Brian's Story - Chapter 3 - The Next Day

By Tobyredone

19 minute read -

This is the third story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

I woke up to daylight shining in my eyes for the second time in two days. And while that alone almost never happened, the part that I could not believe was the fact that I woke up in my girlfriend’s body. So much had happened since yesterday morning when I found out through Burt borrowing Courtney’s body that I was a body hopper.

I rolled over, and reached down, and began to play with Burt’s dick. He began to wake up just as it was starting to get hard enough to be of use to me, so I pulled him gently onto his back, and straddled him. I began to grind, and bounce like he had done to me in this exact body not that long ago. I could feel him grow inside of me to his full girth. I leaned forward and whispered, “Morning” in his ear.

He grunted in acknowledgement, and I continued to do the work. I stated to pant, and bounce. I could feel a bit of sweat trickle down the small of my back. I could feel myself building again, and was on my way to the first orgasm of the day, but just before I got there, I felt Burt release inside of me. I desperately ground against his now shrinking member, but it quickly deflated, and became too soft.

“Sorry, kid, you were a bit too good.” He said with his hands behind his head, a smile on his face.

“Any chance for a round two?” I asked, hope in my voice.

“Sorry Brian, I don’t have that many rounds in the chamber these days. But, when I’m in a chick, especially a hot young blonde, I can go all night.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“You want to switch again?” I asked. I knew I would be sad to leave Courtney’s hot little body, but at the same time, I was horny and wanted to screw, and Burt was damn good in her. He shrugged leaving it up to me.

“Sure, how do I get out of her?” I asked.

“Same way you got in, just want to leave. I know that will be hard, but I’m sure you’ll manage.” He said with a smile.

I laid back down on the bed, and focused on wanting to be me again. Wanting to get out of Courtney’s body so that Burt and I could switch and play some more. I suddenly felt a tingle all over. I was loosing the sensations of Courtney’s body. I started to feel myself ooze out of her. I was flowing out of everywhere. Her skin, her mouth, her ears, her ass and pussy. I soon felt like I was entirely out of her, and was starting to reform at the foot of the bed. I soon could see and smell again. I blinked a few times, brought my hands up to my face, and blinked a few more times as I looked at the hands I had known before I found out I was a body hopper. My hands.

I looked over at Burt, who nodded in approval, then looked over at Courtney’s sleeping form, and then without further communication, started to flow back into my sleeping girlfriend’s body. He moved much faster than me, but I suppose he also had a lot more practice. I watched, completely fascinated as he turned into a clear blob, and disappeared into my girlfriend’s – ex-girlfriend – I reminded myself, body to take control of it a second time.

Before his eyes even fluttered open, her hands were moving from her sides to cup her breasts. “Oh I missed these babies.” He said as he then started to sit up. “Well, I need a shower. I think I made breakfast yesterday, so I believe it’s your turn today. After that, I was hoping for a repeat performance on the couch.”

“Sounds like a definite plan, Burt.” I replied, and grabbed a new pair of boxers, and headed for the kitchen.

As I started to cook I heard Burt start the shower up, and began to think about my day. This was the second time in a row I would be a no call no show at work, so I was probably in deep crap. I figured perhaps I or maybe Burt could call from Courtney’s body and tell them that I had a family emergency come up in a different state. Yeah, that might work. Or I could just not go back at all, I also thought. That got me thinking about how Burt lived, one body to the next, no place to call home, but that also just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me. At least not right now.

After about 15 minutes, I heard the shower shut off, and soon enough I felt petite feminine arms wrap around me, and slowly work there way down into my boxers to fondly my package as I cooked.

“About time, I was worried I would burn everything.” I said to Burt.

“Hey, a girl has to take her time preparing and making herself pretty and shit.” He said back to me with a chuckle.

I scraped breakfast onto some plates, and we ate standing up at the counter like two complete bachelors. I was pretty preoccupied by the fact that Burt had just left Courtney’s body completely nude after the shower, and so I was spending most of my time just staring at his chest, the shape of his borrowed body, and the tight pussy that was on prominent display.

