A Wanted Hopper - Chapter 5 - The Rescue

By Tobyredone

12 minute read -

Ted quickly walked across the parking lot and saw his “partner” waiting for him by the back of the squad car. He looked annoyed, and was standing there with his hands on his hips as he leaned on the trunk of the car.

“I was about to come in after you. I thought you might have run into trouble. Did you find anything?” The cop asked him.

“I didn’t find our guy, but the waitress said she remembered seeing something out by their car, so I was getting the info out of her. Let’s check it out,” Ted replied as he turned and started toward the beat up convertible.

“What did she say was in the car?” The other cop asked him.

“She just said the whole group had guns the other day, so maybe we can find a gun and pull a print off it, or something,” Ted replied as he grabbed at the door handle.

“Well, the whole car will probably have prints on it, why don’t we just call the CSI team in,” The man replied as he watched Ted lean across the seat and start digging through the center console.

Ted turned his head back to look at his “partner” and caught the man staring at his ass, and shot him a glance as he asked, “See anything you like?”

“You know I like it, Wendy, especially after what we did last night,” The man replied with a sly grin.

Sudden memories of the man having sex with his mount from the previous night flashed through Ted’s mind, and he couldn’t help but start to feel a bit turned on by them. It seemed very similar to watching a porno. His new body responded with small tingles, and his new pussy started to have the most wonderful feeling of a moist warmth flow through it. He let out a small gasp, and rubbed his thighs together as he enjoyed the sensations of his female form.

“Did you find something?” Ted’s “partner” asked.

“Uh… no, I’m just…” Ted paused for a moment and then finished, “I’m fucking horny as shit, I guess.”

“What’s gotten into you Wendy?” the other cop asked.

“Just remembering last night I guess,” Ted replied as he crawled back out of the car and looked at the man, who was now taller than Ted’s shorter frame.

“I thought you said that was a one-time only thing because you didn’t want your husband to find out?”

“Uh… I… um…” Ted stammered as he wondered how he was going to explain his way out of this one, and then suddenly realized he didn’t have to, “I didn’t find anything, but maybe I missed something, why don’t you take a look.”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever,” The cop said as he obviously didn’t like the subject change.

As Ted watched his new partner slide into the driver’s seat and start looking around he pulled the flap back on the holster at his waist and waited patiently. When the policeman reached over to begin digging through the center console Ted pulled out his taser, pressed it to the man’s neck, and pulled the trigger. His partner had just enough time to say, “Wha…” before he began to flail wildly as the electricity coursed through his body. Ted didn’t know how long to hold the trigger, so he just kept the small weapon tucked against the man’s neck and kept the power pouring into him until he was afraid he would kill the man. As Ted pulled the taser back the man slumped back in the seat completely unconscious. Ted pulled the handcuffs from the man’s belt, put his arms around the steering wheel, and cuffed the policeman into the car. He then grabbed the man’s gun, taser, and spare ammunition, and started back to the squad car.

As he opened the back door Mickey’s spike heeled foot came out at his chest and caught him in the right breast, which knocked him off balance and caused him to fall back on his ass in the parking lot. As Ted hit the ground he dropped the things he was carrying and called out, “Ouch, fucker! What the hell was that for?”

“Holy shit! Is that you Fuck-face?” Mickey asked as she staggered out of the back of the squad car with her hands still bound behind her back.

“I was coming to rescue you two, but now you can just stay fucking cuffed,” Ted said as he gathered the equipment that was laying around him on the pavement before added, “And you kicked me right in the fucking nipple, you fucker! These things are sensitive! That hurts like hell!”

“I didn’t know it was you, Fuck-face,” Mickey said as she moved out of the way for Vicky to also get out of the car.

“My name isn’t Fuck-face. It’s Ted. Now turn around so I can un-cuff you guys,” Ted said as he pulled the keys for the hand cuffs out of a small pouch on his belt.

After he had removed the handcuffs from both of his friend’s Vicky turned and started walking to their old car. Mickey looked up from rubbing his wrists and called out in a deep voice, “Hey, where you going?”

“I’ve got to get our stuff from the trunk,” Vicky’s voice boomed back over her shoulder.

Ted waited as Vicky grabbed some bags from the trunk and Mickey pulled open the driver’s door of the car and started to roughly kick the unconscious police officer in the side as she shouted obscenities at him. Ted shook his head as he watched and waited while Vicky walked back over to him.

