A Wanted Hopper - Chapter 4 - Ted's First

By Tobyredone

13 minute read -

Ted got out of the car and followed Vicky and Mickey into the small greasy spoon diner that was just down the road from the hotel they had been holed up in while trying to keep his nerves under control. Vicky and Mickey picked a booth at the back of the restaurant with well-worn and faded cushions and after a couple of minutes a young woman stopped by the table and gave them a dark look.

“What do you want this time?” The waitress asked with a sour tone.

“Whoa, calm down sweetheart,” Vicky replied coolly as she leaned back into the booth, “We just wanted some of your delicious pie before we skipped town and left you alone forever.”

“Fine, whatever,” the woman said as she turned to head to the next table but then spun back and pointed an accusing finger at Michael, “If you even think about pinching or slapping my ass I’m gonna get a cleaver from the back and cut off your freakin’ hand!”

“Oh baby, you know I like it rough,” Mickey replied with a grin and then dropped into a deep baritone to let out a growl, which caught the waitress off-guard.

As the waitress flipped off Mickey and then continued to walk to her other tables Ted looked at his two companions and asked, “I take it she doesn’t like you guys?”

“Well, with you sick and all, we were in here quite a bit to get food, and we get bored pretty easy, so yeah we messed with her a little bit,” Mickey replied with an sneer.

“It could also be the fact that we stiffed her on every tip since we’ve been coming here,” Vicky added with a dark chuckle, “But that’s all going to change. She’s gonna be our new best friend pretty soon.”

“Why is that?” Ted asked, oblivious to Vicky’s meaning.

“Because Fuck-face, as soon as she goes back to put in the next round of orders, we’re gonna hold her down and you’re gonna body hop her.” Vicky replied as she glanced in the waitress’s direction.

“Her? Here?” Ted almost choked on the words as he turned and checked out the waitress more closely. He thought she had a decent figure, but she was definitely not in the same league as the women that Victor and Michael had found to wear. She had a small cup size, and her slightly over-sized nose didn’t help her beauty.

“Stop staring Fuck-face,” Victor replied, “You’ll freak her out.”

“I can’t do this, I’m not ready,” Ted complained as he sunk down in the booth.

“What are you talking about? You were re-born ready for this four days ago! Trial by fire baby, fuck yeah!” Mickey said as he slugged Ted in the shoulder hard enough to make him wince.

“What if she screams or something?” Ted questioned.

“We’ll be right there Fuck-face, don’t get your panties in a twist before you’re even actually wearing panties.” Vicky replied as glanced again to see where the waitress was at, and looked back at Ted and said, “You remember what we said about how to hop a woman, right?”

“Yeah, I touch them and concentrate on wanting to be them,” Ted said as he let out a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves.

“Good, because she’s going in the back right now,” Vicky replied as she gave her head a small tilt to point at the waitress who was walking through a pair of swinging doors to the rear of the small restaurant, “Let’s go.”

Vicky and Mickey slipped out of the booth with Ted following in their wake, rubbing his sweaty palms together as he shuffled along behind the ‘ladies’ who he had been shacking up with for the past four days. As the trio pushed their way through the double swinging doors, they were confronted with an orderly arrangement of stainless steel tables with assortments of plates, cups, silverware, and other items you would typically stock in a restaurant. The kitchen was off to the right side of the small group, and to the left they heard the waitress from before mutter, “Oh, what now?”

Ted turned to face the woman as Mickey and Vicky slowly walked toward her at a slow pace, almost as if they were wild animals stalking prey. She turned away from the small table where she was adding more ketchup to some bottles and her face instantly turned into a grimace when she saw her least favorite customers as she said, “You guys know you can’t be back here! What is the deal? I’ve had it with you guys!”

“We just came back to introduce you to our friend here. He was sick before, and couldn’t come out and play,” Vicky replied with an evil grin as she slowly circled to the woman’s right side and grabbed a small towel from the stainless steel table as she was passing it by.

“Whatever freaks, you can’t be back here and I don’t give a fuck who your friend is. He looks just as creepy as you too,” She replied as she noticed Vicky walking closer and took a step back, which put her almost in Mickey’s arms, she just never realized it as she was concentrating on keeping distance between herself and Vicky.

Mickey reached out with the speed of a viper and grabbed her arms, pulling them back and pinning the poor girl as Vicky stepped forward and wrapped the small towel across the hapless girl’s mouth like a gag, preventing her from calling out for help. Ted stood petrified for a moment as he watched the two experts disarm his mount, until Vicky gave him a stern look and Mickey grunted and pointed her chin at the struggling waitress.

