Better Living Through Science - Chapter 1

By Tobyredone

14 minute read -

Chapter 1: Fake it ‘til you Make it.

“Here, take this,” I said as I handed Kimberly a large pill as she stepped out of the bathroom Friday morning. She had finished primping and prepping her perfect looks and was about to head back to her room to finish getting dressed. She eyed it with distrust as I held it in between two fingers in front of her face.

“What is it?” She asked, “I mean, your stuff is usually really neat, but the last time I didn’t ask that you gave me those shoes to help me run track and I almost got disqualified for cheating.”

“If I recall correctly you didn’t get disqualified, and you won all your events with ease,” I said to her as I shrugged and started to take the pill back, “I was just trying to help get Mom off your back about the gay thing, but if you don’t want my help, it’s fine.”

“You can make a pill that will make me not gay?” She said with shock in her voice.

“Well, not exactly…” I replied, “You’ll just have to trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong in the past?”

She shook her head and I was slightly mesmerized by her long brown locks bouncing around her pretty face and she said, “No. I mean, I trust you.”

Kimberly then walked by me and into her room and the door closed. Kimberly and I had a good relationship. We were definitely not the typical step siblings. I pulled out my phone and texted my only friend Zane and asked what he was up to that night. He had about the same social circle as me, so I knew his only plans would be either video games or computer porn, and I was ready to offer him something better than both of those.


I was in my lab downstairs after hearing Kimberly and Mom get into another screaming match, ending in Kimberly getting grounded for the weekend. I looked at my computer and it was displaying all green lights. I shot a message to Zane telling him to head over. I then picked up a metal head band from the desk next to my computer and looked at it. Circuit boards, wires, sensors and other electronics could easily be seen around the outside. It wasn’t my best looking work, but in my own defense I had thrown it together in a hurry so it would have to do for now. I could improve on aesthetics later, right now I had my first mission to complete. I slipped it over my head and leaned back in the chair. I then reached up and tapped the red button on the side. I felt a jolt go through my forehead and the last thought I had before everything went black was, “Did I do the conversion for the voltage correctly? I don’t really want to fry my brain doing this.”

Suddenly I was in a different room. I opened my mouth and rotated my jaw a bit as I shook my head and felt hair moving against my shoulders. I blinked and saw long eyelashes. The walls were pink and trophies and stuffed animals were sitting on small shelves that hung from almost every single wall. I turned and walked over to a large floor length mirror and saw Kimberly staring back at me. I cracked a devious smile and watched as her reflection did the same. I winked at my reflection and turned to look at my deliciously curvy rump in the tight jeans that Kimberly had worn to school that day. I then looked away from the mirror and got down to business. I walked over to the closet and started looking through it. Bingo. Calf high black stripper boots with a six inch heel. How had she snuck these past Mom and Dad? I grabbed them and put them by the bed. I then went to the dresser and started to pull out drawers. I pulled out a pair of small pink silk panties and then found the matching bra and tossed them on the bed. I dug deeper until I found a pair of nylons and tossed them beside the undies. I used Kimberly’s own hands to strip her down right on the spot. Her tank top was easy enough to slip out of and I didn’t even struggle with her bra too much, but her jeans were a pain. Why did girls wear such tight clothing? After that I hooked my new thumbs in the waistband of her panties and after they slipped past her well-shaped hips they dropped to the floor.

I then got into the small silk panties and struggled a bit more with the pink push up bra going back on, bet eventually got it. I leaned forward and pushed around on my perky little tits until it felt correct and then sat down on the bed to work the nylons up her already silky smooth legs. After that I stepped into her boots and did up the zipper and then shuffled back and forth to settle into them. I strolled back to the mirror and looked at my reflection. Kimberly stood there in lingerie and a slutty smile. She was hot. Is it okay to say that? I guess it didn’t really matter, I was already committed to the plan at this point. I heard the doorbell ring and my mom answered the door. I heard her call out my name and using Kimberly’s voice I called out, “I think he’s in his room with his headphones on Mom!”

I then heard her sending Zane up the stairs to my room… Well, I mean the normal me’s room… Which happened to be the next door past Kimberly’s. As Zane walked up the stairs and came down the hallway I opened my bedroom door and pulled him in, then closed the door behind us. He looked at me in shock for a moment and then his face morphed to a look of raw lust as his eyes wandered up and down my body and gave me a smutty smile.

“How you doin’ babe?” He said as he tried to look confident as he talked to the hottest girl who had ever looked in his general direction.

“I’m horny. Let’s fuck.”

I thought his eyes would pop out of his head as the look of shock came back, and so I walked over to the bed and crawled up on it, “You wanna do this or not? I’ve heard you bragging around school about how much of a stud you think you are, and how your girlfriend from Canada thinks you’re the best. I wanna find out.”

