Brian's Story - Chapter 14 - Getting to Know Each Other

By Tobyredone

19 minute read -

This is the fourteenth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

Burt stood up suddenly from my lap and slapped me hard across the jaw. My head swung to the side, and I blinked a few times trying to clear the stars from my vision. I turned back to look at him just in time to catch another one of his slaps with my right temple.

“Ah! Burt, what the fuck!” I cried out loudly as I quickly brought my arms up to shield my head from anymore of his blows.

“She knows us Brian. She knows what we are! Hell, for some reason she even has memories from when you hopped her! You don’t see how this could be bad! Not just you, either, but me and everyone like us! A reveal is one thing Brian, but what the hell are you doing here?” He yelled at me.

“I’m just having fun. Like you told me to do. I was lonely, looking for someone to talk to, and she found out, and she liked it. She wanted me to hop her. She asked me too. She’s bi and so I would come back in girl’s bodies, too. I didn’t mean to make any trouble for you, but we ran into you at the strip club. She liked how you used your body that night.” I started to spew out words in an apology to him.

“That doesn’t explain how she has memories of what we did while you were in her.” He said as he put his tiny hands on his tapered waist and began tapping his foot.

“I found out that if I try hard enough I could wake her mind up while I’m in her. I am still in control of her body, but she gets to ride along, or if I relax completely she can still move her own body.” I replied.

“Why would you even try that Brian?” He asked.

“I don’t know. She asked if I could. I told her we could try it. To be honest it was fun with her riding along in her own body.” I said.

Burt seemed to calm down a lot. He brought his hand up to his head and ran his hands through his long hair, and pulled a few stray strands back out of his face. He paced a bit in front of me tapping a finger into his lips as he thought. I moved my jaw around a bit to work out some of the pain, and rubbed my temple.

Burt looked down at me and said, “Sorry about that. I guess I got a bit over excited.”

“You think?” I replied.

“Don’t lip off yet, bud. You are not out of shit creek. I realize that you didn’t mean anything harmful by what you did, but that doesn’t mean that other body hoppers will. You can’t go around telling everyone about us Brian. Someone will talk. And waking a girl’s mind up is a big deal for us. Especially if people start to find out about our kind.” He said and then paused to walk around while in thought a bit more.

“Also, if some body hopper wanted to go after you, they could use Valerie here,” He motioned up and down his stolen body, “to get back at you. They could hurt her to get to you, or anyone who knew about your powers and wanted to blackmail you, could threaten her. I know you have feelings for her, just like I know she has feelings for you. But you aren’t just a normal guy anymore Brian.” He continued.

“I guess I didn’t think of it like that.” I replied as I looked down at my feet.

“You didn’t think period.” He said back to me, “How many others know about you?”

“Valerie knows, and my friend Dave. Oh, and the girl I was just in, Missy, her husband Mark figured it out, too.” I said.

“You haven’t been a body hopper three weeks and everyone you’ve come in contact with knows already? Jeez Brian, c’mon.” He said as he threw his feminine hands up in the air obviously displeased with me.

“Burt, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it, and Dave won’t talk. Neither will Valerie, and I’m pretty sure Mark won’t. He seemed like a good guy.” I said.

“He seemed like a good guy?” Burt asked with raised eyebrows.

I gulped a bit as I thought he might slap me again. Instead he just turned around and walked to Valerie’s bedroom. As I saw him walking, I noticed he moved just like Valerie. In spite of the situation I smiled a bit as I watched her naked body disappear into her bedroom and realized that my first fight with my girlfriend happened while a guy was using her body. I got up and followed Burt into the bedroom. He was laying back on the bed, legs spread, and it was then I noticed that Burt had a bit of a small smile himself.

“So are you mad at me?” I asked as I looked down at him on the bed, and watching him slowly trace circles around my girlfriend’s nipples causing them to stand out.

“I’m not over it yet, but I’m hoping you’ll make it up to me.” He replied and spread his legs a bit more.

