Bodyhopping with Friends

By Toxicallie

10 minute read -

Chapter 1:

Waking up I felt sick. Not normal sick. Sick like I was drinking way more than I should have. Sick, with an odd and strong taste in my mouth.

My legs were sore. My chest slightly sore as well. Looking down I saw I was in my boxers. Blinking a few times I slowly sat up and gathered my thoughts from the night before.

The night before I had been leaving work and heading to my car when some woman came up and asked me for a ride. I recall being repulsed by her for some reason but her body. Wow it was fucking amazing. Big tits. Big ass. Long legs.

“What the fuck happened last night?” l grumbled to myself as I rubbed my head to regain my bearings.

Sighing I noticed my clock read 11:13 AM. “Oh come on…” I groaned as I only had two hours to get to work. I normally am very good about hitting the sack early if I have work the next day.

Obviously that wasn’t the case last night.

Stretching out I saw there was a small camcorder next to me with a post it attached.

My face flushed. I felt my heart pounding. I couldn’t even speak. A million thoughts ran through my head. One stuck.

Sex tape.

Did I get drunk to the point where I slept with that random woman last night and she recorded it?

I then grabbed down to my crotch and gripped my dick tightly and thought about the chance of having an STD. And the horrific pain I’d have to go through to be checked again.

Sliding my hands off my crotch I felt my boxers pinch my dick. Grimacing I pulled down my boxers and noticed my dick had a sheen to it. I touched it gently and felt a sticky dried substance on the shaft.

Pulling my hands away I felt my heart pounding harder and harder with each beat.

Looking over at the camera again, I looked at the post it and it read, “play me stud”.

Gripping the camera I hesitated as I flipped open the side screen. Did I really want to see a sex tape of myself? To be honest, it could have been anything on that tape. But still… To not watch it would be worse.

Without any more hesitation I flipped the switch to “video” and hit the play button.

I think I felt a bead of sweat drip down my cheek as the mechanical whirling of the internal components started up.

The camera’s screen glowed blue for a moment before the face of a man appeared. And when it did, I began to hyperventilate. Many horrific fears were coming to mind. Many.

The face wasn’t scary. It was some 30-ish white guy with brown hair and blue eyes. It was oddly familiar.

He began to speak and my full attention shifted to the words he said.

“Hey there buddy. Sorry about not being there when you got up. I have something planned for later. Ok. There may need to be some rumor control right about now. First and foremost I did not sleep with you. So don’t worry you didn’t have sex with a guy.”

A weight was lifted off my chest.

“So to speak…”

That weight just tripled in force.

“Don’t worry I will explain. You see this girl?”

The guy asked as he turned the camera so that a gorgeous red head with large breasts and a big ass and long legs who was sleeping in my bed was in the frame. It was the girl from the parking lot.

“She is the one you…”

He panned the camera left to where I could be seen lying right next to her.

“Slept with. So don’t flip. Now, here is where it gets tricky. While you didn’t have sex with my technically, and you DID sleep with her, it was me in there buddy. I was in control of this woman’s body.”

I looked at this man’s small head as if he had six of them.

“Yeah. Sounds insane. I thought so when the guy dropped this bombshell on me, but he had me figure things out on my own, I on the other hand am not a prick and feel you need the proper greeting. You see, it was not some chance encounter you had with that fine woman in the parking lot last night. No. I was in your store as her shopping around. You glanced at me and looked at me in a very strange way. Now, if I was you and saw a knockout with a face like mine, I’d stare too. But this was the start of something special. I approached you in the parking lot and asked if you saw a rather manly face. You nodded and I asked for a ride. We went to a bar had too many drinks and I fucked you. To be honest your dick is huge buddy. But your stamina… Eh. Well that won’t be a problem anymore. Trust me.”

I felt like throwing up. Or chucking this camera out my window.

“Now, how was it me inside of that girl’s body? Well, I am… And you are too… What is known as a bodyhopper. A bodyhopper is one who has a genetic mutation in their makeup and structure that allows us to manipulate or state of being turning us into a blob or liquid like state and enter another person’s body.”

I felt my IQ drop about 700 points.

“Yes. This is true and you are not losing your mind. I know you don’t believe me. But you will. Here let me give you an example.”

The guy on the camera said as he placed the camera upon my TV and angled it at my bed.

When he made his way over to the side where the red head was sleeping he set himself down on top of her. I was so confused by everything happening I almost felt like I was watching a bad YouTube video.

Then I watched in amazement as the man began to turn into what looked to be jelly and began to be absorbed by the woman’s body. Then in a matter of seconds, the liquid jelly was gone and the woman began to stir. Sitting up almost as if she was never sleeping she got up and walked towards the camera. Picking it up the woman held the camera up and to her face.

My jaw dropped when I saw the guys face sitting where this woman’s face should have been.

“He there buddy.” the man said in a very feminine voice. “Oh sorry I bet that looks weird on tape.”

