A Wanted Hopper - Chapter 3 - Initiation

By Tobyredone

17 minute read -

Ted followed the two young women out of the hotel room the next morning as they sauntered their way to the beat up old convertible that Ted had until this point only seen from the outside of the trunk for a few moments. Victor walked around to the back of the car and started to work the keys in the lock of the trunk as Ted suddenly froze in his footsteps and felt his stomach start to do flip-flops.

“Oh shit, C’mon man, please don’t stuff me in the trunk again,” Ted whined.

“I’m getting a hoodie for you to wear Fuck-face. You can’t hide in public as easy as we can,” Victor replied as he pitched a grey sweatshirt over the top of the car to him.

While Ted breathed a sigh of relief, he couldn’t help but stare down at Michael’s tits as he propped his mount on her tip-toes, stretched her hands up above her head, and let out a loud yawn while being quite oblivious to the fact that he was thrusting his chest out obscenely, and the few buttons that were done up on the sweater were dangerously close to popping off.

“I’m still tired, why do we have to leave so early Vicky?” Michael asked.

“You’re tired? I barely slept an hour! And my jaw is still sore! I spent almost six straight hours eating you two out!” Ted interrupted.

“Quit bitching Fuck-face, you didn’t get good at it until about four hours ago. We might decide you need more practice tonight,” Victor said as he glared over at Ted and motioned to the back seat in the car, before telling Michael, “We’ve got to get to the drop point before noon, and it’s almost three full hours away from here by car, so get your ass moving slut!”

Ted and Michael quickly climbed in and Victor got the old cruiser started and they were on their way. Victor and Michael didn’t say anything for a while, so Ted yanked on the hoodie, pulled it up to hide his face the best he could, and then sort of zoned out while he watched the clouds go by over the top of the car. As they drove the warm sun on his face and the steady hum of the engine eventually lulled him to sleep. With how late both of his new companions had kept him up the previous night, he was out quite soundly and didn’t wake up until he was suddenly slammed against the back of the front seats as the car screeched to a stop.

“What the fuck?” Ted called out as he pulled himself back into a sitting position and heard both Victor and Michael letting out deep chuckles.

“We need some gas Fuck-face. Did you need to piss or anything?” Victor asked as he got out of the car and leaned over to stretch, and as he did so his skirt rode up and showed everyone at the gas station that he was wearing a tiny little lacey thong that barely covered his pussy.

Ted pulled his eyes away from Victor’s show and climbed out of the car and headed inside to use the restrooms, but not before he noticed almost every other man at the gas station turning to see the drop dead gorgeous blonde woman bent over at the waist in the short skirt. He shook his head and pushed his way in the front doors and headed to the back of the coolers to use the men’s room. When he finished he came back out to find Michael standing there waiting for him.

“The ladies’ room is over there,” Ted told him as he pointed to a door on the other side of the hallway.

“I already pissed, I need you to take this stuff out to the car while I distract the guy at the cash machine,” Michael replied as he shoved a large bag in Ted’s arms.

“Why can’t you take it?” Ted asked as he looked down at the bag.

“Because I can’t carry the bag and distract the guy at the same time, Fuck-face. Now when you see me open up my shirt, head out the door and go straight for the car, okay?” Michael asked as he tapped his high heeled foot.

“Open up your shirt?” Ted asked with a questioning look.

“Just shut up and get ready to get out of here.” Michael replied and then spun on his heels and started toward the cashier.

Ted watched as Michael struck up a conversation, and leaned forward on the counter top, making his large tits just about spill out of the front of his tiny sweater. As the conversation continued, Michael licked his lips seductively, tucked his brown hair behind his ears, and finally started reaching over the counter and gently running his feminine hand down the cashier’s forearm. After a few minutes Michael let out a deep chuckle and took a step back, then began to undo the buttons of the sweater. As he pulled back the soft fabric he glanced at Ted and motioned to the door with his head, while the cashier and two other guys who happened to be by the counter stood starring at Michael’s impressive mammaries. As Ted quickly walked by he heard Michael saying to the crowd, “I just don’t know… I mean I guess they’re nice, but I just want to go bigger. You guys don’t think that I need implants?”

Ted made his way to the car in a hurry and hopped the closed door and ducked down in the back as Victor gave him an odd look. “Michael made me shoplift a bag of shit! Start the car; they’ll be after us in no time!”

“Calm down Fuck-face, I can see everyone inside still drooling over Mickey’s tits.” Victor replied as he fired up the cruiser.

A few minutes later Michael came walking out, popped the door, and sat down with a very satisfied smile on his face, which caused Victor to ask, “Did you have fun?”

“Vicky, you know how fucking hot it gets me to flaunt my shit. Do we have time to pull over for a quickie?” Michael asked as he began to grasp at his tits with one hand while the other one snuck under his skirt and began to rub his silk covered pussy mound.