I pulled off my jeans and shirt and got onto the bed next to him. He used Valerie’s manicured nails softly on my stiffening penis until I was at full attention, and then laid back so that I could begin fucking him. I went slowly at first, and would occasionally stop for a few seconds before continuing until he was almost perpetually on the edge of an orgasm. Then I would hesitate for a few moments when I knew he was close. I kept him panting and wanting and calling out for more for quite a while until finally I could also no longer take anymore. The next time we built up to the edge of sexual bliss I just kept going until I felt his legs shake and his pussy spasm and grip my dick, and felt his well done nails dig into my back.

I rolled over and looked at him, with a half smile and said, “How’d I do.”

“I just can’t stay mad at you bud.” He replied with a bit of a belly laugh that made his tits jiggle.

“I’m glad the make up sex made up for it.” I said with a chuckle.

“Well, its funny how that works with me, but I just have a few more questions. I mean, I can understand why you would tell your friend. I told one of my friends. It’s great to show up with a girl’s body, screw, and leave. It’s good for both of you. And I can understand a reveal in a wife’s body. Some rare guys just know their wives, and notice when something is out of place. But why tell Valerie? And then stay here? You could be anywhere. Doing anything or anybody. Why get a girlfriend? You’re a body hopper. You should be out doing whatever you want.” He asked me.

“I am out doing what I want. You said it yourself, Val has a great body. Plus she lets me run around, so it’s not a big deal. That and she is pretty good with her tongue when I bring a body home. Or if I want to go out and get a body, but need camouflage, I can use her. Kind of like a Trojan horse. Or if I want to ditch while we are out at a bar, but don’t have any clothes, I can just hop into her. And she likes it.” I replied.

“Really?” He asked.

“Really. You should drop by when she’s not hopped and meet her. She’s a pretty cool girl.” I said.

“I bet she doesn’t fuck like I do, though.” He said, and rolled over on top of me, and began licking my still flaccid penis until it began to come back to life. My dick stood up quickly once more, and Burt used his nimble body to crawl up and sit down on it. I felt Valerie’s familiar vagina encase my dick, but under new direction it felt a bit odd. Burt used her pussy muscles to clamp down tightly and then began to work slowly at fucking himself on me.

We had sex a few more times before we both passed out on the bed. Burt collapsed right on top of me, and it felt odd to have Valerie’s perfect little body lying on me, but to see Burt’s mug attached to her face. I didn’t look at it long before sleep overtook me as well.

I woke up before Burt and gently slid out from underneath him. I grabbed a pair of my sweatpants out of the drawer and put them on, then headed for the kitchen. I dug through the refrigerator and pulled out a few things to make some breakfast as I knew Burt would be as hungry as I was after our escapades last night. I pulled out a few frying pans and was just about to light the burners when Burt came walking out of the bedroom, still inside Valerie’s heavenly little body, and still completely naked. He stretched raising his small arms high above his head and yawned, then pulled the hair out of his face and tried to tuck the slightly tangled mess behind his ears.

“Sleep well?” I asked him.

“Oh, like a well fucked woman.” He replied with a grin.

“I was just about to make some breakfast, but I noticed we don’t have any eggs. Val must not have made it to the store before you hopped her.” I said.

“Don’t worry. I’ll go right now and pick some up quick. You get started on the rest, I’ll be back in a flash.” He said and turned to walk back into the bedroom.

I turned on the burners and began frying up some bacon and getting some bread out to make some toast when Burt walked back out from the bedroom. He was wearing some black pumps with a 4” heel and a tiny black miniskirt along with a very thin white cotton tank top shirt, and from the way his nipples were poking through the fabric, I knew he had no bra on. His disheveled hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail, with quite a few strays that he had missed in his quick change.

He waved to me as he walked over to the couch, grabbed Valerie’s purse off the coffee table and headed out the door. I just shook my head, and wondered what Valerie would say when she found out about this.

