Brian's Story - Chapter 2 - I Take My Turn

By Tobyredone

27 minute read -

This is the second story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I had gotten ready and my new friend Burt (In my girlfriend’s body) and I were driving to a nice little restaurant that I knew of when Burt turns to me and says that he would rather head for a sports bar or something, and when I agree, he is so excited he un-straps his seat belt, and leans over and gives me some of the best road head I have ever experienced.

After about 15 minutes, and almost causing two accidents we arrive at a little sports bar I often went to when I needed to blow off some steam. We park around the backside and Burt is wiping a bit of my cum off from around his lips as I thank him.

“No prob kid, I owed you big time for all the muff diving you did earlier today. It was really the least I could do.” He said as he got out of the car. With the short skirt, and with how low the car was, and the fact that Burt just swung one of Courtney’s legs out, had there been anyone in the parking lot they would have gotten quite the show.

We walked around to the front door, and the hostess Michelle, waved to me, and got us a table in the back, a bit away from everyone else in the restaurant/bar but by a few big screens with more sports highlights. She made small talk with us as she laid the menus out.

“Wow Brian, I don’t think your girlfriend has ever been in here with you before. It’s so nice to meet you! My name is Michelle.” She said to both me and Burt, oblivious to the fact that Courtney was not at the controls of her own body.

“Nice to meet you to Michelle, My name’s… um… Courtney” Burt stumbled for a bit, which I chuckled at, and then he continued, “The reason you don’t usually see me, is Brian here is hung like a horse, and I like to get fucked often, so I’m usually to sore to walk by now.”

Both Michelle and my eyes both went as wide as plates for a second, but Michelle quickly recovered, and then asked quietly if we wanted anything to drink.

“I’d love a beer sweet cheeks. Anything cold will do as long as it’s in a bottle.” Burt replied.

“Um, I’d like a lite please, bottle too.” I added.

Michelle just smiled, and walked away, but I saw her shaking her head out of the corner of my eye.

“HA! Did you see the look on her face, kid? That was hilarious.” Burt said to me as he leaned forward, and my girlfriend’s boobs threatened to spill out of her shirt.

“Yeah, Burt. What about all that crap about a being found out, or whatever?” I asked.

“Oh calm down kid, you have to have a bit of fun. You’ll see… which reminds me, how do you feel? Are you ready to hop in a body of your own yet? Michelle there might be a fun one to pop your cherry on.” He asked.

“Um, I feel fine I guess. Not any different then when you told me I wasn’t a body hopper. I don’t think I want to try a hop yet, sorry Burt, I’m just not up to it yet.” I said.

“Sounds fine. Sometimes the live ones in a public place isn’t the best way to pop your cherry anyways. Take your time, besides, it can take a few minutes to a few days for your new powers to fully take hold, so we don’t need to rush, besides, I’m having a blast. This is the most fun I’ve had in a month.” He replied, and just then Michelle came back with our drinks.

“So, you guys know what you want to eat?” She asked, pad and pen ready.

“I’m going be the hot wings. I want a huge pile of hot wings. And keep the beers coming.” Burt said as he leaned in towards her, once again making Courtney’s breasts just about pop out of her top.

“I’m just gonna be a cheeseburger, mustard, onions, hold the ketchup. Thanks.” I added to the order, while watching Michelle stare at how blatant Courtney seemed to be acting tonight.

“Alrighty, I’ll put this in, thanks.” She said, and walked back towards the kitchen, once again shaking her head.

Burt got up, grabbed his beer, and told me he wanted to play some pool. I got up and followed him, the whole time staring at Courtney’s ass waving back and forth, and the skirt threatening to wave up high enough to reveal some sight of ass cheek. Burt picked out his favorite pool stick from a pile along side the table while I threw some quarters in and started racking up the balls. When I was done I made a gesture for him to go first, and said, “Ladies first.”