“No Mickey, we don’t have time for that right now. We’ve got to drop the bag off in less than an hour, so you’re just gonna have to wait,” Victor replied as he pulled out of the gas station lot and back onto the road and then called out over his shoulder, “Hey Fuck-face, hand me a beer.”

As Ted reached in the bag and pulled out a can of beer and handed it over to Victor he asked, “Hey, why are you guys calling each other Vicky and Mickey?”

“Cause it’s our chick names,” Michael replied, “We can’t be walking around calling each other our real names. People would be looking at us all like what the fuck and shit.”

“I never thought about that. You’re in some other person’s body. How do you even know who you are, you know?” Ted replied, thinking he was being rather deep.

“You have so much to learn Fuck-face,” Vicky replied as she laughed at him, and then said, “Once you’re in a bitch, you can read her mind and shit. It’s pretty fucking pimp. There’s a bunch of other shit that you can do to, but we’ll go over that when you’re ready.”

“Hey, one more thing, why did I steal a bag of beer and beef jerky from a gas station? You guys just robbed a fucking bank! We should have plenty of cash,” Ted replied as he pulled out a stick of jerky and started to gnaw on it.

“The bank money isn’t ours, it’s going to…” Mickey started to say before she got slugged by Vicky.

“Shut up fat ass! He doesn’t need to know, and that’s need to know only info!” She yelled.

“You punched me in the fucking tit, you cock-gobbler!” Mickey yelled back as she reached over and grabbed a chunk of Vicky’s breast in her small hand and twisted.

“FUCK!” Ted yelled out as he grabbed onto the seat in front of him while the car swerved as Vicky squirmed underneath Mickey’s iron grip.

“Shit, let go! Ouch! Fuck! Okay, I won’t do it again! Fuck!” Vicky boomed out in a deep masculine voice.

Ted sat back in his seat and clipped his seatbelt on as he began to seriously worry about his life while Vicky and Mickey eyed each other in an evil way. “Are you guys going to kill each other? Because I still don’t want to die.”

“Okay, let’s play a game. The next person who talks before we get to the drop point gets shot,” Vicky replied as she pulled a small revolver out of the center console and waved it around before tucking it discretely between her thighs.

For the next forty five minutes Ted sat in utter silence as they drove through two lane country roads until they finally stopped at a small clearing in a wooded area. Vicky pulled the car over to the side of the road and got out of the car, then went around to the trunk. Ted started to unbuckle his belt when Mickey stopped him, “Hey, you’re not part of this. Keep your ass in the car.”

Ted nodded and watched as Vicky walked into the wooded area with a duffle bag, bent over at the waist, again showing off her great ass, and then dug at the stump of a fallen tree. When she straightened up she was no longer carrying the duffle bag, and she quickly trotted back to the car while doing her best to balance on her spiked heels.

“Okay, let’s find a place for the night and get out some of our pent up aggression, shall we?” She said as she put the car back into drive and headed out.

A half an hour later and they were walking into another dive motel where Mickey had to kick open the door after turning the key in the lock, and as disgusting as the room was Ted couldn’t help but look forward to a bit of shut-eye. He moved to lay down on the bed until he felt a slim hand grab the back of his shirt collar and yank him back. He turned to see who had stopped him and saw Vicky’s face framed by her blonde hair as she cocked a hip and shot him a playful look.

“Not yet Fuck-face. You have to earn your right to sleep in the bed tonight,” She told him as he groaned, which made her then reply, “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll have a better time tonight, I promise. Now take off your pants.”

“What? You want me to have sex with you? Look, you’ve got a really hot body and all, but the face and voice just fuck with me too much, I’m sorry,” Ted replied.

“Well, how about now?” Vicky asked as she clenched her eyes, and her face started to shimmer, and suddenly phased over to a small button nose, thin eyebrows, sparkling blue eyes and full pink lips.

“Holy shit! How did you do that?” Ted asked, and then added, “And why don’t you do it all the time?”

“It’s a power that body hoppers develop over time as they refine their skills, and I don’t do it all the time because it’s still somewhat new to me and takes a lot of concentration for me to pull off,” Vicky replied in a sweet feminine voice.

“Even your voice is better!” Ted said as he allowed himself to be pulled onto the bed by the now drop dead gorgeous woman.

“Well then show me how much you appreciate it, and get your dick out Fuck-face,” Vicky replied in a breathless voice as she spread her legs, and shimmied out of her skirt.

Ted yanked his pants off as quickly as possible and lined his hardening dick up with Vicky’s hairless pussy as he climbed into position to begin fucking her on the filthy bed. She let out a moan as Ted thrust up inside her for the first time, and he was about to start pumping into her when he was distracted by Mickey’s deep baritone voice cheering him on, “Yeah! Fuck that pussy good, but make sure you save some for me!”