Ted shook his head quickly and then reached out and grabbed the woman’s neck. At first she struggled more, worried that she was going to be choked to death, but that quickly subsided as the woman tried to turn her face as much as Vicky’s gag would allow and see why Ted’s hands felt so slimy all of a sudden.

Ted himself couldn’t believe what was going on. He had only seen Michael and Victor dismount bodies once before, and with the gun that had been pointed at him, he hadn’t been paying a great deal of attention, but so far the process was happening exactly like Mickey and Vicky had explained to him over the past four days when he was feeling up for body hopping lessons. His hands were quickly becoming a mucus-like slime that was flowing into the struggling waitress’s body through her skin, nose, and gagged mouth. Ted felt himself becoming… less… as more of his incorporeal body flowed into the woman, and then suddenly started to feel other sensations. Odd sensations. He felt sensations of a sore pair of feet that were wedged into a low pair of comfortable heels, and the oddness of having bare legs when just moments ago he had been wearing pants. Then he felt a pair of smooth thighs that touched ever so slightly under a cotton skirt that until a few moments ago he had only seen from the outside. And then he felt the utterly foreign sensation of vaginal lips tucked into a pair of cotton panties and the feeling of the void that went with those lips. He felt his hips tapper to a thin waist, and a new pair of small breasts being supported by a bra. He felt the blouse he was now wearing, which was unbuttoned far enough to show the little cleavage this body had, and the coolness of the air in the room, along with the iron clasp of Mickey’s hands grabbing his now thinner wrists. Sudden feelings of hair tickling his shoulders and neck made him shake his new head slightly, and then suddenly the world came back into focus as he was staring at Vicky holding a rag across his mouth. He stopped struggling and suddenly felt Mickey’s hands release, and as he stood up Victor dropped his gag and smiled at Ted as he stood there stupidly looking down at his chest. Ted’s hands came up and grasped at his small tits, and he gave him a squeeze and enjoyed the bouncy feeling that happened when he let them go and they dropped back into place.

“How’s the ride kid?” Mickey asked him as he winked.

“My feet are sore,” Ted replied as he looked down at his new legs poking out from under his knee length skirt.

“Yeah, well you did hop a waitress. That usually comes with the job,” Mickey replied.

“Why didn’t I get a really hot girl like you two?” Ted complained as he turned and looked at how flat his ass was and then gave Vicky’s rump an envious glance.

“We all have to start somewhere Fuck-face,” Vicky replied to him and then changed the subject, “Now, open up her mind. Tell me what the last table ordered.”

Ted thought back and suddenly a memory started to come back to him, “uh… They ordered a meat loaf, a special, a side of baked beans, and two sodas…”

“Good job Fuck-face. It’ll get faster the more you do it, but it’s going to be pretty slow right now, so keep that in mind. That’s why we call each other by the nicknames. We don’t have to know our mount’s names, and we’ll be fine. And even if someone does know our mount and hears us talking, we just say we’re friends from way back, and those were our nicknames for each other. Now grab your clothes and let’s go,” Vicky said as she motioned to Ted to follow them out the door.

“Leave? What about this girl’s job?” Ted asked as he remembered the order.

“Fuck her job. Who cares? She’s a fucking waitress in a shitty diner. The world won’t give two shits and a fuck about her skipping out on her job. It’s not exactly a newsworthy event.” Vicky replied over her shoulder as she walked toward the swinging door.

“If we’re just going to jump in the car and leave, then I’ve gotta piss. This body hasn’t taken a break in about four hours,” Ted told Vicky.

“Fine, We’ll wait in the booth, but don’t take too long. We’ll have plenty of time to shove shit up your new cunt when we get to the next town.” Vicky replied as she pushed her way through the door while Mickey grabbed the pile of clothes that Ted had left on the floor and followed after her.

Ted turned and headed toward the bathroom that was in the backroom, stopped in front of the door and realized that it would be his first time going into the women’s restroom. He pushed at the door and realized how much more effort it took his now smaller frame to move the heavy wooden door. Once inside he glanced around and noted that not much was different other than the fact that there were no urinals, just extra toilet stalls. He quickly walked into the first one and closed the partition door behind himself and then looked down at his skirt. Instead of dropping it to the floor he lifted it up and gathered it around his waist, and then grabbed at the waistband of his white cotton panties and pushed them downward before spinning and dropping on the cold porcelain of the toilet seat. As he relaxed he felt the warm pee gush out of his new equipment, and instantly felt the relief on his bladder. As the steady stream suddenly died down to a drip he decided he was done, grabbed some toilet paper, and stood to wipe his pussy. As he looked down at the small patch of hair above the slit in between his legs, he suddenly realized how strange it was to now be a female. All at once he realized he had stolen a woman’s body and was now using it as his own. He suddenly had a bit of hesitation about touching his new equipment, but after standing there for a moment he decided that his new pussy was about to drip. He brought the wad of paper to his lips and gently dapped, and the sensations startled him.

