Brian's Story - Chapter 16 - Two Checking In

By Tobyredone

18 minute read -

This is the sixteenth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

Burt and I were walking to the doors of the airport with our luggage in tow behind us as three strapping young men dragged it behind them. We had met them at the baggage claim, and after seeing Burt in Stephanie’s pretty young body struggle a bit with his first case they quickly offered to help us with the rest of our stuff.

Burt, being the flirt that he is, talked all three boys into not only getting the bags off the carousel, but also bringing them to the door for us. As we walked out of the air conditioned building and out into the warm tropic breeze I was suddenly glad that I had a bikini and a short skirt on. I unzipped my small sweatshirt all the way and let it hang open as I dug my sun glasses out of my pocket.

I looked at the street and saw a man dressed in a suit holding a sign that said “Stephanie and Molly” on it. He was standing in front of a large black limo. I looked back at Burt, and he smiled at me as he directed the boys to set the bags down near the back of the limo. He then thanked each one with a quick peck on the cheek and told them that we would be staying at the Majestic hotel, and if they wanted to stop by one day this week a much better reward would be waiting for them.

I smiled and waved at the boys who were returning to get there own luggage and Burt headed up to the driver. He asked for our IDs and we both quickly dug through our purses to give him our driver’s licenses. He looked at them, then up at our faces, and then back down at them before handing them back. Burt nudged me and began laughing at me as I had a bit of a worried look on my face.

“What did you expect him to see, Molly?” He asked as he emphasized my name.

“I can’t believe you kept your shirt on long enough for him to even look at your face, Stephanie.” I replied back and then stuck my tongue out at him.

“Whatever hooch,” he replied back to me as the driver opened the door to the back seats and let us inside while he loaded the luggage.

We each took seats in the back of the limo and as soon as the door was closed Burt reached for the switch to close the panel between the driver and the area in the back. He then started digging for more alcohol, and made us both some drinks. As he handed me the drink I looked up at the closed panel with a questioning look on my face.

“Limo drivers look back at the passengers every now and then. When they look back they use the rear view mirror. It’s a bit of an occupational hazard for body hoppers. I had a reveal one time in Vegas when I crawled into a limo with some rich guy looking for a fun night with a hot chick. Well, the driver freaked out, and next thing I knew both of them were looking at me through mirrors trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. I had to ditch out of the car while it was still moving. In heels. It sucked. But, we learn from our mistakes, right bud?” He said as he raised his glass towards me.

I nodded back and him and clinked my glass to his before we both took large gulps of our drinks. We heard the driver close the trunk door, and I looked out the tinted side window to see him walk by on his way to the driver’s seat. When I looked back I saw Burt in a dive at me.

He tackled me, pressing me back against the seat and roughly pulled my large perky young breast out from under its covering and began to suck and nibble on my nipple. I cooed in pleasure as I once again felt little lightning bolts shoot out and down my back and spine. I wrapped my legs around his tiny waist and began humping his stomach as my pussy began to salivate from his work on my breasts.

Suddenly over the loud speaker we heard, “Where to ladies?”

I was in no condition to use the English language as Burt was still man handling my breasts with hands, but he looked up and as calm as could be replied, “We need to get to the Majestic hotel, but we’re not in a hurry. Let’s make a run through the main drag and see the tourist spots.”

As the driver acknowledged Burt’s request and we started move Burt’s face dove back into my chest and he began motor-boating his face in my tits. I laughed hysterically and reached up to untie the tiny knot from behind Burt’s neck that held the top of his bikini on. He felt me undo the tie and sat back, whipped off his shirt, and with one hand behind his back undid the bottom tie and his breasts were free and out in the open air. I reached up and massaged the large globes on his chest, and his eyes rolled back into his head as he let out a small squeal of pleasure.

The next thing I knew he was clawing at the strings for my top, and then pulled it off me as I shrugged and wiggled to get out of the sleeves of my sweatshirt. Burt went right back to sucking on my nipples and I lost my balance and fell back roughly on the bench seat with him on top of me. I tried to put my hands back and lean forward, but Burt grabbed them and pinned them to the seat above my head. He began to kiss up and down my arms and across my chest, and suddenly I felt a flood of tingles, and came right there from his tongue on my breasts.

“Oooooooooh” I let out long and slow as the orgasm washed over me, and I squirmed underneath him.

“What the hell? Did you just come? From me licking your tits?” He questioned.

“Just a sec…” I said as my vision cleared, and I blinked away the colors I was seeing, and then said, “Yeah man. I almost did the same thing when Chase was grabbing at them in the plane. Molly here seems to have some really sensitive knockers.”