“Nice job Fuck-face,” Vicky said as she dropped the bags next to him and turned to look at Mickey.

“Still with the fuck face stuff?” Ted asked as he nodded toward Mickey and asked, “Should we call Mickey over, or let her have some more fun?”

“Eh, let him get a few more kicks in, he sleeps better when he gets exercise. Plus we still have to hotwire a car. They’ve obviously got an APB out on our old cruiser,” Vicky replied.

“Why do we have to hotwire a car? I’ve got keys right here,” Ted replied and pulled keys for the police cruiser from his pocket.

“The police cruiser? You’ve got to be… wait… you know what, that might work. Nobody would fuck with us, and we could pull over someone else when we get to the next town wherever we want, and then get new bodies!” Vicky replied gruffly with a sly grin plastered across her mismatched male face.

“Great, I’ll pop the trunk,” Ted replied as he walked to the back of the cruiser.

Once Ted and Vicky had loaded the car they called to Mickey until she finally turned and screamed, “WHAT?!”

“C’mon numb nuts, let’s go!” Vicky replied and motioned to the police car.

“Why do I have to sit in the back on the plastic seat?” Mickey whined, which sounded odd in Michael’s gruff voice.

“Because while we were discussing seating arrangements, you were busy playing kick the cop,” Ted replied as he fired up the car.

“Fine,” Mickey replied in a sullen voice as she climbed into the back of the cruiser.

After they had been on the road for half an hour Vicky suddenly turned to Ted and directed him to pull over on a back road. Ted did as he was told, and found a concealed area on a side road and then pulled the car over and Vicky opened the door and got out.

Ted opened his door and stood up, taking the opportunity to stretch and enjoy the feeling of his new tits being pulled in tight underneath his rather restraining bra before he asked, “What are we doing? Why did we stop?”

“Mickey and I have to ditch these bodies. The fuzz is obviously after us. They must have a bolo out on us from the gas station, and put together that we were traveling with you, and you robbed a bank,” Vicky replied as she opened the trunk and pulled out one of the duffel bags.

“This sucks, I like my bitch,” Mickey replied as she flicked her hair back, looked down at her body and gave her tits a fair-well squeeze.

“Do I need to get out of my mount?” Ted asked, feeling rather proud of himself for remembering what Mickey had told him body hoppers call their stolen bodies.

“No, we don’t want to do that until we have a new ride,” Vicky replied as she walked down into the ditch alongside the road and then started to shake as Victor began to work his way out of his stolen body.

Mickey did the same thing, and soon enough the two men re-formed their normal selves outside of the girls, and quickly pulled on some clothing. As Ted watched the men dress he again felt that pleasantly warm surge go through his body, starting in his crotch and moving outward. His nipples seemed to get a full feeling, and he couldn’t help but reach up and grasp the two proud mounds on his chest. As he squeezed his breasts he let out a quiet moan which caught Michael’s attention.

“Like your fun bags kid? That pig you’re wearing is a lot more of a looker than the waitress you had before!” Michael said as he walked over to Ted and grabbed a fist full of Ted’s ass through his pants.

Ted’s body again responded to the attention by kicking up the level of warm hornyness another notch, and he felt his stolen pussy moisten, “Oh fuck, I’m so randy.”

“Yank down that bitch’s pants, I’ll help you out with your craving!” Michael replied enthusiastically, “I told you we hoppers get all hot and bothered in a chick’s body!”

“Keep it together you two,” Victor growled across the car as he dropped the duffel bag back in the trunk of the police cruiser and closed the lid.

“I don’t know if I can,” Ted whined, “My pussy feels so freaking soppy. Soppy but good! I can’t believe how bad I need relief.”

“C’mon Vic! Let me help the kid out. He did keep us out of cuffs. The bitches will be out cold for hours, no worries there. Plus it’s been a while since I’ve blown my load in a little hottie,” Michael shot back to Victor.

“Fine, but make it quick. We’re behind schedule by a several days because of Fuck-face being sick so long. We’ve got to get to the next town and do some planning.” Victor replied with a sigh and got back in the passenger side of the police cruiser.

“Woah, wait, you wanna fuck me! I don’t think so. I am not ready for that!” Ted exclaimed as he took a step away from Michael.

“Don’t worry cutie, I’ll be gentle,” Michael said with a lecherous grin as he grabbed Ted’s upper arm and pulled him to the back of the police cruiser and spun him around to face the car.

