Alex the Bodyhopper - Chapter 3

By Tobyredone

21 minute read -

I awoke the next morning to the sun in my eyes. I moved my hand to cover my face when I noticed that it was not my ‘normal’ hand. I looked down and saw two large breasts that were also not so normal, and then felt an aching, sticky pussy between two foreign legs. I sat up and groaned. I decided that it was about time I left Miss Lane’s lovely body, but had no clothes for the trek home, and didn’t want to do it naked.

I quizzed her sleeping mind for anywhere that she might keep male clothes, but she did not have a boyfriend, and no men’s clothes anywhere in her small house. I thought perhaps I would just go out as her and buy some, but as I began to move around, her aching vagina told me I should vacate, and let Miss Lane deal with these special pains.

I got her dressed in the same mini skirt, and white tank, this time skipping the bra and jacket. I then grabbed a pair of pink sweat pants and white tee shirt, and headed to her car.

I drove about two blocks away from my house, and stopped the car. I then started concentrating on being me, and shortly after, I could feel myself draining out of her. I was flowing out of her skin, her mouth and nose, and even out of her sorely abused pussy, until I sat somewhat out of breath on the middle console next to her.

I quickly grabbed the pink sweat pants and pulled them up my legs, and yanked the white tee shirt on, and got out of her car. As I stood up, I noticed that the pants were too short, and rode up my legs to about mid shin. I then looked over at Miss Lane, saw the mess she looked like after both Stanley and I had used and abused her lovely little body, and then left with a bit of regret not being in her anymore.

I had a brisk jog back to my house, being as I did not want anyone to see me in a pair of too short pink sweat pants. I made it all the way to my door without being obviously spotted by anyone, until I closed the front door, and spun around to come face to face with my sister.

“Nice pants, dork.” She said as she looked down at my borrowed sweats.

“Shut up Amy.” I said as I started to walk past her. “What the hell are you doing home from college anyway?”

“Off for the week, I decided to come home and hang out with the fam, and maybe see Kevin a time or too.” She replied before adding, “By the way, Mom and Dad are pissed that you didn’t come home last night, or call. You are so grounded. Oh, and your loser friend called like five times. The one that plays video games all the time, and ogles me whenever I’m in a swimsuit.”

“Yeah, thanks,” I said as I bolted up to my room to get changed into normal clothes.

I got in my room, pulled Miss Lane’s clothes off, and stuffed them in my closet, unsure of what else to do with them at that time. I then threw on some boxers, shorts, and a tee shirt, and headed back downstairs to call Ben, who must have called already wanting answers, and was the ‘friend’ that talked to my sister.

I grabbed the phone in the kitchen as was about to start dialing when I heard “Dammit Alex, I’m on the phone with Kevin. Get lost!”

“But I have to call Ben.”

“Do it later loser. I had the phone first.” She replied before adding, “Hang up now, or you’ll be sorry. I’ll make this week hell for you.”

I hung the phone up. My sister could be a real bitch when she wanted to. She had always gotten me in trouble before, and had blamed me for things I didn’t even do to my parents when she was close to being caught. But then I suddenly got an awesome idea, and decided it was time for some payback, and thanks to my new ability I could. I licked my lips and smiled to myself.

I went down the stairs, and saw her sitting on the couch, with her back to me, talking on the phone about nothing to her twit of a boyfriend, all while the TV was going full blast. I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t yet hopped a girl that was awake, but figured it was now or never, and slowly and quietly walked over to the edge of the couch.

I quickly reached down and pressed the end button on the phone, hanging up on Kevin, while at the same time reaching down to my sisters face, and thinking about wanting to be her.

“What the fuck! I’m gonna… what the hell? What’s happening to you…” she said as I started to turn into the clear stuff gel-like substance like last time, and started to run in through her mouth, nose, ears, and skin on her face.

Once again, I started to shrink, then started to feel sensations inside my new body. I could feel my sister’s bare feet, her legs encased in her tight denim jeans, her very different privates contained in her small cotton panties, and her exposed belly in her short tank top, and her breasts contained in her bra. I could feel her hands holding onto the phone, and finally her hair going down her face and neck.

As soon as I regained my composure, I laughed giddily. Licking my lips I dialed Ben’s number with my now very feminine fingers.

“Hello?” I heard Ben’s familiar voice say after the first ring. He must have been waiting by the phone.

“Ben, get your butt over to my house now, and bring my back pack with you.” I said.