“How do you luck out on all this shit?” He asked with a smile, and then stood up suddenly.

I sat up and gave him a strange look as he started looking around the ceiling of the limo, and then around on the armrests.

“What’s going on Steph?” I asked curiously.

“Where is the button?” Burt asked aloud, but seemed to be talking to himself.

Finally he stabbed a button on a small control panel and suddenly a huge panel on the ceiling began to open. I looked up to see blue skies with a few gulls and not a single cloud in the sky.

“C’mon Molly, get up here!” Burt exclaimed as he stood up on the seat, putting his entire top half out the top of the limo, and began to look around and wave at people.

I stood up on the seat next to Burt just in time for us to come to a stop at a red light. Burt pulled on my shoulder and pointed at the car in the turn lane next to us. There were four young guys in a red convertible that were hollering at us. As I turned to face them, and we were both topless they all started cheering. Burt blew them a kiss with one hand, and I grabbed onto the edge of the open sun roof panel and bounced up and down to make my chest shake as the boys continued cheering us on.

The light turned green and our limo started off as the boys dug out cameras or cell phones, or whatever they had and began snapping pictures of us. We stayed standing and waved around at people for a while. Women shook their heads in disappointment, and men yelled out approval, unless they were standing right next to other women, and then they just quietly looked at us.

Finally, my legs started to get tired trying to keep my balance in the tall heels on the unsteady footing of the leather seats and I told Burt I was going to sit down. As I plopped down onto the seat, he dropped right next to me and gave me a huge bear hug.

“Thanks for coming down with me, I haven’t had this much fun since you and me ran around in Courtney. When we get back I should go find that chick so that you can fuck her good for old time’s sake.” He said as he let me go.

“I’ve had a blast with you, too Burt, I can tell this is going to be a lot of fun.” I said back to him.

Burt leaned over and made us up some new drinks, handed me one and as I began sipping on it has he jumped back up to stand on the seat and wave to more people out of the top of the limo while topless. After a few more minutes we were past the main tourist area, and the speed limit of the road went up and so Burt sat back down.

“Better get some clothes back on partner, we are almost at our hotel.” He said to me as he began to look around for his bikini top.

He strapped his twins back in securely and pulled his shirt back over his head, and then began running his fingers through his windblown hair while I just grabbed and retied my bikini top back on, feeling it was to warm out to put my small sweatshirt back on.

Soon enough we arrived at our hotel and as the driver opened our door for us to step out three busboys ran out to grab our luggage out of the trunk. I think I actually saw them pushing each other out of the way to carry our stuff, so I wondered how many attractive young girls they really had staying here. I thought with spring break going on we would have blended in a bit more than usual when we went around in smoking hot girls.

Burt walked into the entrance of the hotel like he owned the place and I followed him up to the front desk. The lady behind the counter looked at the two of us and I think I saw her nose go up just a tiny bit as she saw the busboys still arguing about who would carry the luggage. She must have been a bit jealous.

“Hello, we are here to check in.” Burt said as he set his purse up on the counter.

“Ok, miss, can I have the name your reservation is under?” She asked.

“It’s under Stephanie Miller. We are staying in the presidential suite.” Burt replied to her.

“I’m sorry miss, you must be mistaken, we don’t rent that room out to spring breakers.” The lady replied as she rolled her eyes.

“Well then I want the pile of money back that I put down ahead of time for the room.” Burt replied back.

The lady shook her head slightly as the computer brought up the room under Stephanie’s name. She looked at the computer screen, then up at us, then back at the computer screen.

“I apologize Miss Miller, my computer shows you are staying in the suite, and it has been paid in full already with an account number to forward any additional room charges too. How many keys will you be needing?” She asked in a suddenly polite tone.

“Two, thank you.” Burt replied sweetly as I giggled quietly behind him.

“Is there anything else you need, or that I can get you right away to make your stay more comfortable?” She asked quickly.

“Um, could you make sure that all our room service and maid staff is men?” Burt asked with raised eyebrows as I busted out laughing.

“I can certainly try Miss Miller,” The lady said as she tried to keep her face from showing any emotion, and blinked a hide whatever traces she did let slip through her guard.

“Super! Also, we need a massage scheduled in our room. Tomorrow, let’s say at around lunch time. We’ll need it with male masseurs, also.” He told her before he grabbed the two keys she had placed on the counter and started to walk towards the elevator.

