Brian's Story - Chapter 5 - Hanging Out with Friends

By Tobyredone

24 minute read -

This is the fifth story in my tale of body hopping. My name is Brian. I would strongly suggest you read the first part of my tale, or this story may not make sense until you are up to speed.

Once again I woke up to light in my eyes. And once again when I rolled over to look at the clock I felt the globes of flesh on my chest move. Yesterday came back to me in a flash. I smiled and used one of Angie’s hand to trace circles on her nipples. I was about to hop out of bed when Dave walked in the room fully dressed.

“Hey, I wasn’t sure how long you were gonna sleep. It’s afternoon. But I figured you probably had the ride of your life last night, so I figured I’d let you sleep in.” he said.

“It wasn’t the worst time ever,” I said with a smile. “But I have to get to work one of these days.”

“What are you talking about, it’s Saturday. Or does Angie have to work?” he asked.

I thought through her memories. She had some plans to go shopping with friends today, but no work. Tomorrow she was meeting up with her parents. “Nope, she doesn’t have to work, and I guess I didn’t realize what day it was.”

“Ok, well, Red and Tim are going to be here in a bit. They wanted to hang out today, and I told them sure.” Dave told me.

“You didn’t tell them about me did you? I swear I will cut off your balls if you did.” I replied as I sat up suddenly.

“Woah. Calm down. I didn’t say anything.” He said as he held up his hands in mock surrender.

“Good. You’re my best friend. It’s the only reason I told you. We can have fun with this, but I don’t know them as well as you, and I don’t want this to get out.” I said.

“Yeah, I know. And I don’t want to F this up either, it’s a good thing for me.” He said with a smile.

“Super. Well, I need a shower.” I told him as I got up and headed past him to the bathroom.

I turned on the shower, adjusted it to the right temperature, and stepped in. I noticed only a bar of soap and some dandruff shampoo. A complete bachelor shower. Oh well. I grabbed some shampoo and started working into my hair. The warm water felt great on my soft skin. I held my head under the water spray for a long time washing all the shampoo out of my scalp. I then picked up the bar of soap and did my best with it. I knew from Angie’s memories she had sensitive skin, and used a mild soap, and a lufa. I hoped that watered down soap wouldn’t irritate it to much. I shut the water off and felt one hundred times better than just a few minutes ago. I looked around for a towel, and I noticed the only one in the bathroom was the already wet one that Dave had used. I sighed and stepped out of the tub to search the cabinets. All I found were two washcloths. I sighed again, and began to rub my hair and scalp with the two tiny pieces of fabric, but it was pretty much a wasted effort. They quickly became soaked.

I opened the door, and walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the living room where my three friends were sitting watching TV. The instant they saw a naked woman walk into the room, the TV was forgotten.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Red said as he looked from me to Dave, “I wondered who the owner of the pink cavalier out there was.”

I reached back with my left hand and whipped one of the wet washcloths at Dave’s head. He quickly ducked out of the path of the sopping wet projectile. “David you fucker. You make me sleep in the wet spot last night and you don’t even have a towel for me to dry off with after my shower.”

“Oh shit. Did I use the last towel… um…? Angie.” He stammered.

“Um…? Angie. Nice. Can’t even remember my fucking name. I swear, if your dick wasn’t so big I’d never let you do this to me again.” I said and sat down in the nearest unoccupied chair. I crossed my legs and looked around. “Well, are you going to introduce me to your friends?” I said as I cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh, ah, yeah, sure.” Dave replied, as Red and Tim looked at each other with shit eating grins on their faces. “Um, the big guy over on the couch is Red. That’s not his real name, but none of us can really pronounce it, so we all just call him Red. And Tim is sitting in the chair next to you. Guys, this is Angie.”

I reached across the empty space to shake hands with Tim, and when he finally took his eyes off my chest he grabbed my tiny hand and started pumping enthusiastically. I could feel my chest shake, and his eyes went right back to my rack. “Hey, buddy, my eyes are up here. And I realize I don’t have a shirt on, but you could try not to stare quite as blatantly, thanks.”

Tim’s face instantly turned three shades of red.

“So what are we up to for the day?” I asked, as I began rocking my crossed leg. Tim was still staring, but I was ignoring him. Red was trying hard to keep a straight face, and Dave was actually starting to turn a bit red in the face now.

