Brian's Story - Chapter 18 - Clubbin'

By Tobyredone

18 minute read -

This is the eighteenth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

“I think we should try a topless bar next, huh?” I heard Burt say to me as I looked out the limo’s window at the neon lights making the city glow in unnatural colors and hues.

I watched the people. Some were standing outside of bars and clubs. Others were walking down the busy sidewalks, going to their cars or to another club, seeking the promise of cheaper shots, shorter bathroom lines, no cover charge, and of course, hotter girls.

Burt and I didn’t have the later problem. We had brought the girls with us. I looked over onto the limo seat beside me. I reached down and gently moved the hair out of Stephanie’s face and using my fingers as a make-shift comb I tried to pull the majority behind her ears. I then grabbed a small pillow off a bench seat on the side of the limo and placed it under her head.

“She’s fine Brian. I just had a bit too much to drink in her, and was having a hard time walking in her heels.” Burt said as he watched me attend to the sleeping girl that up until fifteen minutes ago had been his mount.

“Yeah, I know, but that’s no reason not to try and at least make her a bit more comfortable.” I said as I moved a few strands of my long dark hair from my face to behind my ears and then looked over at Burt.

“I’m just glad that we brought a spare.” Burt said to me with a grin as he looked down at Karla’s body and squeezed his tits together with his hands.

We were on our way to our third club of the night.

I thought back over the nights events leading up to that point…

In the first club Burt had dragged Karla and I out into the foam pit, where I had pretty much gotten molested underneath all of the white soap suds as we danced and ground against each other and everyone else. Not that I minded getting molested too much, every time someone would feel up my borrowed chest little shocks would fly through my body. Afterwards we went to the bathroom to try and dry off a bit, and I ended up in another soapy make out session in one of the stalls with Karla while Burt headed back out to get a drink. After Karla and I finished up we went looking for Burt, and couldn’t find him for almost forty five minutes. I was worried that something might have happened to him, like a date rape drug, but we found him in the parking lot behind the club with two guys going at it like it was his last day on earth. Karla and I hid behind a car and took some pictures with our cell phones, giggling the whole time. The resolution on the cameras’ wasn’t high enough to give Burt’s face away, but was good enough to have a souvenir of the night. When he finally finished getting fucked on the hood of a little white four door car, the two guys took off with most of his clothes.

We flagged Burt over to us and called the limo so that it would come and pick us up in the back lot. Karla took her shirt off and handed it to him, as she had worn a bikini under her clothes.

There Burt stood, wearing a strappy pair of four inch heels, and a tiny white skirt. (The only two pieces of clothing he hadn’t taken off) As the limo came around the back of the building to get us he adjusted the miniskirt back down to cover his ass. He then quickly pulled on the small, and very thin white tank top that Karla had handed him.

We all jumped into the limo and headed out to another club, and spent the entire ride to the next club listening to Burt complain about the “youth of today” and how if they would have just asked for his panties, he would have gladly handed them over.

Karla was giggling while listening to Burt vent, not realizing that she wasn’t listening to the actual Stephanie, and she didn’t make out with the actual Molly in the bathroom stall in the last club. Oh sure, we had the body of those girls, but it was the minds of two guys be-boping around in them.

We were soon at the next club, and Burt quickly stormed his way to the bar, claiming that he needed alcohol to get rid of the memory of the boys running off with his clothes. Well, he got that and more. The three of us made it to the bar, and the next thing I know Burt grabs my head and pulls my face to his for a full lipped kiss. I closed my eyes, as all I could see was Burt’s mug, and once my eyes were closed I could feel Stephanie’s soft lips and skin, and her cute little nose pressing into my face, along with her chest pressing into mine.

I returned the kiss, wrapping my arms around Burt, but keeping my eyes tightly closed. The bar erupted in cheers of men and women around us. The longer our kiss went the louder the cheers got, until I felt Burt grabbing at my fantastic breasts through the fabric of my tiny dress and the cheers came to a crescendo. Molly’s little body lit up with pleasure as Burt ran his fingers around my chest, and then to my dismay he pulled back, and let go of my excited nipples. I slowly opened my eyes found everyone still gawking and cheering at us.

I looked to Burt, who winked at me, pointed to the bar and mouthed the words, “Works every time for free drinks.”

Before I could respond the bartender dropped three large glasses of beer down on the counter top, and began pouring three shots. Again before I could respond (hey, give me a bit of a break, I was half way to orgasm from having my tits massaged) Burt grabbed two of the shots and downed them, slapped the tiny glasses back down on the bar, grabbed two of the beers, one in each hand, and began chugging down on one. The crowd that had gathered around us chanted, “Chug it!” cheering him on, but he stopped half way. He held the half full glass up above his head, tilted it back, and began pouring the golden liquid down on his neck and chest.

