Brian's Story - Chapter 1 - How it All Started

By Tobyredone

17 minute read -

Hi, my name is Brian, and I’m a body hopper. What is a body hopper, you ask? Well, we are normal guys that have an odd power. We can merge with someone, taking over their body, and getting information from their mind so that we can basically impersonate them, or not depending on what our intentions are. When we are in someone, you would never know unless you are another body hopper, and then our normal face appears instead of our victim’s face. Or, if you look at us through a reflection, or in a photo, our face is also revealed. I know it sounds crazy. I wouldn’t believe it if I were not living it, but maybe just telling you my story will show you more than anything else…

This whole thing started at a pretty lousy time in my life. I had two crappy jobs that I was holding down at the same time so that my live in girlfriend, Courtney, could have spending money. She was always out shopping or parting, and usually only came home to spend time with me when she needed more money. But she was really hot, and I really didn’t have a different direction for my life at that time.

I was already in bed when I heard the door open to our small apartment open and Courtney stumble in. I figured she must have REALLY tied one on tonight, as she has a pretty hi tolerance to alcohol due to all the parting she does. I rolled over trying to get to sleep as I had to work again in a few hours. I heard the door to the bathroom get slammed open, and knew there would be no chance of a good nights sleep tonight. I heard the loudest belch I have ever heard in my life followed by a giggle, and then heard her start to relieve herself. I really didn’t know what to say, as Courtney never belched.

A few minutes later she stumbled into the dark bedroom, and flopped ungracefully onto the bed next to me. She reeked of alcohol, and sex. I was really in no mood to deal with her tonight, so I decided I would confront her in the morning, but I figured I should say something to let her know that I was upset.

“What the hell Courtney? I was trying to sleep, I have to get up in a few hours.” I said to her, with as much of a tone as I could muster.

She responded instead of starting a fight like she usually would have, by getting under the covers with me, and sliding her hand down to my penis under my boxers. She began to gently stroke the shaft and run her fingers along the underside, and playing gently with my balls. She had never in our two year relationship given me a decent hand job, but now all of a sudden she knew exactly how to tease my cock to get it to stand up. I was pretty hard in a very short amount of time, and she dove under the covers to yank my shorts off.

She then straddled me, and brought the lips of her vagina to the tip of my head. She then lightly teased my dick with her moist outer folds. She must have been really horny because I could feel her leaking down onto my penis. Finally, when she decided she had teased me enough, she dropped down onto my dick all at once in one swift motion. She was really wet, but I still winced a bit. I’m not sure what she did, as the room was very dark. She then started to gyrate her hips around in slow circles, occasionally stopping to grind up and down against my body, and do little hops, while grunting in a seemingly low voice.

She became more frenzied with her grinding after a while, and suddenly I could feel her shaking, and she bent forward to bite into my shoulder hard! I made a bit of a yelp in pain, and she once again made that strange giggling noise, and started the grind again. Pretty soon she was back to bouncing, and once again her frequency and strength of thrusts were picking up pace, and this time I was also close to cuming. I held it back as long as I could, and then my back started to lift off the bed, and I began to blow my load in her, which seemed to send her over the edge, and she clawed into my chest with her manicured nails.

She leaned forward to lay her chest on mine, and I could feel the weight of her fantastic chest on mine. She was panting heavily, and I could smell beer on her breath, which was odd as I had never once seen her drink beer in all her two years of dating me. As soon as she had begun to catch her breath she wordlessly rolled off of me, and feel asleep with her back to me.

I was about to ask her what that was for, as we rarely had sex unless she wanted to butter me up for a big purchase, and it ALWAYS came directly after sex, but I once again decided against it, and I too rolled over to go to sleep.

The next thing I know, the lights are shinnying through our bedroom window. But wait, that’s not right, my alarm was set for 4:00 am so that I can get to work on time. The sun shouldn’t be up yet! I glanced over at my alarm clock. It said 9:30 am! I was late, and my boss was probably furious with me. I quickly sat up in bed, and blinked the last bit of sleep out of my eyes.

It was then I noticed the bedroom doorway open, and could hear and smell someone cooking in our small apartment’s kitchen. I also remembered Courtney and last night. I quickly got up, found my boxers and headed to the kitchen, as Courtney had never once cooked in her entire life!