“Well, um… ah… we were thinking maybe head to the park and throw the football around, or head over to the stadium to watch the monster trucks. Are you sure you don’t want to grab some clothes or something? You’re still dripping wet, also.” Dave responded.

“I suppose I could. I don’t think I want to go with the hooters uniform, though. Your friends might get the wrong idea about me.” I said as I got up and walked to the front door.

I opened it, and walked out to the pink cavalier I was driving, and opened the passenger side door. I grabbed the duffle bag that Angie had packed for after work and pulled it out, then closed the door. One of Dave’s neighbors, and elderly man, was walking a dog. I smiled and waved to him. He smiled and waved back. I heard him mutter something under his breath as I walked back to the house, but couldn’t quite make it out. I opened the door and went right upstairs. I turned into the bathroom across from Dave’s bedroom, and pulled a brush out of the duffle bag. I wet through my blonde hair the best I could as it was still damp, and made a simple part on the side, letting the hair fall naturally around her back and shoulders. Good enough, I thought to myself, grabbing the duffle bag again, and heading into the bedroom.

After tossing the bag on the bed I opened it and looked through my wardrobe choices. All of them were pink. I pulled out a short jean skirt that I thought would look hot. It had little pink hearts on the back pockets. I stepped into the skirt and pulled it up around my waist, and fastened the buttons to close it. I then pulled out a lacey little pink bra that was more see through than not, and using Angie’s memory easily slipped it on and fastened it. Once more I reached into the bag, and pulled out a white short sleeve tee shirt that said ‘Pink’ a crossed the chest in varying shades of pink for the letters. This girl had a freaking complex, I thought as I pulled the shirt over my head, and put my arms through the holes. I then struggled briefly to get it over my chest, pull it down and smooth it out. It was almost as form fitting as the hooters tank top. I dug through the duffle for some panties but could not find any. Checking with Angie’s memory she never tossed any in there. She either forgot or planed on wearing the little white g-string. Or nothing, I smiled. I wasn’t quite down for that, so I decided to go retrieve my g-string, and rejoin the group. I grabbed a few personal effects from her purse which was also in the bag, lip gloss, ID, debit card, and her cell phone (pink), jammed them in my pockets, and the pair of flip-flops, and headed down stairs.

I was greeted with a “Hey there sexy” from Dave, which I smiled at, and replied, “Thank you! You are so sweet.”

I walked up to Red, pointed on the floor next to him, and said, “Excuse me for a minute?”

He grunted in acknowledgement, and moved his legs, which gave me just enough room to shimmy though. I bent my knees this time along with my back to go down and grab my G-string off the floor. I stood up, stared at it for a bit, turning it over and over trying to get it so that it was right side out and I knew where the leg holes were, and stepped into the holes one leg at a time. I pulled it up under my skirt, and then did a little shimmy and shake to get it to sit right. I looked around to see Dave smiling and shaking his head, and Red and Tim both staring in amazement.

“What?” I asked innocently. They all shrugged.

“So what are we doing?” I asked again. None of them really spoke up, so I added, “Dave, remember you promised to go shoe shopping with me today.”

I have seen a few trapped creatures in my life, but none of had the look of despair that Dave gave me after that comment.

“Jeez, I was just kidding. I can’t really play football in flip-flops, so how about we do the monster truck thing instead?” I asked. They all agreed very quickly, glad that shoe shopping was apparently off the table.

“We should head it out if we are going to make it on time to see the start then,” Dave said as he got up.

“Oh, no, we will meet Red and Tim there. We’ll be about fifteen minutes behind you guys.” I said. Dave stared at me dumb-foundedly.

“Why” he asked, and Red and Tim also looked to me for an answer.

“Cause I wanna get laid quick before we go.” I said with a straight face.

“Yeah, right.” Tim said, and then looked at Dave, who shrugged, and motioned for them to head out. “Seriously?” Tim responded to the gesture. I nodded.

“Do you have a sister?” Red asked me on his way out the door. I just crossed my arms and gave him a look. As soon as they had closed the door I turned back around to face Dave.

“Horny little minx are we?” he asked.

