Brian's Story - Chapter 22 - Slipping into Someone More Comfortable

By Tobyredone

28 minute read -

This is the twenty-second story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

Alyssa lay on the grass, eyes closed and lightly breathing. I got down on my knees and leaned over her, instantly feeling my large breasts moving on my chest, and my long brown hair fall into my field of vision. I tucked my hair behind my ears with my left hand, and then reached out to Alyssa’s shoulders and began gently shaking her. I wasn’t in her for more then a few hours, so I didn’t think it would be that hard to wake her up.

Soon enough her eyes fluttered open and she pulled back as she looked around, obviously startled. She reached down to pull the hem of her short sun dress down as far as possible, and then looked up at Burt and me.

“Who are you? Where the hell am I?” She said suddenly and quite loudly.

“You’re at the college across town from Val’s apartment. Calm down.” I said to her quietly as I held up my hands and sat back on my knees. We had managed to hop two young college girls quietly and we didn’t need Alyssa to draw attention to us.

“Brian?” She asked, now in a hissed whisper.

“Yeah, it’s me in here.” I replied as I shrugged my shoulders.

Alyssa then looked up at the other girl standing to my side and asked, “Is the other guy in her?”

I nodded as I heard from over my shoulder, “My name’s Burt. I guess if you’re going to be in on this whole thing, you might as well know that.”

Alyssa nodded, and I then said to her, “We have some body hopper stuff to take care of, ok? My car keys are in your purse, and the car is parked on the other side of those bleachers.” I said as I pointed across the football field, “We might be here for a while, maybe even a couple days, can you let Valerie know?”

Alyssa nodded then got a strange look on her face before she finally blurted out, “Are you going to do stuff with those girls? I don’t mean to be a bitch, but they’re not very pretty.”

Burt replied, “We needed some bodies that won’t draw attention, and have student IDs to get around the campus here. These girls were easy and quick. We’ll switch it up again once we have some time. Speaking of which, Bri we gotta go!”

As Burt told her why we had hopped these two particular girls, I felt up my mount’s body. Her name was Linda, and she was on the heavier side. She wasn’t completely unattractive, but the extra fifty pounds on her frame didn’t help her. She had brown eyes, mousy brown hair that was a bit frazzled, and didn’t appear to wear any make up. Burt’s mount, on the other hand was a complete bean pole. The girl couldn’t weigh more then one hundred pounds. She barely had any breasts or curves to her body at all. She had buck teeth, freckles and a large pair of black rimmed glasses hid her light brown eyes. She had short black hair that was obviously dyed and wore it pulled back into a short pony tail.

I winked at Alyssa said, “I’ll see you two soon, have fun at the purse party.”

With that, Alyssa collected her legs underneath her and stood up, trying to keep everything covered. We turned to walk towards a large dormitory, and Alyssa was off heading for the car. After we had taken a few steps, I turned around and called out, “Alyssa!” and when she looked over her shoulder I said, “Thanks for the ride, it was fun. Maybe we can do it again soon?”

She shot me a small smile, then turned and continued walking without saying anything else. Burt looked over at me and I shrugged. We walked through the front doors of the dorm and I waved to the security guard that looked up at us over his paper. We quickly swiped our ID cards in the readers and walked through the second set of entry doors.

I quickly probed Linda’s mind. She had a room on the seventeenth floor. I knew her friend that Burt was riding in was on the fifteenth floor. We took a quick turn and pressed the up arrow for the elevator.

As we waited, Burt said to me, “I have to agree with Alyssa. My mount isn’t much. Should we look around some more?”

“You wanna go find Steph and Molly again?” I asked with a grin.

“Naw, we’re in the wrong building. They’re over in Regling Hall.” Burt replied to me.

I raised my eyebrows in shock that he knew the campus buildings so well, and he noticed my surprise and said, “What? I don’t have two girlfriends that I shack up with every night. I come out here a lot for mounts. It’s easy picking, and there are plenty of horny young men just waiting to screw me.”

I laughed and said, “Ok, fine. What about right now?”

“I think we should split up. We’ll have a better chance of scoring hot bods if we cover more ground. Then I think once we have some cute girls, we’ll just keep an eye on young Nathan. I’m sure if we offer up our mounts for some sex he’ll be more then happy to spend some time with us. Then we just explain how this all works.” Burt explained to me.