“Damn it Fat-ass! Don’t fuck with Fuck-face when he’s shoving his cock in me! You know I need a certain rhythm,” Vicky chided her friend.

“Oh god, I don’t know if I can do this,” Ted said as a sudden wave of self-consciousness hit him and he looked down at his dick, which was half buried in a woman that he didn’t even know.

“C’mon man, it’ll be okay. It’s like initiation for a secret society. Both of us did it. Besides I’m betting it’s been a while for you. Cleaning out your pipes ‘ll be good for ya.” Mickey growled over her shoulder as she sat down in the chair next to the bed and pulled her panties off so that she could finger herself while she watched Ted fuck Vicky.

“I…” Ted started to say when Vicky grabbed his shoulder and rolled him over on the bed so she was on top, and then started to grind up and down on his dick, riding him like a cowgirl who was going for the new record on a champion bull.

I didn’t take Ted long before he felt his stomach muscles contacted and he grunted as he pumped his seed deep into Vicky’s silky womb. He felt slightly embarrassed as he knew he had come before her, but when he started to apologize she stopped him and said, “Don’t worry about it. We have all night and you’re gonna be a busy boy.”

Vicky then pulled herself off his softening dick and began walking to the bathroom as Ted watched her legs glisten in the dim light from the cum dripping down her inner thighs. Once she was cleaned up she came back out and turned the TV on and flipped channels until she found a porno on a high numbered channel. She sat back and started to rub her small fingers over her pussy, being careful with her long nails so she didn’t accidentally hurt herself. Ted turned to see Mickey doing the same thing, and as he watched them both frig themselves to orgasm, he felt himself stirring again. This time it was Mickey that noticed his hardening dick and walked over and crawled on top of his lap.

“Can you do that thing with your face?” Ted asked politely, worried that the sight of Michael’s goat-tee on “Mickey” would kill his hard on.

“Sorry man, I can’t do that shit like Victor can. I can do this though,” Mickey said as she climbed off Ted’s pole and spun on the bed, and got down on her hands and knees at the end of the bed and the said over her shoulder, “Fuck me doggy style, then you won’t have to see my face.”

Ted nodded as he looked down at Mickey’s heart shaped ass and her now drooling pussy nestled nicely between her warm thighs, and eased himself inside of her. She cooed in appreciation, but as it came out in Michael’s deep voice it still sounded incongruous to Ted. He did his best to ignore her deep baritone grunts, groans, and comments as he started to pump in and out of her tight but sloppy wet pussy. The smell of sex began to fill the room as Ted was fucking again and Vicky was still fingering herself while watching the porno on TV. Mickey began to enthusiastically pump back against Ted’s thrusts and soon he was grasping onto her waist as he blasted roughly back and forth in and out of her slippery cunt. He managed to last longer this time and was rewarded with Mickey’s pussy suddenly spasming and clenching on his cock as she came hard and loudly calling out, “Oh fuck yes! Fuck my dirty whore pussy! Fuck yes!”

Ted continued to pump into Mickey as she buried her head into the bed in front of her when suddenly a phone started to ring in the room. Mickey didn’t acknowledge the interruption, and just kept on slamming back against Ted, but Vicky let out a few choice curse words, wiped the pussy juices on her hands off on her shirt, stood up and adjusted her skirt to at least cover her ass and pussy, and began digging through a small bag until she pulled out a small cell phone and then walked out of the room. The entire time Ted continued to ram his cock into Mickey until he felt like his cock was a fire hose ready to let loose, and suddenly he was coating the inside of Mickey’s pussy with his cum. He pulled out and fell back into a chair to catch his breath while Mickey just laid herself out on the bed with her legs still spread, and Ted watched as his cum dribbled out of her pussy lips, and down onto the cheap comforter on the bed only to mix in with the already present stains.

Ted stood up and gingerly pulled his pants back on and then said, “I’m gonna go grab some fresh air. The scent of sex is pretty thick in here.”

“Yeah, whatever. I’m just gonna lay here and enjoy the feelings of a happily fucked pussy.” Mickey replied in the happiest tone Ted had ever heard come out of the normally gruff guy.

Ted walked to the door, flipped the deadbolt out on the door so he wouldn’t get locked out, and stepped out into the cooler night air. He sucked in a deep breath and thought about how much his life had radically changed in the past two days. As he rounded the corner he saw a slim woman’s figure slowly pacing back and forth talking in Victor’s gruff voice.

