Being the Little Wife - Chapter 3

By Tobyredone

15 minute read -

I had no sooner stepped into my borrowed identity’s house then her cell phone started to ring. I dug through my purse to pull the small phone out and looked at the display on the screen. It was Rich calling from his office. I decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with him yet, as I was still fuming from his constant denials. I dropped the phone back into my purse and quite suddenly realized I was very hunger.

I poked around in the kitchen for a short while, using Jacqueline’s memory as a guide to find things, but nothing really looked that appetizing. Most of the food that was in the house was healthy and tasted like crap. I guess Jacqueline was a bit of a health food freak.

I turned around to see a take out menu on the side of the fridge and smiled. I was going to break her diet today. I quickly yanked the menu down and started to look through it. I was interrupted briefly by the cell phone ringing again. I pulled it out of the purse and shut the damn thing off.

I then picked up the home phone and dialed up the number for the take out place and gave them my order. I couldn’t wait for the food to show up, and to distract myself I headed for the living room and flipped on the TV. I cruised through the channels not really watching anything in particular until I heard the door knock. I rushed to the door, nearly falling off my high heels, and noting that Jacqueline’s tits really jiggled when she ran in a normal bra.

As I opened the door I was greeted with the delivery boy saying, “Hey Mrs. Wenderski, I have your order right here. It’s not your normal order, though. I hope it’s not screwed up.”

“Oh I’m sure it’s just fine,” I said as I looked the delivery boy up and down. I didn’t realize how horny I really was until I found myself staring at the delivery boy’s pants as I felt my pussy begin to moisten. I quickly added, “Do you think you could bring it in for me?” and I gave him my best smile.

He nodded and followed me into the kitchen, and when we got there I dug some money out of my purse to hand over to him. As he took it he looked at me and said, “Whoa, this is a huge tip!”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ve got a bigger tip then that.” I replied back to him.

He looked at me strangely for a second and then said, “Well, if their’s nothing else you need, I’ll be on my way Mrs. Wenderski.”

“Leaving already Jeremy?” I asked him as I batted my eyes, using the name that seemed to surface from Jacqueline’s memory.

“My names Jason.” He replied.

“Whatever. Do you want to give me some special sauce before you go?” I asked Jason.

“Huh? You didn’t order any sauce.” He replied confused.

I took two steps over to him and pressed him against the large refrigerator, while leaning up against him and rubbing my jugs on his chest. Using my lovely red nails, I slowly ran my hands down his stomach until I got to the inside of his thighs and gently stroked his dick under his pants.

“Oh, it’s ok. I’m pretty sure you’ve got the special sauce dispenser right here.” I said with a seductive smile as I winked at him and then licked my lips slowly with my tongue.

“Mrs. Wenderski, what’s gotten into you? You were never like this before.” Jason said to me with confusion evident in his voice and a strange look on his face.

I began to laugh as I thought about what had gotten into Jacqueline Wenderski, but answered with, “Well, Jason I’m just another lonely housewife. Besides, I’ve seen you looking at me. I know that you look down my shirt, and your eyes are glued to my ass when I’m walking away from you. I know you want some of this. It will be our little secret Jason.”

“Uh… I… Uh…” Jason replied, but I could feel him stiffening beneath my finger tips as I smiled at him.

“Come on Jason, let’s head into the living room, there is something I want to show you in there,” I replied to him and began to pull on his arms. It didn’t take much effort to get the young man to follow me into the next room.

As we walked into the living room I pulled Jason up against my well rounded little ass. I knew that Jacqueline occasionally worked out to keep her body in shape, and I knew that Jason had always taken notice of her. I decided if Rich didn’t want to screw, then the least I could do was let Jason here take care of my urges.

“So what do you think? Am I hot enough for you? If I let you ride me, will you go and brag to all your friends, or do you want to head out to your next delivery job?” I asked him as I looked over my shoulder, already knowing the answer.

“Oh hell yes I’d brag about getting laid. The other delivery guys and I fight over who gets to drop food off here.” He replied with excitement in his voice.

“Well then, why don’t you sit down right there and I’ll show you anything you want to see.” I said as I pushed him down onto the couch and bent way over in front of him, giving the young man an excellent look down the front of my dress.

He began to hyperventilate as I ran a hand down his chest and over the top of his shirt and then he let out under his breath a quiet, “Oh man yes!”

I winked at him and asked, “So how do you want me, lover boy?” I could feel the dress riding up my legs, and it sent shivers of excitement down my back.

“Oh I wanna see what’s under that dress!” He practically shouted out.

I stood up and turned to one side as I lowered the dress down after unhooking it from my small shoulders gracefully and letting Jason see all my curves.

“Oh shit yes!” He exclaimed as he saw my small purple panties and bra.

I turned back to him and simply asked, “You like?”

He began to nod profusely and in response I said, “It’s so nice to be appreciated. Maybe I should loose the bra next? What do you think of that Jason?”

He only nodded in response once again, but that was enough of a response for me, so I dropped my bra, letting Jacqueline’s twins out into the fresh air.