I heard a loud ding, and the elevator doors opened up. Burt and I walked in and quickly pressed the buttons to each of our mount’s floors.

I adjusted my large breasts in my bra and said, “Ok, I’ll check my floor for a cutie, you check yours. Where are we meeting up?”

“Let’s see… how about the food court in the quad tomorrow morning at ten thirty?” Burt replied.

“Ten Thirty? Why so late?” I asked Burt.

“Cause that way if I’m busy all night I’ll still get some sleep.” Burt told me with a large grin.

Just then the elevator let out another ding, and the doors opened to Burt’s floor. He walked off the elevator, and turned back towards me and said, “See ya kiddo, Have some fun tonight. I know I will.”

Then the elevator doors closed, and I was off to my floor. A few more moments and I was hesitantly stepping off onto the seventeenth floor of Gunther Hall. I made my way back to Linda’s room, and dropped off her books and her backpack. Her roommate was there watching TV, and she said hi to me. I wasn’t in the mood to talk, and decided that she also wasn’t what I was looking for, so I just smiled and waved and said I’d be back in a bit.

I turned around and headed out down the hallway. As I walked along, many girls were saying hi to me. Linda must have been fairly well liked by the other girls. I stopped at each doorway to peer in quickly, checking out the people inside each room before moving on to the next one. Even though I had seen a pile of young girls, I still hadn’t seen anything that caught my fancy, and I was quickly running out of rooms on this floor. Had I become to picky now that I was staying with Valerie and Alyssa I started to wonder?

Suddenly I saw the one that I wanted. She was walking out of the shower in a robe with her supplies in a small plastic carrying basket. She was gorgeous. She only stood about five foot, maybe an inch or two taller, but she had a pretty face, with amazingly dark brown eyes, and even under her fluffy robe I could tell that she had a great figure. She had a bronze complexion that told me she had some ethnicity in her as well. Linda’s memories told me that her name was Elizabeth, but everyone called her Bethy.

I walked over to her and asked, “Hey Bethy, you got a sec?”

“Um, sure, but only one. I’m supposed to meet Dylan downstairs in a little bit; he’s taking me out tonight.” She said to me with a smile as she used her key to open the door to her room and stepped inside while holding the door open for me.

“Thanks,” I said to her as I followed her in, and closed the door behind me. I knew from my mount’s memories that Bethy’s roommate had dropped out about one month ago, and so she had the entire dorm room to herself. Most of the other girls on the floor were jealous of her for that reason alone. She set her basket down, and looked into a small mirror as she began to put her make up on for tonight. I stood and watched quietly as she put on a light coat of foundation, some pink lipstick, eye shadow, and then some mascara. She must have realized I was staring at her and turned to look at me with a look of annoyance.

“What did you need Linda? I told you I’m kinda in a hurry to get ready for my date.” She said as she put a hand on her hip.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll make sure that you’re on time, and that Dylan has a fantastic night.” I said as I darted over to her and grabbed the girl by the shoulders.

I concentrated on leaving Linda and entering Bethy. I lost the sensations of Linda’s body, and began to flow out of her skin and directly into Bethy’s skin. I knew she was struggling to get free of my grasp, but as I began to flow into her upper arms it was already too late for the girl. In only a few moments I was completely out of Linda, and she fell backwards to the floor as I continued my struggle with Bethy. She was shaking and convulsing, still fighting like a tigress against me as I continued my attack. She fell to her knees as she twisted her torso back and forth while grasping at herself with her own arms, until I started to have sensations of sweet little Bethy’s body.

Suddenly I could feel my feet and knees on the shaggy throw rug that covered her floor. I felt the softness of the robe that she was wearing as it wrapped around my new stolen body. I felt the cool air of the room on my new soft skin where the robe had pulled open in the struggle. I could smell my new scent through my cute little nose, and blinked my eyes as Bethy’s dorm room came into focus.

I sucked in a huge breath, and let it out slowly as I looked down at the inside of my robe which covered two perfect breasts, my nipples barely covered by the soft cottony fabric. I ran my new hands down my sides and belly through the parted robe as I felt my new pussy. I had a small well trimmed patch of brown hair above to small lips, and it always felt so foreign to run new thin fingers though a well trimmed little bush.

