Brian's Story - Chapter 11 - Work Can Be Fun

By Tobyredone

25 minute read -

This is the eleventh story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I awoke to the beeping of an alarm clock. I reached over to slap the snooze button, but before I could I felt Valerie slowly sitting up in bed next to me. She reached over the top of me to shut the alarm clock off, and then gracefully slid out of bed to get ready for another day of work.

I had been staying here the past few days. I hadn’t hopped anyone including Valerie in the past three days, and I was having a good time. After work I would come home, we would make or pick up a dinner and eat it together, and last night we had stayed up fairly late making love. We might have done it again sooner than that if it wasn’t for the fact that she was still sore from what I had put her body through with Burt.

I had been going to work to finish up a project that my boss wanted me to get done before I left the company. It was going well, and by Wednesday I was ahead of my self derived schedule, so I lied to him and told him my father’s condition was worsening, and I would need the next two days off, but I would be back on Monday to finish it, however long it took.

It was Thursday morning, and Valerie didn’t know it but I had plans for her as well. I heard the shower start as she began to start her day. I rolled over and tried to catch a few more minutes sleep. The next time my eyes opened it was her pecking me on the cheek to say goodbye.

Instead of mumbling anything to her, I instead reached up with one hand and wrapped it around her neck, and kissed her full on the lips. She was a bit surprised at my actions, but kissed back passionately until she began to feel my hand and mouth start to flow into her. She struggled a bit, as she was about to head to work, but quickly remembered there was almost nothing she could do to fight it at this point, and relaxed as I completed mounting her.

I went from lying in bed in nothing but my boxers to leaning over the side of that same bed fully dressed and ready for a day at someone else’s office. I felt her four inch heels and pantyhose that she had decided to wear today. I also felt the lacey boy short panties she had picked out, and how they threatened to ride up a bit on her as she moved. I felt her matching bra holding up her proud chest and keeping them in place and taming the bouncing they did when she moved quickly. I also felt the silk blouse and suit coat with matching suit skirt she had worn today. The shirt was red and buttoned up the front, and the suit coat and matching skirt were black with the skirt falling a tab below mid thigh.

I stood up in my new fully clothed body, and smiled as I thought about the day I was going to have. I tucked a few wayward strands of my now shoulder length brown hair behind my ears, grabbed my purse, and headed for work.

As I walked into the building Valerie worked at I waved to the security guard and showed him my badge as he smiled and said good morning to me. I walked past him to the lobby and pressed a call button for an elevator. One set of doors quickly beeped and opened for me to get in. I stepped into the elevator and pressed a button to head up to the floor where she worked. I watched as the doors started to close, and saw a man running towards me. I stuck one foot out so that the sensors on the door would open them back up. He hopped into the elevator just as the doors tried to close for the second time.

“Thanks for holding the doors for me,” he said to me with a smile as he pressed the button for his floor.

“No problem. I’d hold a lot more if you asked me.” I replied to him while looking straight ahead.

“Excuse me?” He asked in a surprised tone.

I turned towards him, put my hands under his suit coat and moved them up towards his shoulders as I stepped close to him. I looked him in the eyes as he looked down at me with a mixture of surprise and a bit of fear. “I get so scared in these elevators. Sometimes I just want to hold onto someone. It helps me get over my phobia. Wouldn’t you like to hold me back?” I asked him with a bit of a pout on what I knew he saw as Valerie’s lips.

“Ah… Yeah, I’d love to… ah… hold you. In the elevator I mean.” He said to me as he stumbled over his own words.

I slid my hands down off his shoulders and to his belt as I continued, “Don’t you just love public places that are actually kind of private. You feel like you can get away with anything.” I said as I moved my eyes off his and down to his crotch and then back up to his eyes.

“Um, yeah, I like elevators a lot,” he replied back with growing confidence.

“I mean, we could be doing anything in here, and no one out there would be the wiser. I’ll tell you what I’d be doing in here if you tell me what you would do.” I said in a low seductive tone.

“Okay.” He replied with a smile.


Just then the elevator reached my floor, and the doors opened.

“Well, I’ll see you around. Have a lovely day.” And just like that I walked out of the elevators. I turned to see him staring at me like a deer in the headlights.

“Wait… what’s your name?” He managed to stammer just as the doors closed.