The boys went wild! Stephanie’s young pert breasts were on display for all to see through the thin and now very wet fabric of Karla’s loaned shirt. Burt began drinking the beer in his other hand, once again stopping halfway through. As he held the beer up in his dainty hand he looked around at the crowd. Everyone held there arms up and cheered, so he dumped the next beer down on his chest as well.

By this time I had started to come to my senses, and looked over at Karla. She shrugged at me, grabbed the remaining shot, drank it, and slammed the glass back down before grabbing the last beer. I looked over at the bartender who nodded at me, and put another beer down and nudged it towards me.

I reached out to grab it when suddenly it got kicked over. I stared for a second at the puddle of beer, and then my eyes followed up the small foot that had kicked my drink. I already knew who it was though; I had seen those strappy heels before.

Burt began to sway back and forth on the bar, while shuffling his feet around, trying to dance, but from the drinking we had been doing all day, not to mention the shots he had just put down, that was proving to be a difficult task. Not that it mattered how he danced. Just the wet tank top and pointy nipples were more than enough to make up for any dancing skills he lacked.

Burt was up there for another five minutes before his skirt was back up around his waist, and another ten before the bartenders decided the drunken mostly naked girl needed to get down before she hurt herself. The problem with getting him down was that he wanted to stay up there. Two bartenders tried to grab at his small arms, but he drunkenly struggled out of their grasp.

I quickly held up the drink that another bartender had just given me and yelled out, “HEY! I GOT YOU ANOTHER DRINK STEPH!”

Burt looked down at me, hopped down onto a barstool, and took the beer I offered him, and greedily began sucking it down. I looked over at the bartender, who saw my again empty hands and began laughing.

I smiled at him, and he pointed to a small door in the back of the bar. I raised my eyebrows, and he smiled and motioned towards the door again. I looked over at Burt, still gulping down the beer, and Karla who sat next to him. I pointed at Burt, and looked at Karla, who nodded, understanding that I wanted her to keep an eye on “Stephanie.”

I made my way through the crowd to the small door, and after one quick look around, I went through it. The room on the other side was dimly light and smelled damp. As I looked around I felt arms wrap around my slim waist.

“AHHHH!” I screamed harshly as my instincts kicked in, and I began to struggle to get away.

“Woah! It’s just me.” I heard a young man say behind me.

I turned to look back where the voice and arms came from and saw the bartender that had directed me back here. I brushed the long hair out of my face and put the other hand on my chest as I tried to calm my beating heart.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said apologetically.

“Then you shouldn’t have grabbed me from behind in a strange dark room!” I replied back as I hit him in the shoulder.

“Yeah, sorry. I guess I didn’t think of that. I just wanted to give you this,” and he held up a bottle of beer before continuing, “I didn’t think I’d get anything past your friend. She should be a goalie.”

I smiled as I took the beer from his outstretched hand and took a drink. He smiled back and wiggled his eyebrows. I looked at my feet and shuffled them slightly. It was an awkward silence, and I didn’t feel like saying anything just yet, so I took another long drink from my cold beer. I found when I looked back at him he was still staring at me, so I asked in my best cute voice, “So do you do anything else back here with girls that can’t seem to get a drink?”

“Uh, well, I uh, no, not really,” He stammered in reply. This time it was his turn to look down at his feet.

“So you just asked me back here to hand me a free beer?” I asked playfully as I kept the top of the beer bottle right near my lips, trying to draw attention to them.

“Well, it’s just that, well, you are really pretty, and I thought that…” he started to say before I cut him off.

“Oh what a fucking line! Does that work on a lot of girls that you bring back here?” I said to him as I started laughing hard.

He looked at me like he was a bit hurt, and started to turn around when I grabbed his arm and turned him back towards me. He had a questioning look in his eyes as I took both his hands, and pressed them against my breasts.

“What? I thought…” He again started to say before I cut him off.

“Just because it’s a line, doesn’t mean it won’t work. I’m horny as hell. You wanna?” I asked with one raise eyebrow.

He looked at me for a second before giving me a small nod. I smiled at him, and pulled him farther into the dark room. I found a bench and sat down on it with a leg spread on either side. My dress was short, and so the tiny black thong that I was wearing was exposed, but in the dim lighting it wasn’t that visible. I held up and hand, and with one curled finger motioned the boy over to me. I pulled the top of my strapless dress down beneath my perky breasts and then pulled the bottom of the short dress to my toned tummy. I leaned back on the bench and lifted my cute little ass as the bartender helped to pull my panties down to my knees. I then lifted my left leg up and out of the tiny piece of fabric and left it dangling on my right leg.