He quickly noticed that I was openly staring, and decided to put on a bit of a show. He would do little hops and make his titties bounce a few times, or reach down with a hand to wipe some moisture off his pussy, and then lick his fingers while making a bit of a moan. Once he had his fill of breakfast, he spread his toned legs a bit, and put the handle of the spoon he had been using into his pussy, then pulled his hand away, and gyrated a bit to see how long he could hold the spoon in while clenching his pussy muscles. Eventually he just let it go and it fell to the floor between his feet with a loud clank.

He turned around to pick up the spoon, and while he was bent over I took the opportunity to drop my boxers and put my now fairly hard dick up against his exposed vaginal lips. I could feel how moist his borrowed pussy was as I gently positioned myself. As soon as I was lined up Burt ignored the spoon, and instead leaned back against me, impaling his female form on me. I reached down to grab his waist and started to roughly pump into him. Eventually he decided to turn to his right, and sweep the dirty dishes out of the way so he could brace himself on the counter we just ate at, I took a step or to around also to stay lined up, and quickly went back to my rhythm. He started to pant, and call out “yes!” and the harder and faster I went the harder he called out “Yes!” I could only imagine what the neighbors would think. Finally I felt his pussy flood with moisture, and I knew he had just cum. Burt laid his torso down on the counter top, catching his breath. So I stopped my thrusts but left my dick in. Every now and then I would twitch it just a little bit, and it would send mini tremors down his waist and back, and into his feminine shoulders.

After a few moments, his breathing wasn’t ragged any more, and he stood up, my dick making a sucking sound as it pulled out. He grabbed my hand, and dragged me over to the couch, where he quickly pushed me down, and jumped on top of me. This time, though he was turned facing my feet. I reached up with my hands and put them on the small of his back, putting my thumbs on the little dimples I knew Courtney had on the top of her butt cheeks.

Burt began bouncing and grinding again. The panting and calling out “Yes” and occasionally “fuck me” started to come out again. I could feel his pussy juices leaking down all over me and the couch. I wasn’t long before I felt yet another release from Burt’s borrowed box as well. This time, though, he never really stopped bouncing, he just kept going, and managed to say in ragged breaths, “Wow, this bitch has a hair fucking trigger. Her pussy is just freaking purring!”

He continued to bounce for a while, and I was actually getting close, but wanted to make it last, so I grabbed hold of Burt’s waist for a second to stop him. He craned his head around to look at me and see why I had stopped him and smiled back when I winked at him. He then started rotating his hips around a bit, keeping it going for him. After a few minutes, we resumed the full on fucking.

And that’s how it went, once again, for at least two hours. He would happily bounce away, grinding, rubbing, circling his feminine hips, and eventually come on top of me, and whenever I would get close, I would stop him for a bit to let myself reset, then we would continue where we left off. Finally, I had had enough, though, and couldn’t take anymore. Burt was back to bouncing and calling out “Yes!” in short pants, and I just let myself go.

He kept pumping until he felt me start to get soft, and then he sat forward to let my dick pull out, turned to sit on the tops of my legs, and looked at me.

“Wow kid. Just wow.” He said with a smile as he used his delicate right hand slowly circle an exposed nipple.

I was pretty exhausted. I just laid there for a bit.

“Kid, I am going to go out and pick up a cell phone that I am going to take with me so when I find a good body I can call you. This bitch fucked up badly by running around on you.” He told me. I could feel my seed and his pussy juices leaking out onto my thigh.

“Yeah, that sounds great Burt. I’d enjoy that too. But I’d like to try it also, you know? Not that I’m not grateful or anything.” I replied.

“Oh yeah kid, I know. I have a few male friends that I’ve made over the years that I will call and let hit a hottie body that I have collected. I’d suggest you try that. But be really careful who you tell. And the fewer the better. Obviously people get a bit uptight when they find some guy in a loved one’s body banging random guys.” He told me.

