Brian's Story - Chapter 24 - A Rude Awakening

By Tobyredone

11 minute read -

This is the twenty-fourth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I woke up in Brandy’s room upstairs. I was cold. And the sunlight was very bright. I sat up too quickly and winced in pain. I had a small headache, but to be honest for the amount of drinking I did last night, the headache was completely bearable.

I looked down and saw two perky tits staring right back at me. Below them were a taunt belly and a small neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair above a lovely little pussy. As I continued looking further down, I noticed I was wearing one sock. That was my only article of clothing at all.

I was also covered from head to toe in black magic marker. Words like slut, whore, and bitch were common. Written in large letters across my stomach were the words “Bearded Sausage Wallet” and an arrow pointing down to my pussy.

I looked over to the other side of the bed, and there slept Burt. He had taken all of the covers on the bed and wrapped himself up in a little cocoon of sheets and comforters. From the little bit of his face that was showing I saw he too had black magic marker on him. To be more specific, he had a penis drawn on his forehead with the words “Cum Dumpster” written below it.

I shook my head as I remembered parts of last night, and Burt finding the marker the girl at the door was using, and writing something on where my mount’s shirt left my back exposed. I turned and grabbed at his hand and wrestled it away from him, then started to write on him with it. We both started giggling, and taken turns writing things on each other. As we ran out of exposed skin, our clothing started to come off, much to the delight of every male at the party. Eventually we were down to just our panties.

That was when Burt and I retired upstairs to “my” room, and the lesbian love began. Burt ate out my little groove like it was the last time he’d be able to see a pussy. I let him suck, lick, tickle and tease me to seven screaming orgasms before I pushed him back so that I could return the favor. As I lowered my head into his dripping snatch, and began licking he started to squirm from side to side. As I dug in deeper with my tongue he started to buck his hips. Then when I started to play with his clit, he stopped moving altogether. I looked up to see what was wrong, and saw that his eyes were closed, and he was snoring softly. He had passed out on me.

I yawned and stretched as my thoughts came back to the present morning. I rolled off my soft bed and headed over to a dresser that was along the far wall and began digging through it so that I could find some clothes. I quickly dug out some comfy cotton boy-short panties and slid them up my legs and around my hips. I then pulled out a cotton bra and wrapped it backwards around my waist and clasped it. I then spun it around and shimmied it up over my tits and slid my arms through the shoulder straps. As I was situating the twins, I heard a blood curdling scream from down the hall.

Burt sat up suddenly with his eyes wide open, then groaned and put his hands over his eyes as he quickly lay back down in bed, pulling his covers over his eyes. I heard the scream again, and once more heard Burt groan in pain as he lay there unmoving.

I opened my door and quickly made my way down the hall to the large bathroom on the second floor. There were a few other girls gathered around the doorway, but no one had opened it yet. I heard another scream, and shoved my way through the group and quickly opened the door.

Inside I saw Mandy standing in the middle of the room wearing a pink tank top and some white and blue stripped panties and pulling at her hair. She turned to look at the doorway, and one of the sorority girls said, “Mandy, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

I knew instantly what was wrong, though, as I could see Nathan’s face on Mandy’s body. The other girls couldn’t see the large football player who was possessing one of their sisters, and I needed to make certain that it stayed that way, which meant getting them out of the bathroom before someone looked in the large mirror on the wall.

“She’s fine. I’ll take care of it. Everyone go back to what you were doing. I’ll handle this. Mandy and I are best friends.” I said as I pushed the group of girls back from the doorway, stepped myself inside, and closed the door, locking them out of the bathroom.

I turned back towards Nathan, and hissed at him quietly, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!?”

“I don’t know man. Mandy was a bit drunk, and she was frisky, and I followed her up to her bedroom, and we fucked, and then both of us passed out. I had some weird dreams, I woke up this morning all groggy and shit, walked down here to take a piss, and couldn’t find my dick. When I looked in the mirror, I saw I had blonde hair, and huge tits! I’m fucking in her man! I’m fucking in her!” Nathan said back to me far too loudly.