I spread my legs wide and said plainly, “don’t forget to play with my tits. I love it when guys play with my tits.”

“Wow, are you always this forward?” He asked as he started to undo his belt buckle.

“I’m on spring break; this is supposed to be a wild and crazy week of sex and alcohol. I want to make sure I get what I want.” I replied and added a giggle at the end.

Well, that was all it took to get him moving, and the next thing I knew I felt him pressing his dick up to my little pussy. I wiggled my hips to entice him, and rub the head on my sensitive lips. I inhaled sharply as he began to slowly work his way into me. I felt his ball sack touch my ass cheeks way too early. The bartender had a decent girth to his tool, but the length was definitely lacking. I almost said something, but then stopped myself, as I realized what a bitch that would make me. I did giggle as I thought about it, though. He began to pump back and forth, but had forgotten about my breasts already. I brought my hands up and began to rub them myself. I even twisted and pulled at my nipples gently. The stimulation from the bartender fucking me, and my hands playing with all the right spots on my tits had me building towards an orgasm quickly, but unfortunately for me, the bartender got there first.

I felt him thrust twice quickly, and saw his eyes roll back, and then felt him let go inside me. I bit my lip and hoped he had enough in him to at least finish me off, but he didn’t. Then he just let himself collapse on top of me as he tried to catch his breath. I tried to push him up with my elbows, but he weighed a lot more then my small body could lift.

“Ouch, what the hell?” he said as I pinched him.

“Get off me, you oaf! I’m still down here!” I said to him.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to… you know…” he said as his voice trailed off.

“Yeah, well, I should be getting back to my friends now.” I said plainly.

“Just like that? I don’t even know your name.” he said.

“Well, yeah, just like that. I’m not trying to be mean, just offering some constructive criticism here, but you weren’t that good. You didn’t play with my breasts, even though I asked you too, and even without foreplay you didn’t last long enough to get me off.” I told him as I gently pushed him back off me, sat up and put my long left leg back into my tiny panties, struggling a bit with the sharp heel of my shoe and the small waist band of the panty.

I continued to try and make myself proper, as I stood and worked the small black thong up into position between my legs, and then pulled my dress down over it, and then back up over my breasts. I looked over at him, and he was starting to sulk.

“Hey, it’s not that big of a deal.” I told him.

“Not that big of a deal? I was just informed that I’m not that good at sex.” He replied.

“Well, would you have rather I said nothing, and you could go on to disappoint other girls? I don’t mind, really. Bad sex is like bad pizza, it’s still good! And now you can work on your technique.” I said to him with a smile.

He was still scowling, and looking at his feet, so I added, “Hey, next year when I come down for spring break, I’ll find you, we can fuck again, and I’ll tell you if you got any better.”

That brought a smile to his face as he looked at me and said, “I’ve never met a girl quite like you.”

“Oh, probably not,” I said with a shrug.

“What’s your name?” He asked again.

“I’m not giving it to you, its better that way.” I told him.

“C’mon. please?” He asked yet again.

“No. I have to find my friends.” I said and headed for the door.

“Just tell me your name, I’m not letting you out until you do.” He said and grabbed my arm with a loose grip.

“Fine. It’s Brian. Happy?” I said to him as I arched my eyebrows.

He looked like he swallowed a mouthful of dirt. He stared at my face, and then down at my chest, then down at my legs, then back up at my face. He then audibly swallowed.

“Ah… I mean… you’re a…” He stumbled.

I just winked, smiled, said, “You may never know now, huh?” and walked out the door and back into the main room of the bar.

And there I saw Karla’s back. She was struggling with someone. I quickly walked over to see what was going on. As I saw more details of what was going on, I had to stop and laugh. She had Burt pinned to a pool table. He was kicking and clawing, and completely stark naked except for his strappy little heels.

I walked up beside her and yelled out to both of them, “Time to go!”

“Yes!” I heard Karla say.

“No! I’m having fun!” I heard Burt yell out.

I grabbed Burt by the shoulders and yanked him up and off the table. Karla cleared the way in front of us as we headed out a side door to where we knew the limo had parked. Still, she couldn’t stop the people with cell phones from snapping all sorts of pictures of the naked drunk girl being led out of the bar by her two friends.

We quickly shoved Burt in the limo and climbed in ourselves. As I got in Karla turned to me and said, “Where did you disappear to? Steph turned into a complete wild woman. It was like an episode of girls gone wild or something. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wanted to experiment a bit, but I don’t know you guys that well.”

“Sorry. I was fucking the bartender.” I replied.

“What?” she asked me with wide eyes.