“What the hell? Who is this? Amy? I called five minutes ago, and you told me to screw off.” I heard him say.

“Dammit Ben, It’s me Alex. I’m in Amy now. I just got back to my house. Get over here.”

“Alex? You’re in your sister now? Jez, can you go in anyone?” Ben asked.

“Ben. I’m inside my sister, who you have had a crush on since grade school. I’m going to go upstairs, and pick out something slutty to wear. If you aren’t here by the time I’m done, I’m going to the mall to find someone else to screw her body. Now get over here, and bring my pack back, and your camera.” I said just before hanging up.

I then dropped the phone, stood up, and headed for Amy’s room. On the way, I felt a strange pressure. I figured it felt almost like when I needed to take a whiz, so I detoured into the bathroom. Unbuttoning her pants, and pulling them and her panties to her ankles, I sat down on the toilet. As I relaxed my new pussy muscles, I felt a flow start. It felt strange, and yet somewhat similar to when I normally did this, only standing up. As the stream died down, I stood and grabbed some toilet paper. I was about to wipe her off when I looked down and smiled. She was shaved bald down there.

“Slutty Amy, Slutty.” I said as I then dapped the paper on her bald pussy.

I stepped out of her jeans and panties, and left them on the floor as I walked over to her room, and up to her full length mirror on the wall of her room. I then pulled her shirt off, and undid her bra to let the twins free.

I stood there looking at my sister’s body, with my face. I was not attracted to my sister at all, but my friends always told me she was hot. She had a very athletic figure. She had small feet, with toned legs, and a rock hard butt, which I quickly spun around and looked over my shoulder to admire. I then spun back around to once again admire her shaved pussy. I took her left hand and ran a finger up and down the length of her slit a few times, and then stopped as I felt her pussy moisten in response to the stimulation. There would be enough time for that later. I looked at her belly button piercing. It was a small Dolphin. As I wondered about it, I felt her mind tell me that Kevin had gotten it for her the last Valentines Day. That was sweet of him, I thought. She had apparently not put out that night, though because she had wanted more expensive jewelry from him. Well, I thought, perhaps I will have to call him back in a bit and set up a date tonight… Oh… He has a large dick, now that I look a bit deeper in her memory. Once again I feel the most fantastic heat start to develop in my borrowed pussy. I almost start fingering it again, but instead take stock of the rest of my new body. I look up to my sister’s proportional and quite pert breasts. I feel in the back of her mind and now know that she is a full B cup, which I guess fills out her form quite nicely. I suddenly regret not paying more attention to Miss Lane’s measurements, or what she trimmed her pussy like. Oh well, perhaps I will head back her way in the near future. I look at my sister’s dark black hair as it pulls from my face and down to her shoulders. Not her face, which normally has a set of small lips, a slightly up turned nose, and very alluring blue eyes.

I suddenly realize that Ben will be here any moment, and I have yet to pick out anything slutty to wear. I quiz my sister’s sleeping mind to see what she has here, as a lot of her wardrobe is still at college in her dorm room. Push up bras, tiny thongs, too short denim skirts, and napkin sized shirts all whirl through my mind from her sleeping unconscious mind. I’m not in the mood for any of that, though, until I get to her lingerie options.

She has the most delicious black leather corset and micro-fiber panty set. I quickly dig through her closet until I find it and put it on. Next comes the fishnet thigh high stockings out of her pantyhose drawer, and the icing on the cake is finding a pair of 4” black heels in her closet. They looked similar to Miss Lane’s and I wonder if they shop at the same stores briefly. Then I think that perhaps I will go out as my sister for a bit of shopping later. I look at myself in the mirror, and feel my pussy get moist to the point of leaking into the new panties I am turning myself on so much.

The door bell interrupts my thoughts, and I turn my sex kitten body around and head towards the front door. As I reach it, I strike a pose with my legs akimbo and my hips tilted like I always imagine a hot girl doing, and open the door to see Ben’s jaw drop open.

“Ha ha ha ha. Get in here dude.” I say as I turn and walk into the living room.

“Man, your sister is so hot. I can’t believe your going to let me screw you in her.” I hear from behind as I strike another pose in front of the couch. This time I bend over, put my hands on the small coffee table, showing my backside to Ben. I keep my back straight, and spreading my legs about four feet apart, which puts my black panty covered pussy and ass on prime display. Ben has to be able to see how horny I am, now, with the darker wet spot showing where the panties cover my love mound.