I giggled a bit as I continued my walk to Valerie’s cubicle. When I got there I sat down in her small work space and looked around. It was a fairly typical office cubicle. She had a typical computer in one corner of her small gray desk which had a few small drawers and on top it sat a coffee mug filled with pencils and pens. All her papers were neatly arranged in stacks and little yellow sticky notes detailing each one. She had a few comic strips taped to her wall, and a plastic flower that sat on one corner of her desk. She had a few pictures of her and some family members and one of her and a friend on a beach on some vacation I assumed.

I reached over to hit the power button on the computer and at the same time thought into my mind to wake Valerie’s mind from its slumber. I felt my muscles twitch just a bit as she came back to the conscious world.

Brian! How long was I out? I’m at work? Did you make me do anything weird? You can’t be in me here! She said in the back of my head in a worried tone.

‘I sure can be in you here. I am in you here. Relax we just got here.’ I said back to her in my mind.

Oh my. This is going to be a day, isn’t it? She asked in my mind.

‘Oh, I think it will be fun.’ I thought back to her.

I let her have control of her body back, and she began her daily routine. I noticed she was a bit nervous but I also thought I would be if someone was inside me waiting to snap up control at a moments notice and do whatever they wanted. The office began to come alive as her coworkers filed in by ones and twos. A few of her work friends stopped by to ask if she had any plans for the weekend and she replied that she didn’t really know, but had nothing special planned. They in turn, shared there plans until Valerie’s boss walked by and with one look chased everyone back to their little spaces.

It was the first time I had ever seen Valerie’s boss and I have to say I was impressed. She was probably in her late forties, but she had managed to keep her body in impressive shape. She had long black dress pants on that accentuated her backside and tapered waist and hid most of her heeled shoes and feet. She was also wearing a clingy purple turtleneck sweater that helped to accentuate her flat stomach and proportion breasts. They were no where near Valerie’s size, but on her small frame looked completely lovely. She did have a fairly sharp and angular face, although I’m sure it may have been the scowl that she wore on it that made it that way. She had piercing blue eyes and small pink lips. Her hair was a very dark brown, almost black, and it was straight and went down to her mid back.

“Valerie, I need those RDE reports on my desk right after lunch. Not a moment past one o’clock. The last time I was almost late for the staff meeting because I was waiting on you. I expect better.” She said in stern tone.

“Absolutely Mrs. Meyer. I’ll put them on your desk before I leave for lunch.” I heard Valerie reply back to her while saying in the back of her mind, You bitch. Last week you were late because you took a long lunch and I could not find you to get you the reports.

Her boss nodded curtly and then stormed off to harass her next target worker.

‘Wow, she really makes you nervous,’ I thought to Valerie.

I’m not certain if it’s her or knowing that at any moment in that conversation my boyfriend could have made me say any number of things that would have embarrassed me to the point of needing a new job. She replied back mentally.

‘I haven’t cost anyone their job yet, but I see a fun way to spend the afternoon.’ I replied back.

What do you mean? She asked back.

‘You’ll see, don’t worry your pretty little head about it.’ I responded.

She got to work on the RDE reports that she needed for her boss right away, and while I was sitting back in her body watching her work I was getting increasingly bored. The morning quickly wore on and shortly before lunch one of her favorite work friends by the name of Leslie stopped in front of her cubicle.

Leslie was shorter and had long dark hair. She was dressed modestly in a long flowing skirt that almost reached the floor and a baggy brown sweater. She had pretty blue eyes and seemed to know the majority of the office gossip. She prattled on about who was doing what where with which people, and Valerie would occasionally pipe up with a comment. None of it really interested me until a few minutes before lunch she asked Valerie what her plans were, and if the two of them should head out and get a table at their usual lunch spot.

I took control of Valerie’s body and said, “Sorry Leslie, not today. I’m going to get a nooner from my boyfriend.”

“Oh, a nooner from the mystery boy. When do I get to meet him?” She replied.

“Oh, we can arrange for him to meet you very soon if you would like.” I replied.

Brian! No! You stay out of her, she is a nice girl! Valerie chimed in.

“Does he have a cute brother?” She asked.

“Not that I know of, but he has this friend that we could twosome with.” I replied.

Burt! Burt inside her? Oh Brian, no!

“Well, you just let me know when we should set the date.” Leslie said to me.

“Well, I’ll have him get in touch with his friend, and let you know.” I said back.