“Oh damn.” Jason replied as he slouched lower on the couch and then said, “You are such a fucking fox Mrs. Wenderski.”

“I’m glad you like the view Jason, but I didn’t invite you in here to see me naked. I invited you in here so that you could screw my brains out. Let’s see what we can do about that.” I replied as I dropped my bra on the floor and sat down on the couch next to the delivery boy.

I quickly went for his pants. He wasn’t wearing a belt, which sped things up, and all I had to do was pull open his button and yank down his zipper. I tugged his underwear and pants down to mid thigh all at once, and his dick popped out already at half mast. I could tell between youth and my stripping he was almost ready to go already, and that suited me just fine, as my pussy was already wet and raring to go. I wondered if he could smell my arousal, as I knew the crotch of my panties were already stained wet with my juices.

I gently began working his dick in my hand to bring it up to its full height and girth, and was surprised at how big it got. Jacqueline was going to be sorry she missed this fucking, but I was going to enjoy it for certain.

Soon Jason was ready for me, so I simply stood up, dropped my small purple panties to the floor, and straddled his lap before sitting back down. I used my small hands to grasp the head of his dick and guide it to my sopping pussy.

He was making an obscene amount of noises, groans, moans, and half spoken words already, which was starting to annoy me, but he had the shaft I was in desperate need of so I just ignored him as I lowered myself down.

The head of his giant dick stretched my small pussy to the point of pain, but along with that pain came so much pleasure. I stopped my decent on his dick with only the first few inches inside me, and just began to buck back and forth on his mammoth pole. It was hitting all the right spots already, and I was just starting to have some fun when Jason grabbed my thighs and began to press on them, trying to get every inch of him inside me.

I whined in a high pitch squeal as inch by wonderful inch he filled my womanly void. I felt him bottom out in my womb, and still he pressed down. I grabbed his hands to stop him, and then returned to my gyrations on his dick.

Soon, I needed more, and so I began to bounce up and down on his prick. I could feel the entire length of his prick sliding in and out of me. I started to see spots in my vision as I built closer to orgasm, and suddenly I felt him shudder underneath me. He was filling me with his seed. I slammed myself all the way down on his dick again, and felt him releasing against the inside of my cunt. The sensations were enough to send me over the edge as well, and I ripped into the skin of his arms with my well manicured red nails.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Jason yelled out as his dick finally stopped throbbing inside of me.

I was panting heavily, but wanted more. I could feel Jason shrinking inside of me, and didn’t want it to be over. I slowly sat up and let his now slimy dick flop out of me, and then I laid back on the couch with my legs spread.

“Jason, I need you to eat me out. I need more.” I said to him.

“But Mrs…” He started.

“NOW JASON!” I snapped at him and pointed to my wet and leaking snatch.

He blinked twice and then started to lean in and began to hesitantly lick at my pussy lips. I wanted more. I wanted his tongue buried deep in my now stretched out snatch. I reached down and grabbed his hair with one hand, and mashed his face into my crotch as I said, “Oh, Yes Jason, DEEPER!”

Jason heard me urging him on, and despite the fact that I was probably close to suffocating him, he dug in further, almost getting his entire tongue deep down into my love hole. I began to buck my hips, and it was my turn to let out high pitched moans, groans, and unintelligible words. Soon I was happily riding the waves of my second orgasm, and as an added benefit, I saw that Jason’s youth had brought the added benefit that he was ready for another round already.

I quickly rolled onto my hands and knees, and said, “Shove it in me! Fuck me doggy style like the bitch I am!”

He nodded silently and slammed his dick into my waiting pussy. I had not even come down off the orgasmic high that he had given me from eating my pussy, and already I was on my way back up onto my next one. Jason’s dick hammered into my pussy, slamming all the way in roughly before he pulled the entire length out of me, only to repeat it again and again.

I was quickly brought to the cusp of orgasm for the third time, and started to call out his name, “Oh yes, YES JASON, YES! FUCK! YES!”

It hit me all at once. An explosion that curled my toes and made me grab at the couch cushions. This was the best orgasm that Jacqueline’s stolen body had given me yet, and Jason was still pounding at me from behind. I smiled and looked back at him.

“Oh, don’t stop Jason, keep fucking me! Harder! Yes, that’s it!” I called out as he picked up his pace, and slammed his dick in and out of me.

I was rising to the next orgasm already, and I could tell Jason was right with me. His thrusts became erratic instead of the controlled fucking he had been giving me, and I leaned back to grab his arm when I saw his face grimace, and his dick pulse inside me for the second time. His release once again sent me tumbling over the edge of orgasmic bliss, and I smiled and quietly said, “Fuck me, Rich doesn’t know what he’s missing. I’m a fucking machine with this body.”

“What was that Mrs. Wenderski?” Jason asked in pants as he gave me a look of both confusion and lust.

“Oh, nothing Jason, I was just saying that I still want more… How about I titty fuck you until your hard again, and we’ll give it another go?” I replied to him as I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Mrs. Wenderski, you’re an animal. I’m not sure I can keep up with you.” Jason replied with a hint of exhaustion in his voice.