I turn my head and look over my shoulder to see him standing there stupidly staring and say, “C’mon man. I’m freaking horny. Let’s go. Yank the panties down and throw it in me.”

Ben takes a quick picture, nods, and quickly heads over and unzips his pants. I feel his shaking fingers grasp the waist band of my black bikini panties, and pull them down to mid-thigh. I then feel the head of his dick press up against my stolen pussy. As moist as I am Ben has no problem pushing into me, and I gasp in pleasure.

He begins to thump back and forth, our bodies making clapping noises, along with the grunts coming out of both of us. I feel the waves of pleasure again, building and building, but this time they come a tad stronger, and seem to flow all around my new body, from my center out to my fingers and toes. Every inch of me is in bliss as I pant, and bit my lower lip.

Ben’s humping doesn’t last long before it becomes more urgent, and his hands grip my hips, and pull my backside to him hard, and finally I feel a warm jet of his seed inside my belly. Then another. And again. He gives another few half hearted thrusts, and spills the rest of his load in me before I begin to feel him start to shrink.

I desperately start gyrating my hips, and hope this will be enough for a trip over the edge of orgasm, but it was too little, too late, and he slips out of me. I stand up and turn around to look at him.

“Oh, fuck. Man that was awesome Alex.” He says as he falls back into the lazy boy chair opposite the couch.

“Speak for yourself. It only left me wanting more.” I said in a disappointed tone, as I pouted, and crossed my arms over my breasts.

He looked at my apologetically. I reached down and pulled the panties up my thighs where he had so graciously left them, and got them back into place.

“Sorry Alex, I could try again in a bit.” He said as he shrugged his shoulders in the chair.

“Dude, from now on, when I’m in a chick, call me by her name, okay? Right now I’m Amy. It’s still her, I’m just in control.” I said as I moved my hands to caress my breasts over the black corset.

“Ok, it’s just a little weird for your sister to not be chewing my ass off for staring at her tits, you know? What’s going on? How did this happen?”

“I’m not sure why, but like I told you, I saw a guy’s face on Miss Lane yesterday. I confronted her, and when I said I could see his face, he screwed me with her body, and told me a story about how now I would be able to take over people’s bodies. He told me he was going to teach me about my new ‘powers’ but that he was in a rush, and after making sure I could get in a body, he headed out.” I told Ben.

“Where did he go?” Ben asked as he continued to stare at my breasts.

“Dude, she’s right. You do need to work on looking at girls in the eyes. And on giving me an orgasm. You came way too early.”

“Screw you!” He called out.

“You already did,” I said as I stuck my tongue out, “Why don’t you take some more pics while I strut Amy’s stuff?”

“Oh yeah,” he said as he flopped out of the chair, grabbed the camera, and his camera accessory bag, and started taking shots of me standing there, before also asking, “So seriously, what happened to the guy in Miss Lane? Is he coming back? Why Miss Lane?”

I started to pose. I pushed up my tits, I put my hands on my head, and then down to my waist and on my hips, and then jammed my hands down the front of the panties, which was apparently Ben’s favorite pose, because he started rapidly clicking pictures.

“He said he was headed for the cheerleader’s practice in the gym. I saw him headed that way, but got dragged into the principles office to answer for his day in Miss Lane’s body. He did give me a phone number, and said to call it in a few days. I’m pretty sure he wanted Miss Lane just because she was hot, and he wanted to screw with her body.”

He grabbed a few lenses out of his bag and started attaching them onto his camera. I moved to the stairs, and sat down on one as I did the splits to the sides. My sister does a lot of dance, and is very flexible. I grinned as he fumbled with the camera for a moment, and then started taking pictures. Then looked at the screen, and called me over.

“Woah, dude, check this out. If I combine the lenses, I get your sister’s face back in the pictures… One lens must reveal your face, and a second must flip it back to your sisters.” He said as he studied the camera.

“Well, that’s good to know. Now I can use her body, take pics of her screwing or whatever, and blackmail her without having to worry about my face showing up,” I said with an evil smile.

“Both your new friend and you seem to think a lot about getting laid in women’s bodies, Alex. What’s up with that?” Be said as he looked up at me slightly concerned.

“Ben, it’s so awesome in here. The sexual feelings are incredible. Boobies feel so good when teased, and dear lord, rubbing a pussy is amazing. But my favorite part is sticking something up there, and why not help out men that seem to get rejected for snobby women anyway?” I said back.

