By Mocs

7 minute read -

I had gone to the bar after a particularly nasty fight with my wife. We just weren’t getting along anymore. All she seemed to have time for was her job, and I was consistently left out in the cold. I can’t begin to describe how frustrating it was to be a man in his prime who was married to a woman with no interest in sex. The little lady was still intoxicatingly sexy, but wouldn’t give me any satisfaction. After exchanging heated words, I stormed off to a local watering hole to cool down.

After my fourth beer, a strange little guy sat down next to me at the bar. He was a bit tipsy, flashing me a broad grin. “Evening fella, great bar for watching the tail, eh?” he chuckled as he looked around at the hot young female clientele.

Still seething I only muttered in response.

“You’re not enjoying the view?” he asked, mock-incredulously. “I would think a healthy guy like you would be raring to go in a place like this.” Looking me over, he must have spotted my wedding ring. “Oh, you’re married. I guess you’re getting enough action from the Missus.” he turned back to look over the lady patrons.

“I wish.” I spat angrily. Turning to look at the bar girls too, I took in the sights as well. I had to admit, there were some incredibly sexy girls in tonight. Most of them dressed to display, and wild with alcohol.

Looking at me as I watched, my new drinking buddy smiled fiendishly. “Trouble in paradise eh?” He looked back at the ladies. “I know what will lift your spirits. Which girl really stokes your fires tonight?”

Not really understanding what he was driving at, I went ahead and played along. Looking at the patrons, my eye was drawn to one girl in particular. She was a sexy little specimen, with brown hair and a knock-out figure. A denim dress clung to her body, her hot legs clad in knee-high brown leather boots. Mouth watering with lust I gestured to her for my new companions benefit. “That one’s a hot little number.” I whispered.

Looking her over as she danced and swayed drunkenly to the music, my new drinking friend smiled and said, “Yesssssss, she is a nice one isn’t she. She’ll do. Let’s keep an eye on her.” He turned back toward his drink as I looked at him, not really knowing what to make of the turn our conversation was taking.

We sat silently for a few minutes, nursing our respective beverages. Looking back at my favorite bar-girl, I noticed her staggering to the ladies room. “She looks great from behind.” I said, nudging the man next to me.

He smiled as he got up. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to do some business myself.” Getting up with fluid grace, he walked in the same direction as her, apparently heading towards the men’s room. He was a strange one, that was for sure.

Turning my attention back to my drink, I lost myself in thought for a bit. I was drawn back to the hear and now by someone sitting down next to me. Thinking it was my earlier drinking companion, I turned to speak to him. “Feel better…” I trailed off when I saw who it was. The sexy brown haired wonder climbed up on the stool next to me, crossing her lovely legs as she did.

Flashing me a beautiful smile, she said “Better than you can possible imagine.” Taking a swig of my departed companions beer before continuing, she added “This is a sexy little body, isn’t it?”

I stuttered a bit, taken aback by her forwardness, “Ugh…,y-y-yeah. Y-you’re very pretty.” I chocked on the words as I said them.

Smiling like the cat who ate the canary, she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “It’s me silly. I hopped into her in the hall. Impressed?” Pulling a small compact from her purse, she held the mirror up and out so I could see her reflection. To my overwhelming shock, I saw the man who had sat with me earlier face in the reflected image!

Mouth wide with surprise I managed to whisper “H-how?” It was too incredible to believe. I pushed my beer away, figuring that I had way too much to drink.

“My kind can hop into other people, taking them over.” He whispered in my ear. Pulling close to me while rubbing my manhood through my pants, he began to tell me who and what he was. For the next several minutes, I was treated to a fantastic tale, to amazing to believe. I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t confronted with the reality of it right before my eyes.

Despite the surreal nature of it, I had to admit that the whole thing was turning me on. This man in a woman’s body was driving me nuts with lust, teasing my dick through my pants as he whispered his story in my ear. Any urge to resist was quashed by my desires. “Well lover, how about we head out into the alley and break this little lady in properly.”

Nodding swiftly, I allowed him to lead me out the back entrance. Watching the girl before me, following the back and forth motion of her skirted ass, listening to her booted feet clicking on the floorboards, I gave in to my instincts.

In the alley, she kissed me passionately before slowly hiking up her dress, revealing tiny black panties. Sliding them off one leg at a time, balancing herself on her boot heels, she laughed “I handle this little bitches body well, don’t I?”

I had to agree with him. Pulling his dress up again, he jumped on to me throwing his new arms behind my neck. I could feel his contoured new legs wrap around my back, pulling his new wet pussy up and onto my waiting manhood. “Uggggghhhhh!!” I moaned as I pushed myself into her. Her or him? I had no idea, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t care. All I knew for sure was that I was having the best fuck I had had in a very long time.

For several minutes I pumped away, listening to her rhythmic moans as I drove myself in. I could hear the suede boots she wore rubbing against each other as he legs remained clamped behind my back. With my own hands, I gripped her soft little ass, holding the body up and off the ground. As My thrusts slowed, and intensified, I released, feeling a simultaneous shudder run through my new friend, as her legs flexed and then slackened, her face lost in the rapture of orgasm.

I sat in shock afterward, not really knowing what to make of what had just happened. Chuckling as he pulled out and began to smoke a cigarette, my new sex partner seemed pleased with the turn of events. “That was great sweetie. Man, you really did have a lot of pent up juice there didn’t you!?!?” Reaching up and under his new denim dress, the hopper pulled out the woman he was mounting’s hand, now glistening with my cum. “You filled this wonderful little box to overflow!” He laughed as he held the moist hand before my face.

Shuddering a bit as I sat there I managed to say, “What is this? What am I doing?” I just didn’t know what to make of it all. While I continued to ponder, the “woman” I had just ravished walked back into the bar. A few minutes later she returned, carrying the clothes the man who had possessed her had bee wearing.

“You know hon, you were fantastic there. It’s a shame your wife isn’t giving you any good times, your damn good.” Looking up I met his eyes. Despite the oddity of it all, I was flattered. Our lovemaking had been something else. “You know, I could do something about that.”

Gradually grasping his meaning I managed to say, “You mean hop into my wife like you did this girl?!?!” My reaction was immediate, “No, no, I don’t think I would want any part of that. I couldn’t help you steal her body.”

Walking over and crouching before me in his new boots, he spoke once more. “Not stealing hon, borrowing. It wouldn’t be forever. It’s obvious to me that she doesn’t appreciate what she has. If we work together, we could have some fun, and give her an education in the duties of a wife.”

Considering his words, I looked into his eyes once more. For a split second, they looked like his real eyes, the eyes of the man I had met just an hour ago. He offered his hand to help me stand, taking it and getting to my feet, I quietly said, “Let’s do it.”

Backing a little away from me, the young woman’s body began to tremble, shivering as she stood there. Before my awe-struck eyes, a liquid mass flowed from her face, falling down and forming up in front of her still quaking body. Solidifying, the naked form of the man I had met earlier sprang into being. As he completed his emergence from her, the young woman collapsed onto the ground, unconscious.

After he had dressed, my new Body-Hopping friend and I walked from the alley, leaving the sleeping girl I had just fucked behind. To any passersby she would appear to be just some passed out woman who had had way too much fun. I couldn’t wait to get home and introduce my wife to my new friend.