Being the Little Wife - Chapter 2

By Tobyredone

6 minute read -

I walked out of the bedroom ready to take on the world as Jacqueline, my friend Rich’s wife. I had hopped her the evening before, and so far could not seem to get Rich interested in having sex with his wife’s new alter ego, me.

Today, I had left no room for failure. I had found some purple panties and matching bra that did amazing work on Jacqueline’s already fantastically perky breasts, and after that I found a completely form fitting dress that showed off all of my new body’s assets. I even pulled out a pair of four inch open toed heels that I found in the back of Jacqueline’s closet. My memories told me she hated wearing heels, but I decided the new and improved Jacqueline could definitely stand a day in heels if it meant her husband would be more open to sexing me up.

I stood by the wall of our bedroom leading into the bathroom where Rich was getting ready for his work day and called out, “So what do you think? Are you sure you want to go into work and leave your horny wife all alone? I’ll make it worth your while if you play hooky with me today.”

“No Benny. I’m not staying home from work, and especially not to have sex with you while you are in my wife’s body. I expect you to be out of her as soon as you can, and no funny business.” He replied and then started brushing his teeth.

I pouted a little, but decided I would work on him in the kitchen. I walked out, and quizzed Jacqueline’s sleeping mind about his morning routine. She knew that he took his coffee black, and read the news paper for a bit.

I hurried to start the coffee maker, and while that was brewing I ran to the front door and grabbed the paper off the porch. I set it out on table in the kitchen just as Rich was walking into the room. I smiled at him and winked.

“See, you could have a week of the perfect house wife. You’re snubbing your nose at an opportunity here.” I told him as I reached up and pressed my breasts up and together, almost popping them out of the top of my dress.

“No.” He replied.

He walked to the table and pulled out a chair to sit on as he began to flip through the paper I had set out for him. I quickly grabbed a cup from one of the cabinets and filled it with some coffee. He might be a harder nut to crack then I thought, but I wasn’t giving up yet.

“Here’s your coffee, love.” I said with a smile as I poured it into the coffee mug I had gotten him from the cabinet.

He looked over his shoulder at me in disbelief. Normally Jacqueline was still asleep in the morning when he left for work.

I walked over to where he was sitting and leaned way over, putting the coffee on the opposite side of him from where I was standing, as it gave me an excellent opportunity to put my stolen cleavage right in his face.

He looked up from his paper and at my face, not quite sure what to make of all of the fuss. I gave him my very best smile, but the look on his face told me he was still unconvinced.

“I have to go to work.” He said suddenly as he got up from the table and started towards the garage. Just as he was about to walk out the door he turned slightly, and said, “Uh, Benny. Thanks for the coffee. I guess.”

He then turned and bolted out to the garage and as I heard his car’s engine roar to life I smiled to myself. I was getting to him.

I walked back to the living room and sat on the large couch. I flipped on the TV and started to go through the channels. I briefly scanned Jacqueline’s memory for anything she needed to get done today. Of course, nothing popped up. I dug a little deeper, and suddenly found out that she was mainly interested in Rich because of his money. That didn’t surprise me much, though. I had hopped a lot of women in my time, and that seemed to be a large motivator for women to hook up with men.

It wasn’t long before I was bored. Very bored. While watching soap operas and laying about the house might have been a fulfilling day for Jacqueline, for me it was far to dull. As I sat there wondering what I could do to pass the time I realized I could go to Rich’s work and visit him. Everyone has a fantasy of having sex at work, right? I could help him live that fantasy out!

I quickly got up, grabbed a purse with some keys in them, and headed out. In a very short amount of time I was at Rich’s work. I strolled in through the front door and politely asked the receptionist where I could find my husband. She directed me politely and I thanked her and sashayed my well formed little ass through the building to his office.

I loved the looks Jacqueline’s body was getting. I was also getting seriously horny. This body desperately wanted release. If I didn’t crack Rich soon, I didn’t know if I could hold out for him, I might need to just jump on the nearest cock I could find. Suddenly I was at his door. I knocked twice, and then walked in.

“What the hell? Ben… I mean, Jacqueline, what are you doing here?” He asked as I closed the door.

“I need some dick in a bad way Rich. Help me out here, I’m so horny I could pop.” I pleaded with him as I spread my arms, and then said, “How about you toss me on the desk and we can get it on right here, right now. You’ll be the hero of the office!”

“No, Jacqueline, I don’t think so.” He replied.

I leaned down and pressed my breasts into the back of his neck as I ran my hands down the front of his shirt and whispered in his ear, “Are you sure? I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Oh, I love it when she rubs my chest like that. I mean, NO! No, you have to go. I especially can’t do anything here.” Rich said to me as he pushed me away.

I teetered on my heels as I regained my balance from his shove. This was starting to piss me off. I was throwing myself at him every way and every where. My pussy was screaming for some loving.

“Fine. I’m leaving Rich. You want the ice bitch back so fucking bad, you can have her. I came here trying to help a friend out, but you won’t even try what I’m offering. You’ll see what it gets you.” I said as I stormed out of his office.

I heard Rich get out of his chair, but I was already down the hallway by the time he got to the door. Apparently I had made a bit of a ruckus as I stormed out of his office because people were staring at both me and Rich as my high heeled feet pounded down on the floor in anger. No one said anything as I walked through the busy workers. I heard Rich call out for me, but I didn’t turn around or even slow my pace.

I decided to head back home. I needed to cool off for a bit.