Brian's Story - Chapter 15 - Getting There is Half the Fun

By Tobyredone

16 minute read -

This is the fifteenth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I flipped my new long black hair out of my eyes for the hundredth time that day and uncrossed and then re-crossed my long legs. I looked around and Burt noticed I was once again uneasy.

“Relax buddy. You’ve been on edge since we got on the plane. Order a vodka and tonic from the flight attendant.” He said as he looked over at me.

“I can’t, Molly here is only twenty years old.” I replied to him as I looked over at him reclined in his large plush seat.

“This is first class my friend. They don’t card. I’ll get you one. You just sit there and look pretty.” He said.

Burt was still wearing Stephanie’s body. He had her long blonde hair parted in the center and was holding it out of her face with a pair of sunglasses sitting on top his head. He had insisted we dress our borrowed bodies for the beach as soon as we stepped off the plane, so you could see some strings from his bikini top poking up above the neckline of his tight white ladies polo tee shirt. He had also dressed her in a small frilly cotton mini skirt that was also white, and to complete the outfit had put on some 3 inch white heels.

I was wearing Stephanie’s raven haired roommate named Molly. It had been easy enough to follow Burt up to the small dorm room the two shared and once the door was closed it was only a few moments until I was in complete control of the pretty young ladies body and life until I decided to move on. It had been a whirlwind of activity as we had both pulled all of the two young girl’s clothes out of their bags and repacked the smallest outfits, and hottest swimsuits, and replaced anything respectable the girls had packed with sex toys we found in their hidden spots.

I had dressed Molly in a small bikini as well, and covered that with a short jean skirt and a surprisingly tight little pink hooded sweatshirt that her memory told me she had gotten at Victoria Secret. I had my sun glasses stuffed in one of the small pockets the front of the shirt had to offer on either side of the zipper which I had left scandalously low. For foot wear I had grabbed a pair of knee high black leather “fuck me” boots with a five inch heel that I just had to wear the moment I saw them, even though I don’t think they matched my outfit.

Burt by now had flagged down the flight attendant and ordered a screwdriver for me. As the flight attendant walked away he stared at her skirt covered ass and said, “It’s a shame that we don’t have time to pop out of these girls and let her initiate you into the mile high club, bud.”

I grunted back at him and looked out my window at the clouds below. Burt sensed something was still bothering me.

“Oh cheer up bud. How much better can it get? Two stolen college girl bods, tiny swimsuits, and beaches full of guys expecting wild and crazy, and most of all, horny women. What are the three rules of beach sex that I told you to remember?” he asked trying to lighten my mood.

“Um… first rule is when you are having sex on the beach, make sure you have a towel down, and do it doggie style because if you lay on your back, you’ll end up with a sandy vag.” I said.

“Excellent. Number two?” Burt replied.

“Make sure you put sun tan lotion on. Make sure it is everywhere, because you never know when you will be spending an hour on the beach naked and burnt titties hurt a lot. If I have problems I can feel free to ask you for help, and you will make sure that lotion gets rubbed on my breasts and pussy very well.” I recited while looking up at the ceiling.

“I didn’t think you were paying that close of attention. What’s number three?” Burt asked as he twirled a few strands of blonde hair around his pointer finger.

“Watch out for people with cameras when you are screwing in broad daylight, as it can lead to a reveal.” I told him calmly.

“Nice. What’s number four?” he asked with a large grin.

“You didn’t say anything about a number four.” I said back to him with a questioning look on my face.

“Have fun. Have as much sex as you can. It’s spring break; Spreading their legs is what these girls would normally do. Well, maybe not quite as much as us, but you know they are going down there to be crazy.” He said.

“Yeah, I just feel a bit bad spending all this girl’s money, and stealing her vacation from her. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me, you know?” I told him.

“Brian we are not spending all their money.” Burt replied while rolling his eyes.