That got a smile out of him, so he grabbed the cue ball, and set it where he wanted it, then bent WAY over the table in front of me to make his first shot. The loose and very short pleated skirt that he had picked out barely covered the shapely ass he had borrowed when he was standing up, So with being bent over a pool table at the waist, the skirt was pretty much just sitting on his shapely back, and Courtney’s ass and thong covered pussy were pretty much on display. The pool table Burt had chosen was also pretty much right in the front by all the busy tables and the bar. He took more than a few seconds to line up a shot, and by the time he was ready to make his shot he had every guy in the bar either staring blatantly, or ribbing the guy next to them and pointing at the “girl” with her goods on display.

He smiled as he hit the cue ball with his pool stick, he knew the reaction he was getting with my girlfriend’s hot body, and he was enjoying it. Especially when he looked up to see me smiling as well, and slightly shaking my head at his brashness. He made a good hit on the break, and he got two balls in on the first try. I was impressed.

He proceeded to sashay about the pool table taking shot after shot, and bending over ridiculously low every time to give everyone a view that was behind him, and to be honest in front of him too, as his borrowed breasts were also just about poking out. After 4 more shots, he finally missed putting a ball in, and it was my turn. He stood up and you could hear an audible groan in the bar as Burt had pretty much made this game of pool a spectator sport. He giggled in that odd little giggle of his, and walked over to the wall to take a drink of his beer and wait for me to take my shot.

I walked around the table, and as I bent over to line up my shot I looked up at him, he had the pool stick grasped in one hand, running the other hand up and down the stick like it was some kind of huge penis, and was slowly and seductively licking his lips while making eye contact with a few random guys in the bar. I missed my shot. I also believe someone dropped a beer bottle. Burt just smiled.

I walked back to the wall, and Burt continued the show. He was once again in champion’s form as he sank another two balls. As he bent over the next time I saw a camera flash go off, but when I looked around I couldn’t find the guy that did it. Burt laughed, and continued, while mentioning, “If he got my face in that picture, I wish I could see his face when he develops it.” He made quick work of the rest of the balls, but took his time bent over the table for the eight ball, and wiggled a his cute little Dari air a little bit just to let everyone know that the show was pretty much over, and this was the finale. He easily sank it, downed the rest of his beer in one big gulp, and then suggested we head back to the table.

Michelle saw us head back, and being the good hostess that she is brought Burt another beer, along with three fruity girly drinks, and the promise that two other guys had bought her shots in addition to the three girly drinks, and that ‘Courtney’ just had to pick them out and Michelle would bring them by.

“We men are so easy Brian.” He said then did his giggle.

“Well, it was quite a show you put on.” I told him as I raised my bottle to toast him. He raised his, we clinked tops, and then both took a long drink of our beers.

“You know, I actually am feeling like I’d like to try hopping now. But I don’t think I want to take Michelle, she’s my friend and always been so nice to me, plus, I’m just not certain how to do it.” I said as I looked down at my beer.

“Well, how about your cheating ex-girlfriends body? We could head to the rest room, and I could hop out of her. She would be unconscious for a bit, so she will be easy to hop into, and it would pop your cherry on an easy one. Plus, she’s a real fun ride.” Burt replied back to me as he felt his female chest up once more.

“Really, you’d do that for me?” I asked, astonished that Burt would give up his fun for me.

“Oh hell yeah. I’m pretty sure your clothes with fit, they are pretty loose on you, and if they don’t well, then I guess Michelle will be back on the table for a possible body hop, no offense to your friend or anything, but I can run around naked.” He replied.

He then got up, grabbed Courtney’s purse, and motioned for me to follow. The bathrooms were in the back by our seats, and out of the way, and site. Seeing as Michelle was the only other girl in the restaurant tonight, being as the one other waiter and both bartenders were guys, we opted for the ladies room, as there was far less of a chance of interruption.