“I WAS FUCKING THE BARTENDER.” I said in a loud voice.

“No, I heard you, it’s just, why? I mean…” Karla was talking when suddenly Burt chimed in.

“Way to go Brian! I knew you had it in you. You little hooch, you!” he said as he swayed uneasily on the seat.

“Brian? Ladies, this is getting a little weird for me. Can I get dropped off back at the hotel?” Karla asked.

“Nope. I need you baby!” Burt exclaimed as he moved seats so he was sitting right next to Karla in the limo.

“I’m not your baby, Steph, and what you need is to reel it in a little.” Karla replied.

“Fine, you may not be my baby, but maybe you’ll be my body!” Burt said, and wrapped his arms around Karla’s head and pressed his face to hers.

Karla struggled against Burt’s assault, but it was already too late for her. Even drunk Burt was fast. I saw the clear watery substance pull away from Stephanie’s face. It was flowing out of her mouth and nose and into Karla’s. She flailed her arms and legs, but only for a moment before they flopped down lifelessly to her side.

The two girls collapsed on the seat, Karla underneath of Stephanie, and Stephanie’s hair covering the remaining exchange of Burt’s essence. Finally I saw Karla’s hands move to grab Stephanie’s now limp body and push the unconscious girl off her.

As Karla sat up, I saw Burt’s face had replaced her pretty features, and as he sat up he smiled at me and said, “Whoa. I feel much better. I think I may have drank a bit too much there. I really got completely naked in that bar? Oh and sorry for using your real name. If we were in a different situation that could have been bad, I apologize.”

I shrugged, and leaned over to lay Stephanie’s body in a better position on the large seat. Burt, meanwhile, was running hands all over his new body, exploring it in detail.

“Brian, you’re gonna have to try her out before we skedaddle. It’s great in here, too.” He said as he continued to feel himself up.

“Yeah, ok Burt.” I nodded, and looked out the window in the limo as I pulled the hair out of my eyes, and adjusted my dress again. I could feel the juices from my adventures in the bar turning my underwear into a swampy mess. I looked out the limo window.

“I think we should try a topless bar next, huh?” I heard Burt say.


“These tits are magic!” Burt said to me as he grabbed Molly’s sensitive breasts with both hands.

I nodded silently in agreement as I continued smoking my cigar.

We were back in our hotel room on the balcony overlooking the beach at night. It was calming, and the sounds of the waves amplified the beauty of the night sky, lit up with stars and a large white moon.

I looked over in the surprisingly bright moonlight and saw Burt leaning on the railing, now running one of Molly’s feminine hands over her panty covered pussy. We had traded bodies after getting back to our hotel room because Burt had been so anxious for me to try out Karla. Now, after going a few rounds in the bedroom, we decided to take a break, and have a drink and a cigar on the balcony.

I was sitting on one of the wicker chairs on the balcony with my feet up on the railing, just taking in the scene. The shapely outline of Molly’s tight young body and the feel of Karla’s equally fine body on me were arousing me again. I could feel my womanhood moistening again. I was glad I had decided to slip some panties on as we left the bedroom, as the fabric would help to absorb some of the juices that were leaking out of me.

Burt took a large pull on his cigar and held his glass up to me. I clinked my glass to his, and took a big sip of the strong scotch Burt had found somewhere in our room.

“I should probably get Karla back to her room soon. Or do you want me to just leave her body in bed with you?” I asked.

“You don’t want to keep her? Steph’s going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow. I’m not certain I want to put up with it.” Burt said plainly.

“What do you want to do tomorrow? I guess that may change my answer.” I asked.

“I was thinking Disney world.” Burt said as he looked out over the water.

“Disney world? You want to go to Disney world?” I asked, completely surprised by Burt’s suggestion.

“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to have sex on the ‘It’s a small world’ ride.” Burt replied.

I looked at him for a moment, thinking he may be kidding, but he never altered his posture, or looked over at me smiling. He just continued to look out into the water, the long dark hair blowing in the ocean breeze, and his cute little ass barely covered by a tiny pair of panties.

“Have you ever thought about seeing a psychiatrist Burt?” I asked him.

“A shrink? ‘Cause I want to have sex at Disney world? Everyone has that fantasy, Brian.” He replied.

“Burt, I can honestly say I have never wanted to have sex on a Disney ride in front of a bunch of singing puppet children.” I said as I took another sip of my scotch.

“Really?” Burt asked honestly.

“Really. But I do have to admit, I’ve often wondered how the little mermaid has sex. I mean, where do you put it?” I asked with a shrug.

“See! I told you. Everyone has a fantasy there.” Burt said with a laugh.

I looked up at the stars and said, “Disney world it is, then.”