“I need a shower. Badly.” I said.

“Yeah, on that note, I think I’m about done here. You have learned as much as I can teach you. I think it would be good for you to make a hop or two on your own, also.” He said.

I was disappointed to hear that Burt was heading out, but I also wanted to try my new ability some more. “Yeah, ok. You want my cell number? Are you taking Courtney with you?” I asked.

“Nope, already got the number from Courtney,” He replied pointing to his head, “And I think I’m going to ditch her body here, and head out incognito, if you don’t mind. Plus, with the fucking you just put on her, her pussy is pretty tender.”

“Whatever you want.” I replied as Burt stood up and headed off to hallway. I then stood up and headed for the shower.

I turned the water on and climbed in. The water instantly refreshed me. I had sore joints from the all out fucking over the past couple days, and I also smelled pretty bad. As I washed myself I thought about the rest of the day, and began making plans. I took my time, as I was in no hurry, and the water felt refreshing.

I finally finished, dried off, and wrapped the towel around myself. I walked out to see a note on the counter-top.


I had a great time, kid! We have got to do this again soon. Remember, practice often, it will help speed everything up, but be careful. And don’t let word get out about us. If you do, there are hoppers out there that want to keep us a secret, and they will come after you. I’m not trying to scare you, just warn you. Also, watch out for any other hoppers. Most of us are just out for a good time, but some of us can get pretty out of control. And also watch out for any would be hoppers that see your face on a mount’s body. Make sure you at least get their name and phone number so you can initiate them some time. That’s about it. Don’t have too much fun. By the way, I borrowed a pair of pants, a tee shirt, and some sandals. I hope you don’t mind. If you do, oh well.


I chuckled at the last part. I then picked up the phone and called my friend Dave. I was ready to have some fun, but I needed just a tad more revenge first.

“Hey buddy what’s going on?” He said, obviously seeing my number on the caller ID, “Aren’t you suppose to be at work or something?”

“Yeah, not a big deal right now, I needed a few personal days. Something big happened.” I replied.

“Really?” He sounded concerned, “What happened Brian?”

“Well, I can’t really tell you everything over the phone, but it pretty much starts with Courtney cheating on me.” I said.

“Oh shit, Brian, I’m sorry man. You wanna grab some beers? Call her names? Try to pick up a rebound skank?” he replied.

“Actually, that is what I want to do, but before we do that I need you to do me a favor. And if you are my best friend you will do it.” I replied.

“Sure man, you know that.” He said instantly.

“I want you to come over to my apartment and fuck Courtney.” I said.

“Wait… But… She hates me Brian. And then she’d be cheating on you with me, and…” he stammered.

I cut him off, “Dave. Shut up. Get over here. Big news remember. Bigger than Courtney. Better than Courtney. She will be waiting. She will want to fuck you. Then we will go out, and I guarantee we will both get lucky with whatever rebound girl you want. But you have to do me that favor first.”

“Ok Brian. I’m on my way. Better give me a half an hour or so.” He replied the doubt heavy in his voice. He must have thought I lost it. I hung up the phone, and headed for the bedroom.

There on the bed, still out cold, was Courtney, my bitch cheating ex-girlfriend. Burt said to practice, so I figured one more romp around as her couldn’t hurt. Plus it was a bit more revenge. I sat down on the bed next to her, and put my hands on her. I concentrated on wanting to be her. I quickly got the tingly sensation, and watched my fingers start to flow into her skin. It was far faster than the first time I did this the other night. I quickly lost my sense of sight, and could only feel myself melting into her, and then once again, began to pick up new sensations of being her. I felt the bed under my new body. I felt the hair around my neck and scalp. I felt the weight of my chest, my perky new boobs pulling to the sides of my body. I felt the sticky residue on my thighs, and could still feel a trickle of my seed and pussy juices running down the crack of my ass.