I walked down the hallway past the bathroom and into the combination kitchen/living room area. I noticed the line of clothes that must have been what Courtney had stripped out of on her way in last night leading from the door to the bedroom. I turned the corner to see Courtney’s back. She was standing in front of the stove, her hair still wet from a shower, and she was making what looked like omelets. And she was doing it in nothing but a pair of pink silk panties and knee high black stiletto boots. While she was always fashion conscious, her usual day after party outfit consisted of sweatpants and one of my old tee-shirts. But what was even more surprising was the fact that the food smelled great.

“I am so confused right now. My alarm clock never went off this morning. I know I set it last night…” I paused, and then continued, “and what the hell was last night anyways? You never drink beer. But seriously, my boss is gonna be pissed! Did you shut my alarm off?”

Courtney Turned around with a spatula in one hand, and then I realized as confused as I was before, it was nothing compared to as confused as I was right now. My jaw dropped open, and I was certain it was the lowest it had ever dropped.

You see, Courtney is hot. It’s why I put up with a lot of crap. She stands about 5 foot 4 inches tall, about 5 foot 8 in her boots right now, the black stilettos that come up about mid way on her perfect shapely legs. Those legs end at a deliciously round little rump, and a tight little pussy with a small landing patch of blonde hair which was currently being covered by a tiny pair of pink silky panties. The waistband of those panties sit on the start of a taper to a wasp-like waist, and then back out to the most fantastic pert pair of C-cup breasts you have ever seen. A small, feminine neck leads to her lovely face. She had a small nose, bright blue eyes, and full luscious pink lips, and framing that face was shoulder length blonde hair which was always done up.

But not this time. On my girlfriend’s body, framed by her still wet blonde hair, was some strange man’s face. A broad nose, large chin, a bit of stubble, and large brown eyes return my gaze.

“Oh sweetie that stupid alarm went off for five minutes, and you didn’t even flinch. I figured after last night, you could use a bit of rest, and so I shut it off. Besides, I was hoping you’d stay home today. Call in sick and play hookey. I’ll make it worth your time.” The man in my girlfriend’s body replied in a gruff voice as he took that hand that wasn’t holding the spatula and started to play with my girlfriends breasts using her own hands!

“What the fuck?” I said stupidly, my eyes wide open, still not believing what I was seeing.

“What?” She, or he, or whatever said as his eyebrows cocked.

“Well, you see, Courtney doesn’t cook. Ever. She also never struts around in nothing but pink panties and heeled boots in the morning. Ever. She also never has sex just because, it’s always for something. Every time. Oh, and one more thing, she doesn’t have a guys face! What the fuck!” I replied back.

“Oh no way, this is just to rich. I accidentally found a hopper? Wow. You have just been initiated into a dream world kid. It is definitely time to celebrate.” Was what I got in reply from the strange male voice coming out of my girlfriend’s body.

At that she/he dropped the spatula she was holding, turned around so Courtney’s back was to me, spread her legs about shoulder’s width apart, and bent over all the way at the waist to pick up the spatula. Her head then turned around to make sure I was looking, and once again in the male voice said, “Nice view huh?” as the man inside Courtney started to slowly gyrate her ass in front of me. “All you have to do is yank down the panties, This pussy is just waiting to have a dick slammed into it.”

“No. Stop. What the fuck is going on here!” I said, but to be honest, from the view of my girlfriend’s ass and pussy being on such prominent display, I was getting pretty hard.

“Well, if we are not going to have any before breakfast sex, then I’ll tell you over eggs. Grab some juice, sit down, and let me tell you about body hoppers.” The guy said as he stood my girlfriend’s body back up and walked over to shut the stove off.

With seemingly little choice, I went to the cupboard and grabbed two glasses, and then some juice from the fridge, and turned to see Courtney’s body with the frying pan already on her way over to the table. He/she sat down with her legs spread open in a very unladylike manner, and set the pan down in the middle of the small table. I walked over, poured the juice, giving the first cup to my strange companion, and then sat down myself as he/she pushed one omelet onto my plate that was already set out before taking the other omelet.