Without even responding to him, I dropped to my knees in front of him, and pulled his dick in between my large soft tits and began to bob up and down and back and forth. His dick was well lubed already from out sex, and so it was sliding back and forth nicely. Despite the fact that I had already milked his bone dry twice, his youth once again made it possible for him to stand up again. As his penis regained it’s rigidity, I pressed my tits together with my hands, and really started to massage him with my breasts, and then looked up and in my most submissive voice begged him, “Please, Jason, won’t you slam your big hard dick into my little pussy again, PLEASE!”

Well, that was enough for him to regain full hardness, and he nodded at me several times and said, “Fine, but I wanna sit on the couch again. You’re wearing me out. I can’t keep up with this.”

He dropped heavily onto the couch, and I turned around so my ass was right in his face and slowly bent backwards, giving him both a show, and letting my pussy drop onto his steely dick. I slid his dick into me easily as my pussy was pretty well stretched out to accommodate him now. This time he just sat back and let me bounce happily to my own sexual rhythm.

I was soon moaning his name as I pulled myself up and down his entire length. I heard him behind me groan a few times, but I wasn’t sure if he was sore or just didn’t have anything left for me. I didn’t care, as long as he was hard, I’d get what I wanted out of him.

Soon I was cumming again, and I bottomed myself out on his dick, loving the full feeling it gave me. I was grabbing at his sides and he was pushing at my ass cheeks to start up again, but I wasn’t ready for more just yet. I was still enjoying the post orgasmic ripples that were cascading through my entire body.

Finally after just a few more moments, when I had started to breath again, and peeled my eyes back open I began to flop up and down happily on his dick once more. This time I really got into it.

I was bouncing up and down so hard my tits were almost hitting my face, and they were starting to hurt from whiplash. Jason was enjoying himself, though and his grunts and his slaps on my ass were spurring me on like a champion derby horse.

I looked down and started staring at the dick slamming into and out of my little well trimmed pussy. I smiled, knowing that it wasn’t really mine, and I wouldn’t have to worry about any of the soreness to come when Jacqueline woke up to her aching cunt, and wondered why her thighs were full of jizz.

The voyeurism of the situation was enough to make me cum again, and this time it was the biggest orgasm yet. I screamed out and grabbed at my breasts with my feminine hands, loving every second of the special position I was in at that moment.

As I came down once again from yet another orgasm I thought I heard a car door slam outside. There was only one person I knew would be coming around to the house right now, and I was still pretty pissed that he had denied me satisfaction to the point that I needed to fuck the delivery boy.

I quickly jumped off Jason’s cock, and knelt down on the floor in front of him, urging him to get to his feet and saying, “Come on Jason, I need you to finish in my mouth. I want your cum all over my face!”

He got up, but a tad to slowly for my tastes, as I knew Rich would be walking in any moment, and I wanted him to see man butter splattered all over his wife’s face for sending me away.

I quickly winked at Jason, and sucked his entire penis down my throat. Or as much dick as I could get in my mouth and throat, anyways. I felt him start to shake, pulled back, and then gave his dick a few good licks before he blew his load.

Most of it splattered across my chin, and down my chest as I smiled and looked up at him submissively. The taste was awful, but I needed his cum for my revenge, so I put up with it.

Suddenly Rich was in the room. He saw us. First he looked at me, then up at Jason. He shook his fists at both of us and opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Jason was the first one to say anything, “Dude, your wife sucks cock like a pro man! You are one lucky son of a bitch! She just can’t get enough dick man!”

I looked up at him with a bit of shock on my face, just for theatrics mainly, and Rich shook his fists at the delivery boy again.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” He yelled, and then he looked at me, and said, “And Benny! I thought you were my friend! I can’t believe you did this!”

“Who’s Benny?” Jason asked confused.

“SHUT UP AND LEAVE!” Rich said as he grabbed Jason by the shoulder and dragged him to the door. Rich threw him naked out onto the porch and slammed the door shut.

He then headed back down the hallway and stood there staring at me. Suddenly I felt a little bad for what I had done.

“Rich, I’m sorry. I was just so fucking horny, I couldn’t last any longer.” I said, and stood up. More cum dripped off my tits, and I suddenly felt very small. “I’ll make it up to you! I promise…” I started to say.

“Benny, what I really want is for you to go and take a shower. Get the delivery boy’s shit off you. I can’t even look at you covered in that.” Rich said to me.

I nodded and silently started walking, but just as I got to the hallway, I turned to say, “Rich, I’ll hop out of Jacqueline as soon as I’m done with the shower, and then I’ll leave, I’m sorry I messed everything up.”

“Who said anything about you going anywhere? From what I just saw you really can fuck like a pro in her body. You owe me, Benny. I’ve changed my mind. I took a week worth of vacation, and I’m going to fuck the shit out of you in her body. You are going to be sore in places you didn’t know you had, and if you are really sorry, you’ll let me do anything and everything I want.” Rich told me with an evil grin.

I winked at him and simple said, “Yes dear, one perfect fuck-like-a-pro wife coming up,” then headed to the shower to clean up and pick out some new lingerie. It was going to be a great week.