“SHHHH!” I hissed at him again, and pointed to the door then whispered, “Half the sorority is out there. You want them to know you are inside Mandy? Be quiet!”

“Then help me get the fuck out of this bitch!” He complained back at me in a stressed but low tone.

“Calm down. Stop hyperventilating.” I said to him in a controlled whisper.

“What the fuck do you mean calm down? I’m inside my fucking one night stand! I want out of this bitch, now!” He said back to me, his volume once again climbing above a whisper.

I walked over and slapped him on the face and said, “You can’t get out of her right now. Like I said, half the sorority is outside the door. You think they won’t notice something odd about this? When they first showed up it was just Mandy in here screaming, then I shut them out and had a weird conversation with Mandy, and suddenly when we open the door, a large football player is standing over a passed out Mandy, and chilling out while smiling at them? What if they look in the mirror and see my face on Brandy?”

Nathan looked at me with fear in his eyes, but didn’t move or make a sound.

“Now, what we are going to do is, ah… We tell everyone that you saw something. Something that Mandy is afraid of and you started screaming. I came in and chased it away.” I said.

“Ok that’s a good plan, what do we say it was?” Nathan asked.

“I don’t know. Search her memories. Just concentrate.” I told him.

I saw Nathan close his eyes and concentrate. I took a couple of breaths and suddenly his eyes popped open, “Holy shit! She fucked Logan last night before she brought me up to her room! Ew! I’m inside a fucking skank.”

“Focus.” I whispered.

“Shit, sorry. Heh. This is memory shit is kinda neat, actually. Spiders! She’s afraid of spiders!” He said excitedly.

“Ok. Well then, I’ll tell everyone that I killed the spider, and we flushed it. Then we’ll head back to Brandy’s room, and Burt and I will show you how to dismount her. But we will do it discretely, understand?” I told him.

I leaned past Nathan, flushed the toilet, and opened the door with a big smile as I announced to the group of girls leaning against the doorway, “Problem solved. It was a big spider! I got it.”

“It was a big hairy one too!” Nathan said as he nodded his head enthusiastically.

We heard a few girls say “gross” or “Eww” and the rest turned to walk away, shaking there heads and whispered amongst themselves that we had caused so much drama for a small bug.

I grabbed Nathan by his hand and dragged him back to my room. I closed and locked the door behind me and went over to Burt and shook him.

“Leave me alone.” He groaned.

“We have a situation here Burt. Our young hopper accidentally had his first hop.” I told the cocoon of covers lying on my bed.

“So? Good for him.” Burt mumbled.

“He’s freaking out a bit, and would like some guidance,” I said, trying to be patient with my friend.

“I’m hung over and tired. You help him. Let me sleep.” He said as he rolled over.

I shrugged at Nathan patted the bed alongside me. He sat down with his legs spread and uneasily looked down at his tits.

“Are you sure you want to bail already? We could have some fun for a bit first?” I asked him.

“No way man, I have a game today. I don’t want to be on the sidelines being a cheerleader. I want to be in the game.” He replied.

“Ok, just concentrate on wanting to leave Mandy’s body. You’re talent should take over from there and you’ll flow out of her. It will be weird, as you will become a liquid, but don’t worry, after you reform you will be your old self again.” I told him.

“SHHH! You guys are making my headache worse!” Burt whined.

Nathan looked at Burt, then at me, and then closed his eyes. He made fists with his small girlie hands, and let out a small grunt.

“I can’t do it man! I don’t want to be fucking stuck in her! Get me out of here!” He pleaded to me.

“Calm down. Stop worrying. You need to give it a chance to work. It’s not instantaneous. Just concentrate for a few minutes.” I replied to him.

“Why don’t you guys just invite the fucking marching band in here, too?” Burt whined as he rolled around in his covers.

“Burt quit being such a baby.” I said, and then motioned for Nathan to try and dismount Mandy again.