Burt set Courtney’ purse on the counter by the sinks, went into the first stall, sat down on the toilet, and with the stall door still open smiled at me, and then started to dismount her. It looked like a clear sort of mucus coming out of Courtney. It started to pull away from her face, but as a few seconds past, the mucus was coming out of every exposed piece of skin, her ears, her mouth, and I couldn’t be sure, but it looked like her pussy and ass had a lot of flow as well. Soon enough the mucus started to solidify, and before I knew it I was looking at a naked 40 year old, just a slight bit over weight, man with Burt’s face. He offered me his hand, and said in the voice that I had come to know as his, “Nice to meet you in the flesh Brian, she’s all yours.”

At that, I took all my clothes off, and handed them to Burt, and walked over to where Courtney sat, unconscious. She had her own pretty face again. I looked back out of the stall, and said, “how do I do it Burt?”

“Just touch her skin, and want to be her, my boy.” He replied as he yanked on my jeans.

I reached forward and touched her cheek. I told myself I wanted to be her. I tried to press my hand to her cheek a bit harder. I wanted a bit harder. Nothing happened. Burt stopped dressing, and said, “You know bud, sometimes it takes a bit to manifest your powers. If we have to I can take her over again, and we can head back out. No harm no foul.”

Just as he finished those words, and was about to pull my hand back, I felt something shift in my fingers. They turned into that mucus that Burt previously was. I felt my slimy appendages begin to run up Courtney’s nose, and sink into her skin. I began to feel my whole body flow to her. My other hand touched her neck and started to slim over. My legs touched hers and they to began to dissipate into the unconscious girl in front of me. My eyes no longer easily looked over her head, I was smaller as more of me flowed into the sleeping girl. Suddenly my face must have become that mucus, as I could no longer see, only feel. Feel myself going into Courtney.

Then I began to have new feelings. Feelings of a small pair of feet. They were pressed up at an odd angle, and the toes were kind of mashed together. I felt a pair of toned and very exposed legs. I could feel the cold porcelain of the toilet on my now well rounded rump. I could feel a thong pulled tightly over a familiar pussy, but I had never experienced it from this angle. I felt that same thong riding tightly up the crack of my new shapely ass, and felt my newly acquired panties hugging my narrow waist, and above that the top of the skirt clinging tightly. I felt the cotton tank that I Burt had dressed her in before we headed out on her taunt stomach. I felt the lacey bra encasing two wonderfully large C cup breasts that until just recently I was drooling over from across a small table. I felt her petite shoulders, exposed in the tank top, and her long arms with her delicate little fingers. I felt hair tickling my new neck, and could suddenly move a new tongue over some foreign teeth, with the after taste of the beer that Burt was drinking, which was different then my preferred kind. Suddenly I could see through my new eyes, and everything came into focus as I blinked twice.

I looked out of the stall, through the open door, past Burt, and to the large mirror behind the sinks and counter top. I looked at my reflection on Courtney’s beautiful body. I stood up a bit unsteady on my new feet, not use to being in heels, but too engrossed in my new reflection to really care about a bit of a shake. I watched as my reflection’s hands moved to my new chest, stupidly caressing the tits I was now proud to possess. I moved them down and under my skirt, lifting it up with one hand, and running a finger down my new vaginal groove. It sent shivers down my new spine. I was broken out of my self-love by Burt’s gruff voice.

“Not bad for a newbie kid. But when it’s a live one, you want to wrap your arms around her, and cover her mouth so she can’t scream or get away. You should also practice hopping, and you will get faster at it.” He told me in a matter fact voice.

He then started to dig around in Courtney’s purse before pulling out one of my old tee shirts. “And always toss a pair of shorts or boxers and a tee in your new purse incase you have to ditch a body. You don’t want to have to wander around naked. Or in our case be in a bar with a second guy wearing the first guys clothes. Just the change of a tee shirt, and no one will notice the jeans. C’mon, lets go see if the food is ready.” He then handed me my purse, after he tossed my old tee shirt into it.

I slung it over my shoulder, and doing the best I could in my new heels walked out of the bathroom after Burt, and back to our table. I sat down on the chair, or maybe more so gently crashed as I was not real good at balancing on heels yet. I reached across the table to get the beer that I was drinking, and at the same time handed Bert’s old one to him. I smile a large toothy smile at him, and he sort of chuckles back at me, which I can only guess is that odd giggle that comes out in a girl’s body.