“Oh, I just tell people I have a girlfriend in Canada… That’s not a real thing…” His voice trailed off nervously.

“Duh. Everyone knows that. Are you going to get your dick out or should I call someone else?”

He suddenly shook his head and unzipped his pants as he walked over to me. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs as I started to play with my own tits, “Yeah baby. Get that cock out and stuff it in me.”

I hoped I was doing the dirty talk correctly, and as I saw Zane’s dick pop out from his fly and wobble already erect I decided that between Kimberly’s sexy body on display and my vocabulary I was doing at least an adequate job. Zane leaned forward to kiss me but I put up a hand, “No kissing unless you’re kissing my pussy. I don’t want your lips on mine.”

“That’s fair,” He said quickly and dropped his head between my legs. The boy worked fast. He slipped the gusset of my panties to the side and started to lick. I did not anticipate how good Kimberly’s tight little pussy would feel. I was momentarily lost in pleasure and had to take a few minutes to remember why I was doing all of this.

“Oh yeah baby! Eat my tight little cunt!” I said loudly and Zane doubled his efforts.

I again lost my mind as the pleasure rose and rose and rose and then suddenly I was bucking against his face as I tipped into the bliss of Kimberly’s intense orgasm, “Oh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

Zane looked up with a face that was now coated in my juices and I looked down at him, “Oh that was fucking amazing, but I need to feel your dick in me. Get it out and pound my puss!”

He nodded and I rolled back over. I got on all fours so he could fuck me doggy style on the bed and yanked my panties halfway down my thighs. I let out a squeal as he pressed the bulbous head of his dick against my borrowed tight young pussy. As the lips parted to allow him up inside me my eyes rolled back and I let out a loud groan of pleasure. I was dripping wet and he didn’t have to work very hard to slip his meat inside of me. Once he was in he began rocking back and forth while I bucked my hips to keep time with his thrusts. I moaned, screamed and panted as the sensations of Kimberly’s body getting fucked blasted through me.

“Oh yes! I’m almost there! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” I called out at the top of my lungs.

Suddenly I heard the door open and Mom was standing there with a frantic scowl on her face as she was about to open her mouth and start yelling at her daughter and then she realized what she was seeing. Any noise she was going to make faded completely as her mouth dropped open. I was looking over my shoulder at her as I suddenly came hard. My eyes clenched shut as I felt Zane’s dick leaping and pulsing inside of me as I felt a warm wetness inside of my core from his cum. My brain struggled to keep up with the orgasmic ecstasy that was exploding through my borrowed body from its toes to its nose. When I finally opened them I looked back at Mom who stared at Zane as he leaned over me and panted, “Oh man, was that good for you baby? Did you like getting pounded by the Zane-a-nator?”

Zane-a-nator? Fucking seriously? I may have to re-evaluate my friends list… well, friend list, singular, but still, that was brutal. I ignored him and gave Mom my most innocent look as I spoke, “What? You said I couldn’t be a lesbian. I’m trying to fix it! I’m trying so hard! I want to make you happy Mom. Isn’t this what you want? I found a boyfriend, and now I’m trying to figure out how to enjoy sex with a man instead of a woman.”

Mom’s mouth opened and closed as she tried to speak but no words were coming out. I looked at her with pleading eyes, “Please Mom, please. I’m doing this for you. Don’t yell at me, please. I just thought that if I did this, you wouldn’t hate me so much.”

“Oh sweetie… I don’t hate you. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I can see that you’re trying really hard. You know what, you and your little friend can go back to doing… this… and I’ll phone your father and tell him how much good progress you’re making. Thank you sweetie, I’m really impressed with how hard you’re trying to overcome your issue. Just remember to be safe! You’re on the pill, right?” Mom finally managed to get out.

“Hey, it’s not little!” Zane called out angrily.

“Oh! Sorry! I didn’t mean it like that! I’ll just… leave you two alone. Keep practicing sweetie! You’re doing great!” Mom said in a happy tone as she pulled the door shut and I heard her walking down the hall.

I felt Zane pull out of my heated up little snatch and he wiped his dick on my ass before tucking it back inside his pants. I felt our mixed juices dribbling down my inner thighs and yanked up my panties to keep from making a big mess on Kimberly’s bed and then flopped down as I relaxed my limbs, enjoying the post-orgasmic hum that was still going through Kimberly’s body before I looked over at my friend, “Good job Zane. You did great.”

“Thanks babe. I haven’t had any complaints yet,” He said confidently.

“You moron. You told me three months ago you haven’t had sex with a chick yet,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

He looked stunned for a moment and then said in a surprised tone, “Apollo?”

“Guilty,” I said with a grin as I held out my arms, “I make a pretty sexy bitch, don’t I?”

He could only nod and I continued, “Okay, so here’s the deal. If you want to keep doing this you keep your trap shut about it. You tell NO ONE, understand? I’ll message you from my phone when to come over, you show up, we’ll do the deed, and then you can go on your merry way. Are you in or out?”