“Super. Have fun at lunch. Tell mystery boy I said hi.” She said as she walked away.

I waved back to her, and then looked down at the reports on Valerie’s desk.

‘Are these done?’ I asked her.

Yes. We just have to put them on Mrs. Meyer’s desk and then we can head out. Valerie told me.

‘Who said anything about heading out?’ I replied to her as I scooped up the documents and using Valerie’s memories head for her boss’s office.

When I got there the door was closed and the lights were off. Her personal assistant was just throwing a purse over one shoulder and looked to be headed out as well. I pointed at the closed office, and the assistant said, “She left early for lunch. She said she’d be back about twelve forty five.”

“I need to put these reports on her desk. I told her they would be there before I got back from lunch.” I told her.

The assistant sighed, obviously in a hurry, and grabbed her keys, opened the door, and then quickly headed off down the hallway towards the elevators. I walked into the dim office, closed and locked the door behind me, and then set the papers on one side of the large desk in the center of the office.

I spun around, shimmied my skirt up a bit, pulled my pantyhose and panties down around my knees and hopped up onto the desk.

Brian, what are you doing? Valerie asked with concern.

‘Getting ready for a nooner.’ I replied.

I leaned back a bit and used my right hand to hold myself up as I stroked my exposed thighs and pussy lips with my left hand. I could feel dampness almost immediately between my legs as I warmed Valerie up for what was to come.

Brian, this is my boss’s desk! She soon called out in my mind.

‘I wouldn’t worry about that.’ I replied and continued to arouse her genitalia.

Once I decided Valerie had enough foreplay I laid her back and began to dismount her. Soon enough I was standing in front of her body, which was on the desk with her legs hanging over the side, properly positioned for me. I was still turned on from all the petting I was doing while inside of her, so I dismounted with a hard on. I leaned forward and brought the head of my dick to her pussy lips. I rubbed it up and down to get it lubricated well before pushing a bit into her. I then pulled a bit back out and pushed back in deeper. I continued until I had completely buried myself inside her. I then leaned over her sleeping form to kiss her gently on the cheek and whisper in her ear to wake her up.

She began to move a bit and I could feel her coming to her senses, so I started to move back and forth in her pussy. I heard her breathing pick up and she moaned softly. She started to come to and looked up at me. I smiled at her as I picked up the pace, and she started to rock back against me. I felt her hands reach up and grab at my chest as I really started to hammer into her.

She began to pant with an increased urgency and I could tell that she wanted to cry out louder, but being in her bosses office meant that she had to restrain her noises. Quite suddenly she made a few quick noises like someone had hit her in the stomach. It sounded like a cross between a grunt and moan and I could tell she had orgasmed. I quickly followed after her in the next few pumps, as the noises had put me over the edge. My pumping slowed, and I sucked in a long breath.

I finally pulled out of her and she sat up on the desk, and looked around for some tissue or anything to wipe up the mess that we made on her boss’s desk. She finally found some and began to clean up as I took two steps back and sat in one of the two small office chairs in front of her boss’s large desk.

“Brian that was great, but you should be getting back in me now. I really would rather not get caught in Mrs. Meyer’s office like this.” She said as she hopped off the desk and began to work her panties and pantyhose back into place.

“In a hurry are we?” I asked.

“Yes Brian. Come on. I’m serious.” She replied.

Just then we heard a key turning in the door and Valerie ran up to me, but I held her back at the waist. She looked down at my sitting form in confusion as her boss opened the door and walked into the small room.

Mrs. Meyer was looking down at some papers when suddenly she looked up. First at Valerie, and then at me, and then down at my nakedness. She opened her mouth to say something and that’s when I popped up from my seat and lunged to her. I clamped one hand around her mouth and wrapped the other around her back so she could not get away. I turned into the liquid goo and began entering through her mouth almost immediately. She never had a chance to scream as I was soon flowing down her throat. I began to loose sense of my normal body and feel Mrs. Meyer’s form instead. I felt her feet being pushed up into the four inch heels she wore so she could be taller then all the other women in the office. I felt nylon leggings going up under her dress pants. I could feel straps up going from the top of the leggings to a garter belt circling her thin waist. I could feel her sex covered by a silky pair of panties over the top of her garter belt straps. I could feel her bra encasing her small but proportional breasts under her purple fuzzy sweater. Suddenly I could feel her long hair pulling at the scalp, and her earrings dangling, and I could see Valerie staring at me, her boss.