“Oh you have no idea.” I pushed him gently back down on the couch, but he knew what was up, and positioned himself quickly. I undid his jeans, and pulled them down a bit, and released his snake from the underwear. I then pulled the hem of my jean skirt up around my waist, and slid the tiny g-string off to one side of my pussy. I was almost perpetually moist, and Angie’s little box had been stretched a bit from last night’s exercises, so this time it was a bit easier to slide Dave into me. I didn’t waist any time and began to buck and grind against him. I wanted a quickie, and I wanted it now. I felt the familiar waves of sexual pleasure flowing through me. I was tingling from head to toe as Dave and I began to move in rhythm together. He reached up to caress my chest through my shirt and bra. I used Angie’s long nails to claw at his chest through his shirt. I felt the approaching orgasm, and just as it started to wash over me I threw my head back and let out a small cry of pleasure. Almost immediately afterwards I felt Dave release inside of me.

I took a moment or two to come off my orgasmic high before I climbed off him. I quickly headed for the bathroom to clean myself up, as I didn’t want to have that moist of a crotch for the rest of the day.

I headed back out to see Dave grabbing a baseball cap and motioning for me to head out the door. I stepped out onto the porch, and waited for him to lock the door, and then we both headed for his truck. Being down at least six or seven inches from my normal height I had to actually climb into Dave’s truck now. As I sat down and closed the door he fired it up, and we headed out. I quickly tossed my seat belt on, and noticed how it uncomfortably cut right in between my breasts. I mentioned it to Dave and he said, “Yeah, it has to suck to have breasts that nice, I feel so bad for you.”

I stuck my tongue out at him, and grabbed the lip gloss out of my tiny pockets. I flipped down his visor to see my lips and apply a bit of the stuff to them. It seemed weird to put anything on my lips, but I knew that Dave and everyone else saw Angie, and it looked completely normal on her. As I flipped up the visor to the truck, I saw a pharmacy on our right.

“OH! Pull in there, please.” I asked Dave.

Dave shot me a questioning look, but turned in. As he found a parking spot right in front of the door he put the truck in park.

“What are we stopping here for?” he asked.

“Well, Angie was a virgin remember? She’s not on any birth control. We are going to pick up a morning after pill. Unless you want to chance having a kid with a girl that you don’t know. Seems a bit odd, but hey, who am I to judge.” I replied as I grabbed the door handle, and noticed that he was not moving. “Um, c’mon man.” I said.

“Seems like something you can handle. You’re the chick. Next thing you know you’ll want me to pick up tampons for you or something.” He replied, still not moving.

I let go of the door handle, and positioned myself back in the seat.

“What the hell? Are you going or not? We are going to be late for the start.” He said to me.

“I am not doing the walk of shame alone here. I’m just trying to be a friend and make sure that after the fun we had, we don’t have anyone’s life screwed up. But if you can’t even man up enough to walk around a store with me, I’m fine leaving it up to chance.” I replied.

“Ok, ok. I guess I didn’t see it from your side. I just didn’t think grabbing a pill would really bother you.” He replied as he opened his truck door. I followed suit, and climbed out and we headed in.

We headed up to the pharmacy counter and waited our turn in line. There was an old man in front of us picking up some prescription, and it went quickly. Then it was just us and a middle aged lady behind us. We stepped up, and I asked the man for the morning after pile. I tossed Angie’s ID on the counter because I knew he would want to see it. He picked it up, looked at it, looked at me, and then disappeared. He came back with a small box and handed it to me.

“This stuff still works if you have a bit of sperm still leaking out of you right?” I asked innocently.

He looked at Dave, who turned bright red, and I heard the lady behind us suck in her breath. “Yes, it basically makes it so that any fertilized eggs won’t attach to the uterus wall, they will just pass out the normal way.”

“Oh cool. So if I get laid tonight again, this same pill should have me covered?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” He replied shaking his head and handing my ID back.

“Young miss, you should not be so casual about this!” the lady from behind me chimed in, “You could get STDs, or pregnant, or worse! When I was your age…”

“Lady, I appreciate the advice, but you don’t know me. There are a few special circumstances here. You can save the lectures.” I said as I began to walk away from her, my sandals making clapping noises as I walked.

We got to the front of the store by the register, and I put the box down on the counter, and grabbed a soda out of the cooler to my right and looked at the cashier. She rang up my stuff, and I grabbed the debit card from my pocket. I slid it through the machine, and quickly entered Angie’s pin number.

“Wow, you know her pin number too?” Dave said while watching from behind me.