As we got to the elevator he handed me a key and winked at me. He pushed the call button and we waited for the elevator to get to the ground floor. As the doors opened we stepped inside along with an elderly couple. Burt pushed the top floor button while the old man pushed the button for the fourteenth floor.

“I can’t believe how you girls dress these days. When I was your age we would have never done all this running around in our unders! We should have never come on vacation during spring break Mortimer!” She said out loud.

“Well, I’m just giving you fair warning lady, because I plan only plan on dressing in even less than this, and also having sex with every guy I can for the next two weeks. That includes your husband if you don’t keep a close eye on him.” Burt replied back to her.

“Well, I never!” The old woman said as she looked at Burt.

“What do you say Morty? Wanna come up to our room and party?” I asked him as I flipped back my hair and ran one manicured nail down the edge of my bikini as it sloped over my ample chest.

Suddenly the elevator door dinged, and the old lady practically ran out of the elevator and onto the couple’s floor. When the old man hesitated for a minute while looking at Burt and me, the old lady reached back in and grabbed him roughly and began pulling as hard as she could muster.

As the elevator doors dinged shut Burt and I heard the elderly lady yelling at her husband through the doors and we cracked up laughing all the way until we reached our top floor suite.

Burt opened the door and walked into the room, setting his purse down on the large couch that sat by the door in the living room facing a large flat screen TV. My jaw dropped as I walked in after him. Just the living room in this suite was bigger then any apartment I had ever rented. There was a full dining room table, a complete furniture set in the living room area, along with large bedrooms off each side of the main room. But all that paled in comparison to the view off the balcony. I followed Burt out to the edge, and leaned on the railing. As I looked out from the top of the twenty-sixth floor the people down on the beach looked like toys, and the ocean looked amazing. You could see small reefs under the water, and the white waves breaking on the surf.

“If you can’t get laid here, bud, you can’t get laid. I’ll take the left bedroom. I don’t want to keep you up all night with all the screaming and noise I’m going to make, okay?” Burt asked me.

“Yeah, cool. You take whatever room you want. Does this make you my sugar-momma?” I asked him with a smile.

“Hey, as long as we are on the topic of me paying for the room, do you think you could do me a huge favor?” He asked.

“Sure, what is it?” I said as I looked back to see the bag boys bringing our suitcases in, and I motioned to them through the open balcony doors to just drop the luggage right there, and they did then left with disappointed looks on their faces.

As soon as the bagboys left Burt looked back to me and said, “You’ve already had two orgasms today, and I’m feeling a bit left out. I was really hoping for some good fucking yet today, and I’m just needing more than a tongue in my box, you know? It’s all I’ve had since I hopped this chick. And I know that you’re pretty good with a dick, and I was thinking…” his voice trailed off.

“You want me to dismount Molly here, and shag you in Steph’s body? Not a problem Burt, I’m up for it.” I said to him.

I followed Burt back into his chosen bedroom and as he jumped up onto the bed and turned to lie on his back and watch me, I went to sit in a large plush chair. I looked at him and said, “Be with you in a second, Sweet cheeks.”

As I began to concentrate on leaving Molly’s lovely little body and felt myself began to flow out of her I heard Burt’s laugh in response to my comment. I lost my sense of self that always made this transition so disorienting, until I began to feel my own body again standing in front of the chair I had left Molly’s sleeping body in. I blinked my eyes, rocked a bit unsteadily on my feet, and then turned to look at the body I had just been inside of.

“I never get use to that.” I said out loud.

I turned and walked to the edge of the bed as Burt reached over and began to trace a feminine finger up my now hairy inner thigh. My dick responded instantly, and despite the fact that I had already cum twice in Molly’s body today I knew I would be ready to go again in record time. The sensations of the female form along with my typical male horniness made me ready to go at an instants notice.

Burt ran his painted nails up and down the length of my rapidly hardening dick, and before he could do any more I was crawling onto the bed with him. I pulled his skirt down and off his tanned legs and kissed down there entire length as I pulled his clothing off. I heard him groan as the sensations of my lips on his borrowed legs registered to their new owner.

Next I reached back up to pull his shirt up and off him. He helped me by leaning forward, and holding his arms up as I undressed his sexy little body. I grabbed the tie behind his neck and undid that one, and then he reached his flexible arms behind him and undid the lower tie. As he pulled the two triangular pieces of fabric off his chest and tossed it off the side of the bed, I began to kiss and lick at his perky breasts. He groaned again and flopped onto his back on the bed. I kissed my way up from his navel and again began to work my way around his boobs kissing them in circles around his nipples. I traced my fingers down his shoulders, down his sides and rubbed around but not over his little well maintained pussy. As I continued to feel and kiss around his body he began to rub up against me more and more. His arms wrapped around my now much larger frame, and he tried to get his legs around me, but I pinned him down beneath me using my body weight.