“Oh Bethy, we are going to have one hell of a time together.” I said as I stood up and walked over to where Linda’s body lay prone on the floor. I nudged her with my foot and called out, “Linda. Linda are you ok?”

It took a few more nudges before the slightly overweight girl started to wake up, and asked me what happened. I simply shrugged, and said she walked into my room and laid down on the floor, and how I thought she was a bit of a prankster. She looked up at me, shook her from side to side, and then held out her hand so that I could help her up. I had to really pull to help get her off the floor, and as soon as she was up I told her that I had to get ready for a date, and opened up the door to my small dorm room. Linda was still trying to figure out what happened as she walked through the door and I could only smile at what she didn’t know.

I looked over onto my bed to see the clothes that Bethy had picked out for her date tonight. The outfit was simply a pair of jeans and a small pale yellow tank top.

While that might have worked for her, I decided I would spruce things up a little bit, and I immediately went to her closet and started digging, tossing her clothes over my shoulder as I tried to find something that I felt would be more suitable.

In short order I was walking off the elevator to meet my date, Dylan. On the way down I had poked through Bethy’s memories about him. It appeared Bethy and Dylan were fairly serious. They had been seeing each other exclusively for about three months. From Bethy’s memories I knew that Dylan was head over heels for her, but Bethy was mainly only seeing Dylan out of boredom and the fact that his family was fairly well off, so he had an excess of spending cash, and he always treated her well. In as much as I had gotten under this girl’s skin, her attitude towards this boy had gotten under my skin, and I was determined to make certain that he at least had a good time tonight.

As I walked into the lobby of the dorm, Dylan stood up from where he was sitting and started to walk towards me. I gave him a beaming smile, and as we met in the middle of the lobby he looked me up and down and said, “Wow, you look great Bethy!”

“You think? It’s just my little black dress. I figured I’d wear it for you tonight.” I said as I did a slow spin, letting Dylan get a good look at my stolen body.

I had pulled Bethy’s secret weapon out of her closet. She knew she looked good in this dress, and only wore it when she was trying to tempt a boy away from a girl, or make an old ex-boyfriend jealous. I didn’t feel the need to observe her rules, so I had put it on for the night. It had strings for shoulder straps, dipping deeply down in the front to show off huge amounts of cleavage, and went even further down in the back, exposing everything down to my tapered waist. It was made of a clingy, stretchy material, showing off my impossibly thin midsection and taunt little tummy, and rode high up my thighs to show as much leg as would be decent for a night out. I had chosen to wear a pair of dark pantyhose, and thought it really set off my legs, although as I thought about it, my stolen legs looking fabulous could also have come from the strappy black sandals with a five inch heel adding to my height and giving my legs the illusion of being longer and even more toned then they actually were. I had also taken a small black and gold clutch from Bethy’s closet, and put the bare essentials in it. To make certain I matched I added a pair of dangly gold earrings and a thin and simple gold band bracelet as well.

“Don’t you think it may be a little excessive for a quick dinner and a movie, though?” Dylan asked as he continued to look me up and down.

“Oh it’ll be fine, silly. C’mon, I’m starving. Let’s go get some food.” I said to my date.

He nodded at me, and slid his arm around my waist, guiding my path by putting pressure on the small of my back in the direction he wanted me to go. I smiled as I felt his hand slide just a little further south with every step.

Once we got to Dylan’s car, he quickly skipped a few steps in front of me, and opened the passenger side door and held his hand out to help me into the car. I smiled at him, and quickly slid into the car, pulling the seat belt down and across my chest as he gently closed my door and skipped around to the driver’s side of the car.

Soon we were off driving through the town. As I watched the buildings go by I thought how odd it was to just sit and look around in a car as it was driving. Being a guy usually meant that I was driving, and it was odd to experience a date from this perspective. Dylan’s hand slowly worked its way over to my knee, and then he hesitantly began moving his fingers in a massaging motion on my leg. I didn’t respond to him at all other then spreading my legs just a touch more.

Dylan was still uncertain of how he should proceed, but he was slowly working his hand back to the edge of my short dress, and I purposely didn’t give him any indication one way or the other. Soon we were stopped at a red light, and he used that opportunity to finally slide his hand under the hem of my dress. Because it was so short, especially while sitting, he was pretty much touching the top of my pussy instantly. He slowly traced his pinky finger up and down on my well trimmed and nylon covered bush, but because of the angle of his car seat he couldn’t get his fingers down low enough to really feel anything other then that.