I blinked a few times and then said, “Your boss is wearing lingerie under her clothes. Kinky.”

“You’re inside her now? It’s always so freaky to see you ooze into someone.” She said.

“Oh I’m in firm control of Mrs. Meyer.” I said out loud as I began to look into her sleeping mind and then continued with, “Missy? You are afraid of a girl whose first name is Missy? My name is Missy Meyer. Wait. There is a reason she is wearing lingerie under her clothes. She was going to sleep with the VP of sales after the heads of staff meeting. She’s been sleeping with all the higher ups to get promoted.”

Valerie was looking at me with wide eyes and slowly shaking her head as she learned about her boss’s secret habits.

“Wait, it goes even deeper then that.” I said as I thrust one of my new hands in Missy’s purse and dug out a small memory stick. I handed it to Valerie and then said, “She had cameras set up to take pictures so she could blackmail some of them. What a nasty lady.”

“So what do you want me to do with this?” Valerie asked as she held the memory stick at arms length like it was plagued.

“I don’t know. But if Missy here gets bad, you could use it to blackmail her.” I said.

Valerie looked at me for a bit then slowly wrapped her hand around the memory stick.

“So what are you going to do as her?” She asked.

“Well, I’d love to get a test drive out of her body, and from her memories her husband is a pretty well endowed construction worker.” I said with a smile to Valerie, “I don’t see why he shouldn’t get to screw the fuck out of his wife tonight. And she keeps copies of the photos on her laptop at home. Perhaps I’ll print them out and leave them on the table for him to find when I’m done. She can deal with the hole that she dug then.”

“Well, I’d love to try and talk you out of it, but I just don’t see where it would be bad if Missy got caught.” Valerie said to me.

Just about that time my new assistant came back from lunch and walked into the open doorway of my office.

“Mrs. Meyer, you have a staff meeting in a few minutes, remember?” She reminded me.

“Thank you Jessica. That will be all. And Miss Pennington, I see you just barely got these RDE reports to me on time again. I will be noting it in your permanent file.” I told Valerie, using her last name.

Valerie looked at me dumbfounded as I walked around behind my desk and sat down in my large leather office chair. “That will be all Miss Pennington. You may leave my office now.” I said to her with just a hint of an evil smile.

She spun around and promptly headed out to her cubicle. I started to gather up all the reports from the various workers in Valerie’s department, tucked them under my arm, and headed out to where the staff meeting would take place.

By the time I got to the large conference room there were a few other department heads there. Using Missy’s memory I greeted them all and made small talk as everyone else filed in. The meeting was so boring I was having trouble even pretending to pay attention. Despite Missy’s comments to Valerie earlier I knew from her memory that she very rarely spoke during these meetings and more often then not just handed the reports in to her boss after the meeting.

Soon enough the meeting was wrapping up, and suddenly the VP of sales, a man by the name of Rich Lemere asked if I could go to his office afterwards to go over some figures. I nodded and as soon as the meeting broke up the two of us were off to his larger office on a higher floor.

We walked passed his assistant outside his door and he told her that we were going over accounting numbers and were not to be disturbed for the next hour or so. The assistant gave me a dirty look as I walked into Rich’s office behind him, so I took the opportunity to stick my tongue out at her. She took a double look at me as if she didn’t believe what she had just seen, but we were already in the office with the door closing.

I walked a few steps into the office and heard Rich closing the door and locking it behind us.

“So, what do you have hidden under those closthes for me today?” he asked with hunger in his voice.

I took that as an invitation to start stripping my new body, and quickly reached down to undo the small belt and dress pants buttons before Rich came over and helped pull my soft sweater over my head. As soon as my sweater was off I pushed my pants down stepped out of the pool of fabric at my feet as best I could while still keeping my heels on.

He whistled a bit of a cat call as I posed my body for him.

“You remembered how much I like stockings.” He said as he started to feel up my legs. I moaned slightly as I began to feel my borrowed body heat up. I could feel my nipples pressing against the inside of my bra and my pussy was starting to salivate.

“So how do you want it tiger?” I asked him, then slowly turned around and bent myself over his desk offering up my backside.