“Bull. You upgraded us to first class tickets Burt. You called the dive hotel they were staying at and canceled the reservation, and got us a top floor room at another five star hotel.” I said with a bit of an edge to my voice and then continued, “These pour girls are going to wake up on some beach without knowing how they got there, with their credit cards maxed and half dressed.”

“You know Brian, you worry about the girls you hop. You are with out a doubt the most conscientious hopper I have ever met when it comes to your hopped girl’s well being. I think that may be what I like most about you. But you still have a few things to learn. I’ve been hopping college girls for spring break since I found out I could body hop. The girls that I found my way into on any given beach sometimes spent their entire vacation so drunk they didn’t remember the parts that I wasn’t in them any more than the parts where I was in them. The other thing you don’t know is that I didn’t use the girl’s money. I have a rather large amount of money in the bank from when I liquidated all my assets because I didn’t need them anymore. I upgraded the plane tickets and the hotel room from that rather large nest egg. Oh, and I extended their vacation for a week. So we can mess around in them all week, and then find some other girls to hop, and they will still have a week for themselves down on the sunny beaches, and then get to fly back first class.” Burt told me with a smug look on his face.

I blinked a few times then smiled over at Burt and said, “Okay, I guess you got me. You thought of everything. And I guess Valerie did tell me to go and have fun.”

“You damn right she did.” He said as he smiled back at me and then continued, “So you just remember, if you don’t have fun or can’t keep up with me, the deal I made to her about the panties in public places is off.”

Just then the stewardess came back with my screwdriver. I held it up and Burt grabbed his drink from the tray in front of his seat and we clinked them together in a celebratory cheers gesture before I downed the entire glass in large gulps. I held my empty glass up to the surprised flight attendant and said in a perky voice that fit my young host, “I’m going to need another one of these please, a bit heavier on the vodka. Thanks!”

As the stewardess took my empty glass to refill it Burt motioned me to lean over to him and said, “Perhaps we can still get you into the mile high club the easy way. I’ve got a couple of young men back in the coach section that have been looking through the curtain to get glimpses at us. What do you say we both sashay our way to the bathrooms in back and see if we can get them to follow?”

I nodded and we both got up and walked carefully towards the back of the plane. Burt walked by first and as he got to the boy he wanted he stopped to briefly smile and tuck his hair behind his ears before continuing on. I was close behind, and just as I was walking by the boy of my choice the plane banked to the left. In my five inch stiletto boots my sense of balance was no match for the now tilted gravity and I flopped right into the boy’s lap. He deftly raised his arms in time to catch my back before I went tumbling down the entire row of seats. I wrapped my slender arms around his neck and pulled myself to his chest. His other hand wrapped around my now exposed thighs to hold me in the seat until the plane steadied itself once more. I let go of his neck and tucked my long black hair out of my eyes yet again as I looked at him with what I knew he saw as Molly’s deep blue eyes.

“Oh thank you so much! I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t caught me!” I said again using a perky voice I knew matched my mount’s normal demeanor.

“Oh it’s not a problem miss,” He replied with a smile as he tried to help me back up.

As I steadied myself and tugged my short skirt back into place I looked down at him and shrugged one shoulder, “And so polite too! I just don’t know how to thank you for saving me.”

“It wasn’t anything that needs repaying.” He said and started to blush at the big deal I was making.

I reached down and grabbed one of his hands and pulled gently, “C’mon, I need your help with something.”

He obliged me and unhooked his seat belt to follow me. I looked back over my shoulder and smiled at him as I continued my way to the back of the plane. As I passed Burt in the narrow isle way with my boy in tow he whispered at me, “Cheater!” and then slapped my shapely backside as I pulled my new friend behind me.

We got to the back of the plane where the bathrooms are and I pulled him into the tiny compartment. There was barely room to turn around in it, but I did. As I stood there facing him I unzipped my sweatshirt all the way and, dropped my shoulders so that it fell off and onto the small countertop behind me. He towered over me even in my five inch heels.

“What did you need help with miss?” he asked me politely.