The look I gave him could have melted metal. The cashier now worried that I was trying to steal someone’s debit card asked to see my ID. I pulled it out and gave it to her and smiled sweetly. She looked back and forth between me and the card, and finally accepted it was me, handing the ID back.

I quickly grabbed my stuff and headed out to the truck. “Sorry” was all I heard from behind me as I went around to the passenger side.

We were back on our way to the monster truck show. I had downed the pill and chased it with the soda I had bought. But before we got too much further Dave asked, “So why don’t you just get some rich person’s body and take all there money?”

“Why? What would that help? I don’t need a lot of money, just enough to survive.” I replied.

“But you’d never have to work again.” He said.

“If I don’t want to work, I’ll just hop some rich stay at home wife, and not worry about it. Why steal her money? I can just use it when I’m her.” I replied.

“I suppose.” He replied. The rest of the trip was pretty quiet.

We hooked back up with Red and Tim in the parking lot and headed in. Even with a shirt on Tim couldn’t keep his eyes off my chest. He also stuttered a lot when he talked to me. I enjoyed it, so I tried to strike up conversations with him a lot.

Dave bought my seat, as I was playing the part of his girlfriend I guess, and we quickly headed up into the arena to find our seats. Red walked behind me up the stairs, I’m fairly certain he was trying to look up my short skirt. When we got to our seats, he looked at me and asked, “So how was the quickie? If you need another round, just let me know.”

I smiled at him and nodded while rolling my eyes, as I thought the real Angie would do. Tim, who had stayed behind to grab all of us some beers had only just now showed up, and was trying to work his way down the narrow walkway to get to his seat, while people were trying to move there legs out of his way. Just before he got to me he tripped on something, and I got all four beers dumped right on my chest. I was more soaked then when I took a shower that morning. I inhaled sharply at the ice cold beverages leaking down all over the rest of me. I looked down and the tiny pink bra that was pretty much see through was on display through my now wet white tee shirt. I could plainly make out my nipples which were also standing out due to the cold.

Tim was apologizing up a storm, Dave was trying to find napkins, and Red was laughing so hard I thought he might die.

“It’s ok Tim. I was planning on entering the wet tee shirt contest anyways.” I said as he started to really freak out.

“You were? Really?” He asked.

“No, not really. But it is ok.” I replied, “I’m going to head down and get a new shirt. Be back in a while.” I said.

Tim offered to come with me and buy the new shirt, but I threatened him with bodily harm if he even tried to follow me. Dave gave me a couple twenties as he was worried a tee shirt cart may not take a debit card, and I was off. As I walked down the stairs to where I hope there would be tee shirt stands I was greeted by scores of men cheering. In fact, I got so much attention, that one of the camera men zoomed in, and tried to get me on the jumbo-tron. That quickly got my attention, as I knew the camera would give away my face, and that would bring out all sorts of uncomfortable questions. So instead of being like every other woman on the planet, and covering my now exposed jugs, I instead threw my hands over my face, and peaked through two small slits in between my fingers to see where I was going until I could escape from the camera man’s view under the concrete seats and down by the concourse.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I turned the corner, and saw a tee shirt cart. The woman working the cart saw me, and immediately knew where I was headed. She grabbed a large sweatshirt off her shelf and as I walked up handed it to me. I gave her the cash, told her to keep the change, and headed for the ladies room. I peeled off my tee and my bra, and pulled the sweatshirt on over my head. The cotton felt strangely nice against my exposed nipples. I moved my torso back and forth a bit, just to feel my nipples on rub on the inside of the shirt.

The next thing I knew I was in one of the stalls frigg’n myself with my left hand to my second orgasm. When I was finally satisfied I cleaned myself up with some toilet paper, and headed back to the seats.

When I got there I found an empty seat with two beers in front of it.

“We were wondering what happened to you.” Dave said.

“I had some stuff to take care of.” I replied.

“Whatever, you’re one behind,” he replied, and pointed to the empty and the full beers in front of all three guys.

I sat down, scoped up one of the beers and chugged it down. I felt odd until I managed a slightly loud belch. “Oops. ‘Scuze me.” I said as I covered my mouth with one hand. I then picked up the other one, and started drinking.