“I told you Donnie, That’s all the money we got! We didn’t hold nothing back for ourselves!” She paused as she listened to someone else on the phone, then replied back, “Yeah I know I’m short on my payment, but the cops were there almost instantly! We didn’t have time to grab more…” She paused again and then continued in a more resigned voice, “Yeah, Yeah, I’ll get you more money… I said I’ll get you your fucking money! Fuck Donnie, it’s me! I did a dime for you in Fresno, doesn’t that count for anything?”

She stood there silently for a minute listening to the phone again, and then replied, “Yeah, I got it. Next Friday or else,” Then she pulled the phone away from her ear and flipped it shut before letting out a string of curse words.

“Something wrong Vicky?” Ted asked, which caused her to spin around and glare at him.

“God Damn it Fuck-face, you just can’t mind your own business, can you?” She replied in Victor’s gruff voice.

“Hey, I’m part of this now too, whether I like it or not, so cut me some slack,” Ted replied back to her as he puffed his chest out.

Vicky eyed him for a few minutes before pulling a pack of cigarettes off the side of the beat up convertible and lit it before offering one to Ted. He pulled one out of the pack, stuck it in his mouth and leaned forward so that he could lite it off from Vicky’s offered lighter, and took in a deep breath just to start coughing and gagging.

Vicky broke out in a laughing fit as Ted keeled over, still coughing as he looked over at Vicky and said, “I don’t usually smoke.”

“No shit,” Vicky replied back and then took another drag from her cigarette before blowing the smoke back out in Ted’s direction.

“I heard you need some money,” Ted said once he stopped coughing.

“Yup,” Vicky replied simply as she puffed on her cigarette more.

“Why?” Ted asked as he leaned against the car and again tried to smoke, and coughed less that time.

Instead of answering him, Vicky just dropped her cigarette and stepped back up onto the sidewalk leading back to their shitty hotel room and said, “C’mon Fuck-face, let’s go have some sex. Maybe we’ll talk about it in the morning.”

Ted woke up the next morning and wondered if he had been run over by a truck. He tried to roll over to the side of the bed, but came face to face with Michael’s Goat-Tee. When he rolled the other way it was Victor’s scarred face. Finally he managed to crawl his way to the bottom of the bed and roll off onto the floor into a huge tangle of sheets.

“Hey, what the fuck!” Mickey complained as she was woken up by the bedding being ripped off her.

“Sorry, I think I’m gonna…” Ted started and then pulled a hand over his mouth and made a half crawl half run to the bathroom and started to vomit.

After heaving a few times he sat back and jiggled the handle to get the stained toilet to flush, and then leaned back against the side of the bathtub as he wiped his face with the back of his hand. Just then both Mickey and Vicky came around the corner completely naked and looked down at him with small smiles on their faces.

“What the fuck did I all have to drink last night? I have the worst fucking hang over ever…” Ted said as he suddenly leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the nasty toilet and began vomiting again.

“It’s the change buddy. It happens to all of us. You’re becoming a full-fledged hopper,” Mickey said as she came in the room and slapped Ted on the back in congratulatory fashion.

“The change? How long does…” Ted paused to vomit again, “does this last?”

“Depends on the hopper,” Vicky replied, “Some people only get a real bad headache, and some people feel like shit for days.”

Ted dropped his head back in the toilet bowl and heaved once more. For the rest of the day he didn’t dare stray more than a few feet from the toilet. As night fell, Vicky and Mickey spent turns taking watch, and were surprisingly gentle with him. The next morning he still felt wretched, but he could at least keep food down. The girls put him in the bed and took turns nursing him, running for food, drink, and cigarettes, and then on the few times where he did start to feel better, they let him fuck their stolen bodies as much as he could, the whole time smiling at him and coaching him. Ted began to want more and more to feel what they were feeling from the inside of their mounts. He had found out that’s what hoppers called the women they hopped. Vicky and Mickey had given him quite the extensive oration on body hopper terms, dos and don’ts, and other tid-bits they thought he would need. As time when on he began to wonder more and more what it was like to wear someone else, and to have a tiny pair of panties be the sole scrap of clothing you were wearing. To have long hair, or jiggly breasts on your chest. Victor and Michael certainly seemed to be having a great time using the girl’s stolen bodies for as much sex as they could get, and Ted couldn’t wait to try it out for himself as he felt himself changing.

Finally after four days he woke up and stretched, and didn’t feel absolutely horrible. In fact, he thought to himself, he actually felt pretty good. He looked to his sides and noticed Vicky and Mickey were gone, which gave him a sudden fear about being left behind with no money, car, or anything else for that matter, but then they came walking back in with food bags from the local dinner.

“Glad you’re feeling better Fuck-face,” Vicky said and held out a bag of food, “Are you ready to try and body hop a bitch for yourself?”

“Fuck yes!” Ted replied enthusiastically.

“Good, then eat up. The last few days have been pretty rough, and you’re gonna need your strength to take over a woman’s body.” She replied back with an evil smile.