“Yeah, I suppose. And thank you letting me be the first one to tag Miss Lane was awesome.”

“Oh. Dude. Sorry, you weren’t the first. The other guy had sex with her body all day, and probably most of the night before. Principle Riggens spent about five minutes listing off all the people Miss Lane screwed around with yesterday before I got in her. And then he sort of screwed me so that I could keep her job… but then I went right over to your house, I promise.”

He didn’t say too much, but looked pretty hurt. So I added, “If it makes you feel any better, you were way better last night. You got me off twice in her body. Way better than Riggens, too.”

“Um… thanks, I suppose…” He said as he still looked hurt.

“Anything I can do to cheer you up?” I asked as I hooked my feminine thumbs under the thin sides of my panties and pulled down slightly.

“Loose the corset.” He said with a grin.

“Boys have no appreciation of how much of a pain in the ass these things are to put on, believe me,” I said as I began taking the corset off.

As my breasts popped free, I started to do little hops on my heels to make them bounce for Ben, who started snapping pictures again like mad. We did some more posses, and he shot all sorts of pictures, some without the lens, but most with, claiming that he just didn’t want to see hot pictures, and then see my face on them. I could agree with that. He wanted me get completely naked again, for more pictures, but I had other ideas.

I sauntered over to him, and started to rub my boobs on his chest, and in his face, and started to grab his shirt with my hands and tug it up, and play with the snaps on his pants. It got the reaction I wanted, as the front of his pants started to tent outwards.

I giggled in my best girly giggle, and then said in my best girly voice, “Oh. It looks like someone wants to play again! What are we going to do about that?”

I then took a couple short steps back to the couch, laid down, and spread my legs. He was over and on top of me before I could say anything, and so I just reached down, and shoved the panties to the side like I had seen Stanley do to Miss Lane yesterday.

Ben quickly freed his snake, and shoved it unceremoniously inside of me as we started our horizontal dance again. I wrapped my fishnet covered legs around him, and felt his rough jeans on my thighs, which added to the whole situation. I began to rock my hips again, as he began to ram inside of me with reckless abandonment.

The waves of pleasure were there again, and I used my hands to start massaging my breasts and play with my nipples. Higher and higher I rode the waves to my new body’s first orgasm, and Ben could tell from my screams of “OH OH Oh yes! OH! Oh fuck, that’s it! YESSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssss!” as he kept me on the edge as long as he could before he too shot his load again into me.

We were both panting and sweating as I pushed him off me, and pulled my black bikini brief panties up before I put any unwanted stains on the couch. I then sat back as I caught my breath, and looked over at him, and said, “So. What do you want to do now?”

“You have any new video games?” He asked.

“You have got to be kidding me. I hi-jack my sister’s body, and put on her most slutty outfit, and you want to play video games?”

“Dude. I won’t be able to do that again for a while, ok. I’m good, but not that good.” He replied.

“Yeah, but still. Let’s do something. I know. We both stink from what we just did. Let’s go for a swim in the pool.”

“I can’t, no suit.” He said back as he eyed the video game system under the TV.

“Use my suit. It’ll fit you, and I’ll find something of Amy’s to wear.” I said as I stood up, and headed for Amy’s room, already quizzing her mind on what suits were available, and which ones would cover the least.

I got up to her room, closed the door, and went for her bikinis in the closet, and a smile formed as I pulled out the one that she saved for sun bathing when no one was around. It was white, and mostly strings. In fact I had to look into her memory to figure out how to put it on.

It was two tiny triangles that barely covered her breasts, and another tiny triangle that barely covered her twat, and showed a good amount of camel toe. In fact, I was fairly certain it would be pretty much clear once it got wet.

I ran back down the stairs enjoying the feeling of my barely contained beasts bouncing on my chest. I saw that Ben had instead started up the video game console, but I decided to just head out to the pool anyways.

I dove in and the water felt great. I swam around a bit, and pulled the hair out of my eyes. I remembered my sister having to do that a lot when she swam with me many years ago. Now she was too concerned about laying out and getting a tan to swim in the pool.

Suddenly, I heard the side gate to the back yard open, and in walked Kevin her boyfriend. I swam to the side of the pool, and waved to him, figuring I had better pretend to be my sister.

“Hey babe,” He said.