“Well, first things first, I suppose. My name is Burt. I’m 40 years old and I have been body hopping for about 12 years now. I saw some chick in a club with a serious man-face, and when I called her out on it, she took me out back, fucked my brains out, and told me to start having fun. That was about all the intro I got, so I promised myself I’d teach the ones I found better.” Burt said in between bites of food. He paused just long enough to gulp down some of the apple juice that was in front of him before he continued. “You see you are special Brian, you can see hoppers in someone else’s body. When anyone else looks at me right now, they see Courtney’s face. Being able to see my real face is like the first stage of being a body hopper. And once you’ve had sex with them in a mounted body, it’s like you get to stage two. You can now jump into people’s bodies. You and I are both what is know as body hoppers.” I started to say something, but Burt put up one of Courtney’s dainty little hands and motioned for me to stay quiet and listen to the whole story before continuing. “You see, we body hoppers can take over bodies, and so far all hoppers have been male. We also always seem to enjoy women’s bodies as hosts more so than men. Something to do with the orgasms being ten times better, and always being able to get laid, but I’m sure you will see for yourself. Anyways, when you see a girl you want to mount, you just think about being her, and your body will take care of the rest. You will turn into a gelatinous form, and enter the body through openings, or just skin contact too. You will want to do this someplace semi-quiet and without prying eyes like a bathroom, though as people don’t take kindly to our kind be-bopping around in random bodies if they know about us. Which brings me to my next point, mirrors and camera’s show our real faces. So be careful around them, as they can tip people off to who you really are.” He said, and then got a cheerful little smile and said, “Or, they can be fun, a lot of us take pictures in our mounts and throw them up on the internet for other body hoppers to see… sort of a club if you will.”

Burt paused and shoved more food in his face. I was pretty much done as I had taken story time to wolf down my omelet. I was still very curious, and had one burning question.

“What about Courtney? Does she know what’s going on?” I asked.

“Well, my boy, that is another fun part of this gig. Courtney’s mind is basically asleep. Her unconscious mind however, is mine to use. I can ask her mind questions and the answers just sort of pop up like they were my own memories. Like I know that the two of you have been dating for two years, and no offense, but you are kind of a really big pussy. You let her walk all over you. Actually everyone walks all over you. I also know that you pay all her bills, and buy her wardrobe, which I would like to thank you for, because this little bitch dresses like no one I have ever hopped. It’s amazing.” Burt said as he stood up, and started using Courtney’s own hands to roam around on her body, starting with her breasts, and slowly feeling down her sides, and then stopped briefly on Courtney’s hips, and then using her left hand to slide under the waistband of her tiny pink panties and began fingering her pussy right there in front of me. Burts eyes closed as he moaned low and slowly, and he used Courtney’s right hand to stable himself with the kitchen table. After about a minute Burt pulled Courtney’s hand out of her panties, and looked me straight in the eye as he put her fingers in his mouth and sucked the juices off them.

“I love leaving the taste of their own pussy in their mouths Brian. It really makes them wonder what the hell happened while I was using and abusing their bodies.” Burt said with a smile.

He then walked around the table slowly, exaggerating the hip sway that Courtney normally has, leaned forward and put her boobs right in my face.

“How about you? You want some of her pussy taste in your mouth? I’d love it if you ate me out. Or if you don’t I’ll just get dressed up, head out on the town and find some other guy to screw your girlfriend’s body six was until Sunday.” He asked quite blatantly.

He then straightened back up, and sauntered over to the couch, but about half way there, hooked Courtney’s thumbs in the small sides of her panties, and pulled them down to her knees. As his walked continued the panties worked themselves down to her ankles, where Burt expertly stepped out of them in his booted feet, while hooking Courtney’s hair back behind her ears. He then turned, and plopped down on the couch and looked at me and then looked down between my girlfriend’s spread legs.

“Well, Burt, you did let me play last night, so I guess it’s only fair that I return the favor, and I do really love that pussy, so I guess if you’re attached to it, you get to go along for the ride.” I said as I stood up and walked over to Burt in Courtney’s body.

As I knelt down I heard him say, “Oh, last night the pleasure was all mine. Its ashame you’re going to be cruising for sex with a pussy from now on, kid, you were pretty good. You had stamina, a nice sized dick, and just let me ride on you the way I wanted. So many men have to be on top, and it doesn’t always get the job done, if you know what I mean.”