Over my back I heard him say, “It’s a good thing I took a couple little blue pills this morning.” As I felt him press himself against my barely clothed backside. He put his hands on my hips and then ran them up my waist and sides as he reached forward and leaned over me to caress my breasts.

I moved my hips back and forth a bit on the front of his pants, which seemed to inspire him to straighten back up and grab the waistband of my panties and pull them down to mid thigh. His hands then ran over my ass cheeks until I felt him run a finger up and down the length of my pussy lips. I cooed appreciatively back at him and he used that as encouragement to press a stubby finger into me. I was using my elbows to hold myself up on his desk, and grabbed the backside of his desk with my hands and used the hold I had to thrust back a bit on his finger, as if it was an unspoken way of saying “more please.”

“Horny little minx today.” He said, “Normally we have to use a bit of lube or at least more foreplay.”

I felt him pull his finger out of me, and heard Rich struggle with his belt buckle for a minute or two and then his zipper go down. I then suddenly felt the head of a thick but stubby penis press up against my bottom lips. He gently pressed his head into me, and I used my muscles to grasp it. He then slowly pulled back out, and pressed in again slowly. I was loving the feelings of getting my pussy stuffed by him. He began to slowly rock back and forth in and out of me at his slow pace and I felt the now familiar waves of pleasure coming from a pussy.

“Oh yeah baby. Fill me up.” I said to encourage him a bit, and he picked up the pace a bit.

I set my head down on the desk and closed my eyes to help my concentrate on the thrusting of the man who was filling me up. As his thrusting continued he reached forward to grab at my waist and help control my body to keep it at the rhythm that he wanted, and I just went with the flow.

He was picking up the pace now and I was building close to finally cumming. I lifted my head back up and looked to the side only to find a picture of his wife and kids staring back at me. It startled me a bit and I would have lost my rhythm if it weren’t for Rich’s hands on my waist directing me. I quickly spun my head the other way and got a view of a pen holder that was shaking with our love making and found this a much more suitable view.

He jerked twice hard and I could feel him release inside of me. In response I called out a bit loudly, “Oh yes Richie, yes!”

He hissed at me and said, “Quiet Missy. Dammit.”

He pulled out of me, but I hadn’t quite finished up yet. I stood up and could feel both my juices and his seed begin to seep out of my cunt and down my thighs. I didn’t bother pulling up my panties as I spun around to face him. I looked down to see he was still erect and the little wonder pills he had taken were still doing there job.

“Good. I’m not done yet. You lay back on the couch, I’ll do all the work.” I said to him as I pointed to the small leather couch along one wall in his office.

“What? You’ve never wanted a second round. And you’ve always finished before.” He said looking at me.

“That’s because I lied before. But today I want more. Now are you going to lie down or do I have to get physical with you?” I told him forcefully.

Well, being a male with a fully extended dick that was already wet with my pussy juices, he didn’t need telling twice and kicked off his pants as he headed for the couch. As he laid back on it I dropped my panties the rest of the way to the floor, stepped out of them, and straddled him to bring myself down on his prick. As I bottomed out on it I put my hands on his chest and began using them to help push myself up and down and picked up right where we left off on the desk.

He reached up and grabbed my waist to try and control the tempo again, but I swatted his hands away and continued our session at my speed. He didn’t know what to make of it, but kept playing along. Soon enough I was on top of a peak of sexual bliss and tossed my head back as I came, grunting a few times, and thrusting myself down a couple times harshly on him.

I looked down to see him wincing in pain and realized his head was on a hard wooden arm rest, but he must not have wanted to stop me so he just put up with the pain.

I could still feel his dick hard and inside of me, and so I looked down at him and asked, “One more time in your chair? We might as well make the rounds all the way through your office.”

He looked at me for a few long moments before nodding and making another comment towards me being a horny little minx today.

I stood up off him, and hooked some stray hairs back behind my ears, and he sauntered over to his large leather office chair and then sat down before patting his lap invitingly for me to sit on.

I stepped up to him, and straddled his chair, putting one leg over either side while holding onto his shoulders for support as I pretty much did the splits to bring my sopping little box up to his member. We were face to face and he again grabbed my waist so that he could set the speed of our fucking. I let him this time, and he began lifting my small frame and setting it back down on his dick. I used my legs on his armrests to help support my waist and lift almost all the way off him so I could get the maximum stroke off his short but wide dick. I was on my way to yet another orgasm in Missy’s body when his chair developed a bit of a squeak.