“Oh I think you know. I saw you looking up at me. I thought you were cute and was coming back to say hello when you caught me, and saved me from a nasty tumble. I just wanted to give you a proper thank you.” I said as I lightly ran my hands down his chest to his buckle on his belt.

“Really, it was no big deal, we don’t have to do this.” He said again.

“So are you a bit gun shy? Or were you looking at my friend? Was she the one you really wanted?” I asked as I tucked my hair behind my ear and out of my eyes once more.

“No, I think you’re very pretty. I just don’t much like one night stands, and I try not to have sex with a girl until I know her name. I guess I’m just old fashion.” He replied.

“Well, my name is Molly. I’m headed down to be wild and crazy for spring break. I thought this would be a fun way for us both to start our vacations, but if you want to keep to your rules, I can respect that. I’ve already gotten you this far, so my friend will get a story either way.” I said up at him with a smile.

“My name’s Chase. It’s a pleasure to meet you Molly.” He said plainly.

I took that to mean he wasn’t interested in letting Molly have one right there on the plane, so I turned around to get my shirt. As I faced away from him, I backed up a bit, and pressed my ass cheeks right up against his groin. I could feel he had an erection. I looked over my shoulder at him and he smiled.

“You know if I give you my number and we meet up at least once while we are in Florida it won’t be a one night stand.” He told me as he ran his hands down my back and around to my small stomach.

I wiggled my backside against him and giggled in response. He in turn reached back and started to undo his buckle on his jeans and work them down as best he could in the tight quarters. I just reached down to my waist at the two ties that were exposed over the waist of my jean skirt and pulled on the strings. As I pulled the skirt up around my waist the bikini bottoms fell down to the floor. Chase reached around and started to feel out my body. He grabbed at my thighs, running his large fingers up my pussy lips and feeling the small trimmed tuft of pubic hair I had there. He continued up until he found my belly button piercing and flicked it twice with his right pointer finger. I giggled and reached up behind my head to stroke the hair on the back of his neck with my hands.

He continued his way up my body until he had a firm grasp on both my tits. He worked his way under my bikini top, and put two fingers on either side of my nipples and roughly groped them. He twisted his fingers a bit as he massaged my chest which pulled just a small amount on my nipples, and I went nuts. I started to pant as I felt little jolts of electricity shoot out from my breasts and through my entire body. I started to loose my balance, and my legs buckled from the pleasure. Chase held me against him, and bent his knees and legs just a bit so that he could hold up my weight. I felt not only my pussy moisten, but also my thighs started to feel wet as Chase fired me up enough that I was gushing. I felt his large dick standing up in between my naked ass cheeks, and I spread my legs just a bit and tried to lift my own weight up so that he would have a chance to stick it in me.

Just as I thought I would be able to stand up he started to nibble on my ear lobe along with his magic hands working on my breasts. My knees went weak again and I fell once more into his strong arms as he let out a small laugh and did his best to keep me from dropping to the floor in a heap of sexed up girl. He continued his foreplay for another few minutes, although to me it felt like an eternity before slowing down on my breasts and letting me regain some of my senses.

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you,” I panted out as I used my wobbly knees to get a few more inches off the ground and tilted my ass back at him trying to lift my pelvis as high as possible until I felt him shuffle a bit and his dick flopped down underneath me in between my legs and up against my pussy lips.

I moved my hips back and forth, which dragged my pussy up and down the top side of his penis until I felt him drop just a bit more and suddenly he had the right angle and the tip of his dick shot right inside me. I grabbed at it with my pussy muscles, holding it tight and slowly moved up and down. He groaned in pleasure and I knew I was returning the favor for all the excellent foreplay he had provided me with. I loosened up my grip and took more of his dick inside me, then once again grabbed at it hard with my strong young pussy muscles and began milking him.

His legs started to shake, and I was worried it was from the exertion of holding me up and I asked him if he was ok, he grunted, nodded and I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck as he pressed against the back of my head with his face and kissed me gently down my neck. I reached forward and held onto the small counter top to take some of my weight off from him and give me more stability to bob up and down on his pole. I was taking the whole length up and inside me, and then hopping up until I felt the end of his impressive girth just about leave my pussy before slamming back down on him, and I knew I was close to a huge orgasm.