I soon blinked a few times, and sat up. I had a lot to do, and didn’t have a lot of time to do it in. First things first, I grabbed the phone and called my boss’s direct number. He was almost always there, so I knew he would pick up. When he answered I started talking, “Hello, Mr. Burgstrom? Hi, this is Courtney, Brian’s um… sorta-girlfriend, and he had a family emergency back home, and had to catch a flight out the other day. I think something about his dad being really sick, but to be honest I was too stupid to pay attention to the whole conversation. He asked me to call you and explain it to you yesterday, but I’m a stupid whore, and I forgot. So, please don’t like, fire him and stuff. Ok, thanks! Bye!” I said and quickly hung up. My other job I really didn’t like, so I just decided not to call them.

I then realized I smelled again, and quickly headed back to the shower, as I wanted to be ready for Dave. I tried not to get my long hair wet as much as possible, because I knew it would be a pain to dry in time, but I washed the rest of Courtney’s body off from the sexing that Burt and I had given it. I spent a little time playing with my new nipples, and then ran a hand down to her pussy, but Burt was right when he said it was getting tender. After I got done with Dave I imagine she would wake up to one aching little cunt. I smiled a bit as that thought ran through my brain.

I shut off the shower and dried off quickly and headed back for the bedroom to pick out an outfit. I was looking through Courtney’s lingerie drawer when I thought maybe I could just have her pick out the outfit that I would use to offer up her pussy to my best friend. I thought about outfits to turn guys on, and so many images of her in random pieces of lace, silk, velvet, and cotton came back it didn’t even help to narrow it down. I did notice a lot of teddy’s though. They were in the next drawer down. I quickly picked out a black one that was near the top, and stepped into it, bringing it up, and adjusting, and then dropping my chest into it before bringing the straps up to rest on my shoulders. I then wandered back through the bedroom to find the knee high black 4” heeled boots that Burt had worn the other day. After stepping in, and zipping up I was about to find something else to wear over the top when heard a knock at the door.

“Oh well, this will work.” I said as I smiled at the image of Courtney’s hot body in the mirror on the vanity in our bedroom.

I quickly made my way to the door, and opened it all the way. On the other side was Dave, taking a sip of a soda. He just about spit it all over as he saw me there.

“Come on in Dave, thanks for coming over on such short notice.” I said as I walked back in the living room.

He came in, closed the door, and followed me mutely. I turned around to face him in the middle of the living room, struck a pose with one leg cocked to the side, and my hands on my hips.

“You ready to fuck?” I asked, “Where and how do you want me?”

“You are serious? Where are the hidden cameras? Where is Brian?” He stammered.

“Are you going back on your deal?” I asked.

“He told you about that?” he replied, while shifting uncomfortably on his feet, but openly staring at me.

“I will explain everything to you after we are done. I promise. But we should get this over with, and then I will prove to you that seeing is believing.” I replied.

Without waiting for any other answer I walked to the bedroom, laid down on the bed, and spread my legs invitingly. Dave walked in a few minutes later. He must have needed to think a minute.

“You can tie me up, if you want.” I said seductively while putting my arms above my head, then continued with, “However you want to use and abuse me.”

That was pretty much all it took. I saw the bulge start to build in the front of his pants and he didn’t need anymore convincing. He unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor. I reached down, and pulled the crotch strap of my thong’d teddy to one side, exposing my already moist and sorely abused pussy.

He climbed onto the bed, and wasted no time pressing the head of his cock up against my lips.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” he asked with a note of finality in his voice.

To answer I wrapped my legs around him to pull him into me. He responded in kind by slamming into my borrowed box hard. I whimpered a bit as my pussy was a bit raw, but overall enjoyed the feeling. He began to hammer away with growing passion. I was enjoying the hard fucking, and was starting to chant him on.

“Oh yes. Yes. Fuck me! YES! Give it to me. Slam it into that pussy! Harder! Yes!” I chanted louder and louder.