He then cleared his throat and while doing so the feminine voice deepened in pitch. “Ok that is probably so much more normal I suppose.” He continues in his normal voice that matched that face.

“So there you have it! Oh by the way my name is Dean. And this body is Rachel. So… Yeah. What I just did you will be able to do by the time you wake up. Don’t worry. I will be around later to help you with your first hop. Now get ready for work. Don’t want to be late on the first day of the rest of your life

Dean then giggled and blew a kiss. The screen turned blue again as I just sat there stunned by what I just witnessed.

I sat there in awe. I wasn’t even sure I believed what I just witnessed. I mean, there is no way he was able to edit that and make it look so real. Not even a professional Hollywood editor could do that! But, there was no way that could be real. “Fucking trippy.” I muttered to myself as I rubbed my eyes and headed swung my feet off the bed.

Stripping out of my boxers I looked down at my crotch. My shaft was covered in dry juices and I could only shake my head. Heading into the bathroom I turned the water on to hot and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked as if I had been up all night having a marathon of sex.

I wasn’t about to complain, considering I had only slept with one girl before in my life and she turned out to be a psycho. I wasn’t the most popular of guys in high school and I didn’t care. Most of the girls were slutty and their “true” relationships never lasted. And now, I was glad with my life. I was a shift manager at a highly recognized store and had an amazing group of friends and I was doing better than I had hoped.

And now, this bodyhopping thing was thrust into my lap.

Stepping in the shower I immediately washed my penis off of the juices that were on it. Sighing, I was kind of upset I didn’t recall any of the previous night’s action. But on a second thought, I don’t know if I wanted to considering that she had the face of some guy named Dean.

“Amen.” I said with a chuckle as I ran my head under the water.

Parking my car in the spot right in front of the outside entrance to my store I looked in the rearview mirror and adjusted my tie. “Sharp.” I said to myself as I liked how my black tie looked decent with my black suit and shirt.

Stepping out of my car I smiled to myself. I was pretty happy with how I had turned my life around. Going from the guy who always got suspended from and picked up by the cops for such petty crimes, in the course of four years everything had turned around since getting my job at Sak’s. I was able to afford the Dodge Charger I had always wanted. I had gotten my own apartment away from my parents, but not too far. I had a steady income to pay my bills, keep my food supply up and buy some extra goodies.

Yup, life was looking up.

Locking my car I walked into the store and made my way past the cash registers and to the employee’s only door. Walking down the stairs I waved to the security cameras as I knew Shawn was monitoring them from the AP room. Heading down the corridor I stopped into the office room where the radios and headsets were. Grabbing one I logged into the company’s computer and clocked myself in.

Heading to the schedule, I ran down the list to see who our SSL was for the day. Jenny was hear for another 20 minutes and Han was hear until 2 PM, so she would be leaving soon, and Jane was the one closing. I smiled to myself thankful that I was only here until 9. “Thing of beauty.” I said to myself as I flicked the schedule and turned on the radio.

“Testing…” I said into the mic of the earpiece to see if the headset worked properly. “I hear you.” I heard the voice of Eva come through. “Got you.” Came the voice of Kevin. “Welcome back Chris.” I heard Franklin say. “Thanks.” I said as I knew for sure my headset worked.

“Han, come in please?” I then said into the mic, calling for the manager of me. Han was cool. She and Jenna had pushed for me to get promoted to shift manager, even when Jane was totally against it. I was pleased, as this proved that I was doing well in my job and gave me a nice pay increase.

“Go for Han.” I heard my manager’s fake chipper voice come up. She sounded tired, then again when dealing with incompetent customers and forgetful sales associates, it is understandable.

“Han, it’s Chris, where do you want me?” I said as I was expecting to go to the floor and cover for her while she went on her break or to do whatever she does.

“Meet me downstairs in the office.” She said normally.

“Already there.”

“Good, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Heading to the manager’s office I sat down in one of the chairs and logged into my personal account. Accessing my company emails, I noticed Kaylee had requested the rest of the week off. “Why not?” I asked to myself. She was a good worker. And cute. And those two qualities will get a girl anywhere with me. I was about to hit reply and let her know she could but then I heard footsteps.

Spinning around I saw Han standing in the doorway. She was wearing black pumps, a short white dress that was probably from the kids department considering how tiny she was. I mean, she stood only five feet tall and couldn’t weigh anymore than ninety pounds. 
 “Hey Chris.” Han said in a sultry tone as I looked up. She then began to chuckle in a deep voice that was not her own. My eyes went wide in shock as her golden skin was all over her body yet only framed the pale skin that sat upon her face.

“Dean?” I asked as I recognized the face that sat upon my Asian manager’s body.

He laughed and nodded, “You got it stud!” He said with a chuckle as he squeezed Han’s small yet perky breasts. “Told you I would see you soon.”