As we are just about finishing up with our beers Michelle shows up with our food. She has a bit of a scowl on her face, and places the food on the table in the middle. She then looked at the two of us, and said, “Where did Brian go?”

“Brian had a… previous appointment… that ah… Burt here came in to remind him about. And he felt bad that he had to rush out, so he told Burt to keep me company.” I replied, while looking at her, hoping she bought it. Burt nodded to back my story up.

“Oh, well, um sweet cheeks,” she emphasized the last words before continuing, “when you are going to dress like that, you need to be certain you don’t slide down the back of your chair, as your skirt flips up around your back, and you give everyone in the bar a free show, but maybe that’s what you wanted, judging from the pool game performance.”

I suddenly felt the cool draft on my backside, and I could feel my face instantly turn start burning as I turned red from embarrassment. I reached behind me to flip the short skirt down and I looked up at Michelle and said, “Um… I’m gonna need one of those shots now. Please.”

“Sure sweet cheeks, what’ll it be?” she asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“She wants a blow job.” Burt spouted out suddenly before I could answer. “Two of them. And another beer chaser, but switch her to the lites.”

Michelle looked at me to confirm the order, but I was still to embarrassed to put together a decent sentence, so I just nodded, feeling the hair swish about my neck. Michelle shook her head at me that time and walked away.

“Wow, Brian, you are fire engine red. Not just your face, either.” Burt said to me as soon as Michelle was out of hearing distance while pointing at my chest. I looked down to see that the red was not just on my face, but my entire chest was flushed.

“Sorry, I’m not use to being quite the exhibitionist that you are yet.” I replied, as I reached for the burger, and pulled it over.

“A few more drinks and we’ll see how you turn out,” he said to me with a smile as he dove into the plate of wings.

It felt odd to be eating a normal sized burger, but have it seem huge because your hands are so tiny. I was completely stuffing my face when Michelle came back with two shots and two new beers for us. She saw my cheeks puffed out with burger and rolled her eyes. “change your mind about the wings, sweet cheeks?” she commented.

“Well, it is a woman’s prerogative.” I replied through a full mouth of food.

She set the drinks down and walked away. I looked at Burt and said, “Wow, she was never so bitchy to me before.”

“Don’t worry about it Brian, women always get jealous, especially when the other one is really hot and not afraid to show it off. You’ll see. Take your shots, dammit.” He said with a smile.

I reached out for the first one, and he slapped my hand back. “No way, my friend, those are called blow jobs for a reason. You only get to use your mouth.”

I lifted an eyebrow at that, but figured what the hell, and leaned forward, pressing my new chest into the table, and wrapping my new full pink lips around the first shot glass, the whipped cream on the top tickling the back of my throat. I lifted my head back in one quick motion and swallowed the shot. I heard the bar cheer behind me, and felt my face start to burn again. I followed the first shot quickly with the second, then took a drink of beer wash it all down.

“Nice form my friend. I enjoyed the view, so did your new fans, it seems.” Burt said. I winked at him, and licked my lips seductively.

We both went back to our food and Burt gave me little pointers in between wings. As we got close to the end, he said, “We should get you some practice in. But you need to work on the walk. I want you to feel around in Courtney’s mind for how to walk in high heels. It’s all in there, just waiting for you to ask. Make-up, hair styles, how to match outfits.”

I sat back feeling very full even though I only ate half the burger. I made it look like I was watching the TV, but I was trying to talk to Courtney’s sleeping mind. I reviewed how she walked in her body. Her memories popped to the surface. The first time she ever walked in high heels when she was a little girl, the first time she wore them to impress a boy, when she really learned how to sway her hips while she walked in them, how to not fall if a heel breaks off one in mid-stride. It all bubbled up in the back of my head like it was my own memories.