I let a small moan out, more to excite him then from any type of stimulation he was giving me. He chuckled quietly and then said, “Wow, you’re all revved up tonight Beth.”

I just gave him a coy smile, winked, and then slapped my legs together, trapping his hand between my soft thighs. He wiggled his fingers for a bit, then slowly pulled his hand out, and gave the steering wheel a sharp turn into a parking lot.

After parking the car, Dylan quickly jumped out and walked around the car to open my door for me once again. I gave him a smile, and swung my legs out together, and held up my hand so that he could help me up onto my tall heels. We walked arm in arm into the restaurant, and Dylan started talking to the hostess.

While he did that, I pulled a small compact out of my purse, and pretended to check my make up, but I was really looking at my face on Bethy’s body. I looked at where my rougher skin started to merge into my mount’s head. I noticed how different I looked with long dark hair framing my face. I took the opportunity to also look down the front of my dress at my own cleavage. I could feel my new equipment begin to moisten as I became turned on by my own breasts. I snapped my compact closed and put it back into my purse as I decided I needed to reel myself in a bit, or I would never last the night.

The hostess was soon walking us to a small table for two, and as we sat down we listened to her list off the specials of the day. We thanked her, and she walked off. Our waitress then showed up and asked us the usual questions about drinks and appetizers. I ordered a glass of wine, and Dylan ordered a beer. The waitress asked to see my ID, and so I dug Bethy’s driver’s license out of my purse. The waitress looked at it, and me, and it again before finally handing it back to me.

Then I suddenly realized that woman was jealous of me. She turned back to Dylan and made a comment, but not before giving me a sideways glance. She walked away to put in our order, and Dylan started up some small talk, asking about my classes, and my day. I returned the small talk, using Bethy’s memories, and then asked him how his day had gone. He began to talk about work, and I began to rub my legs together, loving the feeling of the smooth nylon going across my thighs. I brought my arms under my chest, and felt my breasts rise, almost threatening to spill out of my small dress. I think Dylan noticed, but he continued talking and never missed a beat.

I was bringing myself back up on a slow heat, and felt a shiver of excitement that started in my pussy and worked its way up my torso, and around my nipples. I briefly wondered if I could talk Dylan into heading to the men’s room with me and taking care of me right then and there.

The waitress came back with our drinks just then, and knocked me out of my little world. She looked at me with disapproval, and I briefly wondered why until I looked down, and saw the shelf that I had made of my tits had pressed them tight against the black fabric of my dress, and my nipples were poking out and could be easily seen through the light fabric as I had decided not to wear a bra tonight.

She asked us if we were ready to order, and we both nodded. She started with me, and I ordered a steak with a side of potatoes. She then took Dylan’s order, nodding, and smiling at him, unlike the cold gaze she had given me. As she turned and walked away Dylan looked at me with wide eyes. I raised my eyebrows and took a sip of my wine, returning his questioning look.

“Bethy, what’s with your order?” He asked me.

“What? Isn’t the steak good here?” I replied as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Uh, I guess its fine.” Dylan said to me, still looking at me strangely.

I suddenly wondered if I had ordered something that Bethy was allergic to, so I quickly scanned her memories for any allergies that she had. She got mild hay fever in the summer, but nothing else.

“Is it to pricey? I should have asked first, I’m sorry.” I said as I put down my glass of wine.

“No, Bethy the price is fine, it’s just that you’re a vegetarian.” Dylan said.

“Oh.” Was all I could manage to let slip out of my mouth as Bethy’s memories of avoiding meat came flying through my mind. She even broke up briefly with Dylan because he ate a turkey sandwich in front of her one day. The memory of her attending a protest for a local fast food restaurant last week popped up also. I suddenly felt bad for Dylan. He not only had to put up with Bethy using him for his money, but he had also apparently given up eating meat in front of her just so that he could continue to date her.

“Are you ok? You’ve been acting a little weird all evening.” Dylan said to me with concern on his face.

I picked up my wine glass, and quickly drank the rest of it, before looking over at Dylan. I leaned in across the table, and he also leaned forward, bringing our faces just inches apart. “Can you keep a secret? You probably won’t believe my anyways.” I asked him quietly.