He lifted at my waist to stop me but I was too far along and didn’t want to wait for release, so I kept thrusting up and down. Whoever was outside his office was treated to a lovely REEKY REEKY REEKY sound over and over again for about thirty seconds until I finally came.

He practically shoved me off him when I finally released my grip on his shoulders and my legs went slack from the orgasm. I stumbled on my heels and wobbly post orgasmic legs as I tried to keep my balance.

“You fucking bitch!” he whispered at me in an angry tone, “If anyone knows what we are doing in here and tells my wife I’ll make sure it’s your ass.”

“You certainly enjoyed my ass a little while ago.” I replied not really caring if either one of them got caught cheating on their spouses.

“Get your clothes on and get the fuck out of my office, you whore!” he said with anger flowing out of every word.

I sashayed my way around his desk to grab my panties off the floor and carefully stepped into them, and then brought them up my shapely legs. My pussy was still leaking a combination of juices and seed, but that didn’t really matter to me at this point. I grabbed my dress pants off the floor and carefully stepped into them and brought them up around my slim waist. I buttoned the fly up and then fastened the belt before I began to look around for where Rich had tossed my sweater. I grabbed it off the floor as I headed towards his door and brought it up to my chest to cover my breasts from his sight.

I turned back towards him and said, “Hey dickhead, same time after the next staff meeting or the pictures I have of the two of us doing the nasty will be e-mailed to your wife and her lawyer. Watch who you call a whore.” And with that I pulled the sweater over my head, and unlocked and walked out his door without adjusting it to fit right or worrying about my hair or make up.

His assistant looked at me like the cat that ate the canary, but I just ignored her as I walked on by and back down to my office. When I got there I stopped at Jessica, my assistant’s desk.

“Jessica, would you be a dear and run and find Valerie Pennington for me? Tell her to come right away. Thank you.” I said and then continued into my office to sit down at my desk.

A few minutes later Valerie showed up at the door.

“Close the door and come in Valerie.” I said to her.

She did as she was told, and then took a seat on the opposite side of the desk as me and then leaned forward before asking quietly, “Are you still in there?”

I leaned forward towards her in my chair and our faces were just inches away. I almost played with her for a bit and pretended to be her boss, but quickly decided against it and instead replied, “Yup. It’s me in here yet.”

“How did the meeting go?” She asked.

“Meeting sh-meeting. They barely know she is in them, don’t listen to what she tells you. The interesting part happened after with the VP of sales.” I winked at her.

“You didn’t! You little slut! I can’t believe you went and had sex with him.” She practically giggled all the words out.

“Oh I had sex with him. Three times. In fact I’m still leaking his cum out of my pussy.” I replied to her.

“Oh Brian, that is so nasty!” She said back while wrinkling her nose in disgust.

“Well, I didn’t have a lot of time to clean up, he was pretty pissed that I was so loud. We didn’t exactly leave on good terms.” I told her.

“I can’t believe I know the office gossip before Leslie! And I get to hear it right from my boss’s mouth!” Valerie again started to giggle a bit.

“Yeah, well, I’ll do what I can to help you out.” I said with a wink.

“So what are you going to do now?” She asked.

“Oh I think I’m going to cut out early and go and spend some of Missy’s money on some hot little undies for her husband. Then I am going to give him a night that he will remember for a long time.” I said back to her.

Valerie smiled at me and said, “Well, you have fun. I expect details when you get back!”

I nodded at her and we both got up and headed for the door. I hooked my purse under my arm and then followed Valerie until we reached Jessica’s desk just outside of the office door.

“Jessica, I have some stuff that came up, cancel everything for the rest of the day, I have to go.” I told her.

“But Mrs. Meyer, You have a three o’clock with…” She started to say.

“And now I don’t. Good day Jessica.” I said over the top of her, and then turned away from her and headed for the elevators and out of the building.

I finally got to Missy’s car, and as I walked up to it I let out a low whistle. It was a brand new Mercedes Benz with all the bells and whistles. I reached into her purse for the key fob and hit the unlock button, and then climbed in. It took a few moments before I figured out how to turn the car on. It only had a start button. Apparently once the key fob got close enough to the car, it would just work for the owner.

I quickly backed out of the parking stall and headed for the mall.