I then thought about her cheating on me, even though I shouldn’t have, I was having fun. The faces of two men came up in her memories, One was a giant of a man that worked as a bouncer at one of the clubs she often went to. The other was some sort of a rich playboy type. She remembered being with him three nights ago, they were in a club. There was a strange man there watching her all night. She went to the bathroom, and he followed her back, she spun around pointed her finger at him and told him to ‘leave her the fuck alone.’ I got a good look at his face. It was Burt. He reached out, covered her mouth, and as she tried to scream, being very scared, he started to melt… and that was the last memory she had.

“Hey Burt… You body hopped Courtney two nights ago?” I asked slowly.

“Yeah that sounds about right.” He replied while sucking on a wing bone.

“But you didn’t show up by me until last night.” I said slowly again.

Burt must have realized where I was heading with this. He looked at me, put down the wing he was eating, wiped his hands on a napkin, and took a drink of beer then started to talk.

“Yeah, Brian, I hopped her in a night club called the Twisted Channel. She was in there with this guy that she had been seeing. I jumped her on the way to the bathroom. When I came back out, I was feeling horny ‘cause it had been a while since I was in a body that hot. I pretty much jumped her other boyfriend’s bone right there in the club. I think his name was Weasel, or Winky, or Wyatt. We made a night of it, to be honest, because the guy only had a ten second fuse, but sure wanted to try often. Then the next day I was really feeling the need to get boned, ya know, and so I went to find her other friend, the big bouncer dude, because her memories said the guy was hung like a horse. Well, I came to find out that he was, but he’s the shove you down, and take you from behind while pulling on your hair type, and I’m not as much into that as your chick seems to be.” He confessed quietly while leaning forward towards me.

“Yeah, she’s not my chick anymore. Not after running around on me with every guy in the club scene. Oh man. I think I’m gonna puke. I mean, come on Burt! You went rushing off to get my girl fucked by two other guys!” I said pretty loud, with a bit more attitude then I intended.

“Hey, take it easy Brian, it’s not like I knew you then. Or knew you were a hopper. I mean, if it wasn’t for you being a hopper, I wouldn’t have said anything to you, honest. I have a ‘jump in and borrow, but don’t really mess up to bad’ policy for the lives of the girls I mount. Besides, you certainly seemed to enjoy that night, and the day after.” He said that last part with a wink.

“I didn’t realize you had gone out the two nights before and fucked anything that moved!” I again said to loud.

The next thing I knew there were three men from the bar standing by our table looking at Burt like they wanted to rip his head off. The first one looked at me and asked, “Is everything alright here? Do you want us to get rid of this loser?” The second and third guys were eyeing up Burt.

“What?” I asked oblivious to the fact that these men were trying to be knights in shining armor to impress the pretty girl, “No, don’t call my friend a loser! He has helped me out more in the past week then you guys can imagine. I mean, thank you for the drinks and all, but I have a boyfriend… Actually, I have three… I guess.” I responded, slowing down a bit on the end part.

At the mention of three boyfriends the guys looked at each other, and shrugged, then walked away. I heard one of them mutter under his breath that the hot ones were always head cases.

Burt, meanwhile looked relieved that he was not going to get pounded anymore. “Hey man, I’m sorry about your girl, I didn’t mean anything by it, really. I was just having fun. And I appreciate what you said to those guys back there.”

“Hey, that’s what friends are for, Burt.” I said as I took another drink of my beer.

“Well, thanks kid, I don’t get to many people that honestly call me a friend. I was right you are a good guy.” He replied.

“Yeah, well, now I feel like being a bad girl. If she wants to slut it out with her own life, I don’t see why I shouldn’t have a little fun, right?” I said to Burt with a smile.

“Now you’re talking kid. What did you have in mind?” he replied.

“Well, I don’t think I can show you up in pool, but maybe we should head over to the bar and offer those nice boys some body shots?” I said with a gleam in my eye.

