A Wanted Hopper - Chapter 2 - Good and Bad News

By Tobyredone

13 minute read -

Ted came to as a large bump knocked his head into something hard. He groaned loudly and tried to rub his scalp and his aching temple, but his hands were bound, as were his legs. Recollection of the women-men things that had taken him hostage came flooding back to him as another bump jammed a tire iron into the small of his back. He groaned again, and rustled around to try and find a comfortable way to lie, which was virtually impossible. Finally, what seemed like an eternity the car came to a stop. He heard the engine shut off, and the doors open and close, and heard his captors talking. A few moments later he head a gas pump start as one set of footsteps could be heard walking away. When the pump was done, and the doors again closed, he felt the car head out from the gas station and get back on the road. He then kicked at the back seat as hard as he could while being hog-tied, and called out, “HEY! C’mon guys, can you let me out for just a minute! I have to go to the bathroom!”

When the car veered violently to the right, and the tire iron bounced off his head, he suddenly regretted calling out, and was now worried about getting shot in the face again. He felt the road get bumpy once more, and the car kept driving for another ten minutes or so before stopping and then he again heard the doors open and close while his captors talked. He heard the key in the trunk lock and then winced and turned his face from the sudden sunlight streaming at him. A pair of hands roughly grabbed him and pulled him into a sitting position on the back ledge of the trunk.

“Oh god, that’s better. That stupid tire iron was messing me up badly.” Ted muttered as he was just grateful to be out of the trunk.

“Here Fuck-face, we got you a juice box,” The man with the scar said as he put the straw into Ted’s mouth.

Ted sucked the overly sweet liquid into his mouth and gulped down what he could, which he quickly decided was the best tasting juice he had ever had. That or he had managed not died today, and even a cup full of rancid lake water would have been great.

“Can you untie me so I can take a leak?” Ted asked the man.

“No. But I’ll unzip for you,” The man said as he pulled Ted out, and set him down on his knees next to the edge of a gravel road that was heavily wooded on either side. He then reached down, and helped Ted get his dick out of his pants.

“I can’t go with you staring at me,” Ted said sheepishly, which the man responded by shrugging and turning away.

When Ted finished the man packed him back up, and then the two of them packed Ted back in the trunk. As the lid came down, he again called out, “C’mon guys, please don’t lock me in here again! No! At least move the tire iron!”

As Ted struggled to once again get comfortable in the dark cold trunk of the getaway car he once again wondered about his fate, and how in just a few short hours his entire life had been turned completely upside down. With nothing else to do but wait, he eventually fell asleep in the trunk once more, despite how uncomfortable he was.

A sudden light and two pairs of hands grabbing Ted and dragging him out of a trunk woke him up as he heard a deep voice say, “Get him in the room, hurry up.”

In quick order he was tossed into a chair in a small room that contained a large bed, a small dresser, and a small TV. As the door closed he noticed the TV was on a news station, and there was another door in the back that lead to a different room. From the look of the stained curtains and the shitty shag carpeting and the lamps that were at least thirty years out of date Ted decided he was in some cheap ass shitty roadside motel. He turned back to the sound of the door closing and saw two women turning to face him, and realized that his captor’s faces were once again on their bodies.

“What the fuck is going on!” Ted called out as he struggled against his restraints. The brunette woman with the goat-tee walked toward him and suddenly pulled out a butterfly knife from the inside of her bra strap and causally flipped it open like a pro. “Shit, don’t kill me, please!” Ted called out as the woman leaned forward and in a very deep voice said, “Okay, this is how it’s going to go. I’m going to cut the ropes, and you’re going to be a good boy. You’re not going to freak out, or try to run, or scream like a little bitch. If you do, Vicky is gonna shoot you, and I’m going to gut you like a pig while you’re lying on the pavement with my little knife here.”

Ted closed his mouth and nodded, and the brunette girl leaned forward and slit his restraints. Ted’s hands instantly began rubbing his sore wrists before going up and gingerly touching the large bump on his head. He then stretched to relieve his aching muscles and turned back to view his captors. The brunette that had cut his ropes had the overweight man’s pudgy face where a feminine face should have been, but everything other than that was straight amazing. She had a thin build, large firm breasts that were barely contained in an overly tight sweater that was unbuttoned just a bit too far to be decent. Her thin waist tapered out and came to a pleated denim mini-skirt, below which her fantastically long legs eventually came to six inch spiked heels. Her friend’s face was replaced by the face of Ted’s scarred captor on the other girl, and it was framed by long blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down over her tiny pink tank top that barely contained her obscenely large tits, and left an expansive section of midriff bare until the start of a very small and tight clinched mini skirt, which also made her legs appear to be over half her body. The ends of the fishnet stockings she wore could be easily seen high on her thighs, and some fire engine red six inch pumps completed her sluttish look.