“Yeah, sure Bethy. I can keep a secret for you. What’s going on?” He asked in a hushed whisper.

“I’m not really Bethy. I’m her evil twin.” I said to him with a sudden grin.

Dylan smiled back at me, and playfully shook his head at my bad joke.

“I’m serious. I’m her meat eating, fun loving, alcohol drinking, sex loving evil twin.” I told him again.

“Yeah, sure,” Was all he replied as he leaned back in his chair.

“I’ll prove it to you.” I replied to him with a smile.

“How will you do that?” Dylan asked me.

“Let’s bail on the movie. Let’s eat our food, pick up some beer, head back to my dorm room, and fuck like bunnies for the rest of the night.” I said to him.

“Ok, I’ll call your bluff. You hate beer, but if that’s what you want to do, then we’ll give it a try. Just don’t complain to me about it tomorrow.” Dylan replied.

Suddenly our food arrived. The waitress served my steak, and I tore into it with reckless abandon. I occasionally looked up to see Dylan staring at me in disbelief, but he was busy stuffing his face trying to keep up with me so that we could head back to my dorm room. My food was pretty good, and I was also determined to beat Dylan. The rest of the people in the restaurant were looking at us like we were crazy, but we were having fun, and that’s what mattered to me.

Our waitress showed up to ask if everything was alright, and Dylan asked her for our bill in an excited voice. She was back in a few moments and giving me a strange look as I giggled at her. Dylan practically threw the money down on the table to cover our bill and we were off.

We made a quick stop off at a liquor store for a case of beer and then jumped back into his car to make our way to my dorm room. Security wanted to see our IDs as we walked in through the front door, and I remembered what a pain dorm rooms were from back when I was in college. After that we rode the elevator up to my floor and quickly made our way to my small room.

I closed and locked the door so that we wouldn’t be disturbed, and then spun to look at Dylan as he stood there in the middle of the room looking at me holding the case of beer. I couldn’t wait to get a buzz going and get my pussy stuffed.

“Are you just going to stand there? Give me a beer, and put the rest in the mini-fridge.” I told him harshly.

He opened the case, grabbed a can and opened it, then handed it to me. I quickly drank it down, and held the empty out to him as I said, “This one had a hole in it or something. All the beer is gone.”

He shook his head as he opened another can and handed it to me. He then bent down and started to put cans into my mini fridge. I kicked off my heels, took off my jewelry, and while his back was turned pulled my dress up over my head and off.

Dylan turned around and almost dropped the can of beer he was holding when he saw me standing there in just a pair of tiny panties and some dark nylons. I sat back on my bed, crossed my legs and motioned Dylan over with a finger. He was next to me in an instant.

He leaned in for a kiss, but I instead grabbed his hands and moved them to my breasts. He started to grope them, but not the way I liked. It was more like he was trying to squeeze oranges into orange juice, which may have been fun for him, but for me it was borderline painful.

“No. Be gentle. And play lightly with my nipples. Only use a couple fingers.” I said as I showed him with my own hands.

He nodded, and started again. This time it was better. He again moved in to kiss me, and I turned my head to the side. He kissed down my cheek, neck, and between my breasts. I put my hands on his head and pushed him down further. He instantly understood what I wanted and grabbed at my nylons. I lifted my ass off the bed, and he pulled my panties and nylons down at the same time, leaving me completely naked. I slid up on the bed so I could lean against the back of my dresser and spread my legs as he began kissing tenderly along my inner thighs. I took another long sip of my beer before I set it down next to the bed.

I sighed and began to squirm as his lips got closer and closer to my wet little pussy. A low moan escaped my lips and he took it as encouragement to start licking my outer lips. I felt like a lightning bolt had struck me right between my legs. I sucked in my stomach and grabbed at his head, forcing him in deeper with his tongue. My hips began to rock back and forth against his licking motion as I tried desperately to fuck myself on his face.

With as much stimulation as he was providing on my sweet little stolen pussy it didn’t take long for me to spray feminine ejaculate all over Dylan’s face. I cried out, “OH DYLAN!” with passion as I came, and pulled at the hair on his head. As I came back down to reality I looked between my legs to see Dylan gently rubbing his scalp. I didn’t mean to pull his hair hard enough to hurt him.

“Oh I’m sorry Dylan.” I said as I reached down and rubbed his hair.