And we were off; I grabbed one of the fruity cocktails that someone had bought Burt while he was in Courtney, and headed for the bar by the guys that had bought the shots. I was walking much better thanks to the knowledge from Courtney’s memories, and I was swaying my hips as much as possible. Of the dozen or so guys at the bar, only two didn’t turn around to see me walking up. When I got there, I smiled at them all, cocked a leg out to one side, but my hands on my hips, and said, “Ok, boys, I’d like to thank you for the shots by offering up my tits for some body shots… Or wherever else you want to drink from.” I followed it with a wink.

They all cheered, even the bartenders. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Michelle shook her head and walked back to the kitchen. I walked up to the bar, turned around, braced myself with my arms, and hopped up to sit on the bar. I could feel cold water or alcohol on my bare ass as I plopped down. I reached down, pulled my thin tank down so more of my breasts were exposed, and the bartender came up behind me with a bottle of something, and pointed the spout between my perfect titties. The first guy came up, and started to lap the alcohol from the crevasse on my chest. The line quickly formed behind him. Even Burt took a turn. The guys that finished all started to high five each other, as the line got shorter. As more men licked my the skin in between my boobs, I began to feel the most wonderful heat start building between my legs. The last guy, who looked to be a younger kid, maybe just turned 21, looked up at me and asked if he could do a shot out of my belly button. Not being one to disappoint, I rotated my flexible body, tossed my legs up onto the bar, and laid back, while pulling my shirt up to expose my tight little belly. I looked down, but couldn’t really see past my C-cup chest, but I felt the boy put his hands on the bar next to my body to steady himself. I grabbed on hand, and moved it to my chest. I then grabbed the other, and moved it high on my thigh, just a tad under my short skirt. As the bartender was pouring the shot the boy became a bit braver and moved his hand up to my pussy. I could feel him running a finger gently up and down my new slit. It was definitely having an effect on me. I could feel my pussy moisten, almost dripping. The young man leaned forward and sucked the shot out of my belly, then gently kissed his way down my navel to the top of my skirt. I felt his fingers dig under my thong and push it aside to gently start feeling the inside tips of my pussy lips. I moaned and wiggled my hips just a bit. My pussy was on fire! I was going to need relief, and need it sooner than later.

I turned my head to the side to see the men staring at me and the guy feeling me up, except for Burt, who was calmly drinking his beer, sitting a stool that had been vacated for the body shots. He saw me looking at him and lifted his eyebrows twice real quick. I sat up slowly, and the boy that was molesting me with my permission started to back up, but left his hand inside my legs. I swung them back over the side of the bar, and spread them, so that everyone got a good look at my little white thong with the lips on the front of them.

“Well, boys, we have to get going, so if anyone wants any pictures, take them now.” I said. Suddenly everyone was whipping out a cell phone, and one guy pulled a camera from his hiding spot, letting me know who had taken the picture of Burt while he was playing pool. A few clicks and one flash later, and I hopped off the bar, and walked as calmly as I could over to Bert. I leaned into his ear and whispered, “We need to go, NOW!”

“Why? You look like you are having fun. We haven’t even gotten the bill yet.” He replied.

I responded by digging into Courtney’s purse, yanking out five or six twenties, putting them on the bar, and telling the bartender it was for our bill. I then grabbed onto Burt with both of my small hands and gave him a huge tug to get off the bar stool. He could have easily stayed on it because I was overpowered now, but he went along with me. Out the door and around back to the car we went.

“What’s the hurry, Brian? Those guys were eating you up in…” Before he could finish his sentence, I turned around and rubbed my chest all over him, and brought my hand down to his crotch to start slowly rubbing his member though the pants he had on. I felt him getting hard instantly, which was the effect I wanted. I roughly grabbed at the fastener on his jeans and undid them, then turned myself around, and bent over at the waist until my chest rested on the hood of my car, bracing myself with my hands on the front fenders. It looked quite a bit like when Burt was lining up a pool shot.

“Shut up and get your dick in me. I’m so freaking horny I think I’m going to explode!” I tried to say calmly, but ended up saying in near hysterics.