“In! I’m in! Definitely in!”

“Okay, cool. You should head out. I have to talk to Kimberly. I’ll message you later,” I said as I dismissively motioned at the door with one hand.

He got up and went over to the door and then looked back, “Thanks dude! I mean really… Thanks.”

“Hey, what are friends for?”

He disappeared out the door and I got off the bed and went to the dresser. As I walked I felt more cum ooze into my panties. I felt my pussy start to warm once more and rolled my eyes. Was it messed up that I was really enjoying this? I pulled out a short stretchy skirt and stepped into it and slipped it up around my waist. Once it was situated I picked up Kimberly’s tank top from the floor and also put it on. I then walked out of her room, down the stairs, over to the basement stairs and down into my lab. I walked over to my unconscious body and leaned over and looked at it. I smirked as I admired myself from a few different angles.

I then said in a happy tone, “Thanks Bro! You’re like the best! You like totally solved my problem! Now Mom thinks I have a boyfriend and I’m not like a lesbian or whatevs, and I can like totally do whatever I want with my actual girlfriend as long as you and Zane borrow my body from time to time and like fuck in front of her or whatevs! You’re like such a genius!”

I then reached out with one hand and stabbed the large red button on the headband on my unconscious body and felt a sudden wave of disorientation and nausea. I shook my head as I fought down the urge to hurl from suddenly jumping to a different spot in the room and looked over at Kimberly as she swayed uneasily in her heeled boots.

When her balance steadied she blinked and then looked at me and shook her head to clear it before she asked, “Were you just inside of me? I was watching and feeling everything, but I couldn’t move my own body.”

“Just my mind was sis. That pill I gave you this morning was full of nanobots. They built a control module at the base of your brain while we were in school today. When I put on this head band and press the red button I move my conscious thought to that control module,” I explained to her as I lifted the head band off and set it back on the desk, “They can do other neat things, but I just used that for now.”

Her eyes narrowed for a moment and then she suddenly jumped forward and hugged me tightly, “You’re an evil genius and I love you for it Apollo!”

“Well I was always told I should play to my strengths,” I said as I rocked back in my worn office chair.

“Hey, there are a few things though…” She looked at me with a pleading look in her large brown eyes and I let out a sigh and nodded. I was a sucker for a woman in need.

She continued, “I don’t want to suck dick. Just ick.”

“Oh of course. Completely understood. I won’t let Zane put anything in your mouth or kiss him. I don’t want to feel him kissing me either, let alone put his dick in a mouth I control. Just ick.”

“Next, I would like some advanced notice, so I can make plans and live my normal life.”

“Sounds reasonable. I’ll try for forty eight hours, but I can always reschedule if something comes up and you need to do that instead. I’m very flexible.”

“Also, please clean me up when you’re done,” She looked down at herself, especially at the front of her skirt as she shifted on her feet uncomfortably, “I’m all sticky inside my panties and it’s just… Ew. And it will ruin all of my good sets of panties if they start to get stained with your sex juices.”

“Oh, I don’t know if that one will work for me, Sis. It’s kind of kinky to walk around as you and feel cum leaking out. I don’t know why, but it kinda turned me on. Deal breaker. What about a compromise? I’ll pay for new underwear. Anything that we ruin plus maybe more if you let me go shopping as you from time to time and help pick the new stuff out.”

She leaned back and crossed her arms as she thought for a moment, “Fine. I’ll agree to that under the condition that you don’t make me say like, totally, _or _whatevs as if I’m some sort of airheaded cheerleader ever again,” and she held out her hand for me to shake.

I smugly looked at her hand, “We don’t have to shake. You’d agree to whatever I demanded because I already completely control your body. I’m an evil genius, remember?”

She stuck her tongue out at me as I turned to my computer and typed some instructions out. Kimberly leaned over to look at the screen, “What are you doing now?”

“Showing you that you’re my sexy little puppet Sis. Hm… Should I make you go run after Zane and give him a blowjob in the street? Or maybe I’ll just have you kneel right here and suck me off? I have to force you to do what you hate right now so you fall in line, otherwise you’ll get ideas that I care about you and then you’ll be disobedient when I tell you to do something you don’t want to, and then being your supreme overlord will be nothing but work,” I said to her as I stabbed a button on my keyboard dramatically.

“What?” She squealed in surprise and then found her body turning and walking out of my lab with a sexy sway to her hips, “Apollo where am I going? What am I doing? APOLLO!”

I watched as she quietly and carefully closed the door after she left my lab and then heard her booted feet clomp across the floorboards above my head. I knew she would be going to take a nice relaxing shower, with just a hint of masturbation, but I didn’t have to tell her that. She’d find out eventually, and not knowing was part of the excitement wasn’t it?

Now… Who was next on the list?