“Okay, I won’t scream or run or anything. I promise. Just tell me what the fuck is going on! Why are you guys girls half the time?” Ted questioned them as the brunette tucked her knife back into her cleavage.

“Well kid, you should sit down for this news,” The brunette said in her baritone voice.

“I am sitting,” Ted replied back as he shot her a grumpy look.

“Let me talk fat-ass,” The other girl replied as she pushed past the brunette and sat down on the bed facing Ted with her legs spread wide so he could see that she was wearing a white lacy wisp of a thong, “I’ve got good news and bad news for you Fuck-face.”

“My name’s Ted,”

“Yeah, whatever Fuck-face. Listen up. The bad news is that the news is saying that you’re the one that robbed the bank.”

“What!?!” Ted asked as he looked at the TV just in time to see a poorly taken picture of him up on the screen with wanted scrolling across the screen.

“Well, the cops found the women we were inside of passed out at the crime scene, but no money, and no hostage. The bitches are claiming they don’t know what the fuck is going on, which is true, heh heh heh, and seeing as you and the money are missing with the robbers in custody, the cops figure you were the mastermind behind the heist.” She said as she leaned back on the bed and shook her hair out of her face.

“Ha ha ha, stupid pigs,” The brunette chuckled as she then walked to the bed and sat down as well.

“The good news is that you’re not dead, and we’re not going to kill you.”

“How is that good news? The cops are after me! What the fuck am I going to do! How do they not know that you guys actually robbed the bank? What’s going on here? Who the fuck are you guys?” Ted stammered.

“Well, you see, we’re what you call body hoppers. I’m Victor,” The blond motioned to herself before pointing to the brunette, “and that’s Michael. Right now we’re wearing some bitches we picked up at the local mall while you were passed out in the trunk. We figured it was best to hide again while we let things blow over, but I have to admit, the fact that you’re taking the heat for this is just hilarious shit.” Victor told him as he let out a manly laugh that caused his tits to quiver.

“How is that hilarious? You guys ruined my life!” Ted called out.

“Oh, don’t be a whiney little bitch about all of this. It’s not our fault you got blamed,” Victor said as he gently ran a hand over one of his full tits.

“How is this not your fault? You robbed the fucking bank!” Ted swore back.

“Because you were never supposed to see our real faces. If you would have seen the normal faces that belonged on those bitches, we would have just let you go. But when you saw our real faces, it complicated everything. You see, not only can you now tell the cops about us, but you’re also a body hopper and that messes everything up.” Victor said and then continued as he held up his slim hands and crossed them as if to demonstrate his point, “So here we are at a cross roads, and we have to decide what to do.”

“What do you mean? I thought you said you weren’t going to kill me.”

“Nope, we’re not going to kill you. You have two choices. We can let you go, and you’re on your own, or you can beg us to let you tag along, and we’ll show you more about a world you have only gotten a glance at,” Victor paused again as he flipped his hair over his shoulder before looking back over at Ted and giving him an evil smile, “I don’t think you’ll last a day on your own before your picked up by the cops. You’ll probably try and tell them the truth about guys jumping out of the bitches, and they won’t believe you. If you’re lucky they’ll send you to the psyche ward, if not federal ass pounding prison for you. Either way, you’re no longer my problem.”

Ted suddenly realized that Victor was right. No one would believe his story. He had lived the last sixteen hours and he wasn’t certain he believed it. He let out a little sigh and said, “What do you mean you’ll show me a world I’ve only gotten a glance at?”

“Whoa, not to fast there Fuck-face,” Victor said as he causally glanced down at his nails, and then crossed his legs and admired his bright red shoes before continuing, “There are a few things we have to get straight first. Like you do what we say. You don’t try and run, or snitch us out. We’re in charge, and you’re our little bitch. You do what we say, when we say it. Got it?”

“Well, you don’t give me much of a different option, now do you…” Ted’s voice faded out and he thought for a moment before asking, “And what’s in it for me if I do what you say?”

Victor’s nasty smile returned as he replied, “You’ll do just fine Fuck-face, you’re getting it already. Always ask what’s in it for you, that’s rule number one. As far as what exactly it is that we can show you, well, you know that Michael and I aren’t exactly as stacked as this in real life. So we have some secrets to share that you’re gonna want to know. If you can see our faces, that means you’re a body hopper too. You just don’t know how to work your powers. If you stick with us, then we’ll show you everything you need to know, but the offer has an expiration date. You have to decide by tomorrow morning, because we’ll be shipping out by then.”