He wasted no time in yanking my panties down to mid thigh, and I felt the tip of his dick press up against my lower set of lips. I felt him tease up and down a little, but I was in no mood, so I shoved back against him, gasping as his penis impaled me. He began to rock back and forth, with each push bringing my closer to my much needed release. I heard the back door open to the bar, and there was Michelle, carrying a garbage bag. She heard the commotion, and looked out over the parking lot to see what she thought was Courtney looking back at her, bent over the hood of my car, getting fucked by some guy she didn’t know. I smiled at her. She said one word, slut, and walked back in the bar. As she said it, Burt released inside of me, and between those to things happening at the same time, it tipped me over the edge. I felt like I was exploding. My vision swam, and my knees got weak. Burt held onto my ass with his hands, steadying me, and making sure he finished pumping his seed into me.

I dropped my head to the hood, making an audible ‘thump’ when it hit, and caught my breath. Burt slowly pulled out of me, and began to put his penis away. As he pulled out, I felt the cool night air on my wet thighs, and some of his seed start to drip it’s way out. I slowly stood up, and pulled my panties back up from half mast. I wiggled my ass a bit to get the string to sit right in the crack of my ass.

“Thanks, I needed that.” I said in a hushed tone as I began to walk around to the passenger side of the car.

“Wasn’t bad on my end either.” Burt said, still trying to catch his breath. He dug the keys out of his pocket, and unlocked the doors. We both got in and headed for home, him driving, me directing.

As we navigated the streets, I clenched and released my pussy muscles, enjoying the feeling of Burt’s seed leaking out of me and into the by now abused and soaking thong. Burt must have noticed the look on my face because he smiled and said, “Yeah, kid, not a bad feeling is it? Although it does sometimes suck when you have to sleep in the wet spot. Sorry, I forgot to tell you about how horny we get when we do take over a body.”

I grunted softly in response, and continued to direct him home. When we got back to my apartment, I quickly ran to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. I looked at the toilet for a second before remembering to spin, and sit. I yanked the thong down, and let go of the muscles I had been using to hold back the flood. It felt strange, but very very good to let out the pressure. I sighed contently, and when it was all done, I stood up, grabbed a few tissues, and gently dabbed at my new equipment.

When I got out, it was Burt’s turn. “I gotta take a dump, kid. I may be a while.” He told me.

“Wow. What a charmer.” I replied as I looked at him with a cocked eyebrow.

While he was in there, I wandered back to my bedroom, stripped down, and began rummaging through Courtney’s lingerie. I finally decided on a fire engine red bra and a matching pair of crotchless panties. I jumped onto the bed, and laid down in what I hoped would be a seductive pose on my side.

I was bored and playing with my nipples through my bra when Burt finally came walking in. I looked up at him, and licked my lips. He looked me up and down, and finally said, “Sorry kid, no can do. As a forty year old man, I’m not the stallion I used to be. I just need more recovery time.”

I pouted.

“But, let me show you a something, seeing as your still up for more.” He said, and walked over to the closet, and began rummaging through some boxes. He turned around and held up a large purple dildo. He smiled, and then turned it on.

“I was going to use this all morning if you weren’t going to play ball with me in good ol’ Courtney’s body.” He told me as he moved to the bed, and I laid back and spread my legs. He proceeded to tease me with it, rubbing it around on my breasts, down my stomach, up my thighs, even on my lips, which I strangely accepted. Then he brought it down to my lips and began going up and down them, until the vibrating dildo was good and lubed from my own juices. He then slowly inserted it in me. I closed my eyes and cooed. Back and forth, back and forth, until I came to a powerful orgasm. That was the first of many that night, I rolled over, and had him screw me with it doggy style, I rolled back on my back, and when he put it in, I clamped my legs closed on his hand, bottoming it out on my womb. After another two times cumming on my back, and still wanting more, Burt handed the dildo to me, and rolled over to get some sleep. I played with it until the early hours of the mourning, eventually just shutting it off, but leaving it in me as I passed out from exhaustion.