“Hi. Want to do me? Right here, right now?” I replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, you little temptress. You know I only have an hour lunch, and I have to be back. I was just worried when you hung up on me.”

“Well maybe I won’t be in the mood later. And that? Oh… oh yeah. My bad. Um… that was my brother, calling his stupid friend.” I said as I bit my lip trying to act coy. Kevin looked at me and nodded, “Well, it’s ok, he is human too.” Kevin said, actually sticking up for me, which surprised me. I then decided to keep playing Amy, “Whatever, so how long until you have yo go back at work?” I asked as I smiled up at Kevin.

Kevin smiled back. “Soon enough that we won’t have time for what you have in mind sweetie.” Kevin said and then checked his watch. “Plus, isn’t your mom supposed to be home soon anyway?”

Then a new problem hit me as soon as Kevin said that. I nodded, “Yeah she is.” I said as I felt let down not being able to fuck Kevin when I wanted to.

Kevin’s watch then started beeping. “Crap babe, I gotta run. I love you.” He said as he blew me a kiss and ran back out to the front yard.

As I heard his truck pull away my new problem was going to be a challenge in deed. “Shit…” I muttered under my breath. Amy said something about how mom and dad are punishing me for not showing up last night. I could tell them I was at Ben’s house for the night. But then I would have to hop Ben’s mom, and I don’t wanna do that to my friend, yet. Then a new idea came to me. “Perfect.” I said as I licked my lips.

I climbed out of the pool and began to towel off my body. I then laid down on the beach chair out back and closed my eyes. I figured since I am screwing up Amy’s life, I might as well be nice enough to give something back. Although using her body to fuck my best friend outweighs a tan, I didn’t really care.

I then head the sound of a car door shutting. I then opened my eyes and realized I must have dozed off for a bit. “Crap!” I said as I then heard from the front of the house, the sound of my mother clicking around in her high heels. I needed to put my plan into motion now or never. I began to concetrate on leaving Amy’s body, and soon I felt myself spewing out of her. Like being poured out of a jug. I then felt myself reforming quicker than when I had left Miss Lane’s body.

As I finally reformed I looked over to where my sister’s body was. “Perfect.” I said in a huff as she was still laying on the beach chair unconscious. I then quickly ran over to the front door. Amazingly, Ben didn’t realize what was going on, as I heard the T.V set blaring the sounds of the video game he was currently involved in. That might actually help me with what I am doing, I thought to myself. I made my way to the front door, as I heard a key enter the lock. I position my naked body right where the door opens to make sure that I had a good angle to perform my next hop.

The lock turned and clicked as the front door began to swing open. I took a slight step back and held my breath. In walked my mother. She was wearing a pair of white women’s dress slacks, with a nice pair of tan high heels on her feet. She had on a tan blouse that went well with her heels and pants. Her white blazer was open as she always had it after coming home from work. Her hair was done up today, which is a very rare occurrence for my mother, as she likes to wear her long dirty blonde hair down. She stepped into the house, not noticing her naked son standing off the the side of the door.

Then I stepped out in front of her and made direct eye contact with her. I felt something that I hadn’t felt before when I bodyhopped Miss Lane or Amy. It was like a build up of energy that began in my gut and traveled upwards to my eyes. My mother opened her mouth to scream but she couldn’t move, but she wasn’t frozen. More paralyzed by fear.

I moved closer to her and pushed her up against the couch in the foyer as I climbed on top of her.

I then decided to take this opportunity to make contact with my mother. As I began to think to myself, “Be mom, be mom.” My body already started to liquefy. Once again this was much quicker than the previous two times. I shrugged it of and was thankful that this was all working out so well. I pressed my self against my mother who tried to push me off but to no avail. I then felt myself oozing through her skin, mouth, eyes, nose and ears as I began to regain a sense of self.

I could feel her feet in her heels, the material of the pants on her legs, the feel of her lace pair of hipster panties. The weight of her larger ass. The couch beneath me. The belt on her waist. The bra covering and holding her breasts. The tank top over it. The feel of the blazer. The weight of her breasts. The feeling of the rings on her fingers and watches and bracelets on her wrists. The necklace around her neck. The lipstick coating her lips. The smell of her perfume. The tugging of her hair on her scalp and then I could see through her eyes.

I looked around, and then down at my self and I saw my mother’s large breasts pushing out from my chest. I brought my hands up to my face and studied them, focusing on the wedding band that I now currently wore. I smiled to myself as I licked my lips.