I could once again feel the waves of pleasure growing. I knew this time I would get to experience another orgasm. He was increasing pace, and I was getting ready to topple over the edge. I felt a release inside me, and that triggered my orgasm. I saw stars. I dug my heels into Dave’s back, which caused him to thrust one last time into me, giving me little after shocks of mini-orgasms. I was satisfied once again.

He slowly got off me, and I handed him a few tissues from the side of the bed to clean himself up on. He took it, wiped himself clean and started pulling on his underwear and pants again.

“Ok, so what the fuck is all this about.” He asked, after he had zipped up.

I just smiled at him, replaced the teddy over my leaking and now very sore cunt, and hopped off the bed to walk towards the vanity.

“Well Dave, I know you and Courtney never really got along that well, and you always told me she was hot, but using me, and I figured if you thought she was hot, the least I could do before dumping the stupid bitch was let you fuck her.” I told him plainly.

“Wait… Courtney, wait,” He stammered, but I could almost see the light bulb turning on in his mind, “Oh no fucking way, Brian? But how?”

I pulled him over to the mirror and reaching up with my delicate little hand turned his head towards the mirror. He saw my image in the mirror, did a double take to my real face, which to him looked just like Courtney did every other day, except she would have been complaining about something. He then stumbled backwards until he landed on the bed with a thump.

“Well, we should get going. I’m going to hop out of her, and I’ll get you up to speed on the way out.” I said as walked around the bed to the other side, laid down, and began to dismount my ex.

Dave turned to watch me ooze out of every pore and hole in her body, until I was just regular old me at the foot of the bed. I rummaged through my drawers to find a pair of wind breakers and a tee shirt. I quickly threw them on, and turned around to find Dave looking like he had seen a ghost.

“If I had not just seen that with my own fucking eyes, I would swear up and down the past hour did not just happen and was a weird dream.” He said while now looking at the ground.

“C’mon. Let’s go have some fun. I’ll tell you all about it on the way.” I motioned to him as I walked out the door.

He got up and followed me as I grabbed my apartment key, and my phone, and slide on a pair of sneakers. Out the door I went, and down to the small parking area and up to the passenger side of Dave’s truck. He unlocked the doors and we both climbed in.

“Head north up 87,” I told him.

“Ok. Explanation.” He said with a bit of edge in his voice.

“Well, first off, you can’t tell anyone about this. You have to swear that to me right now.” I said.

“Brian, if I told someone that my best friend just oozed his way out of his girlfriend no one would believe me anyways.” He replied.

“Ex-girlfriend.” I corrected.

“Whatever.” He said, “Ok, fine, no one knows.”

“Super. Well, you see, Courtney was out in a club about three nights ago, and ran into this guy with special powers. He could take over people’s bodies. He ran around in her body screwing all her boyfriends, and when he got to me, I could see his face on her body. Well, apparently that makes me special also, and he shows me how to do it as well. So we spent all yesterday and this morning making sure that she wakes up with the worst aching pussy a chick has ever known, and I decided that if I was going to leave her, I might as well give you a shot at her. You know?” I spelled it all out for him.

“No fucking way.” He replied.

“Oh, take this exit here, and head left.” I mentioned quickly, and Dave altered our course.

“This is just to wild… but one question. Why Courtney’s body?” he asked.

“Well, I guess because she is hot. And hot chicks can get laid just about anytime they want. And the sex from their end is about 50 times better, and they get to have multiple orgasms.” I replied, before adding, “Turn in here.”

Dave turned quickly, found a parking spot, and looked at me. “Ok, so why are we here to drink beer when we could have picked up a case. It’s cheaper that way. Plus you could have kicked Courtney out when she woke up.”

“Dave, I’m not here to just drink beer. Who brings you the beer here?” I asked.

“The waitress.” He said, then continued, “And the waitress is a hot hooters girl.” He finished with a smile.

“Exactly my friend. You buy the beers, I will provide the rebound slut. We are both guaranteed to get some tonight. Just don’t drink so much you can’t perform.” I replied as I opened the door to head inside.

Dave followed me with a ten foot smile.