That was the last thing we said for about two and a half hours. I dove into the pussy that Burt had been so kind to layout for me. I licked, kissed, blew, and used every trick I had to make the man using Courtney’s body to scream in pleasure. I lost count of the number of times I got sprayed with pussy juice when Burt came. Finally he pushed my head away, and told me he wanted my cock in his borrowed equipment. I went with the flow, after all, what could I do really? He kind of had my girlfriend’s body and could do whatever he wanted with it, so I might as well have the sex, right? So I plunged into him right there on the couch and went until he again came. Then I got up, and told him to turn around. He got what I was after, and bent Courtney’s body over the arm of our couch, and I rammed into him hard from behind until he had another orgasm. I pulled out, and laid back down on the couch, and Burt came over and straddled me, I was soon back inside Courtney’s little box. Burt ground, gyrated, and bounced his way to two more orgasms while I was on my back before I shot my load into him, or her, I guess depending on how you wanted to look at it. For some reason I really enjoyed watching Courtney’s titties bouncing up and down while Burt’s strange face made all sorts of contortions in the throws of passion.

“Wow kid… just wow. That was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to get you out there and trying this from the other side. You are going to have a blast. Now if you will excuse me, I need another shower.” He said as he got up, and headed for our small bathroom. As he walked away I watched the hot backside he now possessed, and smiled a bit as I saw the glossy wetness between his thighs and my seed slowly leaking back out of Burt’s new pussy and down his shapely thighs.

I just relaxed on the couch, completely spent. I grabbed the TV remote, and turned on some sports. I heard Burt’s shower end, and he headed into our room, and I heard him going through some drawers. Another fifteen minutes and he showed back up in the small living room wearing a tan pleated skirt, a white tank top, and some white high heels. He headed over to me, leaned over, and kissed me on the lips, which I was not expecting, and to be honest, wasn’t certain I enjoyed… but when he straightened back out, he smiled at me, and grabbed the hem of the skirt and lifted it up around his new thin waist to show me the white thong he had on. It had a picture of pink lips in a kissing shape on the front center.

“What do you think?” He said as he spun around and bent over, I could see Courtney’s little love mound through the small gap in her thighs and the string of the thong running up the crack of her shapely ass.

“Very nice.” I replied. He then plopped down on me, as I was lying on the couch. He was sitting on my upper legs so that my now flaccid member was right next to a bare butt cheek, and asked what I was watching.

“Oh, some football highlights from Sunday’s game. As usual the Gladiators are falling about in the end of the season. But the Sharks are looking pretty strong, they might go all the way.” I replied.

“Pfft. Figures. Stupid Gladiators. I’ve never been a fan of the sharks, but they do seem to have some talent this season.” He said as he too became engrossed in the channel, then added. “I hopped a shark cheerleader one time. Believe it or not, but she wasn’t much of a ride.”

He then giggled in that strange way of his.

We were quietly watching sports for about a half an hour when he suddenly said, “Hey Brian, You seem like a decent guy. A good guy in fact, so I’m not sure if you want to hear this from me, or not, but I think you gotta know. Courtney is cheating on you. And not just with one guy. Sorry buddy.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I mean, I knew she liked to party, and shop, but I always thought she was faithful. It hit me like a ton of bricks. What do you say to that? Especially when it comes from the guy in your cheating girlfriend’s body?

Burt broke the silence. “Hey man, it’ll be ok. Look on the bright side, you can jump in her body and get all the revenge you want. It will be fun. Or if you don’t want to do it, I’ll do it for you.” He then winked at me.

I was silent for a good long time after that. Burt just stayed sitting, occasionally using his feminine hand to stroke my penis, but it was in no mood to play just yet.

“Hey Burt. How long do you stay in them? What do you do when you are not in a girl? Do you have a job, or a home?” I suddenly asked.

Burt seemed please that I had snapped out of my slump. He answered enthusiastically, “Well, I stay anywhere from a night to about two weeks. If you stay in one too long, you find you have a hard time getting out, and eventually you will take on all your mount’s personality and just start living there life as them, or if you do get out you will look like them for a while until you kind of “reset” back as yourself. When I’m not in a girl, I’m just your usually slightly portly middle age man. I do what any guys does, drink beer, eat pizza, talk about sports and cars, and chicks. I don’t have a job. If I need money, I just take it from the mounts I hop. I don’t really have a house. I’ll stay in a hotel if I’m between mounts, otherwise I just stay where my mount lives.”

“Mounts?” I asked.

“It’s what we hoppers call the bodies we are in. Mounts.” He replied.

“Some new hoppers keep a small apartment up for when they want to not be in a mount. Or interacting with there family.” He added.

“Ah. Gotcha. I’m hunger. What do you say I through on some clothes, and we head out for some supper?” I asked.

“Sure. Sounds good.” Burt replied. “I just have to get my purse.”

I laughed at that for some reason.