It felt good. Really good.

He gave his new pussy a full wipe and enjoyed the sensations that bounced through his body from his head to his toes. If just wiping after taking a piss felt this good then he couldn’t wait to try more. He wanted to try more right now, but he also didn’t want to piss off his two cohorts waiting for him, so he dropped the paper in the toilet, yanked up his panties, and flushed. As he was walking out of the stall he decided he would definitely need to take Vicky up on her suggestion of shoving something into his new cunt when he got to the next town. He no longer felt like he had wrong this woman by stealing her body. That feeling was replaced with a curiosity and a strong desire to explore his new body more. He hurried out of the bathroom to catch up with Mickey and Vicky, but as he opened the swinging door to the front of the diner he suddenly stopped.

Vicky was on the ground of the diner with her hands cuffed behind her back as Mickey was spiting up at a cop as she yelled in a gruff voice, “Fuck you pig!” while he pulled the butterfly knife from her bra strap as she struggled against her cuffs.

“Where’s the guy that was with you two at the gas station?” The cop that was currently keeping Mickey restrained asked, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Vicky said as she looked up from the floor.

“When you two robbed the gas station a few days ago there was a guy with you. He’s the one we want. He’s wanted in connection with a bank robbery. If you cooperate, I’m sure we can put in a good word for you with the judge. It’ll probably get your cases dropped, but only if you tell us where he is!” The other officer declared as she continued to point her taser at Mickey while she struggled against the other officer who had cuffed her.

“Fuck you bitch, we never snitch on nobody!” Mickey replied as she kept up her attempts to break free of the cop’s restraining grasp.

“They’re not going to tell us anything here. Let’s just bring ‘em in. I’ll take these two out to the car while you check the back just in case he’s hiding out.” The policeman told his partner.

“Roger,” the policewoman said as she nodded in response, and headed to the door Ted was standing in.

“Miss is there anyone back there?” The policewoman suddenly asked Ted, and it took him a moment to realize who the cop was talking to.

“Uh…I don’t know.” Ted replied as he struggled to pull himself together, half expecting the policewoman to see through the fact that this wasn’t actually his body.

Except she didn’t, she simply rolled her eyes as she sighed and pushed past Ted as she went to check out the back of the building. As Ted then watched the other cop pick Mickey and Vicky up by their feminine arms and start to haul them toward the front door he wondered what the hell he was going to do now that his friends were in police custody. Then suddenly it came to him. He spun on his heels and headed back through the door, and looked around until he saw the police woman head into the men’s room intent on her search. Ted quickly followed after her, and as soon as he was inside the door he saw the woman spin and glare at him.

“What are you doing in here?” She demanded to know.

“I just remembered, I did see him!” Ted told the woman, and used the few moments he had just bought to close the distance to the policewoman.

“Where is he?” She again demanded.

Ted pointed to the mirror, and as the cop turned to look he wrapped his arms around her neck and pulled his body to hers as he said, “I’m right here, but soon I’ll be in you!”

It happened fast. Or maybe it was just because Ted was full of adrenaline from trying to wrestle with a cop, but one minute he was struggling with her, and the next minute he could feel himself flowing out of the waitress and almost simultaneously flowing into the policewoman. As the waitress fell back and landed with a thud on the floor, the cop stopped trying to fight her off and concentrated on the thick coating of slime that was flowing up her body and inside of her through her skin, mouth, ears and nose. Ted began to feel himself in a new form, and suddenly he was struggling to keep his balance and reached out to grasp the counter top, and looked at himself in the mirror. His face was attached to the female cop’s body. He felt the pull of his new blonde hair as it went back into a tight ponytail, and felt the weight of the gun belt on his waist. He even felt the pull of the uniform he now wore being pulled tight across his new chest.

“That was fucking awesome,” He said to himself in the mirror as he straightened up and turned slightly sideways to admire his even newer form, “But, I suppose I can’t stand in the bathroom all day and admire my new body. I have to go rescue my friends.”

With a sly smile, Ted headed out of the bathroom and started walking to the police car out in front of the diner where his new “partner” and his two friends were.