until he saw me in Miss Lane’s body standing with her back to his door, still dressed as he had seen her in class that morning. It was about then that I decided to have a bit of fun with my good friend Ben.

“Oh Ben, I’ve wanted you so badly for so long, and I finally just can’t hold it in any longer. Please say you want me too.” I said in my best acting voice.

“I… ah… um… um… I” he stammered.

I walked over to him, and high stepped Miss Lane’s left foot up onto the left arm of the chair he was sitting in. He stared at the heeled foot, then up the shin, then knee, then up the thigh, until finally I was quite certain my still cum filled bright pink thong panties were the center of his attention. I briefly wondered if he could smell my musk, but then put it to the back of my mind.

“I came here for you. I want you in me. Now, Ben, right now. I need you.” I said in my best ‘desperate girl’ voice. I hope it sounded a lot more convincing to Ben as he heard Miss Lane’s voice.

“You… want… um… I…” He stammered again as he stared into my pink covered crotch set out on display in front of him.

“Oh I’ll take that as a yes Ben,” I said as I reached down with Miss Lane’s delicate fingers to unzip his fly, and yank his jeans and whitey-tighties down. He struggled to stand briefly as I struggled to get his pants down, but once they were down, I pushed him back down in the chair, and swung my leg off the arm of his chair. I flipped the miniskirt up, and made a show of gyrating Miss Lane’s sexy hips around as I slowly tugged her bright pink thong panties down. As they hit the floor, and I carefully stepped out of them, I looked at Ben to see he was at full mast in his chair.

So, I then put a leg over each side of the arms of his chair, and lowered myself onto his straining manhood. I cooed as his prick entered me, and wasted no time in sliding all the way down his shaft until I was fully impaled on him. As I gyrated my hips I could feel him squirm inside me. Once again it felt so alien. But very good.

I looked into his eyes and said, “Oh, Ben, yes, this is what I always wanted. Do me! Screw me!”

At this prompting he began to thrust up as best he could while sitting in the chair, but I could control the tempo more than him, and put it at a rate that best suited me, and my building waves.

And that’s what it felt like… waves of pleasure building and building. I started to see the spots again, and all of the sudden and explosion of pleasure made me cry out, “oh YES Ben!” as he kept going with his thrusting, and kept the orgasm tumbling over me and all of my senses. Finally I started to come down, but he kept thrusting yet, and I started to feel little aftershocks of my first female orgasm. I picked up the gyrations again, and once again felt the building waves. Then his thrusting suddenly speed up considerably, and I matched it with my hips, as the spots appeared again, and finally I felt him release deep inside of me, which again sent me over the edge, and I hit my second female orgasm, which caused me to bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming to loudly.

I felt his prick shrinking, and got off him and his chair, and reclaimed Miss Lane’s poor pink panties, and carefully stepped into them, and pulled them up her long graceful legs, and back into place over her leaking slit, which was now starting to feel pretty normal, and in an odd, alien, very taboo way, kind of good. I then flipped the short skirt back down.

He was still recovering in his chair, and so I took my customary place lying down on my back on his bed like I always did when I was over as Alex. This time, though, I had to look between Miss Lane’s two perfect breasts to see Ben, and I’m certain that when he looked back, with my legs spread as far as they were, he had a fantastic view up her short skirt, and the by now completely soaked pink thong, and shiny thighs.

“Wow, Miss Lane. I never knew.” He finally managed to say.

At that, I busted out laughing. I looked at him and said, “Dude. Do you really think Miss Lane would be after you? Come on.”

“Wait, what is this, some kind of hidden camera show?” he asked as he looked around.

“No, you dufus. It’s me. Alex. I’m inside Miss Lane’s body.” I said nonchalantly. Then added, “I got you so good, you would have jumped out the window to bone me.”

“No way. No freaking way.”

“Yup,” I said as I held up a dainty hand, and admired the nails. “All me in here. Remember when I said she looked different today in class? Well, there was a guy inside her, making her act all slutty. He basically said if I could see him, I could also be in her, so he used her to screw me, and then let me hop in her, and take her body for a spin.”

“No way. Just no way. Prove it.” He replied.

“You keep an autographed picture of a porn star in your secret safe under your bed so your mom can’t find it and throw it out.” I replied quickly.

“Holy crap! Alex, this is amazing.”

Just then, I spied his digital camera, and had a thought.

“Dude, grab your camera, I’ll show you something else that will prove it’s me.”

He quickly grabbed the camera, and I grabbed Miss Lane’s breasts with one hand, and started to rub her pussy with the other. He began to take pictures. I quickly sat up, and took off her panties again. Next came the short skirt, and the top followed by the bra, until I in Miss Lane’s body sat on the corner of his bed friggin myself silly while he took snapshots.

After a few minutes, I figured he had enough, and started putting my clothes back on. He was disappointed until I told him to hurry up and load the pictures to his computer so we could see them. By the time I had my clothes back on, and I struggled with the bra until I looked in Miss Lane’s memory of how to put it on, he had the pics up on the screen.

There on Miss Lane’s impossibly hot body was my face in every picture.

“Oh that’s hot. You owe me a copy of those. E-mail them to me.” I said as I turned to leave.

“Wait. I have some questions.” He said.

“It will have to wait. Your mom may be getting suspicious. I’ve been up here for a while. Which reminds me, I have to leave my back pack here. Bring it with you when you come over tomorrow, okay? Thanks dude.” I said as I unlocked the door, and walked out.

I went down the stairs, out the door, and to Miss Lane’s waiting car. I backed it up, and then headed for her house using her mind to navigate the streets. Once there, I drove in the garage, went straight up to her bedroom, stripped to her pink panties, and laid down on her bed.

I then slipped a delicate hand down her panties, and began to finger her pussy and play with her breasts until I passed out from pleasure.