“Oh yes, oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes, oh. Oh. Oh yes.” I panted as quietly as I could so we wouldn’t get caught, but I have to admit, it added to the excitement tremendously.

I felt jerk suddenly, and his dick started to pulse, which sent me over the edge. He was roughly slamming into me as he emptied his seed into my vagina that was greedily milking him for all it could get. As he made his last thrusts into me, I hit another orgasmic wave, and lost my grip on the counter top as I gasped for air. With my added weight again on him Chase’s legs slowly lowered down onto the toilet seat, and I went with him.

As I regained my senses and the flashes of light finally cleared from my vision I felt him again kissing at my neck. I reached a hand around and gently stroked his chin and felt the bit of stubble that was on his face.

“You’re so sweet,” I told him in an exhausted voice.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said back to me in an equally exhausted voice.

With that I stood up and reached along side him to grab at some toilet paper and began to clean my inner thigh and leaking pussy up. I had to stop once to again pull my unruly hair out of my eyes and tuck it behind my ears so I could see anything. As I finished up Chase had regained some of his senses as well and reached down to grab my bikini bottoms and hand them up to me. I smiled at him and took them, and quickly got them into position and retied. I then pulled my short jean skirt down over my slightly sticky thighs and pulled the little ties so that they were once again above the waistline of my skirt.

As Chase watched me redress he looked me up and down, drinking in my exposed body with his eyes. He again reached up to flick my belly button ring and giggled as I slapped his hand away and pulled my sweatshirt back on.

Chase simply stood up, pulled his jeans back up his legs from about half way down and did up his button and zipper and was ready to go. As I watched I realized how much more work I had to do as a girl both before and after. There was all the make up and primping and preening, and getting into the outfit, and most of the time they weren’t overly comfortable.

As I sighed contently from yet another after orgasm mini tremor that once again ran through me, I realized it was all worth it though.

I turned to look in the mirror and fixed any out of place strands of hair that I saw, but I was careful not to put my face’s reflection in a spot that Chase might see it, but to my relief he was busy looking at my legs and backside. I turned and winked at him, then he grabbed at the handle of the door and quickly pulled the door open and walked out to minimize the number of people that would see two young college students walking out of the bathroom together.

After I waited a five count I walked out and down the isle back to my seat, putting an extra sway in my step as I passed Chase’s seat. When I sat down my drink was waiting for me on the small board in front of my seat and I took it and slowly sipped some down, savoring the taste and the warmth of the liquor and the sex that were both still spreading through my body.

“You little hooch,” I heard Burt say next to me.

My only response was a contented sigh and a small giggle.

“Falling into his arms? I mean, why don’t you just get a tattoo that says, ‘I’m easy and I like to fuck’ Brian? That was cheating. That does not count as you getting laid first on our vacation.” Burt said to me.

“Wow, jealous much? What happened to your guy?” I asked as I looked over and sipped a bit more on my screwdriver.

“He got cold feet when the stewardess walked back with us and stood there watching us as we looked at the bathroom doors. What a pussy.” He replied with obvious annoyance in his voice.

Just then the stewardess walked up to me and leaned over, “Excuse me, miss, but the young man in coach asked me to give this to you, and he said it was important.”

“Thank you very much,” I replied to her and took the small napkin with the telephone number on it from her hand and tucked it into my purse.

“Wow, that good? You are going to keep his number?” Burt asked me.

“The man knew his foreplay. He had me lit up before he even tried to stick it in me. I have to keep a man like that on the call back roster Steph.” I said using Burt’s mount’s name.

“You little hooch, that was cheating. I got beat by the rookie on his first trip. I must be loosing my touch!” Burt said, and then complained, “I didn’t even get an orgasm on our way to spring break.”

“Well Burt, I can’t complain. For me just getting there is half the fun!” I said, and took another long drink of my screwdriver.