“No, I’m not…” Ted again started to protest, but he was cut off by Michael who reached around to roughly grab his left breast while the other hand start to work at his belt, while Michael said, “Just relax and enjoy it. You’re not going to get any relief until you get ten inches of pink steel jammed up your love box. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. It’s time to pop your hopper cherry kid.”

“I just…” Ted started to speak again, but stopped as Michael yanked his pants down and again cut him off as he called out, “Now face the car and spread ‘em!”

When Ted didn’t move his feet fast enough he felt Michael kick at his boots to spread his legs shoulder width part, and then got pressed forward at the waist down against the trunk of the car, which caused Ted to struggle back briefly, but at the same time let out a moan as he felt his breasts rub against the cool metal. Michael’s iron grasp let go of his left breast and moved to Ted’s hips as he positioned Ted’s pussy for a ‘from behind attack.’ Ted swung his head around and watched as Michael pulled his sweat pants down and release his monster of a cock from its confinement.

“Holy shit! That’s not all going to fit in me!” Ted called out as he again tried to wiggle out from between the car and Michael, but he wasn’t quite quick enough and Michael once again grabbed his waist and put him back in position.

“I’ll stretch you out some, sure, but don’t worry it’ll feel great. I told you I’d take care of you kid, now stop squirming or I’m gonna fucking hand cuff you!” Michael replied as he reached up and grabbed Ted’s ponytail and jerked his head forward so that all he could see was the back window of the police cruiser.

Ted sucked in a deep breath and tried to relax just as he felt the tip of Michael’s dick touch his outer pussy lips. He felt a quiver shoot through his entire body as Michael rubbed the head of his cock up and down on ted’s soaking snatch, lubricating his shaft up so that despite its girth it would still get inside Ted’s moist little cunt.

“Shit kid, you weren’t kidding. You’re slick as snail snot down there!” Michael declared happily as he started to push the head of his cock into Ted’s moist folds.

Ted barely registered Michael’s words as his world blew up from the sensations of Michael’s hard dick being thrust up into his hungry pussy. He let out a moan as supreme pleasure mixed with the pain from the stretching his cunt was getting from Michael’s large shaft.

“Oh, fuck me that’s good!” Ted wailed as his head went back.

“See, I told you kid. I know what you want. A nice hard cock and a good rough fuck,” Michael said with a grunt as he shoved himself completely up inside Ted’s pussy.

Ted felt like his stomach was being whacked by Michael’s dick it was so large and jammed so far up inside him, and then Michael pulled it back out and left Ted whimpering for more as he felt the vacancy left by the missing phallus. Michael didn’t keep him waiting for long though, as he shoved his shaft back up Ted’s pussy hard enough to make him rock forward into the back window of the car. He wasted no time in setting up a quick rhythm of harshly fucking Ted’s poor pussy. The harder Michael fucked him, the more Ted found himself pushing his well-rounded ass back against the man’s thrusts. Ted was quickly spiraling upward on an orgasmic roller coaster and could sense the top of the big drop was just ahead. As his fingers scratched at the trunk lid and Michael’s thrusting became more and more animalistic Ted suddenly felt that tipping point happen.

Suddenly Ted’s vision spun. He called out unintelligible words. He bucked against Michael’s shaft. He flailed uncontrollably. Ted’s first orgasm in a stolen woman’s body was earthshaking. It started in his toes, and he felt it course through his entire form, right to the follicles of hair in his stolen head. When he finally came down from his high, he felt Michael jerk and spurt inside of his belly as he laid limp across the back of the car. Michael tugged on his hair while grunting, “Fuck yeah pig! I’m fucking the police this time! Oh fuck that’s good.”

As he finished cumming, Michael pulled out of Ted’s wrecked cunt and whipped his dick off on Ted’s soft thighs before pulling his sweatpants up and straightening himself as he said with a chuckle, “Yeah, that’s a nice fucking mount you got yourself there kid, I bet that was one hell of a ride from the other side of the pussy.”

“Oh fuck… that was… great,” Ted panted as he enjoyed the alien sensation of cum leaking down his inner thighs, “That was… the best… fucking… experience… of my life!”

“That was just the beginning kid,” Michael said with a deep chuckle, “Now pull up your panties and get in the car, Vic is in a hurry and you don’t want to make him wait for too long.”