“Wow. That was something else Beth. Maybe you really are an evil twin.” He replied to me as he continued to rub his head.

“Well, this evil twin wants more. Take your pants off.” I said as I cupped my breasts and looked down at his face.

He nodded and stood up, struggling with his clothes in his haste to get naked. I continued to run my fingers lightly up and down my body, tracing lines on my skin and letting out soft “ooohs” as I looked up at him. As soon as he was naked he jumped back onto the bed enthusiastically, and as he slid up to me, I slid downward to lie in a more horizontal position on the small bed.

He wrapped his arms underneath my shoulders, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slowly brought the head of his dick up to my leaking slit, and after a few misses got the tip of his dick inside my slippery lower lips.

“You’re really wet Beth.” Dylan whispered into my ear.

“Uh huh.” I replied breathlessly and tried to squirm down on his cock further.

Well, he didn’t waste any more time and started to hump me enthusiastically. Having a dick sliding around in Bethy’s tight little snatch was amazing. I also felt my stolen nipples rubbing up and down against Dylan’s well muscled chest. Dylan’s thrusts quickly became more random and I could feel his back tensing up. I was about to ask him if something was wrong when I felt him press into me as deep as he could, and felt his dick spasm. I felt his warm cum shooting into my belly. I let out a sigh of appreciation. The sex felt great, and as weird as it sounds I had come to enjoy the feeling of a man blowing his load in me.

Dylan tried to lean back, but I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear, “Don’t pull it out. I’m not done with it yet.”

Dylan looked at me, and asked, “Didn’t you?”

I shook my head no and upon seeing the look of disappointment on his face said, “Hey, you got me off with your tongue before we even started, and the night is young. We have lots of time yet.”

“Again?” He questioned.

I nodded and he smiled and said, “I suppose I could stick around for a few more hours.”

I pouted at him and locked my feet together behind his back, squeezing him tightly to me and said, “I was hoping you’d spend the night here. I know the bed is a little small, but I’ll make it worth your time.”

“You mean it? You want me to stay over? Well, how can I turn that invite down?” He said and squeezed me gently behind my back.

I slowly pushed him back off of me, and felt his dick slid out of my slit. The sweet sensation made my breath catch in my throat for a second. I then got up and headed over to my closet. I opened the doors and began digging through my drawers.

“Whatcha looking for?” Dylan asked as he reclined on my bed.

“This!” I said triumphantly as I spun around and held up a pink vibrator.

Dylan gave me an odd look as I walked back over to the bed. I swallowed down the rest of my beer and walked over to the min-fridge. I grabbed two beers for us, and went back over to the bed. Dylan was kind enough to open both of the beers and hand one back to me. I took a quick drink, then set the beer down and cuddled up next to Dylan.

I turned the vibrator on and it came to life humming a happy song of bliss. I handed it over to Dylan and spread my legs wide enough to permit entry to my pussy. Dylan looked at me and I said, “You can use that on me until you’re ready to go again. Feel free to play with it anywhere you’d like.”

He smiled and began roaming over my body with the little toy buzzing in his hand. It felt amazing as he traced it down my neck and over my shoulders, but not nearly as good as when he used it in small circles around my nipples. He played with it in my belly button for a few minutes which really did nothing for me, but he seemed to enjoy it, so I went with it. Finally he was tracing it up and down my thighs, and holding it along my outer pussy lips.

I shivered as bolts of electricity ran up my spine. He teased me some more by running the vib up and down my thighs instead of giving me the release I wanted. My snatch was drooling and my thighs quivering as he smiled at my need. Finally he plunged the toy into me. He worked it back and forth as I felt it fill me and then leave me vacant and empty only to be filled again a moment later. I glanced at him and saw a large smile on his face as he drank his beer. He was enjoying this as much as I was.

I reached down with my small hand and tried to grab my beer, but I was clumsy with sexual stimulation, and it took me three tries before I could hold onto the can. I brought it to my lips and took a quick swallow, and as I went to set the can back down Dylan took that moment to push the pink toy further in me then he had gone before. Tremors filled my being as I came, and came hard.

I got out a muffled cry of passion as my legs straightened out and my arms grabbed at my hips, reeling from the waves of pleasure coursing through my tiny body. Dylan kept pumping inside of me, and the buzzing stimulation extended my orgasm out. Finally he pulled it out of me, and I fell back limp to the bed, my only movement being my left foot twitching involuntarily.