I went back to cooking, and before long was worried about burning the bacon. I started up some sausage just because I wanted to keep the burners going. After another forty five minutes I decided I would just eat what I had made as I didn’t want it to go to waste. I grabbed some juice, sat down and began shoveling food into my mouth. When I was done I had enough time to wash the dishes and actually began to worry about what Burt was doing with Valerie’s body. I wondered if maybe I should have said a bit more to him, either the other night or this morning about her.

When I finished cleaning up I went into the living room and with nothing else to do but wait, sat down and turned on the TV. Just as I sat down, the door opened. I heard the familiar sound of heels coming in through the door way, and as I turned around I said, “About time you got back here…” and then stopped mid sentence as I looked at Valerie’s real face.

“Brian, I think I got body hopped by someone else!” She said as she did her best to run to me on the couch in four inch heels before dropping along side of me and continuing, “I was coming home from work Friday night. There was man standing down the hallway from my apartment door. When I started walking up to the door he said he was your friend, and said he wanted to talk a minute. The next thing I know I’m waking up in a bathroom stall at the grocery store! I’m not wearing any bra or panties under these clothes, Brian! My vagina is sore, and it feels like he used it!” She said in a panic.

I reached up and gently stroked her hair. “Valerie, you did get body hopped,” at this point she looked at me a bit accusatorially, and I continued, “No, it wasn’t me. I came back from Missy’s and found the hopper from the strip club in you.”

“Oh no Brian! What if he made me do stuff! Have sex with random guys! Or run down the street naked or something!” She said in a full blown panic.

“Valerie, the only guy you had sex with was me, and the only place you were naked at was your apartment,” I told her.

“You had sex with him using my body!” She said as she used a small fist to pound into my chest, which hurt a lot less than Burt slapping me on my face.

“What did you want me to do?” I asked.

“Get him out of me!” She replied.

“How? Beat him up? That would be beating you up.” I replied.

“Well… I mean… I guess I see your point.” She said finally calming down a bit.

“If it’s any consolation, it was good sex with your body. He enjoyed it too.” I said, and she hit me again, more playfully this time.

“Hey, you wanted more excitement in your life.” I reminded her.

“Yeah, I just didn’t think my body would become the community bicycle.” She replied dryly.

“I wouldn’t go that far, it’s only been me and him.” I said to her.

“So what happened? Where is he? How long was I hopped?” She asked suddenly, looking at me with questions pouring out.

“I came back from Missy’s place and he was masturbating in you on the couch here. He yelled at me for letting a woman know I was a body hopper. He was also not pleased that I wake up your mind while I’m in you. Apparently I’m not being secretive enough. So I probably shouldn’t be telling you this,” I said with a smile before I continued, “You only lost a night. It’s Saturday morning. He left to get some eggs, and that’s the last I saw of him. To be honest I was worried he was doing something with your body, too.”

“Well, that would explain why I woke up to the sound of a girl beating on the bathroom stall door in the supermarket.” She said, before adding, “And thank you for worrying by the way. Oh, and remind me to wash the couch later.”

“Yeah, about that, Valerie, Burt said we have to be more careful from now on. He’s worried that other hoppers or people would use you to get to me. I have to be honest, it almost makes me worry to stay here, and continue this with you.” I replied.

“I’d understand if you wanted to go Brian. I wouldn’t like it, but I’d understand. I really like you. I guess I’m willing to put up with a bit of weirdness to keep you around.” She said as she leaned forward to give me a small hug.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. Valerie and I looked at each other before both heading to the door. Valerie was in front and looked through the peep hole before pulling back and opening the door.

“Can I help you with something?” She asked the beautiful blonde woman standing outside of her door.

“You already did, sweetie. I had a blast getting your pussy stuffed last night, but now I’m hungry, so if I can get Brian to start cooking up some of this food, that would be great.” Burt replied to her.

“Oh it’s you.” She replied as understood why the blonde girl was talking to her like that, and took a step back and out of the way so that Burt could walk into the apartment. He was wearing the body of a young woman, probably about nineteen or twenty, with blonde hair that dipped just below the shoulders. She had a white long sleeved tee shirt on with light blue lettering across the front that contained her amazingly perky full C cupped chest. She also had on a short jean skirt and some flat sandals. What I could see of her legs and the rest of her body she had a nice bronze shade on her skin that told me she must tan a lot. Her nails were painted a shiny light blue that matched her shirt.