For the rest of the afternoon we drank beer, cheered on the destruction of cars, and drank more beer. Being the smallest of the group, but wanting to keep up I quickly got completely tanked. After about my forth or fifth beer the rest of the night blurred together. I vaguely remember showing my breasts to the guys sitting behind us a few times, I also found out why girls don’t drink as much at events like this. The bathroom lines. More than once I nearly pissed myself as I waited to long to high tail it to the bathroom. Then at the end of the evening I remember Dave pretty much carry me back to the truck because my legs would just not cooperate with what my brain was telling them to do.

When we got back to his place I started to drink a lot of water to try and bring myself back to my senses. Dave wanted to screw again. And it wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it was just that Angie’s pussy was pretty sore from all of the events leading up to that night. I ended up bent over the arm of his couch with the remote in one hand flipping through channels while he ground away into my abused little pussy. When he was done I crawled onto the couch, and pretty much fell asleep right there.

I woke up the next day to Dave shaking my shoulder. I slowly opened my eyes and felt the sting of a hangover headache.

“Dave, I have to get Angie back to her place. She’s meeting her parents tonight, and I don’t want to make her miss that.” I said groggily.

“Yeah sure, not a problem. You wanna one more time?” He asked with hope in his eyes.

I groaned just mentioning sex with how sore Angie’s pussy was.

We collected Angie’s stuff which was all over the house, and tossed it in her duffle bag, and loaded it in her car. I also got my stuff from Dave for when I exited her body, and tossed it in as well.

“This was a hell of a good time, Brian, you going stay as her? I’d actually date a girl that acted like you.” He said with a smile.

“No, I’m gonna bring her home, and then head out myself. If I find another girl I’ll give you a call, but I may stay as myself for a while. This has been a bit odd for one week, you know.” I said.

“Yeah, I know. Oh! Hey, if you do get the chance, I always thought that Courtney’s friend Valerie was really bone-able. If you do get the chance to slip into her, would you let me know?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure man, I will.” I said as I climbed into Angie’s little pink car, started it, and headed out.

It was easy enough to navigate to Angie’s little apartment in the city. I stopped her car around where she usually parked so she wouldn’t be looking for ages for it, and headed up the five flights of stairs to her place. As I unlocked the door I was met by her roommate Tracy. Tracy was a bit of a homely girl, but she was one of Angie’s good friends, and always looked out for her.

“Where have you been, I was worried sick.” She asked, “Is that beer I smell? Are you okay? What’s with the shirt?”

“Please stop with the 50 questions. I’m a bit hung over. I’m going to take a nap. I’ll tell you all about it when I wake up.” I replied as I walked by her to Angie’s room and closed the door.

Her room was pink. Everything. Pink.

I was about to bail out of her when I saw her diary by the bed stand. I smiled, opened it, grabbed the pen and wrote:


Had a great time with your hottie body. Thanks for letting me borrow it. Sorry about the sore pussy, and the hang over, but believe me, they were worth it. You can keep the monster truck sweatshirt as a souvenir. If you ever want to do it again, just let me know. I’ll stop out at hooters, just say something.

Mystery Man

I found the receipt for the day after pill, and tucked it in that page as well. I then laid down on the bed and began to dismount Angie. I could feel myself flowing out of her skin and rematerializing at the foot of her pink bid.

When I was me again, I quickly dressed, grabbed about 20 bucks in cash out of her purse, and looked over at her sleeping body. I quickly kissed her on the mouth, and then popped open her window, which lead to the fire escape. I didn’t think heading back through the apartment by her roommate was a good idea.

As I hopped off the bottom of the fire escape ladder, and started walking down the street while looking for a cab, I decided it was time to go home and see what Courtney had been up to.

Eventually I found a cab, and was soon standing in front of my own door again. As I popped open the door, I heard Courtney’s voice.

“About fucking time you got back. The landlord showed up. He was looking for the rent. What the fuck happened here? I woke up covered in whatever. Did you drug me you sick fuck?” She blasted me before I could even close the door.

“Shut the fuck up.” I said. I had almost never sworn at her before. Hell, I rarely even took a tone with her before.

“What?” she asked.

“I said shut the fuck up. I don’t really care about the rent. You pay it. As far as what the fuck happened to you, well, about a day or so ago, you showed up here with two fucking guys in tow from a night club. A bouncer and some guy named Weasly, or something. Proceeded to ask them to fuck you raw, and then when I wanted to know what the fuck was going on, you told me to leave. Well, I didn’t need telling twice. We were over. I just came back to load my stuff.” I lied to her.

“Wait… you know about…” She stammered, but I just walked by her to the bedroom.