I did not expect the humming little toy to make a quick return, but this time to the entrance to my asshole. Dylan pressed its tip up against my other lower orifice, and startled me back into reality.

“Eek!” I screamed as I scrambled away from the sensation.

“Sorry.” Dylan said sheepishly, and then finished with, “You said anywhere.”

“Well, let me amend that statement right now. Stay out of my asshole, asshole.” I said and stood up off the bed.

“Bethy, I didn’t mean anything by it. You’ve just been so open with everything tonight, I figured I’d give it a shot.” He said apologetically.

“What is it with men that when they get free reign with one hole, they just have to try for the other one as well?” I asked him as I picked up my beer and took a long drink.

Dylan didn’t have an answer for me, and just shrugged his shoulder.

“Whatever. I have to piss. I’ll be back in a bit.” I said and scooped a large tee shirt off from a pile of laundry on the floor where I had tossed everything while getting ready for my date.

I pulled it on over my head, opened the door, and started walking down the hallway to the bathroom. I got a few strange looks from other girls on my floor, and I knew it was more then likely from my disheveled hair, glistening thighs, scent of sex, and the fact that I was only wearing a T-shirt. I made a turn into the girls’ bathroom, picked a stall and sat down. I first felt the juices of sex start flowing out of me, and then felt my bladder empty as I relaxed and started to piss.

I ran my hand through my slightly sweat dampened hair and thought about what had just happened. I was more surprised then anything else about the vibrator ready to slip up my ass. As I thought about it, I realized it hadn’t felt at all like I thought it would. I didn’t even think it felt that badly, but Dylan hadn’t gotten more then the very tip of it inside me. While I didn’t really want to experiment with an anal adventure tonight, I thought maybe I should apologize to Dylan for my reaction.

I stood up and tore off some toilet paper from the roll and dabbed at my vagina. I then got some more toilet paper and cleaned my thighs up so they wouldn’t glisten in the light quite so much. I pulled my tee shirt down as far as I could so that at least my pussy and ass cheeks were covered, and headed back to the room.

I only opened the door a little way, and slid inside, then closed it and leaned back against it as I looked at Dylan still laying on the bed next to the small pink vibrator.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you. I shouldn’t have. I just think I’d like to have a bit of warning before you try to shove something up my ass, okay?” I said to him.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…” Before he could finish his sentence I was over to the bed and pressing up against him, and shutting him up by putting my chest right in his face.

“Shut up and fuck me, and I’ll forgive you.” I replied.

And he did.

I pulled the bottom of the tee shirt up to my tummy, and rubbed my snatch up and down on his stomach. Being young it didn’t take long for him to be at attention once again. I lowered myself onto him, and he grabbed me by the waist, and turned me over. I was on my back again, with the small vibrator digging into my back and Dylan fucking me on top.

His rhythm built up again, and I enjoyed it as I dug underneath us, trying to pull the vib out from under me. When I finally freed it, I held it up and Dylan grabbed it away from me, deftly turning it on with one hand, and sliding it between us down to my crotch. The double stimulation of his dick pounding hard into my cunt and vibrator throbbing on my clit quickly sent me over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

He didn’t last much longer, and soon I had Dylan’s second load of the night blown into my little pussy. We collapsed into a pile on the bed, and laid there panting together. After a few minutes he looked down at me with a smile and licked the side of my face.

“Eww!” I said playfully and pushed him off of me.

I stood up, got two more beers and the remote control for the TV and went back over to the bed. I pulled the covers back on my bed and climbed into it. Dylan followed suit. I handed him the beers, and turned the TV on and started to flip through the channels.

Suddenly I felt the vibrator come to life on my pussy lips. I let out a startled squeak again, but didn’t try to stop him. I continued to go through the channels on the TV until I found an action flick on. It was an old one, but it was a classic, so I left it on. About fifteen minutes later, I was shivering to another orgasm delivered by the trusty little vibrator that was buzzing deep in my snatch.

Dylan and I had sex twice more that night as he recovered, both times with me on my hands and knees and him behind me fucking me doggie style. We then fell asleep on my small bed, me wrapped up in his arms.

As my eyes fluttered shut, I wondered how Burt’s night had gone.