Burt handed me the bag of groceries and winked at me, before asking, “Whadda think?” and doing a quick spin around so I could see his mounts nicely rounded backside.

I nodded at him, and then headed for the kitchen to start cooking some breakfast again. I turned on the burners and put the frying pans back on them, as I dug out the eggs from the shopping bag and some more bacon from the fridge. I saw Burt and Valerie follow me in and both girls began to eye the other up.

“Hey, next time you head out in my body, do you think you could maybe toss on some underwear?” Valerie asked the blonde.

“Is that an invitation to let me borrow your body again?” Burt asked with a smile.

Valerie gulped, and then said, “Well I’m not saying that I’m absolutely against it. I just really don’t like waking up in a public restroom with no panties, a mini skirt, and no idea how I got there.”

Burt reached his hands up under his mount’s skirt and began to shimmy back and forth as he pulled his panties off. He then stepped carefully out of them before offering them over to Valerie, “Here, take mine. I don’t mind. And as far as ditching you in a rest room, I was the one that woke you up. I know Brian has a soft spot for you, so I wouldn’t let anything bad happen while I borrowed your body.”

“Ew. Yuck. I don’t know where she’s been.” Valerie replied as she looked down at the tiny white silk panties.

“Well, you should take them and say thank you, because I could still jump in you and head down to the corner and give you quite the reputation. Not to mention I got a blonde because I know you like them, and Brian was bragging about your tongue last night and I want to give it a test drive.” Burt replied to her.

With that Valerie took the panties from Burt’s outstretched hand and hesitantly stepped a foot into each leg hole and then pulled them up and under her skirt, wiggling a bit until she got them to sit right and then asked, “There, happy? They feel a bit wet, to be honest, it’s a bit disgusting.”

“Well, I’m usually horny when I hop a woman, and when I get a young one full of hormones, well, it doesn’t take much to make me moist. Sorry. But the good news is you don’t have to worry about catching anything. Stephanie here has only had sex one time, it was with her now ex boyfriend, and they used a condom. She was shopping for chocolate chip cookies to help with the break up pain when I, or should I say we, bumped into her.” Burt said.

About this time I motioned for them to sit down, and started to dish out the food. As they sat down on opposite sides of the table I dropped a plate full of eggs and bacon in front of each one.

“Oh thank you. I’m starving. I feel like I haven’t eaten for a day.” Valerie said.

“It’s been about that,” Burt responded, to which Valerie stuck her tongue out at the young woman sitting across the table from her.

“I’ll put that to good use in a bit.” Burt said back to her before beginning to shovel food into his mouth.

Valerie ate more gracefully, but I could tell she was hungry. I fried up a few more sticks of bacon and two more eggs and just as they were both looking for more I was dropping seconds on their plates.

Once breakfast was done we just left the plates and headed into the living room. I sat on the couch and Valerie curled up next to me while Burt sat in a small chair that was a few feet away.

“I guess, I should introduce myself, I’m Valerie, by the way.” Valerie said as she held out her hand to Burt, “But I’m guessing you’re already pretty familiar with me.”

Burt leaned forward and shook Valerie’s outstretched hand gently with his small hand, and replied, “Hello. I’m Burt. I’m not a natural blonde, so I hoped one for you. I’m also not normally this petite.”

Valerie giggled a bit at that comment before saying, “Well Burt, It’s nice to finally meet you when you aren’t using me to screw my boyfriend, or when he is running my body and I pass out early from you two going at it.”

“The pleasure is all mine, but enough talk, I’m still horny. What do I have to do to get you away from him and over by me?” Burt asked her.

He proceeded to reach down to his waist and pull the shirt up and over his head, while his generous cleavage bounced a few times as the shirt cleared his breasts. He then stood up and undid the buttons at the front of his jean skirt and let it fall down into a puddle at his feet before stepping out of them.