I was in the bedroom packing some stuff in a duffel bag of my own when she came in blubbering about something or other, and saying things like she never meant to hurt me, which I translated as her other two boyfriends wouldn’t pay her bills. I told her I didn’t really care and continued packing clothes. I filled the duffel, and then started in on filling another bag with some other stuff I did not want to leave behind. Courtney continued to blubber about how we needed each other, which I found odd coming from a girl that treated my like dog crap, and ran around on me. I loaded a pile of stuff into my car, and when I came back she was still blubbering.

I decided there was only one way to shut her up and pack my car in peace. I pushed her to the wall, pressed my face to hers, and hopped her. I was getting much faster at this now. I looked down at her familiar body, and without any playtime at all continued loading stuff in my car. She had on a tight pair of jeans that made it a bit of a pain in the ass to move around. Finally I loaded the last box of my important stuff into the car. I didn’t really know where to go though. I figured I’d be able to crash at Dave’s again, but I didn’t feel like going there. I knew what he would want right away.

An image of Valerie popped into Courtney’s mind. I giggled a bit, and thought, sure, I’ll go whine to Courtney’s best friend about the “break up.” I noticed her pussy was still sore, but not near as sore as I wanted it to be for her.

So on the way to Valerie’s downtown apartment I stopped at a bar, had a few drinks, and let two random guys fuck Courtney’s body. I didn’t clean her up when they were done, just yanked up her panties and pants, and let all the juices soak into the denim around her crotch.

I jumped back into my car and headed for Valerie’s place. As I knocked on the door, I realized I had to pee really badly. Valerie answered the door, and stumbled in past her.

“Brian and I broke up.” I said in a whiny voice.

Instead of the sympathy one would expect from a best friend, what I got instead was “Well, you probably shouldn’t have treated him like shit then, Court.”

“Excuse me?” I said, and looked back at her. I also realized when I looked back at her that she had really hit the gym since the last time I saw her. She was a complete knock out now. She had shorter brunette hair that sat just above her shoulders, a cute nose that ended just above a pair of full pouty lips. Her body was easily as good as or better than the hooters waitress. She had on typical Sunday afternoon outfit that just could not hide her body. A pair of Capri yoga pants and a short loose tee shirt that didn’t cover all of her toned belly, and a pair of track shoes. She also had two bright hazel eyes.

“You cheated on him. A LOT! He was bound to find out. Not to mention you didn’t treat him that well.” She replied with a bit of venom in her voice.

“Wow. Some best friend.” I replied.

“Well, what did you expect Court. You show up on my doorstep smelling of alcohol and reeking of sex, and tell me that your boyfriend, who you have been cheating on, dumped you.” She replied.

I had pretty much forgotten about my bladder until just now, when it refused to be ignored anymore. I felt a trickle coming out of me, and my eyes shot wide open. Valerie noticed my strange look, and called out after me as I ran to where Courtney’s memories told me her bathroom was. Instead of wasting time undoing Courtney’s overly tight pants, and peeing all over Valerie’s floor, I just hopped Courtney’s body into the bathtub, and sat down and let it go right through her jeans.

“What the fuck Courtney!” Valerie screamed at me as she came in the bathroom. Then she saw what I was up to, and was too stunned to speak.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to get any on your floor.” I said in a hushed tone.

“Yeah, Thanks.” She said as she sat down on the closed toilet. “You got pretty shaken up about this compared to last night, when you were all ‘fuck Brian, he drugged me,’ and ‘This is all his fault I’m glad I’ve been taking his money,’ so now this one eighty from before has be a bit baffled, Court. Almost like it’s not you.”

I looked up at her, and then around looking for mirrors or something, hoping that she didn’t see my face. She noticed me panicking and looking around the room.

“What’s wrong with you?” She said.

“Um, nothing. Can I have a towel please.” I asked.

“Yeah, but not a good one.” She said, as she dug one out of the cabinets.

“Thank you,” I said as I took the stained towel from her.

“Ok, something is going on here.” She said.

Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the fact that she seemed to stick up for me to who she thought was Courtney just now, or maybe it was the fact that I wanted to talk to someone as myself, but I stood up, wrapped the towel around me, walked to her large bathroom mirror, and pointed to myself in it.

“What the fuck!?” Valerie replied. She blinked a few times to try and clear the odd image.