“Oh, ok. You get a gold star at foreplay. Let’s move to the main event Bri, stuff that thing in me!” He said with an urgent need.

I positioned myself to penetrate his tight little love hole, and as I did he put one hand down to help guide me into him. I pressed the head of my dick up against him and slowly parted his vaginal lips as I entered him. I felt him sigh and giggle.

“Oh yes. That is SOOooOOoo what I needed.” I heard him say as he began moving his hips to best make use of my cock.

I gyrated my hips in response, but didn’t push any further inside him. He in turn tried to thrust down with his hips to get my further in his pussy, however every single thrust he tired I moved down with him.

“Oh come on you tease!” He said with playfulness in his voice.

“You want it all?” I asked back to him.

“I need it all.” He replied.

“You can’t handle it all.” I replied with a grin.

“Do you want me to beg? Please stuff that cock in me, PLEASE!” he whined with a pout.

I could feel his pussy dripping he was so turned on, so I knew he was well lubricated, so I slid my entire length in him as fast as I felt I could without cause pain. I had been on the receiving end of a dick now, so I felt I had a pretty good idea how fast that would be.

Burt, in response, exhaled while making a strange gurgle sound and closed his eyes as he bit his lips, which told me he must be enjoying it. I stopped for a moment with my dick completely encased by his small pussy, and felt him as he clamped down and released with his pussy muscles, spasms that soon came less frequently.

I then lowered my head to start sucking and licking his nipples back and forth as I began slowly pulling my entire length out of him and pressing it entirely back in until I was bottomed out in his pussy again. I repeated this motion with my licking and kissing until I felt him arc his back underneath me, and let out a long low moan as I felt his pussy clamp tightly down on my dick and he came hard. I waited until I felt his pussy muscles relax for a second and then began to run my dick in and out of him some more, and as he wasn’t all the way down from his first orgasm yet, I felt him again spasm under me as I knew he was feeling tremors from after orgasms.

I picked up the pace of my thrusting and almost as soon as I felt him set his tiny waist and back down on the bed I heard him call out again, “OH FUCK YES!” and felt him dig his nails into my back and scratch down. The pain made me squeeze my eyes shut, but I kept up with my rhythmic fucking, and felt Burt squeeze his tits against my face tightly. He fell down against the bed once more and started to pant and in a raspy voice said, “Holy shit that was good. I don’t think I’ve ever had two that hard and that close together.”

I just grunted and began to slowly move back and forth in his now dripping box. He wrapped his slender legs around my back and used the motion I was creating to bounce back and forth with me. I began my kissing and teasing of his nipples again, but this time also added a slight nibble every now and then.

Burt rans his hands down my chest and slowly up my sides, driving me on, and soon we were back up to a fevered pace. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, and pulled back from Burt’s magnificent chest and closed my eyes tightly as I felt myself release inside his pussy. I bucked hard once, then again, and once more, as I suddenly felt Burt’s small tummy contract and he started clamping down on my dick with his pussy once more as he came with me one last time. I was panting heavily as he continued to grind his crotch against mine, coming down of his orgasmic high, and milking my dick for every last drop of cum I had built up in me.

As I slowly pulled out of him and rolled over to lay next to him on the bed I looked over at his out of place face and he smiled weakly back at me.

“It is unbelievable how good you are at that, my friend. I feel like I owe you after that performance. I wish I could return the favor, but I just don’t have that much in me anymore.” Burt told me as my breathing returned to normal.

I slowly got up and made my way back to Molly’s sleeping form. I kneeled down in front of her and touched my hands to her thighs. I began mounting her, and after a few moments I fluttered her long eyelashes open and looked at Burt through my borrow set of eyes and said, “Burt, I feel like I still owe you. I’d be working a dead end job, with a cheating girlfriend and a shitty apartment if it weren’t for you. My life had a major up swing when you showed up. And beside, if you really want to make it up to me, I packed a vibrating dildo in my large purple suitcase.” I said as I got up, winked at him and then lay down on the bed next to him.

Burt smiled, walked out naked into the central room of our suite and a few minutes later came back with the pink vibrating rubber cock in his petite hand and the smile still on his face. I pulled my clothes off as quickly as I could and relaxed on the bed with my leg spread as my friend began working me towards a thunderous orgasm with the electronic dick in my pussy.

As a shudder ran up my back I realized the week was only beginning.