Valerie looked at me, and I said, “Hey, you said I could play around, so it wouldn’t be fair if you couldn’t as well,” and with that she was also stripping out of her tiny white tank top and pulling the black mini and borrowed panties to the floor.

Burt walked over to her and wrapped his arms around Valerie’s waist and leaned in for a long and passionate kiss before his hands migrated south and came to rest on Val’s small ass. Valerie reached behind Burt’s back to expertly undo his bra strap, and as his chest pushed the tiny piece of clothing off his torso and down his arms Valerie began making her way to the bed room while pulling Burt behind her. She didn’t have to tug on his arm that hard before both girls were in the bedroom. I got up and walked to the doorway, and leaned against the frame as I saw two women laying on the bed making out passionately while exploring each others bodies with their hands.

As I stood there Valerie looked over at me, and then Burt also noticed that I was watching them.

“Don’t let me stop you.” I said as I held up my hands.

“Girl time, sweetheart. We’ll call you when we are ready, thank you.” Val said to me as she motioned with her hands for me to head back out to the living room area.

“Sorry Brian, you’ve been dismissed. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I don’t ruin her for men to badly so she may still want to have sex with you occasionally.” Burt said as he went back to kissing Valerie’s shoulders.

With that I smiled, walked back out to the living room, and started watching TV while listening to the moaning and panting of two girls over the sound of the show I was watching.

Burt and Valerie went at it for just a bit over and hour, and when they finally came out both had big smiles on their faces, but no other clothes on their bodies. Valerie came and sat on one side of me, and Burt dropped his petite little ass down on my other side.

“Ok, you were right, bud. She knows the ways to please the pussy.” Burt said as he began watching the TV.

“Your friend is amazing Brian. He is every bit as good as after that night in the strip club. I just can’t seem to go as many rounds as when you are in me, though.” She said.

“We could fix that I suppose.” I said to her as I kiss her small pink lips and tasted Burt’s borrowed vagina on her lips.

“Actually you might not have time. You have to go with Burt and pack.” She told me.

I raised an eyebrow questioningly at her, and then over to Burt who had a devious grin on his face. I looked back over to her, and saw the same smile on her face.

“Ok, what gives?” I asked.

“Well, you see, I made Val a promise. I’d always make sure that if I went out in public as her, I’d have panties on if I could borrow you for a bit. You see, I thought you were ready to bust out on your own, but after seeing what you’ve been up to for the past three weeks, I think you need a bit more supervised training, and I have just the event…” He paused briefly before continuing, “No, not an event, more like a time honored body hopper tradition that will help you to learn how to get in an out of a body without blowing your cover. And the flip side is, if you don’t learn anything thing, I promise both of us will have a great time anyway.” Burt said with a smile as he placed one small hand on my chest and began to pat my stomach.

“Up up up!” Valerie said as she shooed me with her hands once again.

I got up with Burt and both him and Valerie headed back into the bedroom. I tried to head in and get more details on what I had been traded for, but when I got to the door Valerie tossed a tee shirt at my face followed by two shoes. I quickly pulled the shirt on and then sat back down in the living room to pull the shoes on. By the time I had done that Burt came out of the bedroom and walked towards the apartment door, motioning me to follow.

When I got to the door I turned around and Valerie was right behind me.

“You have fun, ok? I’ll be here when you get back, and I want all the stories!” She said as she pulled my face down to hers and gave me a long passionate kiss.

“What the hell? I don’t have any other clothes. Where are we going?” I asked.

“No clothes won’t be a problem bud. Stephanie here has a roommate named Molly that will look perfect on you. And both of them are leaving at six in the morning on a flight to sunny Florida. You and I are going on Spring Break.” Burt said with a smile as he started out of Valerie’s apartment and down the hall.

I smiled as I wondered how the hell I got roped into this one, then followed Burt’s jean skirt clad ass down the hallway and off to his dorm room to meet my ride.