He nodded and closed his eyes again. This time instead of clenching his hands into fists, he relaxed and spread his fingers out on his legs. A few moments where nothing was happening passed by and suddenly I saw him start to flow out of her. There was a clear substance that was slowly working its way out of his skin. As it continued more and more of his fluid was flowing out of Mandy. It was starting to pool on the floor and more and more of Mandy’s skin began oozing him out.

Finally, as more and more of the fluid left Mandy, the puddle on the floor started to take on a shape. More and more the fluid building up from the floor started to look like Nathan, until finally he was standing in front of me. I often wondered how we body hoppers fit into our mounts, but Nathan was an extreme case. As he towered over me with his naked body, I looked down at Mandy, and thought to myself how utterly amazing it was that he could manage to shrink down enough to fit into her.

“Woah. That was so fucking weird.” Nathan said as he looked at me with wide eyes, “I mean I thought I knew what weird was. I had no fucking clue. That was weird.”

“Oh be quiet!” Burt whined again.

“Congrats on your first dismount. I think it went well. What do you think about hopping now?” I asked him plainly.

“Now that I know I can get out of a girl, I guess I don’t mind it so much… but what I’d really like now is some pants.” He said to me.

“Give me a sec, I’ll go grab them from Mandy’s room.” I replied, and headed down the hall.

It took me a few minutes of looking through Mandy’s room to find all of Nathan’s clothing. Mandy seemed to just toss clothes around and let them lay where ever she took them off. I made my way back to my room, and tossed the clothes at Nathan.

“Here you go.” I said, and he began dressing.

Meanwhile Burt started to roll out of his cocoon. Unfortunately he didn’t stop in time for the edge of the bed and fell loudly to the floor with a loud THUMP followed by a low groan. Slowly he emerged out of the pile of sheets and my comforter. I saw more writing, and his hair was tangled and twisted as it lay in front of his face.

“Alright already. I get it. You two are just not going to let me sleep this off.” He said giving me a cross look.

“You look like shit.” Nathan said to him as he buttoned up his pants.

Burt sneered at him and said, “I drank more then both of you last night. And her!” he then pointed down at Mandy’s passed out form.

“Wait a minute.” Burt said, and then looked over at Nathan, “Are you done with her?”

Nathan looked at Burt oddly and then said, “Uh, yeah. I don’t plan on spending any more time in the resident slut.”

“Dibs!” Burt called out excitedly and crawled back onto the bed, spooning with Mandy’s unconscious body.

In no time he was flowing out of his former mount, and into Mandy’s body. In no time he was sitting up and grabbing Mandy’s tits under her tank top as he smiled at Nathan and me.

“Oh this is much better. She can keep that hang over.” Burt said as he looked back at his old mount’s pretty face.

“Well, as much fun as this has been, I’ve got to be going. See you around, thanks for the fun, and the coaching on the dismount.” Nathan said, and headed for the door now that he was fully dressed.

As I watched him leave, I looked back at Burt, still molesting his new body and said, “I wonder when we’ll see him again. I think he actually prefers sex un-mounted.”

“We’ll see him tonight at the game.” Burt said while still staring at his own tits.

“We’ll see him at the game? The football game? Maybe from the bleachers.” I commented.

“Oh no, we’ll be closer then that Brian.” Burt replied to me.

“How do you know that?” I asked him as he finally looked at me instead of his own tits.

“’Cause we’re gonna be cheering him on. Now let’s go get you washed up. You’ve still got marker all over your body.” Burt said as he stood up and grabbed my hand, dragging me towards the bathroom and a much needed shower.

“Cheering him on?” I asked stupidly.

“Jeez Brian, Check out Brandy’s memories. What is she doing tonight along with half of this sorority? We’re the Cheerleaders at tonight’s game.” Burt said with a smile.

“No. No, I am not ready for that.” I replied.

“Yes you are. Brandy is. Mandy is. We both are. It’ll be fun.” Burt said as he stopped pulling me, and wrapped his slender arms around me so he could grab my pert ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck me.” I said with a sigh.

“Great! I thought you’d never ask. I’ll do it in the shower.” Burt replied.