Ted looked down at his hands, and flex them a few times, and then looked at Victor who had a bored expression on his face, and then at Michael who was busy twirling his long brown hair between two of his fingers. “Nah, we don’t have to wait that long. I don’t want to go back to my old life. I don’t have anything there. I don’t have any family. I hated my job. I didn’t exactly have a whole pile of friends. Fuck it, let’s do this.”

“Alright, Good answer Fuck-face, let’s get started then,” Victor said as he pulled his body back further onto the bed and then leaned back against the pillows as he spread his legs and pointed at his lace covered pussy.

“What do you mean?” Ted asked as he looked to Michael for a clue, who only gave him a cat who ate the canary grin.

“I mean let’s get started. This pussy ain’t gonna lick itself,” Victor told him and then adjusted his wide hips so that his love mound was further elevated on the bed.

“You can’t be serious,” Ted replied as he looked back at Victor, who was already playing with his tits through the thin fabric of the pink tank top he was wearing.

“We could always just gut you,” Michael said as he again pulled the butterfly knife out of his bra strap and flipped out the blade in a whirl of chrome and steel.

“Okay, okay, I’m doing it,” Replied Ted as he held up his hands in surrender and headed over to the bed. His vision centered on the young woman’s pussy that Victor was now in control of as he got to the edge of the bed and began to slowly crawl over to Victor’s crotch. He gulped one time as he lowered his head to the lace panties, and as he glanced up at Victor’s face he could smell the scent of arousal already coming from Victor’s pussy.

“Yeah that’s it, pull those panties to the side and lick my sloppy wet cunt out Fuck-face. I know you’ve wanted to since you were staring at my cunt in the bank, so get to it,” Victor said in a commanding tone.

Ted pulled the moist lace covering off to the left side of Victor’s pussy and then slowly stuck his tongue out and gave the top of Victor’s outer lips a small, quick lick. He saw Victor’s stolen body shake, which caused him to pull back momentarily, until he heard Victor’s voice call out, “C’mon Fuck-face, don’t tease me like that you little shit!” and then he felt a pair of hands grab his ears and pull his face into Victor’s slit as he added, “Now eat me out like you fucking mean it!”

Ted began licking deep into the moist cunt, enthusiastically trying to write the alphabet with his tongue like he had been told by a friend one time that women love. After a few moments he felt a hand cuff him hard over the back of the head, and Victor’s voice say, “Pick a fucking speed Fuck-face. Just lick north and south with a constant pressure and speed. You’ll know when I’m needing more from you because my ass will lift off the bed, and I’ll be moaning like a god damned whore. Then you give me more pressure and speed, but don’t fucking change it ever second. Christ your useless. You can’t even eat a bitch’s pussy out worth a fuck.”

Ted took a deep breath and then started over. He did exactly what Victor had explained. He kept a constant speed and depth with his tongue, making certain that as he ran his tongue up Victor’s sopping pussy he flicked his tongue over the clit, which seemed to please Victor, as he jerked every time Ted did it. It didn’t take long for the soft smooth legs to wrap around Ted’s neck as Victor came closer and closer to orgasm, and for a few moments Ted wondered if Victor would snap his neck and he would die with his face in some woman’s pussy in a dive hotel. As Victor’s ass lifted off the bed and he mashed his crotch into Ted’s face, calling out for more as he grasped at his mount’s tits and quivered under Ted’s oral assault. Ted stayed with it for as long as possible, but as Victor’s pussy was slammed into his face he lost any hope of breathing, and was about to pull back when Victor jammed his spiked heels into Ted’s ribs as if to spur him on like a horse, and force him to stay with it for a few more moments when suddenly Victor was calling out loudly, “Oh! Oh fuck yes! Oh fucking fuck! Fuck me Fuck-face, yes!”

Ted kept licking softly as Victor came down from his orgasmic high, which caused him to occasionally spasm and cause his giant tits to quake, much to Ted’s delight. Once Victor was ready to speak, he lifted his head off the pillows and said, “At least you’re a quick learner. We might make something out of you yet.”

Ted was about to thank him when a slim hand with long pink nails suddenly grasped his neck and yanked him to the other side of the bed and a new pussy. This one was covered in a small damp triangle of red silk, and as Ted looked up he saw Michael’s smiling face, complete with goat-tee and heard him say in a deep voice, “Me next! Me next! Get to it!”

Ted would have objected, and at least asked for a moment to catch his breath, but Michael was still playing with the knife, so he decided to just dive right in.